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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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again, we're just not used to the heat yet. >> absolutely. remember less than a week ago, the high was 62 degrees. we had all of that rain, so our bodies have not had a chance to react to this and adapt to the heat of the summer. so that's why it feels hotter than it is. 88 in philadelphia now. we have hit 90. much of new jersey in the upper 80s. lehigh valley in the 80s, cooler in southern delaware and jersey shore because of the wind from the ocean. look at temperature rise since last weekend, and it's going up every day. today's it 90. tomorrow may go up again too a couple degrees. and the sunshine has helped produce ozone issue, air quality alert for code red today and tomorrow. that's something you can't see in the atmosphere, but the sunshine interacts with the pollutants and creates that, and it's bad for people with respiratory problems, so you
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want to avoid strenuous activity. that's true for anybody during the day tomorrow when we're in a code red. generally dry across the area, there's a couple tiny little showers coming in burkes county and reading could see a sprinkle in the next 15 minutes. more about when the real chances of rain occur over the weekend in just a few minutes. >> okay, glen, see you soon. when glen's ten-day forecast predicted 90s, people headed to the shore army. our jersey reporter reports from cape may county. >> starting the weekend early. >> reporter: unofficial start of summer came a couple days early for jill parks and her kids. >> monday evening, i looked at my weather app to see where in a four-hour drive would be the nicest, and this would be the nicest weather, so wednesday after school, we got in the car and headed down here. >> reporter: many of the folks we found on the board walk and
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beach in ocean city today also adjusted their plans when they saw what mother nature was delivery. >> we just continue to watch the forecast, and we said, when the sup comes out, that's when we head down, and that's what we did. >> i come down a couple days earlier, going home tomorrow afternoon with the idea of avoiding the crowds, and yet still being able to take in the great weather. >> reporter: at times today, temperatures on the coast close to 15 degrees cooler than spots on the mainland. >> it's absolutely perfect, perfect. it was meant to be. >> in the last three weeks, we had rain and clouds. we didn't have too many people. >> reporter: after a dismal stretch, the early crowds bring a much needed boost to jersey shore businesses. >> this weekend is an amazing start, and we're looking forward to a banner weekend. >> as long as the sun's out, people come out. >> reporter: at 57 degrees, the ocean is still a bit chilly for swimming. even so, state officials announced today that sampling taken so far show new jersey's beach water quality is
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outstanding. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. today's heat took a toll on middle school students in bucks county. sixth graders from william penn middle school went to a trenton thunder baseball game, and the district says many became overheated at the game, and when they returned to the school, school nurses there treated a number of them, and then sent about 15 to the hospital to be checked out. a deadly crash north of dover's creating major backups for drivers headed to the delaware beaches. three cars collided on delaware route 1 before 2:00 this afternoon. at least one died in the crash. that crash has all lanes blocked on delaware route 1 at this hour. at one point drivers told us the backup was 18 miles. state police are saying you should avoid the area because it could be closed for a couple more hours. let's check out another road
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at the height of rush hour, live look here at the ben franklin bridge as folks head into new jersey. be sure to check out the app throughout the memorial day weekend. it'll be loaded with the latest updates on traffic and your neighborhood weather for the long holiday weekend. new at 6:00, a drug resistant super bug shown up in the u.s. for the first time, and it's here in pennsylvania. researchers discovered an antibiotic resis substantiate strain in a 49-year-old woman. it's resistant to a drug reserved for severe and hard to treat bacterial infections. it's not known where the woman is from in pennsylvania, but they are investigating how she contacted the bacteria. we talk about the super bug after our broadcast. now, to decision 2016. the votes added up in trump's favor. today, he reached the count to be assured the republican nomination for president. nbc 10 keith jones is live in the digital operations center
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now with what trump had to say about it today. >> jim, new unbound delegates of pennsylvania, colorado, and north dakota put trump over the 1237 mark needed to win. >> the folks behind me got us right over the top from north dakota so north dakota had a big statement, and i just really appreciate it. we will not forget it. >> north dakota's unpledged delegates joined trump on stage this afternoon in a news conference. nbc news declared trump the nominee after the main competitors left the race in may. in another twist, twist and democratic candidate, sanders, independently agreed to debate each other. now, trump told kimmel last night, he likes the idea, and sanders responded with a tweet, quote, game on, i look forward to debating donald trump in california before the june 7th primary. now, we will mention nothing official scheduled.
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trump is the official nominee. until he accepts the nomination at the republican national convention in cleveland coming up in july. keith jones, nbc 10 news. chris christie now holds all the cards when it comes to rescuing atlantic city from the financial crisis. this afternoon, there was a package of bills passed to keep ac from running out of money. they have months to come up with a map to balance its budget. governor christie says he'll decide quickly whether to sign the package. this battle has gone on since january. bob casey took the stand in the corruption trial of congressman fattah testifying about a letter he received from fattah advocating for a political appointment, and nbc 10 caught up with the senator. >> reporter: senator casey, did you -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: robert casey says here's known fattah since the
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late 1980s or 1990s. they don't work on many prompts together, but it was not odd when he received a letter in 2008 advocating for his co-deft for political apointment. the senator toll the jury in weeks after president obama won the election, his office received nearly 200 letters from people hoping to seek a place in the administration. >> i was called to testify by the prosecution for the simple purpose of confirming the receipt of a letter from the congressman. it was a simple manner to testify to. >> reporter: casey said despite the letter, he did not advocate the request for u.s. ambassador, saying he cricketed to the run for office in 2006. he said in a follow-up call years later asking for support again, he said he expressed disappointment he had not been granted the am bbassadorshipamb.
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he was confronted again expressing frustration. prosecutoring contend he gave money to fattah, children, and others close to the family in exchange for fattah's help to gain political appointment. another made a deal with the government, and in the plea deal, he's testifying against the congressman, a family friends, saying they knew about an illegal loan and plan to take money from a nonprofit fattah founded to pay it back. a chester county firefighter's accused of cooking the books and stealing from the department. east pikeland township police launched a three month investigation into steve hughes arresting him yesterday, a long time member of the fire company and in charge of the abc, 123 learning center. he's accused of stealing $37,000 in three years. a boy hit by a car riding the
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back in norristown is out of the hospital tonight. we showed you this video of the crash as breaking news yesterday at 6:00. the 7-year-old ran out of an alley on to oak wood avenue on the bike. he was not running, he was riding the bike, he ran into a gold car. we learned today, police know who own the car, but do not believe that person was driving at the time. residents who use a philadelphia recreation center say they support the sugary drink tax. >> support the tax. this needs to happen, $400 million to put be to pre-k and more. >> they support the tax initiative saying it's particularly needed in their community and say many rec centers in the area lack basic amenities and often in poor condition. a popular landmark on the way to the jersey shore received a much-needed makeover today.
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mr. bill got a fresh coat of paint this afternoon. the new owners of mr. bills are reopening the restaurant in a few weeks after it's been closed for almost two years. the statue stands tall along route 73 in winslow township before getting to the expressway. it opened back in the 1950s. next at 6:00, a hit show on nbc, "american ninja warrior" is in town, and how the craze is making a splash at local gyms. drivers timely catch a break on a popular road in camden county. tracking more 90 degree temperatures. how long is it going to last? forecast for your neighborhood is next.
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a number of new businesses moving to camden makes for a makeover for a road, improves drainage, lighting, and bike lanes as well. they say the road redesign is needed to support a business boom from companies like subaru and the 76ers. >> as a lifelong resident, it's
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truly exciting time and projects such as this that opens the door to camden literally an figuratively. >> construction should be finished by next january. a popular tv show, "american ninja warrior" shoots in philadelphia starting tonight, and the show helped local gyms too. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live where contestants getting a shot at making the show, randy? >> reporter: jim, at 5:00, we introduced you to contestants, and now lining up, you have to be an adult to run this on tv, but it's so popular with a number of children watching it on children so a number of local gyms taking advantage hosting summer camps for little ninjas. >> so this obstacle is one of the set obstacles on the show. >> reporter: at this gym, dan built an exact replica of what
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you see on tv, a six-year veteran of the show. >> getting the fast foot work in. >> reporter: realizing american ninja warrior was a hit with young kids. >> kids flock to us, seeing us, swinging and flying through the air. >> reporter: starting this training center at the gravity forge gym for teens and pre-teens, many with backgrounds in gymnastics. >> we have summer camps, little ninj classes, and gymnast classes to build up strength. >> one of the runs everyone's been waiting to see. >> reporter: as the show's popularity explodes, obstacle courses are pupping up as alternatives to sports like baseball. >> i like the wall, the peg board. >> reporter: this 9-year-old johnny watched it on tv, and then wanted to try it himself. >> i like watching my favorite ninja, like, do all the obstacles they make. >> reporter: mostly for kids, we give them drills.
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>> reporter: most kids won't do the big stunts, but it's good exercise and outlet for energy and a chance to live out a dream. >> and they get to do what they see their heros doing on tv, and i think that's -- i think that's the thing. >> reporter: back live at the obstacle course, athletes are getting ready. they are pumped up to hit this course. tonight's taping actually begins once it gets dark. it goes overnight and likely ends by sunrise so they can squeeze all the competitors down the course. live in port richmond, nbc 10 news. >> i would do it when it was dark so no one can see a thing. it premiers wednesday, june 1st here on nbc 10, and tune in for the philadelphia round on june 22nd. i don't know about you, but we're fine at the desk. >> yeah, i do that in my sleep, close my eyes and amazing, right? get it all the time. >> we're liking the sunshine. >> you are?
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even with the heat. >> even with the heat. i don't mind. >> okay. those who are concerned that summer is now starting and it's going to stay with us for three months, it's not. this is a shot at kimmel center campus camera and city hall. it's a beautiful looking day. sky is blue. we're not going to be seeing this heat last too much beyond this weekend. now, you can see right now, it's warm in the area, philadelphia 88, lehigh valley 87, and the suburbs at 87. right at the beaches, it's cooler. ocean is 58 degrees, atlantic city 69 and 75 in mays landing. never got out of the 70s at the beaches. that's why we have these neighborhood forecasts. we also have an air quality alert. the sunshine combined with the pollutants creates a code red,
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meaning not only people with respiratory problems, but even people without them have to take it easy, avoid strenuous outdoor activities, especially during the heat of the day. the memorial day weekend overall is pretty hot. unseasonably warm. you can see your own seven-day forecast on the bottom of the screen, and saturday looks to be the hottest. tomorrow, of course, is going to be at least as hot as today. lehigh valley, 91 degrees, south jersey 91, but not at the beaches. jersey shore is 79 degrees on saturday. that'll be the warmest. that'll be the nicest day at the beach, even sunday should be pretty nice and, i don't have any rain in, other than the lehigh valley for sunday afternoon, but just about any part of the area could see showers on monday. i don't think social security a washout, but it's cloudier and cooler and that's when we have the best chance for showers coming up. speaking of showers, there's a couple way west of allentown. they are very small, weak,
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little bit stronger activity in kentucky, indication of some moisture headed in this direction, but, of course, the best chance of any of those showers would be in the lehigh valley, burkes county, and upper bucks and montgomery through the night tonight, and then we have a regeneration of that stuff during the afternoon tomorrow, and that's why the closer you are to the beaches, the lower the chance of any kind of showers, at least until monday. now, we have thunderstorms in the forecast for some parts of the area, like parts of the pa suburbs, but especially lehigh valley tomorrow. reading and allentown at 90. scattered showers and storms. you don't see them in the forecast for delaware and new jersey because i don't think we're going to see any. the temperature, 78 in atlantic city, and 85 -- or 75 in avalon with the sea breeze early tomorrow. saturday's hot. sunday's warm for this time of
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the year. monday, a chance of rain. next week, temperatures are closer to average. we're not in some kind of massive heat wave here. all right, hurricane, thanks. which eagle expects to be in the pro bowl this season? the gm on howard's future, and why were there death threats? that's coming up.
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pat toomey started his career as an investment banker. then, a wall street wheeler-dealer overseeing stock trades in new york, london and tokyo. next, toomey moved to hong kong to work with wealthy chinese investors. in the senate, it's no surprise toomey's been siding with wall street. voting to allow banks to continue making the risky investments that wrecked our economy. afscme people is responsible for the content of this ad.
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i'm john clark from comcast sports net, eagles working out today, one linebacker believes he'll be better than last year, gaining 15 pounds or so, saying
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he was not used as much last year in davis' three-four system because it was tough to get in a flow, hot and cold out there. he also had a lingering hamstring injury. this year, in the new system, michael says, quote, i feel like if i stay healthy you'll see me in the pro bowl. >> i do what my coaches ask me to do, and i'm going to do it to the best of my ability. that was something that those coachesme menwanted me to do at time, and it was hard to accept that. i'm a team player, and as hard as it was for me to sit back, you know, i did what was asked of me. >> look who was at workouts today. the new safety, mccloud, looks like he could still play. swelled up, isn't he? looking good. phillies have a day off. cubs have the best record in baseball. franco expects to play after spraining the ankle yesterday. joseph tearing it up, first base
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in the first nine games in the major, howard batting 105 in may, a big time slump. you may see tommy play more. gm says the big piece still has a place on the team. >> not the player he was ten years ago when he was winning rookie of the year, mvp, and world series, we all recognize that he can still do something in the game that not a lot can do is that he's a threat to change the game with a home run every time he's in the batter's box, and as long as that's the case, you know, we -- there's a place for him here. >> upley returns to new york after breaking his leg, and he knows he'll be booed, but the fame got death threats after that and he had to stay in a different hotel in new york. the head coaching job with the rockets, and warriors could be
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eliminated tonight if they lose at home to oklahoma city. this is cool. look at the umpire in a kids' baseball game in california. he's actually a marine, deployed for six months, back, this is his kid coming to bat. kid doesn't know it. the ump surprises him, it's dad. that is special. that's a good way to go into a long memorial day weekend. and his daughter there as well. i'm john clark from comcast sports net. jim, that is special. >> it is. i hope he got a home run after that. >> not calling any strikes. not calling strikes for the kid. >> all right, john, thanks. coming up, trying to protect a teacher, the violation unfolding outside a school and who police say is responsible. that story tonight at 11:00.
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we hit 90 degrees today, and if we do it the next two, we have an official heat wave, but
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it's not going to last, especially monday. >> all right, glen. for us here at nbc 10, the news don'ts now with nbc nightly news with lester holt. tonight, a relentless outbreak of tornados demolishing neighborhoods again. tens of millions on alert as new twisters touchdown right now. tonight a rare look at the power from inside a tornado. the sex assault scandal rocking baylor mishandling years of acquisitions against football players. the football coach fired. the university president ken star, the former nemesis demoted. the nightmare super bug that hospitals have been fearing is here and our most powerful drugs can't stop it. let's get it on, donald trump says he'll debate bernie sanders then demands $10 million to charity to make it happen. are we in for an epic clash? and e-mails from work, now banned on the weekends. how does that sound?


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