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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 7, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer. if there was, we would have made this commercial about that. longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon. and our famous outlaw ribeye. tonight. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. for lunch, try our steakhouse burger or any steakhouse lunch combo starting at $7. nbc 10 news starts now. >> first time in our nation's history that a woman will be a major party nominee.
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>> declaring victory while making history. just minutes ago, hillary clinton made her victory speech as the presumptive democratic nominee. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm keith jones. nbc news declared clinton the presumptive nominee last night but the clinton campaign waited until she won new jersey's primary before making a victory lap. >> clinton used the speech to attack donald trump who she said was unfit to be president. but she also focused on the historic nature of the win and thank eed her supporters for helping her earn the victory. >> tonight's victory is not about one person. it belongs to generations of women and men who struggled and sacrificed and made this moment possible. >> clinton also used tonight's speech to mend fences with bernie sanders supporters who she will need to win the general election in november. >> and clinton's win is front-page news all around the
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country. here's the headline of tomorrow's "new york post." "the first lady hill makes history as female nominee." tonight clinton supporters are celebrating her historic night. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk live at a watch party in center city. i can only imagine the reaction where you are and the atmosphere that was there. >> reporter: yeah, a lot of excitement here tonight, guys, but also a lot of emotion. i saw tears inside here tonight when hillary clinton took the stage. this was a historic night but also a very personal one for supporters who feel that they are finally getting their moment. gathered in a bar on 12th street in philadelphia, they're getting the news they've been waiting for. how are you feeling today? >> i'm numb. i waited a long time for this. >> reporter: anna maria smith wore a hillary clinton t-shirt from 2008. and today, she was thinking about what happened on this very day that year. >> i was there when she conceded
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eight years ago today. in washington. >> although we weren't able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time. >> reporter: the clinton campaign shared the video on twitter today. a reminder of how far she's come. >> i feel it's always nice to be around when history is made. >> reporter: tonight marks a new phase of the campaign for volunteers thinking beyond the nomination. >> now we can move forward and two against trump. that's getting me energized. >> reporter: but tonight longtime supporters also get to look back at the journey. anna maria smith tells me she came to be with others tonight, it seemed like the thing to do with something to celebrate. >> right now i feel content. i finally feel a woman has gotten recognition and maybe the men in the united states will grow up and realize women can do it, too. >> reporter: and you know, there is some empathy here tonight for how bernie sanders and his supporters may be feeling
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tonight. one woman told me she remembers how difficult it was after hillary clinton conceded in 2008 to go out and work for barack obama, but she did it and she believes that bernie sanders supporters will do the same. live in center city, lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thank you. speaking of bernie sanders, he's scheduled to speak in about two hours. he's in california waiting for results of that primary. polls closed there just minutes ago. sanders did win in north dakota tonight but he's facing an uncertain future. the senator says he'll assess his campaign at home in vermont. "the new york times" reports that he'll lay off half his campaign staff tomorrow. on the other side of this, a victory lap for donald trump tonight. >> the presumptive republican nominee picked up wins in new jersey, new mexico, montana and south dakota. in an uncharacteristically scripted speech, trump said a new chapter of the campaign has begun. he talked about winning trade deals and ripped clinton for her
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record. trump also thanked everyone for allowing him to lead the republican party. >> i understand the responsible of carrying the mantle and i will never, ever let you down. too much work, too many people. blood, sweat and tears. never going to let you down. >> trump did not discuss the republican civil war that has erupted following his criticism of a federal judge overseeing the trump university lawsuit. another race we're following tonight, the democratic ticket for new jersey's first congressional district. a victory for congressman donald norcross tonight. he fought off political newcomer alex law. you can see that norcross won here 70% to alex law's 30%. norcross will face republican bob patterson in the general election this fall. he ran unopposed. we have many more results scrolling across the bottom of your screen right now. you also have the results at your fingertips with the nbc 10 app. breaking news into nbc 10.
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an escaped prisoner is on the loose in west kensington. police say a 24-year-old male inmate escaped while being transported to episcopal hospital. he was being held at a halfway house. he's wearing a gps device. he was last tracked in the area near hope and huntington streets. talk about the weather now. a live look at the skies over center city, philadelphia. the storms, they moved out, but more showers are on the way. >> not over yet. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking them all. glenn, will the rain have an impact on the morning commute? >> no, not around here. it's not going to be an impact on the afternoon commute, but it's in between we're going to get rain again. can see today's rain has moved out. while the next area of rain, that is already approaching. it's going to pass cleveland right now toward pittsburgh. that is what we're going to be tracking for tomorrow morning. 6:00 a.m., morning rush, the
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rain isn't anywhere near us, but by 9:00, 10:00, it's starting to get near poconos and allentown, lancaster county, and by noon, it's just about past us. it's going to race through. we're going to have strong gusty winds with that. maybe even a little bit of hail in parts of the area. so we start off with sunshine. we end the day with sunshine. and a lot of wind. in between, that's when we see the thunderstorms. late morning and into the midday hours. so you got to be prepared for that. all through the area. morning, early morning's great, late day is great. we'll see how the weekend's shaping up in a few minutes. >> all right, glenn. new at 11:00 now, a sugary drink tax could become law in philadelphia. a city council source tells nbc 10 the council does have the votes to pass the bill. mayor jim kenney had proposed the measure saying it would provide money for schools. city council is said to take up
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the measure tomorrow. it just hit hard and quick. >> reporter: high school senior jenny cohen captured video of her class trip to dorney park. she and 36 others had no idea they were about to take a ride of a different kind. >> turned around, i saw the 18 wheeler then i just didn't even know. my phone, i guess, was still up and it just hit us and i went flying. >> reporter: cohen said the bus was having mechanical problems and started to smoke. she tried to get video of it and within seconds the tractor trailer struck them. >> the truck was going really fast. i mean, it's a highway and they couldn't tell we were stopped. >> reporter: skyforce 10 over the crash in easton this morning. the impact threw cohen from her seat into her friend who suffered a black eye. >> it happened so fast. when it hit us, like, i didn't think -- i realized i was fine and, like, everyone around me was just, like, screaming so it was all my friends, like, my friend who i hit was crying so i just grabbed her.
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we couldn't move because there was glass everywhere. >> reporter: the wayne valley high school class trip didn't end up too bad lay for most of the students who continued on to dorney park. five students suffered minor injuries and their class trip was cut short. >> it was nerve-racking. we're all fine, though. >> reporter: denise nakano, nbc 10 news. authorities need your help to find a driver who allegedly shot at another motorist on i-95 in philly. pennsylvania state police released this sketch of the alleged gunman. police say the incident happened in northbound lanes on 95 near the gerard point bridge around 6:30 this morning. a 38 -year-old man says the driver of a black chevy malibu flashed a gun and fired one shot. the bullet hit the car but missed the driver. new information tonight. we've learned a 5-year-old delaware county boy is out of the hospital after he was shot inside his own home. we first brought you the story as breaking news last night at 11:00. this is cell phone video here of mark from earlier today. he was with his family last
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night in the common area of their public housing development when the shooting happened. mark's mom yanked him down to the floor. his dad covered him. then they discovered he'd been hit by a bullet. >> i'm shocked. i see blood and i couldn't find, you know -- little mark said no, i'm shot. >> doctors told him she yanked hum down at the right time, angled, so the bullet missed his vital organs. police continue to search for two men who ambushed, kidnapped and shot a pizza delivery driver in the head. gafar surah was delivering a pizza to the suspects in philadelphia last night when the men kidnapped him in his own car and demanded cash. >> he give them everything he have including his wallet. everything. everything. and they say that the money you have is too small for we to let you leave. we have to kill you. >> the suspects shot the pizza delivery man and took off. he is now in stable condition at the hospital. the victim's family says he
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moved here from ghana and worked as a delivery driver to provide for his family. switching gears now. it is now the most religious time of year for muslims. nbc 10 and the muslim america society, observers marked ramadan with a dinner and services. includes fasting, prayers and nightly dinners with family and friends. ramadan runs through july 15th. you're a lawyer? >> hell no. i hate lawyers. i just work for them. >> julia roberts won an oscar playing her character. why the real-life erin brockovich is now investigating the water in our area. plus, nationwide outrage after a college swimmer gets a lenient sentence for sexual assault. the growing momentum to kick the judge off the bench. and a kitten thrown away in the trash. how she's doing now and how you can help. i'm tracking more showers on the way and a big cool down. details ahead in my exclusive
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nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast.
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why are there medical records and blood samples in -- >> that's julia roberts playing erin brockovich. tonight the real erin brockovich is investigating the water in our area. >> yeah, she's focusing on contamination concerns in horsham township where people have been using bottled water because they're not sure about their drinking water. nbc 10's brandon hudson reports. >> reporter: you've seen her story about challenging water pollution in california play out on the big screen. now, erin brockovich and a group of attorneys want to help solve the contaminated water problem in horsham township and surrounding communities. >> it's scary not knowing what we're giving to our kids. >> reporter: gallons of bottled water are delivered to bonnie berry's home in warminster because of her son's illness. >> my youngest, we found out he has something we think is related to the water situation.
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>> reporter: she spoke with one of the attorneys today who plan to help with the water investigation. we also spoke to one who will help with the case. robin greenwald who works with brockovich told us numerous people reached out because of their concerns. >> we can help them understand legal rights. >> reporter: which robin says includes looking into compensation for damages. people are worried the water contains dangerous level of pfos and pfoas from firefighting foam used as two defunct military bases. robin says they want to meet with people in the township. >> an open community meeting where people can ask questions, tell them what we know, what we'd like to know more about. >> reporter: parents we smoke to hope this leads to a resolution soon. >> it's nice to have somebody from the outside who's actually looking at our small township in a big state. >> i'm hoping she can finally help us, all of us you know, get some answers and get help. >> reporter: the team of attorneys also want to set up skype meetings with people who work at the military bases but have since moved. in horsham township, i'm brandon
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hudson, nbc 10 news. moving to philadelphia now, local students banned together tonight calling for change from school district officials. ♪ the group held a rally in front of the school district of philadelphia education center tonight asking for more community input into decisions represented to the schools. tonight, growing calls to remove a judge who sparked outrage over a sexual assault sentence. more than 480,000 people have now signed a petition to oust santa clara county superior court judge. last week he sentenced former stanford university swimmer brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. prosecutors had asked for six years. thrown out with the trash. >> this story is going to drive you crazy. a trash collector discovered something moving inside a
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plastic bag in upper darby. turned out it was a kitten. fortunately she's doing okay except for paint on her. the kitten was taken to providence animal shelter where she's being cared for right now. there she is. the little one there. they named her grundgetta after oscar the grouch's girlfriend. she weighs 12 ounces and needs to get her eight up before she can be adopted. the incident is under investigation. >> i didn't know oscar the grouch had a girlfriend. yoga behind bars. eastern state penitentiary transformed into an outdoor yoga studio tonight. the class was led by former prisoner who founded the transformation yoga project which teaches yoga to inmates at prisons across the region. it's almost time for a philadelphia tradition. nbc 10 at reading terminal market for the dinner en blanc preview party. this year's theme, celebrating philadelphia, a city of first. attendees took part in a table display contest, sampled different foods and learned what to expect at the actual dinner.
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it is french for dining in white. that usually takes place outside. so they pray for nice weather. >> i remember last year it was pouring rain. but people still came out in their white. glenn, tonight, we had aly l bit of rain earlier. >> yeah, we had it earlier. we're going to have some more tomorrow. in between, things have really dried out. this morning, things were dry. and then as expected, these bands of showers and even thunderstorms came through. moved through very quickly. some gusty winds with that. and also some reports of some small hail. the next area is right around cleveland. that's going to be affecting us during the day tomorrow. so, yeah, we do have more showers coming in for wednesday. not for the morning rush. okay? it starts off nice and sunny. you might think you don't need the umbrellas but take them with you because here it comes. there's 9:00 a.m. just starting to get into allentown. by 11:00 a.m., right across the
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philadelphia area, trenton, all the way down to wilmington. again, some gusty winds with these showers or even thunderstorms. even a little bit of hail. and you saw some of it is on the heavy side. but it's also moving fast. so that by 1:00, 2:00, it's already out. phillies are playing tomorrow afternoon. there's no problem except it's going to be windy. and it's going it be cool. you can see your own seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen at any time. and we're all going to be getting cooler air tomorrow. we only got up to 83 today. because the rain came in early and stopped it from rising. only 72 tomorrow. and 76 degrees after that. and then by friday, we start to see the temperature go up. now, tomorrow, it's a cool day. it's going it be a really windy afternoon. and it's not going to be raining all day. again, sunny to start off. sunny at the end of the day. stormy in between. fox chase, only 70 degrees. newtown, 69.
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easton, 66. those are the high temperatures. haddonfield, 70. galloway, 70. wilmington, 73. and it's going to be cool tomorrow night, too. now, because it's going it be a land breeze, the shore is going to be just about the same temperature as philadelphia. until we get to saturday. that's when the sea breeze comes in and things start to change. so, over the next ten days, we start off, 72 degrees. kind of cool. tomorrow and thursday. we start to warm up a little. friday. saturday, most of the day is dry. may get thunderstorms late in the day or the evening. sunday is warm but windy. another windy day on monday before we start warming up next tuesday and wednesday. running for the cause tonight in jenkentown. the 26th annual sunset 5k went off without a hitch. the run was nominated to the late bob gamber.
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some future sports stars were on display in montgomery county tonight. abington high school recognized outgoing members of the senior class who are going to play at the collegiate level. abington alum and recently high grad chris rule was guest speaker. he was captain of the lehigh football team. speaking of sports, here's john clark. >> hey, keith. we're going to tell you when fletcher cox's contract could get done. fun night for the phillies. we'll show you what ryan howard did. and a baseball in baltimore. that's next.
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this is "sports desk" brought toxfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark from
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comcast sportsnet. fun night at citizens bank park. gave up just one run in seven innings against the cubs. look at the cubs' best may of the night, first inning, look at this diving grab. nice. third inning, ryan howard getting his first start in a week. he can still do this. gone. ninth of the season. so it's 2-0 phils. look. standing ovation for ryan and tommy joseph there to congratulate him. seventh inning. herrera at the plate. going to bring home carlos ruiz. like old times. 3-1 phils. eighth inning. gomez, a bases loaded jam. how about this double play to end the eighth? wow. the pressure almost too much for this kid in the ninth but the phillies hold on. they beat the cubs 3-2. nice for ryan howard after a tough week. >> it's been crazy. i mean, there's no doubt about that, but, you know, i just try to stay focused on my work.
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what i need to do and, you know, just stay focused on what i need to do on the field. base brawl in baltimore tonight. royals pitcher ventura, 99 mile fast ball into the back of manny machado and manny throws a hay maker. big brawl. you can bet manny will get a nice suspension for that punch. eagles' mandatory minicamp started today, everyone present and accounted for, fletcher cox and darren sproles out there today. fletcher skipped the voluntary workouts. coaches are bringing him along slowly. he's limited. he released a statement, said he's happy to be back but says negotiations on his new contract will be kept private. here's coach doug pederson. he believes a tedeal could get done soon. >> i'm hoping it's done. bottom line. he wants to be here. he misses the guy. you can tell. i'm fully confident something will be done before camp. >> sproles practiced more than
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fletcher today. doug pederson says he'll have an extentive role. some very sad news. the sixers player development coach, sean rooks, passed away tonight after interviewing for an assistant job with the knicks. he played in the nba 12 years. sean rooks was just 46 years old. we're right back after this.
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help us help the people who are making a difference in our communities. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away grants to local non-profits. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application's on our website, the deadline to apply, august 26th. >> get those applications in. not a great day tomorrow. >> well, it will start off
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looking great. >> okay. >> it will end looking great. in between, that's when it rains. take the umbrellas with you even though it may not look threatening at first. >> we will. i'm jacqueline london. >> i'm keith jones. for all of us at nbc 10, thanks for watching. "tonight show's" next.
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