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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 5, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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right now at 11:00, storms come through with a vengeance tonight. a line of severe weather barrelled through the nbc 10 viewing area this evening leaving damage in its path. this is time lapse video from around 6:00 tonight when the storms moved in and oust st of center city. it cut power to thousands of people. some are still out of power as crews work to get them back on the grid. nbc 10 at the jersey shore where you can see how strong winds pushed the fallen rain down this street tonight. that's how the rain sounded in
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wilmington, delaware. it looked like it was coming inside ways. good evening. the strong line of storms is gone now after bringing winds up to 52 miles an hour at philadelphia international airport and 74 miles an hour in camden county. we are looking at the damage across the region. >> that's right. we have had reports come in from various parts of the viewing area, from the lehigh valley back towards lancaster county where there was a funnel cloud reported. you can see a big concentration of reports here right around the i-95 corridor near philadelphia. let's look at some of those reports. we did have a wind gust of 74 miles per hour, blackwood. that caused tree damage and farther south with the wind gusts of 50 miles per hour. in general, again, we had strong winds move through. creating tree damage. the good news is, we will dry out as we head through tonight and much of us are looking at
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dry weather as the moment with the exception of some very light lingering precipitation. that mostly extremely off to the east of the area. we have a lingering shower or two here across parts of atlantic county. that's going to push offshore as we head into the course of the next hour or so. all watches and warnings have expired. the severe weather threat is over. we will dry out tonight. current temperatures in the low 70s in philadelphia. about 64 in allentown. cooler to the north and west. with that we give way to a beautiful monday morning with plenty of sunshine and temperatures into the low eer 7. through the after yoonoon, temperatures into the 80s. fans got soaked at lincoln financial field as beyonce performed outside. drew, no big problems for the concert. the storm did cause trouble
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elsewhere? >> reporter: it did. i can tell you fans loved the show. it's still going on right now. people have been so loud out here. despite all of the weather. beyonce took the stage more or less on time tonight. the stadium took several precautions and it shows those were well worth it because of the damage we saw elsewhere. the rain came fast and hard in delaware county. people caught in the parking lot of this shopping plaza had no choice but to run. the rain water was gushing so fast toward the drains these girls had to jump over the growing puddle. caution tape kept drivers away from the live wears dangling in the street. a tree limb snapped right off and landed on a van on emily street in south philadelphia. there were similar scenes across south jersey. nj transit had to halt service
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on the river line. they helped homeowners after wind s sent debris all over the place. firefighters were busy in burlington county where a lightning strike hit this home. >> we had a big boom. she comes and says, what was that? i go into the back and looked out the back door. i thought a tree branch fell on the house. flames roaring out the back of the side of the house. >> reporter: workers boarded up the familidamage. >> we got out fast. >> reporter: beyonce fans were delayed in getting to their seats but they came prepared. >> i wore a bathing suit coverup. i'm going to let beyonce rain on me. >> reporter: as skies cleared, the show went on. the fans who are leaving early here tonight were telling us they have been having a great time out here at the show, even though the seats were a little wet. well worth it to see beyonce. >> thanks. tonight's storms knocked out power to thousands of people.
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some of them are still waiting for the lights to come back on. atlantic city electric still has 7,800 customers without power. delmarva has a few thousand outages. peco has 1,800 customers in the dark. we pound peco working to restore power. the crew's arrival was a welcome sight for people left in the dark after the weather rumbled through. some of the residents are more fortunate than others. >> i'm fortunate that i have a generator. it's working well. it was a good investment. >> the majority of peco's outages are in the pottstown area tonight. people in and out of philadelphia international area are dealing with scattered delays. things are moving more smoothly than this evening. delays were up to 2 1/2 hours long earlier tonight. the rain was coming down in
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sheets in camden county. this video is from where they got a healthy soaking. the rain turned this street into a ghost town. the plants and flowers did not mind. stay on top of every storm that rolls through our region this summer with the forecast caters for where you live. get it with the nbc 10 app. it's drying out in south philadelphia right now. we look live at citizens bank park tonight. the phillies got their game in today, beating the brewers 8-1. the big buzz at the ballpark is all about slugger ryan howard. the phillies are looking for the fan who threw a beer bottle at the first base man during saturday's game. we tell us what fans have to say about that incident. >> reporter: ryan howard told our partners at comcast sports net that this is a security issue and this infuriates him. he wants action taken against the person who did this.
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ryan howard continued to struggle during yesterday's game against milwaukee in front of a home crowd at citizens bank park. after a ground out someone threw a beer bottle from the stands that landed at howard's feet as he walked back to the dugout. >> i love ryan howard. i think it's rude for anybody to throw anything at anybody. especially when they're at work. >> reporter: the phillies manager addressed the incident. >> that's dangerous for whoever threw that. we can't have that happen. of course, i'm concerned for my player's safety. >> reporter: howard told comcast sports net that it crossed the line and became personal. he has done too much for this town to have that kind of stuff happen. >> look like morons. absolutely. >> there isn't a bad wrap. that's how we are. no one should throw a bottle at anybody. i like that we're harsh. it's who we are. >> reporter: television cameras did not capture the bottle being
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thrown. security cameras did. they atrying to track down the fan. we may hear more from him tomorrow during the phillies media availability. new at 11:00, a driver is under arrest after philadelphia police say he tried carjacking a truck after a crash. nbc 10 was along the roosevelt boulevard at 8:00 tonight. investigators say a drive are ran off after being involved in a crash. officers stopped him as he tried to carjack a truck a few blocks away. no one was seriously hurt. septa service is back to normal after a suspicious package caused a shut down on the regional rail. police were forced to shut down the norristown tran sit center around 1:30. an unintended package was to blame. crews cleared the scene and service was restored after about
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two hours. a would-be home intruder is treated tonight after the ho homeowner came at him with a knife. the suspect tried to break into a home early this morning. but the homeowner stabbed him several times. the suspect is in critical condition tonight. so far, no charges have been filed. up next, hillary clinton gets closer to clinching the democratic nomination with a tropical win tonight. new jersey voters still have a job to do tuesday. we will explain in decision 2016. later, if there's ever a blank space at a wetd idding, l it to taylor swift to fill it. after a stormy evening, monday is looking much, much better. it looks like the chance for showers returns as we head into tuesday. i will have your neighborhood weather coming up after the break.
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in decision 2016 tonight, hillary clinton is moving closer to clinching the democratic presidential nomination. nbc projects she won puerto rico's primary tonight earning 62% of the vote that's reported right now. a total of 60 pledge delegates were at stake today. winning all of them would have given her the nomination. but she's not expected to do that. it's possible that new jersey voters could give clinton enough delegates to become the presumptive democratic nominee.
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the garden state is one of six states voting tuesday. included on that list is california. that's where both democratic candidates campaigned today. bernie sanders greeted diners in west hollywood. clinton campaigned in northern california where she held a round table on healthcare. >> we have too many people who are retreating or who are protesting. you know? people roll up their sleeves and get to work. >> clinton heads back to southern california tomorrow for three campaign events near los angeles. donald trump is under fire for some comments some say are racist. trump attacked the judge presiding over civil lawsuits against trump university saying the judge's mexican heritage means he cannot ensure a fair trial. >> this judge is of mexican heritage. i'm building a wall.
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>> trump calls that a conflict of interest, not a race thing. former house speaker newt gingrich calls trump's comments one of the worst mistakes he has made and says they're not presidential. people are flocking to muhammad ali's boyhood home louisville, kentucky, tonight to honor the boxing great. ali's body arrived louisville this afternoon. he died last friday after a long battle with parkinson's disease. a private funeral will be held in kentucky thursday. then a public funeral friday. former president bill clinton is among those expected to speak. atlanta is the site of one of many tributes to ali tonight. someone hung boxing gloves at the olympic cauldron. in one of its most memorable moments he lit the cauldron at the 1996 summer games. even the insects appear to
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be paying tribute to the legendary boxer. these bees are swarming a tree next to a mural honoring ali louisville. that bares ali's famous boast that he would float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. bee keepers are stunned by the coincidence. some of the top cyclists tooks to the streets of philadelphia for an annual tradition. for the 30th year, hundreds of riders took part in the philadelphia international cycling classic. this is a scene where the competitors began their trek through the 12.3 mile circuit loop. it's considered one of the most prestigious road races in the country. >> racing down in philadelphia with all the people, the crowds coming out and cheering for us, it just makes it really special racing in this area of town and with the river. it's really nice. >> congratulations.
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look at them go. prior to today's race, neighborhood kids got together for a race of their own. this cell phone video sent in to nbc 10 shows the kids taking off at the starting line at the top of the wall. dry weather for their mini-race today. take a look at this heavy downpour in montgomery county. the skies opened up in pottstown around 5:00 this afternoon. it rained hard for about 30 minutes and then just faded to a drizzle. now to the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast. has the rain cleared for our workweek? >> it has. it looks good as we head back to work monday. it's going to be beautiful. nice amount of sunshine. temperatures will be on the warm side but we will get the humidity to drop a little bit. it's going to feel nice out there. as we head into tuesday, a chance for showers does return. it looks like the dry spell could be short lived. we will get to that in a second. current conditions across the
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area, skies have cleared toward the lehigh valley down into the pa suburbs where testimony 2mpe are in the mid 60s. cloudy in philadelphia and towards the shore points where the rain has hung on a little bit longer. we're at 69 right now in upper township. same for those of you toward the cape may area, 70 in woodbine. we are at 69 in mays landing. live shot of the center city skyline. you can see cloud cover. for a time this evening, that rain was so heavy you could not see anything on our live cam. let's look at some of the totals across the area for the most part, about an inch, if not a little bit more here around philadelphia, just over an inch across delaware county, an inch and a half right around wilmington, across southern new jersey as well, we did pick up an inch as well. again, some heavy downpours. the good news is the rainfall was brief. that helped to limit flooding
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across the area. here is a look at our current radar. a lot of the rain has moved out of the area. we have one shower lingering across delaware. we could see a shower sneak into the poconos here with this small batch. we're looking agent dry conditi conditions tonight. things are looking good to the west. that's moving in as we head into tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. bright and sunny. dry through the afternoon. as we head into tuesday morning, things start to cloud up a little bit. again, later in the day is when we're looking at the chance for perhaps in showers, maybe a pop of thunderstorms or two. we will keep an eye on that as we head into tuesday night. not the case as we head into tomorrow. bright and sunny skies for those of you in millville, 83 the high for tomorrow. atlantic city, 81 degrees. nice and sunny there. heading north toward trenton, bright and sunny, 84. less humidity with a little bit of a breeze. it will feel nice out there.
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that includes morristown, 83 for tomorrow. nice in philadelphia with our high at 85 and heading southbound toward wilmington, conditions looking good with a high of 85. same for those of you in harrington, just about 83 degrees for our projected high there. our ten-day outlook, beautiful monday. tuesday, partly sunny skies. the chance for a shower or thunderstorm through the afternoon. it looks like we improve wednesday. candidate rule out a spotty shower. it's largely dry as we head into wednesday, thursday and perhaps actually into friday. you can see temperatures moderate and into the upper 70s before the chance for showers return saturday. >> thanks. the weather was enough to keep cars off the track in the poconos. rain and fog postponed today's sprint cup race. look at that mess. nascar has re-scheduled the run for tomorrow. the group flag goes up at pocono ra raceway at noon. there could be a couple people
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playing hooky in the area tomorrow. >> ryan howard would like to get his hooks into a certain phillies fan. we have reaction from inside the clubhouse after howard had a beer bottle thrown at him saturday. the phillies offense on fire today. see how they bashed the brewers thanks to the long ball. highlights ahead in sports. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices.
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[ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love. ♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. a tough week for ryan howard. he was benched earlier in the week. yesterday had a beer bottle thrown at him by a fan. howard made the final out in
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saturday's game. a fan threw the bottle at him and it landed at his feet. there's no video of the throw from the broadcast of the game. the phillies are investigating the incident and today ryan howard vented his anger over what took place. telling reporters before today's game, quote, i've done too much in this town to have that kind of stuff happen. you want to yell out you suck, that's whatever. you start throwing stuff, that's when it gets personal. to me that's crossing the line and it becomes a security type issue. that stuff infuriates me. end quote. here is the manager on the incident today. >> that's dangerous for whoever threw that. we can't have that happen. of course, i'm concerned for my player's safety. it just can't happen. there's always a bad apple in the bunch. that's all it takes. it just takes one person who does something like that. but i don't want to -- i wouldn't define the philly fans as that type. >> howard not in the lineup
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today. phillies looking to split the se series with milwaukee. they tied a season high with 13 base hits. nobody out. he strikes out the side. strikeouts over six shutout franco gets ahold of this one. he gets the celebration on at in the fourth, hernandez has a he lines to right past santana. this goes to the wall. hernandez ended up at third. the phillies busted it open in long ball to right for a three-run stroke. or is it? replay shows a fan reaching over the railing and interfering. joseph is awarded a ground rule double.
11:27 pm
that one counts for a 7-0 phillies lead. they go back to back, a solo blast. the phillies win 8-1 with the bats doing the damage in the series finale. >> strung together a few hits. hit them out of the ballpark. we know we can do that. and we showed it. now just gotta be consistent with it. it really is. when guys are -- guys keep hit, you get two-out hits, keep the line moving, you can do a lot of damage. i think we did that today. >> show a lot of energy today.ñi everybody do -- go for the team. that's what i'm going to continue to do every single day. >> hitting incredible today. a couple home runs. it was a good pitching with the lead today. >> the eagles begin mandatory mini-camp tuesday. all players must be there.
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his situation murkier. his current deal will pay him around $8 million. nba finals, a sweep for the warriors. making it look easy. they lead 2-0 in the series against the cavaliers. before the game, a moment of silence to remember muhammad ali who passed away friday. the warriors went to work over the cavaliers. green had 28 points. it was that kind of night. curry laying on the bench can't believe it. here. warriors all over the cavaliers, 110-77. they are up 2-0 in the series. game three is wednesday in cleveland. that's a wrap for sports for now. i'm ron burke. we'll be right back.
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a new jersey couple gets the wedding gift of a lifetime courtesy of a music super star. taylor swift made a surprise appearance at the reception.
11:32 pm
this picture of swift at the lucky couple was posted on instagram. swift performed her hit song "blank space." the groom's sister wrote to swift about how her brother and their ailing mom danced to swift's song after they got married in her hospital room. pets were the focus of a fund-raiser in bucks county today. it was sunday fun day in ben sal salem. red paw helps animals rescued after fires and other emergencies. the highlight of today's event was without a doubt the puppy kissing booth. firefighters are trying to stop a wildfire in the suburbs of los angeles. we will check in on their progress on the front line. first, the catholic church versus law makers in harrisburg. what the philadelphia arch diocese is urging members to do tonight relating to the church's child sex scandal.
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we can call it the calm of the storm. this is time lapse video as the storm rolled through center city. it moved out quickly but not before causing damage and knocking out power in some spots. the rain came down in buckets in south philadelphia. this was earlier outside lincoln financial field as fans waited for the beyonce concert to start. the show must go on. this is a live look where beyonce turned lemons into lemonade bringing her formation tour to sold out crowds. she's on the stage right now. there's the fireworks. thanks for staying up with us. those storms rolled in and out quickly tonight. >> that's right, the storms have pushed off to the east leaving behind it, of course, quite a bit of damage. here is a look at all the damage at least across our area. we have some flooding reports here across parts of berks county, into parts of montgomery
11:37 pm
county as well. you can see widespread here across the i-95 corridor into new jersey. in particular, gloucester county had reports. up towards morristown, a large tree down at central and north washington. that problematic for anybody on the roads heading southbound toward delaware city. we had downed trees thanks to the strong winds. we had gusts up to 72 myliles p hour. actually, a brief funnel cloud reported here as well. again, conditions are much improved across the area. we have lingering showers here across southeastern sussex county in delaware. for the most part, things have quieted down. any lingering rainfall is light in nature. temperatures 70 in philadelphia. about 69 for those of you toward wilmington. 70 in dover. 64 in coatesville. 64 toward allentown. monday, high pressure builds in. we are looking at a beautiful start to the workweek.
11:38 pm
temperatures around the 70 degree mark with plenty sunshine through the afternoon. it looks like we will reach lower 80s with lower humidity. we will look at when our next rain chance is going to be. it looks like it will head our way as we head into tuesday. rain causing problems for transportation. new jersey transit river line service was shut down briefly. you can see the flooded streets along the camden waterfront. officials say service between the transportation center and the waterfront entertainment complex had to be put on hold for about an hour until the water levels went back down. everything is now back to normal. while we dry out here, florida is on a collision course with tropical storm collin. people along the state's gulf coast spent the day filling up sandbags and preparing for the storm's arrival. collin is expected to bring heavy rain when it hits mo s mo. a look at new video in texas
11:39 pm
tonight. the rain is finally expected to diminish here this week. storms have dumped more than a foot of rain in parts of the state over the past two weeks. the resulting floods are blamed for 16 deaths. those 16 deaths include nine soldiers lost in floor waters during a training exercise at fort hood. we have learned one of those soldiers is from new jersey. tonight, we are hearing from her mother. she was from jersey city. she was only 21 years old. james and the eight others died last thursday when their vehicle overturned and was washed away. the soldiers were trying to cross a rain swollen creek. james' mother says she loved her military brothers and sisters. >> she loved the army. she loved it. she started this in high school. she decided this is what she wanted to do. >> three other soldiers were hurt in last week's accident but they survived.
11:40 pm
to south earn california. firefighters are making progress in containing a wildfire in a suburb of los angeles. it has burned more than 500 acres. nearly 5,000 people have been forced to evacuate as hundreds of firefighters are working to contain the fire on land and by air. >> our crews have to have an extreme heightened level of awareness. they need to make sure they know where the fire is and where it's potentially heading. >> officials say downed electrical lines caused by a car crash into a pole may have touched off the fire. a 5-year-old girl is dead from injuries she suffered after fire ripped through her northeast philadelphia home last thursday. this is a picture of sophia olson. it was taken at a graduation from pre-k. shared with nbc 10. that fire broke out late thursday afternoon at a home in northeast philadelphia.
11:41 pm
the girl's mother and an off-duty police officer ended up injured trying to save her from the fire. her mother is still in the hospital. a gofund me page has been set up to help out the family. new at 11:00, it's the church versus harrisburg. tonight, the controversy is building over a bill designed to help victims of child sex abuse in pennsylvania. the philadelphia arch diocese says the bill puts the church at risk. it's explaining how in a new letter to parishioners. the bill has been the subject of protests in our area. it would allow an additional 20 years for sex abuse victims to file lawsuits. the church said it's unfair public institutions are not held to the same standard as private ones. they are distributing a letter urging parishioners to call lawmakers to encourage them to vote against the bill. that letter reads in part, the
11:42 pm
church in pennsylvania accepts its responsibility for the survivors of clergy sex abuse. it's committed to helping them heal for however long that takes. but house bill 1948 and bills like it are not an answer. this kind of legislation is unjust and deeply misleading and it ends up punishing catholic parishes and families who are innocent of any wrongdoing, end quote. the house passed the bill. the senate will consider it next. on saturday, pope francis approved new legal procedures to get rid of bishops who mishandle child sex abuse cases. under the new guidelines, the pope says bishops found to have betrayed their mission of protecting children will be removed from office. pope francis proclaimed two new saints during a canonization mass in saint peter's square. franciscan cannon iced the
11:43 pm
founder of the polish founzer and a lutheran convert who hid jus during world war ii. he supported hospitals and shelters for the poor. elizabeth became sweden's second saint in 625 years. she saved the lives of 12 jews by hiding them in a convent in rome. janet yellen will be in philadelphia tomorrow. yellen is expected to speak at the world affairs council of philadelphia lunch on. yellen's speech at the belleview will likely center around last month's disappointing jobs report. if one senator has his way, your phone company will have to offer a free service to block robo calls. he is introducing legislation that would require mobile and land line providers to offer the service.
11:44 pm
some phone companies do. that technology is able to identify and block pre-recorded me messages. it just keeps getting taller and taller. the new comcast tower is starting to scrape the sky in center city. nbc 10 is taking you inside the construction. see what it takes to build the city's newest and tallest building next. okay, ready?
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whoa! [ explosion ] nothing should get in the way of the things you love.
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♪ get america's fastest internet. only from xfinity. today bucks county provided the backdrop for a benefit born from tragedy. dozens gathered for the fourth annual walk to remember amy perez and her two children gregory and molly. amy was born and raised in havertown. her husband killed her and her two children and took his own state in 2011. the weather held out for today's walk to remember in tyler state park. the money raised benefits amy's
11:47 pm
kisses foundation. amy's sister created the foundation to help send deserving students to college. taking a live look over center city where you can see somewhere in the distance there in the fog a brand-new building getting higher and higher across the philadelphia skyline. the building has a very special connection to us here at nbc 10. when it's finished, the comcast innovation and technology center will be our new home and it will be city's tallest building. for the past few weeks nbc 10's keith jones has gotten a look at all the work going into this massive project. tonight, he starts with the concrete. >> reporter: here is the challenge. getting heavy concrete on the ground here and bringing it higher and higher and higher until it reaches all the way up here where it can be poured. they can't use tv magic.
11:48 pm
25,000 cubic yards, that's an entire floor. all in one day. that's how fast it sets. we talked to the two guys in charge, fran and mark, father and son. >> it's great. he's a good kid. he works hard. >> he treats me hard. he doesn't beat me up too bad. >> reporter: fran has more than 55 years of experience. today, they operate in king of prussia. the pair took us down the elevator along the ground floor and showed us this magic machine. they call it a hopper. >> we're going to wind up pumping concrete over 1100 feet in the air. >> reporter: the mix occur cotu off the truck. >> 900 horsepower. burn about 110 gallons of fuel a day. the pipeline goes in and up the
11:49 pm
core. >> reporter: where it comes out here on to a metal decking. and sets in record time. this is what it looks like when they're done. as you can see, i'm still leaving footprints in the cement. no matter, because in just a couple minutes they will use these machines to smooth it all out. >> it makes us proud. proud to be a part of it. keep all our good guys working on the job. all happy to be here. >> reporter: all told, these guys are responsible for thousands of cubic yards of concrete. from foundation, 400 trucks loads worth, to the very top, hundreds of workers just for this job alone. many of them local, just like these two. >> it's nice. it's nice to spend time with him and see him every day. he actually does most of the heavy lifting now. i play golf. >> this is one of hundreds of
11:50 pm
jobs on newcombe ca comcast inn and technology center. 500 workers are on the skyscraper at any given time rain or shine. tomorrow it's gut check time. keith jones faces his fear of heights and climbs 1100 feet over philadelphia. don't miss our next sneak peek at the center and catch never before seen views of the city that is tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 5:00 p.m. it was stormy out there this evening. the thunderstorms have come to an end. we're looking at a beautiful monday afternoon with plenty of sunshine and less humidity. it's been a little on the muggy side the last couple of days. certainly, it looks like as we head into monday, it will be a little bit more comfortable. we are also tracking the next chance for a shower. it looks like that's as we head into tuesday. potentially into wednesday, but the good news is at least at the moment, it's not looking like it's going to be a washout.
11:51 pm
current kem t current temperatures right now we are at 66 in kutztown, about 65 in allentown. a little bit warmer here as we head toward the city. 69 in society hill. we are at 67 in west mount airy and parkside at 66. drying out as we head into tonight after a stormy evening with damaging winds and some very heavy rain. a lot of that heavier rain was along the i-95 corridor, especially south of the philadelphia area. across parts of northern delaware into through southern new jersey, around salem county. about an inch and a half there, around the wilmington area. once you get up toward the philadelphia area, looking at just about an inch of rain. again, that was in a short amount of time. i'm sure a lot of you ran into ponding on roadways. no major or widespread flooding. you can see a lot of the
11:52 pm
thunderstorms offshore. we have one lingering shower there across southern delaware in through sussex county. we are keeping an eye on this batch of showers. that's weakening. if anything, that would maybe clip parts of carbon and monroe county. for the most part, dry conditions as we head into tonight. you can see a lot of that dry air extending all the way back into parts of west virginia, back into ohio as well. heading into tonight, we keep things dry. monday, a nice amount of sunshine. tuesday, we also keeping sunny. later in the day, a front approaches. maybe a thunderstorm through the course of the evening hours. that's something that we will need to keep an eye on over the course of the next 24 hours. taking a quick look at the trop tropics. the model is in agreement this will lift to the north and east. that's going to be affecting parts of florida. there are tropical storm warnings out for parts of florida. that's another thing we will keep a close eye on the next several days. your planner for easton,
11:53 pm
sunshine tomorrow, 80 degrees. as we head into the afternoon, sunny skies in the forecast. keep the lower humidity as well. beautiful tomorrow. the chance for showers returns for tuesday. could see lingering into wednesday. i'm thinking we will be dry wednesday, thursday and into friday with more moderate temperatures before the chance for showers returns once again as we head into your saturday. i'm ron burke. coming up, the phillies rebound in a big way. tommy green looks ahead to what figures to be a tough seriesed with the cubs. kutztown trying to carry its way to a crown. rugby sevens championship to see if these gold e en bears could it done.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families.
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no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. i'm ron burke. the phillies offense provided a much needed punch today. they got a win over the brewers. a crucial victory with the cubs coming to town next. with more here is marshal
11:56 pm
harris. >> the phillies not only get the win to salvage a series split 8-1 but also the offense showed up in a big way. a seven run deficit for brewers. what did you see from this offense that you liked that maybe you hadn't seen in a long time for these phillies? >> i tell you what, seeing the stuff that they had today. you heard me question while we were watching, how is this -- he has good stuff. we took advantage of balls up in the zone that when he did make a mistake, we hammered it. that's what happened. we had quality at-bats from a number of different guys, especially in the middle of the lineup that come up huge. they made him pay with the long ball. >> phillies tieing a season high with 13 hits. mccannon seemed very excited. do you feel like he has found a middle of the lineup that hes like and that work going
11:57 pm
forward? >> i think he has. by judging what he said, he's not specifically saying that's what he is going to do is mark these guys down. you still have ryan howard over there. that was my feeling. these guys keep going, this is like in his mind i think one game where they show this. now let's see what -- how it goes here for the next few and we'll see how it goes. >> it's interesting you say let's see what goes. it's the most daunting of tasks. three games at home with the cubs who have the best record in baseball. mainly because they have one of the best pitching staffs in baseball. how hard will it be to -- how much of a test will it be facing chicago? >> it will be a great test because you want to play against pitchers like that, consistent and stuff. they are human. they can lose and they can give up runs as stuff just like anybody. you can't -- as a hitter you
11:58 pm
can't give the pitcher too much credit. that's when you start getting yourself in trouble. over thinking things. do what you do. go see ball, hit ball, throw ball. keep the ball down in the zone as a pitcher. >> it took them 56 games but they finally score more than three in an inning. they got five. they are looking for more of that against the cubs. >> thank you. last week philadelphia hosted the ncaa lacrosse championship. this week it's the rugby seven. kutztown trying to return to the final for a third consecutive year facing ucla. under two minutes to play. here is sharp knifing his way, coming up short. berry will finish the job. the bruins go up for good. they move on to the finals on the strength of a 14-12 win over kutztown. it was ucla against cal in the title game. it was all golden bears. up 14, berry shrugs off a
11:59 pm
defender. cal wins its fourth consecutive rugby championship over ucla, 31-7. history made earlier today at the french open seen right here on nbc. the men's final, djokovic trying to knock off andy murray. how about sending one on the court? match point in the fourth after a long rally. murray puts his return into the net and the joker celebrates as he completes the the career grand slam. the eighth man ever to accomplish that feat. we have ourselves a series in the stanley cup final. the 24-year-old giving the sharks their first win. the penguins lead two games to one. game four tomorrow right here on nbc 10. the pick wiuck will drop shortlr 8:00. we'll be right back. okay, ready?
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here is a last look at your planner for monday morning. sunshine with temperatures looking good into the lower 70s. at we head into the afternoon, the sunshine continues and it looks like a lot of us will be into the lower 80s. a nice day, warm, less humidity and a nice amount of sunshine. you will be able to enjoy it. then as we look at your ten-day outlook, we have a chance for showers tuesday. >> thanks. that's nbc 10 news for now.
12:03 am
have a great monday.
12:04 am
you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania.
12:05 am
senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. is. >> i remember i got a lot of heat. what tiger was thinking was -- and he put it in quotes. i'm chasing the ghost of byron nelson, and ray freakin' romano is holding me up on every shot. ray romano, star of one of the world's best-loved sitcoms. >> this was our sitcom tv legacy. >> the "everybody loves raymond" actor. >> this probably has no validity, but in my head it does. >> and the reality of saying goodbye to his hit show. >> after a couple months, it wasn't that much fun. >> it wasn't. >> no. and i kind of crhe


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