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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 9, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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party. cleaning up after the storms. take a look at what happened after the heavy rain and winds knocked down trees it and power lines in our area. our neighbors are dealing with the widespread damage and the aftermath. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorologist sheena parveen in the first alert weather center. >> it's about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. 54 degrees, philadelphia. 51 in of our south jersey neighborhoods. even low 50s at the shore. 51 in wilmington, delaware. pennsylvania suburbs coming in around 50 degrees. the lehigh valley showing some spots in the 40s. only coming in at 45 degrees. 48 in allentown. bethlehem coming in at 49 degrees. a little chilly start to your morning. it's breezy outside. if you're in philadelphia, 54 degrees is the temperature. as we get towards 8:00 a.m., 58
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degrees will be the temperature with a breezy west wind. as we go into 2:00 p.m., 72 degrees and sunny. winds could already be near 20 miles an hour. it's going to be a windy but sunny, dry day. i think it's going to be pretty perfect. just a little breezy here and there. going into the weekend, we're going to get warmer. we're talking about some thunderstorms for part of your weekend. i'll show you that with your neighborhood weather coming up. let's get a check on the roadways with katy zachry. >> good morning. a quick check of our drive time at the top of the hour, as many people might be getting up early, getting out the door to work this morning. 95, a pretty smooth drive southbound between woodhaven and the vine street expressway. 76, the schuylkill, looking good between the blue route and vine street expressway. 476 as you make your way southbound between 76 and 95, about a 15-minute drive. we love the 5:00 hour if you take the vine street expressway. that's when a lot of the overnight construction that's part of a very long-term project lifts.
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now the vine in both directions has reopened, and traffic is happily moving along with no issues. moving into new jersey and collingswood, route 30 between white horse pike and airport road, you'll find construction there probably until the 6:00 hour. that's when most projects lift in new jersey. then also there's a 95 closure we're watching. 95 southbound was pretty smooth, but if you're going from street road to the on-ramp to 95 northbound, that is closed. vai and tracy? breaking news here on nbc 10. at least one person is dead in south philadelphia this morning after a fire broke out inside the home. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at that home on south taylor street. matt, what can you tell us? >> reporter: vai, firefighters did find one person inside, an elderly man. you can see some of the folks who were displaced from this fire, some of the neighbors. this is a row home area here on the 1700 block of taylor street.
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you see this block filled with row homes. right there in the middle, that is where this fire happened. just before 2:00 this morning, you might even be able to see some of the firefighters there just behind the cars. they've been going through, trying to determine the cause of this fire. take a look at some video we shot early on when the fire activity was still going on at the scene. search and rescue crews showed up and found that man dead on the first floor. as i mentioned, the fire is still under investigation. they're still working to determine if he had died as a result of fire or because of something else. at this point, it's unknown if there were working smoke detectors. we spoke with the fire commissioner about that topic. >> every fire is a tragedy. we want to remind everybody the importance of smoke alarms and being safe around fire. >> reporter: and the firefighters tell me they're going to be here for most of the morning. fire marshal is also on scene. you can see they still have all the hoses that are down here on
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the 1700 block of taylor street. we are right by 24th and moore. this entire area is still cordoned off. they have fire trucks still here on scene. the fire is out, but they're just keeping an eye on this, cleaning up the operation. of course, we're going to continue to have more updates throughout the morning as we get them. one bit of good news, no injuries to any of the firefighters as a result of battling this fire. for now, i'm live in south philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thanks. philadelphia's full city council will now consider the so-called soda tax after the bill passed its first hurdle last night. a council committee approved a consensus measure to put a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sweetened drinks. mayor kenny had been pushing for a 3 cent per ounce tax to pay for universal pre-k and to reinvest in parks and recreation
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centers. passage of the lesser tax passed after it was found out the money would be used to go to the city's general fund. >> retailers will be forced to pass this tax on to consumers. >> traditionally, if the bills come out of committee with a significant vote, more often than not, it will pass on a final passage. >> council is scheduled to cast a final vote next thursday. nbc 10's pamela osborne will break down what the new plan means in the next half hour. meantime, you'll soon have more places to buy wine in pennsylvania. yesterday governor tom wolf signed a bill allowing wine sales in licensed grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, and delis. the bill will also give state store mrs. flexibility over their hours and pricing. it takes effect in august. the union that represents state liquor store employees says the changes will lead to job losses, but the governor predicts the stores that can now sell wine will add jobs. it's looking more unlikely
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you'll be able to carry booze on the atlantic city boardwalk this summer. council pulled the ordinance from its agenda yesterday that would permit open containers of alcohol on the boards. the council president said he delayed the vote to allow the state alcohol and berch control board to take a closer look at the ordinance. council only meets monthly during the summer, so it'll be july before it could be considered again. it's 5:06. today president obama will meet with bernie sanders at the white house. the president will urge the vermont senator to back hillary clinton's candidacy for president. sanders has promised to fight on through the last primary contest, which is next tuesday in washington, d.c. he will hold a rally there tonight. meantime, hillary clinton is taking a few days off from the campaign trail as she celebrates her historic victory. >> she's the first woman to lock up the presidential nomination of a major party. she spoke with "nbc nightly news" anchor lester holt last night about the next phase of the election season.
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clinton says she won't trade insults with donald trump. >> he can run a campaign of insults. i'm running a campaign of issues that are going to produce results for the american people. i'm going to talk about why he's unqualified to be president based on his own words and his deeds. >> clinton also called trump temperamentally unfit to be commander in chief. the nbc 10 investigators took a closer look at women in politics. >> women make up less than 18% of the state legislature. the state has never had a woman governor or elected a woman to the united states senate. that could change in november. well, the presumptive republican nominee, drurp, faces growing anger from some in the gop who say he's wasted his head start over clinton in the general election season. >> trump clinched the nomination in early may, but he's had a slow start on raising campaign cash and getting organized.
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now he's scrambling to make up for lost time. he's also facing fallout after attacks on the mexican heritage of a judge overseeing a lawsuit against trump university. so what could happen in philadelphia in case a riot breaks out during the democratic national convention? coming up in the next half hour, we'll tell you what officials are reportedly doing as a precautionary measure. tracy? it's 5:08. people all over our region are cleaning up debris and damage after storms rolled through yesterday. this is the scene in moorestown. flames and smoke were clearly visible. and this is what it looked like as hail came pouring down in ft. dix, burlington county. these strong storms hit neighborhoods all over the region yesterday afternoon. and now to camden county. part of the pavement buckled when a tree uprooted and toppled on to a home on willow dale
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drive. this is in cherry hill. the family wasn't home when it happened. also, we got this photo from a woman who was driving this car when a tree crashed down on it in camden. >> if i'd have had any passengers, they wouldn't have made it. only thing i can say is the lord loves me. you hear me? he loves me. >> well, power crews worked through the evening to fix downed wires. at last check, pse&g and atlantic city lelectric report just under 2500 customers without power this morning. good morning. you will need a light jacket most likely this morning. it is chillier than yesterday morning, and it's a little breezy. here's a live look at center city as the sun is about to come up here. clear skies, dry conditions, and
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again, the breeze will be with us through the afternoon. winds could be gusting near 25 miles an hour today. it's going to be a pretty perfect day otherwise. also, don't forget your seven-day forecast is always at the bottom of the screen with our new neighborhood weather, so you'll never miss that. right now in philadelphia, 54 degrees. the temperature in wilmington, 51 degrees. much of our south jersey neighborhoods coming in at 51 degrees. our pennsylvania suburbs are on the cool side this morning. if you're in chester county, areas like cochranville coming in at 49 degrees. 51 in phoenixville. it is a cooler start. we're running about 5 to 10 degrees cooler this morning than we were yesterday morning. 52 degrees in newtown. we are nice and dry on the radar. we're going to stay that way through the afternoon. here's future weather. dry and breezy today. highs in the mid-70s. tomorrow we're going to stay dry, but we're going to be a little warmer, around 80 degrees. then we go into your saturday a
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little warmer than that. mid-80s. take a look at the showers and storms moving in. this is 6:00 p.m. saturday. we do expect the threat of strong to potentially severe storms across the philadelphia area and points north and west on saturday. of course, we'll be watching this very closely. here's that look. severe thunderstorm outlook shown in yellow for saturday. the lowest chance is going to remain along the shore and the delaware beaches. if you're heading to the shore this weekend, you have a very slight chance of a thunderstorm, but you could still see it later in the day, especially around the philadelphia area and points north and west. that's where we expect potentially strong storms. we'll talk more about this and also what the rest of your weekend forecast looks like depending on where you're going to be heading in your shore forecast coming up. 5:11. saw damage on the roads yesterday just driving back to burlington county because of that storm. >> yeah, with all the downed trees and limbs. let's check the roads right now. everything has been cleared out of the way. let's check 202. katy zachry is watching that.
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>> yeah, fortunately much of the damage from yesterday's storm that rolled through midday has cleared. a quick check on route 202. i just learned that construction has cleared route 202 northbound between the exit for route 30 and route 401. a quick check of your other stretches of route 202 northbound, everything is looking good. taking a live look at 476, this is at ridge pike. both directions, traffic is running smoothly. the northeast extension, there was some construction north of this interchange, and that has cleared in just the last little bit. vai and tracy? >> katy, thanks. a deadly terror attack caught on camera. surveillance video captures the moment when gunmen attack a crowded mall. find out where this happened and what we know about the attackers. also caught on camera, two men unloading a car full of trash into an alley here in our area. we'll tell you where police are now looking for these men and how the community is reacting. to grow up.
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but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator. ♪ i was on my way to work, the next thing you know, i was on the ground. ♪ the trash truck ran over both my legs. ♪ i had sixteen surgeries. ♪ i don't sleep through the night unless i have my medicine. ♪ my medical bills was piling up.
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my employer stopped paying me. pond lehocky has put me back together. ♪
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it's 5:15. burks county police are looking for two men seen using an alleyway as a garbage dump. reading police released surveillance video of two men pulling up in a red station wagon. they empty a load of trash, a full carload of garbage, and then take off. reading police posted this video on their facebook page yesterday. it's already been shared more
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than 3,000 times. happening today, a new law goes into effect in california allowing terminally ill patients to end their lives. the right to die law states patients with six month or less to live and diagnosed by two different doctors can ask a physician for life-ending medication. but patients, doctors, and pharmacists can opt out at any time. there is strong religious opposition to the new law, but supporters say it provides an end to suffering for those who need it most. a push to safeguard women's health took another step forward on capitol hill. bucks county congressman mike fitzpatrick introduced two bipartisan bills aimed at strengthening the regulation of medical and birth control devices. it would hold food and drug administration and manufacturers more accountable. the other proposed bill is aerial graces law, named after an unborn baby lawmakers say was killed a year ago by the essure device. that's a metal coil inserted into the fallopian tubes to
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prevent pregnancy. >> from flawed data to slow reaction time blocking legal recourse, hundreds of thousands of americans are being harmed by the very medical devices that they and their physicians have turned to for help. >> in a statement to nbc 10, essure's manufacture says bayer is particularly concerned about statements that may be creating an atmosphere of unfounded fear. bayer stands by the positive benefit-risk profile of essure. >> mothers against drunk driving and other groups are celebrating against what they call life-saving legislation in pennsylvania. they were joined by victims of drunk driving. it requires first-time dui offenders to use a device that checks for alcohol on your breath. the device won't allow the car to start if the driver has been drinking. previously, the device was only for repeat dui offenders.
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5:17 right now. let's check the roads for your ride to work and start in the lehigh valley. >> katy zachry has her eye on that. >> that's right. fortunately some construction just lifted on i-78 eastbound between mile marker 44 and 45. this was a quick shot we had -- there it's back -- of lehigh street. the sun is coming up. it should rise in the next 15 minutes or so. this is a pretty shot of 78. very light traffic on the roadway there. sun is coming up, as we just said. this is a good view of 76 east of montgomery drive, where light traffic on the road we expected it to pick up in the next hour or so. in issues to report as you make your way into or out of center city, philadelphia. moving into new jersey in the collin collingswood area, there is some construction that hasn't lifted yet. it's on route 30, which is the white horse pike. it's taking place between airport circle and route 130.
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morning. if you're about to walk outside, either way you're going to need a jacket no matter what are time you walk outside, if it's before about 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. it is chilly this morning. about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning at this time. temperatures are running in the 50s for most of the area. mid to low-50s. some spots are in the 40s, especially our suburbs north and west and through the lehigh valley. 54 in philadelphia. 51, allentown. 51, wilmington. even vineland coming in at 51 degrees. the shore, atlantic city coming in at 52 degrees. also, don't forget with our new neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast is always at the bottom of the screen for you. as we go through the afternoon, it's going to be a perfect day. sunny and dry. a little breezy. winds could be gusting near 25 miles an hour. it's still going to be really nice, especially compared to yesterday. if you're in bethlehem, 72 degrees and sunny today. if you're in our pennsylvania
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suburbs like west chester, coming in at 76 degrees. byberry coming in at 77 degrees in the philadelphia area. our new jersey neighborhoods, trenton coming in at 75 degrees. along the shore, mid-70s. 74ing did, galloway township. we do have some storms heading our way for the weekend. it's not until saturday. today and tomorrow we do stay dry. for today, here's future weather. we're going to be breezy but nice and sunny. then tomorrow, a little warmer than today. closer to 80 degrees. still nice and dry. that's friday right there. then we go into saturday. we see clouds increasing. showers and storms move in. mostly saturday afternoon. the chance of strong to potentially severe storms will exist around philadelphia and points north and west. the shore has the lowest chance for any strong thunderstorms, so that'll be one of your driest spots as we go across the weekend. here's a look at your weekend forecast. saturday, that chance of storms across the entire area, the
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shore, though, has the lowest chance. 78 degrees along the shore. seeing just about partly cloudy skies. if you're in philadelphia this saturday, 86 degrees with afternoon thunderstorms. 84, pennsylvania suburbs. 79, lehigh valley. 82 in delaware for saturday with thunderstorms, some potentially strong to severe. then we go into sunday. that's going to be the drier day. temperatures warm in the mid-80s for most of the area. we'll see big improvements compared to saturday. coming up, we'll look at your weekend forecast if you're heading to the shore. that's straight ahead. >> thank you, sheena. 21 minutes past 5:00 a.m. this morning. in the hands of the people. the corruption trial heads to the hands of a jury, but not before ed rendell took the stand. what he had to say about bribery allegations. plus, the world's game lands in philadelphia as we take a live look right now at lincoln financial field, which will play host tonight to a special event. we'll tell you all about it.
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starting today, a soccer tournament will bring more than 75,000 fans to philadelphia as we give you a live look at lincoln financial field, which will host the copa america tournament. uruguay plays venezuela. the u.s. plays paraguay at the linc on saturday. one banking firm is taking steps to help employees have a better work/life balance.
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landon dowdy is here with this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, tracy. good morning to you as well. barclays is launching a paid internship program in new york for people who have taken a career break to raise kids or care for a sick relative. applicants must have worked for five years previously at a level of vp or above. if accepted into the ten-week program, they'll be placed in barclays investment banking division. meanwhile, over on wall street, could give back some of wednesday's gains. futures are lower right now. stocks rising yesterday with the dow up for a third straight day and closing above 18,000 for the first time in six weeks. that's partly due to oil prices, which rose above $51 a barrel for the first time in nearly a year. look for data today on unemployment. the dow raising 66 points to 18,005 back over to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc,
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thanks. it is a beautiful start to the morning. it's going to be a little breezy today. it's chilly outside right now. before you walk out, you might want to grab a light jacket. temperatures are about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning. as we go through the afternoon, going to be a pretty perfect day. sunny, dry temperatures. here's a live look at cape may. this is a gorgeous view. clear skies and chilly temperatures. we'll talk more about the weather for today and storms into your weekend. let's look at the traffic, though, with katy zachry. >> hi, sheena. thanks. it's early june, but like you said, you might want top turn on your car heater this morning before you make your drive to work or school. this is a live look outside along route 42 right at route 41. your drive time northbound is a quick drive of just four minutes between route 55 and the walt whitman bridge. southbound, it is the same. coming up, we'll take a look at one stretch of new jersey roads where there is construction affecting traffic. plus, a video you'll only see on nbc 10.
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a driver crashes into a police cruiser with the officers looking on. find out what was happening just before the crash. also this -- >> make some noise, please. >> phillies slugger ryan howard knocks it out of the park hours before the game started. we'll tell you what howard did that make thousands of young phillies fans happy.
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that breaking news on nbc 10, one person is dead this morning after dozens of firefighters rushed to the scene of a house fire in south philadelphia. we're living wie with details o happened. only on nbc 10, the surveillance video of a driver crashing into a police cruiser and driving away. and moving on, despite the rallies, protests, and tension during public meetings, philadelphia's soda tax proposal advances but now looks different from the initial plan. we'll explain. it's 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. stepped out to walk the dog this morning, thought it was a little cold. got a fleece on. let's get to sheena parveen with the weather. >> yes,is


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