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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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a philadelphia teenager celebrating her high school graduation. >> from that very first time that i met her in the hallway, she just made sure that i felt welcomed here. >> but sunday morning gunfire ripped through that club. and made them the victims of the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. right now at 6:00, you are taking a live look at two communities coming together in the wake of a massacre. a growing memorial near the site of yesterday's shooting in orlando. and a vigil for the victims that will soon get underway at philadelphia city hall. i'm jaqueline london. tonight nbc 10 learned that one of the 49 victims killed was a high school basketball star from west philadelphia on vacation with her family in orlando. she is the youngest of the victims identified so far. we will share her story in just a few minutes. but first, the very latest on the investigation, the owner of a gun store where the shooter
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bought his weapons said the gunman passed a full background check. meanwhile, the fbi is trying to determine whether the gunman had recently scouted walt disney world and other locations as potential targets. and hospital officials are very optimistic that the shooting victims being treated tonight will recover. >> i still believe god is great. i still believe that, you know what, we can have forgiveness even in this. >> nbc 10 has team coverage as we uncover more about the victims, the suspect and the investigation. let's begin with nbc 10's george spencer who joins us live from orlando. george, if you can, give us a sense of what is taking place there right now. >> reporter: jaqueline, really just ground swell, an outpour of community and support only about a mile away from the attack scene. this memorial and stage will soon house a city-run vigil just
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about an hour from now. it comes as orlando police now confirm they have notified the family of all victims except one as we are getting a firsthand look at the horror that started it all. a snapchat video captured the very instant a gunman opened fire on the crowd inside the pulse nightclub in orlando. you can see the confusion on the face of the woman who took the video. a woman who tragically did not make it out of the club alive. another video shot just hours later shows how the rampage ended in a hail of gunfire as a police s.w.a.t. team stormed the nightclub and shot and killed gunman omar mateen. and news still photos today show mateen's toyota camry parked at the complex where he lived. prayer beads hang from the rear-vie mirror. nasa and marine corps bumper
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stickers decorate the trunk. on the ground in orlando we visited a senior center where victims' family members one by one got the news no family can prepare for. >> we tried to see the body. so my wife is a mess right now. >> reporter: this man lost his daughter in the mass killing. we saw families emerge in sad processions, the mourning process suddenly begun. he was here that the fbi briefed about 200 family members of victims about getting their loved ones' belongings and the medical examiner described the painstaking task of claiming a victim's remains. each victim living a ripple effect of heartbreak. >> she's a hard worker and a hard student. she was a hard student, she was a hard worker. but she's gone. she's gone. that's it. it's finished. >> reporter: yeah, if you were with us earlier, you heard that father describe the last meal that he shared with his daughter. she brought him food to his
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house the day before she was killed. he actually had leftovers and told us he planned to save the scraps in his freezer for the foreseeable future as a lingering momento of his daughter. in the meantime, the city of orlando's vigil begins here in about an hour. jaqueline? >> all right, george. from remembering the victims in orlando to back here in west philadelphia, nbc 10's monique braxton is live with a story of a high school star killed in yesterday's shooting. monique, this day is becoming more difficult as names and faces are put to these victims. >> reporter: that's right, jaqueline. i can tell you that the basketball teammates of akyra murray just left this high school wearing their jerseys proudly on their way to center city to the city's vigil for those folks who died yesterday morning. now i should also tell you why we have been here at west
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catholic high, we have hear murray was outstanding in athletics and academics. >> as a teammate, she was always a hustler. she was the hungryiest out of all of us. >> reporter: that's how camilla harris remembers her teammate akyra murray. how long did you play with her? >> this is my first year playing with her, so it was a hell of a year. >> reporter: akyra murray graduated last week. she was named female scholar athlete of the year. on the school's website you find a picture of murray signing a letter of intent to play basketball for mercyhurst. >> akyra was a student who gave 100% in everything she did. >> reporter: murray was vacationing in orlando with family and friends when shot and killed at pulse nightclub. her father, albert murray, posted this frantic message on facebook. requesting prayers, while
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searching for his daughter, he says, she called and said, come get me, i've been shot and losing a lot of blood. unfortunately, her dad didn't reach her before she passed away. >> one of the other teachers actually made a comment about how important it is for us to recognize that it's not the fact that we don't have any more time with her, just appreciate the time that we did spend with her. >> reporter: and we so appreciate the photos that family members have been sharing with us via facebook. the school's president says this is where students and faculty will assemble to celebrate their time with akyra during a memorial in the courtyard. plans for the memorial are still being made and as soon as we get the information we'll let you know. in west philadelphia, monique braxton, "nbc 10 news." and we are now learning more about the man responsible for the attack in orlando. federal officials say omar mateen traveled twice to the middle east in recent years.
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saudi arabia in 2011 and to the united arab emrates in 2012. he was investigated by the fbi after making inflammatory comments to coworkers. they said he used slurs for gays, blacks, jews and women. his ex-wife once lived in middlesex county. hours after the massacre, the police and fbi spent hours inside this house on wintrup lane where her brother lives. today he confirmed his sister was abused during that marriage. he says he's in disbelief over the shooting. >> it's a terrible thing that happened, it's a tragedy. i feel bad for the people who lost their family members, their sons and daughters. >> reporter: authorities won't say if anything was seized from the home staying it is an active
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investigation. some powerful words from local religious leaders and members of the lbgt community came together to condemn the attacks in orlando. >> we need to stand together in determination and strength to work to end this hatred. we need to all speak out whenever such hatred emerges. >> others at today's press conference echoed the sentiments calling on people to come together and stand in defiance of hate. as we learn more about the victims, count on nbc 10 to share their stories on air and online. you can also find the tributes pouring in from around the country right now on the nbc 10 app. closing arguments are underway in the corruption trial for congress mman chaka fattah. he led a crime spree that led from philadelphia to capitol
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hill. deanna durante is joining us with more. how did fattah's lawyers respond? >> reporter: fattah spent most of the day looking around the courtroom, many times smiling. federal prosecutor jonathan kravitz said congressman fattah took bribes and stole money and he didn't do it alone. so far the jury has heard from the government. the fattah defense team and the lawyer for herbert biederman. closing arguments will be presented for fattah tomorrow. they spent close to three hours connecting the dots in the case that took more than three weeks to present to the jury. kravitz told the jury, quote, when fattah calls your number, you step up and run the play. he said fattah couldn't accomplish anything without those who worked under him. he told the story about the illegal million dollar campaign loan. when he needed money to bail out
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his son's college debts, he stole it from campaign accounts and leaned on a wealthy friend to give him bribes. the government lawyers are said to have destroyed fattah's career. there's not an e-mail or letter to link fattah to the alleged crime. the defense attorney said if the government didn't present it, then it doesn't exist. one of many reasons he urged the jury to come back with a not guilty verdict. now fattah's friend herbert biederman is on trial accused of bribing the congressman. he told the jurors biederman is a wealthy and generous man and the fact that he helped the fattahs out and bought a car for them had nothing to do with the fact that biederman wanted an ambassadorship or his girlfriend needed a job. deanna durante, "nbc 10 news." now a look at other stories making headlines. a spokeswoman for adam levine confirms the pop star has offered to pay the funeral expenses for a south jersey
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native. he mentored her on nbc's "the voice." christina grimmie was gunned down signing autographs in orlando friday night. her hometown of burlington county will hold a candlelight vigil tonight to remember her. >> a man wanted for tossing a beer bottle at philly's slugger ryan howard surrendered to police. sidney smith of wilmington, delaware, faces a disorderly conduct charge this afternoon. authorities say he threw an aluminum bottle at ryan howard at citizens bank park back on june 4. the bottle landed at howard's feet. supporters of the bill designed to help victims of child sex abuse in pennsylvania are using martial arts to make some noise. they chopped wood at the state capitol this morning to say the demonstration symbolizes the barriers needed to reform the statute of limitations in pennsylvania. the bill would allow sex abuse victims to sue their abusers and private institutions decades after the abuse occurred.
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next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00, the city of philadelphia comes together for the victims out of the orlando massacre. nbc 10's lauren mayk is live at city hall. >> reporter: the crowds are starting to gather here tonight for the vigil. and coming up, we'll talk to some coming here tonight to mourn their best friends. at longhorn steakhouse, we know there's nothing better than a steak and an ice cold beer.
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we'll bring you up-to-date on the terror in orlando. the gunman omar mateen called 911 and pledged alliance to isis. his youngest victim just gradual waited from west catholic prep last week. a vigil is being held to remember the victims tonight. and the city of philadelphia is coming together to remember the victims tonight at city hall. that's where lauren mayk is tonight. >> reporter: this is important for the whole community, but for some people the last day and a half has been heart-wrenching. i spoke to one of those people who lost his very best friends
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who loved life and helped others to live it to the fullest. >> he was the type of person that i thought we would be friends for life. it was that -- it was immediate clear to me from the get-go and it never assumed to me that his life would end this quickly. so it's -- it's hard. >> reporter: brighton chapman lost his friend eddie sotomayor in the deadly shooting at the orlando nightclub. in philadelphia chapman got the news from the colleague that worked with him. eddie sotomayor was in the travel industry, chapman in entertainment. they traveled the world together on cruises. >> we quickly went from strangers to the best of friends. >> reporter: his friend was always taking care of others and making sure they were having a good time. >> he was constantly making sure that everybody was enjoying everybody possible for what it was worth. >> reporter: he remembers international stops that weren't welcoming. >> there were times we wouldn't
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get off the boat and would get notifications that in this country the laws are x, y, z, if you happen to be gay. so you are cautious. what was that like feeling in our home, you know, some place where we should feel safe, you know? it's just horrible to imagine those last moments. >> reporter: that night at the club, the friend who was always celebrating, always supporting, sent him a snapchat that he hasn't been able to bring himself to open. do you think you've ever be able to watch that? >> i don't know. i don't know. no. >> reporter: greg is planning to be at the vigil tonight, remembering his friend eddie and getting support from others. i'm lauren mayk reporting from center city, "nbc 10 news." the attack prompted renewed
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talk on stricter gun control laws in the u.s. the shooting club in winslow township is where we found people firing semiautomatic wifls legal in new jersey. they are similar to the ar-style the shooter used in orlando. in the wake of the massacre, some are worried lawmakers will try to toughen gun rules for law-abiding owners. >> i'm all for fixing the issue if there's an issue. and i believe there's 100% an issue with the accessibility of firearms in this country to certain individuals. >> a sports shop next to the range sells ar-style rifles and offers classes on using them. the shop's owner believes more thorough background checks are needed nationwide not stricter limitations on gun ownership. "nbc nightly news" will have a special one-hour broadcast live tonight from oerrlando rig after this newscast. and now your nbc 10 first-alert neighborhood weather
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with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> after a pretty hot weekend, things certainly cooled off today. the cooling off in allentown, 71. coatsville, 72 degrees. it is 76 degrees in philadelphia. we got up to 78 officially today after 90s both saturday and sunday. we'll go up to 81 tomorrow with a little bit more sunshine than we had today. we had some of those high clouds coming down from the northwest. as a matter of fact, there's some moisture in some of those clouds. but i think it's not going to be reaching the ground as it heads into burkes county right now. and there are other areas of moisture back across the great lakes that are coming down this way in the northwesterly flow. we'll see what happens here on the futurecast. as we go through tomorrow, not even any clouds to speak of, so it's just going to be a gorgeous day. then the clouds start to come in from the west on wednesday. and especially delaware and south jersey getting some of that moisture. here's wednesday night and then
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here comes the real moisture, the serious moisture. that's coming in during the day thursday. just about everybody gets rain. wind comes in off the ocean and it is a nasty day. but not tomorrow. tomorrow is spectacular. bella vista, 81. reading, 82. everybody's got sunshine and low humidity. 80 in haddenfield. 79 in galloway. rehoboth beach, 77 degrees. and then things change. all right, wednesday's warmer as you can see with more clouds. then thursday down to 75 degrees for the high with periods of rain in philadelphia. let's see what the other areas are like. still, again, pretty warm in the p.a. suburbs. the lehigh valley goes from 85 to 76. and at the jersey shore in delaware, i have a showers in for wednesday where i don't have them in other parts of the area. that's what the neighborhood weather stuff is all about. we can specify areas that are
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likely to see this kind of rain. and at the jersey shore, look at the high temperature for thursday. only 68 degrees. north philadelphia gets the rain on thursday perhaps going into friday, especially just south of philadelphia. saturday and sunday are looking good at this point. and then it really starts heating up next week. we'll be right back, if
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. hey, i'm john clark from comcast sports net. some of the best quarterbacks
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were in jersey today supporting the celebrity golf event. michael vick is there. he doesn't have a team but vick is hoping to play one more year. then there's domenick mcnabb. i sat down with him. donovan wonders if sam bradford's team will run out sooner rather than later. >> is there really competition when you're sitting there at 3-5, 2-6, yeah! >> there's a sign, back in, back out. >> hey, you've heard it, i've heard it. you said it. you better have that thick skin. >> good stuff. the nba draft is ten days away. the sixers have the top pick. many expect them to take ben simmons. if not, brandon ingram from duke is working out for the sixers today. brandon just wants to hear his name called. doesn't matter if he's one or
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two. i don't believe that. phillies michael franco out of the line yup with a mild knee spray. i'm john clark. we're right back. you scratch my back, i'll scratch yours. you know what it means.
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i'm george spencer in orlando, florida, where the city's vigil for the nightclub massacre is set to begin in just about a half hour. through much of the day we have seen people like many in this could simply coming out to show their support and their unity. we have also spoken to family members who have had their very worst fears confirmed today. jaqueline, you and i worked together in orlando for a while, it is sad to see this city in this moment, but also powerful to see orlando's response. >> it is great to see them come
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together. a live look from the orlando city hall where a live vigil will get underway in just a minute. stay with nbc 10 for the very latest. tonight, inside a chilling time line of terror. a portrait of a killer now emerging. new questions about why police waited hours to storm inside. and how did the gunman investigated by the fbi once put on a terror watch list legally buy the guns used to massacre so many. out for a night of fun, where they thought they were safe, didn't make it out alive. tonight i talked to the mom who is pleading for her son. her anguish now turns to heart ache. what she wants the world to know. and terror politics. as donald trump saying president obama doesn't want to stop terrorists, the presumptive gop nominee wading into wild conspiracy


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