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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  June 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. the face of a mass murderer. right now, federal agents are sifting through clues at the home of omar mateen. he's the man orlando police say killed 50 people and injured dozens more. close call. this is the bullet riddled helmet worn by an orlando police
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officer during a gun battle with the shooting suspect. and standing strong, philadelphia's lgbt community showed unity and strength just hours after the terror in orlando. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm katy zachry. it is just after 4:30 on your monday. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a look at conditions right where you live. good morning, bill. it's a little cooler this morning. >> yes, 15 to 20 degrees cooler. you can thank the wind. we felt the wind yesterday. you saw the trees blowing. that was dry air flooding into the area which when it floods in, it allows the temperatures to really come down and that's what we're seeing this morning. look at the winds at 16 miles an hour in philadelphia and for mt. holly, we've seen wind gusts of more than 25 miles an hour. this will continue this morning. as the day goes on, you'll see less and less wind. the temperatures will be climbing. we'll see them climb into the 80s this afternoon.
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plenty of sunshine today with skies clearing, just a few clouds around right now. temperatures climbing into the low 80s this afternoon. something you'll always check out at the bottom of the screen. it's the seven-day forecast for each part of our area. this morning, we're dry. at the end of the week, that will change. i'll take a closer look at the cool morning when i come back in ten minutes. jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we are watching breaking news, bill, over on the blue route. this is right around our cameras at baltimore pike. zooming in on an accident scene right here, a fatal accident scene as well, headed southbound. all lanes are now shut down, as you can see here in our cameras. also reports of all northbound lanes being shut down right now. once in a while we see a car trickle through the area. not sure where that's coming from.ç big delays on the blue route. you want to avoid that for right now, at least until further notice. you can see all traffic is moving off the baltimore pike off ramp right here. we still have some activity
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there on the scene and an accident investigation under way as well. if you're traveling elsewhere, maybe out in montgomery county, norristown, there's an accident on main street and stanbridge street. the nation is in mourning following the terror in orlando. israel is joining other nations and condemning the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. a gunman killed 50 people and wounded 53 others at a gay nightclub early yesterday morning. the shooter killed by police called 911 to declare allegiance to the leader of isis, just before the massacre. the fbi is searching his home in florida and law enforcement says so far, there's no sign the shooter was tied to terrorists overseas. right now, police in orlando are still working to identify the 50 victims killed inside the nightclub. crime scene detectives are there right now. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in our digital operations center following what's happening right
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now in orlando and matt, we're also hearing that someone from our area was at the club, just before the shooting. >> that's right, katy. i've been keeping an eye on a website, that is updating with a list of victims who have been identified. i just checked now 21 of the 50 dead have names to go with them. new video also just in to our newsroom with flags at half-staff around city hall and center city philadelphia. governor tom wolf, he ordered the flags in the state to be lowered in honor of the victims in orlando. now in the past several hours we've seen countless candle light vigils across the country, including orlando, like this one that you're seeing right here. all while investigators are trying to learn more about why. police have swarmed the home of the gunman, 29-year-old omar mateen, authorities say he was known to the fbi before the attack and had been looked at by agents within the last few years. he was a licensed private security guard in florida. and state records say that he held a firearms license as well.
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he was well armed when he entered the club early sunday morning. now, among those who went to that club was michael hoffman. he is from northeast philly. now he lives in orlando and he was there just before the shots were fired. >> i would have been there throughout the night or we would have stayed just a little bit longer, i would have been dead. could have been dead. i'm not sure. but you know, he decided, my friend, that we leave the club early, which we did, thank god for that. >> and tonight at 6:45, a vigil is being planned for victims of the orlando nightclub shooting. that will happen on the north side of city hall. also looking to our area, the philadelphia police say they've increased their presence throughout the city. officers have been instructed to be vigilant and patrol any area that could cause concern. at 5:00, we're hearing from one of the gunman's former co-workers. stay tuned for that. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news.
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>> we'll see you then, matt. orlando police released this picture of around officer's helmet that was hit by a bullet during the mass shooting. the department tweeted in the hail of gunfire in which the suspect was killed, an officer was hit. his kevlar helmet saved his life. police have not identified the officer who wore the helmet or his condition. the fbi is investigating a heavily armed man that police arrested in santa monica, california yesterday. the man who says he's from indiana told police he was heading to a gay prideç event d wanted to cause harm there. police said he was carrying guns and bomb-making material. they found other weapons inside his vehicle. authorities say they know of no connection between the arrest and the nightclub shooting in orlando. voices of gay pride are joining together in the wake of the massacre at that popular gay nightclub in orlando. ♪ o say can you see
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♪ by the dawn's early light >> the gay men's chorus of washington performed on the steps of the u.s. capitol last night. they paid tribute to the orlando victims by singing the national anthem. in orlando, rainbow colors lit up the skyline. this ferris wheel and other landmarks around the city were bathed in the colors that reflect the lgbt community as well as all american red, white and blue. people in orlando gathered for a lake-front vigil last night. they prayed and lit candles in memory of the victims of the mass shooting. we continue to follow developments in the terror in orlando. in just minutes, we'll take you live to the scene of the mass shooting where police are working around the clock to identify victims and gather more evidence. also, your key to ride. today is the day that septa starts a brand new fair system. ahead, hear how it will change
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your commute on subways, buses and trolleys.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with breaking news right now. we're watching the blue route still around baltimore pike and in between exit 1 and exit 3 if you're headed southbound, all lanes are closed still for an accident investigation. it is under way, a fatal accident scene involving a motorcycle. all traffic being diverted off of the exit ramp as you can see. all blaines blocked. no traffic moving through the area. also reports of the northbound side having all lanes closed as well. every once in a while you can see a car trickle through. not exactly sure what exit ramp they are getting off on. at the same time, you want to still avoid it. still reports of all of that being blocked off. there will be one point where you won't have access there.
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of course we'll keep you updated as soon as everything becomes open again. we know for sure, this southbound lanes are all closed. there's also an accident in norristown, main street and stan bridge street. more updates for the blue route when i come back. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a beautiful day ahead. we're starting off in the 60s in philadelphia. still some clouds moving through the area. but they're going to thin out nicely. nice winds are blowing, too. that's bringing in the dry air that's going to make it feel comfortable through the day. 67 degrees at 10:00, into the 70s by lunch time. 80 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. we'll still see a nice breeze blowing at 4:00 this afternoon. in the suburbs, sunny skies as well. the wind, an issue for bringing in the cooler, drier air. it's a good issue to have. 71 at lunch time, into the middle 70s by 2:00 in the afternoon. the lehigh valley, you'll be in for sunshine, too. this is a live view. you can start to make out some
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of the thin clouds that are in the area right now. we're less than an hour away from sunrise. we'll get a better view of the thin clouds that will be moving out and the temperatures will be warming up. 74 at 2:00, into the middle 70s by 4:00. probably getting closer to 80 degrees later this afternoon. in new jersey, sunshine there, too. after the clouds have already cleared out, sunny skies and 66 degrees at 10:00, then it's into the 70s, closer to 80 degrees this afternoon. the winds at 15 miles an hour at 10:00 this morning. and for the shore, a nice warmup there, too, with bright sunny skies. from the 60s through the 70s and topping out in the middle 70s, right along the coastline on the beach. a beautiful day, all around. delaware, sunshine, too, a few clouds, 60 degrees at this hour. by noontime, 71 degrees and upper 70s this afternoon. that wind that will be blowing right on through this afternoon, ensuring that the humidity stays low today. nice and dry today. there's wet weather ahead.
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you may have noticed it with the seven day at the bottom of the screen. i'll tell you when to expect the rain drops when i'm back in ten. police in orlando are working around the clock on the grim task of identifying victims of the deadly mass shooting. coming up next, we take you coming up next, we take you live to orlando with details on what we know about the shooter, the investigation and the victims. also coming up, the gift of life. next in the wake of the tragedy, hear how florida blood banks were overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers.
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welcome back. 4:45 on your monday. we continue to follow overnight developments in the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. crime scene investigators are still at the scene of that popular gay nightclub in orlando where they've been for the last 24 hours. nbc 10 national correspondent leann gregg is live for us in
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orlando. l leann, bring us up to speed on what's happening there right now. you're at a hospital, right? >> that's right, katy. 53 injured, 50 killed early on sunday morning. they're also focusing on omar mateen, what motivated him, what caused the 29-year-old american citizen to open fire. his father said that not long ago, he saw two men kissing and he became engaged and that may have caused him to target the gay nightclub. and back in 2013, it's the first time fbi agents first learned of mateen after his co-workers turned him in for terrorist comments he made. a year later they questioned him again about a brief relationship he had with a man who's an american to went to syria to become a suicide bomber. in both cases, they found no evidence, they say, that would link him directly to terrorism.
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so that investigation is continuing. he lived about two hours south of orlando and was a security guard. he moved to florida about ten years ago with his family from new york. this is only the beginning of what will become a very long and painstaking investigation. katy, that's the latest. >> leann gregg, thank you so much. before the sunday morning shooting, the rampage at virginia tech university was the worst single day mass shooting. a 23-year-old student shot and killed 32 people before taking his own life on april 16th, 2007. 17 other people were injured in that shooting. now orlando joins a sad list of cities whoseç names are now synonymous with mass shootings. last december, a couple opened fire at a social services center in san bernardino, california, killing 14 people. last june, dylann roof shot and
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killed 9 african-american church members during a bible study in south carolina. and in december 2012, 20 first graders were killed in a massacre in a newtown, connecticut. in the hours after the orlando shooting, facebook activated its safety check feature. which helps people find out whether friends or loved ones near the scene of a crisis have tagged themselves as safe. it's the first incident in the u.s. where facebook has activated safety check. and people who wanted to help the shooting victims lined up at an orlando blood bank. look at them there. officials say they received such an overwhelming response, they are asking blood donors to come back over the next several days. the red cross of eastern pennsylvania is sending a small number of blood products to
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support florida hospitals that are caring for the shooting victims. >> i'm 0 negative. i thought if i could help out in any way that i could, i would. my boyfriend also came with me. >> officials have made a call for people with 0 negative, 0 positive and ab blood types to donate. stay with nbc 10 news for developments on the terror in orlando and make sure you have the free nbc 10 news app for updates on got. all right. it's just about ten minutes before 5:00 on your monday. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has had her hands full this morning. there's been a deadly crash, right, on the blue route, jessica, that's blocking lanes? >> all southbound lanes due to the fatal accident scene earlier involving a motorcycle has closed down all of the southbound side of the blue route right around baltimore pike. in between exit 1 and exit 3 headed southbound, you're going to see big delays or at least detours here as you can see all
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traffic is being detoured off of the exit ramp right now. we still see flashing lights right here. when an accident scene is fatal, they typically stick around a little longer. there's an accident investigation under way as well. all lanes still blocked, headed southbound. some cars moving through northbound. still reports that it is being blocked off altogether. there's a disabled vehicle on 95 headed northbound around cottman avenue. that's blocking a lane there. no big problems where our drive times southbound from woodhaven road to the vine. 13 minutes headed northbound where that disabled vehicle is. more updates for you when i'm back in ten. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> ten minutes before 5:00. getting a better view of some of the clouds blowing through the area. these are clouds that will produce no rain for our area. mostly it is in the clear in south philadelphia, looking past citizens bank park. see a little shake in the
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camera. that's the wind that's blowing this morning. that's helping to cool things down with drier air flowing in. 50s for allentown and coatesville. 64 at philadelphia international and the low 60s for trenton and mt. holly. these numbers are going to be a little bit cooler than yesterday, in fact, 15 degrees cooler than yesterday for food philadelphia down by 19 degrees in mt. holly and allentown is running 15 degrees cooler. we'll start in the 50s and 60s, warm into the 80s. not going to see the heat that we've had lately. a nice break from the heat. it was in the 90s ovdb the weekend with the humidity that really came down on sunday. that sets the stage for today and tomorrow. beautiful weather right on target for normal for this time of year. at the end of the week, that's when we'll be talking some rain. look at the rain chances for philadelphia, dover, atlantic city, allentown, these are all in agreement. no chances of rain for monday, tuesday and wednesday. by thursday and friday, each of these locations, the chances of rain comes up significantly. it's from a system that's way to
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the west this morning. it is well to the west in kansas and nebraska. for us, the thin clouds, not rain producers. they'll blow through, mostly sunny skies in the next couple days. we're in for great, dry weather. at the end of the week, you can see the showers and thunderstorms that are building in kansas and in nebraska. that's low pressure area. we'll be watching to arrive for thursday and friday. but today, tomorrow and wednesday, beautiful weather, the humidity that's so low this morning, it's going to stay low for the next couple days. a little bit of warmer wednesday afternoon. the warmup coming ahead of the wet weather for thursday. that's that system to the west. 75 degrees on thursday and friday, 76 degrees. over the weekend, we'll get sunshine. saturday 78 degrees. we may see enough sunshine to warm us up to 90 degrees. about to update this. it may not get that warm for father's day. there are changes ahead. the warmup will be back monday, tuesday and wednesday, into the low 90s.
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katy? >> all right, bill, looks good. thank you. we continue to follow developments from orlando, florida. right now, police are working to identify the 50 people killed in a nightclub massacre. coming up next, we take a closer look at the shooter and what police know about the investigation at this point. also coming up, forget the tokens. yes, forget them. we'll take a closer look at the septa key, the mass transit new fare system that officially kicks off today. at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer. if there was, we would have made this commercial about that. longhorn's grilled tastes of summer. our new smoky pepper crusted filet with shrimp. our new grilled hawaiian salmon.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching your first alert traffic right now. we are watching this breaking news on the blue route, all southbound lanes closed right around baltimore pike. as you can see in our cameras, zoomed in on the scene, all traffic is being diverted off of the exit ramp and all southbound lanes are blocked. this accident scene was also a fatal one. there now will be an accident
4:56 am
investigation that's under way. they typically last a little longer than your average accident scene. right now, avoiding the blue route southbound is your best bet. northbound lanes have been re-opened. they were closed because of debris on the other side of the roadway. every once in a while we see cars move through there. we'll have more updates when i'm back in the 5:00 hour. >> we'll talk to you then, jessica. septa is launching a new fare system it calls the future of fare payment. the septa key cards will work on subways, buses and trolleys and eventually regional rail and paratransit. 10,000 riders will be able to buy the cards first come, first served. the electronic fare cards can be purchased with cash, tokens or
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credit cards. they can be reloaded online or over the phone and registered to protect against loss or theft. just a few minutes before 5:00 a.m. happening today, closing arguments are expected in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. fattah is accused of misusing federal grants, campaign contributions and charitable donations. the alleged scheme date back to fattah's failed 2007 run for mayor. four of his associates are also charge. two others pleaded guilty and have so far testified. today in chester, we'll be learning about a new pilot program to equip police with body cameras. chester mayor thaddeus kirkland and police commissioner darren alston will detail the launch of the program later this morning. the justice department is reviewing the police department's request to assess issues of officer-involved shootings and build trust with the community. today pennsylvania's governor will mark a milestone
4:58 am
in the fight against the heroin crisis. he will announce that police officers across the state have now saved more than 1,000 lives, thanks to the overdose antidote nalexon. and the nbc 10 digital team spent months chronicling the opioid crisis. you can watch their especially series "generation addicted" right now on boston police are a little bit more prepared today for a possible attack by a lone wolf terrorist. >> they held a drill at fenway park on the same day that orlando was living out the real thing. >> suspect with backpacks on the ground. >> police practiced what to do when a single shooter entered the building and starts firing this is the first time ever sucç
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a drill was held at fenway park. before the boston police commissioner came to the drill, he was already offering city officers to florida to provide support if they needed it. much like boston's department saw during the marathon bombings. >> we experienced it. we got a lot of great help from around the country. the mayor was quick to reach out to him and offer anything we could do. >> the training at fenway included both city and federal officers. of course some may be wondering with the boston red sox in town? they were on the road so they were able to hold that drill. it's a sad state of affairs that they have to do these drills. you're watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 news starts now. >> and right now on "nbc 10 news today," terror in orlando. the nation and other parts of the world are still in mourning in the wake of the deadliest
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mass shooting in american history and now the fbi is looking into the home of the man accused of killing dozens, including a nightclub -- in a nightclub as we learn more about the suspect. >> remembering the victims. take a look at the flags flying at half-staff this morning at philadelphia's city hall. it will be one of many places today paying respects to those who lost their lives in orlando. we'll tell you what the city is planning to do. >> preventing another attack. this morning, pennsylvania senator bob casey will present a ai of certain people's hands. we'll tell you how the terror in orlando is influencing that. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. it is 5:00 a.m. on your monday morning. let's start you off with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. a little cooler this morning, right, bill? >> we're running a good deal cooler than yesterday. 15 to 20 degrees cooler which means we're in the 50s and 60s. 63 degrees in philadelphia. in the suburbs, it's


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