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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  May 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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bathroom battle. this transgender wol was mistreated by the staff at a mcdonald's when she tried to use the bathroom. >> it tries to keep the shore afloat one step closer to reality. all it needs now is one signature. >> all quite right now but the jerusalem ri shore will be one of the hottest spots to be this holiday weekend. we're live with' a memorial day preview. this is nbc 10 news today. let's get right to bill with the first alert neighborhood forecast this weekend and look at conditions right where you live. >> we're starting off warm and when you mention the hotspots for the shore we're talking about activities and not the weather. today everybody else is going to get hot and already warmer.
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upper 60s for the suburbs. lehigh valley now 70 degrees a few clouds in philadelphia. 76 degrees by 9:00 this morning and it's going to be a quick warm up across the entire area back into the upper 80s and low 90s for our area and there's a chance we'll see scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms. 88 degrees in new jersey at the shore 78 today but keep an eye on the sky. we have seen a few downpours pushing into north jersey and drying out. this afternoon we'll likely see some more pop-up showers. got the future cast. walking through it hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes and we'll see how traffic is moving. katie has your first alert traffic. >> you talked about the showers moving out of the lee hay valley. i have a live look at 78 where
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you can see little reminisces of the sprinkles that moved through but no issues on the roadways to report and if you're heading southbound good news. if you're headed southbound from the lehigh valley. a live look outside near the airport. north and southbound on 95 looking good and a quick check of delays and none are being reported right now. heading out the door for an early memorial getaway. >> awesome. thanks. 4:32 right now. new from overnight a man died following a hit-and-run in north philadelphia. he just dropped off a group of
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people at a church around 10:00 last night. he was getting in his van when a car hit him and took off. police described the car as dark in color with front end damage and possibly a flat tire. >> well today is more than your typical friday. memorial day weekend is officially here and that means the unofficial start of summer. max is live in atlantic city with a preview of the summer fun. matt some new attractions. tell us about that. >> a good weekend to take a look at them. it's going to be nice down here at the shore and of course a little bit cooler than in the citi cities. take a look here at the boardwalk. very quite right now. this afternoon you have the beach but at night right down there at the tropicana, new multimedia light shows on the electronic video monitors.
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five fantasy themed light and sound shows here on the boardwalk. nautical themes, magic, atlantic city, nature and even one that takes you into a pinball machine. they put in $40 million worth of improvements. an expansion of what they did last year will start at 8:00 tonight and also who doesn't like fireworks? tonight at 10:00 a fireworks show on the beach. it will continue every saturday night starting next weekend through september 10th. also today the unlocking of the ocean at 12:30. we are just getting started here in atlantic city. coming up in the next half hour we're going to make our way from the boardwalk here over to the pier to check out the summer cuisine here in atlantic city. for now we're live on the boardwalk. nbc 10 news. >> that sounds good matt, thanks. take the free nbc 10 app with
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you. you can check out the first alert forecast and personalize it directly for your neighborhood or where ever you are this weekend and traffic alerts and push alerts. >> hurricane season begins in a few days and officials will spell out how they're getting ready for it. officials will hold a briefing on their preparedness plan and also offer suggestions for residents to get their homes and businesses ready to face the possible storms. it starts june 1st and runs through november 30th. you'll pay more for your next uber ride in philadelphia if the ride is short. they raised the minimum fare to $5.75 according to our partners at the philadelphia business journal. you'll pay the same prices as before but with that option your driver will make a slightly larger percentage of the overall payment. speaking of, septa is planning
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for the future. service and vehicle improvements. hear what's included in the new budget and why you won't be asked to foot more of the bill. also. >> selvenkrais. >> correct. >> that's crazy. that's an 11 letter word for winner but young whiz kid on the right isn't the only one spelling victory. >> this portion of nbc 10 news sponsored by morgan and morgan, for the people.
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>> it's 4:38 as people are making their way out early for memorial day holiday. this is a live look at route 22 right at 309. both are free and clear and i
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just expect it to be a mess. 76 eastbound as you make your way. 95 southbound we did have construction that was right at the expressway and that has been cleared between wood haven and that will get you a quick 12 minutes and it will be really good at the expressway and 95. the turnpike earlier than normal. so between root 1 and there, about 22 minutes in that direction. >> your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> temperatures dropped into the 60s and 70s. we're getting a warmer start in philadelphia right now. there are some clouds in the area but not complete cloud
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cover. we have another sunny warm day on the way. 80 degrees by 10:00. middle 80s in lunchtime and the winds will kick in and there's additional humidity. more so than yesterday. enough sunshine to warm into the low 80s by lunchtime and still climbing into the afternoon hours really didn't cool things down much. the upper 70s close to 80 degrees by 10:00 and lunchtime middle 80s and still climbing into the afternoon hours. there's even a better chance in interior new jersey of seeing that. 68 now. 80 by lunchtime. this afternoon we'll see a better chance of showers and thunderstorms. most of the day dry and the winds coming right off the
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ocean. that's going to keep the temperatures cooler. 77 degrees at 2:00 in the afternoon. 8:00 this morning into the 70s. closer to 80 by 10:00. keep an eye on the sky there's a slight chance for pop-up showers in delaware. 8:00 this morning, the future cast shows some clouds and some sunshine and a few sprinkles in south jersey. it's this afternoon that we'll see more activity. dry at lunchtime today. there will be a few clouds in the area. won't be completely clear. and then look what happens. 2:30 this afternoon. see the showers building in interior new jersey and the possibility of more scattered showers as we go into the late afternoon and evening commute and then at 4:30 in the afternoon. not an all day rainfall but chance you'll need sunglasses, and umbrellas.
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>> perfect. i have them ready. 4:41 now. now to a booth room battle at a mcdonald's restaurant. this transgender woman says a trip to the restroom this week is still causing her stress. next find out why she is upset with mcdonald's staff. and nbc 10 steve jones, american ninja warrior. our colleague and friend like never before participating in local try outs for american ninja warrior.
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morning noon or night there's always a moment to discover visit annapolis and create your moment >> president obama is in hiroshima. u.s. forces dropped the first atomic bomb seven decades ago and here is the live picture as the president is speaking. let's listen. >> amply identified by new capabilities and without strengths. and in the span of a few years
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some 60 million people would die. men, women, children no different than us. jailed, starved, gassed to death. many sites around the world chronicled this war. >> the president arrived a couple of hours ago and addressed troops at a nearby marine base. president obama is not offering apology for the attack. he will place a wreath at the arch monument. it honors the 140,000 people
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killed on august 6th, 1945. the first american president to visit the japanese city where u.s. forces dropped the first atomic bomb 7 decades ago. >> 4:46 right now. a transgender woman wants an apology and is considering legal action after she was kicked out of a mcdonald's bathroom. she transitioned from male to female and is legally a woman but on wednesday hill says that a manager at a mcdonald's questioned her gender identity and asked her to leave the women's restroom. the manager said over the phone she was handling a customer's concern. the manager said the customer's young daughter saw her in the bathroom and was scared. >> to my knowledge i was the only person in the women's room and at no point did i ever interact with any child at all. >> new jersey does not have a gender bathroom law but it does have a antidiscrimination law. she is meeting with attorneys about filing a possible discrimination lawsuit. >> now to decision 2016 less
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than a day after hitting the magic number of delegates needed to clench the gop nomination donald trump agrees to debate bernie sanders but the network would have to put up millions of dollars for charity. the network would make millions from the ratings and should turnover at least 10 million to women's health causes. most candidates feel confident about how they would do going head to head. >> i thank mr. trump for agreeing to debate. i look forward to it and i look forward to defeating him and becoming the democratic nominee. >> i would like to debate bernie. the problem with debating bernie is he will lose. his system is rigged. >> he has challenged hillary clinton to debates but she has declined. this afternoon bill clinton will campaign on behalf of his wife in north jersey. speaking to voters at edison
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high school. jersey's primary is just a week and a half away. >> donald trump is an unqualified loose canyon who cannot get near the most powerful job in the world. it is up to us to say no. >> hillary clinton continued to fire at trump during rallies in california last night. the democratic front runner told supporters she looked forward to meeting trump this fall. septa approved a budget for the upcoming fiscal year and fares will not increase for riders. there's an increase of 3% over the current year. it will pay for projects like communication and signal improvement. the septa key programs and station renovations. they also approved the purchase of 525 energy efficient hybrid buses. they'll make up 95% of the total bus fleet within five years. for the third straight year the national spelling bee produced not one but two champions.
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>> selvenkrais. >> correct. >> wow. >> despite a rule change designed to make it harder for the contest to end in a tie that's exactly what happened this year. 11-year-old from texas and 1 it's 13-year-old from new york will share the trophy after they both correctly spelled their final two words. >> if you're heading out we want to tell you about an accident on route 422 that katie is watching. >> our first crash of the morning on the 422. it's on westbound and right on the ramp to evergreen road. so i'm seeing it's not causing too much of a delay because quite frankly there isn't the amount of value out there to
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cause the delay but be aware of that if you're heading westbound on 422. the ramp to evergreen road there is a crash. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with bill henley. >> clouds in the area this morning and a warmer start overall. this is a live view from wilmington. but today there's a better chance you'll see scattered showers and thunderstorms. right now 69 degrees. philadelphia in the low 70s. we've seen some rain in the lehigh valley. already moved out this morning. should be dry for the rest of the morning. at the shore 68 degrees. there are cooler spots in delaware. 67 and now 65. these are constantly updating across our area. there's a slight chance of a
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shower most most of the day will be in the clear. >> you'll see sunshine upper 70s today. a few more clouds around come sunday. sunday clouds and some breaks of sunshine possible. a better chance of showers memorial day monday. the numbers climbing into the low 70s tomorrow more clouds on sunday and the chance of showers for memorial day and for ocean city maryland a nice warm up today. 76 degrees tomorrow and 75 on sunday and the chance of showers in ocean city on memorial day monday. today a few scattered clouds in the area. those clouds will be in and out to start with mainly sunny skies for the shore and the delaware
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beaches. you can see the last few rain drops moving off to the northeast. there's not a lot to the southwe southwest. could see our area this afternoon. could see the spots of showers. the heavier storms way to the west but it's going to pump more moisture into the area today. heat and humidity will fuel both of them this afternoon. temperatures near 90 degrees this afternoon for philadelphia. the suburbs, lehigh valley might be a pop up shower later today along with the warm temperatures. yes, new jersey, the jersey shore, sunshine and warming into the low 90s for interior new jersey. cooler at the shore but delaware will see that warm up into the 80s to near 90 degrees this afternoon and the warm weather, picks up maybe more so for tomorrow. 92. 88 degrees on sunday. partly sunny skies and here comes the rain to keep us cooler for memorial day monday. tuesday will be drying out and heating up and then back to normal for wednesday and
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thursday showers and thunderstorms possible next sunday. >> thanks. do you have what it takes to be an american vin i can't warrior? we'll take you to try outs for the hit nbc show coming up.
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good morning. we're following a crash that occurred near the outlets there. it's along the ramp to be aware of that. we don't have volume on the roadways right now. there is a crash. >> 5 before 5:00 now. a more visible police presence is in place in one cape may county. months after a crime that
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shocked many. the police department opened the new substation thursday. it's an old home entertainment store. they delayed the bid to address a rising crime rate. the opening of the substation followed last september's murder of nicole. police found her body in the basement of a vacant home two weeks after she disappeared. >> we believe this location will result in more residents taking advantage of the servitude of the police department and increase the interaction between the sub lick and our officers. >> the new police substation will be open around the clock. >> new jersey lawmakers passed several bills ahead of the holiday weekend including one banning smoking on public beaches. they approved the measure banning smoking on public
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beaches and in parks. it would allow towns to set aside up to 50% of a park for smoking. it would not apply to parking lots adjacent to parking lots or beaches. christie vetoes a similar ban in september of 2014. the new jersey assembly and senate also passed a pack computer of bills to help keep atlantic city from running out of the cash. the measures give them up to five months to devise a plan to balance it's budge. governor christie says he'll decide quickly whether or not to design the legislation. the deal will eliminate the threat of a state take over at least for now. and the new jersey assembly passed legislation raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour over the next five years the measure would raise it to 1010 on january 1st and they'll call for it by 1:25 a year this morning
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several dozen people are new american citizens. 48 people took the oath of citizenship yesterday. 8 of them are members of the military. the ceremony was one of 100 happening at national parks this year. commemorating the anniversary of the national park service. do you have what it takes to be an american ninja warrior? i do not. not even close. >> hundreds of people are in philly hoping for a chance at glory. get a look. can you imagine doing that? >> no. >> well, competitors try their skills on the ninja course throughout the night. he runs a gym in cherry hill and went out in the finals last year
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and then it was jesse who made it to last year's spot, she ran the course. >> what's the big? >> i don't know what it is but something about when she is around everyone is immediately happy. >> it's the city of brotherly love, this course right here, don't got no brotherly love for these competitors tonight. >> more contestants will try out on the course tonight and guess what, there he is. >> he's so brave. look at him. >> our own nbc 10 ninja. >> do it. >> jump. >> put your feet down. get your feet down. right there. that a boy. >> i love seeing my co-workers tangling from ropes. >> well, they're doing that. you have to watch the episode to find out. >> okay. >> how about that. american ninja warrior premieres next wednesday june 1st at 8:00
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right here and got an idea of how he did just the way he was swinging on that rope. i don't think he's going to make the finals. >> come on. >> but he did very well. >> he's a good athlete. >> yeah, he is. tall and lean. all of that. round one is on june 22nd by the way. >> we look forward to that. we're very proud of keith. nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. >> right now a historic visit to the far east. president obama does something no u. s. president has ever done. >> we're live at the jersey shore. here's a live look from the ocean city boardwalk as we get you ready for memorial day weekend. >> here's another live look this morning. obviously breezy and warm morning. we're also tracking some showers and possible thunderstorms


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