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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 13, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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philadelphia where students are mourning the loss of their star and into new jersey where the gunman has a local connection. we begin with nbc 10's george spencer. what have you learned? >> reporter: the major told us they have now identified all the victims but have not yet been able to contact all of the victims' family members. where we are stand right now is a mile north of the pulse nightclub scene. we are about five blocks away from where families gathered. all afternoon we have been watching this growing memorial here as people prepare for tonight's individualle. new cell phone video shows the moment gunfire exchanged between omar mateen and police. the shooting claimed 50 lives
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and more than 50 others. we are getting a look at mateen's car taken in the parking lot of the complex where he lived. prayer beads can be seen hanging from the rear-view mirror. the back of the car is decorated with bumper stickers featuring nasa and the united states marine corps with a baby seat in the backseat. >> it appear that is the shooter was inspired by various information disseminated over the internet. >> reporter: president obama spoke to the media today after receiving a briefing from the fbi. he said there's no clear evidence so far that the gunman was directed by the extremist group. rather, he said, mateen was an apparent example of homegrown extremism. >> one of the biggest channllens we are going to have is this kind of propaganda and perversions of islam that you
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see generated on the internet. and the capacity for that to seep into the minds of troubled individuals. >> fbi director james comey revealed today that the gunman called 911 twice from the attack. the 911 operator then called him back and he pledged allegiance to isis. >> we are looking for a needle in a haystack, but we are also looking into what pieces of hay may some day become needles. >> reporter: and there is very positive news from the major hospital here today. doctors saying that they are, quote, very optimistic that the remaining victims will, in fact, survive their injuries. at this point, the major need for additional blood supplies in this city has ended. keith and jacqeline? >> your story touched on the
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families involved by this, but i'm sure the entire town feels a part of. >> reporter: keith, it is so powerful. throughout the day we have been watching people from a lot of the neighboring churches, regular folks out here just handing out water to mourners, to journalists alike. i was buying lunch at one of the popular grocery chains here in orlando, i told the young lady who was checking me out, i'm a journalist and she immediately said, you're here from the shooting. ly not forget the look on her face. it was a look that told me how much she was pained by it and almost how much she was a part of it. keith and jaqueline? >> george spencer worked in orlando, too, so i'm sure he feels part of the story as well. george, thank you. we'll check back with you in a little bit. late this afternoon we learned that one of the youngest victims in the rampage is a recent high school graduate from philadelphia. >> she was in florida celebrating her graduation. our team coverage continues with monique braxton lye at west catholic prep in west philadelphia. teammates are mourning the loss
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of their friend there, monique? >> reporter: it was tough for most of them to talk to us, but according to the principal, she was a basketball standout and a scholar. take a look at the recent pictures of her. the 17-year-old graduated from west catholic preparatory high school just one week ago. on the school's website, you see her signing a letter of intent to play basketball at mercyhurst. when we arrived at west catholic, her grieving teammates just wrapped up a meeting with their coach. we spoke to one of the teammates as well as the principal. >> as a teammate, she was always a hustler. >> from the first time i met her in the hallways, she just made sure i felt welcomed here. >> reporter: akyra gave 100%. and it is no surprise they added her name to the list of the
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player who is scored 1,000 points. coming up this evening, we'll talk more about her accomplishments and why no one is surprised at how well she did in such a short life. live now from west philadelphia, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." the mother of one of the victims of the shooting was texting with her son during that attack. meaner justice received the very first text from her son eddie after 2:00 a.m. sunday. he told his mother he was hiding in the bathroom and asked her to call police. >> he texted me at 2:06 and said, mommy, i love you. in the club, they are shooting. that was at 2:06. trap in the bathroom, downtown, please call police. i'm going to die. >> her worst fear realized today when authorities added her son's name to the list of those
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killed. we are also learning more about the man responsible for the attack in orlando. federal officials say omar mateen traveled twice to the middle east, saudi arabia in 2011 and to the united arab em rats in 2012. the federal agents interviewed him twice in 2013 after he made inflammatory remarks. one coworker said he was unstable and unhinged and said he used slurs for gays, blacks, jews and women. mateen's father said he got angry two months ago when he saw two men kissing in miami. he apologized today for his son's actions. >> i just want to get my message out to all my american brothers and sisters that we don't approve, we are not that kind of family. what he did was -- he was on his own. >> mateen's father said what his son did was an act of terrorists. omar mateen also had ties to new jersey. his ex-wife live in edison and some of her family members still
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live there. cydney long went to talk to them about their close connection to the man behind the orlando massacre. >> reporter: the shooter's ex-brother-in-law said he is happy and relieved that the two divorced. >> my sister is doing pretty good. she's a strong woman, as you can tell. and that is all i can tell you. >> reporter: without sharing with us his name, omar mateen's ex-brother-in-law reacted to the horrifying pulse nightclub massacre carried out by the man who married his sister in 2009. >> i barely knew the guy, but it's a terrible thing that happened and really a tragedy. i feel bad for all those people that lost their families, their sons, their daughters. >> reporter: he no longer lives in this home in edison. edison police are assisting with
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the investigation into mateen's new jersey ties and his past. >> you can be sure that anything was seized or any interviews that were conducted? >> i'm not at ease to release anything that the fbi has seized as it is still an active investigation. >> reporter: his ex-wife said her family rescued her. >> i was devastated, shocked, and started crying because more than anything i was so deeply hurt and heartbroken for the people that lost their loved ones and the families now suffering. >> reporter: neighbors have american flags displayed in their front yard spoke to us on camera saying they want their quiet neighborhood to go back to being just that. they later came outside and said they didn't want their names or faces affiliated with this story on tv. from edison, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." and the shooting is especially shaking up the lbgt community across the country and here in philly.
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>> a vigil is planned tonight at city hall for the victims of sunday's violence. lauren make is there live tonight and you spoke to lbgt members about the ripple this is having on their close-knit community? >> reporter: it's been a tough couple of days, which is why the vigil here tonight is so important. as i talk to people today, i also heard a lot of determination. in philadelphia the lbgt community center is a place to connect. eric thomas is one of the first people you'll see when you come through the door. >> i have been seeing people looking for, looking a little mourned. i see people looking for a home base. >> reporter: but dealing with the shock of the deadly shooting in orlando, he says sadness is not the overwhelming emotion here today. >> there is grief, yes, but there is also the strive to push
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through, to persevere. >> reporter: it's a complicated group of emotions that shown through as they celebrated pride this weekend. one of the things that has rocked the community is the attack on a safe place where people went to be themselves with others who supported them. >> there is a pulse in every subset of our community. and sometimes it's a bar, and sometimes it's a community center, sometimes it's a bookstore, it's many different things. >> reporter: chris bartlett is executive director at the community center. >> this could have happened in any of our cities and could have impacted any of our communities. so we are all taking this with the seriousness it deserves. >> reporter: he's drawing on lessons lost after losing friends to aids years ago. >> i'm feeling sadness, anger and feeling moved to action. >> reporter: and we also talked about what that action would look like. it ranges from dealing with
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bullying in schools to anti-discrimination legislation to gun control. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, "nbc 10 news." again, the latest from orlando, the gunman spoke to 911 multiple times during the attack and pledged loyalty to isis. president obama says there's no clear evidence that omar mateen was directed by another or part of a larger plot. mateen's father apologized for his son's actions today. he said his son became angry a few months ago when he saw two men kissing in miami. and we learned today that a recent graduate of west catholic preparatory high school in west philadelphia was among the 49 people killed. akyra murray was set to play basketball at mercyhurst next year. and the gun debate has been reignited. we'll show you how it is coming up on the campaign trail. plus, the story of a father
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who lost his daughter in the attacks and the momento he plans to save for the rest of his life. and "nbc nightly news" with lester holt will have a special one-hour broadcast live tonight from orlando. that's coming up at 6:30. and stay with nbc 10 and as new information on the terror in orlando continues to e merge. you can learn more about the victims right on our nbc 10 app. pop star adam levine has reportedly offered to pay the funeral expenses for christina grimmie, the singer he mentored on "the voice." grimmie grew up in new jersey and she'll be remembered tonight. she died late friday after a man shot her and she signed autographs following a concert
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in orlando. a fellow contestant remembered her friend on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00 a.m. >> i am just in shock, you know. i just feel like it's a nightmare. and i just think we all -- like we were just all family, you know? we spent over a year together. and it's just so heartbreaking. >> grimmie also grew up in south philadelphia and said even though she and christina were competitors they were also friends. listen to that, a concert goer recorded part of grimmie's final performance. the show took place at the plaza line concert venue live in orlando which does not have metal detectors. police identified grimmie's killer as 27-year-old kevin james loibl of st. petersburg,
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florida. he took his own life after the shooting. there's no signs that the gunman even new grimmie. a map wanted for tossing a beer bottle at ryan howard has surrendered to police. sidney smith of delaware faces a misconduct charge this afternoon. he threw an aluminum bottle at ryan howard back on june 4. the bottle landed at howard's feet. closing arguments are underway in the federal corruption trial of congressman shakka fattah. he also tampered with nonprofit funds. we are inside the courtroom this afternoon and stay with nbc 10 for developments.
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we are working to confirm if anyone was injured after a car slammed into this home in camden, county. sky force 10 is over the scene where this happened earlier this afternoon. two people were in the car at the time it crashed into the building. we'll bring you updates as we get more information. and the future of fare payments arrived for septa riders. here's a live look at 30th street station, the first septa key cards are being used here this afternoon. it's an electronic card that will eventually replace tokens and passes. septa made 10,000 key cards available this morning. once you have one you can reload it with money online just like an ez pass. septa riders have been waiting years for this day to come. >> traveling with two kids, juggling all the tokens, trying to get them in the morning, kit be very hard. >> and for now the key cards work on subways, buses and
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trolleys. septa will use them for transit in the coming months. delaware is looking to crack down on drivers who text while behind the wheel. house lawmakers are set to vote this week on a bill that would toughen penalties for anyone caught texting and driving. that bill would increase the penalty for a first offense from $50 to $100. the fines were drivers caught again would jump to as high as $300. the bill must also pass the senate. governor jack markel said he would sign it. chester police are getting a new piece of equipment. the department announced today they are launching a pilot program to use body cameras. the tests will run through the rest of the year. the department hopes to have ten officers outfitted with the cameras. the goal is transparency between police and the community. >> we firmly believe that the connection between the community
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and our police department will improve. >> it costs near $75,000 to fund the program. chester has been already been given a $10,000 donation. and what a great start to the week. nbc 10 is in montgomery county today where it is nice and comfortab comfortable. sunshine, no rain, no 90s, a lot of people enjoying today. temperatures are in the 70s just about everywhere. some cool spots, 72 at coatsville. 73 in allentown. and trenton, now compare that to yesterday at this time, 11 degrees colder in philadelphia and coatsville. 14 degrees colder in dover than it was at this time yesterday. so quite a change. now let's head to the shore where it was near 90 degrees yesterday. it's only 71 in atlantic city now. we're getting a little bit of a
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sea breeze. it's 80 degrees in mays landing and upper township. the wind gusts today not nearly as strong as yesterday. still a basic northwest wind, but now gusting 20 to 23 miles an hour. these areas not reporting any gusts this hour particularly. you can see, well, just some high, thin clouds around. there really is no rain close by. a few showers up across parts of the great lakes. and that is about it. so it's definitely going to be dry tonight and into tomorrow. we certainly did have the cooler air come in. it was 92 degrees on saturday and sunday here. today so far the high is 77. tomorrow, up to about 81 degrees. and that's pretty close to average. we are dry for now and will be dry tonight and tomorrow. look at tuesday, not even in the clouds like we saw today. but then on wednesday we start to increase the clouds a little
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bit, especially in southern parts of the area. and delaware and south jersey as moisture comes down from the northwest and eventually that's going to end up giving us some rain, especially on thursday. then tomorrow, just another spectacular day. the sky is bluer than today. 80 degrees in fox chase. the humidity is low. yardley is 80. reading, 82 degrees. 78 in atlantic city. another day with a sea breeze coming in. and look what happens between wednesday and thursday. okay, wednesday warms up and then thursday there's the rain, the east wind, to keep the temperature down. the p.a. suburbs, same story, lehigh valley, goes from 85 to 76. but in parts of south jersey, jersey shore, delaware, i have the showers in for wednesday as well. that's what the neighborhood
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forecasts are all about, some areas are going to see rain on wednesday, others won't. and this type of forecast can show you. it looks like everybody gets rain on thursday. look how clear it is, delaware, 80 degrees. at the shore, 68 degrees. then it is cooler at the shore on friday. wait until you see the rest of that coming up later. >> looking forward to that, glenn. in the meantime, our coverage of the terror in orlando is next. >> we'll show you how other countries are showing their support following the deadliest mass shooting in our nation's history. plus, fighting the zika virus. the rule change that could pennize property owners in an effort to keep infected mosquitoes out of our area. but first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. the nasdaq, the dow jones, the s&p 500 all down. we'll be right back. sponsoring locally by philadelphia's credit unions. find a credit union right for you at to grow up.
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but teachers like mr. elliot saw something in me. made a connection with me. now i'm a teacher myself, right here in camden. i'm just passing it along to my own students and making those same connections my teachers made with me. now that's some beautiful music. i'm jamal dickerson, and i'm proud to be a new jersey educator.
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we continue with the outpouring of sympathy. >> in australia they are displaying the rainbow to remember the victims. >> and in south korea people paid tribute to those in orlando after a gay pride parade took part in seoul. >> and many gather in front of the embassy in germany today. many left flowers in front of
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rainbows and american flags left outside. meanwhile, we are hearing from the gun shop owner who sold the attacker his weapon. we'll hear from him straight ahead. plus, the stories of victims continue to emerge this afternoon. next, we are joined live from orlando with a story of a father who lost his daughter in the shootings. and the last memory he has of her. plus, they worked together. hundreds of feet in the air, and that takes a lot of trust. who better to trust than your own family? meat t meet the father/son team working together coming up on the "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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now a look at new developments in the terror in orlando. the fbi is trying to determine whether the gunman in sunday's
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attack had recently scouted walt disney world as a potential target. omar mateen is accused of killing 49 people inside a gay nightclub. more than 50 others were hurt. a vigil will be held tonight in orlando for the victims. and we learned today a recent graduate of west catholic preparatory high school in philadelphia is among the dead. kyra murray was set to play basketball at mercyhurst college next fall. we have been hearing from the victims' families as well. >> we are live in orlando with george spencer who has been speaking to countless family members. you spoke to a father who lost his daughter in the attack? >> reporter: jaqueline, he was one of the many willing to talk after enduring the shock of this tragedy. it is just about five blocks south of this memorial site where i'm standing at a senior center here in orlando where we spoke to and saw those victims'
4:30 pm
families coming and going one by one hearing the news that no family can prepare for. the families emerged in sad, somber processions. parents, siblings, cousins, grandparents, each group huddled close walking back out into their world forever changed. >> we tried to see the body and my wife is in bad, bad shape right now. >> reporter: this man says his wife is inconsolable as they lost their daughter mercedes flores in the mass killing. a father struggling today to suddenly speak of his daughter in the past tense. >> she's a hard worker, she's a hard student, she was a hard student, she was a hard worker. but she's gone. she's gone, that's it. >> reporter: inside this senior center today the fbi briefed about 200 family members of victims about getting their loved ones' belongings and the
4:31 pm
medical examiner described the pain staking task of their remains. some showed up to support those who suffered close calls and others to spread a message of peace. >> yesterday was probably the toughest day for the muslim community in all of orlando. >> he was in the bathroom stall with 30 people. those 30 people are deceased. >> reporter: he's the only one that lived? >> he's the only one that lived. >> reporter: for most of these families the outcome was different and the future will be, too. flores recalled for us the last time he saw his happy daughter, the day before she was killed she brought her father lunch at his home. >> the thing she did before was the day before she brought me something to eat. >> reporter: he could smile about that final meal with his daughter. he told me he had just a few leftovers, a few scraps of food that he didn't eat and he said today, he was keeping the
4:32 pm
leftovers from that meal forever in his refrigerator and freezer. a frozen momento of his daughter now lost. reporting live tonight in orlando, florida, i'm george spencer, "nbc 10 news." >> so many tragic stories emerging. thank you, george. this afternoon we are hearing from the owner of the gun shop where the murderer purchased his weapons. he vaguely remembers him. while he feels terrible about what the guns were used for, his sales followed the law. >> i would just like to express that we truly, truly are saddened and shocked by the horrific terrorist act. our heartfelt condolences and prayers are with the family members and victims. >> the deadly massacre is sparking a gun control debate across the nation. >> today both presidential candidates weighed in on the issue with very different viewpoints. >> you cannot fall into the trap set by the gun lobby that says if you can't stop every shooting
4:33 pm
and every incident, you should not try to stop any. that is not how laws work. it's not common sense. and we need to get these weapons of war off the street. >> well, first of all, there are millions of them already out there, millions upon millions, so they are already out there, number one. and i absolutely wouldn't because people need protection. they have to protect. so the bad guys will have the assault rifles and the people trying to protect themselves will be standing there with a bb gun. >> some may wonder who really buys an assault rifle type of gun to protect themselves and their home. >> so we sent ted greenberg to find out just who might buy one. >> reporter: for scott publice, taking aim at a south jersey shooting range is a beautiful sport. >> it's a beautiful hobby for me and my daughter and my kids. >> reporter: like most americans, he has strong feelings about the nightclub massacre in orlando. >> it's insane, it's crazy.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: his semiautomatic sport rifle is similar to the ar-15 rifle omar mateen use in the mass shooting but he says it's legal in new jersey. questions have been raised why to have a gun like this. for publice, it's a hobby to shoot. lawmakers will try to tighten the laws for gun-biding owners. >> the crazy people can get a gun from anybody out on the street. what are you going to do to protect us from them getting a gun, you know, illegally. >> i'm all for fixing an issue if there's an issue. and i believe there's 100% an issue with the accessibility of firearms in this country to certain individuals. >> reporter: chuck burwick is president of banger's sports shop located next to the shooting range. they still ar-style rifles and offer classes on using them. burwick police say more background checks are needed nationwide, not stricter guidelines on ownership.
4:35 pm
>> i don't believe there's an issue with the guns, it's the mind behind the trigger. we need to do something to fix that issue. >> reporter: berwick said he saw an increase in buying guns before the shooting. who he is seeing buy them and why coming up at 5:00. i'm ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." and this has prompted senator bob casey to introduce a new gun-controlled bill to prohibit the sale of a gun to anyone convicted of a hate crime in the past. >> we want to express our sorrow and also express what i believe has to be the reaction of public officials, condolences and expressions of solidarity are not enough. we have to take action. >> senator casey unveiled the bill this morning after meeting with members of the lbgt community in pittsburgh.
4:36 pm
the state of delaware is considering a new penalty as part of its plan to fight the zika virus. >> next a proposal that could have property owners paying up if they don't follow the new rules.
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pennsylvania governor tom wolf will undergo a treatment for his prostate cancer. governor wolf will spend tomorrow and wednesday at home and return to the office on thursday. wolf announced his diagnosis in february and is optimistic about a full recovery. and delaware confirms a fifth case of zika. officials are considering a fine to help ward off the virus. the state today announced that the new castle county man that traveled to the area affected by zika may have contracted it from the infected mosquito. tonight new castle county council is going to vote on that proposal that could penalize property owners for having standing water in their yards.
4:40 pm
the move is aimed to limit the number of mosquitoes. homeowners could be fined $50. glenn? well, the weather is off to a great start this week. the last week of spring. and it finally feels like spring. but i am tracking raining in the forecast next.
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now a look at new developments in the terror in orlando. hospital officials say they are very optimistic that the nightclub shooting victims being treated will recover. 53 people were wounded in sunday's attack at a gay nightclub along with the 48 others killed. senate democrats say they will try to force a vote on making it harder for suspected terrorists to buy guns. this man had twice come to the fbi's attention. the director said the agency is
4:44 pm
trying to determine whether the gunman had scouted walt disney world as a potential target. and it just so happens to be latin night at the club saturday night and the massacre is hitting the latino community really hard. >> there's a tie between the latino community in orlando and here on philadelphia. many people on edge as the victims' names emerge. to better describe the impact happening here at home, chris from telemundo 62 is joining us live from city hall. christian? >> reporter: keith and jaqueline, i can tell you that the gay latino community is small but very strong according to the members in times of celebration and pride festivities, they say fear is haunting them. >> first i was horrified and then i witnessed a complete shock. >> reporter: nicki lopez is proud to be part of the lbgt community, but she said growing up near orlando these brought a series of emotions. >> they want us to fear for who
4:45 pm
we are. and we can't allow fear to prevail. >> reporter: according to galaei, a queer justice organization, abomany hispanicse gay. this local leader says the pain is intense. >> it brings into the stark relief what we are living with as far as racism is described. >> there's always a little fear about it, but you just walk in and you can't stay home, you know? >> we are talking about people who know each other across the country. we travel, we travel to other cities to enjoy night life and to experience other communities that we don't, we are not familiar with. and we build networks. >> reporter: but it's the fear during the bonding interaction that nicki says will only hold
4:46 pm
the gay community back. >> that fear never actually goes away. i think we adapt and we survive despite having that fear in the back of our minds. so it's definitely not going to go away. at least for me, it will make me want to fight harder. >> reporter: well, tonight at 6:30 we have learned a vigil is being held here at city hall where we're told that the names of the victims will be displayed. and now this is just one of several gatherings planned this week to remember those who lost their lives. we are live in center city, christian cazares, "nbc 10 news." well, those who felt it was a little bit too hot over the weekend, you got a nice day here. lehigh valley, 73 degrees with sunshine. 74 in the p.a. suburbs. 77 in philadelphia itself. now let's take a look at
4:47 pm
delaware. and it's a big variation in that state depending on the wind direction. it's almost up to 80 degrees. newark is 78. odessa, 79. there's an 80 allendale. georgetown, 79. a little bit of a sea breeze in bethany beach at 70 degrees. the temperature trend in philadelphia, first we'll look at the milky white sky. those are high, relatively thin clouds. knocking the temperatures down a little bit, 77 so far today after at least 90 over the weekend. and with more sunshine tomorrow, it should get warmer. these are harmless high clouds out there. not bothering anybody. and you can see by tomorrow, those high clouds move out. so i expect a sunnier sky, a bluer sky tomorrow. and then we have moisture coming in from the northwest. it's coming in on wednesday, especially delaware and south jersey. we'll have more clouds. and then the moisture just keeps increasing. again, delaware, south jersey,
4:48 pm
the first area to get it. and then by thursday, that's a lot of rain, and the wind off the ocean, that means the temperature is down. and here we are during the day on thursday, a fair amount of rainy hours there. but no rainy hours tomorrow. beautiful, low humidity, sunshine, winfield, 81. yardley, 7. allentown, 79. the temperatures in the morning nice and comfortable. galloway, 79. rehoboth beach, 77 degrees. well, here's this area of low pressure, that's what's coming, and it will cause the wind to come in off the ocean. and there is your area of rain. and then you just hope it moves out in time for the weekend. now it's going to be wetter at the jersey shore. i've got showers here for wednesday, thursday and cloudy, cool, nasty day on friday as
4:49 pm
well. that's quite a difference. 87 degrees in philadelphia on wednesday. 75 with rain at the shore. but again, it may improve over the weekend. now in philadelphia, there we go with some sunshine over the weekend, and comfortable temperatures. we start to heat up next week. >> all right, glenn. we have seen harry hairston get results to dozens of consumer complaints already with nbc 10 response. today we are going back to one of his success stories. >> next, the unexpected response one woman got after harry's story aired. prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh...
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in today's nbc 10 responds, a local company jumped in to respond after seeing one of our stories. >> harry is here with a cool update. harry, what do you have? >> well, check this out. it's always great when we can resolve someone's problem. and it's even nicer when others step up to help out. so how long were you without heat? >> a week. >> a week? >> yeah, it was horrible. >> remember donna adams? >> we had to wear everything to keep warm. >> her heater broke down in february and she had to install a company to put in a new one. she paid half of the $4550 estimate for work to begin. she needed heat so he paid the extra charge. the last-minute charge didn't set well with adam. so she called nbc 10 responds.
4:54 pm
>> i want the difference of my money and i want an apology. >> she didn't get an apology or refund. but she showed us what she did get on this cell phone recording. >> here's the crew coming to fix the work, good samaritans. >> reporter: help from a different plumbing company for adams other plumbing needs. >> we checked everything for normal operation. >> reporter: after seeing our story on adam, turner's brother plumbing and heating donated $1200 worth of work. >> she had a bad experience with another company and we wanted to restore the faith that there are companies out there that go above and beyond. >>er the wo >>er. >> reporter: the work that turner bros did only came to $1250. but to make good for this, they wrote her a check for $250. after thanking the turner bros,
4:55 pm
adam's sent us this video. >> nbc 10, you got the job done, thanks. >> i love the responds cams. brian turner said he and his brother just wanted to pay it for. >> the turner brothers coming through in the clutch. >> big time. they made her so happy. >> how much money now? >> let's get to that. $1250 gets added to the nbc 10 he responds recovery open counter bringing the total to $36,461 for you, our viewers. >> in six weeks? >> yeah. >> making a lot of people happy, harry. we love it. >> if you have a consumer complaint for harry and the nbc 10 responds team, go to nbc nbc10responds or call the number on your screen, 610-668-responds. coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a woman says all she wanted was clean clothes.
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but instead was left with a mess after months of calling for help with no resolution. she called harry hairston and the nbc 10 responds team. that story the tomorrow on "nbc 10 news" at 4:00. "nbc 10 news" at 5:00 is next. >> here's denise mcconnell. >> next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00, our live coverage continues on the terror in orlando. and nbc 10's george spencer is there with the latest on the investigation. we have also learned one of the victims was a local student who just graduated high school. how classmates and teachers are honoring her memory. i don't know where my son is. no one can tell me where my son is. if he's been shot, if he's dead -- >> plus a mother's desperate plea to find her son. tonight, she finally has answers, next on "nbc 10 news" at 5:00.
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their worst fears come true, family members learning who was inside the pulse night club. tonight we know a teenager from philadelphia is among the victims. and 18-year-old who just graduated from high school and was looking forward to the future. >> as a teammate, she was always a hustler. she was the hungryiest out of all of us. >> and tonight we're learning more about all the victims. they range from 17 to 49 years old. >> but no matter their age, these lives were cut way too short. we learned today that a recent
5:00 pm
graduate of west catholic prep high school in philadelphia was among the victims in this weekend's shooting. akyra murray and 48 others were shot and killed inside a gay nightclub early sunday. 53 other people were wounded. the gunman omar mateen called 911 three times during the attack. he not only pledged loyalty to isis but expressed solidarity with the boston marathon bombers. a vigil will be held tonight in orlando for the victims of the attack. nbc 10's george spencer join us live now from orlando. >> and he's been following the latest since he arrived there yesterday afternoon. george? >> reporter: denise, orlando police have just confirmed within the past half hour that the crime scene around the nightclub about a mile south of where i'm standing will remain closed for the foreseeable future. they are encouraging visitors and drivers to stay away. it comes as the city says they have now identified all the


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