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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll break you any new information as we get it p. i'm still shaking. i was going to pull in but the guy looked really strange in the car. >> right now at 6:00, a close call for customers who nearly walked in on a deadly pharmacy shooting. tonight police are using this picture of the suspect's unique tattoo to try to identify him. a store clerk took matters in to it his own hands when a masked man armed with a shotgun walked in that store. the clerk shot and killed the would-be robber inside the pharmacy. randy gyllenhaal found out how the clerk saw it all coming. >> reporter: police say two suspects were likely planning to tie up the pharmacist subpoenan as much cash and drugs as poll. but the plan was quickly foiled. the two armed men pulled up to the pharmacy in a stolen
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minivan. one of them grabs a shotgun and put as mask on. >> something like a freddy krueger mask. >> reporter: but the pharmacist inside saw it all coming on his security cameras. police say he grabbed his own gun, ordered the suspect to surrender, but the masked man jumped over the counter and the pharmacist had to shoot him dead. >> he was prepared. he begins to shoot at the armed intruder striking him numerous times. >> reporter: police arrived in less than two minutes and found a getaway driver still sitting in that minivan completely up aware that his partner had been shot and killed. that surviving suspect faced a judge today. he'll be charged with homicide and robbery, but authorities say the pharmacist did the right thing and won't face any charges. >> he was entirely justified in his conduct. frankly, should be commended. he performed a public service.
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>> he's a really nice man. >> reporter: loyal customers say the pharmacist runs this mom and pop store by himself and did what he had to do to protect himself. >> that you have to kill somebody to defend yourself, what is going through his head now. i know he's upset because nobody wants to shoot anybody. >> reporter: police are still working to identify that dead suspect. they released this photo of a tattoo on his stomach asking to the public's help. meantime authorities are also investigating whether these two help are tied to a string of other pharmacy holdups. in bucks county, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. p. ending the week on a wet note. some lingering showers tonight after a soggy day. taking a live rook, phillies will take on the broorers eh b about an hour. the weather tonight hopefully won't impact play, but that could be a different story for
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their games this weekend. you could see more storm damage like this on sunday. nbc 10 found crews clearing a tree that had delaware avenue blocked off at rodney street. nbc 10 has declared sunday a "first alert" day to get you prepared for what is coming. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now with your neighborhood weather. >> one of the ingredients in this threat of severe weather is the soggy ground. it doesn't take as much of a wind to knock a tree over when you have such wet conditions as we've had. so we have the first alert out for all the areas outside of the jersey shore which is the least likely part of the area to be affected. this is sunday afternoon and evening for the most part with some severe thunderstorms, localized damaging winds.
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and the overall threat goes all the way down into the carolinas. this is a massive area. and the area in brown has the highest threat of the damaging winds and hail. but there is still a threat all the way up through the lehigh valley and poconos and around the trenton area for example. so very due areas that are totally immune from this. there isn't a whole lot going on with the radar which is fortunate because we had enough hours of rain during the day today. so it be looks like the phillies will get the game in without any kind of problem. just mostly clouds. could see some fog in the morning along with a little bit of sunshine. it's a humid night. lehigh valley a low of only 66 degrees. and at the jersey shore, may very well be interest dense fog for the morning. we'll get into the details of the rest of weekend and next week in a few minutes. make sure you have our app to track the potential storm and
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help you prepare your plans. new at 6:00, montgomery county lawyer is accused of throwing coffee on another woman, pulling her hair, punching her and pushing her to the ground outside a center city starbucks. police say yvonne montgomery turned herself in. joid c video captured the beating. montgomery is charged with simple assault and making terroristic threats. also new atlantic city is receiving nearly $800,000 for redevelopment in the resort town. the environmental protection agency selected the city for two ground field grants. it helps communities clean up and reuse land that has been contaminated from uses like factories and gas stations. the suretier showboat is reopening. philadelphia developer says the complex will be configured as a
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nongambling hotel. more than 800 rooms will be available for reservations starting next month. the showboat closed thin augustf 2014, the second to close that year. new at 6:00, a philadelphia lawmaker unveiled a package of bills aiming to boost gun safety. the state representative announced four new bills designed to stop accidental shootings and deaths. the bills require owners to secure guns in a locked box or with a trigger or cable lock. >> so they are kept out of the hands of children and other people who shouldn't have them like domestic abusers, violent criminals and mentally ill citizens. >> the bills also require gun sellers to provide safety devices with all gun sales. >> the defense began prepareding its case today in the corruption trial of chaka fattah.
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the prosecution rested after 13 days. the defense began with character witnesses for fattah and herbert vederman. prosecutors quickly pointed out those witnesses know few details about the case. the government says fattah accepted bribes and misspent campaign money on his son's college loan debt and they also say grant hone was used to pay off an illegal campaign loan.ho off an illegal campaign loan. decision to 2016 coverage. the three candidates are spending most of their time in california ahead the state's tuesday primary. donald trump rallied voters in reading. just yesterday paul ryan threw his support behind the presumptive gop nominee. but today ryan disavowed trump's accusations of bias against the trump university case because of his mexican heritage. ryan says the comment was out of left field. bernie sanders is also
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campaigning aggressively in california. here is a live look at a campaign rally happening right now in the town of fairfield. california and five other states are on the line this coming tuesday. and california holds its primary tuesday along with new jersey. voters if new mexico, south dakota, and monday take intana head to the polls. philadelphia is faced with an 11th hour challenge to raise the rest of the money needed for the democratic national convention. former governor ed rendell says the host committee is about $9 million short of topping are their $60 million goal. rendell says both philadelphia and cleveland are facing challenges this year. he says donald trump has pushed some corporate donors to sit out the election. also budget cuts have eliminated federal funding. the parties used to receive for the convention. for a complete decision 2016
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coverage, including the latest delegate counts and social media updates from the campaign trail, tap the nbc 10 app. we have new information about a fire in northeast philadelphia that sent a mother, child and off duty police officer to the hospital. the philadelphia fire department continues to investigate the cause. the mother and the officer were both overcome by smoke while trying to rescue the 5-year-old girl. firefighters eventually pulled them out. the girl remains on a vent later in critical condition. pennsylvania lawmakers are be looking downlater in critical condition. pennsylvania lawmakers are be looking down into cutting down the number of districts. a statewide study will be issued. the bill's sponsor says district consolidation could save money. eight older houses in west oak lane got new life thanks to more than 100 volunteers.
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the organization rebuilding together philadelphia began the work this morning and plans to finish by the end of today. volunteers from local businesses, church groups and homeowners themselves all chipped in. >> it's great, it's wonderful that this work is being done for our residents and homeowners. >> by the end of junehave rehab homes. and within the last few minutes, crews have freed a man who was trapped in a grain silo here in chesterfield township burlington county. no word yet just how he became trapped. but the great news here, they have been able to rescue that man. a story we've been following for a couple hours now. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, investing in south jersey's future. the new job program helping some kids in camden get their lives back on track.
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and a wet muggy weekend with a chance for damaging storms for part of it. i'm tracking the timing and the conditions you can expect. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires,
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an investment in the future of camden city's dropouts. the state is giving $2 million to turn the tide for these children through a new job program. cydney long introduces us to the program and how it's changing some lives. >> i got kicked out and i've been on the streets ever since. i got arrested and i graduated from jail. >> reporter: 23-year-old paiged a hits if we met her a year ago, she would no hanot have made th news for a good reason. >> i had 12 charges as a juvenile, one as an adult. >> reporter: once tangled in a web of crime and drug sales. >> i didn't want to take anymore money from my grandmother because i live with my grandmother. >> reporter: she's now a firm believer in power corps, one of the many life skill groups standing by cam continkacamden'
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initiative, it will teach nursing, culinary arts, construction and sciences to dropouts. >> at the end of their journey, we guarantee that we will have a job placement for them. >> some people in their mind, they have been promised things in the past and it may not trust the system. but that's where i will be there to reinforce to them that you can trust the program. >> reporter: arthur barkley says the hardest part may be getting youth to buy into changing their open lives. for pagigpaige, she hopes shari part of her broken story now turned in to success will speak volumes. >> it changed my life around. i'm doing very good now. i'm not in the 12r50streets at . going to the bank and cashing a check instead of taking money from others. >> we invite them to come to into the workforce development center and say that they want to sign up for the camden corps
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plus. >> reporter: paige is set on a career with department of public works. >> i want to clean my community, make it a better place. >> reporter: scydney long, nbc 0 news. wilmington residents have a new graen space een space to en. the delaware center for horticulture dedicated a new farm. it's name for the late city councilman eric d. robinson, a man known for his love of planting trees. the hammer of glory is passing from hand to hand in philadelphia today. and that could mean only one thing. philly beer week is about to begin. the hammer relay stopped at dozens of bars including red owl. it will continue its trip around town. and the mayor will be on hand for the ceremonial first pow.
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and on sunday mother nature may force cyclists to rethink parts of the route. even though the riders tell us they can handle the wet weather. >> anytime there is a bike race, it's always going to be a safety concern. actually sometimes people are more cautious, and so that it's not as bad. >> hopefully they will be cautious. the men's competition starts 8:00 and women at 12:30. so many events this weekend. good weather, i don't know that that it will happen. >> hard to get totally dry weather with the humidity as high as it is. and we have a front coming in on sunday. so it's a pretty good bet that we will get some storms on sunday. just a matter of times and how severe they are. we have temperatures that have been held down today by all the rain that we had hour after hour
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after hour of rain and the humidity is very high and that means the temperature doesn't drop much tonight. 65 degrees at #:3:00, 68 in philadelphia, 7:00 a.m. not going to need any kind of jacket. and look what happens to the temperatures. 84 yesterday, high today 75, but with sunshine tomorrows we jump up to 87. more clouds sunday means closer to 82 degrees. the radar shows not that much out there right now. so we get a chance to dry out at least a little bit. nothing but a couple little green blips indicating light showers. but a lot more action back out to the west. some of it far west. and some of those systems are fairly strong as they move in over the weekend. by the way you can see your own "7-day forecast" at the bottom of your screen at any time. now, we've had showers today. we have more showers coming on saturday. sunday though, that is the day
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where we'll see the greatest amount of storms. but as you can see, not a bhol will the to start the day tomorrow. i think there will be fog and then with a little bit of sunshine, heat of the day, look what you're seeing. you're seeing just some scattered showers. not everybody getting rain at the any one time. most of that was on the light side. now as we go into sunday, look at those areas of showers and thunderstorms and that could even be part of sunday morning. so buying race even the morning part could see some showers. but it's not an all day rain. look what happens in the afternoon and evening, that is a big storm. here is another one in new jersey, here is another one over philadelphia. another one near baltimore. so that is more of what we're expecting they're kind of scattered around the areas. but the highest threat of the hail and high winds is from the
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philadelphia area especially chester county and the rest of delaware farther to the south, so it's one of those days you want to keep updated on what is going on. and for the weekend, saturday generally a better day than sunday. but even saturday you could see a shower or storm especially in the afternoon. and the 10 day outlook shows dry weather on monday, then a chance of showers election day that would just be brief. and then another system coming friday. but at least we have dry days in between. eagles coach says one of his quarterbacks is prattiseparates themselves from the others. the ryan howard situation is next.
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and i'm john clark. eagles held their last organized team activity today before their mandatory mini camp next week. doug peterson says sam bradford has been unbelievable in workouts. he's helping the quarterbacks an taking a leadership role. he's organizing workout mis-california with his offensive teammates before training camp. and coach says sam is separating himself from the other quarterbacks with his play. >> i think so. i think he's done an outstanding job. again being when you're spreading reps equally with three guys, that's what you want to see and i think he's really done a nice job in taking that next step to be the starter.
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he's taking this thing and running. it's unbelievable what he's done. and i'm so excited the direction he's going and the stuff that he's doing on the field right now are the things that i expected and what i saw at the end of the season last year. and my message has always been don't look over your shoulder, look forward and that's what he's done. and he is embraced it. >> doug says he expects fletcher cox and dare rren sproles to be there last week. how about ryan matthews? led the running backs with five yards a carry last year. he looks like birds leading back with demarco murray gone. but the question is can ryan stay healthy. he's missed a bunch of games in his career. >> it's fnootball, you know. contact sport. some people are luckier than others. i can't change my running style.
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it's who i am. i'll finish the season. i've missed games and headed to the rowe bopro bowl, too. phillies will try to break their losing streak tonight. and here is the gm. >> so far seems to give no indication that it's not going to be okay. i know pete is very good about talking to his players and he talked to ryan specifically. >> and vince velasquez takes the mound tonight. the game is right here on nbc 10, 7:00. hopefully they can break the seven game losing streak.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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definitely muggy weekend. no doubt about it. a little sun tomorrow pushing the temperature up. scattered afternoon thunderstorms sunday. more of a strong storms.
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>> all right. the news continues now with nbc nightly news oig. breaking news tonight. muhammad ali's health, concerns for the boxing legend, hospitalized with respiratory issues, amid varying reports about his condition. nbc news has learned family members are gathering by his side. military tragedy. a truck carrying a dozen soldiers suddenly overturned in the texas floodwaters. several are dead. a frantic search for the missing. doubling down. donald trump's blistering attack on the judge hearing the case against trump university. trump saying the judge has a conflict because of his mexican heritage. even though he's an american from indiana. and tears of joy. the amazing gift this little girl was given and her reaction, making millions cry right along with her.


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