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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 14, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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i'm jacqueline london. patience was at the pulse nightclub with her friends. murray, who was celebrating her graduation from west catholic prep, died in the shootout. today, patience remarkably kept her composure for nearly 25 minutes as she recounted being just inches from the gunman who took 49 lives. >> the gunman entered the bathroom and was shooting his machine gun, so we're all scrambling around in the bathroom, screaming at the top of our lungs. >> throughout the last two hours, we've been sharing her story of strength and courage and denise joins us with more. >> reporter: even when it seems the killing and carnage is finally over, for philadelphia's patience carter, she's not so sure. at one point, she begs god to save her from any more pain. >> when i was lying on the glass and floor, i could see piles of
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bodies laying over the toilet seat and the bottom of the toilet was covered with hand prints and blood. i could see people piled behind me, just blood, some were dead, some were moaning in pain. i looked across and i could see my best friend on the floor and akya just looking lifeless. at that point, i thought i'm not going to get out of here. i made peace with god within myself. i said, you know, god, if this is my time to go, if this is how i have to go, just take me. i don't want any more shots. i was just begging god to please take me. i just wanted to close my eyes and i was begging god to take the soul out of my body. >> carter was strong telling the world her story for more than 20 minutes.
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shortly after, the weight seemed to heavy to bear. she becomes emotional as a doctor consoles her. in a few minutes, you'll hear patience carter read a poem she wrote to help her come to terms with the aftermath of what she experienced. trust me, they are not words you want to miss. >> your heart hurts for her and hearing her account and everything that she was forced to endure. it puts so much into perspective. >> she's incredible for just sharing her story with the world. >> so much strength. thank you. and the stories of survive al echoed from inside two hospitals today. george spencer has more on the survivors and the doctors who helped save their lives. more heroes here, george. >> reporter: indeed, jacqueline. we know that life saving surgeries are happening even right now.
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eight of those full-length procedured scheduled throughout today. it comes for the first time we are hearing how the medical heroes were able to save so many lives, even as this memorial here in downtown orlando continues to grow. and as this city prepares for at least five different vigils tonight. >> all i could hear was the shotgun, one after another, and people screaming and yelling for help. >> reporter: angel had to rely on what he could hear sunday morning. he had been hit three times in the leg and couldn't move. he laid on the bloody floor of pulse nightclub, playing dead, as shooter omar mateen returned for a second round of killing. >> i had no reaction, i was just prepared to stay there, laying down, so he won't know i'm alive. >> reporter: from the attack scene to orlando's largest trauma unit. >> that was great for the
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patients, them being close. but it made it difficult for the medical staff. >> reporter: he says they were effectively flying blind, moving quickly to call in all available backup, unscheduled at 3:00 a.m. on a sunday morning. >> almost every person i called answered the phone. i said this is not a drill. this is not a joke. >> reporter: patients streamed into the emergency department in groups. many of the injured lining up in the hallways. >> they were being dropped off in truckloads and in ambulance loads. >> reporter: for colone, his saviers were this nurse, megan and an orlando police officer who dragged him by hand out of the club. >> i wish i could remember his face or his name, because i'm grateful for him. >> reporter: i just spoke to angel's best friend, a native of wildwood who was with him that night. he escaped injury at the pulse nightclub by jumping over a club fence. we will be here watching tonight
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as this city hosts those five major vigils, a community still in mourning. reporting live tonight from orlando, florida, i'm george spencer, "nbc 10 news." >> so many remarkable stories emerges. george spencer, thank you. we want to break down the other big headlines today from the terror in orlando. nbc news learned that the wife of gunman omar mateen told fellow agents she tried to talk her husband out of carrying out the attack. and today, president obama met with his national security team to discuss the nightclub massacre and efforts to defeat isis. the president will travel to orlando thursday. nbc nightly news with lester holt will have the latest coming up at 6:30 after this news cast. turning to other news now, tonight, a man who had south jersey police hiding in fear is in custody after an eight-hour man hunt. it started with a triple murder
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in west virginia yesterday. he was captured this morning in pennsylvania. it turns out he's from pensville, new jersey, where police worried he was headed next. that's where we're live tonight. some officials spent last night hiding there. >> reporter: that's right. at least two local judges and local police families spent the night in hotels or stayed overnight with relatives. their fear is that erick shute would return seeking revenge or retaliation. only nbc 10 cameras were there as erick shute is escorted into court on charges he killed three men in west virginia monday afternoon. >> i was concerned last night for the town and the officers and the people in the community itself. >> reporter: that's because erick shute may have been headed back to pensville. >> west virginia state police were pinging his cell phone. >> reporter: he considers
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himself above the law, a so-called sovereign citizen. police fear he had a local ax to grind. >> to know this person was on the loose after he committed another awful crime was unsettling. >> reporter: jordan had sentenced him to jail. >> those charges were aggravated assault and obstruction of justice. >> reporter: erick shute also delivered subpoenas to authorities in the past. >> that meant he knew where i live. >> reporter: he assaulted this police officer four years ago. how dangerous was he to have the local judges and police in hiding? >> after being suspected of shooting three people, you don't know what that person is thinking. >> i did not sleep very well last night. >> reporter: jordan and his wife did not hesitate to leave their homes for safety. >> a state trooper escorted us all the way down and we stayed at a hotel.
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>> reporter: erick shute wrote on his facebook page that it was self-defense, that he has nothing to hide. >> there was concern of his demeanor and his beliefs in the system. >> reporter: a few hours of hiding here at the hotel, now have police and this community feeling some relief. i'm cydney long, "nbc 10 news." turning to decision 2016, it's a meeting that could decide the future of the democratic party. tonight, presumptive nominee hillary clinton is set to meet with bernie sanders just after the polls closed in washington, d.c. earlier today, clinton was focused on another political opponent, donald trump. she attacked his response to the massacre in orlando, and said trump is telling lies because he has nothing substantive to say
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for himself. all eye also be on trump tonight to see if he responds to clinton's latest round of attacks. he is set to campaign in north carolina in the next hour. earlier today, donald trump accused president obama of putting u.s. enemies ahead of its allies and the american people. turning to politics in the first state, in minutes the candidates vying to be the next mayor. tonight's topic is arts and culture. all of the candidates are expected to attend except the current mayor dennis williams. just a horrifying discovery inside fairmont park has police searching for a killer. a 911 caller led detectives to a body this morning. police say she had been stabbed repeatedly and shot in the back of the head. her wrists were handcuffed and police say it's likely her body was dumped there. the woman was in her late 20s.
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investigators say it appears she tried to fight off her attacker. >> i believe that she was in a fight for her life. and unfortunately, she lost. >> police are still working to identify that woman tonight. we have our first look at a man accused of throwing a peer bottle at philly slugger ryan howard. nbc 10 was in center city today as sidney smith left court. he faces a disorderly conduct charge. authorities say he threw an aluminum bottle at ryan howard back on june 4th. that bottle landed at howard's feet. police have identified the pedestrian hit and killed last night. that victim is 17-year-old marcayla jackson. she was walking across the street when hit. it's a difficult intersection. police say the driver did have a green light and the pedestrian
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also had the signal to walk. but the driver should not have left the scene. they want that person to come forward. next on "nbc 10 news" at 6:00, the guilt of feeling grateful to be alive. we'll share the poem a local survivor wrote to help her deal with the pain. the new owner says it will reopen tomorrow. city officials say it can't. i'm ted greenberg and i'm finding out why. rain returns to our forecast, but is it going to last over the weekend? i'm tracking the showers in your first alert neighborhood weather forecast.
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if it wasn't for that person shielding me, it would have been me shot and i wouldn't be sitting here today. >> we are sharing the survival story of a 20-year-old philadelphia woman, who lived to tell about the terror in florida. patience carter says she wrote a poem to help her deal with the guilt of being alive. denise? >> reporter: the poem is powerful and a testament to her strength. she tried to come to terms with
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the guilt she feels as a survivor. >> i never thought in a million years that this could happen. i never thought in a million years that my eyes could witness something so tragic. looking at the souls leaving the bodies of individuals, looking at the killing machine gun throughout my right peripheral, looking at the blood and debris covered on everyone's faces, looking at the gunman's feet under the stall as he paces. >> heartbreaking, isn't it? here, patience carter writes a poem that not only speaks to the tragedy, but how as a survivor she lives with the guilt. jacqueline? >> unbelievable story. all right, denise, we are all praying for her healing.
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as you can see, patience's survival story is raw emotion. displaying her pain, courage, and strength. you can listen to her retell the terror right now on the nbc 10 app. new at 6:00, the new owner of the biggest failure in atlantic city's history says the former rebel casino is on the verge of a comeback. but as ted greenberg found out, city officials say no way. >> you're going to have zip lines coming down. >> reporter: the new owner of atlantic city's rebel casino says it will reopen in less than 24 hours with 900 hotel rooms. >> if people come tomorrow, they can check into the hotel? >> yes. >> reporter: the florida developer made that pledge. >> the spa is open tomorrow. >> reporter: right after he gave city leaders a tour of the
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defupgt casino that's been shut down for nearly two years. but the building's old valet area, slated to become part of an obstacle course remains under construction and they say he still doesn't have a certificate of occupancy, a key requirement to reopen. he tells me the inspection process could take two or three days to complete. the property doesn't yet have a state casino license, either. still, city leaders say much of the building is in emaculate condition. he says he's the land lord and a different company will be running the resort. who will be working inside the building? >> a contractor. >> reporter: there's already employees lined up? >> i don't know. >> reporter: but he won't identify that company or say what the property's new name will be. it's also unclear how hotel guests would even book a stay
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here. he admits it's still a work in process. >> i'm not sure i would want to check in until we've had a chance to clean it up. >> reporter: a city officials tells me if hard work continues here around the clock, a fourth of july weekend opening seems more feasible. i'm ted greenberg, "nbc 10 news." now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather, with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, if you can't check in there this weekend, you might want to find some other place at the beaches, because we have some great weather coming up. beautiful weather today. look at this. blue skies everywhere. temperatures in the upper 70s. doesn't get much prettier than this. humidity continues to be on the low side. we have had one or two spots hit the 80-degree mark, even though 78 officially at the airport. winchester park and summerton at
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80 degrees right now. we have clear skies here. but there are clouds out to the west. showers, even some thunderstorms. it's not well organized and it's not like it's going to be one giant area that moves through. now, ahead of it, the wind turns into the southwest and we should warm up tomorrow for at least a day. and then back down on thursday to 75 degrees. we do have rain on the way, and we're going to be seeing -- well, got a problem there with that future radar. we're going to be seeing that rain come in, starting wednesday afternoon, into wednesday night in delaware and south jersey. and then thursday it covers the rest of the area. but for tomorrow, we're talking about warm weather, dry weather in part of the area. we've got philadelphia basically dry, more clouds than today.
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84 in devin. 85 in redding. chance of a shower there. back in the western portions of the area, easton 81. sort of the eastern portion of lehigh valley, less of a chance. so that's why we got the neighborhood forecast here, because it's not always the same. in new jersey, a better chance here than in robinsville because that's further to the north. atlantic city, galloway, also chances for showers with temperatures a little bit lower. as we go into the weekend, next week, especially this massive heat dome is going to be building up, pushing 90 degree air in here. but it's not going to last next week. it's going to be like 120 in phoenix. there's the rain coming in for thursday. philadelphia starts to dry out further to the north. it's sunny. farther to the south, rain on saturday. looks like everybody clears out
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for sunday. nice and comfortable. next week, the temperatures get to 90 or even above. >> closed captioning on nbc 10 is brought to you by -- one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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this is sports desk, brought to you by -- zach effliy making his debut in toronto today. didn't go so well. it's the worst debut for a philly's pitcher in team history. his dad coming out, cheering him on. in the second inning, this is gone. 2-0, blue jays. one of three homers zach gave
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up. third inning, cabrera, two-run shot. and then later in the inning, bases loaded for josh donaldson, and it is a grand slam coming up here. he does not make it through the third inning, he allows eight earned runs. phillies lose 11-3. they have lost 14 of 18. eagles, training camp is six weeks away. the big topic on even's mind, the quarterback situation. with his take, here's former birds quarterback michael vick. >> we all understand this league is about competition and it's never going to change. that sort of brings out the best in every player and it should be. so that has to be the mindset. i think we all understood and we can all vouch for him from that perspective. but at the same time, it's great to have good competition behind you. >> the nba draft is nine days away. sixers have the top pick. and a lot of people believe ben
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simmons will be their choice. the sixers have tried to get him to come to philly for a workout, but ben hasn't worked out for any team. some have been wondering if he does not want to come to philly. while the president of basketball operations says he's not concerned. >> everything that we get with respect as it relates to ben, he would very much like to be selected number one. >> for me, i just want to be the number one player. it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be first. so if i get first, it's awesome. >> i'm john clark. we're right back.
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a beautiful day turning into a beautiful night. >> tomorrow, we're going to add some clouds to the mix. and then on thursday, that's when we'll be seeing some of this rain move in. but a lot of it is going to be going to our south as we go to thursday night and friday.
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>> all right, glenn. for glenn and all of us here at nbc 10, the news continues now with nbc nightly news with lester holt and the latest on the terror in orlando. tonight, a major plot twist in the terror attack in orlando. nbc news has learned the gunman's wife tells the fbi she tried to stop him. but why didn't she go to the police. and that's not all. inside the mind of a killer, as he was seen in gay clubs and on gay apps for years. tirade against trump. an angry president obama tears into donald trump like never before. and tonight trump accuses him of, quote, putting our enemies over our allies. up in arms, silent erupts into protests as democratic calls grow louder for new gun control and republicans push back. russian intelligence hacks into the democratic party. gaining access to everything on the server. tonight the surprising file they m


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