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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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. right now at 11:00, a young singer silenced too soon. a south jersey community is in shock following the murder of a
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woman who rose to fame on nbc's "the voice." a gunman ambushed christina grimmie last night as she signed autographs for fans. a memorial is set up at grimmie's former high school. the community is devastated. >> reporter: that's right. a lot of people were emotional as they came down here to drop off flowers at a memorial garden. they said one of the most gifted people to ever walk the halls here is gone way too soon. ♪ >> back where it all started for christina grimmie, the singer wowed the church she attended for years. >> i would say one of the most joyful people i've met and humble. >> this time there were tears in the eyes of the people who watched this tribute still trying to process what happened
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at an orlando concert. >> i heard three popping noises. >> reporter: police say he had two guns and a knife and shot grimmie while she was signing autographs. the singer's brother tackled the man who then shot himself. >> heroic actions by marcus grimmie who jumped in. >> reporter: investigators don't believe he knew grimmie personally. >> it's horrifying. >> reporter: news hit hard in her native south jersey. >> i'm in a state of disbelief. >> reporter: people were her from school and on television from "the voice." >> a nice, happy person. you don't think something would happen to a person like that. >> reporter: and new jersey's governor and the mayor of the township are offering condolences tonight. the school has grief counsellors here to help students and fans deal with this tragedy.
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>> thank you, drew. and "the voice" tweeted, there are no words. we lost a beautiful soul with an amazing voice. our hearts go out to the friends, fans, and family of the real grimmie. for more tributes to grimmie and the latest on the investigation, tap on the nbc 10 app. new at 11:00, a deadly shooting in north philadelphia. someone opened fire on a 37-year-old man near 20th street and susquehanna avenue this afternoon. medics rushed the victim to temple hospital where he died from his injuries. police are still looking for the shooter tonight. new, a chain reaction crash sent three people to the hospital, including an 11-year-old boy. a man driving the volkswagen crashed into the white nissan. police say he then ran over the boy who was walking on west lehigh avenue before slamming into a building. the woman is listed in critical
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condition tonight. the boy and other driver are expected to be okay. turning now to our weather. a hot and humid night after we managed to escape that rain. nbc 10 on south street where the crowds were enjoying street pub philadelphia. but there are changes in store for your sunday. let get a look at your weather. >> we dodged some strong storms today. so we kept it quiet. great news for those of you with outdoor plans. the changes tomorrow i think will be good changes. it will be warm and muggy tonight. the humidity hasn't dropped and the temperature won't be dropping a lot. 83 in philadelphia and trenton. 82 for those in vineland. 82 in coatesville. still warm out there after reaching 91 in philadelphia earlier this afternoon. the radar is all clear. we have dry air extending all the way back into the high plains. no wet weather in the forecast for us. breezy in wildwood.
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but tomorrow the winds will be picking up. we'll take a look at how strong the winds are going to be and when our next rain chance is in the forecast. in decision 2016, donald trump goes on the defensive while campaigning today in the battleground state of florida. the presumptive republican nominee denied claims that he is racist. >> i am the least racist person that you've ever met. believe me. the least racist person. >> trump also called hillary clinton crooked and that mitt romney was a stone cold loser for not backing his candidacy. another endorsement for hillary clinton. the reverend jesse jackson announced he will back hillary for president. he says she is the most qualified candidate. this is after endorsements for president obama, vice president biden and elizabeth warren of
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massachusetts. drexel held commencement today. for the first time the university honored all of its 3,000 grants in a single ceremony. it used to hold smaller ceremonies because they didn't have a place big enough. team usa beat paraguay today in copa america. >> the biggest winner is the city of philadelphia. 75,000 fans are expected to fill the link over three games bringing in $41 million. it's june but football is back at the link.
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and it has nothing to do with the eagles. >> around the world. except for the united states. >> reporter: copa america is in day two in lincoln financial field. the fans donned red, white, and blue colors, the colors of america and their opponent, paraguay. >> normally have to go to brazil or russia for the next world cup. but this is in our backyard. it's awesome. >> reporter: this is the first time the elite soccer tournament has been played outside of south america. philadelphia is one of ten cities hosting the games. >> it's amazing to have it in the u.s. it's amazing. especially to build up soccer in the u.s. >> reporter: fans hope it brings other elite tournaments back to the states and more specifically to this region. >> it's a great place to be here today. it's a great party. >> we'll bring you highlights
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from the game later in sports. next up, chile is taking on panama on tuesday night. ♪ going viral, why philly police are showing off fancy footwork in a new video. and how a community celebrated two high school students set to serve our country in the armed forces. the washington nationals continue to be a thorn in the side of the phillys pitcher. and carson wentz talked about his progress learning the offense. that's coming up.
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the philadelphia police department has answered the call in the running man challenge. and our men and women in blue took the dance to a new level in a video posted online today. check it out. ♪ at night i think of you i want to be your lady baby ♪ >> it's a spoof of the running man challenge video popping up all over the internet. it shows officers and staffers dancing all over the city as neighbors join in. even the nbc 10 morning news team showed off their moves. it's look windy but less humid for tomorrow. but we'll take a look at how long the dry weather is going to last. i'll have that information for you in your neighborhood weather coming right up.
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a special sendoff today for two local high school students about to begin a career in america's armed forces. they spent their high school years working at this mcdonald's on chamber street in trenton. and the restaurant held a ceremony to honor the two men for their commitment to our country. >> it was amazing knowing that you have so many people behind you. it's a wonderful feeling. >> jim will join the army after graduating this month and eric will serve in the marine corps. new at 11:00, emergency
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responders are now better prepares to react to freight train derailments and oil spills. county officials held a full scale training exercise today. crews focused on containment and clean up of oil that could spill from a wreck. hundreds filled the streets in a show of support for people with disabilities. nbc 10 at the national constitution center as demonstrators stepped off in the city's disability pride parade. they marched all the way to the steps of city hall. it celebrates diversity and calls attention to the rights of people with disabilities. hundreds of people raced up and down the plateau for the generation run. it's put on by an organization that mentors students through running. runners braved the hills and humidity to complete that 5 k.
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money raised will help expand the program to more philadelphia schools. and a great opportunity to enjoy some fun in the sun with a four-legged friend. nbc 10 in camden county for doggie fun day. after competing in a 5 k run and walk, pet owners took their dogs to enjoy canine activities and proceeds from the event benefit the animal welfare association. thankfully no storms today to disrupt any of that but it was hot out there. the hottest day of the year in philadelphia. the high today, 91 degrees. the fifth 90-degree day of the year. and you can see the temperatures haven't come down a lot. still at 85 in philadelphia. we take a closer look at the neighborhood. 85 in society hill. 87 in penn fort. 82 in west mt. ari.
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and now let's look at the shore. 78 in atlantic city. 82 in upper township. as we head into tomorrow still looking warm. the winds will be on the increase. we're talking gusts to 35 miles an hour and relatively seasonal temperatures over the course of the next couple days. we have very nice weather to talk about. and temperatures will be moderating after a very hot afternoon for today obviously. again the winds are on the increase not so much tonight. early in the morning, 8:30 gusts to 15 miles an hour in philadelphia. mostly later in the afternoon. this model giving us gusts to 22 miles an hour. but i'm thinking they will be a little stronger up to 30 miles an hour through the course of the afternoon. but if you take a look at the direction of the wind gusts, a northwest wind will bring in a more refreshing air mass as the day goes on. we'll notice the humidity drop
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in the course of the afternoon. dry air in place right now extending all the way out into the high and central plains. no immediate threats in terms of wet weather for us. we get a break for sunday and into the start of the workweek as well. your high in philadelphia tomorrow, 86 with plenty of sunshine. same for allentown, ocean city, 85. same for the greenville area. it will be windy but that will allow the humidity to drop in the course of the afternoon. millville, 83. as we head up to atlantic city, partial sunshine with temperatures into the lower 80s. it's not a day that will be significantly cooler toward the shore. some of the shore points will be in the low 80s as well. in trenton bright and sunny, 84 degrees. and morristown a high of 83 degrees for sunday afternoon. very nice on sunday albeit windy. monday we start to cloud up in
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the south here. on tuesday and wednesday can't rule out a spotty shower but not looking too bad into the middle of the week with temperatures not too far from normal at least in through wednesday. the phillys entered the noon start in d.c. having lost four straight to the nationals but they had their most consistent pitcher on the bump who has been flat out spectacular since april. into the day with nine straight quality starts but things fell apart. second inning, drew an r.b.i. base knock. bryce harper four r.b.i. knocks. the shortest outing as a philly
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and they weren't done. and pulled one down the line. at least that is an extra base hit. two runs score on the double. a rough afternoon for the phillies losing 8-0. and the belmont stakes. the final race of the triple crown. exaggerator was the favorite but virtually a nonfactor. down the stretch it's destin in the lead but the late charge by creator. and creator judging by a nose in the photo fillish. let's turn to football. the eagles have rest and relaxation time before training camp begins july 24th. it won't be all rest for the q.b.s though. they will meet and work out in san diego. that includes rookie carson wentz who is anxious to learn as much as he can.
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wentz has been participating in otas and mini camp and talked about his progress. >> i feel good. you know, i feel like i'm continually learning. i feel like i'm comfortable with the offense and everything. there is a lot to learn and a lot of nuances and fine details with the offense. progression and look forward to continuing that. usa and paraguay today. and it's clint dempsey. his 51st international goal. the u.s. advances to the knockout stage of the tournament beating paraguay 1-0. that's a look at sports. we'll be right back. dear fellow citizen, time spent with my son really makes me appreciate "the now". but i also have to plan for my family's future.
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queen elizabeth celebrated her 90th birthday with a parade and appearance on the balcony appearance today. it is the first appearance for
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young princess charlotte. the official celebration is always set in june because the weather is much better than in april. she is 90 and we saw temperatures in the 90s today. >> i love the green get up. >> as we head into tomorrow temperatures are going to be coming down just a little bit. not as hot as today. still look nice. a nice amount of sunshine here. looking sunny and warm. in the afternoon it will be warm out there but the winds are going to pick up as well. gusts to 35 miles an hour. but you can see in many spots with highs in the lower 80s. a nice afternoon and even into the start of the workweek it is look good. >> sounds great. that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. "saturday night live" is next.
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>> and now a message from senator ted cruz. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, hello. i was just reading my conscience a bedtime story. now, some of you may have already seen me in tonight's republican debate in new hampshire. and if you missed it, here's a quick recap.


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