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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  June 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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that breaking news is out of florida. at least 20 people are dead and dozens are hurt during a shooting at a nightclub in orlando. investigators are calling this domestic terrorism. what we're learning about the gunman coming up. back in our area, an apartment fire forces dozens out of their homes in west philadelphia. we'll get a live update from the scene. a south jersey community is coming to grips are the loss of a rising star. new information in the killing of "voice" contestant christina grimmie. >> good morning, this is nbc10 news today. it's 9:00 on this sunday. a lot to cover. before we get to our breaking news, let's get a check of the
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weather with karen thomas. good morning, karen. >> good morning, rosemary. yes, a dry and sunny start to our sunday morning. our forecast is shaping up to be pretty nice. windy later on today, but plenty of sunshine nonetheless. 86 degrees in philadelphia. 82 out in the pennsylvania suburbs. just warm everywhere with plenty of sunshine. as we move on through our sunday, we're looking for high temperatures in the lower to mid-80s which is about where we should be this time of year. we topped out at 92. well above our 82 average. later on this afternoon, the humidity will be decreasing and we'll stay with the sunshine. but the winds will be increasing. few clouds around on satellite, but radar has us dry right now. >> thanks for that, karen.
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oh my god. people are getting shot, dude. oh, my god, dude. >> just take a look at these images, listen to that sound. this is that breaking news out of florida. 20 people are dead, dozens wounded following a shootout and hostage situation at a gay nightclub in orlando. according to police, an officer got into a shootout with a man at the club around 2:00 this morning. he was armed with an assault rifle, handgun and a device. >> he opened fire inside that club, that's when the s.w.a.t. team eventually decided to move in. >> our s.w.a.t. officers engaged gunfire with the suspect. the suspect is dead. he appeared to be carrying an assault type rifle and a handgun and had some type of device on him. >> more than 40 people went to the hospital. while investigators are calling this domestic terrorism, they say this appears to be an
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isolated incident, not part of any larger threat. we'll continue to monitor this story. stay with us for updates. now to a developing story out of west philadelphia. this fire forced more than 100 people from their apartments this morningment it began around 4:45 at 43rd and chestnut streets. it took crews just about an hour and a and a half to get the fire under control. >> i've withbeen to a number of fires all over the country. this was one of the most incredible fire stops i've ever seen. so far, there have been no injuries or fatalities. >> the american red cross has a center set up for these residents. meantime, the city's licenses and inspections department is taking a look at the building. the cause is still under investigation. nbc10's monique braxton will
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have an update live from the scene in the next half hour. >> now to the murder of christina grimmie. she was shot and killed in orlando on friday. this morning, we are learning more about the investigation. authorities say kevin loibl drove to orlando specifically to attack the former contestant of "the voice." according to investigators, he shot and killed grimmie as she signed autographs following her concert. grimmie's brother tackled loibl and then the gunman took his own life. grimmie has many friends, family in south jersey. at the church she and her family attended, they play add special tribute to the singer last night. church members tell us they're hurting and they're praying for the family. >> such a talented, nice, happy person. you don't think something would happen to a person like that. >> as we mentioned, grimmie was
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killed in orlando on friday night. authorities say her death is in no way linked to the mass shooting this morning. on the nbc10 app, we have the latest on the investigation into grimmie's death and more about her career. new this morning, police are investigating a deadly shooting at the scene of a car crash in philadelphia. nbc10 was on devereaux street last night where police found a driver shot in the head and slumped over the wheel of this kn nissan. a second person injured in the nissan is being treated in the hospital. police are also investigating a double shooting in south philly that left one man dead. this happened last night office tasker and south 18th street. so far no arrests. now to north philadelphia where police are investigating a chain reaction crash that sent three people to the hospital including an 11-year-old boy.
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the driver of volkswagen smashed into a nissan. the driver then ran over the boy. the volkswagen finally slammed into a building. a woman driving the nissan, that white car, she is in critical condition. the boy and the driver of the volkswagen, they are expected to be okay. the republican party really should get their act together. they have to come together. we got to win. >> the republican -- presumptive republican nominee for president takes on the democrats and his own party. the war of words between donald trump and mitt romney coming up.
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i'm meteorologist karen thomas. we have a steamy start with temperatures rising out there. plenty of sunshine. looking like really not a bad forecast. just a little warm out there right now. 86 in philadelphia. 84 in wilmington. pretty early for temperatures in the lower to mid-80s, but we've there. a few clouds around, but mostly sunny skies. that's helping to warm the temperatures. we have that westerly, southwesterly wind. right now, we are on the sticky side out there. humidity will be coming down as we move through sunday afternoon, but winds will be picking up. you'll notice that later on today. right now, satellite and doppler radar showing few clouds moving through with this frontal boundary. we will remain dry. we should stay dry. i'd mentioned the winds.
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that's a big part of the weather story later on this afternoon. right now, we do have this westerly wind in philadelphia, 20 miles per hour. 15 in wilmington. we can anticipate those winds to increase to about 18 to 20 miles per hour sustained later on today. don't be surprised if we get a peak wind gust of 25 to 35 miles per hour. the philly's top draft pick knows just what to wear to his graduation. he got his high school diploma on friday. you can see it there. he tweeted the picture and said made sure the graduation hat was on point. thousands of drexle university students are celebrating their graduation this weekend. for the first time in a decade, the university honored all of its more than 3,000 graduates in a single ceremony.
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they usually hold several smaller ceremonies because it doesn't have a venue on campus big enough to fit everybody. 11 minutes after 9:00 on this sunday. there's plenty to do today. just ahead, the details on the events and festivals you don't want to miss. and then there's this. football taking over the linc. the copa america soccer tournamen$"p"( continues in philadelphia. the highlights are ahead. come to sesame place before little kids become big kids. come to the only place that makes little hearts race. save $20 on one visit through june 19 only at sesame place
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soccer fans in philadelphia are getting their kicks from the copa america soccer tournament
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this weekend. here's a live look at lincoln financial field. obviously a little quiet at this hour. very different last night. it was a different kind of football game when team usa beat paraguay. fans from here at home and all over the world came to see the match. philadelphia is one of ten u.s. cities hosting the copa america tournament. it's the first time in a century the event has been held outside of south america. >> normally have to go to places like brazil or russia for the next world cup. this is great right here in the backyard. awesome. >> the linc will host chile versus panama on tuesday night. 14 minutes after 9:00 on this sunday. tyke to check in on this week's wednesday's child. she's looking for a forever family. vai sikahema introduces us. >> how are you?
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>> i'm fine. this is our wednesday's child. >> reporter: 15-year-old anjenay is a sweet and loving young lady. really lights up when you talk about her two passions, baking. we headed to get our cooking gone. she had a great time learning some baker's secrets and doing some baking. >> she's a beautiful young lady. she has a sweet soul. she's very caring and loving. she's super empathetic. you could tell that the minute you meet her. >> reporter: she's currently in tenth grade and loves math. she benefits from her special education classes and enjoying school. >> a family who understands structure for a young lady like her. she has some developmental
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abilities. >> reporter: she's open to all types of families. >> she would offer so much to a family who would be able to adopt her. she is very lovable. she'd be able to give that back to any family. she's very sweet, she's very kind. >> reporter: she's this week's wednesday's child. >> if you'd like to make her dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, go to and search "wednesday's child." you can also call the national adoption center. all right. let's go ahead and check your weather story for today. forecast is shaping up to be pretty nice. topping our weather story, the elements anyway, wind picking up for our sunday afternoon. but less humidity later on. i think you'll be happy about
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that. getting us back to more seasonable temperatures tomorrow. so we'll start the workweek more average at 82 degrees. plenty of sunshine at the ballpark in wilmington. getting the field ready. looking nice with plenty of blue skies. plenty of sunshine in and around the area. 85 degrees right now at the jersey shore. you will definitely need the sun block and the shades. 83 in south jersey. 86 already in philadelphia. up in the lehigh valley, plenty of sunshine there. mostly sunny skies helping to warm these temperatures here. look at easton, 83 degrees. it's already 83 in bethlehem. the temperatures will be bumping through sunday afternoon. i wanted to show you our wind speeds right now. we've got westerly wind right
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now. 15 miles per hour in wilmington. 14 there in allen town. that will pretty much be the case today. already checking in with some wind gusts clocked north and west of philadelphia. look at that, peak wind gusts already at 30 miles per hour in philly, 28 in allen town, and 25 miles per hour out here in coatesville. we could see peaks of 35 miles per hour. hang onto your hat. satellite radar, though, keeping us dry for now. few clouds around mainly south and east as a frontal boundary slips north to south for us. but we should remain dry. there is precipitation action happening here just west of the great lakes as well as way up there in canada. but we should stay dry. high pressure ready to move in from the west. that will be the case as futurecast shows us.
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few clouds around through monday, but sunshine and dry. tuesday, the same setup. looks like wednesday into thursday might be our next chance for the umbrellas. we should stay dry for the next couple days. our forecast today, not doing too badly. 86 degrees. already at our high temperature in philadelphia. maybe up a tick more or two as we get to the afternoon hours. you're going to feel a little bit more comfortable through the afternoon hours simply because the humidity will be decreasing. however, the winds will be with us and we're going to stay breezy through sunday night into wakeup tomorrow morning. but not as humid as it was yesterday. yesterday we topped out at 92 degrees for a high temperature. that's way above where we should be this time of year. >> thanks for that, karen. they've been waiting for tickets for weeks. they're not in line to see a hot
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you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the gunman in a deadly shooting. they tell us someone opened fire on a man near 20th street yesterday. medics rushed the victim to the hospital where he died from his
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injuries. news from our south jersey bureau. a man and a woman are facing child endangerment charges. they found heroin inside a baby's crib inside the couple's home. police arrested antonio hedgepeth and jessica ayers. investigators found drugs in the crib as well as on the floor where a baby was sleeping. the child was not hurt. stuck in neutral? people in pennsylvania are mad about wait times to get a driver's license. so what's the holdup? i took a closer look at reports of problems at the dmv and i found a new solution to get you on the road faster. >> reporter: there's nothing like the feeling of getting behind the wheel for the first time at 16. but for andrew of delaware county, it was a bit of a bumpy road. >> you got to plan on waiting a couple months because they're so booked up and everything. >> reporter: an drew like half
9:24 am
the drivers in pennsylvania did not pass his test the first time. he explains reserving the next one online was not easy. >> i had to go on at 4:00 in the morning. >> very inconvenient and frustrating for everyone. >> reporter: andrew ee mother shared with me this e-mail confirmation for the next available time and place they were able to book. they'd have to drive to scranton. colleen tells me she then learned the dmv wasn't open on mondays. they eventually scheduled west of harrisburg. >> i think maybe they need more driving instructors. >> reporter: this is the state's lugs to high traffic testing areas. pen dot just launch add pilot program to administer the skills test. >> if you come to a place like driven to drive, we can get you in in as little as 24 hours.
9:25 am
>> reporter: it will cost you $75. >> people that have gone through the process with their older children, they hear they can come here and take the test, be in and out so fast, take it in our car. it's like a no-brainer. >> if that was an option for me, i think i would have done it. >> there's a cost involved and many people don't have that. >> reporter: it's still free at the dmv but be prepared. >> it may cost you or you may have to wait. there are a total of 35 new driving schools in our area. the program was approved about two years ago. >> this weekend, thousands of people are expected to visit burkes county. they have good reason. the moving wall is a replica of the vietnam veterans memorial in washington. this is video from 2012. it's been touring the country for 30 years. through monday, the wall will be open 24 hours a day.
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9:25 right now on this sunday. when we come back, we're going t"o4cve more on that breaking news of the deadly mass shooting at an orlando nightclub. >> oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. oh, my god, dude. >> that's what people saw and heard as they ran for cover after a gunman opened fire. at least 20 people are dead including the shooter. we'll hear from an eyewitness next on nbc10 news "today." >> taking a look at our forecast for our sunday, plenty of sunshine on tap. great day for maybe a barbecue. if you're headed to the beach, look at this. beachgoers out there nice and early. we do have changes in the forecast. i think some you're going to like, and some you may not. stay tuned. more details after the break.
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a chaotic and scary scene at a nightclub in orlando. a hostage situation, a shootout and investigators are calling it domestic terrorism. we're also following a developing story in west philadelphia. an apartment fire forces more than 100 people from their homes. we'll take you live to the scene for an update.
9:30 am
we're getting our sunday started with warm, sunny weather out there. temperatures are only going to climb today, but a break is coming in the forecast. good morning, this is nbc10 news today. it's 9:30 on this sunday. we are expecting a special report from nbc news. stay with us for that. let's check in with meteorologist karen thomas. a little bit steamy out there, karen. >> steamy for sure. the forecast has plenty of sunshine on tap. we are starting off on a warm note for sure. beautiful shots from the bay, from the beach. really just looking fantastic. boate boaters be wear. temperature readings not having any problems. 86 in philadelphia right now. lehigh valley 82. 84 right here in delaware. pretty warm along the jersey shore with temperatures there in the 80s also.
9:31 am
83 in ocean city. 84 degrees in summer's point. you'll need the sun block today, especially along the shoreline. really, if you're outside anywhere. we've got an ample dose of sunshine today. a few fair weather clouds around moving to our south. we are dry and should stay dry for the rest of our afternoon. >> thanks for that, karen. oh, my god. people are getting shot, dude. oh, my god, dude. >> you're listening to gunshots being fired inside a nightclub in orlando early this morning. police say approximately 20 people are dead and more than 40 penal a people are in the hospital wounded. we're going to continue to watch this. here's what we know more about this scene. a gunman entered into this nightclub, engaged in a shootout
9:32 am
with an officer and then took people hostage. here's an account from one man. >> person who was on the ground, shot in the back. when i walked by him, i didn't know if he was dead or alive. i was like, hey, hey. i did help him up. i threw his arm over mine, carried him off. his blood was all over me and it wasn't my blood, i had to make sure, i took my bandana off, tied it and put it in the hole. >> we'll be hearing about more incredible acts of heroism as the morning continues. we heard at a news conference that this is being gainvestigat as an act of domestic terrorism. the shooter was armed with an assault type rifle, a handgun and some kind of device. he was shot this morning by s.w.a.t. team members. stay with nbc10 for updates on
9:33 am
this breaking news. we also have more information on our website and the nbc10 app. back here at home, we're following a developing story in west philadelphia. more than 100 people are out of their apartments this morning following a fire. monique braxton is live on the scene with new information for us. fill us in. >> reporter: hey, rosemary. it's been about three hours since the fire here on chestnut street was brought under control. firefighters remain on the scene. they're up on top of the roof, kind of in the middle where you see what looks like a tent up on top the roof. the ladder truck just came down. no doubt that means firefighters are still checking into the hot spots throughout this building. now, this is what our camera captured overnight. flames from the three-alarm blaze shooting into the sky. billowing smoke could be seen for several blocks here in west
9:34 am
philadelphia. more than 100 people fled their apartments we understand. and the fire commissioner says part of the roof over the fourth floor collapsed. >> if you went inside that fourth floor right now, you would see the ceiling is partly in on the floor, there's wires hanging everywhere. >> reporter: and here live on the scene, about a dozen firefighters remain. the fire commissioner also told us 100 firefighters responded in total. three dozen pieces of fire fighting equipment was needed. right now, the american red cross is assisting dozens of families at a nearby school. just to give you an idea how important this is and how fierce the flames were, the office of emergency management, atf, the fire marshall all investigating the cause of this blaze. standard operating procedures for those three agencies to respond and just moments ago, we
9:35 am
saw the philadelphia gas department also arriving on the scene just to make sure there is no gas that would be in danger of igniting. live in west philadelphia, monique braxton, nbc10 news. >> long day out there in west philadelphia. now to our decision 2016 coverage. western pennsylvania is the latest campaign stop for donald trump as he widens his attacks in the presidential campaign. the presumptive republican nominee rallied supporters in suburban pittsburgh last night. he also took aim at the gop establishment, struggling or unwilling to support him. that included former nominee mitt romney. >> he says, donald trump may have racial tendencies. he lost. he choked like a dog, he choked. now it's time for somebody else. we're fwoik to win, folks. >> trump's stop in pennsylvania cap add weekend tour of
9:36 am
battleground states that also included virginia and florida. tomorrow, he plans to deliver a speech aimed at the clintons. speaking of hillary clinton, she picked up another high profile endorsement, the reverend jesse jackson. clinton adds jackson's endorsement to those of president obama, vice president biden, and massachusetts senator elizabeth warren. senator sanders has not endorsed clinton. sanders will be sitting down with chuck todd on nbc's "meet the press" this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc10. let's head now to mercer county where two students about to begin careers in the armed forces got a special sendoff. yesterday, they spent their high school years working at this mcdonald's in trenton. the restaurant decided to hold a ceremony for both young men to show how proud they are of their
9:37 am
commitment to our country. >> it was amazing knowing you have so many people behind you, the community, your job, your family. it's a wonderful feeling. >> jim rivera will join the army after his graduation. eric nalla will serve in the marine corporation. a u.s. senator from new jersey wants to create a commendation for military dogs and their handlers. would establish the guardians of americans freedom medal. the medal would recognize the valor and achievements of the teams. ♪ the philadelphia police department not only accepted the running man challenge, they took it to a whole new level. we'll show you some of their fancy foot work coming up after the break.
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well, it's looking like a really nice sunday forecast. we're sunny and warm this morning. great day for a barbecue. the winds will be kicking up a windy sunday afternoon. but then we're going to be decreasing in the humidity factor. we'll get back tomhéo more seasonable temperatures starting tomorrow. not doing too badly right now. we'll go ahead and check our winds. there we go. peak wind gusts so far this morning, pretty strong out there. 19 miles per hour, 17 miles per hour in wilmington. these are wind gusts, not sustained. winds will be turning to the northwest. down along the shoreline, wind gusts of about 20 miles per hour. strong winds as we move on through our sunday. but as i mentioned, the good news is the humidity will be coming down. plenty of sunshine out there. you want to get outside for
9:41 am
sure. you just have to have the sun block handy because it will be a strong burn day. you want to make sure that as your beach umbrella's blowing around that you're covered up with the sun block. right now, we've got sunshine just about everywhere. temperatures are on the warm side. 85 degrees at the jersey shore. philadelphia, 86 degrees. we'll take you closer in. pick your neighborhood. there's your temperature. it's 87 degrees right now in penns port. for new jersey, your day, here's the timeline. we're going to stay dry today. as i mentioned, the winds will be shifting to the northwest and picking up. then later on in the day, just about everywhere in the delaware valley is going to see a significant increase in the wind department with those peak wind gusts of about 35, possibly 40 miles per hour. but less humidity. we'll stay with breezy conditions overnight into our
9:42 am
monday. more sunshine on tap for tomorrow. >> thanks for that, karen. we want to go back to the breaking news out of orlando, florida, that mass shooting in a nightclub. we did just get a statement from the press secretary for the president. it says that the president was briefed by the assistant to the president for homeland security and counterterrorism on the shooting in orlando, florida. that statement again says our thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones and victims. the president asked to receive regular updates as they work with the orlando police to gather more information and directed that the federal government provide any assistance necessary to pursue this investigation and support the community. a little bit later on this morning, half an hour from now, we're expected to get another update and news conference from the mayor of orlando and the chief of police there. we're going to bring that to you live as soon as it happens. the 70th tony awards will be
9:43 am
presented a little bit later on today this evening with song, dance. the smash hit "hamilton" is leading the way with 16 nominations. thanks to shows like "hamilton," broadway is celebrating a record season. susan lee has more. >> reporter: it's the hardest ticket to get on broadway. the play based on one of america's founding fathers, alexander hamilton and it's raking in the hamiltons. the show is sold out until january next year. people still come from all over, camping out, hoping to get their hands on a rare ticket. >> i've lost the lottery over 200 times. >> overall, about 51 hours. we're about 40 hours in right now. >> reporter: "hamilton" has shattered broadway's top ticket price hiking the cost of the
9:44 am
best seats to $849. on the secondary market, a ticket to the final performance in mid-july will cost you $6,000. >> it's a lightning rod to let people know what's happening on broadway and the uniqueness of it and the diversity of it. when we have a big hit like that, all the ships rise with that tide. >> reporter: the "hamilton" phenomenon has helped broadway rake in $1.3 billion in revenue. broadway is a big business. "wicked" just surpassed the $1 billion mark after a 12-year run. the "lion king" both claim to have grossed $6 billion. this weekend's tony awards could give some of these productions a second wind. >> not only an award that night,
9:45 am
but the awareness that appearing on the show can bring to the show to people all over the world. it is the fastest way we can spread a message about a show that's running right now on broadway. >> reporter: in "hamilton's" case, that message has been loud and clear. for its neighbors across time square, everybody's enjoying the benefits. susan lee, new york. 9:45 right now on this sunday. the eagles new qb is letting it all sink in. coming up in sports, rookie carson wentz talks about his growth under the constitute lij of the bird's head coach. hello,
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don't just bank. bank human. in just a few minutes from now, some graduating students and womens rights advocates plan to hold a protest ahead of stanford university's commencement ceremony. these are some of the signs they plan to carry to draw attention to the six-month jail sentence given to brock turner.
9:48 am
they believe it was too short of a sentence. he was convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. one group has commissioned a plane to fly over the graduation demanding the judge be removed from the bench. in las vegas, several people are in the hospital this morning after a hit-and-run driver plowed into a crowd last night. five people including two children were hurt. those kid are in critical condition. police say the driver ran a red light, hit a car, then drove into the crowd before taking off. police have arrested him after recovering his license plate that fell off the car. a funeral with full military honors was held in colorado this weekend for a blue angels pilot that died during a practice flight. there was also a 21-gun salute and f-18 jets flew over the procession in the missing man
9:49 am
formation. good sunday morning, everyone. i'm meteorologist karen thomas. our forecast is shaping up to be really quite nice. as far as our weather headlines go, i think you're going to like the forecast. warm and humid start this morning, but we've got plenty of sunshine. it is feeling warm out there as temperatures are already above the 80-degree mark. waiting for stronger winds later this afternoon. you'll feel the winds increase in the evening hours and breezy conditions overnight and for the start of the next workweek. breezy, but less humid. it's going to feel a bit more comfortable. we're contending with bright sunshine and blue skies. nobody really complaining about that. just a few pillowy clouds around. we're not waiting until the late day for sure. 85 degrees in atlantic city. it is 86 in philadelphia.
9:50 am
82 out in coatesville and the same in allen town. part of our weather story really is going to be the winds. this is what we're looking at currently. 20 miles per hour straight due west in philadelphia. 15 miles per hour in wilmington. 13 in wildwood. we do expect stronger wind speeds down here along the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. great day for the beach. you just want to hang onto your stuff. could start blowing around, especially if we get these peak wind gusts later on today. already had a gust clocked at 30 miles per hour in philadelphia. 23 up there in the lehigh valley. and, yeah, we could see a peak wind gust of 35, 40 miles per hour later on today. the winds did diminish a little bit through the overnight. we'll stay dry, but with the
9:51 am
breezy conditions tomorrow. high pressure to the west just poised to move in our area. that is going to keep us dry and give us clear skies once again tomorrow. we do expect more cloud cover tomorrow than today. but all in all, we should remain precip free, at least until the end of the week here. we'll take you all the way out for your ten-day outlook in philadelphia. really, not looking too badly, even with the temperature readings not doing too badly. should stay dry until at least wednesday night into thursday. hey, good morning to you from comcast sports net. the phil li's entered saturday's start in d.c. having lost four straight games to the nationals, but they had aaron nola on the burden of proof. entered the day with nine straight quality starts since that april game against washington. things fell apart.
9:52 am
second inning, rbi base stop, 1-0 nationals. still in the second, 2-0. 4-0 nationals, it's like death by inches here. nola goes 3 2/3. they weren't done, though. two home runs score on the double. rough afternoon for the phillies who lose 8-0. to the belmont stakes now. preakness winner exaggerator entered as the favorite, but was virtually a non-factor. here they come down the stretch. it's destin in the lead. look at the late charge by creator. as they come to the finish, oh, my, creatoredging destin by a nose. he's your 2016 belmont stakes
9:53 am
champion. the eagles just wrapped up mini camp and have some rest and relaxation before july 24th. the qbs plan to meet and work out together in san diego. meanwhile, that includes rookie carson wentz, the plan is for wentz to grow under sam bradford. he has been participating in otas in this past week's mini camp and talked about his progress with the o. >> i feel good. i feel like i'm continually learning. i'm comfortable with the offense and everything. there's a lot still to learn, a lot of nuances and fine details with the offense. i feel good with my progression and looking forward to continuing that. >> usa and paraguay at lincoln financial field. it's clint dempsey, 51th international goal. the only goal this match. u.s. advances.
9:54 am
the senior player's championship at philadelphia cricket club in flower town. lining up the birdie putt. picks up the stroke on 15. taking a three-stroke lead in sunday's final round. you can see that sunday on golf channel. the philadelphia soul in trenton saturday due to democratic convention preparations here at wells fargo center. they rough up the l.a. kiss. soul rocks and rolls it all night long. soul beat the kiss 73-67. that is it for sports.
9:55 am
9:56 am
one of the biggest african-american festivals in the country will happen in
9:57 am
university city today. nearly 500,000 people are expected to visit. it celebrates the aruba new year with live music, with african, caribbean and soul food. it begins at 10:00. also today, philadelphia will be hosting its 28th annual pride parade and festival. it's the region's largest celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride. it will make its way to the great plaza at penn's landing. it features food, music, and other live entertainment. 9:57 right now on this sunday. we continue to follow breaking news of that deadly shooting at an orlando nightclub. we just learned the name of the gunman. that's next when we return.
9:58 am
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we have new information on the breaking news we've been staying on top of all morning long out of orlando. we now know the name of the gunman who police say took the lives of at least 20 people at a nightclub. we'll get to the latest in just moments. flames forced dozens from their apartments in west philadelphia. we'll have a live update from the scene. >> good morning, this is nbc10 news today. it's 10:00 on this sunday. we've got a lot going on and we are expecting a news conference from orlando at 10:15. first, let's checkn


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