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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  June 5, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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this morning we are tracking the potential for severe weather. waking up to clouds and spotty showers right now. it is relatively calm now, but by this afternoon it could get worse with heavy rein and strong wind. >> the barriers are up, and the cyclists are getting ready to ride. we're just about an hour away. we'll have a live report from the famed wall, next. today the country continues to mourn the death of muhammad ali. we're hearing from friends an family align.
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it is 7:00 on this sunday, we are tracking severe weather that is coming. let's take a live look outside. breezy out there this morning over center city. temperatures warm in the upper 60s. karen thomas has more on the times. >> absolutely, the timing is critical today and it begins this morning. heavy cloud cover and showers all morning long. we had light shower activity around philadelphia. just really to push right through the area. and some of these storms could potentially carry with it damaging wind and heavy downpours. what we can expect if the thunderstorms do return to that severe mode, we're looking for
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the potential for damaging winds, maybe hail, and heavy rain. not anticipating widespread flooding, but it will be moving very quickly. waking up this morning to heavy cloud cover. you see the tops of the buildings just shown here by the heavy, dark clouds. this is what we mean by spotty. we have a little rain cell moving west. southern jersey, cape may, parts of wildwood. we had a heavier cell push off of the coast here. lightning, thunder, heavy rain. that was quick moving and pushed right through southern delaware and parts of maryland. this will build as we move through the day. it's later this afternoon and into the evening that you want
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to take that alert seriously. >> thank you for that, karen, good advice. >> this morning, riders are getting ready to take to the streets of philadelphia. cyclist wills be riding through some of the cities historic neighborhoods. monique braxton is live. >> the sprinkles are not dampenning the enthusiasm of the folks gathering here now along the barricaded streets here along the wall, or even the i psych theists who have yet to arrive. there is a heavy police presence here at what is called manavuik
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wall. it is the starting and finishing point. the men and women will race nine laps, over 110 miles. 20 of the top cycling teams are competing in the women's race. the cycling classic for men begins in less than an hour, and the world tour race for women starts at 1230. there are numerous road closures in the area, far too many to mention now. we'll be here when the race kicks off and have it for you. live from the wall, monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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the fwhel northern bibberty rang a final ten count for muhammad ali yesterday. his picture is on almost every wall at the gym there in philadelphia. he had strong ties to our area. he had properties in overbrook and cherry hill. at the gym yesterday, big names told us how ali impacted their success. >> you can't just really restrict his legacy and what he has done for boxing. >> he stood for more than boxing, he stood for community and children. you can't say enough about ali. >> some of the young kids we spoke to said even though they were not alive to see him fight, he is the athlete they look up to the most. people all around the world
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are looking to make tributes to ali. many consider him the greatest of all time. >> the tributes and memorials to muhammad ali are growing in louisville, kentucky. >> you can come from the gutter and rise yourself above. >> flags lowered to half-staff as people mourn the death of not only a three-time heavyweight chach, but a -- champ, because crusader. >> if didn't matter race, creed, or color. >> the outpouring of support from across the country. in hollywood, people are leaving flowers on his star on the walk
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of fame. >> he was always the life of the party. very much his own man, a very funny guy. >> in a statement, president obama said he shook up the world and the world is better for it. we're all better for it. next former president bill clinton was give the eulogy at the funeral. >> michael j. fox was a pan, and met him after being diagnosed with parkinson's. >> many of the fighters ali beat in his career are paying respects. >> what is fphenomenon. not something we will ever see
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again. >> you can read more about his life and legacy, plus you can learn more about the properties he used to own in this area like this home in cherry hill. it's all on this website or on our nbc 10 app. >> coming up next, pope francis drops a tribunal for victims that cover for for pedophile priests. one group says their skeptical. >> stopping the summer brain drain. keeping education top of mind when their kids are not in school.
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and good sunday morning. i'm karen thomas checking our forecast this morning we just have really gray skies out there. the forecast will get dicey later in the afternoon. we're just keeping everyone in tune. later on this afternoon, pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, just about everybody needs to be on heightened alert. rumbles of thunder this afternoon into the evening hours. the thunderstorms coming through have potential to become veer. damaging winds, hail, and heavy rein. that is the worst case scenario. however, the set up, the weather elements are there for the
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potential of severe storms. we want to make you aware of that. fog this morning, heavy cloud covering. we can see the city skyline here. watching radar to see where the spotty showers are. good morning, you may need the umbrellas in south jersey and parts of southern delaware. i'll be back with more details later on this afternoon. >> thanks, to keep track of today's storms and how it may impact your sunday plans, be sure you stay with the first alert forecast online and on the nbc 10 app. >> after seven decades, the wait is over for this world war ii veteran. a high school in philadelphia is making this man's lifelong dream a reality. we'll explane.
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. is about 7:15 on this sunday morning. two people are in the hospital after a house explosion in north jersey. take look at the damage. this is in warren county. neighbors were rocked around 5:00 last night. one home is flattened. the neighboring homes were severely damaged. a big boom, and it was the house right behind me. it all settled down, and it was silence for like 30 seconds and then the whole neighborhood lit up with activity. >> the cause of the explosion is still under investigation, but
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police say they detected an odor of gas around the sight. >> these little ones are ready for kindergarten. more than 100 4 and 5-year-old kids were honored. universal pre-k is one of the mayor's priorities. >> all of these little children are accomplishing something, and you have to acknowledge that and understand that we have to support this city wide. >> if he is success getting his controversial soda tax passed he will help fund universal pre-k. school will be out, but you don't want your kids's brain to
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go on vacation. >> when the comes to a summer slide, it can mean two months of learning. >> introducing learning every day through games it with weapon. >> this dinosaur toy modifies it's interaction with your child as they learn. >> it are remember your child's name, grow with your child as they learn through riming and math games. >> and the smart scope can turn any smart phone or tablet into a micro scope. >> i suggest ages eight and up if they're by themselves within
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and a younger child can just explore as long as you put the samples in the box. >> you should always establish rules with your kids about when and where is appropriate to use electronic devices. >> banning phones at the dinner table is a popular one. >> it's not just about the kids, but it is about setting family rules. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> good morning, i'm karen thomas. let's look at your first alert weather this morning. temperature readings mainly in the upper 60s. wilmington just up a tick. it is 69 in philadelphia. we have cloud cover around especially in phil. gray skies prevail. shrouding the tops of the
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buildings pehere. the east coast is where we see all of the action. the precipitation will continue. spotty isolated showers with the gray sky. then it gets it together and moves west to east. waking up tomorrow morning. less humid air moves in behind that cold front, but we have to wait until the front clears our area overnight tonight and into tomorrow. right now we're seeing isolated showers just sort of push right off of the coast and that will continue as we move through our morning hours. it may not be raining where you are right now, but we just saw that on radar. getting isolated showers moving through. that will be the trend. we're staying mainly north and west of philadelphia, but everybody has a chance of thunderstorms today, but the potential for some of the storms
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to become severe. by that we mean potentially damaging winds. the future cast has those spotty showers in and around the area today. if you have outdoor plans, keep the umbrellas handy. here is the advice though. if you hear rumbles of thunder today, take it seriously. the front is setting up this evening. about 7:00 p.m., just pushing west through philadelphia into south jersey and delaware. by midnight, we anticipate the entire system and the rough stuff to be out of here, clearing through the overnight hours, making up tomorrow to less humid conditions and
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sunshine to start our next workweek. here is our time line for this morning, spotty showers, cloudy skies, we could see peeks of sun midday depending on where you are. isolated storms later in the day. after 3:00 we anticipate the potential for some severe storms. you want to keep your eye to the sky and nbc 10. >> thanks for that, karen. he was an icon. he was a symbol of fighting. a warrior. >> remembering muhammad ali in a one-on-one interview with michael j. fox.
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taking a look at who had the
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kids jumping for joy this morning. among the festivities were hotdogs and hambu burgers and a chance to challenge the officers in basketball. the pope had laid out league laths to remove a priest with proving sexual assault charges. six new catholic priests in our area ready to start new assignments. the diocese of trenton ordained the group yesterday. three of the six were born and raised in the philippines. a slap on the whis rist is
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some are calling a sentence for a convicted racist. brock turner was found guilty of sexually assaulting a woman who fell unconsideration after a frat party last year. turner will also serve three years probation. he could have gotten up to six years behind bars. >> in court on friday, the victim had a statement my independence, natural joy, gentleness, and steady lifestyle i had been enjoying disappeared. >> get ready, cyclists are coming. about 340 minu-- 30 minutes frow it will be under way.
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this morning we're tracking the potential for severe weather. let's take a live look now at the first alert radar. you see that line of storms set to move in from the west. we'll give you the hymning in just moments. >> now to a live look where the philadelphia classic will soon be kicking off. the fans are already starting to show up to watch the race. monique braxton will have more in moments. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us. i'm rosemary connors. today is a first alert weather
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day, and that means we're watching severe condition that's are moving in later on. karen has the neighborhood forecast. >> yes, talk about first alert forecast, that's where we are today. it is the weekend and we know a lot of folks want to be outside, the golf course, the beach, where ever you may be. there is potential for severe weather later on. right now all is calm. just a few peeks of sunshine and 67 psychiatries. cloudy just about everywhere else. delaware is 71 degrees at the jersey shore. looking dry down here on the board walk. . if you are thinking a jog or a stroll, not a bad picture down there, just gray skies and
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isolated storms. we have heavy cover here in philadelphia. watching radar we can see where the isolated showers are at this point. parts of wild wood. getting showertivity moving through as well as southern delaware getting spotty isolated showers. heavier rain just pushed off of the coast here in southern delaware. the good news is that the system is moving quickly. there is plenty of moisture behind it. it pulls up from the gull of mexico. we're anticipating a cold front coming through our front this morning. >> make sure you download the nbc 10 app on your smart phone. all you have to do is tap it, it
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is a free down load. >> and streets of manyuck will be packed. monique braxton is live there where they will take off and finish. >> some of the cyclists are coming up to the wall here, making a quick right turn behind me, and then going down this street. so what you're looking at now is that point. you see a lot of organizers here, a few cyclists have gathered who live in the neighborhood, but people are cycling through. it is very interesting because we have been told rain or shine, the race will go forward.
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let's look back down memory lane. this is year 31 for what is considered the best one-day cycling competition. the toughest part is the manyuck wall, so i did some digging to find out how steep it is. it is a 17% grade, or the equivalent of 420 stories it is the starting and finishing point, the wall. the men and women race 110 miles, viewing parties will soon get under way. it goes along kelly dive and here in manyuck. maybe have a does vn come out
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with their coolers, chairs, and umbrellas. so the men will be starting in less than 30 minutes and the women's race gets under way at 12:30. they may be racing in rain throughout the duration of their race. >> thank you, monique. >> flu overnight, a child and adult are in the hospital after a crash in the winfield neighborhood. emergency crews were called to the scene here. they took a 9-year-old girl to the children's hospital of philadelphia. an adult also went for treatment. >> philly police are investigating a body in the river. it is not clear yet how the bern
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died. on the schuylkill river, yesterday, a 14-year-old boy fell into the water and witnesses saw him struggling. two philadelphia police marine unit divers jumped in to save him. this morning he is doing okay. >> more than 70 teams competed in the redwrgatta raced yesterd. >> remembered muhammad ali, we just learned details of how his grieving fans can pay their last respects. the globaling boxing champ died friday of septic shock after a long bat billion parkinson's. a public memorial in louisville kentucky will be friday night.
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former president bill clinton, bryant gumbel, and billy crystal will deliver eulogys. >> he loved the jacksons. he loved, you know, to play around and have fun and laugh and whooefr. and so he is such a great person. he inspired me in many ways. >> at the national constitution center, he received the liberty medal for his leadership in the pursue of freedom. a pair of boxes gloves could be drawing more attention in the
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next few days. the american history museum got the gloves in 1976. read more about his life and legacy and get more information on his home in cherry hill he used to own. it is all on the nbc 10 app. >> coming up next, going all of the way and not giving up any time soon. we'll have more on why bernie sanders says the democratic convention here in philadelphia.
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now to our decision 2016 coverage, hillary clinton is edging closer to the democratic presidential nomination. clinton won the u.s. virgin islands yesterday over bernie sanders. according to nbc news she got seven more delegates to move within 57 of the party's nomination. puerto rico goes to the polls today. the final six hold con teches on tuesday. new jersey and california are the big prizes. bernie sanders says a upset win in california is within his reach. >> in my view if the voter turnout is high, we will win california and we stand a chance to win it with a wig margin.
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>> the democratic national convention is now just 50 days away. on nbc's "meet the press." mitch mcconnell and gary johnson will be sitting down with chuck todd to talk about the race for the white house. that is this morning at a special time right here on nbc 10. for complete decision 2016 coverage. stay with nbc 10 news and the app and we'll keep you updated on the race from now to november. a delaware man who put his country first received a special on nor this graduation season. we'll have details, next. >> and the phillies try to win two in the row for the first time since may. we have the highlights, next. >> if you're going to the ballpark later, you may want to take along your umbrella.
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we have isolated spotty showers around. i'll be back with your full forecast in just a bit.
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it is about quarter to 8:00 on this sunday. two people are in the hospital after a house explosion. take a look, investigators are now trying to see what caused the explosion. no word yet, but police did report an odor of gas in the year. and manyunk will be busy soon when the cycling classic kicks off. and a memorial is plans for wednesday evening for muhammad ali in louisville, kentucky. former president bill clinton will deliver one of the eulo eulogies. ali found a partner in his
7:46 am
biggest battle of parkinson's disease. >> like many, you don't have to look fard to see ali's picture. but his biggest fight just three years after retiring from the ring, he was diagnosised with parkinson's disease. >> i got on the phone with him and he said i'm glad you're in this fight with me. and i knew it was a formative moment of my life. >> fox is also battling parkinson's disease. >> it is just a possibility. he is an inspiration.
7:47 am
>> they became the most prominent faces of the disease. it even went to congress to fight for more research and funding. it was how he could command a room that stands out to fox. >> parkinson's disease may have been the fight of ali's life. one that will continue even though he is gone. >>. >> there is much more right now on our website. also, as we mention'd, he did own properties in the philadelphia area. we have more info on that, again on our website and the app. >> i'm karen thomas, we're going to check out your neighborhood
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weather this morning. maybe you're going to church, you want to pick up something at the store, a lot of people want to get out because it is the weekend. temperatures are not doing too badly. 71 in delaware. 68 at the jersey shore with just a peek of sunshine. that is good nice. close to 70 up here in west mount aries. we have temperatures in the upper 6s, so maybe a light jacket. so if you're taking a stroll on the beach, you may gate spritzer or two.
7:49 am
less humid air later on this afternoon. right now, just isolated showers in parts of south jersey. parts of southern atlantic county, and that will continue as we make our way through sunday, so as we got heavy cloud cover now, but we could see peeks of sunshine as it builds throughout the day. a high temperature of 82 today in philadelphia. but later on, as the cold front moves closer, an increased risk of these severe storms and an enhanced risk north and west of philadelphia. the risk is setting up north and west of philadelphia for the potential of thunderstorms to
7:50 am
become severe. by that we mean potential for damaging winds. so spotty showers will continue for us throughout the morning, and then we get a line of storms setting up in the afternoon as i mentioned moving west to east fairly quickly. by the evening hour, we're looking for the heavy stuff here to just push right through. philadelphia, parts of delaware, right into south jersey. i say the good news is that it is moving quickly and we don't anticipate widespread flooding.
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the pens led the final two games to one. see game four live here tomorrow night at 8:00. here is the rest of your sunday morning sports. >> hello, we continue to look back at the life of muhammad ali that died friday night. one of his greats fights of the rumble in the jungle. he was a reigning champion and came out strong in this one, but after taking the best that he had to offer, he knocked foremandown and the referee
7:54 am
stopped the fight. >> i called it it the mugging in the jungle. i went there two heavyweight belts and i came out with none. we would argue so much and argue that we would get thirsty. we would hope to meet again and get thirsty again. we always ended with a big embrace. >> the phillys are trying to win two in a row since may 17th and 18th. hernandez to the warning track with power and beyond. his first of the season. a two-run shot giving the phils a lead. until breaking off something, the brewers take the lead.
7:55 am
serena williams, second set, a beautiful lob shot here. serena watches is land right on the line and that was the match point. her first grand slam title 7-4, 6-4. and games consistent of two seven minute halves. teams get five points for a trien two points for a conversion. temple taking on clemtoson down 12-0 after the half. they don't advance to today's knockout round. st. joes on the other hand lost this match to arizona 14-5. two extra wins over army and
7:56 am
navy. they face south carolina, today. >> and the golden bears defeated alabama to go 3-0 in their group. you can see today's action at 2:00 on nbcsn and at 4:00 on nbcsn. thank you, i'm marshall harris. >> here is the live look at the stage at lincoln financial field. he have be performing her formation tour tonight. dress for the weather and keep the nbc 10 app on hand. his daughter and the twilight wesh foundation are the ones that surprised him. he left school to join the navy during the war, but now she a graduate with a diploma to prove
7:57 am
it. >> that's great. >> a lot of graduations last month, high schools coming up this month. today i think year area on that front. >> i know of one outdoors -- it will be a dicey afternoon. you know we have the clouds around, spotty and isolated. we'll see peeks of sun going through midday. but this is a persistent cold front that we anticipate a good chance of isolated thunderstorms. we have weather elements in place that could intensify to veer weather. so strong djing winds is a potential. take it seriously later on today. >> take thorough you check in with us only, the app, or at 6:00.
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this sunday, he was more than just a boxer or a celebrity or even the greatest. >> that's one hell of a lot of difference in fighting in the ring and going to war in vietnam. >> muhammad ali paved the way for a sports star to speak out in politics and we'll focus on that part of his legacy as we remember the man, t athlete, and the icon with bob costar, bryant gumbel, and jim brown. >> plus, statements like these from donald trump -- >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall. okay? >> are leading to statements like these from other republicans. >> the comment about the judge the other day just was out of left field in my mind. it's reasoning i don't relate to. >> are donald trump's supporters simply supporters in name


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