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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the minivan completely unaware that his partner had been shot. >> and the guy was sitting in the car. >> reporter: william whitley was about to go into the store to buy cigarettes, but got the spooked and then saw police racing to the scene. >> i'm still shaking. because i was going to pull in but the guy looked really strange in the car. >> reporter: authorities say it's unlikely the store clerk will face charges. it's legal to defend yourself inside your own business. >> he's a nice guy. >> reporter: loyal customers tell nbc 10 the clerk did what he had to do to protect himself. >> you have to kill somebody to defend yourself, what is going through his head now. i know he's upset because nobody wants to shoot anybody. >> reporter: and authorities just told us that surviving suspect the dwretaway driver is expected to be a rained here in just the next 20 or 30 minutes. meantime police say there have been a few pharmacy robberies in this area and they're working to see if those two men are part of
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a larger operation. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. umbrellas became a necessity today if you were waiting for the bus like these women at 69th street in philadelphia. and it was a sloppy ride to work this morning in delaware county. wet roads and gray skies greeted drivers along eagle road. here is a live look over cape may where it is overcast along the shore. and more showers are ahead for our friday night. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with a first look at your weekend forecast. >> we're starting off the weekend with a lot of clouds around. it's cooler than it's been because all those clouds and rain, only 74 degrees in philadelphia. 74 in delaware. only 70 in some suburbs. cloudy skies all over the place. we don't have nearly as much rain around on radar as we had this morning, so much of the evening hours are going to be
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try. you can see some showers out to the west. some of them on the heavier side. not necessarily moving very quickly in this this direction. so i'm not too concerned about anything really heavy. might at that time the umbrella just in case as we go out into the evening. but for most of us, it's just going to be cloudy as we go through the night and into tomorrow morning. it will be humid, that's for sure. pennsylvania suburbs, temperatures not going down a whole lot because of all the clouds and the high humidity. lehigh valley again just mainly just clouds during the night tonight. could be some peeks of sunshine at delaware at the jersey shore, but by morning, i think the shore is actually going to be on the foggy side. now, the thing that we're looking ahead to is sunday especially when there is the threat of severe thunderstorms and we have a first alert out for that. more details coming up. the threat of severe weather on sunday impacts thousands of
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people who will be in our area for several popular events. >> one of them rosemary connors is reviewing where the world famous bike race is, well, facing a dark forecast. not going to be fun out there. >> reporter: well, we hope that it will be fun, but it is going to be wet, you're right. and in years past the cyclists have been very lucky, sunny sky, low humidity. not the case come sunday. however for fans, at the least there is a bit of covered seating out here. sidewalks will packed with plenty of people and probably plenty of umbrellas. get used to the wet weather. come sunday, main street will be soaked. but not much can keep the spec at a time tors away from the philadelphia international cycling classic. rain or shine, they will be watching the riders try to navigate the famed wall. sgri remember the first time i ever experienced it, i had gone
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outside, and the pack came by and just the shear wind that they generate just is incredible. >> reporter: inside this restaurant on main street, chef john o'brien is preparing for the rush of hungry fans. international flags and jerseys decorate the dining room to welcome patrons who may be looking for a refuge from the elements on sunday. >> i'm in denial about the rain. you know, some years it rains, some years it doesn't. >> reporter: meanwhile on penn's landing, crews are getting the stage set for the picnic where concert goers may have better luck with the weather. at city hall, the mayor insisted the weather won't be a problem and festivities will still go on. cyclists even say the rain may not necessarily hurt the race. n >> sometimes when eats rainy, people are more cautious so it's
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not as bad. >> we're a little happier that it's raining. 90 degrees and sunshine isn't really good. >> reporter: some of those irish guys and the other cyclists are hoping the fans will be bringing out the cowbells. it helps to energize them as they make their way along main street. the men's competition will begin at 8:00 in the morning. women's at 12:30. again, it's rain or shine. if there is severe weather, there may be some temporary delays. reporting live in man tee okay, rose maryor rosemary o'connor. you can get severe weather alerts accep s sent right to yo phone or tablet. heavy rain and stormed moved through pittsburg this morning leaving one westmoreland trailer
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park under water. army search teams in texas continue to look for four missing soldiers who were swept away by fast moving floodwaters. the soldiers were riding in a 2.5 ton transport truck when it flipped over in a creek that runs through ft. hood. five soldiers died and three others rescued. today officials revealed they were in the process of closing roads when the truck was swept away by high water. search crews are still looking for the four missing soldiers. and more than half of texas remains under flood watches or warnings. a new drone video shows us the extent of the flooding. a town outside houston was hit hard. more than 700 read residents w forced to evacuate. and more rain expected tomorrow. police hope newly released surveillance video can help them catch the suspect or suspects who fired shots into a philadelphia bar hitting two people. video show as light colored
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sedan driving past the blue nile in cobbs creek back on the night of may 25. you can see people ducking for cover. anyone with information on this case should call police. want to you watch as these two men duck for cover on authority 25th street when someone starts shooting at them yesterday afternoon. a postal worker in the truck next to them narrowly missed getting shot. and after the suspect came backfiring again. now police want to talk to this man. new information about a mother and daughter whom firefighters rescued from a burning home.mother was overcome by smoke as she tried to reach her 5-year-old daughter yesterday. an off duty officer was also overcome while attempting a rescue. the 5-year-old is now reportedly on a ventilator at saint christopher's hospital for children.mother is also in critical with critical condition.
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a new jersey couple have been indicted in the death of their daughter who died in a pool. they're charged with endangering the welfare of a child, tampering with evidence and possession of a controlled substance. >> how did she get in the pool? >> [ bleep ]. >> nbc 10 reporter ted greenberg tried to speak to that couple after the incident. police say their 2-year-old daughter wandered into a neighbor's pool where she was found unresponsive. from our jersey shore bureau, showboat casino hotel will reopen next month, but not as a casino. it will still be called showboat, but now a nongam blink h gam blebling hotel. he's also working on new amenities for the showboat complex, but he's not ready to reveal them just yet. health officials are urging
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new and returning students at rutgers to get meningitis vaccinations after two students got significant with the disease earlier this year. bottom were hospitalized and have recovered.with the disease earlier this year. bottom were hospitalized and have recovered. students will have to submit a form verifying they have been vaccinated or sign a form acknowledging the risks of not getting vaccinated before returning to school. from our delaware bureau, narcan kits are going out to more than 20 police departments across the state. and they are paying for them with money taken off the streets during drug seizures. until now, only six delaware police departments have narcan, the drug which can reverse the effects of an overdose. >> the focus is how shifting in the corruption trial against sha chaka fattah. after three weeks, the defense is now taking its turn. david durante is live outside federal court with more on the witnesses the defense started
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with today. deanna. >> reporter: many were character witnesses, but on the stand right now, congressman fatah's former chief of staff. she worked it th ed iin his off number of years but the defense team of a co-defendant called her. what she has been testifying to for more than an hour is how close the congressman and his friend were. for three weeks congressman chaka fattah has smiled and listened as evidence was presented against him. today it's his turn to show the jury he's innocent of the charms against him in a 29 count indictment. prosecutors show little tolerance for two character witnesses. they testified they know the congressman to be truthful and law abiding address when and wh they knew of the case, they said only what they have read. he's accused of taking an illegal loan to fund his failed bid for mayor in 2007.
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prosecutors also allege he accepted cash and gifts as bribes from the co-defendant. a witness for vitter man included a door man who testified they would often have coffee and dinner together and the two would have frequent visits. now, the defense also put up a former staffer who testified that she and vitter man helped redecorate the congressman's office. prosecutors on cross-examination said did you travel here from washington, d.c. to simply tell the jury that you helped redecorate the congressman's office? she said yes. they asked her what she knew about the case, she said not much. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. a global restaurant company is holding a job fair to find people to work at its new jersey travel plazas. hms host is looking to fill hundreds of positions at 18 different locations in the garden state. the job fairs are happening at various rest stops until 6:00 p.m. tonight and from noon to
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4:00 tomorrow. for a full list of locations, go to the nbc 10 mobile app. philly beer week kicked off with an annual tradition. the hammer of glory began its parade through town at 6:00 a.m. the relay stopped at dozens of bars including red out on chestnut street. the hammer will continue its trip until it arrives at the philmore just before 7:30. delaware center for horticulture did edicated a new firm lamed for the late city councilman eric d. robinson. robinson's family remembered him as someone who lived planting trees. >> he would talk about it for so long, it would make you want to go plant a tree. >> members of the wilmington
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city government were on hand for today's dedication. now to decision 2016 where the candidates are focusing on california ahead of the state's primary next week. right now donald trump is holding a rally in the northern part of the state, staging it at a municipal airport there. there was a violent scene in san jose last night. protesters surrounded and punched trump supporters as they were leaving the event. one woman in a trump jersey smiled as she was pelted with egg. san jose police say one officer was assaulted and police arrested several protesters. on the democratic side, hillary clinton took the stage at a rally in culver city. she was welcomed by some
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actresses. clinton repeated comments she that yesterday slamming trump's qualifications. >> he's not only unprepared to be be president, he is stem per mentally unfit to be president. >> she also said trump doesn't have ideas and just engages in rants and feuds. california is one of six states holding primaries on tuesday. new jersey voters could give sclin ton enough delegates to become the presumptive democratic nominee before the polls close in california. for complete decision 2016 coverage, stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 mobile app. we'll keep you up to date from now through november. doctors have new concerns about the zika virus now that there is more evidence it's spreading through sex. a new report suggests that the zika virus transmitted by infected mosquitos can also
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spread through oral sex. french doctors say they documented several such cases, now the world health organization wants people returning from zika infected areas to practice safe sex for at least eight weeks. meanwhile the young mother of a baby born in new jersey with zika-like birth defects is speaking out. the woman told fox news take her doctors in honduras underestimated her initial sympt sympto symptoms. she developed a rash but didn't have the pain in the eyes which is common. she later travelled to new jersey where she has family to see doctors here and they t detected the birth defects in the ultra sound. a former glee star turned himself in on child pornography charges. he played puck on the hit show. a grand jury indicted him on two charges of receiving and possessing child porn.
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agents say they seized a laptop and computer drives containing the images and videos back in department. his representatives have not commented. we'll know next week if the parents of a boy who fell into a gorilla cage will face charges. sharp shooters killed the gorilla to protect the 3-year-old child after it fell into the exhibit at the cincinnati zoo last week. prosecutors said they will announce their decision on monday, but some legal experts believe prosecution is unlikely. the boy is doing okay. and another child is now safe after disappearing into a bear-infested forest. the 7-year-old japanese boy left in the woods by his parents as a punishment seemed unharmed when rescued by a soldier who found him in a military drill area. more than 180 have searched for the boy. today his father made an emotional apology for leaving his child.
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we had a whole bunch of hours of rain today and lots of clouds that kept the temperature down. only 74 in philadelphia and wilmington and not even that warm in other parts of the area. 71 in trenton and mt. holly. how does that compare to this time yesterday? ten degrees colder in allentown, 11 degrees colder in mount holly. and in coatesville, 9 degrees colder. ocean temperature is up a bit at the shore, but that's not helping a whole lot the. only 66 degrees in atlantic city now. 69 at cape may courthouse. 67 cape may moiunt. inland only in the low 70s. the radar shows just a couple little showers. nothing like what we saw this morning. there are some more showers back to the west, so there is the chance that a couple of them could sneak in during the evening hours, but i think most of us will stay dry for most of
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the night. but there is plenty of moisture back to the west and some of that is going to be headed in our direction not only during the day tomorrow, but especially for sunday. so some showers today and into saturday. we'll time them out as you can see on futurecast, more in the way of isolated showers tonight. and then tomorrow, we have another little disturbance coming in with some showers around. again, you can see they're scattered, mostly on the lighter side. kind of hit and miss. once in a while you get a little heavier shower or a thunderstorm. so i'm not thinking that most of the day tomorrow will be wet, most of the day tomorrow is likely to be dry. but that is not going to be the case on sunday. sunday we have a different story. and we have a first alert for potential severe storms on sunday. for all of the areas except for the jersey shore i think the
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stability from some of the winds off the ocean may prevent severe storms from getting there. this is mainly for sunday afternoon and evening and the greatest threat is damaging winds from some of those severe thunderstorms. that would be perhaps wind gusts over 50 mile-per-hour, there could also be hail with that. and the greatest threat is from let's say chester county and the state of delaware southward toward the washington area, there is a chance all the way up through the rest of our area of some severe weather during that period. now, tomorrow's threat again is more of an isolated thing. most of the day not raining. you can see the "7-day forecast" by the way for your area right below me. so lansdale a little bit of sunshine pushing us up to 77. haddonfield a little sun at 78. atlantic city, a lot of fog especially during the morning hours. so the shore temperatures are staying in the 70s, as well.
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now, as we go through the rest of the weekend, we'll be seeing sunday stormier than saturday. you could get rained on saturday, but you're almost sure to be rained on on sunday. and some of this could be pretty wild. the temperatures down a bit. lehigh valley only 78 degrees on sunday. 72 degrees at the jersey shore. so if you have a choice of those days, saturday is the best. but i still can't guarantee you no rain. we'll's how next week is looking in a few minutes. a little boy says his school is violating his constitutional right to free speech. >> the problem centers around his donald trump hat. next why the school says he's not allowed to wear it anymore. and this -- we'll explain the special surprise the american girl company had for one of its young pans. >> and on the prowl.
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see what happens when this little boy turns his back on a not so cowardly lion. >> that would freak me out for sure. but first here is a look at the closing bell on wall street. the week finished on a down note. the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all finished town today. down today.
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you have to take a look at this. a 2-year-old boy had a close encounter with a lion at a zoo in japan. oh, my goodness. he had a staring contest with it and the animal runs toward the boy, tried to jump on him, but hits the glass wall that separates the animal from the human visitors. zoo keepers say the lion weighs more than 400 pounds, has a habit of frolicking when he sees
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spall childrsmall children beca wants to play with them, saying it with air quotes. >> and the glass is so clean, you can't tell that there is glass there. thankfully that was there. >> makes it even more terrifying. a school in california tell as third grader a hat isn't welcome. >> the boy's hat says make america great again, but the school says that is a safety hazardous. according to the school, crass mates started confronting the 9-year-old during recess. so they asked him not to wear it again. logan believes that is a violation of his right to free speech. >> they told me to take my hat off because it brings negative emotions for the other children. >> logan said the kids at school told him they did not like trump, so he tried to change their mind. this is a great story. the gift of a doll and it brought one young girl so much
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joy. >> it help her self-esteem. listen. >> you got to be kidding me! >> that is 10-year-old fletcher of texas. she received a american girl doll that has a pink prosthetic leg just like emma. >> thank you! thank you for making this all like me! >> so sweet. the doll was created after her mother reached out to the new york based prosthetic company to make that modification. >> so sweet and imagine what esteem that gives that little girl. >> perfect. nbc 10 responds has been working for several weeks to solve consumer complaints, but also to answer your consumer questions. >> next harry hairston explains why it's illegal to pay for someone else's parking meter. plus a bird may be the only
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witness to a murder mystery in michigan. family members say the parrot keeps repeating the victim's last worsd. you'll hear it for yourself next.
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at 4:30, first alert is tracking showers that could rain down friday night. let's take a live look outside. south philadelphia citizens bank park, that's where it's overcast right now. the phils by the way take on the brewers tonight at 7:00 and you can watch the game right here on nbc 10. but there might be some raindrops at some point during that match-up. >> that's right. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking what neighborhoods could see that rain tonight.
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>> i think there is a possibility of some showers at the ballpark, but i don't think they will get rained out. they may not even get a rain delay out of this. we're seeing all sorts of clouds around here. that's helping to suppress the showers from forming. only 70 degrees in the p.a. suburbs. we don't even have anyplace above the mid-70s. but tomorrow is a different story. a little bit of sunshine pushes temperatures into the 80s. 86 degrees lehigh valley, 84 degrees in delaware. so tomorrow is quite different from today. and today is different from yesterday. here is the latest radar. you don't see a whole lot closing in on us. we do have heavy showers and storms down by washington and baltimore, but they're not moving our way. you can see everything is moving more toward the east. and so as we go through the night tonight, once again you can see on the futurecast a lot of the heavy stuff goes way down to our south. the showers near harrisburg don't quite make it. we have some in the poconos perhaps getting toward the lehigh valley. but even those are the not that
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impressive. the storms on sunday are going to be impressive. first alert out for that. all areas aside from the jersey shore for mainly sunday afternoon and evening for possible severe thunderstorms, localized damaging winds. wind gusts over 50 miles per hour. not going to be an all day rain, but when you do get a thunderstorm on sunday, it could be a pretty powerful one. more on the tyiming in a few minutes. and you can stay ahead of the storms with the nbc 10 app. get live radar and severe weather alerts sent right to your smartphone or tablet. nbc 10 responds harry hairston is here to answer your consumer questions. >> harry, another great week of getting people their money back, but let's to some questions. jody wants to know why is it illegal to pay for someone else's meter? isn't this this the city of
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brotherly love? >> it is the city of brotherly love and jody, philly is showing more love than some other cities. the philadelphia parking authority tells me paying for someone else's meter is a nonissue. they explain in some business districts some signs may limit the park to go two or three hours. that's to give other customers a chance to park and to shop. but if you feed a meter for someone, you will not be penalized. i did find reports about some other cities albuquerque to name one that prohibits you from feeding someone else's meter. so, for, it's not illegal and, yes, there is love for you right here in town. >> good to know. also we're getting a lot of questions from viewers asking about those loan modifications that you hear so much about. they want to know what should we know before looking for a home modification loan online. >> that's a great question. i've gotten complaints from many people who applied online for home modification loan and never heard from the company after
4:34 pm
they pay the online fee. i checked with the state attorney general's office about what to do. the advice is don't do it. use the internet to find a local company and go to the office. see somebody face-to-face. unless you are absolutely sure you know and you can trust that company online, chances are it's a scheme to get your money and your personal information. the director of the pennsylvania consumer protection department tells me you are more likely to end up out of cash and the victim of i.d. theft. >> great advice right there. if you're hesitant at all, go face-to-face. >> and you do this online, they can't do anything for you because these schemers according to the attorney general's office, they're in a different country. so they can't track them down. >> all right. harry, thanks. if you have a question or consumer complaint for nbc 10 responds, just head to and click on the nbc 10 responds page and fill out the consumer
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complaint form. also call 610-668-7377. and coming up monday on nbc 10 responds, a woman's refridge traet tore broke down before the warptsity expired and service call after service call did not get the problem fixed. p that's when she called harry and nbc 10 responds. that story monday on nbc 10 news at the 4:00. meanwhile police want you to see these new surveillance videos to help them catch the suspect who robbed the an irish forced open a side door in the early morning hours of may 21. he grabbed cash before leaving the same way he came in. if you recognize the suspect, call police. to this now. the mysterious death of a man in michigan take as bizarre twist. the man's parents believe his pet parrot has solved the crime.
4:36 pm
the bird seems to say don't shoot. then it appears to re-enact an argument using both male and female voices. lillian and charles say it's the bird mimicking their son being murdered by his wife who then tried to kill herself. state police identified the wife as a suspect in the attempted murder-suicide, but she's not charged. >> i think he remembered it and he's saying it. >> the victim's wife says she's innocent. the prosecutor says he will decide whether or not to file charges in a few weeks. there is a new recall if a popular energy bar. >> next we'll tell you about the snack that could be contaminated with a dangerous ingredient. plus the new breast cancer therapy that could stepped the lives of certain women battling the disease. and gas mask and hazmat
4:37 pm
suits. see why police in jersey needed them just to rescue these puppies. coming up all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street.
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then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. grand canyon and glacierger than national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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check your pantry for boxes of clif bars. they're under recall for fears that they contain listeria. the problem is with sunflower seeds in the products. it includes nuts and seeds and trail mix. and there is a potential breast cancer breakthrough that could help people live longer. researchers say three new drugs have shown promise targeting triple negative breast cancer which has no effective cure right now. the drug combo helps stabilize a third of all women who did not respond to other treatments. the fda has not yet approved
4:41 pm
these drugs. marilyn and elvis were in the house at the cancer city in camden today. the duo helped patients celebrate national cancer survivors day. researchers say advances in tee text, protection and treatment have helped millions of americans stay alive. nothing like marilyn monroe and elvis to make you feel better p. >> it's a big celebration there. helping hands are working to turn around a philadelphia community. >> next the transformation you said way to help raise new life into several family's homes. and i'm tracking a few showers for your friday night and potentially severe weather for a part of the weekend.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. sky force 10 is live over breaking news in south jersey.
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right now route 73 in winslow township is closed, davis avenue southbound and central avenue northbound because of this accident. the crash brought down an electrical pole and wires. we're working to find out if there were any injuries here. but for now you should avoid that area if possible. eight older houses in west oak lane got new life breathed in to them thanks to about 100 volunteers. the organization rebuilding together philadelphia began the work this morning and plans to finish by the end of today. volunteers from local business, church groups and the homeowners themselves all chipped in. the rehab includes everything from replacing carpet to floors to adding carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. >> it's wonderful that this work is being done for our residents. >> by the end of june the group will have rehabilitated 15 homes in west oak lane.
4:46 pm
while we have some isolated showers around this evening and scattered thunderstorms tomorrow, the main threat is sunday and that's why we have the first alert for all the areas except for the jersey shore. and that is mainly for sunday afternoon and sunday evening when the storms should be the strongest. and severe thunderstorms with localized damaging winds are quite possible. maybe some hail associated with them, as well. right now with all the clouds around and the temperature down, it's not the condition for severe thunderstorms. you can see just everywhere has cloudy skies. and that again helping to keep the temperature town somewhat. in thorn delaware, we have some places close to 80 in thorn delaware, we have some places close to 80 degrees. wilmington is at 76.
4:47 pm
odessa at 76. middletown also. but with the northeast wind coming in off that cool ocean, lewis, dewey beach, all in the 60s. so it's been a pretty nasty day over a good bit of the area. this is the latest radar. and we have a few showers as you can see back to the west, and they're moving in the general collection of lehigh valley. they're very small. and they're likely to weaken even some more. we have some just north of the poconos right now, we'll see it they start moving southward. but we have lots of areas of showers and storms across the country. of course tremendous flooding down south, texas, louisiana. a little of that moisture coming up. and then we have this system up in the northern plains, that is moving this way. and an area that will converge around here on sunday.
4:48 pm
and that's why we have the threat. tomorrow we could get a little bit of sunshine after some morning fog perhaps and then that allows temperatures to go up into the upper 70s to even this into the 80s. lansdale 77, allentown 78, 77 in robbinsville, delaware up to 77 degrees. futurecast for tonight just showed some of the isolated showers you can see. not a whole lot of rain around. and same story with tomorrow morning. in the afternoon with a little bit of sunshine, we'll see those showers really start to get into at least more of the area, but you don't see a whole lot of heavy rain. yellows and reds. it's mostly just the green which will be light to moderate types of showers. and then on sunday, that's a different story. then we have some of those heavier showers and storms especially during the afternoon. we have warmer weather, more humidity. look at that heavy shower there,
4:49 pm
thunderstorm right over philadelphia. that is sunday afternoon. and not everybody is getting it at the same time as you can see, but something that we will have to track as we go in to sunday itself. now, for a place like brigantine, we start off with fog. and then sunday we have the showers and thunderstorms. but by monday, it's nice. 80 degrees and sunshine. so unfortunately, as the weekend ends, we'll see some of that nicer weather and sunshine. so tomorrow, we're well into the 80s with some sunshine. low 80s on sunday with the strong to severe storms. monday, we try out. tuesday just a chance of a couple of showers with a weaker sl. wednesday we're dry and we're dry for a good bit of next week. another system, weak one, may come in by next friday. but you don't see any real heat
4:50 pm
here and you also don't see day after day of rain. shots from the city to the shore, new jersey putting millions for a new tesch difference that will help those that need will most. >> cydney long explains who will benefit and how it can help troubled youth pave a new path. and we've watched her win on the soccer field, but carli lloyd just lost a big battle in court. we'll have the details all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street.
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pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. for the second time in one week, new jersey is making a major investment into young
4:54 pm
people of camden. >> devoting nearly $2 million to help kids get their diploma and transition into a new job. cydney long has the story. >> no such thing as give up in my book. you either keep going or you don't make it. >> reporter: eduardo didn't always have such a positive outlook. a woodrow wilson drop out at age 16, he has little motivation. >> i dropped out for quite a while. depressed. i really wasn't doing anything with my life. >> reporter: until he joined hope works. now 17, he's learning photo shop and web design. figueroa is also an ambassador in a sense along with other young people in power corps and youth programs. camden corps plus is another initiative to cut crime and deliver jobs, this at a time when violent crime as recently spiked and the city's dropout rate hovers near 50%.
4:55 pm
leaders like arthur barkley will recruit young people ages 16 to 24 who crdropped out of high school. participants must be willing to complete the job training and register at camden one stop. and they promise at the end of the journey, they have a job. >> this is important in the work that we're doing because we want to save lives. we want to make sure that our young people are not getting caught up in negative activities that will he saepnd their livesr prematurely. >> reporter: it provides training in nursing, constructions cullinary art. after one month, eduardo has an internship. >> i want to provide, do something in life, i want to be -- i want to be known for doing something great. >> reporter: from camden, cydney long, nbc 10 news.
4:56 pm
next on nbc 10 news at 5:00 from music to beer to bikes, there is a lot going on in philadelphia this weekend. >> and that means a lot of people will be watching the weather very closely. glenn is tracking the latest forecast for your neighborhood and the chance for severe weather for part of the weekend. plus a school maintenance man arrested, how he's accused of sending child pornography to students. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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right now at 5:00, a wet day leads to a dangerous mess. crews had to remove tree if a that fell during today's rain. a parked car as you can see there slightly damaged in the fall. right now most of the rain has stopped, but some areas could see a few more showers tonight as you look live gazing at the schuylkill river. >> and we're watching your forecast closely. parts of it will be dry, but severe weather could also hit your neighborhood. nbc 10 has issued a first alert because of the potential for severe storms over the weekend. >> let's at the time tget the d
5:00 pm
glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we try to give you a heads up and as much time ahead as possible about any kind of severe weather that is likely to come in to the area. in this case it is for all areas outside of the jersey shore which will be least likely to see any of the severe weather. and this is mostly for sunday afternoon and evening for potentially damaging thunderstorms with some local azed wind gusts of over 50 or 60 miles per hour, also some hail. i think the tree that came down today was more the result of day after day of rain rather than strong i said withes. severe storm threat on sunday goes from the highest threat in the philadelphia area down into north carolina, but anywhere in our area as you can see in the yellow, that would even be a severe storm threat. philadelphia area up for the lehigh valley, the greatest threat in delaware and parts of chester county. right now we don't have any kind of severe weather. we have some peeks of sunshine in philadelphia where we're up to 75 degrees. still 71 with aew


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