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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  June 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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that breaking news, a deadly mass shooting at an orlando nightclub. police are getting ready to hold a news conference right now. we're going to continue to monitor it and bring it to you live. new clues into the investigation of the former "the voice" contestant murdered after her friday concert. all new this morning, an underground fire knocks out power in center city. and when peco says the electricity will be back on. good morning, i'm rosemary con ners.
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it's 7:00 on this sunday. we're going to get to that breaking news in just a moment, but first, let's talk about our weather. looks great out there. clear skies, however, the humidity and the heat, it stayed with us overnight and it's already pretty steamy this morning. we're going to get a break though. meteorologist karen thomas has the details on that. >> we are going to get a break later on today. winds will be increasing for our sunday afternoon, but that humidity is going to give us a break later on. right now, we're looking at pretty warm temperatures out there. 80 degrees already with sunshine in new jersey. we've got bright blue skies in philadelphia at 78. 79 in the lehigh valley, 79 in delaware. anywhere you look, we've got just beautiful clear skies. that's pretty much going to be the call as our high temperatures bump up into the lower to mid-80s.
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average high this time of year 82. yesterday, we were 10 degrees above the average topping out at 92. the humidity is with us this morning, we do have a dry front slipping through the area. it is expected to bring less humid air into our region later on today. the winds will be increasiyb we are following breaking news in west philadelphia right now. this fire=ñ at an apartment3 building at 43rd and chestnut streets is now under control. we've learned that more than 100 people were evacuated from the building around 4:45 this morning. the american red cross is setting up a reception center right now at a nearby school for those residents. fortunately, no one was hurt. oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude.
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oh, my god, dude. >> as we mentioned at the top of the hour, the other breaking news we're following is out of orlando. gunfire erupted at a nightclub there ending in what police are calling a mass casualty situation. investigators now say a gunman who opened fire at the club around 2 ch:00 this morning is dead. they are getting ready to hold a news conference. we will bring some of it to you live. it's unclear how many people are wounded or dead. we're going to continue to stay on top of this and bring you updates throughout the newscast. this morning, we're waiting to learn more about the shooting that killed former "voice" contestant and south jersey native christina grimmie. she was shot friday night signing autographs after a concert in orlando. the gunman then shot herself. grimmie died early saturday morning.
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on youtube in 2009. she then rose to fame after competing on nbc's "the voice" in 2014. she quickly became a fan favorite. this morning, we know who shot her, but we still don't know why. xz braxton is live outside the church grimmie and her hwmily attendef i'm sure the community there is having a very difficult weekend. >> reporter: in two hours, parishioners will be arriving here where christina grimmie worshipped with her family. it's also where parishioners remembered that award-winning voice. ♪ a special video tribute during saturday services brought tears to the eyes of many assembled. those we spoke to remember the young woman with the glorious voice who worshipped with them
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before her family moved to california. >> one of the most joyful people i met and humble. >> i'm sort of in a state of disbelief. >> reporter: grimmie's death shocked those who knew her at share -- cherokee high school. the fame she earned when she placed third on nbc's "the voice" had not changed her. right now, we're waiting word from authorities on the motive in her death and awaiting word on funeral arrangements. live in medford, nbc10 news. >> thanks for that. grimmie was on team adam. he tweeted this picture yesterday with a message that he and his wife are devastated and broken -- heartbroken, rather. we posted more on the nbc10 app.
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new this morning, peco is fixing an underground cable that caught fire and knocked out power in center city last night. nbc10 was on the scene near 12th and locust treats. the power cut electricity to a nearby bar and dozens of homes and apartments. peco tells uspe.t power should restored sometime later on this morning. right now, you cannot driver over the ben franklin bridge. it's closed to traffic for the american cancer society's annual charity bicycle ride. police shut down the bridge right about 5:45 this morning. it's scheduled to reopen 7:45. have you ever had trouble with your insurance company getting them to pay out a medical claim? >> got rejected four times for different reasons. >> dad from delaware county had that problem and gave up trying to fight the company alone. we'll show you how nbc10
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responds. plus, the philadelphia police department is showing off its moves in a new running man video. we'll show you who from the nbc10 team was featured in that video. that's all coming up. i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we'll go ahead and look at our planner for today. plenty of sunshine. really just a few fair weather
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clouds around. skies will be mostly clear today. looking at temperatures in the 80s. plenty of sunshine. warming up into the lower to mid-80s. even the lehigh valley. look at this. nothing but sun. temperatures not doing too badly. as we move on through the afternoon as winds will be increasing really all across the area. but forecast looking really pretty nice, especially down here at the jersey shore. just will be windy especially at the coastline. today, don't be alarmed if you hear more loud blasts coming from joint base mcguire. soldiers will be resuming their.
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you may feel the ground shake a little bit or hear a loud noise. again, this is all a drill. emergency responders in montgomery county are now better prepared to react to freight train derailment and oil spills. they held a full-scale exercise in king of prussia yesterday. >> you never know what might hit you, but we do our best. this is to see if the many aspects of a large-scale response, how well that they can work together. >> some 150 emergency responders participated in the exercise at the abrams railyard along the schuylkill river. as we mentioned at the top of the hour, we're following breaking news out of orlando. a deadly mass shooting at a nightclub early this morning. we told you there would be a news conference coming up. let's listen in. >> the men and women of opd, the
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orange county sheriff's office, seminole county sheriff's office. we have great cooperation from the fbi, all our law enforcement agencies. fire departments from orlando, seminole county and orange county and all of the hospital personnel working through the night. we are strong, resilient community. tonight, we had a crime that will have a lasting effect on our community. we need to stand strong. we need to be supportive of the victims and their families. i'm going to ask the chief to explain what happened. >> good morning. so at approximately 0202 hours this morning, we had an officer working at pulse nightclub who responded to shots fired. our officer engaged in a gun battle with that suspect. the suspect at some point went back inside the club where more shots were fired. this did turn into a hostage
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situation. from there, obviously multiple officers from various agencies responded, s.w.a.t. team responded. at approximately 0500 hours this morning, the decision was made to rescue hostages that were in there. our officers exchanged gunfire with the suspect. the suspect is dead. he appeared to be carrying a rifle, an assault type rifle and a handgun and had some type of device on him. that's what we're doing right now, checking the area for devices. there are multiple people that are dead inside. i don't want to give anyone a number right now, but multiple people are dead inside pulse nightclub and at least 42 people have been transported to various hospitals around. so do not have an exact count. obviously our condolences go out
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to friends and family. we're going to continue to work with the fbi and department of law enforcement and orange county sheriff's office. at this time, i'll turn it over to the sheriff. >> thank you, chief. while this certainly is a -- >> we have been listening to a news conference out of orlando, florida, where there was a deadly shooting at a nightclub overnight. multiple people are dead. police say that there was a gunman inside this nightclub who opened fire. once police arrived and engaged him, a hostage situation unfolded. at one point, police went into rescue hostages. that's when they say they shot and killed the suspect. the suspect was apparently carrying an assault rifle, a handgun, and did have a device on him. authorities are checking the area around the nightclub. we're going to continue to follow this story and keep you posted throughout the newscast.
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coming up next, football is back at the link and it has nothing to do with the eagles. yesterday, team usa beat paraguay, but the real winner is philadelphia. we'll explain coming up.
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there was a lot to celebrate at lincoln financial field last night. team usa beat paraguay in the cope pa america soccer tournament. philadelphia is one of ten u.s. cities hosting the tournament. fans love it. >> normally i have to go to
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places like brazil or russia for the next world cup. but this is great. >> the link will host one final came in the copa america tournament. chile versus panama on tuesday night. good sunday morning. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. our weather story has winds increasing later on today, but we do have plenty of sunshine on tap. we're not going to be as warm and sticky as it was yesterday. we will have winds increasing later on with the humidity decreasing. then we're back to more seasonable temperatures next workweek. few clouds around, but mostly sunny skies across the entire delaware valley. really just a beautiful morning. looks really pretty nice. we're at 80 degrees in south
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jersey. as i said, nothing but sun. maybe you're going to head out early, take a jog or stroll. you're going to need the shades and the sun block for sure. lehigh valley right now 79 degrees with plenty of sunshine. 79 in delaware with sunshine as well. up here in the lehigh valley, pick your neighborhood, you can see your temperature. 76 degrees in redding. those temperatures will bump just a bit up into the lower to mid-80 fz high today. our current wind speed and direction out of the southwest at 15 miles per hour in dover, delaware. 13 miles per hour in millville. the winds will be increasing. we could have peak wind gusts of 35 to 40 miles per hour later on today. satellite radar showing we do have just a few fair weather clouds moving through the area
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out front of a boundary line. behind it, less humid air. radar has us dry. there's the good news. behind that boundary system, though, we're looking for a big bubble of high pressure to be building in from the west. that should keep our skies clear and we should be dry monday, tuesday, into wednesday because the high pressure will be building in here. for now, we're going to stay dry. futurecast put it into motion all the way through. even the weather models have us dry. we'll need the umbrellas come wednesday night into thursday. that's what it's looking like right now. take you through your neighborhood forecast today. not doing too badly. high in philadelphia, 86 degrees and plenty of sunshine. >> thanks for that, karen. july 4th, coming up real fast. if you haven't made plans yet, why don't you come hang out with us?
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we're going to be at the wawa welcome america festival. it's eight days of fun. starting june 27th and runs through july 4th. on our website and nbc10 app, you can look for stories, more information on the headliners and events scheduled. we now know who will represent delaware at the miss america pageant in september. amanda of middletown was crowned last night. we'll find out who will represent new jersey next weekend. miss pennsylvania will be crowned in pittsburgh a little bit later on this month. next, it's philadelphia's finest like you've never seen them before. busting a move. we'll tell you the story behind this viral video.
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the philadelphia police department has answered the call. in the running man challenge. our men and women in blue took the dance to a whole new level. take a look. ♪ at night, i think of you >> it's actually a spoof of running man challenge videos popping up all over the internet. it shows officers and other staffers dancing all over the city as neighbors join in on the fun. even the nbc10 morning news team showed off some moves. last month, detroit police called out philadelphia police to respond. they decided to take on the challenge. all right. to mercer county now where two students about to begin careers in the armed forces got a special sendoff yesterday. they spent their high school years working at this mcdonald's in trenton. the restaurant decided to hold a
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ceremony to 04a honor both younn for their commitment to our country. >> it was really amazing knowing that you have so many people behind you, the community, your job, your family. >> jim rivera will join the army after his graduation. eric nalla will serve in the marine corps. 7:26 right now. we continue to follow breaking news out of florida. a deadly mass shooting at a nightclub in orlando. we are just getting new information into our news room, we'll have the latest next. taking a look at the forecast. it is warm out there this early sunday morning. we do have plenty of sunshine and we are considering dry conditions later on today, but we do have some changes. some you may like, some you may not like. stay tuned. your forecast after the break.
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that breaking news we're following, we have new information about a deadly mass shooting at a nightclub in orlando. we're just learning how many people were killed, how many are fighting for their lives, and what happened to the gunman. that mass shooting marks the second one this second in orlando. on friday, former "voice" contestant was shot and killed. unfortunately, a violent night here in philadelphia. four people shot in two separate shootings. more on that coming up. good morning, this is nbc10 news today. it's just before 7:30 on this sunday. before we get to that breaking news, let's talk about our weather. we have changes ahead in the neighborhood forecast. good morning, karen. >> good morning, rosemary.
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some heavy stories there in the news, but as far as our weather, it's looking very nice outside. plenty of sunshine waking up this morning. if you're heading out for your jog or walk this morning, it's pretty warm out there. 80 degrees already in atlantic city. it's 81 currently in dover, delaware. 78 in philadelphia and close to 80 degrees north and west of philadelphia. as i said, plenty of sunshine. doppler radar has us dry. just a few clouds. satellite showing a few clouds moving through the area associated with a frontal system that's moving through, but it's dry and will stay dry for us today and tomorrow. part of our paert story later on today, you'll notice the winds increasing. current wind speeds clock the in millville at 13 miles per hour. westerly to the southwest. 15 miles per hour in dover. winds are going to shift to the
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northwest later on. increasing as we move through the morning hours. 16 miles per hour in allen town. we could feel peak wind gusts especially at the jersey shore of about 35 to 40 miles per hor later this afternoon. >> thanks for that, karen. oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. oh, my god, dude. >> that breaking news into nbc10, at least 20 people are dead and dozens are wounded following a shootout and hostage situation at a nightclub in orlando. just moments ago, police wrapped up a news conference in orlando. we learned from that news conference that an officer got into a shootout with a gunman at the club around 2:00 this morning. the gunman then opened fire inside the nightclub and took hostages. police later moved in to rescue those people and then shot and
7:32 am
killed the gunman. according to police, more than 40 people went to area hospitals. we're going to continue to follow this and bring you updates throughout the newscast. new this morning in our area, police are investigating a deadly shooting at the scene of a car crash in philly. nbc10 was on devereaux street last night where police found a driver shot in the head and slumped over the wheel of this nissan. a second person injured in the nissan is being treated at the hospital. police are also investigating a double shooting in south philly that left one man dead. it happened at tasker and south 18th streets. a second man wounded by gunfire is in critical condition. so far, no arrests in this case. back to orlando, police there are trying to figure out why exactly a man shot and criminaled christina grimmie. she was shot friday night
7:33 am
signing autographs after her concert. the gunman then shot himself. grimmie died early yesterday morning. monique braxton is live in fed ford this morning at the church where grimmie and her family attended. >> reporter: soon parishioners will begin arriving here for the 9:00 a.m. service. fellowship alliance is where grimmie and her family attended sunday services. the pastor tells us that they will continue saying prayers for the grimmie family. the 2014 "voice" finalist was cherished by many in south jersey. people dropped off flowers outside her school. at fellowship alliance, members witnessed a video tribute to the singer saturday evening. it's an emotional time for the church family. >> talented, nice, happy person. you don't think something would happen to a person like that. >> her brother had to see that,
7:34 am
it's horrifying. >> reporter: grimmie's brother witnessed then tackled the suspect, kevin loibl, after he shot christina. police say loibl had two guns and a knife. loibl committed suicide. the grimmie family relocated to los angeles a couple of years ago. pastors here at the church tell us, when the family returned for visits, christina was always humble, always taking time to chat with her many fans and those who loved her and saw her grow up here. live in medford, nbc10 news. we have continuing covering of grimmie's death right now on our website,, and on the nbc10 app. you can read the latest on the investigation and more on her background right now. new this morning, this fire forced more than 100 people from their apartments in west philadelphia. the blaze broke out around 4:45
7:35 am
this mork at 43rd and chestnut streets. it took crews just about an hour and a half to get the flames under control. >> i've been to a number of fires all over the country. this was one of the most incredible fire stops that i've ever seen. so far, no injuries, no fatalities. the american red cross is setting up a reception center for those residents who had to evacuate. licenses and inspections will be taking a look at the building today to see if it's safe for the residents to return home. the cause here is still under investigation. today, philadelphia will host its 28th annual pride parade and festival. it's the region's largest celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride. it begins this morning at 11:30. it will make its way to the great plaza at penn landing. it features food, music, and
7:36 am
plenty of live entertainment. one of the biggest african-american festivals in the country will be happening in university city today. nearly 500,000 people are expected to visit the festival. it celebrating the aruba new year with live music, hundreds of vendors, plus, african, caribbean, and soul food. 7:36 right now on this sunday. just about 79 degrees outside the nbc10 studios. coming up, a simple trip to the dentist turned into hours on the phone over a medical bill a delaware county dad says he wasn't supposed to pay. >> i saw you on tv. >> he thought, why not, i'll call myself to have him help me with my problem. we'll show you what happens when nbc10 responds.
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dealing with an insurance company over a medical claim can sometimes be frustrating. a delaware county family tells us they've been trying to settle a dispute pr more than a year now. they decided to reach out to nbc10 responds. >> reporter: michelle was home
7:40 am
from college visiting her family when she started feeling soreness in her mouth. >> noticed there was some pain in the bottom of my tooth. >> reporter: she went to the dentist. >> you have an infection in there and it's going to get worse and worse. >> reporter: to prevent further problems, the dentist removed two wisdom teeth that same day. her parent's delta insurance dental plan had her covered. >> figure done visiting the dentist, everything's fine and over. >> reporter: her father soon learned getting the insurance company to pay the bill wouldn't be as simple as his daughter's procedure. delta dental told them the claim must go through major medical insurance, but they kept denying the claims. >> it got rejected four times for different reasons. >> reporter: after more than one year trying to fix the problem on his own, he contacted nbc10 responds. >> i saw you on tv, you helped a
7:41 am
guy with a fence. >> reporter: days after he contacted delta dental, $440 was paid out to the dentist for the procedure. that's something both michael and michelle can smile about. >> thank you very much, very much. you, too, sir, thank you. >> delta dental apologized to the family for the confusion says it was an issue with the paperwork that was submitted. after he got involved and sent delta dental the facts of the case, it decided to pay out $440. if you have a consumer problem, go to our website, or call 610-668-7377 and we will respond to you. at 7:42 on this sunday, we continue to follow breaking news out of orlando. a deadly mass shooting at a nightclub ends with 20 people
7:42 am
dead and dozens wounded. we are dry and warm this sunday morning. temperatures closing in at 80 degrees. some parts of the area already seeing 81 degrees currently. and hang on, winds will be increasing as well. i'll be back with your full forecast after the break.
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it's about quarter until 8:00 on this sunday morning and we are following breaking news out of florida. at least 20 people are dead and dozens are wounded following a mass shooting and hostage situation at a nightclub in orlando. take a look at these images coming from the scene there. police say an officer got into a shootout with the gunman. the gunman then opened fire inside the club and took hostages. police later moved in to rescue those hostages. they shot and killed that gunman. more than 40 people went to hospitals in the orlando area to be treated. stay with us for updates. back here in our area right now, the ben franklin bridge should be opening up to traffic
7:46 am
again. it had been closed for the american cancer society's annual charity bicycle ride. it's a great morning for a bike ride or maybe a jog. whatever you have planned outside. not doing too badly. you will need the shades, maybe a visor and definitely sun block because the sun is strong. we have just a few clouds around, mostly sunny skies. part of the weather story will be the increase in the winds. you're going to notice the windy conditions through our sunday afternoon. less humid air behind those winds and that's going to feel pretty good tonight into early tomorrow. looking live at the stadium in wilmington, beautiful sunny skies. things are heating up. look at this. 80 degrees at the jersey shore already. close to 80 in delaware. close to 80 in the lehigh valley
7:47 am
where temperatures are on the warm side. allen town, 79 degrees. 80 degrees reported in easton. we're going to be talking about the winds. right now, breezy conditions outside as we look at our wind graphic right here. winds mainly out of the west-southwest. 15 miles per hour in dover, delaware. we expect the winds to be increasing upwards of about 15 to 22 miles per hour sustained as we move through the afternoon. we could see wind gusts later on this afternoon 35 to 40 miles per hour. those are peak wind gusts we could get, especially down along the shoreline. here's satellite showing us just a bit of cloud cover moving through north to south right on through the area. we do have a dry frontal
7:48 am
boundary coming into the area. we will remain rain-free for the afternoon. not a bad forecast. lucky you if you're down at the beach, it's going to feel quite comfortable. everybody's going to notice the drop in humidity through the day. futurecast has us dry with cloud cover, monday, tuesday, into wednesday. looking like thursday will be the next chance for your umbrell umbrellas. that's the way it's looking right now. as we go ahead and check your neighborhood forecast for your sunday afternoon, high temperature in philadelphia, 86 degrees, but plenty of sunshine across the delaware valley. hillary bringing democrats in line. republicans feeling the donald is out of line. the start of the general election tops this morning's discussion on nbc's "meet the press." joining me now is chuck todd. good morning, chuck. big week for hillary clinton. she became the presumptive
7:49 am
democratic nominee. she got endorsements from the president and a key progressive elizabeth warren. but not bernie sanders. you're sitting down with him this morning. do we expect him to get on board or expect a contested convention here in philly? >> he sounds like a candidate that's ready to get on board. he was saying the right words, meeting with all the right folks, coming to grips with the reality of the situation. there is one more primary on tuesday. then it does feel as if this has all moved faster than i think anybody expected. part of it has to do with democrats look at what's going on with the other side and trump is still at war with his own party. a lot of democrats realize there's an opportunity here. the more pressure on trump, the more fractures you can emphasize inside the republican party. look at the last 36 hours. trump's had to spend more time
7:50 am
beating up mitt romney, who attacked him again on friday, than he has beating up on hillary clinton. i think that that tells you the state of this race right now. >> just a few moments left. does this mean the never trump movement is brewing again or what? >> it is. it is. i don't know if there's any realistic hope they have of doing anything at the convention, but there's something afoot. one more big slip up and the whole thing could collapse around him. >> thanks, chuck. democratic white house candidate bernie sanders will be sitting down with chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press" this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc10. don't miss it. we'll be right back.
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(whispering): what are you doing up? (whispering): mom said i could have a midnight snack. (whispering): well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. (whispering): why? (whispering): because i am the boss. (whispering): you're not the boss, mom's the boss. (whispering): well, technically, we are co-bosses. (whispering): technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. mmmm... yoplait.
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thousands of drexel university students are celebrating their graduation they held it at citizen's bank park yesterday for the first time in a decade, the university honored all of its more than 3,000 graduates in one ceremony. >> talking sports now. and graduation. the philly's top draft pick knows just what to wear. he got his high school diploma on friday in southern california. he tweeted, made sure the graduation hat was on point. love to see it. let's get more of sunday morning sports.
7:54 am
>> good morning to you from comcast sportsnet. the philly's entered saturday having lost four straight games to the nationals. they had aaron nola on the bump. straight quality starts since washington. things fell apart like the roots' fourth album. rbi base stop 1-0 nationals. nationals. it's like death by inches here. nola goes 3 2/3. they weren't done though. two more runs scored and the double. rough afternoon for the fillies. >> to the belmont stakes now. preakness winner exaggerator
7:55 am
entered as the favorite but was virtually a non-factor. here they come down the stretch. it's destin in the lead. look at the late charge by creator. as they come to the finish, oh, my, creator edging destin by a nose. that's the way you like to do it. >> to football now where the eagles just wrapped up mini camp. have rest before training camp on july 24th. the qbs plan to meet and workout together in san diego. that including rookie carson wentz. the plan is for wentz to grow under sam bradford. he has been participating in otas and talked about his progress with the o. >> i feel good. you know, i feel like i'm continually learning. i feel like i'm comfortable with the offense and everything. there's a lot still to learn.
7:56 am
a lot of nuances and fine details with the offense. >> usa and pare at lincoln financial field. it's ditempsey, the only goal ts match. the senior player's championship in flower town. beautiful day for golf. lining up the birdie putt. faces three-stroke lead in sunday's final round. you can see it sunday on golf channel. trenton saturday due to democratic convention preparations here at wells fargo center. they rough up the l.a. kiss. lighting up the scoreboard. soul beat the kiss 73-67. that is it for sports from
7:57 am
comcast sports. oh, man, karen, it's humid out to say the least. we're actually feeling it a little bit here. >> hair's just growing up. we're going to felt a significant decrease in the humidity. forget the air, because the wind is going to be picking up as well. beautiful forecast though all in all. plenty of sunshine not just in philadelphia. down along the shore is really going to be the place to be because it will be cooler there and comfortable. you'll need the sun block today and the shades because we've got plenty of clear skies. we really don't anticipate rain coming back into the forecast until midweek. so tomorrow's going to feel really nice and comfortable with lower humidity. yesterday, we topped out at 92. that was about ten degrees above where we shown. today, tomorrow, cut the humidity and more normal
7:58 am
temperature. >> karen and i will be right back here at 9:00. coming up is sunday "today" with willie geist. have a good one.
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8:00 am
good morning. breaking overnight, mass casualty shooting. a horrific scene outside a popular gay nightclub in orlando when a gunman walks in with an assault-style rifle and a handgun and opens fire. approximately 20 dead according to police and dozens injured. make sure that whoever was coming to help us could help him. >> the shooting turning into a hostage situation. police storming in to save at least 30 hostages and killing the gunman. this morning the violence being investigated as an act of domestic terror. >> we are investigating this from all parties' perspective as an act of terrorism. >> and the horror, the full scope of this shooting just unfolding this morning. good morning, i'm willie geist. we're waking


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