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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  June 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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today, planned attack. police in florida release new information into the killing of "the voice" singer christina grimmie. we're live in her hometown with reaction. we'll have all the details on the area's largest lgbt celebrati celebration. we've got some changes in our first alert forecast. good morning. this is nbc10 news today. it's 5:30 on this sunday. karen thomas is watching the weather this morning. karen? >> yes, indeed, we are watching
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the weather, and we're also feeling quite warm. sun officially rise 5:33 this morning. we're looking live at the boardwalk here. warm. 78 degrees currently in philadelphia. these are current numbers. it's already 81 degrees in dover, delaware. and i don't think the sun is up but just a few minutes away officially. doppler radar shows we do have some clouds around. very few light up to the north and west of philadelphia, but really dry conditions in our area. we're going to remain dry for a good couple of days. current wind speed and direction, we've got some breezy conditions down here in southern new jersey. 13 miles per hour out of the southwest. everywhere else just a light breeze. we do anticipate these winds to be picking up through the
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afternoon. in fact, we could get peak wind gusts at about 35 miles per hour. i'll be back. more to talk about the wind and breezy conditions leading into our monday as well as a look at the ten-day in just a bit. breaking news into nbc10. we're just learning about a shooting at a nightclub in orlando, florida. you're looking at the first video and pictures from the scene. police responded about 2:00 this morning after reports of multiple injuries. the club posted a note on its web page saying everyone get out of pulse and keep running. we're hearing that police trucks are now helping to transport people away from that club. we're going to be following this. stay with us right here for updates. that breaking news comes just one day after the murder of burlington county native christina grimmie.
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authorities say that kevin drove from st. petersburg, florida, to orlando specifically to attack the contestant of "the voice." according to investigators, he shot and killed grimmie as she signed autographs following a concert friday night. grimmie had many friends, fans, and family in south jersey. as you can see, people dropped off flowers outside the school yesterday. at the church where she and her family attended, they played a special tribute to the singer last night. >> such a talented, nice, happy person. you don't think something would happen to a person like that. >> grimmie located to los angeles a few years ago. friends say she was always
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gracious and humble. adam levine was grimmie's coach on "the voice." he tweeted this message, we're absolutely devastated and heartbroken by christina grimmie's death. you can read the latest on the investigation into christina grimmie's death, plus there's more on her background. new in this morning police are investigating a deadly shooting at the scene of a car crash in philadelphia. nbc10 was on devereaux treat last night where police found a driver shot in the head and slumped over the wheel of this nissan. a second person injured in the nissan is now being treated at the hospital. police believe an argument may have led to the shooting. philly police are also investigating a double shooting in south philadelphia. it happened last night. a second man wounded by the
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gunfire is in critical condition. so far in arrests. today, philadelphia will host its 28th annual pride parade and festival. it's the region's largest celebration. the fund begins this morning at 11:30. the parade steps off from 13th and locust streets. it features food, music, and other live entertainment. one of the biggest african-american festivals in the country will happen in university city today. it celebrating the new year with live music, hundreds of vendors, african caribbean and soul food. that begins at 10:00 this morning. a half mile stretch of beach in su srssex county will be clo.
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a nest was found at the park's pond. the public will not be allowed on the beach between the observation towers and the herring point dune crossover. it will remain closed until the last of the chicks are able to fly away. a u.s. senator from new jersey wants to create a commendation for military dogs and their handlers. menendez says military working dogs have served on the front lines since world war i. 5:36 on this sunday. donald trump brings his message to pennsylvania. the republican candidate remains on the attack this morning not against his democratic rivals, but his own party. we'll talk about the latest challenge for the presidential candidate coming up.
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good morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. taking a look at our neighborhood forecast this morning, a steamy start to our sunday morning. 78 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's 78 in vineland. the same in atlantic city. look at dover, delaware. 81 degrees at this earl hour. just a few clouds around. radar showing we're dry, but we just have a few clouds. for the most part, though, we are looking for sunshine today. really, the big part of our weather story will be the winds. breezy conditions to the south right now. winds out of the southwest, will be coming out of the northwest later on this afternoon. we do have a dry front moving through the area. it's going to cut the humidity later on today, but it's also going to increase our winds. for philadelphia, 78, 79 degrees right now. the sun officially rises up at
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5:33. we're right on target there. 82 degrees by 8:00 a.m. we are looking for a high today in philadelphia of 86 degrees before it's all said and done. plenty of sunshine on tap. the winds will be kicking up and we are looking for stronger wind gusts through the afternoon. rosemary. >> thanks for that, karen. now to decision 2016. western pennsylvania is the latest campaign stop for donald trump as he widens his attacks in the presidential campaign. the presumptive republican nominee rallied supporters in suburban pittsburgh last night. he also took aim at the gop establishment, struggling or unwilling to support him. and that includes former nominee mitt romney. >> he says, donald trump may have racial tendencies. he lost, he choked, like a dog,
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he choked. now it's time for somebody else. we're going to win, folks. >> trump's stop in pennsylvania capped a weekend tour of battleground states that also included virginia and florida. tomorrow, he plans to deliver a speech aimed at the clintons. speaking of hillary clinton, she picked up another high profile endorsement, the reverend jesse jackson. clinton has added that jackson's -- she's added the endorsement to president obama, vice president biden and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. senator sanders will be sitting down with moderator chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press" this morning. 5:41 right now on this sunday. about 79 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. so police are used to walking the beat. butdancing to the
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beat? ♪ philly police are showing off fancy footwork and becoming viral sensations. see what has them dancing in the streets. that's next.
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this morning, we're following some breaking news out of west philadelphia. we're live on the scene right now of 43rd and chestnut streets where there's been a fire. right now, we're not seeing any flames at least from our vantage point. plenty of crews are out there. we're not hearing there are any injuries, but we presume that firefighters have evacuated any residents of that apartment building. we're going to keep watching this and keep you posted throughout the newscast. happening right now, the ben franklin bridge is closed for the next two hours for a charity event. police shut down the bridge to traffic just moments ago for the
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american cancer society's annual charity bicycle ride. it will be closed until just about 7:45 this morning. the service that travels over the bridge will not be affected. >> if you're looking for something to do today, it's the kickoff for one of wilmington's most popular events. the theme this year is the italian renaissance. you can enjoy food, ride, artwork, and nightly concerts. it begins this afternoon at 2:00. also today, a block party and barbecue in spring garden caps off philly beer week. it is this afternoon from 2:00 to 7:00. you can find tons of eat, ice cream, rare beers, spirits, you name it, they got it. admission is free. if you have an iphone like a lot of us do, you may be hearing from siri a lot more than you
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like. it's just one of the stories in business this week. >> reporter: disney buying china and maybe striking at macy's, all in the week ahead. apple expected to announce significant upgrades to its siri voice recognition software. and disney's magic kingdom gets bigger on wednesday when disney's latest resort officially opens in shanghai. the new park cost about $5.5 billion. the week ahead was supposed to be when the federal reserve raised interest rates. weak jobs growth in may has pushed back expectations until july or later. we shall see. the fed holds a meeting this tuesday and wednesday. also on wednesday, the producer price index will show the
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inflation rate on the whole sale level for may. may housing starts come out on friday. one-day earnings report expected during the week from oracle. it is due thursday. finally macy's faces a wednesday strike deadline unless it can agree on a new union back in new york city. get all your business news on cnbc. the philadelphia police department has answered the call in the running man challenge. our men and women in blue took the dance to a whole new level. take a look. ♪ that song is so old, but i love it. it's a spoof of running man challenge voost popping up all over the internet. it shows officers and staffers dancing all over the city as the
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neighborhoods joined in. detroit police posted their own running man challenge calling out philadelphia police to respond. philly police showed up for it. in other news this morning, in mercer county, two students about to begin careers in the armed forces got a special sendoff yesterday. they spent their high school years working at this mcdonald's in trenton. the restaurant held a ceremony to honor both young men. >> it was amazing knowing you have so many people behind you. it's just a wonderful feeling. >> jim rivera will join the army after his graduation. eric nalla will serve in the marine corps. ♪ this is actually my favorite song. you can feel the vibe from a
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block party celebrating the new community health and literacy center in south philly. kids and adults enjoyed a free day of fun and treats. the children's hospital of philadelphia, the library of philadelphia teamed up to build the center which opened last month. all right. good morning, everyone. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we're checking our weather headlines. what a beautiful picture of the beach. if you're lucky enough to be at the beach this weekend, good for you. warm and humid conditions this morning, and then we're looking for stronger winds later this afternoon. it really is going to feel like a summer day. breezy and less humid for tomorrow. so the humidity will stay with us for at least the start of our sunday, but then we are looking for the humidity to improve sunday into monday. looking live right now in
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wilmington, delaware. i just love this. when the sun comes up and peeks through the buildings. it almost looks like it's a recording. but no, it's live. temperatures on the steamy side waking up this morning. if you're just having your first cup of coffee and you stick your head outside, it's going to feel like an afternoon temperature. we're close to 80 degrees in philadelphia. 76 in delaware. 81, the further south we go in delaware. we do have sunshine just a few fair weather clouds in and around philadelphia. south jersey not doing too badly. 78 degrees with clear skies there. 76 in washington township. just pick your neighborhood. 78 degrees in robinsville and florence. these temperatures are going to be increasing. we're not going to get as warm as we did yesterday. we topped out at 92 degrees in
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philadelphia yesterday. so we'll be in the mid-80s today for high temperatures. our winds are checking in slowly but surely. 12 miles per hour in coatsville. winds out of the west-southwest right now. here is the futurecast for our wind gust as we move through time on our sunday. not doing too badly with our winds right now. we could be getting up here into the 20-mile-per-hour range later this afternoon. we could see peak wind gusts at about 35, 40 miles per hour, especially down there along the shoreline. satellite radar has a few clouds around, but we are looking for a mostly sunny day. doppler radar showing high pressure in place, so we will stay dry. futurecast, just a few clouds around. we will stay dry, though, it's
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looking like right now. the front coming through today's a dry front. dry conditions all the way through tuesday into wednesday. we go ahead and give you the ten-day outlook for philadelphia. we are high and dry as we move on through the rest of today and the start of the next workweek. you don't need your umbrellas until about wednesday night into thursday. thursday/friday looking like a few showers. after that, clear skies and plenty of sunshine. coming up next in sports, the washington nationals continue to be a thorn in the side of the philly's pitcher. plus, carson wentz talks about his progress learning doug peterson's offense. it's all in your sunday morning sports when we return. to grow up.
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but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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hey, good morning to you from comcast sportsnet.
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how about some baseball? the philly's entered saturday after having lost four straight cams to the nationals. ye pitcher aaron nola on the bump. he entered the day with nine straight quality starts since that april game against washington. but things fell apart. 1-0 nationals. still in the second, it's 2-0. michael a. taylor singles in a run. abi knock, 4-0 nationals. it's like death by inches here. they weren't done, though. fifth inning, banks one down the line. at least it's an extra base hit. rough afternoon for the phillies. to the belmont stakes now. preakness winner exaggerator entered as the favorite but was
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virtually a non-factor. here they come down the stretch. look at the late charge by creator. as they come to the finish, oh, my, creator edging destin by a nose in a photo finish. creator is your 2016 belmont stakes champion. the eagles just wrapped up mini camp and have some rest and relaxation. it won't be all rest for the qbs. they plan to meet and work out together in san diego. that includes rookie carson wentz. the plan is for wentz to grow under sam bradford. he talked about his progress with the o. >> i feel good. you know, i feel like i'm continually learning. i feel like i'm comfortable with the offense and everything. there's a lot still to learn and
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fine details with the offense. i feel good with my progression and looking forward to continuing that. usa and paraguay at u.s. financial field. the only goal this match. u.s. advances to the knockout stage of the tournament beating them 1-0. beautiful day for golf. longer lining up the birdie putt. back to back birds. two under par, you can see the final round sunday on golf channel. the philadelphia soul in trenton saturday due to democratic convention preparations here at wells fargo center. they rough up the l.a. kiss. soul rocking all night long. soul beat the kiss 73-67. that is it for sports from
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comcast sportsnet. it's 5:57 right now on this sunday. armed to kill. that's how the police describe the man accused of murdering local "voice" contestant christina grimmie. her friends are now speaking about the loss as the investigation into her murder continues. and waking up early this sunday morning, we have plenty of sunshine on tap. live, beautiful shot down there at cape may new jersey. we are dry, but winds will be picking up and we do have some changes in the forecast. stay tuned. your full forecast is coming up.
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that breaking news, a nightclub shooting in orlando, florida, with reports of many people injured. police are on the scene right now where there's a hostage situation. we're going to have an update in just a moment. and singer silenced. police in orlando are also investigating why a complete stranger killed "the voice" contestant christina grimmie. we're live in her south jersey hometown. here's a live look at the ben fran


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