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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 3, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> we try to give you a heads up and as much time ahead as possible about any kind of severe weather that is likely to come in to the area. in this case it is for all areas outside of the jersey shore which will be least likely to see any of the severe weather. and this is mostly for sunday afternoon and evening for potentially damaging thunderstorms with some local azed wind gusts of over 50 or 60 miles per hour, also some hail. i think the tree that came down today was more the result of day after day of rain rather than strong i said withes. severe storm threat on sunday goes from the highest threat in the philadelphia area down into north carolina, but anywhere in our area as you can see in the yellow, that would even be a severe storm threat. philadelphia area up for the lehigh valley, the greatest threat in delaware and parts of chester county. right now we don't have any kind of severe weather. we have some peeks of sunshine in philadelphia where we're up to 75 degrees. still 71 with a few showers in
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the suburbs, but as you can see they're mostly pretty light and not going to be amounting to it a whole lot except down by washington and baltimore. a little bit they have why are shower, but that's way west of allentown. so that could possibly reach burkes county. tonight mostly just clouds. by tomorrow morning, i would expect some areas of fog along with the cloudy could is. lehigh valley, 66. and jersey shore especially likely to see fog early in the morni morning. there is that 65 muggy degrees. we'll see when the rain is most likely over the weekend and next week in just a few minutes. there is a lot going on in philadelphia this weekend. and that means a lot of people will be watching the weather very closely. >> rosemary connors has been out and about in the city today.
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>> reporter: we have the bike race and the pick nnic tomorrow. the weather is cooperating right now. a few people grabbing an early dinner. come sunday these awnings will definitely come in handy for the spectators who will be packed along the sidewalk cheering on the riders. >> i hope for a good race sunday. >> reporter: in years past the philadelphia international cycling classic has been blessed with sunny skies. but this weekend mother nature will force the riders to rethink the route. >> you need to pay more attention in the corners, you need to brake a little earlier. >> i heard the wall is seriously steep. >> reporter: concert goers who will be on penn's landing for the roots picnic will get the better of the two days this weekend.
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crews have been busy setting the scene for the party. in manayunk, this restaurant preparing for hungry spectators enjoying the bike race. the dining room is decked out with international flags and jerseys to welcome both the crowds and competitors. >> it's one of the best places to watch the race. >> it's one the races where we have the most fans and it's a great atmosphere and really exciting event to be a part of. >> reporter: the fans i'm sure are had been dressed for the weather on sunday. the men will ride at 8:00 in the morning, women at 12:30. it is a rain or shine event here in manayunk, however if there is severe weather, there may be some temporary consolations or rather delays as the day continues. reporting live in manayunk, rose harry ckoconnor, nbc 10. lots of events are set for
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the weekend. beyonce is in town kicking off summer music season. she'll be performing in front of a sold out crowd at lincoln financial field on sunday night. this is a live look at the linc right now, so much prep to do. crews are setting up for her big show. >> are you going? >> i'm working on tickets. if anyone out will has any, help me out. this is another event happening. comic con will bring thousands of comics and sci-fi fans to the pennsylvania convention center this weekend. captain america himself chris evans will be here along with chris hems worth akathor. also coming are michael j. fox and norman from the walking dead. and philly beer week opens its taps this weekend. going 42 miles, featuring more than two dozen stops. >> be sure to check the draft on your nbc 10 app. you can have weather alerts set
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right to your phone, it also has interactive radar and the latest conditions for your neighborhood. right now at 5:00, a quick thinking pharmacy clerk this bucks county stopped an armed robbery before it even started. shooting one suspect to death in what authorities are calling an act of self-defense. one suspect was wearing a halloween mask and went into the store with a shot dwup bgun but clerk grabbed his own begun and sht the robber ded. >> prepared for the armed intruder, he begins to shoot at the armed intrude er striking h numerous times. mr. police say t >> police say the pharmacist will not face drives. the getaway driver was arrested. meanwhile a south jersey man is under arrest accused of exchanging pornographic images of children with a pair of
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middle school students. police say 32-year-old worked for a company which contracts employees for the monroe township school district. investigators are still trying to identify more potential victims. they say the suspect used a fake facebook messenger account to communicate with the kids. authorities are reminding parents to talk to their kids about social media safety. we have new information tonight about the conditions a mother and daughter who firefighters saved from a burning northeast philadelphia home. neighbors say the mother was overcome by smoke as she raced in the home to try to rescue her 5-year-old daughter. and off duty officer was also overcome by smoke. the 5-year-old is reportedly on a ventilator at saint christopher's hospital for children. the mother is also in critical condition. the officer is in the hospital in stable condition. it is now time for the defense to present its case in the corruption trial of
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congressman shack came fatah. t shack came fatah. on the tap today, first witnesses for the defense team.. on the tap today, first witnesses for the defense team. deanna durante is live outside the court. >> reporter: the jurors in the case leaving about 15 minutes ago for made will bewhat will b weekend for them. court back in session tuesday. one of the defense witnesses, a former staffer testifying how he had a long friendship with one of his co-defendants. he has said very little publicly for the 13 days he was on trial and what is not known is whether congressman fattah or any of his co-defendants will take the stand in their own defense. the 11 term congressman has sat most of the time smiling. the government says fattah spent campaign money on his son's college loan debt. they say grant money was used to pay off an illegal campaign loan and took bribes to secure a friend a federal appointment and give that frnd's girlfriend a
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job in his office. so far today the jury heard very little about the defense but focused on the co-death herbert vederman. any lawy his lawyer says they were the political odd couple, good friends who just enjoy each other's company. we heard first from a number of character witnesses that testified that they believe congressman fattah and some of the co-defendants to be honest and truthful, but when questioned by prosecutors, they were asked if they know any of the facts in the case, some said very little or only what they have read. deand that did yona durante, nb. sky force 10 is over where crews are working to rescue a man trapped inside a grain silo. he's waist deep apparently. and the victim is in, quote, definite danger. crews have reportedly used ropes to try to keep him from sinking
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any further. you see some of those wenches from the crane at the very top. befores are still working to pull him out. no word yesterday on how he became trapped, but as soon as we know more, we'll make sure we get you these live images. happening now, one restaurant company is offering job opportunities. the global company called hms host is holding job fairs to find workers for its 18 new jersey travel plazas. they are looking to fill hundreds of positions. everything from baristas to managers. the job fairs are happening at various rest stops until 6:00 tonight and from noon to 4:00 tomorrow. for a full list of locations, go to the nbc 10 mobile app. overcoming adversity and providing a better life for themselves and their families. nbc 10 at the good will inspiration luncheon in wilmington. awards railroad giv s were give
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and businesses that have improved lives. nbc 10's tim furlong was the emcee. also tonight, running for cover. what happened after bullets started flying into a philadelphia bar. husband gas masks and hazmat suits. look at these pictures. why police in new jersey needed them to rescue these puppies. that story coming up next. and we watched her win on the soccer field, but carli lloyd just lost a big battle in court. we'll have the details next.
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>> back to the breaking news in chesterfield township. crews are still working to rescue a man trapped in waist-deep grain. you see the cranes, firefighters on top of each trying to get the man out. officials say the man is in, quote, definite danger. crews have used the ropes to keep him from sinking any further, but they're still working to pull him out. no ward yet on exactly how this man became trapped. but you can see this picture very active scene out there. as soon as we know more, we'll
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get back to you. now the world champion u.s. where i women's soccer team can't go on strike before the summer olympics. that's what a federal judge ruled today saying the team is bound by a no-strike clause. the team's union is fighting for hire wages. a lawsuit alleges some women's players make up to four times less than players on the men's team. the women's team including south jersey nature testiive carli ll going for its fourth straight olympic medal in rio. and donald trump says the judge overseeing the lawsuits against trump university is, quote, an absolute conflict of interest because the judge sf mexican heritage. trump has called for a wall along the u.s. mexican border and nbc news national correspondent brian mooar has the latest on the campaign trail from washington. >> reporter: hillary clinton and
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donald trump trading fire in an escalating war of words. >> he doesn't really have ideas, he just engaging enpages this r personal feuds, something our country cannot afford in a commander in chief. >> reporter: clinton is sharpening her attacks trying to force him to play defense. >> crooked hillary says, oh, donald trump, his fepger on the button. i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq, folks. and she's the one that stupidly raised her hand to go into iraq and destabilize the entire middle will east. >> reporter: the candidates dialed up their rhetoric and trump's rally in san jose sparked a tire fiery clash in the street. back in washington, republican leaders are you weurging trump aside personal feuds and focus on winning. >> i don't think it certains the candidate. he should be trying to unify the
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party behind him. >> reporter: california and five other states are on the line this tuesday and it's bernie sanders' last chance. >> and i believe we'll come marching out with the democratic nomination. >> reporter: that math depends on some big wins and flipping the votes of superdelegates. one of the superdelegates california senator dianne feinstein predicts sanders might change a few minds, but not enough to win the nomination. brian mooar, nbc news washington. here is a look again at tuesday's primary map. new jersey is one of six states casting votes. new jersey voters could give mrs. clinton enough delegates to make her the presumptive democratic nominee before the polls even close in california. happening this weekend, free admission to most delaware state parks. the governor proclaimed sunday at dell care staaware state par.
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and this saturday paddlers from near and tfar will come to the dragon boat regatta. a drummer keeps time as they break in three separate heats help i'll be out there on behalf of nbc 10 and turning points for children in philadelphia. the day long family friendly event is scheduled from 8:00 until 5:00. >> are you actually rowing? >> i'm going to be rowing in a dragon boat. first time ever with a gopro on my chest so you can check it out. and the phillies take on the brewers tonight. this is a live look. game time 7:05. don't have a ticket? nbc 10 has you covered. you can watch all the action tonight right here on nbc 10. and if you're headed out tonight, you may have to dodge a few showers. >> and also a chance for severe weather over the weekend. let's get right to glenn "hurricane" schwartz for all the day's forecast. >> the severe weather threat is
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mainly on sunday. we do have a chance of showers tomorrow. isolated ones tonight. but the main threat again later in the weekend. the temperature held town by doe clouds today. so one of the reasons that we're not seeing showers and thunderstorms. let's see how the temperatures are going in philadelphia itself. at the airport, it's 75. 76 in parkside. 75 winchester park. so no areas have gotten anywhere near 80 degrees. and we're not getting near any kind of showers at the moment, so we're ending the day a whole lot drier than we started it. we had several hours worth of rain this morning. and we do have other areas of rain that are going to be affecting us. there is moisture from the mississippi valley, there is a disturbance from the northern plain states. so we have some pretty strong systems coming in as we go into
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the latter portions of the weeke weekend. now, showers and saturday are more in the isolated maybe scattered areas and we'll show you as we go through the night tonight, there is not that much going on here. but look as we go into tomorrow, you'll be able to see, yeah, there is some -- just some smaller little showers, that means that if you get rained on, it doesn't last all that long. not necessarily downpours or a lot of lightning. most of this is on the light to moderate side tomorrow. so you will be kind of dodging some showers. and probably not reaching the shore tomorrow. but sunday is a different story. sunday we could see one round of showers and storms in the morning. and then you see these areas of reds and purples, those are some pretty strong to possibly severe storms. again, they're mostly scattered and not everybody getting them, but we do have a first alert
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because the ones that do exist could be quite strong. all areas aside from the jersey shore, this is mainly for sunday afternoon and evening and for localized severe thunderstorms with some very strong gusty winds. and the greatest threat is in this brown area that includes southern portions of our area from chester county, delaware southward. but we could see some strong storms just about anywhere in our area. and one of the places we could see some of those storms is in the poconos. big nascar races up there this weekend. tomorrow partly sunny, warm with thunderstorms. sunday up to 80 degrees with showers and storms and then monday, we have some showers moving out of that area. for tomorrow, the neighborhoods are showing us mostly cloudy skies, it gets warn and humid, 86 degrees in tfox chase, 84 in
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reading. so warmer than it was today. still a fair amount of clouds. fog in atlantic city and that will be our main story for tomorrow at the shore. sunday again, that is a different story. more on sunday and next week in a few minutes. and more breaking news to get to. this time an oil train jumping the tracks and bursting into flames. live pictures, this is in oregon about 70 miles east of portland, you can see the fire and the thick black smoke pouring out. investigators say eight cars derailed, one caught fire. people have been evacuated within a half mile of that crash site. again, this is about 70 miles east of portland, oregon. count on nbc 10 to bring you updates as soon as we get them. one massachusetts police chief started a ground breaking approach to treating the nation's heroin epidemic and it's having an impact right here
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in our area. chief leonard created the angel initiative. any addict who walks into a police station and asks for help is guaranteed access to detox facilities. so far 105 police departments in 23 states have adopted elements of that initiative. josh mankiewicz asked the chief about the criticism. >> are you going to stop arresting drunk drivers? that's a disease. are you going to show them compass by ushering them into a rehab program? >> if a drunk driver presents themselves and asks for help, absolutely we'll help them. if we came them on the road, no, absolutely not. it's the same with this program. if you're a year of heroin and you walk into our police station and you say i need help, we're going to try to help you. >> you can see more of this story tonight on nbc n"nbc nigh new news". also tonight, the show must go on.
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showboat casino has been closed for years. now there are plan it is to reopen it, but as what. we'll have that for you next. as we continue to follow this breaking news will chesterfield township, crews working to rescue a man trapped in waist-deep grain. we'll keep an eye on this.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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the showboat casino hotel will reopen next month, but it will operate simply as a hotel. the showboat closed in 2014. former owner put a restriction on the deed that no new buyer could open it as a casino, so the new owner hopes to have most of the 1300 rooms open by july 4. today was bring your father to school today at universal outcharter cool. dads got to sit down with their kids and see just how hard a day of elementary school can actually be. there were also workshops, a walk with dad parade, face painting and food. as a special treat, kenny gamble addressed 300 dads at the school's assembly. and a township in lehigh county is getting either first dog park. this summer it will be at spring
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creek estates park along spring creek road. commissioners selected the ten acre park last night. the park will have two enclosed sections so both small and larger dogs can run free. a second park is set to open at camp olympic in the fall of 2017. this next piece of video is about to make me very hungry. part of the jersey shore has been flooded with food trucks. why it could be a delicious alternative to the boardwalk. and watch out behind the wheel, police in one state are stepping up their patrols. what they will be looking for coming up at 5:00. and breaking news in our area, burlington county, chesterfield town ship where crews are working to rescue a man trapped in waist-deep grain inside that metal silo you see. we'll keep an eye on this for you and bring you any new developments. they're using the wench to keep
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him above the grain so he doesn't slip any further. as soon as we have a valid update, we'll make sure we get it back to you.
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we begin this half hour with several breaking news stories we're following. sky force 10 is live over chesterfield township burlington county where crews are working to rescue a man trapped in waist-deep grain inside a silo.
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you see some of those firefighters feeding some rope down off a crane to keep him up. the victim is in, quote, definite danger according to officials. crews have reportedly used these ropes to keep him from sinking any further, but they are still working to pull him out. no word yet on how he became trapped. and more breaking news right now to tell you about, this out of oregon. an oil train jump the tracks and burst into flames. this is other video you're looking at. it's about 70 miles east of portland, oregon. that camera in the chopper is moving. there is thick black smoke, fire. and investigators say that about eight cars derailed. one of those caught fire. people have been evacuated within a half mile of that crash site. again, these are not pictures of that of course, but we'll keep you updated on this story.
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now to your first alert weather back here at home. everybody needs an umbrella to get through today. nbc 10 outside independence hall this afternoon in old city. if you forget your rain boots, just put plastic bags on your feet and step through the wet sidewalk. pretty genius. good idea. >> one couple trying to keep the baby dry during their afternoon walk, and we found a few people out with their umbrellas this afternoon. >> and we are watching your weekend forecast very closely. parts of it will be dry, but severe weather could also hit your neighborhood. nbc 10 has issued a first alert because of the potential for a veert stor severe storms. >> and let's get the details from glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> we have the first alert, it's issued for parts of the area. we don't necessarily have to issue it for the entire area. in this case all areas aside from the jersey shore.
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and it's for sunday. sunday afternoon and evening the most likely times for any kind of severe weather this weekend. severe storms, localized damaging winds. the ground is very wet. and it won't take a whole lot of wind to knock over some trees. we have temperatures in the low to mid 70s. a couple showers in the p.a. suburbs and peeks of sunshine this and out philadelphia pushing us up to 75 degrees. but tomorrow, we're talking about temperatures into the 80s in many parts of the area. so that will be a toomtstally different type of day. on the radar, not a whole lot close by. we're getting pounded in washington, d.c. if you're headed down that way. but elsewhere we just have very,
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very patchy light showers. so i don't think the phillies will have significant trouble with the game tonight or any of your outdoor activities. could be an isolated shower, but the chances go up a little bit more tomorrow afternoon. and then even more on sunday. a lot of the sunday events could be affected by the weather coming in. and here is your overall weekend forecast. more sunshine tomorrow, pushing temperatures in to the 80s. very humid all weekend, but much higher risk of showers and storms at some point during the day sunday, probably an 80% to 90% chance that parts of the area will get rained on. so that is a fairly sure bet. the question is how strong the storms are going to be. more on what to expect and when in just a few minutes. in western pennsylvania, some people had to be rescued and evacuated after heavy overnight rains caused flood.
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dozens of home were impacted by the floods. crews aed it use small boats to get some people out of their hopes and off to temporary shelter at fire halls. flooding across texas has turned deadly once again, this time a group of soldiers training at ft. hood was swept away during the flash floods. five are confirmed dead, four still missing. jay gray has the latest from the nation's largest military post. >> reporter: the training shifted to tragedy in a matter of seconds. >> they were possibly floating toward white plains last seen in a military vehicle. >> reporter: a rover like this one dumping at least 12 soldiers who were swept away. five now confirmed dead, four still missing and three who suffered minor injuries. >> tragedy extends well beyond ft. hood. >> reporter: so do the
5:36 pm
floodwaters. communities across southeast texas, where it's been raining for a week or more now. fort b >> 20% of the county under water. >> reporter: and farmland turned to swamp land. in some cases horse back is the only way to save the herd. >> moving them up to higher ground. >> reporter: but in some areas, even the ground is giving way. this apartment complex outside of dallas in jenity of being washed away. and this truck was, a dramatic reminder of the power of rushing water, the driver and passenger inside were able to escape. south of houston, even the animals are trying to escape the rising water. and it wasn't an escape at this prison, but a group inmates were forced to evacuate while texas has yet to escape the effects of the historic flood flooding.
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sk jay gray, nbc 10 news. we'll go back to the breaking news this chesterfield a man trapped in a grain sil low. crews have used ropes to keep him from sinking any him out. no word how he became trapped. we're gianted on the pho ejoine retired fire chief. john hoffman. you're not at the scene, but what can you say that they're doing looking at the images? >> well, obviously in this type of evolution, it's a very technical rescue and there are a lot of different hazards associated with this this kind of work. first they have to be sure that the atmosphere that is contained inside take silo is safe and it look like they have ventilation
5:38 pm
equipment to make sure that the oxygen level is at the proper levels and that they can make proper entry and there not a hazard from lack of oxygen. additionally, it sounds like they may have an engulfment hazard that would be common in certain confined spaces which obviously they have that possibility with this particular type of scenario. they will have to send some rescuer in there to secure the victim that is trapped in some way and hook him up in the proper kind of harnesses, free him from whatever devices or whatever mechanisms can keeping him trapped and safely remove him. >> we know this is such a delicate rescue. tell us how they pre-vechbt tve individual from sink further down into the grain?
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>> it's difficult to determine that from what can be seen here without actually being on scene and knowing the full circumstances of what is in the silo. i would guess that they have certain lockout-taggout procedure misplace that would prevent any movement of any mechanical equipment that would cause the grain to shift or whatever is contained in there to shift or move so that he can't go any further in addition to stabilizing him in where he's positioned, wherever he is in the vessel. >> and officials have told us that this man is this definite danger, a man trapped inside that grain silo. on the phone cuwith us, we appreciate your time, former chief john hoffman of the washington township fire department. thank you so much. we'll make sure that everyone stays updated as we see someone a worker, a firefighter emerging from that silo, still no sign of
5:40 pm
the man trapped inside. as soon as we get a valid update, we'll make sure we get it back to you.
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it is the worst case of hoarding, 170 small dogs removed from a home in howell today. and while they were at the home, new litters were actually being born. couple who lives at the home watched as their dogs were taken away. >> they're both cooperating. the husband and wife. this is a situation where they have gotten completely over their head. they mean well, they meant well. >> the man and woman at the home have not been identified. humane officers say they will face charges. the rope why the host
5:43 pm
committee of the convention says they're facing money challenges. they're coming up at 6:00.
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newly released surveillance video shows the day on the tick scene caused by a drive by shooting at bar in cobbs creek. suspects in a light colored car fired in to the blue nile. you can see people ducking for cuff. cover. a man and woman were both hurt p. today a judge heard hundreds of resentencings. two hearings have happened today. 300 cases have been ruled unconstitutional. each case will be handled
5:46 pm
individually, but those in prison for the longest will get hears first. there will be a reintegration program to help those who make it out. and advocates will reach out to family members of the victims to make sure that they are aware about any release. >> i don't want a family member, someone who lost a loved one due to some horrific violence on our streets in the '70s or '80s, hei '90s to learn about it because the defendant is riding the l oig with them. >> philadelphia has more cases of people sentenced to life without patrol as juveniles than any other place in the world. new jersey state police will be setting up sobriety check points this weekend in cumberland and ocean counties. expect to see police around morris river township and toms river tomorrow. they will concentrate in areas where drinking and driving have led to a lot of accidents. police will be stepping up check points all summer.
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we had hours and hours of rain this morning and a good bit of the area. but that's not severe weather. that is just kind of uncomfortable weather. inconvenient weather. what we're likely to be getting on sunday is more serious. that's why we have a first alert out for that. all parts of our area except for the jersey shore mainly for sunday afternoon and evening and we could speak some isolated severe thunderstorms with damaging winds, gusts well over 50 miles per hour, also large hail. ground very saturated from all the rain we got in may, so it won't take a lot of wind to knock over some trees. we have temperatures in the low 70s right now. p.a. suburbs only 71 degrees with a couple little showers around. radar not showing us anything
5:48 pm
too impressive here. you can see the little green dot indicating some fairly small and also fairly light showers. here we are in lehigh valley, poconos, pretty strong storm. we'll see if that moves eastward. but there is a lot of moisture back to our west and up into the northern plain states. and what they're getting in texas, most of that is staying down there and of course you can probably see some of the disastrous results. you can see your "7-day forecast" at the bottom of the screen anytime during the weather cast not just for philadelphia. you don't have to wait until the end anymore. with a little bit of sunshine tomorrow after the morning fog and clouds, that would push temperatures well up into the 80s. humidity is high, so it will be a sticky day. and then some scattered thunderstorms developing in the
5:49 pm
afternoon. newtown 84, easton at 85, a lower chance of getting showers and storms in easton during the day tomorrow. atlantic city, main issue there i think will be fog especially in the morning. so you were delaware, dover, rehoboth beach with much, much lower chances. and speaking of the shore, here is the forecast for wildwood. during the day tomorrow, early clouds and fog and then a little bit of sunshine. sunday we'll get late day thunderstorms, some could be strong. and then monday we get a lot of sunshine. so again, looks like sunday is the problem day. cape may, early fog, then a little bit of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, sunday, thunderstorms, especially late, but not all day. and then monday, we get the sunshine. in the pocono mountains, they have had big races going on there. nascar race. it's not going to rain all
5:50 pm
sunday, but there is the potential for a strong thunderstorm especially during the afternoon. warmest day is tomorrow. monday looks to be dry. and as we go through the next couple of days, we just see some of those isolated showers on the futurecast. a little bit more tomorrow. watch what happens tomorrow. now you see some scattered areas of light, mostly light showers. during the afternoon, there is a little patch of orange or yellow once in a while indicating a little bit heavier shower. but they're widely scattered. that means that your chance of getting rained on at any one time is not too high. but as we go into sunday, that's a different story. you see some of those yellows and oranges and redses we could get one batch in the morning and another batch later on during the afternoon. and the 10 day outlook shows the temperature down a little bit
5:51 pm
sunday. monday is dry. tuesday we get some showers. and then wednesday is dry. thursday is dry, too. and then friday some more showers. so at least we get multiple dry days in the forecast. eagles linebacker helping the local community. >> he will host a benefit concert tonight. bar win's make the world better foundation will be on vepg spring fwar dep street and eagles players and coaches will be in attendance. is this the third straight year barwin has hosted the benefit contract. proceeds help restore philadelphia playgrounds. not everyone knows just how to ride a bike. so these students in south philadelphia got to learn from the pros. nbc 10 in south philadelphia, a pro cyclists gearing up for this weekend.
5:52 pm
they talked to the kids will safe riding and nutrition and exercise. still ahead on nbc 10, hot coffee used as a weapon. what we've learned about this attack outside of center city starbucks.
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two men with the
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philadelphia fire department received wards. a paramedic was honored for his work during a train accident in the city. and emt was celebrated for saving someone's life using cpr. it was hanson's first year on the job, too. we wish them both congratulations. they were firing up the grills today and hot just in people's backyards. it was the first friday food truck festival. tell municipal douemundo 62 has. >> reporter: very, very good. it it was true moment of happiness for liz as she stepped away from her lunch break and was surrounded by food truck. >> it's going to be fun to be be able to have this so close. i don't know if it's good for us, dangerous for our hips, but a good thing. >> reporter: the mega store
5:56 pm
parking lot is the new home for the first of its kind food truck festival. >> we will rotate out with locals and then some new sven tors that we have, as well. >> reporter: the contest came according to the bass pro shop organizers from turning the negative attention the city has been pacing for its financial hardships to something more enjoyable and showcasing the local talent. >> they're always thinking outside the box because with the gam blink gambling in all the other state, they have to p think out of the box. >> food trucks are in, pretty much on every sidewalk. we have the right to roam. >> reporter: neighbors the boardwalk and outlet, customers say local businesses are well established and have nothing to fear adding some trendily competition only generates more traffic. >> i would like to see some spanish stuff in here, some mexican food or dominican and puerto rican food would be
5:57 pm
night. >> reporter: organizers are still looking for food trucks to help fill the parking lot and they want to bring music down the road and hopes to transform the city to a more tastier one. nbc 10 news. it all looks good. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a soggy start to the weekend and a chance for severe storms on the way. we've issued a "first alert" weather day if pafor part of th weekend. when in the neighborhood forecast. >> reporter: a store clerk takes matters in to his own hands when a gunman tries to rob his pharmacy. next, how he saw it all coming. and nbc 10 is following breaking news. rescue crews try to pull a man from inside the silo in south jersey. new developments next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
we begin with an update on breaking news that we have been following for the past hour in south jersey. crews are working to rescue a man trapped in this grain silo. sky force 10 over the scene in chesterfield township. within the last ten minutes, we tell you that crews have managed to free the man from the grain he was trapped in. he is still contained within that silo, though. crews are working now to get him out. there is no word yet on just how he became trapped.
6:00 pm
we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll break you any new information as we get it p. i'm still shaking. i was going to pull in but the guy looked really strange in the car. >> right now at 6:00, a close call for customers who nearly walked in on a deadly pharmacy shooting. tonight police are using this picture of the suspect's unique tattoo to try to identify him. a store clerk took matters in to it his own hands when a masked man armed with a shotgun walked in that store. the clerk shot and killed the would-be robber inside the pharmacy. randy gyllenhaal found out how the clerk saw it all coming. >> reporter: police say two suspects were likely planning to tie up the pharmacist subpoenan as much cash and drugs as poll. but the plan was quickly foiled. the two armed men pulled up to the pharmacy in a s


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