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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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will work. >> just about every day. >> reporter: whether every day like this woman of west philly or every once in a while, septa is supposed to make your commute for convenient. >> the key card is reloadable. customers should keep this card. >> reporter: getting ready to launch a pilot program issues the cards to 10,000 riders first come, first serve, starting monday at 6:00 a.m. you can use the card on all mass transit, exception the regional rails. that comes onboard later. >> we're looking for feedback. we're looking to be able to make sure that the system starts up well, as we add more and more people to it. >> this is our welcome screen. >> reporter: today at the delmar park subway start, showing out of the kiosk to were your key cards. say you want to get the key, find out how fast and easy it really is. i'm here at the kiosk and going to touch no card, because i don't have a card yet. i want to purchase the
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contactless card. read the terms and conditions. accept. ike going to purchase a monthly pass, do cash. and here we go. okay. last step. accept it. this -- >> i'm good with that technology but for some they might have a bit of a time to get used to it. >> reporter: one feature tamika jenkins thinks everybody will be heal to hear about, what happens when the card guess lost or stolen. >> if you register your card they'll have the ability to turn that card off and issue a you new one. >> it's really pretty easy, jim. new york doesn't even have this. >> still swipe i think in new york with a metro card and those cards expire. so you have to keep up with what's left on the card if it expires get it recharge erechar >> exactly. it's a permanent card, hold on to it. first thing, register your card
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at >> a lot of questions i'm sure for a lot of people. what if you still have tokens or monthly pass for the rest of june? can you still use that come monday? >> you can. remember, this is a pilot program. first 10,000 riders will have access to this, but if you're still using tokens or those weekly or monthly passes, continue doing that. the idea, though is to slowly phase that all out, and then bring this on for everybody. >> smooth riding, everybody. all right. take a look at weather now. picture-perfect day in center city. little ones out and about enjoying the sunshine and the waterworks at the plaza this afternoon. perfect baseball weather right now pap live look at the stadium in wilmington will the blue rocks play in about three hours from now and stick around for a post-game fireworks show afterwards. first team meteorology glenn schwartz is here now. >> nothing wrong at all with
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today. what's coming ahead? >> we have some rain for part of the weekend, and 134 of that's coming in the form of thunderstorms and some of those could be severe. issued a first alert for part of the area. lee high valley and central new jersey for tomorrow, between 3:00 and 6:00, and in those areas, the storms are coming generally later farther south. severe thunderstorms with damping windamp ing damaging winds and lightning. the area from the storm prediction center. the area in yellow with the greatest chance of severe storms, once again, during the late afternoon hours. these are the counties in the first alert, with the higher risk and somewhat lesser risk but still a chance of severe across philadelphia, northern delaware and much of south jersey. that could be added to our first alert at some point in the near future. we don't have anything close by.
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this is the system that we're talking about for tomorrow. it's still pretty far away, and for tonight, temperatures are not going to go as low as they were last night. you can see how much warmer it's going to be tomorrow, and the thunderstorms generally coming later on during the day. more on the specific timing and the rest of the weekend in a few minutes. >> okay, glenn. [ chanting ] >> ali! ali! >> our 20 minutes of nonstop news continues now with a final farewell for the greatest of all time. thousands of people lined the streets of louisville, kentucky, as muhammad ali is laid to rest in his hometown. >> i am the greatest! >> a boxing legend who became a household name for what he accomplished both inside the ring and out. winning the world over using his facilities as well as his words. from everyday people to high-ranking poli ining politic
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hollywood star, thousands paying respects today to muhammad ali this afternoon. >> nbc 10's keith jones live in our digital operations center with a look at today's memorial. >> reporter: the interfaith memorial service for the greatest continues right now in louisville. the service comes after a 23-mile procession carrying muhammad ali's casket through his hometown for one last victory lap. thousands lined the routes of the procession chanting his name and throwing flowers. an 18-car motorcade, you're looking at, took a tour of places ali cherished most. in fact, a route ali selected himself. the final stop, on his home-going tour, was the cave hill national cemetery where the three-time heavyweight champion >> our gratitude knows no bounds as we thank you for the gift of this good and gentle man. >> prayers in multiple religions layered throughout the memorial. the service began with a recitation from the koran and
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several people have taken the stage to speak about ali's impact on the african-american community, his perseverance through parkensson's and devoutness to his faith. >> ali was the greatest, because as a debilitated yet unbroken champion in his later years, he put us to a greatness beyond ourselves. a greatness beyond even ali. he pointed us to the greatness of god. >> this is a multifaith celebration. i want to bring you a live picture right now from louisville, kentucky, at the memorial service. we'll listen live. about to speak, rabbi michael lerner just wrapped up. let's listen live. >> he says, my relatives, it is my responsibility 20 pito pick e
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words of the house, i wish you well. i want you to be at peace of mind. now this great darkness that has happened to us, you must understand that you have gathered us here, that his road is straight. peacefully -- >> we will continue to monitor this funeral service, especially when former president bill clinton is expected to deliver a eulogy and we'll bring you his speech once he takes the stage. for now, in the operation center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> thank for that, keith. new video this afternoon of a shooting caught on camera at a dallas airport. [ gunfire ] >> this cell phone video shows the chaotic scene outside baggage claim area at dallas airport. you heard gunshots, seconds
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later, five more. in the distance an officer in a yellow vest pointing a gun. authorities say a man was using rocks to attack a woman in a car and then allegedly rushed the officer and the officer fired several times. that man is now in the hospital. his condition is not known. and decision 2016 coverage now, presumptive democratic nominee hillary clinton is on a roll today after meeting with a big endorsement. clinton and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren met in hillary clinton's washington, d.c. home. a short time later the presumptive democratic nominee spoke at a planned parenthood fund-raiser. a handful of protestors interrupted donald trump today during a gathering of evangelical christian. the presumptive gop nominee spoke at the faith and freedom coalition conference in washington this afternoon. trump supporters responded to
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the protests with chants of "usa." >> all: usa! for a complete decision 2016 coverage, including a list of endorsements for the candidates and social media updates from the campaign trail, just tap the nbc 10 app. if you live near joint base mcguire dix lake hearst. don't be surprised if you hear loud blasts. soldiers are conducted live fire mortar training from today until tuesday. the training during daylight and evening hours. the surrounding communities may feel the ground shake or hear loud noises. again, don't be alarmed. pennsylvania governor tom wolf wants 70,000 people to be address concerns in warrenton and horsham. dozens of private and public wells taken off-line because of contamination from unregulated
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chemicals at three nearby military bases. it took 40 firefighters to put out this row house fire in oak lane today. sky 4's 10 flew tloover the sce. the fire started in the basement. investigators working to figure what sparked it, but no one was hurt. three men forced to jump to safety after this fire tore through their south jersey house overnight. you can see the flames shooting through every window. a corner of the house and three people trapped in this. two on the second floor. one on the third. neighbors rushed in and caught one man as he jumped to safety. >> my brother and i are over there trying to, you know, get him off the second floor, and -- it all happened so fast. to see him next to a flaming house, catching somebody, jumping out of a second story window was a treat, all three men were taken to the hospital. the fire marshal is working to figure out what caused this
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fire. a philadelphia mother accused of suffocating her two young children is expected to face a florida judge this afternoon. sophia hines charged with two counts of premeditated murd murder which could carry the death penalty. she took a bed sheet and held it over the mouth of her 7-month-old son and then used the same sheet to cover her 3-year-old daughter's mouth. the family was visiting relatives just north of miami. family meshes in philadelphia tell nbc 10 that hines may have been battling postpartum depression. a jury from outside the poconos will lively decide the fate of accused state trooper killer eric frein. both prosecutors and defense attorneys made a deal to move the trial outside pike county. the defense argued frein could not get a fair trial locally because of heavy media coverage about the case. a judge says he will likely approve the deal. investigators say frein shot and killed corporal bryon dickson and wounded trooper alex douglas
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just outside the bloomengrove barracks in 2014. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty. we have new information this afternoon about a murder in a mcdonald's drive-thru in montgomery roundy. a man is behind bars charged with chasing down and gunning down 24-year-old marques johnson late tuesday night. john thin walker faces first-degree murder charges and is in jail without bond. we was shot at the mcdonald's and later pronounced dead. don't plan on toasting to the weekend aboard new jersey transit. open containers with alcohol and trains, on trains and light railcars are banned from 5:00 this afternoon until midnight sunday. the agency made the move because of several special events this weekend in new jersey and in new york. all beverages are banned from buses. picture-perfect weather to
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start the special olympic summer games in delaware, the organization's largest sporting event. nbc 10 tim fur long live at the university of delaware. they could not have asked for better weather for all of this. >> reporter: no. this is about as perfect as it could get. a nice, warm breeze. most events already wrapped up. a lot of people still behind me, athletes chillaxing after their events. no better friday feeling seeing these guys smile. they came by the hundreds, athletes who waited all year just to hear these words. >> the 2016 special olympics delaware summer games officially opened. let's go athletes! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the tore sch lit, the confetti flying for special olympians in delaware, this is their weekend. >> i'm in the pool every morning. >> reporter: jonathan works hard to get he'll. so does mom.
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she gets him to swim practice every day. >> it's tremendous, and the attitude that the athletes have is just so good. >> i did track. >> reporter: the athletes will leave the university of delaware feeling good about themselves, and that's what all of us parents want, right? for their kids to push themselves and build confidence. that's exactly what's happening for hundreds of athletes. >> smiling and stuff, it's amazing. unbelievable. >> reporter: and back live, the events continue tomorrow mere at the university of delaware. bring your kids to watch and share. just got off the phone with my wife and said everybody should have to come out and check this out at least one time and see the persistence and determination of these athletes. it is inspiring. live at the university of delaware in newark. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you so much. no quarters, no problem. hundreds of parking meters now accept credit cards in rehoboth beach. have to pay a surcharge to use cards.
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nearly half the visitors paid with plastic. the first big test for the parking system. you can also still pay with the phone app park mobile. after a weather delay earlier in the week a solar airplane is expected to continue its global journey tonight taking off from lee high valley international airport. the solar impulse 2 has been in allentown since it successfully landed more than two weeks ago. it plans to take off around 11:00 tonight and arrive at jfk airport in new york early tomorrow morning. new york will be the plane's last stop in the u.s. before crossing the atlantic ocean to europe or northern africa. a new statue will soon are going up just outside philadelphia's city hall to honor a civil rights activist killed for exercising his right to vote. >> today the city unveiled the design for the memorial statue in honor of octavius killed by a wipe mob in philadelphia on election day of 1871 for voting and trying to get others to do the same. called him the martin luther
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king jr. of his day, but little known in history books. the mayor says this statue will make him the known hero that he deserves to be. >> this is important for philadelphia. it's important for the country. it's important for african-american history, which isn't african-american history, it's american history denied and delays. >> this will be the first new statue, by the way, at city hall, in the last 90 years. it's expected to be completed in the spring of next year. [ scream ] [ laughter ] >> quite a welcome for this police officer in andorra. members of philadelphia's fifth police district hosted a pizza party for the first grade class here. national heart of mary, great way to get to know the community. got to hop inside their cruisers and tested out the sirens.
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the weekend is going to be very nice and very warm, but it's going to be interrupted by some thunderstorms. issued the first alert for some of the areas most likely to get the severe storms. lee high valley, pennsylvania suburbs and central new jersey. like mercer county, for example, and that is from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. across that part of the area. the storm -- the storm itself is likely to last even an hour, though. severe thunderstorms and damaging winds, hail and, of course, a good bit of lightning. the area with the risk for thunderstorms goes from the jersey shore all the way past cleveland. so there is likely to be a pretty large area affected. our portion of the region most likely to be affected, lee high valley, again, pennsylvania, counties and mercer county, and that is, again, tomorrow afternoon. there's still a chance of severe storms we may be adding
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philadelphia and other parts of the area to the first alert a little later. one thing we do know, it's going to be pretty hot on saturday. 77 yesterday. about 78 today. near 90 tomorrow. with much higher humidity and then 86 on sunday with a lot of wind, and speaking of wind, we've got those storms on saturday. let's take a look at the timing here. now, as we go into the afternoon, we're going to be seeing some of the showers. now, we could see one area later in the morning. this is way out ahead of the main system. so get a couple showers around that is not the threat. then more sunshine, and there it is. that's 3:30 in the afternoon. some really strong storms around lee high valley and a race eastward down into the philadelphia area by 5:00. and then towards the shore by 6:00. and it's this -- if this holds
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together like this computer model said we'll have to extend the first alert through the rest of the area, because just about any part of the area potentially could see some of these thunderstorms tomorrow. this is the symbol for the first alert. some areas are in it and some not. 90 degrees in bell la vista. the first alert of the storms, lehigh valley, also first alert for those storms, and in new jersey, robinsville in mercer county. they get the first alert. haddonfield, glassberg not quite in there but still getting an afternoon thunderstorm. at the jersey shore, we're going to see cooler temperatures, because of the sea breeze tomorrow, but that is also a land breeze in the delaware beaches, because of the way it's all oriented. so it's going to be a hot weekend. higher humidity saturday than sunday. coolest weather at the shore on saturday, and the best chance of getting thunderstorms at the shore, generally around 6:00 or
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after saturday night. put that symbol over there. but a windy day on sunday without the thunderstorms. over 30 mile-an-hour winds. >> okay, glenn. wendy's warning to tell you about. what the burger chain wants you to take a close look at. plus from calm to chaos. it's a show where everything seems status quo, but that's all about to change in a matter of seconds, and will you see it for yourself, next. plus this -- >> delighted to stand before you today and reveal this unexpected reality because this might be my only chance to convey the truth to all of you. >> graduation speech shocker. what the valedictorian revealed making national headlines this afternoon. >> and some are calling it a disgusting display. the strange story behind each and every one of these items. specifically where they've been. we'll 0 explain, coming up. first, closing ballot on wall street. stocks down today across the board again.
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you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families.
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no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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you think our election season is a bit feisty? this is a fistfight on live television. two city hall deputies in the country of georgia let their tempers turn into a full-on brawl during a live broadcast last night. the two arguing about bribery allegations ahead of elections in october. back in this country, a texas high school valedictorian made a surprise announcement at
4:25 pm
her own graduation. >> i am one of the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the shadows of the united states states. >> reveals she's an undocumented immigrant living in the u.s. several years. during commencement she spoke about the importance of embracing immigrants and how she overcame with a stellar record. >> -- this might be my only chance to convey the truth to all of you that undocumented immigrants are people, too. >> martinez will attend yale university in the fall with a full scholarship to pursue premed. she wants to become a neurosurgeon. >> wow. all right. you asked theps!ç questions, an we've got the answers at nbc 10, that's coming up next. plus, controversy on the coast. >> a beach concert planned for the jersey shore this summer is
4:26 pm
causing controversy. >> there really should be no argument whatsoever with what we are doing. >> i'm todd greenburgh. how the battle over beach glow has moved from the sand to the courtroom. plus, a fantastic friday to kick off the weekend, but we are tracking storms for saturday. a look at what you can expect in your exclusive neighborhood weather, next.
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right now, we be getting new information about about investigation involving one of the philadelphia eagles. in the past few minutes, a dancer accused a player of sexually sotting h iassaulting practice yesterday afternoon. it happened a cheerleader's
4:30 pm
gentlemen's club in south philadelphia. the eagles confirmed there is a police investigation involving wide receiver nelson aguilar. we just spoke to a lawyer for nelson aguilar who tells us "nelson has not been involved in any criminal conduct whatsoever." nbc 10 randy gyllenhaal has been working the story all day long and will have a live report coming up at 5:00. i don't think there's too much to complain about on be this friday afternoon. is there? in terms of the weather, people out there enjoying the warm breeze, sun is out. this is center city this afternoon. look at the smiles on the faces. and soccer mania at the lake this evening. fans from around the world come to the copa-america. looking at the field live where team usa will actually play paraguay tomorrow into the international tournament. things could get sliply there. rain in the forecast for tomorrow, as we've been hearing. >> team 4 meteorologist glenn
4:31 pm
"hurricane" schwartz with details. >> rain will come down hard but also fairly brief. any kind of interruption with light anyone, for example, would not be lasting a real, long time. we have a first alert for tomorrow afternoon for the areas most likely to get the severe weather. lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs and central new jersey. this is generally between 3:00 and 6:00 in the afternoon. and you could get some damaging winds and hail, especially those are the main threats with those storms. the severe storms are possible all the way to the jersey shore, and actually goes all the way to detroit. there's a very large area that's going to be affected. the high risk in lehigh valley, pennsylvania suburbs and mercer county, new jersey. a little bit lower chances but still a chance of severe, northern delaware through much of new jersey. southern delaware, the lowest chance of any kind of severe
4:32 pm
weather. got sunshine everywhere. it's just a beautiful afternoon. the humidity is low, and areas that are going to be getting some of the possible severe weather in chester, bucks and montgomery counties, those are some of the pennsylvania suburbs we've listed here. in philadelphia tonight, not as cool as last night across most of the area. it is going to be dry. and the humidity is going to start rising as we go through the night. so instead of lows in the 40s that we saw last night, we are seeing lows in the 50s to near 60. more on the timing of those storms with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes. >> okay, glenn. see you then. as the week comes to an end, that enmoos nbc 10 responds and here to answer your consumer questions. >> my favorite part of the week. all right. so harry, best from philly asks what should i do if a person calls and says that my computer needs to be repaired? >> well, listen, we get a lot of these calls and first of all let
4:33 pm
me tell you, the legitimate tech support companies they say they do not call you. they only respond when you call them. the fbi adding the attorney general office has gotten compliance. how to protect yourself do it right away. go ahead and hang up. resist the pressure to act and quickly give out personal information. and if you think you've been scammed, contact the fbi. let your bank know some unauthorized person may have your account information. >> speaking of banks, another person issing what should ri do if i think i owe less than the bank says i do? >> financial experts i talked to at the unified bank and trust company, a 140-year-old financial institution based in bucks county. makes three points. the first two help to prevent any misunderstanding. understand the terms, such as, do you have a fixed or variable rate? check your statement often, at least once a month, and if there is a problem, ask your lend for
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a complete printout of all payments and how they were applied. >> good to keep up with the paperwork. don't feel like it's piling up for no reason. look at in sometime, actually. >> before sticking it in the drawer. >> great advice and good information as always. if you have a consumer complaint for nbc 10 response, head to our website and click on the nbc 10 response page and fill out the form. and harry will come and take that out and sort it out for us himself, and give us a call. that's 610-668-respond. more than 200 high school seniors celebrated mass and their graduation at the cathedral basilica and st. peter and paul today. receiving their deploem 345iplo. four serving in the military and one entering the seminary to
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pursue the priesthood. a food fight coming to allentown of sorts. changing their name to the cheesesteaks for one night only. the phillies aaa affiliate is hosting salute to philadelphia night. the cheesesteaks sport black jerseys steaks written on the front in a font dripping in cheez whiz. the team asking them to use #team pi and #team without, to vote for which cap the players wear. >> all right. sticking with the food theme, wendy's warning up next with the burger chain uncovering at its restaurant. >> and see what uber is about to let passenger doss. those stories and much more ahead on nbc news 10 at 4:00.
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. uber is making a u-turn to let riders start schedulingal trips. the ride-sharing service will allow in uber ex user to reserve
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rides up to 30 days in advance. last year the company had no plans for scheduled ride but rival lyft just began offering them so uber is testing this in seattle now and may eventually offer it everywhere. a warning now if you've used your credit card at wendy's for the past year. the burger chain found more unusual use of its credit card after a cyber attack discovered back in january. targeting stores, point of sales system, the company says more than 300 of its restaurants were impacted. here's a strange question for you. what do a chicken claw a crew fixx and toy sheriff star all have in common? >> i have no idea but already know the answer to the question, i did cheat. i'll let you know. some of the bizarre items that doctors in boft haven't had to remove from kids' throats, noses and ears. hmm. a new collection at boston children's hospital is displaying the dozens of items
4:40 pm
that date back to 1918. i wonder who put that there? >> there's a project. >> painstaking process. actually a tribute to a former doctor who removed most of the items himself. i guess he became a pro at it. these day, discs, button and laundry detergent pods among the top things kids swallow. >> a chicken claw? how did that happen? to this now. turning a bask into big time money. >> the world knows her as chewbacca mom. became a viral sensation strapping on a "star wars" mask and now is cashing in on her sudden stardom. well, tracking a stormy saturday after a fabulous friday. let's you know what to expect in your neighborhood, next.
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center city philadelphia, opening night for the philadelphia area's only festival celebrating the works of latino and latin-american filmmake filmmakers. >> nbc 10, proud sponsors of festival. reporter carolina cordova is live in center city. hey, carolina. >> reporter: hey, guys. how are you doing? tonight is the grand opening night for the latino film festival here at the kimmel center, at about 6:30 at night is when it will start and the programming includes several short films, one of them is titled "normal," about the political turmoil right now going on in venezuela. also we spoke with one of the organizers for this event, and this is what she said to us earlier today. >> the idea is really to create a space to celebrate the work of emerging and well-known latino filmmakers. a combination of nurturing the local talent and the same time showcasing the incredible talent of filmmakers across latin america.
4:45 pm
>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glen "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, most of our weekend is going to be dry, but there may be about an hour's worth that you're going get pretty rough. a first alert out noofor that, lehigh county, pennsylvania suburbs and central new jersey, including mercer county, and that's generally between 3:00 and 6:00 tomorrow. the greatest threat is for damaging winds. remember, we had a lot of damaging wind reports in the last couple of days. we've got beautiful picture the at the shore. it's likely to stay beautiful for most of the weekend, but
4:46 pm
it's not going to stay that way for the entire weekend. now, the temperature generally going way up from the 70s to up near 90 degrees tomorrow. and 86 degrees on sunday. the severe threat -- well that is -- from detroit all the way to the east coast. to new jersey. during the day tomorrow, and especially true for later in the, in the day. this is the line of storms long, long way away in wisconsin that has the greatest threat of coming here. now, this is saturday morning. so here we are, saturday morning. there's no storms. so, go ahead and do your thing in the morning. it could be a brief shower in some spots before noontime, but that's way out ahead of the main system. most of the day, like i said, it's sunny.
4:47 pm
but as we go into the afternoon, 3:00 up towards the lehigh valley, 4:00 to 5:00 in around the philadelphia area, these colors, these purpling you don't see very often. these could be very, very strong storms, but they're moving so fast, the heavy rain, the lightning, whatever, is not going to last that long, and then it just goes down to the shore and that is -- you know, by 6:00. so between 3:00 and 6:00, it goes through the entire area. anything moving that fast has the potential for very strong, gusty winds. for tomorrow at the shore, late in the day and into the evening the thunderstorms come. sunday, windy. a land breeze. that's why it's 82 degrees. and wildwood, 78 degrees with a late-day storm, and sunday once again, 80 degrees.
4:48 pm
and back up in the pocono mountains, only in the 70s tomorrow, with those showers and storms. not a lot of sunshine there, and more sunshine sunday, but it is on the cooler side. now, as we go through the rest of the weekend, most of it is dry. tomorrow we're up near 90 degrees. then 86 degrees on sunday. i don't expect any rain sunday, but it's going to be windy. talking about 20 positive 30 mi -- 20 to 30 mile-an-hour winds with higher gusts. also 20 to 30 mile-per-hour winds on monday. tuesday we've got another weak system coming in with a chance of showers. you can see temperatures closer to average for this time of the year. the average high about 81 degrees. wednesday, a chance of showers. we don't see any strong systems coming in and a good bit of the second five days in our ten-day forecast looks dry, and we could be getting some more heat by the end of next weekend.
4:49 pm
>> thanks, glenn. squabble in the sand. >> yes. the shore is all set for an upcoming show, but the planned party could be xrabed. wh scrapped. what some people are concerned could happen next. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street. voting to let banks continue their risky practices. and supporting huge tax breaks for millionaires, but higher taxes on working families. no wonder he's gotten millions from wall street. pat toomey. right for wall street. wrong for pennsylvania. senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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controversy brewing over a two-day music festival in wildwood next month. the company behind morey pierce is trying to block the return of beach flow to the sand. >> a lawsuit claims with underage drinking drug use and other problems at a beach flow concert two years ago. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter
4:53 pm
greenburgh is live with how show organizers are fighting to keep the show on tact. >> reporter: rosemary and jim a court hearing related to the controversy is set for monday. the people behind this lawsuit believe beach glow shows are dangerous, a nuisance and don't belong in a family resort setting. claiming the concert producers call frivolous and baseless. ♪ >> reporter: just weeks before the music starts pumping on the sand again in wildwood, a legal battle looms over its return. >> there really should be no argument whatsoever with what we are doing. >> reporter: gerard is president of beach flow concerts for charity. the organization is fighting this lawsuit filed by the company behind local amusement giant morey's piers which wants to stop beach flow from having its music festival july 8th and
4:54 pm
9th, producers saying it will help bring music programs to underserved students. >> it's a fabulous thing and i just don't understand the motivation and why the morey organization feels they need to crush us. >> reporter: the lawsuit points to alleged problems during beach flow's initial electronic dance concert two years ago between morey's mariners and adventure piers including profanity blaring from the stage, plus widespread drug usage and underaged drinking. >> we completely refused those claims. they are so exaggerated over what happened and many of the claims are actually for an event that happened in the city of wildwood, not inside our event rcht it's not a beautiful event to say, oh, yeah, families will come down for that. it's not a family event. >> reporter: the morey's organization is also suing the city of wildwood for going back on its earlier commitment to keep beach glow from returning after the 2014 concert. city leaders saying this time security will be tighter, perform, will have their mike the silenced if they swear and the venue is moving about ten
4:55 pm
blocks south with the sound directed toward the ocean. >> sometimes take offense that i'm not allowed to change my mind. you know, why they put erasers on the end of pencils. >> reporter: no one from more ip was available for an interview today but in a statement given to me a short time ago, the company says had warned beach glow in february before they signed a contract with the city that morey's would go to court to stop another concert. live in wildwood, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank for that, ted. a quick break, and we'll be right back.
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right now on nbc 10 news -- the greatest. more than 100,000 people turned out, loved ones, friends, family, to remember boxing legend muhammad ali at an interfaith memorial service. live right now in louisville. let's listen in. >> when his mother died he arranged for multiple faith to represent her at her funeral and wanted the same for himself. we are especially grateful for the presence of diverse faith leaders here today and i would like to ask them to stand once more and be recognized. [ applause ] thank you. thank you very much.
4:59 pm
[ applause ] >> you know, as i reflect on the life of my husband it's easy to see his talents. his majesty in the ring as he danced under those lights enshined him as a champion for the ages. less obvious the extraordinary sense of timing. if not for being in the right place at the right place, seemed to be ordained by a higher power, even though surrounded by jim crow he was born into a family with two parents that nurtured and encouraged him. he was placed on the path of his dreams by a white cop and had teachers who understood his dreams and wanted him to succeed. the olympic gold medal came and the world started to take notice.
5:00 pm
a group of successful businessmen in louisville called the louisville sponsoring group saw his potential, and helped him build a runway to launch his career. his timing was impeccable as he burst into the national stage. just as television was hungry for a star, it changed the face of sports. you know, if muhammad didn't like the rules, he rewrote them. his religion, his name, his beliefs were his to fashion, no matter what the cost. the timing of his actions coincided with a broader shift in cultural al tuttitudes acros america. particularly on college campuses. when he challenged the u.s. government on the draft his chance of success was slim to none. the timing of his decision con verpged wi e verged with a rising discontent


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