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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  May 31, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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that's when he went to check on him. investigators believe two men broke into the victim's house through a back door. there was a struggle, but police have not found a weapon or know if anything was taken. police think the victim was killed on sunday night and they think he was targeted. we asked how the son is holding up. >> in shock. i can't imagine your father making 78 years of his life and you expect your parents to die vech eventually but not like this it's hurtful. >> detectives think the victim's van may have been stolen. as we get that information, we'll pass that along to you. a big change for philadelphia public schools. it's two big muslim holidays, eid al fitr and eid al aida. soon all children could get those days off from school. lauren has more on the new
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school holidays. >> reporter: i went out today to talk to parent about what they think about these parents. i got a pretty positive reaction. philadelphia schools already have off for yom kippur, students also have off for a winter recess that includes christmas. so parents, both muslim and nonmuslim said why not these two? when salema was in school, it was different. >> i grew up as a muslim child in the public school system of philadelphia. and i remember people didn't understand what it was to be a muslim or what our holidays were. >> reporter: now philadelphia muslim students will be able to get excused absences for two islamic holidays. and next year all students could be off if the holiday calendar is approved by the school reform commission. >> i feel as though any religion, any other religion can have off, why not muslims? >> reporter: shiranda is not
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muslim and has two children in philadelphia schools. she likes the idea. >> it's not about the children having off. it's not fair for the religion. >> i think that the islamic holiday should have been a long time ago acknowledged in the public school district. >> reporter: you know, one big question remaining for the philadelphia school district is will they have to take days from somewhere else to make sure students are in class for enough time? i asked that question today. i was told they just don't know yet. i've in center city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> a dry day at the jersey shore for people who decided to maybe extend their holiday. sounds good. as you would expect, cooler at the shore than here in philadelphia. >> always nice to extend the holiday. glenn "hurricane"schwartz joining us with this first alert
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forecast. glenn? >> too bad today wasn't memorial day at the shore. a beautiful day. 86 in philadelphia right now. also parts of delaware, lehigh valley about the same. pennsylvania suburbs, chester, montgomery, bucks counties, still in the 80s. collegeville is reading 92 degrees. that thermometer may be out in the sun there. north wales at 85 degrees. newtown, 85. as is new hope. we don't have much on the radar, just one little shower down in southern delaware that actually moved into maryland near salisbury. that's about it for the night. and we're going to be seeing maybe a little bit of patchy fog by morning. temperatures not too low. not real humid. then that sets us up for some decent weather during the day tomorrow as well. much of new jersey, 65 degrees
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at the shore. starting off pretty nice. another nice day at the shore tomorrow. we'll see how long that lasts with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> a woman is found dead in a chester county pond. police say she was tied to a cinder block. investigators say they don't know how the woman died, but they do know she was dead before her body was dumped. jason rudder and his father-in-law found the woman. >> silently shocked in a way. i just -- we left, i got on with my day. later in the day it hit me, like, this is really happening in an area where me and my children just moved to. >> investigators need help identifying the woman. detectives believe she's between 25 and 35 years old. she released these photos of several items including this tattoo. she was wearing bracelets and rings. that tattoo was on her left
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shoulder. burglars chose the wrong house to target there mayfair. an off-duty police officer came home today and found three men inside his home. he fired his personal gun but did not hit anyone. one of the three suspects was arrested. wellington street is still blocked off as police investigate. the villanova wildcats back at the white house. remember back in 1985, the champs meeting with president ronald reagan? that's what you see on the left. on the right, this year's team meeting face-to-face with president obama about 90 minutes ago now. it was the basketball shot heard and seen around the world. that buzzer beater beat north carolina. keith jones took that video. he is live again outside the white house. >> another honor for the wildcats after last month's ncaa championship. >> it's huge. i was more composed this time around inside the white house in front of the president, in front of my basketball family of
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villanova. this was an unforgettable day. the nova nation took over white house grounds. i was texting some of the guys, center daniel ocefhu wanted to take a selfie with president obama, but he feared the secret service would be all over him. so he ditched that idea. i wanted to show you what took place inside. it's inside the east room. the if the filed in after coach jay wright and the players. the president spoke for about ten minutes. coach jay wright who the president called george clooney of basketball, thanking him for his service to our country and presenting the president with a special villanova jersey. it was won by the cats in pearl harbor about five months ago. this was not the only gift the players brought down from the main line. >> we presented him not only the jersey but a picture of him shooting a jump shot that
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mirrored kris jenkins jump shot, because we got a lot of respect for him as a great leader. and a great man. but also that he is a baller, too. he can play ball. >> reporter: during the speech, the president seemed to know what he was talking about, especially describing that last-minute shot. 4.7 seconds on the clock, kris jenkins buries that shot n celebrating, he not only celebrated here at the court but on the white house with this video. take a look at it. i'm going to let it speak for itself right here. that is kris jenkins along with his teammates in front of the white house behind me on the grounds taking part in that running man challenge, that viral activity that's been taking place all over social media. i'm sure that will go viral in a matter of minutes. what the president didn't seem
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to know, you can check for this, he knew a lot about basketball, could describe that shot, but he didn't know how to say ryan arcidiacono, the point guard for the wildcats, arcidiacono's last name, he buf butchered that one a bit. for now, life at the white house, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> at least he didn't have to spell it. that's hard, too. >> exactly right. >> coach jay wright could not spell it. >> yes. >> thank you. good to see you there. >> now, new at 6:00, atlantic city's most popular casino will have just one owner. today lloyd gaming said it is selling its 50% stake in the borgata resorts. mgm resorts international will own all of the borgata. lloyd will get $900 million plus
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half of future tax settlements with the city. in 2016, donald trump skipped the debate a few months ago and raised millions for veterans. today the presumptive republican nominee detailed the 40 organizations that received that money. >> i have raised a tremendous amount of money for the vets, almost $6 million. more money will come in, i believe, over the next little while. but i raised almost $6 million. all of the money has been paid out. >> trump also said he personally donated $1 million to see every organization go to the nbc 10 app. the new jersey primary is one week from today. voters head to the polls on june 7th. hillary clinton canceled an appearance in judge this week and instead added another event in california. today clinton received the endorsement from california governor jerry brown. california's primary is also june 7th.
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it was a fight in a school bathroom that investigators say caused one teen to die. today we learned a judge could decide as early as july if the accused attacker could be tried as an adult. there was a hearing today in a wilmington courtroom here. that's when a judge agreed to hear arguments for the defendant to be tried as an adult. two other girls are charged with planning the attack, but the girl in court today actually punched the victim repeatedly in the head. the same judge who ruled bill cosby's case will go to trial will stay on the bench for the trial. montgomery county judge steven o'neill will keep the case. cosby's charged with sexually assaulting andrea constand back in 2004. a trial date has not been set. one of o'neill's high profile cases includes the drug arrest of andy reid's son. a man dressed as a water
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employee tried to get into a woman's evesham home. the woman did the smart thing and did not let him in. next on nbc 10 news, trash at the shore. a popular beach is littered with all this garbage. why the big mess could create changes to the free beach. and the quarterback competition for the eagles. hear from bradford and wentz about competing with each other. overall a very cool and rainy may. what is in store as we look to june? i'm tracking your neighborhood weather next.
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pope francis named a bucks county priest as an auxiliary bishsh shiop for the archdioces philadelphia. deliman has been serving as pastor at st. charles borromeo. he will be one of four auxiliary bishops helping chaput. >> an extraordinary priest, but he is also immersed in the latino community in the archdiocese of philadelphia. >> deliman will be ordained at
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the cathedr in august. >> yakko's hot dog shop says there are not enough customers coming through their doors, and they are closing. you can grab a dog at one of their six other locations. to the jersey shore where people in wildwood say they are disgusted and angry about that viral video this shows garbage left all over the beach. >> this is one of the few free beaches at the shore. should the resort start charging people to hit the sand and help pay for cleanup? ted greenberg has that story. >> the kids are just out of hand. they are no respect for our beautiful beaches. >> reporter: beaches in wildwood now seen by hundreds of thousands, strewn with holiday weekend trash. >> the gentleman who shot the video said he was almost in
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tears. >> reporter: tony deutch posted the video on his popular facebook page. it was shot memorial day morning bay frequent contributor. public works crews had the trash cleaned up within hours. the video has been viewed more than 750,000 times. the city spends a lot of money on beach cleanup, about $300,000 in taxpayer funs every year. >> will you consider charging people to offset that cost? >> it's a difficult question. you have business owners that don't want it. residents do want it. preferably i would rather not charge anybody. >> i own a rental property here. i think that would be a deterrent for people to come in.
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>> reporter: despite that mess, local leaders say police did write many tickets to beach gorgore -goers for drinking and littering on the beach. there are trash cans all along the sand, but in this case it's clear many people didn't even try to use them. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. the beaches certainly had some nasty weather yesterday. a whole lot nicer today and a whole lot warmer across the area. 86 in philadelphia now. 86 in wilmington. 84 in dover. compared to this time yesterday, 12 degrees warmer in wilmington and dover. 11 degrees warmer in philadelphia and mt. holly. 10 degrees warmer many vineland. yeah. it's a pretty warm afternoon. especially for this time of year. now let's check out some of the surrounding areas. you can see berks county, lehigh
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valley, still in the 80s for the most part. 85 in reading. 88 in blanden. 85 in kutztown. and in the lehigh valley, 86 in allentown. 87 in bethlehem. 87 in nazareth. you can check your own forecast at the bottom of the screen. it's not just for philadelphia, and you don't have to wait to see it. you can see the shower in southern delaware, going down, across the border. down into maryland. that's the only thing on the radar close by. we still see a circulation out here with tropical storm bonnie. not moving much. this stuff is moving. that's going to be headed this way. nothing to hamper the ballpark
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tonight. the wind, fairly light, gently out of the south. 83 warm degrees to start. 75 at the end. delightful night for baseball 67 now we are going to have a gradual cooling trend. temperatures way above average. 88 today. closer to average as we head towards the rest of the week. and friday should be into the mid 70s. friday is when the rain returns. we'll see that across the area. a much, much higher chance of getting some rain. that's true in the pennsylvania suburbs as well. lehigh valley only 73 degrees on friday for the high. the east wind starts tomorrow and stays through friday. once the east wind is in, it's hard to get the temperature jumping up very high. and speaking of the temperatures, there they go. down to 76 on thursday. 75 friday.
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showers likely. most likely the best day of the weekend is saturday. sunday looks like a strong system coming in with showers, thunderstorms, even the potential for some heavy rain. as we head into early next week, election day in new jersey, looks nice and comfortable. john? >> we'll hear from the eagles quarterbacks on their competition. a star is missing in the phillies/nationals game, and the loss of a great player. that's all next.
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i'm john clooshg clark. doug pettersen has said sam bradford is his starting quarterback but there should be quarterback and there is. there is always so much made of the quarterback position, especially when you have sam bradford who is the starter holding the job basically until carson wentz is ready. they say they're all getting along. and have healthy competition. >> every day we step on that field it's an opportunity for myself as a player to get better, to push myself better than the day before. to learn from whatever mistakes i made from the day before. >> i think a little friendly competition within ourselves makes us better. at the end of the day it makes the team better. if we're all pushing together, working together, that only makes the team better. >> everyone you're doing, everything you're working for every single day is for the team. it truly is. until you come together as a
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team and have that relationship, you won't have anything. >> walter thurmond is leaving football. he has other interests outside the hfl. the phillies won't have to face bryce harper tonight. he has a knee contusion and is day-to-day. maybe he'll miss tomorrow night as well. the phillies lost four in a row for the first time since starting the season 0-4. ryan howard had an rbi single last night but is only hitting .100 over the past month. >> i will use joseph against left-handed starters, play howie according to the match-ups. he hasn't seen ross but he's the kind of pitcher that ryan can handle. i will try to make it as comfortable as i can for him to get back on track and accomplish what we want to accomplish.
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the flyers are morning the loss of rick mcleash. he was the leading scorer for the flyers when they won their stanley cups in the '70s. he scored the winning goal when they beat the bruins in the final in '74. former captain bob clark said rick was the most talented player the flyers had in the '70s. joe watson said he is as talented as claude giroux or eric lindros. >> all right. thanks. tonight, we find out if philadelphia is ready for the national stage.
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the wawa foundation is launching its first ever hero award for non-profits. one group will win a $50,000 grant, three others $10,000.
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the checks will be presented in july. >> for all of us here, i'm jim rosenfeld. >> i'm jacqueline london. "nbc r c nightly news is next. low at happened to those millions of dollars donald trump says he raised for veterans. trump, angry and combative. >> he's a sleaze, in my book. you're a sleaze. >> when confronted whether he handed it over only after reporters started asking questions. late word tonight, the paren under scrutiny by police after the gorilla tragedy. new emergency evacuations as unprecedented floods tear through texas. at least nine dead as rivers overrun their banks with no way to escape. road rage horror, caught on camera. a driver knocks over a motorcycle, then runs it over, speeding off as bystanders rush in to help. and the monster


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