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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 9, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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with bernie sanders at the white house today. sanders is not ready to get out of the race yet but he did say he looks forward to meeting with clinton to see how they can work together to beat donald trump in november. >> i am going to do everything in my power and i will work as hard as i can to make sure that donald trump does not become president of the united states. >> sanders will compete in next week's final primary in the direct of columbia. today we learned new details about what everyone can expect at next month's democratic national convention. we know there will be plenty of protesters rallying behind bernie sanders in philadelphia next month. there will also be road closures. laura sat down with an interview with the secret service. so many people have questions about how this will impact their lives. >> reporter: we wanted to know how this will febt you if you're
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not going to the convention. what we found is that this will not impact neighborhoods the way the pope's visit did, but it will effect getting around near the convention. in south philadelphia it's a sports hub soon to become a political one. the democratic national convention taking over the center. at the philadelphia office of the secret service we sat down with the agent in charge. what is this going to mean for people. >> i think all things now are judged by the visit from september of last year and this is not the pope's visit. this is much smaller in scope. >> reporter: that one happened in center city. there's more open space here but there will be restriction. the secret service tells us details of the security perimeter are not ready to release yet but we have learned there could be closures on i-95 and expect closures on parts of
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broad, patterson and 11th street. outside the wells fargo center there will be special fencing. i am 5'4'' and it will be taller than i am. we've learned near by x finty live will be inside the center. demonstrations will be outside. will there be choineckpoints th you kbt get through. >> yes. >> reporter: authorized to be there. the planning for this event started after the pope's visit. are there things that you learned during the pope's visit that will influence how you handle this one. >> to some degree yes. >> reporter: he considers it a success but is looking for more coordinated communication. >> the impacts on the community, the residents, the businesses, i think we would have probably started reaching out a little bit sooner trying to get the
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message out there. it is exactly who people should expect. >> reporter: the secret service tells me they are already reaching out to businesses in the area. in fact they have plans to meet with one civic organization tonight. nbc 10 news. >> for complete addition 2016 coverage make sure you have the nbc 10 app. scarey ride home for students today. a bus driver hit a parked vehicle on broad street. the bus and the truck both jumped the curb as you see right there. several children on the bus went to the hospital just to get checked out as a precaution. tonight there's still confusion even among city leaders about the money gained from a soda tax. last night a committee approved a new tax on drinks including diet soda and the pennies add up. the tax of 1.5 cents is expected to bring in $91 million.
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we have new information about what exactly where all that money will go and when. >> reporter: the confusion and the criticism came when city council members learned the tax will generate more money needed for their programs in the early years, the extra money will be put in the city's bank account. all of the money will be spent over time when the programs are fully up and running. $91 million a year, that's how much extra money a new soda tax is expected to generate for programs like schools and community centers across philadelphia. >> i think it's a good compromise. they were going to get the money from somewhere. >> reporter: the compromise reduces the tax from 3 cents to 1.5 cents an ounce on sugary
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drinks. >> there will be more money out of their pockets just taxes not so much the small businesses which could hurt restaurants and all that. >> reporter: even though council is expected to pass the measure next week discussions will continue about how the money will be spent. >> we will look at some of the initiatives but there continue to be a number of questions on both sides of the equation. >> reporter: the fight will continue after all the votes are cast. the american bav raj association spent $4 million trying to defeat this soda tax. today i spoke to a representative who tells me they have strong constitutional problems with the tax and they're considering the next step, the translation there could be lawsuits. reporting live outside city hall nbc 10 news. you can see the sunshining and it's a great night to be
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outside. chief meteorologist is here now with a look at tonight's cool down and we understand glenn it's going to be chilly out there. >> especially when you get away from the city. you can evidence of that right now. it's 76 degrees in philadelphia officially. only 68 degrees in some of the suburbs just north and west, 72 in lehigh valley. you can see we have clear skies aren't any kind of clouds for tonight or tomorrow and so the temperatures will go down. in the 40s in many of the suburbs, 48 degrees north and west, up toward lehigh valley, 45 degrees and even parts of south jersey 48 degrees for the low temperature. beautiful sunny day tomorrow once the sun comes up and it's going to be a chilly start. talk more about the warmup coming and timing of some strong
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storms in a few minutes. police are trying to piece together why a philadelphia woman traveled to florida and allegedly murdered her own children. tonight we are hearing from family members. >> i just couldn't imagine her doing this. i can't. >> anthony is grieving the loss of his infant son and his stepdaughter. the children's mother took the kids to florida to visit a relative. police say she killed them yesterday by holding a bed sheet over their mouths. she is looked up in florida on murder charges tonight. her family is stunned. >> i don't know this could happen. i don't know what made her go that way. i don't know what made her go to florida. >> family members say she may have been suffering from postpartum depression. a 92-year-old world war ii man died when his home caught
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fire and he couldn't get out. neighbors called 911 when they saw smoke and flames pouring from the home. firefighters tried to save the man but they couldn't get to him in time. investigators are still trying to figure out how that fire started. the greatest boxer of all time, muhammad ali, was remembered today in louisville. about 14,000 people attended the funeral. he died last week. he will be honored at a public memorial tomorrow in kentucky. bill clinton will deliver the ul olg there. you can watch the services live right here. caught on camera from homicides to shootings and illegal dumping home security cameras are proving valuable at catching cbs newrooks.
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this week a suspect was caught on cameras fleeing on a bike. residents are being urged to install cameras of their own. the city is looking for funding to help alleviate the costs. they say more cameras will detour crime and catch crimin s criminals. >> this is something of the future. our major crimes have been solved by cameras. >> last year the city raised $80,000 to install high tech police cameras at major intersections. hundreds of new jobs are coming to lehigh valley. fedex broke ground in north hampton county and will employ about 600 people and process up to 75,000 packages per hour. construction gets under way later this month. it's expected to be finished by september of 2018.
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next parade floats and fireworks, why it's not in the cards this holiday in one town. an apartment receives special status, the first in the state. why it's so special next. glenn. great day today and a spectacular one tomorrow, but some severe storms possible over the weekend. your neighborhood weather forecast coming up.
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big bright red ribbon means one thing, something new, the grand reopening of the apartments. these apartments are now on the list of the national register of historic places. why? because they're an example of mid century apartment living. it's the first apartment complex in pennsylvania to receive that designati designation. reeling in a big fish. bass pro shop dough natd rods and realize to inspire kids to spend time outdoors. the rods will go to local nonprofits that work with children. there will be a fishing event with the police saturday morning. >> we're going to be
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implementing a hooked on fish not on drugs in the schools as a healthy alternative in their past time. >> the event on saturday will be a catch and release which means kids will put the fish back in the pond once they catch them. parades and fireworks are of course a fourth of july tradition but one town may be out of luck this year. >> the parade and show cancelled. the group behind the event didn't come up with the cash but we learn hope is not all lost. >> reporter: the flags, floats and music, all a part of the july 4th celebration for more than 40 years. >> we came to it last year. my son was 3. he enjoyed it. it's a shame we couldn't get our stuff together early enough. i thought there was time to make it happen and continue the tradition. >> reporter: adam shuts down the family store and celebrates but today as news spread. >> that's a shame.
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it's really a shame. i lived in pottstown since i was 4 years old. >> reporter: so did the disappoi disappointment. >> people come from back home every year and you get to see people from a long time ago. it's really strange. >> reporter: new businesses have settled in this old town and some are hoping that will give new hope to this july 4th tradition. >> if we can raise $9,000 quickly we can still have a community parade. >> one of everything. >> reporter: local businesses welcome the chance to keep the parade going. >> it brings everybody together and we can advertise pottstown. >> a positive way. >> reporter: they can't do it alone. even if enough cash is scraped together to pay for the parade, the fire works will be scrapped this year but there is a renewed effort to raise enough money for next year. >> love those small town
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celebrations, right. >> very cute. >> if you're town isn't hosting one and you're looking for something to do with the family come out to the festival. >> we have you covered. nbc 10 and our parent company are the new home for the nation's biggest birthday party. count on nbc 10 for everything you want to know about the fun. it's eight days of fun starting june 27th and running through july 4th. look for event schedules on the nbc 10 app. it's going to be a great time out there. >> a little too early to know what's going on be going on in terms of the weather. there will be a little pressure on the forecast that day. probably hot. let's start with that. hot and huh mid and it is neither right now. we've got lincoln financial field we have a big soccer game tonight. what a beautiful night for soccer or anything else outdoors. we have temperatures that are below average despite all the
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sunshine that we've seen. the suburbs down to 68 degrees in some parts of the area. the jersey shore was warm today. we got a west wind and that's why atlantic city is the same temperature as mays landing. you can get a 20 degree testimony dwic testimo temperature difference. 78 tomorrow, 88 on saturday and 86 degrees on sunday. so it's going to be warm but there are also going to be some storms. brief storms but some fierce storms. here is saturday morning. everything is nice and quiet on future weather here. one little batch of light showers early in the day. this is what is coming. and it's coming later on during the day. of course it will hit lehigh
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valley first and then down toward the philadelphia area but this is hour-by-hour. you can see how fast it's moving. by 5:30 right over philadelphia according to this computer model and heavy but by 7:00 it's long gone and headed to the shore. that gets some fireworks with that one. here's 8:00 and it's practically gone. so it's not going to last that long but we could see some severe weather out of that. some strong gusty winds is the highest risk here in the yellow. it goes from cleveland down to the philadelphia area and less of a risk of the severe weather at the shore. the neighborhoods tomorrow it's just a delightful day. less wind than today but it's going to start off chilly. allentown 45. galaway 48 for the low temperature. now for the weekend you've got
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warm weather. look at this. both days warm except for at the jersey shore on saturday is going to be a sea breeze. the thunderstorms saturday night at the shore i kind of stuck it in between the two because sunday looks dry and a windy day across the entire area and it's going to be warm at the jersey shore because of that west wind just like is happening right now except the warmer version. temperatures jump from tomorrow to saturday, a brief thunderstorm and then the windy conditions for sunday and monday. 30 mile an hour winds. it's still warm and it's relatively warm as we head through much of next week as well. why are sam bradford and doug peterson closer than they were before. who can play quarterback for the eagles is next. hello,
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eagles finished up the mini camp and they're off for six weeks. doug says bradford has looked outstanding. he missed two weeks and asked to be traded and when he came back he was welcomed with open arms. he says it's about being honest with them. >> the trust factor is there and that's what you want to see with your starting quarterback with the guy that has said that took some time away to evaluate the situation and then to come back and go you know what, maybe it's
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okay. maybe we're going to be all right. >> i think i'm closer to thim now than i was before. i give him a lot of credit for handling it the way he did and i just have a lot of respect for him. >> now a major concern for this eagles team could be the corner backs. it seems the starting jobs are up for grabs. at practice i have seen them getting a lot of work along with the rookie. who has stood out so far? this guy mcevlin. he played for the eagles defensive coordinator so he's going to help the other corner backs understand the new defense here. >> coming in showing what i can do and being able to help this group and know the defense and be able to just try to be a leader and show these guys by performance out on the field.
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>> on the field, off the field, i come to home and ask him corner questions. >> the phillys have the first pick in baseball tonight. the first time they picked first they took pat burl. >> we're going to take the best player and the best draft class that we can. it's not going to come as any great spice. i've talked about balance in everything we do. >> how about the golf's championship. look who is eligible to play on the senior tour right now. john daily. he has a cigarette in hand. he turned 50 in april. fans still love coming to see him play. he is tied for 53rd place. you can see the tournament on the golf channel all weekend. jim, back to you. >> love those pants and the
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help us help the people make ag difference in your community. nbc 10 is giving away grants to local nonprofits. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new programs. the applications right on our website. the deadline to apply is august 26th. nice but cool night out there tonight. a beautiful day tomorrow if you want to start your weekend off early. it's going to be great everywhere. a nice weekend but we're going to be interrupted by some nasty thunderstorms generally later on saturday, at the shore on saturday night and windy but dry
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day on sunday. >> for all of us. . tonight, he's with her, president obama publicly endorses hillary clinton after a sit down with bernie sanders. and another major endorgment coming tonight. also, new trouble for donald trump. a barrage of questions from hundreds in business who say he didn't pay everything he owes. secrets and lies, bombshell messages emerge after the out range in the stanford sex assault jail sentence. was the defendant not as he portrayed himself and what did the judge know? the right to die for terminally ill patients. the controversial new law about the most personal decision any of us could make and as doctors debate the ethics, people wonder what would i do. letterman and


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