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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  June 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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and with drawings every monday and thursday, that means 2 chances to win every week. cash4life from the pennsylvania lottery. you could win a thousand dollars a day for life. nbc 10 news starts now.6oáb ♪ o say can you see who are grasping for answers >> this morning, the nation is waking up in sorrow. >> more than 24 hours after the worst mass shooting in u.s.
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about the gunman as they good morning. collective grieving here in orlando and across the country. this is the hospital where many of the victims of the rampage are being treated, as investigators trykby'áo determi why the gunman, a m@ç29-year-ol in the aftermath of the worst mass shooting in u.s. history, disbelief. this is something that is -- i really -- i'm running on adrenaline and can't wrap my head around right now. >> gene ab)sraham's former boyfriend is among the dead. the gun man, 29-year-old omar mateen, authorities say he was known to the fbi before theç attack and had been looked at by
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agents within the past few years. he was licens as a private security guard in florida. state records say he's held a firearms license since 2011 and was well armed when he entered the club early sunday morning. >> the weapons recovered from the suspect who is dead was a handgun and an ar-15 type assault rifle, and unknown number of rounds. there were additional rounds. >> mateen's father told nbc news his song got angry when he saw two men kissing and maybe that's why he went after a gay club. at the white house, president obama ordered flags to be flown at wj0ghalf-staff. >> in the face of hate and violence, we will love one another. we will not give into fear or turn against each other. >> reporter: across the country, xa victims. in boston, a momentífv silence. in new york, a vigil as the nation tries to comprehend what
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happened and investigators try to find out why. had in twice for alleged comments he made about terrorism. but both those cases were closed. from orlando, i'm leann gregg. back to you. >> thank you, leann. shootings are telling their stories. about 300 people were inside the u bullets schachter issed a fun night of dancing. gonzalez said the gunfire lasted for about eight minutes. >> he wasn't stopping. he kept on shooting and shooting and shooting and just+yé= walki around. it was rapid fire. he would change, put in another ammuniti ammunition. ñ help me, help me, i'm trapped. people are getting trampled. >> good samaritans carried the wounded away from the scene.
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when ambulances ran out, police pickup trucks helped get the injured to a nearby hospital. today pennsylvania senator bob casey is planning to meet with lgbt leaders in &gpittsbur. >> he'll be talking about ways to prevent future attacks similar to the one in orlando. unveiling a new gun control bill. the measure is aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of people who have been convicted of hate crimes in thex] past. police in philadelphia, stood guard outside woody's on walnut street last night. the gay bar is one of several hosting philadelphia pride festival after-parties. bar owners in that neighborhood are looking to adding more orlando. they said thinking about terror during the celebration was bittersweet. it's hard to imagine that. >> the only thing that gives yoc comfort, love always wins overb hate. >> as matt said, a candle light vigil in memory of the orlando victims is planned at philadelphia city hall tonight at 6:45.
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flags are flying at half-staff by order of pennsylvania governor tom wolf. nbc 10's george spencer meanwhile is in orlando tracking the latest developments. watch for his live reports later today on nbc 10 news. stay with nbc 10 for the latest developments on the terror in orlando. in the next half hour, we'll hear from the father of the shooter and more details on the deadly shooting is right at your finger tips. you can just tap the nbc 10 app. breaking news from overseas, african courtroom right now for the double amputee was convicted of killing his girl friend on ç valentine's day 2013. this is the esecond time the olympic athlete has been sentence of the murder. it is 6:05. tonight, a south jersey community is remembering former "voice" contestant and
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burlington county native christina grimmie. grimmie was shotjb; and killed orlando on friday. she was signing autographs after a concert. ñ there's n connection with her killing and the nightclub shooting. a vigil abeing held at the marlton memorial sports complex tonight. happening today, closing arguments are expected in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. fattah's accused of misusing federal grants, campaign contributions and charitable donations. the alleged scheme dates back to fattah's failed 2007 run for mayor. four of his associates are also charged. two others pleaded guilty and neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> six minutes after 6:00. we have a beautiful day shaping up. live views from across our area. we're seeing lots of sunshine. this is now the:3táu time of
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day, just after sunrise. the sun came up about half an hour ago. look at the lehigh valley. it was cloudy just a few hours ago. 72 degrees at noontime. we'll see a good warmup, too, in the suburbs, 55 degrees right now. look at that sunshine in king of prussia, 71 degrees attozc!noon. philadelphia, on track for low 80s this afternoon. not the 90s like we saw over the weekend. 82 degrees for philadelphia. while it's right up to 80 for new jersey. at the shore, warm. northwesterly winds are bringing in drier air. even coastal towns will see a nice warmup today. the winds have started to die down a little bit or 14 miles an hour. we saw wind gusts of 26 miles an hour. the important thing is the direction here. this is the dry air that's going to come in and it's going to stay not just today. it's going to beu ñ with us fore next few days. stand by with sunglasses and stand by for beautiful spring
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weather. the last week of spring will really nice. of spring will philadelphia, 74 degrees. by 1:00 this afternoon, into the sunshine, the suburbs will warm from the low 60s to the low 70s, right around lunch time we'll be in the 70s in the lehigh valley as well. 72 degrees there. delaware, sunny skies through the day, just a few high clouds late in the afternoon. new jersey, plenty of sunshine, the quick warmup to 80 degrees inland. even at the gc;2(hore, a nice warmup, too. 74 by 5:00 this kblaf noafterno. sunshine 7$ixtoday, sunshineeah. it's been a busy morning on the roads so far. >> it has been. we've had problems on the blue route. i think we have a situation over @55, route 55 in south jersey. let's bring in jessica with more on that. >> vai and]tññ katy, we are watg
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skyforce 10 over top of the scene right now where we do have another road closure of the morning. route 55 is closed headed southbound in elk township. because of an accident scene. headed southbound around little mill road, exit 43. you can see a vehicle involved right there. that is over into the left-hand shoulder. all northboufd!traffic moving by, again, earlier we hadtbaw a lanes shut down northbound by the scene as well. you can see with a few vehicles involved there and big delays by there will be mess for your morning commute. you can see on our map system here, big string of red
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and who he's meeting with. plus, septa gets an upgrade today. now you can pay for your ride just like you order from wawa. who doesn't want that the? we'll show you how it works, coming up next on "nbc 10 news today." hello!
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it's our new intern, bart's first week here at td bank, he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human.
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i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human. the nation is in mourning following the terror in orlando. here's what we know at this hour. in the past 15 minutes, the associated press is reporting isis radio is calling the shooter one of their soldiers in america. meantime, officials are still working to identify and remove bodies from the gay nightclub where a gunman killed 50, wounded dozens of others yesterday morning. in philadelphia, meanwhile, a candle light vigil in memory of the orlando victims is being planned at city hall tonight at
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6:45. tony awards host james cordon began last night's award show with a solemn opening, mentioning orlando. >> your tragedy is our tragedy. theater is a place where every race, creed, sexuality and gender is equal, is embraced and is loved. hate will never win. >> hamilton was the big winner last night. the show won 11 honors, one award short of the record. for the first time in the tonys 70 years, all four musical honors were awarded to people of color. happening now, forget tokens and passes, septa is rolling out a new, easier way for riders to pay their fare. it's called septa key. it is available right now. pamela osborne is live in center city to show us how it works. walk us through this. >> these new passes will save you a little bit of time and
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frustration as well. once you get the new key pass, you're not going to have to rely on septa employees to get on your ride. here's a look at the new key pass. check out how easy it is to buy. a few simple steps you have to go through to get one. if you're looking to snag a pass, you'll want to get yourself down to one of the main septa stations or buy them at the septa sales office. they're available to up to 10,000 customers. it's not going to cost you a thing to get the card when you purchase a weekly or monthly pass. today riders can begin to biweekly passes. next month, monthly passes will be available for purchase as well. septa says they've been training thousands of employees on the new key pass which will, undoubtedly, make things easier for commuters. >> why we did this was to make travel convenient. if people waited in lines to buy their monthly or weekly pass, that's going away.
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>> that's very good news. keep in mind, this is just the first phase of the new septa passes. tokens and cash card passes will still be accepted and available for purchase, but eventually, the new key passes will become available for all commuters. if you're planning on heading to pick one up today, if you have questions along the way, they have a new special team of ambassadors. they're wearing bright green away. they're there to answer any questions now may have. we have much more information on where and when you can get those passes on our website. i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> things will be much moreç convenient there for septa riders. i wish we could say the same for those traveling on route 55. >> first the blue route, now route 55. >> we're seeing big delays on 55 because of this accident scene, vai and katy. skyforce 10 live over top of the scene where all lanes on the
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southbound side are still shut down. this is in elk township, right around little mill road at exit 43. you can see all of those lanes are blocked there, including the shoulder. not even a shoulder getting by. as you stretch over -- actually it's a strong stretch that they have closed off right there. huge backup behind that scene as well. earlier we did have the northbound lanes shut down as well. they are back open. you can see cars moving through. no big backups or delays there. but all traffic at a complete standstill for a really long stretch there on route 55 southbound at little mill road. your best bet to get by that scene right now, this is around where the accident scene is, backups there as you can see clearly. route 47, delsea drive, take that as your alternate for now. a lot of traffic will have to be diverted around the general area of the accident scene. more updates when i come back. >> all right, jessica. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather.
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>> jessica, thank you. let's check nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather, a forecast you won't get anywhere else. >> we focus on where you live and what you need to know. bill henley has been away for a week. >> this is a gorgeous day. yesterday was nice, even though it got hot, we saw the wind that was blowing. that set the stage for a beautiful wind today. this is a live view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. this is cape may. sunshine is bright. the wind is bringing in dry air. the humidity is going to stay nice and bright. our skies are clear. don't forget sunglasses, bright sunshine an a few scattered clouds, making for a beautiful spring day with low humidity. this evening, clear and comfortable. the temperatures will be dropping into the 70s. right now, we're already cooler than yesterday. it's 61 degrees in philadelphia. that's a good deal cooler in mt. holly, compared to yesterday at this time. we're running 15 degrees cooler this morning. there are still scattered clouds. you can see them moving through
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the area. these won't move out. sunshine will be bright and a nice warmup for today, tomorrow and wednesday. clear skies. towards the end of the week, it's a different story. see that wet weather over kansas, nebraska, that's going to be coming our way for thursday and for friday. but not today. futurecast shows skies will stay mostly sunny. a few thin clouds but that's about it. humidity stays low. we keep all the showers to the west. by tomorrow morning, 7:00 in the morning, they're moving into the midwest. that wet weather and through the day on tuesday, and into wednesday. we can count on some beautiful spring weather. this is the last week of spring. summer arrives one week from today. 82 degrees this afternoon. 82 tomorrow. low humidity into wednesday. 85, a little bit warmer on wednesday. late on wednesday, we'll start to see clouds building. partly sunny skies late in the day and that is going to lead to the wet weather for thursday and friday. it will bring the -- the wet weather will bring the
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temperatures down for thursday and friday. 70s, we'll see 80s over the weekend. after a beautiful day on saturday, clears out nicely for father's day. high of 81 degrees. we're back to the heat for monday, 88 degrees. back into the 90s tuesday and wednesday. ten-day outlook once every half hour. katy? >> bill, thanks so much. 6:20 on yourç monday morni. temperatures are hovering around 60 degrees in the philadelphia area. nbc 10 responds to a local woman who's steaming hot about the cost to fix her heater. and while that company never stepped up for the repairs, a different plumbing company reached out to restore one woman's trust. coming up, we'll show you how. and the terror in orlando could not stop philadelphia's pride parade. as thousands of people celebrated, they also took time to remember the victims of the nightclub shooting and shared how they hope the deadly
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shootings change the nation. that's just ahead on "nbc 10 news today." stay with us. this morning of nbc 10 news sponsored by cherry hill nissan. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means. so does pat toomey. toomey got rich working on wall street. then he got elected and kept working, for wall street.
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today, pennsylvania's governor will mark a milestone in the fight against the heroin crisis. he will announce that police officers across the state have now saved more than 1,000 lives thanks to the overdose antidote. the nbc 10 digital team spent months chronicling the opioid crisis. you can watch jt j"generation addicted" on this morning, pittsburgh penguins fans are celebrating after winning the stanley cup again. >> he scores! >> that empty net goal. the pittsburgh penguins won the stanley cup beating the san jose
6:25 am
sharks 3-1. it's the second time they've won it all since 2009. captain sidney crosby was named mvp of the playoffs. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with some breaking news here in elk township, new jersey. there is an accident scene that is closing down the southbound lanes of route 55 right around little mill road and exit 43. i'll tell you how to get around it when i come back at 6:30. for now let's get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. what a sunny day we've got. a beautiful, sunny start. sunshine is up, the temperatures will be climbing but the humidity stays nice and low. right now, you're at nbc 10, 61 degrees at 6:25. this morning, people across the u.s. are mourning the murder of 50 people at a gay nightclub
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in orlando. in the next half hour, we'll hear from the gunman's father and get a live update on the investigation.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> just about 6:30 and a somber monday morning around the country. terror in orlando. this is a live picture from pulse nightclub. this morning, the grim task of removing dozens of bodies from the orlando nightclub continues as the nation tries to comprehend what happened and find out why. >> to learn that answer, federal agents continue to search for clues at the gunman's home. >> an outpouring of support is coming in from around the world. we'll show you how world leaders are showing their solidarity. good morning and welcome to
6:30 am
"nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm katy zachry. just about 6:30 on your monday. we're first going to start with weather, meteorologist bill henley has his first alert neighborhood forecast, a little cooler this morning, bill. it will be a nice one. >> it will be a gorgeous day. it will stay cooler through the day. look at the flags blowing in center city. that wind is coming out of the northwest. it started yesterday. it's still strong this morning but it will be dying down some during the day. it's delivering dry, comfortable air. look at the live pictures from around our area. a few clouds that we started with western we went on the air at 4:00 this morning, they've thinned out and sunshine will be around through the morning and into this afternoon. 69 degrees at 11:00 and sunny skies in the lehigh valley and delaware. seeing plenty of sunshine for frawley stadium. that's a live view, 60s this morning, low 70s by lunch time today. we won't get close to the 90 degree mark like we did on saturday and sunday, this afternoon, temperatures will peak in the low 80s for philadelphia and close to 80
6:31 am
degrees for the suburbs and in delaware, 79 degrees with mostly sunny skies. even at the shore we'll see plenty of sunshine and a nice warmup there, too. it's a land breeze. it's not cooling breeze coming off the ocean. 77 degrees at the shore. back with a look at your neighborhood forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. right now, jessica boyington is following yourç monday morning commute. jessie? >> we are still watching an accident scene in elk township that's closing part of route 55 headed southbound around little mill road. all lanes blocked right now with this accident scene. you can see big delays behind that. again, this is right around exit 43, the northbound lanes are still open. no big delays there. but your best bet to get by the scene is to take 47 which is delsea drive. that will get you by the scene as best as you possibly can. all southbound lanes are closed. here's the vine street expressway around 24th street. starting to see a little bit of delay through center city, headed westbound towards the schuylkill expressway.
6:32 am
we're getting off the exit right there as you can see. no huge delays right now. eastbound towards 95 you'll be just fine. more updates for you and your morning drive when i'm back in the next ten. katy? now to the terror in orlando. here's what we know. just within the last half hour, the ap reported that isis claimed the nightclub shooter as one of their fighters. police killed that gunman. the fbi is in the process of searching his home in florida. meantime, officials are still working to identify and remove bodies from that popular gay nightclub where 50 people died and dozens of others were wounded yesterday morning. a candle light vij for the orlando victims is planned in our area at city hall tonight at 6:45. pennsylvania governor tom wolf ordered the flags there to be lowered to half-staff. one day after the terror in orlando, police are still working to identify the 50 victims who were killed inside the nightclub. >> nbc 10's matt delucia has been following the new
6:33 am
developments overnight. he's live in the digital operations center with those details. matt, we just showed a few minutes ago the live picture from the pulse nightclub. tell us what's happening right now. >> vai and katy, we'll see that live picture in a moment. we've been watching the pictures from orlando throughout the morning. here's the newest information we've received, this coming within the last hour. you see that live picture right outside the pulse nightclub. law enforcement, they've been working throughout the night. still removing bodies. at last check, 21 of the 50 killed have been identified. that is less than half of the dead victims there. some more information now about the shooter. omar mateen. the fbi searched his home. that is more than 100 miles away from orlando. the agents are reporting they did not find any explosives in that condo. it's still a very active scene in both locations. many streets are still closed off, impacting people's day-to-day lives as they head back to work. islamic state radio, meantime,
6:34 am
that's isis, called mateen one of its soldiers, one that carried out a quote, unquote, conquest and god enabled him to beat the filthy crusaders. those are excerpts from the broadcast. his father says he is shocked by his son's actions. >> was your son radicalized in any way that you know of? >> no, no. he was taking care of his family, going to work. he never misses work. he was always on time. i didn't see anything different. and until yesterday he was a saint. >> as we mentioned a moment ago here in philadelphia, a candle light vigil will be held outside city hall, that's later on this evening. we're also expecting an update from officials in orlando 30 minutes from now. that's the top of the hour. i'll be back with a final update
6:35 am
before the "today" show. live in theç digital operation center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thank you. many mothers hearts are broken this morning after learning their children were victims of the shooter. mena justice was texting with her son just before he was killed. other families are waiting by hospital beds. felipe marrero was a ride attendant at universal studios. the terror in orlando is striking a cord with people all over the world. this morning in brazil, a candle light vigil was held to express solidarity. pope francis expressed deepest feelings of horror and condemnation. russian president vladimir putin say russians share the pain and grief of those who lost loved ones. people across the country are reflecting on the terror in
6:36 am
orlando. >> they're remembering the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. hundreds of people held a candle light vigil near the white house last night. leaders spoke to the crowd condemning the violence in orlando and vowing to continue the fight for equality. president obama shared that sentiment when he addressed the nation. >> this is a sobering reminder that attacks on any american, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation is an attack on all of us. >> the president added he would spare no effort to determine if the shooter had been inspired by or associated with an extremist group. >> in philadelphia, the celebration of pride month began yesterday morning with a moment of silence. thousands gathered from center city to penn's landing for the annual pride parade and festival.
6:37 am
celebration mixed with signs as well. this sign reads philly is orlando, r.i.p. pulse shooting victims. >> it's horrible. just the number of people in it is horrific and i think it's something that we need to realize that just because we have marriage equality doesn't mean our fight for respect is over. >> he said he hopes the philly pride event brings people together to work toward each other's safety and security. nbc 10's george spencer is in orlando right now tracking the latest developments. watch for his live reports later today, beginning at 4:00 p.m. on nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a beautiful day is shaping up. we already have sunshine. you can see it in center city, a
6:38 am
live view from the campus, which shows the flags blowing this morning. the banners blowing with the nice breeze. it started yesterday. it's going to stay with us into the afternoon. 61 degrees in philadelphia. look at the sunshine through the day at 2:00 this afternoon, 76 degrees. in the suburbs, already seeing sunshine, 59 degrees. that nice, cool start will warm up into the 70s by noontime. look at the winds at 14 miles an hour. that's the dry, comfortable air that's coming in that will stay with us into the afternoon and evening hours. 2:00 in the lehigh valley. 75 degrees. 77 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. and south jersey, not left out of the sunshine either. clear çskies, 66 degrees at 100 and then into the 70s. close to 80 degrees in spite of those northwesterly winds. northwesterly winds tend to keep things cooler. you'll see at the shore, though, because it is a wind that's coming across the land, that will warm things up nicely at the shore. 73 degrees at 2:00 and then by late this afternoon, just a few
6:39 am
scattered clouds and 74 degrees. for delaware, plenty of sunshine. you can see sunshine right now at frawley stadium. 61 degrees. by 10:00, the winds at 16 miles an hour, 65. we'll see that steady breeze continue into the afternoon. in spite of that win, near 80 degrees later today. nice weather ahead for the next couple days. then it changes at the end of the week. you may have noticed the change with the seven-day forecast scrolling at the bottom of the screen. a look at the ten-day outlook when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thank you, bill. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. it's been an un-monday like monday. lots of traffic. >> lots of traffic very early on. we've had a couple of majors that have been off limits now you're watching the schuylkill. something else. >> yes, something else. the schuylkill expressway around city avenue, big delays here headed westbound. 20 minutes right now from the vine street expressway to the blue route. average speeds are dropping into the 30s, as you can see there as
6:40 am
well. we are still watching the accident scene that's out on route 55 out in elk township, headed southbound around little mill road, exit 43. big delays by that scene right now. all lanes completely blocked off because of an earlier accident. the northbound lanes are open but you need an alternate there. you're not going to get through on 55. take back roads if you know any of them. also, delsea drive is a good one. you can see we're all in the green headed north or southbound there. we'll have more updates for you when i'm back in ten. vai? >> thank you, jessica. the war on the zika virus is stepping up in delaware and you are on the front lines what lawmakers want every person to do to stop the spread of mosquito-based diseases.
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welcome back. now to the latest on the terror in orlando. orlando officials will be holding a news conference in just a few minutes at 7:00. within the last hour, isis claimed specific support for nightclub shooter omar mateen, saying he pulled off a security conquest in america. and in philadelphia, a candle light vigil in memory of the orlando victims is planned at city hall tonight at 6:45. now, people who wanted to help the shooting victims lined up at an orlando blood bank. >> they received such an overwhelming response that they are asking blood donors to come back over the next sever days. the red cross of eastern pa is sending a small blood products to support florida hospitals who are caring for shooting victims. this ferris wheel and other landmarks were bathed in the
6:45 am
colors that support the lgbt community welles red, white and blue. matt lauer co-anchors a especially edition of the "today" show from orlando. that's coming up right after "nbc 10 news today." bernie sanders was on nbc's "meet the press" yesterday. he said he's meeting with hillary clinton tomorrow night to talk about her campaign. sanders told chuck todd that his primary goal is to make sure donald trump is not elected president. it is quarter till 7:00 on your monday. happening today, a pennsylvania senate judiciary committee is holding a hear on a proposed change in law for sex abuse victims. survivors of child sex abuse will meet on the steps of the capitol building in harrisburg before the hearing. the proposed change would extend the amount of time that victims have to file charges and civil lawsuits against abusers. the archdiocese of philadelphia is actively fighting the change in the law, saying it's an attack on the church.ç
6:46 am
and new castle county, delaware lawmakers want to change county code to help fight the zika virus and other diseases that mosquitos carry. tonight, the council will meet to talk about standing water around homes. the council wants home owners to regularly get rid of standing water which can become breeding grounds for waters. that means pet water bowls, planters, buckets, pool covers, bird baths and trash cans. now nbc 10 responds. a local plumbing company jumps into action after seeing one of our stories. >> we told you about a woman who was red hot over cost to replace her heater and now nbc 10's harry hairston has a pretty cool update. >> how long were you without heat? >> a week. >> a week without heat. >> it was horrible. >> remember donna adams? >> hats, gloves, everything to keep warm. >> her heater broke down in early february. she hired a company to install a
6:47 am
new one. she paid half of the $4,550 estimate for work to begin. >> they started pulling things apart and said they are had a problem. >> then the company told her they needed an additional part costing $1,250. she needed heat, so she paid the rest of the bill. the last-minute charge didn't sit well so she called nbc 10 responds. >> i want an apology. >> she didn't get that. but i will tell you what she did get, help from a different plumbing company. >> we checked for nominal operations. >> after seeing our story, turner's brothers plumbing and heating decided to donate $1,250 worth of work for adams. >> she had a bad experience with another company and we just sort of wanted to restore the faith,
6:48 am
there are companies that go above and beyond. >> the work the turner brothers did only came to about $1,000. to make good on their offer of 1,250 bucks of free service, the company wrote adams this check for $250. >> thank you, brian very much. i really appreciate it. >> after thanking the turner brothers, adam sent us this nbc 10 responds cam message. >> you get the job done. thanks. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> they get the job done. brian turner says he and his brother just wanted to pay it forward. that $1,250 gets added to our nbc 10 responds recovery counter, putting the total, grand total at 36,461 bucks. not bad. if you is a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, head to or call and
6:49 am
we will respond to you. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> about 11 minutes before 7:00 on this morning. it's been a busy monday so far. your mother, i think you'll like what bill henley is going to show you. let's turn to our nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather, a forecast you won't see anywhere else. >> this is a focus on where you live and what you need to know. bill henley has the update for us. >> we're seeing bright sunshine. get used to it. it will be a sunny day. the humidity that's so low yesterday will stay low thanks to the winds that are steady out of the northwest. this is what brought in the drier air. yesterday was 90 degrees. won't get closeç to that today. and the winds will continue into the afternoon hours. already running cooler than yesterday. 61 degrees in philadelphia. 50s for allentown, trenton and mt. holly. look at vineland. 24 degrees cooler this morning. compared to yesterday morning at 55 degrees. getting a really nice start. with lots of sunshine we'll see
6:50 am
the temperatures climb into the 80s. there are a few scattered clouds around. see them extending from berks county into chester county and new castle county into central delaware, even some of the clouds reaching into salem township. but the clouds will blow through. it's going to be a mostly sunny day today. no clouds lining up to our west for the next couple days. will also be nice and humidity stays low. by the end of the week, things change. that is the culprit. see the showers and thunderstorms moving through kansas and into nebraska. it's a long way away. you don't have to worry about it until thursday and friday. it does look like that is going to be impacting our area before we get to the weekend. the weekend is actually looking pretty nice. which includes father's day. here's a futurecast, shows through this afternoon, will be in the clear. big area of high pressure will keep all of this wet weather to the west for today, tomorrow and wednesday. but the ten-day outlook does have rain in it after we enjoy sunny skies.
6:51 am
afterno afternoon temperatures today and tomorrow. you'll see skies become partly cloudy later on wednesday and clouds will thicken up wednesday night. may even see a few showers wednesday night and into thursday, the best chance for rainfall will be thursday and into friday morning. we may see some late-day clearing on friday with the high of 76 degrees. it will clear out for the weekend. look at saturday and father's day sunday, 81 degrees. the high temperature with the humidity staying low for both of those days. here comes the warmer weather. monday, in fact, summer arrives next monday. 88 degrees and then it's going to feel like summer right on cue. 90s for tuesday and wednesday. vai, katy? >> all right, looking good, bill. thanks for that forecast. >> can't believe only a week left of spring. summer's next week already. >> felt like it last week. >> let's check in with jessica boyington and find out what's
6:52 am
going on. >> 422 we have an accident scene in the reading area, 422 westbound right before lancaster avenue. what you're looking at right here is 176 around the 422 interchange where they're diverting all traffic off before getting into that accident scene. we'll see delays for sure. remember it's 422 westbound around reading. that's where we'll see delays. we're also seeing delays in new jersey in elk township for an accident scene approaching route 55 at little mill road, headed southbound at exit 43. all lanes still blocked. the northbound lanes are open. your best bet for an alternate is to take delsea drive for now. we're seeing ten-minute delays for septa's fox chase train 809. the rest of mass transit on or close to schedule. 6:52 on your morning. coming up, a check of day's headlines and the stories you need to know as you head out the door. >> the search for answers continues in the deadly mass
6:53 am
shootings in orlando. we're giving you live pictures from the pulse nightclub. we'll have an update on the shooter and the victims when we come back.
6:54 am
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four minutes before 7:00 a.m. time now to get a check of the stories you need to know as you start your morning. >> our top story, of course, terror in orlando. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in the digital operations center following what's happening right now. >> we've learned quite a bit overnight. the big three topics, the fbi raid, the response from isis and the victims. dozens of bodies were removed from the pulse nightclub in from the pulse nightclub in orlando overnight. half of th
6:57 am
been identified as of right now. the fbi raid here, the agent s swarmed the 29-year-old's condo overnight. he pledged allegiance to isis right before the attack. his father says he had no idea. now the islamic state or isis is calling the shooter one of its soldiers. we're standing by for a news conference from orlando. that's expected to happen at the top of the hour, a few minutes from now. get the latest updates at on the nbc 10 app. live in the digital operations center, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. happening tonight, candle light vigil for former "voice" contestant and burlington county native christina grimmie. closing arguments are expected today in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. fattah is accused of misusing
6:58 am
federal grants, campaign contributions and charitable donations. also today, it's the end of an era. no more fumbling with tokens. septa is making it even easier to pay to ride. today riders can begin to biweekly key cards. monthly passes will be available for purchase starting next month. good morning, everyone. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington just checking in with an accident scene right now, out in reading on 422 westbound, right before lancaster avenue. of course adjusting the camera as we go live right now. this is our camera around 176 and route 422 around that interchange where they are forcing traffic to exit. in elk township, an accident on route 55 that's still closing all of the southbound lanes right around little mill road, which is exit 43. take delsea drive as your alternate. also update for mass transit, fox chase train 809 is canceled
6:59 am
this morning. no other big delays to report. there's also an accident in west norriton on north schuylkill avenue and west main street. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> this is the beginning of a beautiful day today. we're already seeing lots of sunshine in philadelphia and the suburbs. that's still a few scattered clouds. you can see them in the lehigh valley. this is the view from easton. but those clouds will be clearing for sunshine and 72 degrees. and a quick warmup also for philadelphia. just a few scattered clouds this morning. the temperatures will be climbing into the 70s and then low 80s this afternoon. but low, you can expect the humidity to stay low as well. as we reach for the upper 70s and low 80s this afternoon, a really nice, comfortable, beautiful spring day. those are adjectives we like to hear. >> i like to use them when i'm talking about the forecast. the orlando police are about to hold a press conference at 7:00. that's been postponed for a half
7:00 am
hour. 7:30 we expect the press conference. our hearts grieve with those in orlando. download the nbc 10 app for information on that, weather and traffic. >> "today" show is next, live from orlando. good morning. terror in orlando. new video emerges, taken outside the pulse nightclub, during the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. at least 50 people murdered. 53 others wounded by a 29-year-old gunman, before he was killed by poce. this morning, a chilling profile of mar mateen is emerging. from his ex-wife. >> he would get mad out of nowhere. >> you believe there's forgiveness here? >> i hope so. because what my son did is a horrible thing. >> another unspeakable act of violence, leaves a city shattered and entire country in mourning


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