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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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who certainly saw the child taken under the water. we know that happened. it is not survivable at this point for him to have been submerged for this period of time. we know this is a recovery effortment. >> reporter: snatched while on vacation at disney world with his family from nebraska, the boy and his father were near the edge of the grand floridian hotel when the alligator, about seven-feet long, attacked the child. his father tried to rescue him if the water, then his mother. their attempts were no match. >> we're still going as hard as we can. and we're still hopeful that we'll be able to help this family find closure. again, our thoughts and prayers are with this family. >> reporter: beaches, ferry boats, and marinas at walt disney world are closed until further notice. there's a wildlife management plan in place saying this is the first time in 45 years something like this has ever happened.
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a news conference is about to happen nip minute. i'll moon -- happen any minute. i'll monitor and bring you latest coming up. live in the digital operations center, nbc 10 news. the alligator attack comes as the orlando area deals with the terror attack. >> investigators are trying to piece together the gunman's movements. nbc10's jay gray is live in orlando with the developments. jay? >> reporter: investigators still meticulously trying to re-create the crime scene in the pulse nightclub behind me while this community is searching for some way to start the recovery and healing here. the images are dark and blurry. the sounds from this cell phone video tell a horrific story -- [ gunfire ] >> reporter: an explosion of gunfire as s.w.a.t. team members rushed into the carnage inside the pulse nightclub.
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>> bodies laying around, and they were stacked up. you see that amount of death, that's pretty horrific. >> they stood toe to toe, went face to face with a mass murderer and performed heroically. >> reporter: as the investigation intensifies, nbc news has learned data from omar mateen's cell phone and digital camera indicates he downloaded a significant amount of terrorist material. no sign to this point, according to authorities, of plans for any other attack. >> there's nothing to suggest there was any other target other than the pulse nightclub. >> reporter: investigators are also focusing on what if any role mateen's wife may have played in the massacrement we know she pleaded with her husband not to carry out the attack when he told her he was going to visit for instance hours before the killing spree. >> law enforcement is talking to everyone associated with the shooter. >> reporter: as the search for answers continues, dough is the struggle for this community to
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somehow cope with the tragedy. tomorrow president obama will join in that effort. >> he indicated that he would like to visit and comfort and show support and unity with orlando and the victims. >> reporter: victims that include 30 survivors still in the hospital right now. six in critical condition. now we've reviewed some state records today that show mateen was highly proficient firing a .9-millimeter pistol, that he did pass a psychological exam and scored very high on a written test before receiving his gun license. in orlando, jay gray, nbc10 news. the youngest victim of saturday's massacre will be remembered at her philadelphia high school tonight. akyra murray just graduated from west catholic prep where she was a basketball standout. the school is holding a private vigil at 6:00 in her honor. her friend and philadelphia native, patience carter, was wounded in the attack. she detailed being pinned down
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in the bathroom with the shooter in horrifying detail during a hospital interview tuesday. you can watch that interview in its entirety on the nbc10 app. the ben franklin bridge will take on added color the next few nights in a tribute to the victims. this is a live look now. once night falls, it will be lit with the colors of the rainbow. here's what it will look like. the ben franklin bridge will wear the rainbow flag. the bridge will remain lit in rainbow colors through saturday. we found some people enjoying the sunshine in center city today. things aren't so pleasant for others. in cape may, it's been cloudy all day. glen hurricane schwartz is joining us. >> we get to see the differences in our neighborhood weather, right? >> absolutely. we told you about this yesterday. the further north you were today, the better the weather
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was going to be, the warmer the weather was going to be. look what we've goat -- what we've got, sunshine all day, lehigh valley, 83. delaware, much of the state cloudy all day. raining in some areas, average temperature, 72. some places are cooler than that. 78 and partly sunny in philadelphia in between. you see the clouds here in the white and the darker areas are cloud free. and that's quite a line. so as soon as you go down into delaware, it's cloudy. you go to the north, and it is clear. we also see some of the rain, although it's starting to taper off in delaware and still coming in cape may. so as we go through the night tonight, it's mostly cloudy. and in the middle of the night, we may see rain. keep the windows closed overnight because there's likely to be rain as we go through the night and into the early morning hours. more on tomorrow's rain in a few minutes. >> thank you. we have new clues in a
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deadly hit and run. take a look at this surveillance video released by police. it shows an early 2000 chevy venture minivan wanted in the crash that killed a teenager monday night on roosevelt boulevard. police say the driver hit 17-year-old markaela jackson as she was walking home from work in crescentville. investigators believe the minivan now has a shattered windshield and heavy front-end damage. new information now about the hail of gunfire that injured four children in wilmington including a 12-year-old boy. all four victims are in the hospital after a gunman opened fire around 9:15 last night near south van buren and reed streets. monique braxton is live in wilmington where we're hearing from family and community members. monique? >> reporter: that's right. two of these young people you spoke it are at a.i. dupont in stable condition.
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another two are at christiana, another in critical condition. a grandmother saying her community is in a daze. >> i jumped out of bed, and i ran down because i saw -- i realized that my grandson was outside. >> reporter: darlene van ryper says the gunfire woke her up. her worst fears imagined. her 12-year-old grandson, christian williams, was shot on his right hip and in his foot. >> he was outside with his friends, and they were on their way home. they had just gone to the store. and they were -- they were on their way home. they just got -- mixed up in the crossfire. >> reporter: police tell us this is the fourth shooting in hedgeville since june 10th. we counted more than 15 casing markings left by detectives last night. a doorframe was bent, glass shattered. ralph johnson showed us the blood stains on his boots. he rushed to help the 15-year-old male shot at least three times.
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>> he had a bullet hole here, and i guess he tried to stop one of the bullets because it looked like one of his fingers was like snapped. so i mean, it was -- it was really sad. it hurt me to see him like that. >> reporter: and that grandmother we talked to says she has lived in hedgeville for 30 years. she hopes that things calm down so people can go back outside and feel safe again. live in wilmington, monique braxton, nbc10 news. today we also learned the name of a woman found dead in fairmont park. police say a 911 caller led them to the body of toy bryant yesterday morning near the mann center. bryant was 26 and from chester. police say she'd been stabbed repeatedly and shot in the back of the head. her wrists were handcuffed. police say it's likely her body was dumped here. so far they have made no arrests. sky force 10 was over olney
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where a crash injured four people including a pair of philadelphia police officers. the officers crashed into another car outside a church at 4th treat and tabur road around noon. they were taken to the hospital to be checked out along with two people in the car. look at this new video of a tanker truck fire blocked all northbound lanes of the new jersey turnpike in happily township this morning. -- in hamilton township this morning. it took multiple fire crews to put out the blaze. the driver got out okay. investigators are trying to figure out what start this fire that destroyed a montgomery county business earlier this morning. clemons uniform rental burned for more than four hours. it's such a big building, crews had a tough time getting enough water on the flames. no one was hurt. police in new jersey tell us a cat found shot with a crossbow was used ag target practice. the cat needed surgery to have that arrow removed from above
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his back leg. burlington county spca officials tell us the family pet now back with its owners will survive. there's now a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of whoever hurt that cat. now to the federal corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah. in last hour, we learned the case is in the hands of the jury. it took most of the morning and early afternoon for jury instructions to be completed. prosecutors tried to make that the point. the point is that fattah is a thief, they say, and corrupt. the defense says the case is built on lies. nbc10 has more from the courtroom now. we'll have a live report in the next hour. the nickname of one school in wilmington, delaware, may not be the redskins for much longer. the redskins name and logo are a long tradition at the conrad schools of science. tonight the school board will vote on whether to end that tradition. it would cost about $100,000 to
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replace the name. supporters say the redskins' name honors native heritage. critics say it is culturally insensitive. from our jersey shore bureau, the former revel casino won't be open for business today as originally poland. the lenox city -- planned. the lenox city officials tell us there's no way the owner would be able to get a certificate of occupancy by the end of the day. the company hasn't even filled out the paperwork to get one yet. we're told the city did inspect the building's elevators andesque later today, but it -- andesq and escalators later today, but it's unsure had it will open. margate will not appeal a ruling that allows new jersey to seize oceanfront land. the state wants to widen beaches and build protective sand dunes following damage caused by superstorm sandy. margate was one of several shore towns opposed to the plan. new jersey fire crews have contained this brush fire
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burning at joint base maguire dix lakehurst, but not before it scorched 2,000 acres. the fire was started during a routine exercise yesterday. now to the soda tax fight that's fizzing up in philadelphia. by this time tomorrow, we could know whether or not sugary drinks will cost shoppers here at the checkout. nbc10 has more live from center city where council members will vote on the proposal tomorrow. andrea? >> reporter: we were able to catch up with the mayor today. he is confident that the tax will pass. and not only would continue a big win for his administration, it would set a precedent across the country. smart center's mayor jim kenney's latest stop as he pushes expansion of pre-k through the passage of the soda tax. it's money the owner hopes to use to get 55 to 60 kids off the waiting list and into her classrooms. >> the only money that comes
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through the state is ccis money, subsidy. no other funding. >> reporter: under the proposal, distributors would have to pay a 1.5 cents-per-ounce tax on sugary beverages including flavored water and sports drinks. the majority of the money will be used to expand pre-k and improve recreation centers and libraries. >> we've gotten criticism that not -- you've get toen criticism that not all the money is going to children or rec centers. >> the criticism is from the soda industry. they're did desperate. >> reporter: more than 10% of the money will go toward projects like the retrial of juvenile offenders and african-american museum, some late addition by council members to get them on board. >> i want to know if they're going to do what they say they're going to do. actions speak louder than words. >> reporter: increasing speculation is shared by opposing council members that will be discussed before the final vote. >> it's never a done deal in government and politics. and you work hard up until the very vote. i think we'll be fine.
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>> reporter: i reached out to the council president's office. they said even after the vote they'll be holding hearings this summer to answer lingering questions about the specifics before b how the money -- sbisks how t specifics about how the money will be spent. now to decision 2016. today presidential hopeful donald trump had a message for his fellow republicans. at a rally in atlanta, trump said he's happy to go it alone without party support. the comment came in response to backlash from some republicans over trump's calls to stop foreign muslims at the border. trump insists his approach will lead him to the white house. afterwards, democratic candidate hillary clinton called trump's idea dangerous. today at an event in virginia, clinton said his plan to block noncitizen muslims from the states would make americans less safe and would not have stopped
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sund sunday's massacre since the shooter was a u.s. citizen. hillary clinton met with bernie sanders in washington. they said the meeting was positive, and they agree will work together to defeat trump. sanders still has not bowed out of the presidential race. he's expected to hold a conference call with supporters tomorro tomorrow. making national headlines, a judge under fire for the sentence he gave to a swimmer in california has been taken off a new sex assault case. judge aaron persky was removed because of lack of confidence. he sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to sick month in jail. turner could have faced up to six years in prison after being convicted of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster on campus. and former olympic hero oscar pistorius will learn his fate in three weeks. a south african judge today announced she'll sentence piftd for his girlfriend's --
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pistorius for his girlfriend's murder on july 6th. the double amputee runner wept in court today. and the defense had him remove his prosthetic legs. it's part of their argument that pistorius is a vulnerable man who deserves leniency. he faces up to 15 years in prison. this is the second time he's being sentenced. pistorius was originally convicted of manslaughter for shooting and killing his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp, three years ago. south africa's highest appeals later upgraded it to a murder conviction. it was a warm sunny day and a cool, rainy day. depends on where you are. worst weather down to the south, dover only 70 degrees. sunniest weather, allentown, 83. kind of the reverse of the way it usually is with the temperatures. 79 in mt. holly. 82 in trenton. the farther north you were, the
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warmer it was. allentown and trenton and mt. holly, significantly warmer than yesterday. while wilmington and dover significantly colder than yesterday. that's what the neighborhood forecast stuff is all about. we can get specific and give an indication of that kind of forecast yesterday. it's only 69 degrees in atlantic city while it's 80 in mays landing. it's been cloudier the further south you go to new jersey, too. 67 in cape may point with rain. 71 at cape may courthouse. we are seeing fewer and fewer showers in delaware and a few left over cape may. so this part of the system is weakening. there's more back out to the west that is going to be approaching as we go into the next 24 hours. the computer is pretty slow here. there we go. and there are the showers in
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west virginia. that whole system is moving in this direction. so yeah, there is rain on the way. and here it comes. some of it coming overnight tonight. by tomorrow morning's rush, we could be see something areas with locally heavy rain. it's not going to be heavy all day. should be cloudy just about all day. we have periods of some lighter rain into early afternoon, perhaps. and then the drier air starts to come down as we go toward friday. which is just in time for the weekend. and it looks like a beautiful one. take a look at this. friday, we're starting to clear from north is on south. there still could be showers jersey shore and delaware. the rest of the area is dry with increased sunshine. everybody's sunny for saturday. just everybody's sunny for sunday. of course, it's cooler at the jersey shore with the sea
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breeze. that's about as nice a weekend as you can get this time of year. i'll be back with the ten-day forecast a little bit later. we're still following breaking news in the orlando area where an alligator attacked a toddler. >> we're expecting a news conference at any moment from the orange county sheriff with an update on the search for that little boy. as soon as we hear what he says, we'll bring that to you. plus, we are getting a rare new look at how a hero put a stop to a deadly shooting that took place on a college campus in seattle. next, the struggle that may have saved lives and how this good samaritan stopped the gunman. you've got to see this, too. going to the goats. the local park that's getting spiffed up by an unusual cleaning crew. and straight ahead, remember this guy? yeah. the man dubbed the handsome fellow in pictures from his new modeling gig, next. first, here's a look at the
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closing bowl wall street. for the third straight day, the dow jones, nasdaq, andipe s&p finished down.
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breaking news overnight e overseas. investigators have spotted the wreckage of the egyptair flight that went down in the mediterranean sea last month. the ship spotted many of the main locations in the water. it vanished from radar while flying from egypt to paris. all 66 on board were killed.
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no group has claimed an attack. newly released video shows a student taking down a campus gunman. he hits the suspected gunman in the eyes with pepper spray and wrestles away the shotgun. this happened at seattle pacific university seconds after the gunman shot and killed a student and wounded two others. with his gun gone, he tries taking out a hunting knife, but the hero comes back and holds him down until security gets there. the suspect is set to be tried in september. a deer in distress in kansas city. yes, that deer just hanging out there in distress. there it is, distressed. animal got stuck in a pool this morning. firefighters show up, some pulled and pushed, the deer made its way out of the deep end after stumbling around. the animal finally went on its way. prince william has made history by becoming the first
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british royal to grace the cover of a gay magazine. william appears in "attitude" magazine to speak out against bullying. because of their sexual, "attitude" is one of the united kingdom's leading publications. william revealed his appearance in it tuesday while signing a condolence book for the victims of sunday's nightclub shooting in orlando. there's this then, a felon who made headlines with his eye-catching mug shot two years ago is now out of prison. >> you remember this guy -- i remember him. >> i know you do. >> now that he's out of prison, he's considering a modeling career. jeremy meeks attracted tens of thousands of fans when his mug shot hit facebook in 2014. meeks and those eyes went to jail on weapons charges. he's announced his transition from a halfway house to house arrest with a pair of pictures, where else, instagram. he's wearing a golden state warriors hat. guess he's a steph curry fan.
4:26 pm
the other he's shirtless in the kitchen. meeks says he's weighing his modeling and movie options. >> seems like a made-up story. photo shopped. a couple's new bed helped them sleep soundly until billing issues shook them awake. >> with hundreds in limbo, they contacted the nbc10 responds team. how we put the worries to rest next. plus, a first in the world exhibit on display just in time for summer. the new view at the zoo that promises to engage guests young and old. coming up tonight on nbc10 at 5:00, construction congestion nothing one of philadelphia's busiest streets. why it's a good thing and who will benefit from all the repairs.
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we continue to follow breaking news in orlando where an alligator snatched a toddler at a disney world resort hotel. crews have just provided a tragic update. >> let's head back to nbc10's digital operations center. denise, what have you learned? >> reporter: i've been monitoring the news conference happening right now in the digital operations center. they have announced, the sheriff has announced that they recovered the remains of the 2-year-old boy who was dragged into the lake by that alligator. at about 1:45, a dive team made that discovery and were able to recover the boy's body at about 3:00 this afternoon. it's a heartbreaking story. we know the father tried to go into the lake to rescue his son and was not able to. they've been searching for more than 20 hours looking for that boy.
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the announcement that the body of the 2-year-old dragged into the lake has been recovered. they have been able to speak with the family to give them that news. that's the latest from the digital operations center, nbc10 news. >> sad and tragic update. thank you. we're following more breaking news. this time in center city, philly. a boiler has exploded at a plant. sky force 10 was over the scene a short time ago. >> drew smith is live on the scene and joins with us more. what do you know about this? >> reporter: since we got here 15 minutes ago, they've put up this police line and are telling people to stay on the other side of it. neighbors, as well, were told to go back into their homes as they investigated. we just got an update from police who tell us the situation is under control. it was a boiler explosion, and the boiler exploded from the rear of the contraption the way it was designed to in the event of an emergency. it shook the entire area. people all the way through center city able to feel it. there was one minor injury.
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that was because the glass shattered on one of the maintenance buildings near that explosion. the shattered glass hit someone on the other side of the street. that person has been treated here on scene and was not transported to the hospital. we did talk to a neighbor. we want to let you listen to what he had to say. >> i opened the car, and that bag office the floor. as i was pulling out, i hear a boom. and see the brick -- it looked like 1,000 bricks exploded. it was like a mushroom cloud of red brick up in the sky. >> reporter: this is called the viola steam plant down here. that company did put out a statement saying there was an eruption shortly after 3:00. it is contained. there was no fire. there was that one minor injury. service remains uninterrupted to customers. right now, l&i is on scene, hazmat and fire is still here making sure that there are no further incident at the steam plant. live in center city, nbc10 news.
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a local couple says all they wanted was a good night's sleep. >> they tell us after purchasing a new bed, an unexpected problem caused it to have some sleepless nights. they reached out to nbc10 responds. here's the story. >> reporter: they tell me the bed was great, but an issue with the store's billing department left them tossing and turning with frustration. >> i can show you when i take this back -- >> reporter: this is the sleep number bed michelle conavoy's husband purchased seven month ago. >> sleep's important. >> reporter: she says her husband is on his feet all day working as a plumber. >> i'm a bartender, so i'm on my feet all the time. sleep's important to me, as well. that's why we made the investment to get this bed. >> reporter: she tells us her husband financed the cost of the bed. later she bought two mattress pads from the store. a more sport utility vehicle the one would arrive in a -- a more expensive one that would arrive in a few weeks and a less expensive pad they took home.
4:34 pm
they decided the less expensive pad worked fine and didn't need the more expensive pad. >> my husband was like, we're fine with this. get your money back. >> reporter: she says the company promised to put the refund back on her credit card, but the money was returned to the wrong account. >> they attached it to my husband's finance. but it was two separate transactions. i wanted it off of my credit card because i returned it. >> reporter: for months she tried to get her credit card refunded, but no one would help until one day -- >> luckily, i get in the car, and i'm not kidding, it was a sign from god. your commercial came on the radio right there when i was in the car. >> reporter: michelle called nbc10 responds. in a matter of days, she got what she wanted. >> i called on a monday, i had my money the following wednesday. amazing. i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: she said after inquiries to the store, sleep number refunded her more than $326. >> thank god that there's people like you who can do what you can do. it's important.
4:35 pm
people need to get what they deserve. >> sleep number tells nbc10 responds it understands the conavoys' initial frustration and is pleased she's happy with the resolution. it says tell use this as a learning opportunity to make sure a situation like this doesn't impact customers again. the conavoys got a total of $326.46 back. that brings our total to $37,237. >> here's the reporting -- if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, head to or call 610-668-7377. there's new information about how the zika virus may impact a pregnant woman and her unborn baby. that's straight ahead. how laughter can help babies learn. and new at 5:00, living in hellish conditions.
4:36 pm
how animal control officials came to the rescue of nearly two dozen dogs trapped in a jersey shore home.
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women in their third trimester of pregnancy may be able to breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to the threat posed by the zika virus. new evidence suggests that becoming infected later in a pregnancy, the seventh, eighth, or ninth month, won't cause the feet us to develop microcephaly. that's when the baby's brain does not develop causing a smaller than normal head. doctors warn more research is needed. there's a new reason to laugh. there's new evidence it can help babies learn. researchers made infants laugh while being taught something. they mastered the skill more quickly than babies who remained serious during the lesson. the belief is that chemicals released in the brain during laughter may impact learning. >> don't you love a baby's laugh? nothing better. starting july 1st, pennsylvania will start
4:40 pm
collecting taxes from airbnb. that's when the online house rental service will start collecting the state's 6% hotel tax. it's 7% for the city. that could lift state coffers by $1 million. the philadelphia area's experiencing a boom in tourism, and that's translating into a lot more money for restaurants and hotels. let's take a live look at center city, philadelphia. more and more tourist hit the streets of philly every month. not just in the summer or for special events. the tourism agency visit philadelphia tells us a record 41 million americans came through our area last year, spending nearly $7 billion mostly on food, beverages, and lodging. that led to more tax money flowing in and more jobs for the surrounding five counties. it helps, too, if it's always sunny in philadelphia, glenn. >> not quite always. this weekend sure will be. we'll have the weather story and of course very different today depending on where you live. some are seeing sunshine. others seeing clouds and rain.
4:41 pm
and rain's soon going to take over for everybody. that's next.
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several dozen goats got straight to work at bob white park in king of prussia. the living lawnmowers are there to eat unwanted vegetation like poise an ivy and plants with thorns. park officials say it's a cheaper and more environmentally friendly way to clear away the brush. >> and they're enjoying themselves, too. while we're talking about animals, here's the zoo's newest exhibit. the meerkat maze. visitors get a unique look at meerkats doing what they do best which is digging, exploring, and keeping a lookout. meerkats are native to africa.
4:45 pm
the zoo has two including a set of quintuplet. a one-of hi-a-kind learning space. >> a new learning lab focuses on science and technology. it will turn an old playground into a public green space that includes a garden. children with disabilities will have access to special sensory areas that engages them through direct interaction. >> for me, this is a part of creating that pipeline of creating high-quality educational opportunities for our young people. >> money for the project comes from the william penn foundation and grants from the city's water and redevelopment programs. we've got a beautiful, sunny day at lehigh virginia, pennsylvania suburbs sunshine north and west.
4:46 pm
chester, bucks, montgomery counties, 80 degrees. farther south, more clouds, cooler temperatures, and even some showers. the temperatures in delaware were kept down because of all of those clouds. we've got some places in the 70s. farther to the south, we had some that actually stayed in the 60s. 67 in dewey peak. 69 at bethany beach with the wind coming off the ocean. now up to 75 in georgetown after that rain has gone by. felton only 69 degrees. remember, the lehigh valley, 83. this is the last of this batch of rain at least coming through delaware, getting a little in cape may county. that will be moving out quickly. the main area of rain will be moving in overnight. some of that in west virginia now. and that rain is on the way. we are going to be seeing later tonight and for the morning
4:47 pm
rush. there we go, 11:00, just starting to come in. and then as you saw, some of the rain on the heavier side just as we start the morning rush. by 6:00 a.m., rain across a good bit of the area. not only rain, but some on the heavier side. it's not going to be a heavy rain constantly, but we could have hours worth of rain tomorrow morning. and then things start breaking up in the afternoon. most of the rain tomorrow occurs in the morning. we could get some drying in the afternoon that will help push the temperatures back up. with the wind off the ocean, it's definitely going to be a cooler day. and look at friday now. the drier air is coming down and setting us up for a nice weekend. as we look at the neighborhood forecast for tomorrow, keep that in mind. the wind east tone 20 miles per hour. -- east 10 to 20 miles per hour.
4:48 pm
easton, 75. certainly cooler than today. and even cooler farther to the south. west chester, only 73, newtown, 74. a lot of clouds. much of the day, fair amount, mt. airy at 74 degrees. farther south, even more rain. haddenfield at 72. keep going, it keeps getting colder. cloudier and wetter for at least a portion of the day tomorrow. same story in delaware. maybe thunderstorms in wilmington. so not exactly a beautiful day. however, we're going to make up for that. friday things improve. the jersey shore and delaware could still have those showers, especially in the morning. then we're clearing out. here comes saturday. sunshine everywhere. low 18. low humidity except for the shore. we'll get a sea breeze. it will be cooler, but that's nice. still a nice day. nice day on sunday, too.
4:49 pm
father's day. looking good throughout the area. the ten-day outlook, there's that beautiful weekend. saturday and sunday, monday up to 92 degrees. tuesday, 92 with thunderstorms. then temperatures get back a little bit closer to average. this year's fourth of july and wawa celebration keeps getting bigger and bigger. >> more details next. the new neighborhood fun that will be free for families in the days leading up to the big party. all new at 5:00, it is a crisis affecting our entire region. how pennsylvania programs are faring in the fight against heroin and opioid addiction.
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in less than two weeks, the nation's biggest birthday party will be underway here in philadelphia. today we're learning new details about the wawa welcome america bash. thousands of people will pack the franklin parkway for the festival. we have more on the new ways you can have free fun with your family. >> reporter: it's going to be the place to be celebrate the nation's birthday. this year the celebration just keeps getting bigger for wawa welcome america. >> on monday, june 27th, we'll launch our eight-day festival with 35 free events and 100 hours of free entertainment and programming. >> reporter: today city and business leaders gathered to announce new details on the celebration including more neighborhood events. we talked to the mayor about why that's important. >> it's important to integrate everyone in our community into the celebration. when the country was first founded, it didn't include everybody. it didn't include african-americans. it didn't include women. we've been moving year after year after year toward full
4:54 pm
inclusion and democracy. i think it's important to people in more than our neighborhood to feel part of that democratic process. >> reporter: there will be a citywide reading and book giveaway at all library locations. seven movie nights across the city including xfinity live. the constitution center will be open with free ii free days courtesy of wawa. it's in addition to the independence day parade and the july 4th celebration of freedom ceremony at independence hall. now tony award-winning leslie odom jr. from "hamilton" will read the declaration of independence. wawa's president and ceo tells us credit for the excitement in philadelphia goes to the city itself. >> everything going so well in
4:55 pm
philadelphia from the pope's visit to the dnc. this is one more festival opportunity for team come not just in philadelphia but from far and wide. >> reporter: and now they'll have even more to enjoy in person and on nbc10. for eight days of celebration at wawa welcome america. nbc10 news. >> today we also learned the four finalists for the wawa welcome america foundation's hero award. they are veterans multiservice center philadelphia, special people in the northeast, beat the streets, and philadelphia reads. you can vote on the wawa foundation website starting june 20th. nbc10 is a poud part 'er -- proud partner of the celebration. this will be fife concerts beginning on july 4th. nbc10 will stream them live from 5:00 to 8:00. you can even watch from your home or picnic for that matter. nbc10 news at 5:00 next. next all new on nbc10 news
4:56 pm
at 5:00 -- breaking details an alligator attack at the happiest place on earth. we have live coverage from walt disney world in florida after crews recover a toddler's body. why landlords using airbnb will be forced to pay up in pennsylvania. and we have a few showers still now. tomorrow morning, you'll be waking up to rain across the area. i'll show the timing next on nbc10 news at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
nbc10 news at 5:00 begins with breaking news from florida. in the past 30 minutes, we learned searchers have recovered the body a 2-year-old boy snatched by an alligator at walt disney world. the gator attacked the boy last night as he waded in shallow water at the edge of disney's grand floridian resort. the child was vacationing with his family from nebraska. we'll have a live report from florida coming up in just a few minutes. also tonight, neighbors are outraged and looking for answers after a gunman shot three boys and a girl in wilmington. >> police are still looking for the suspect. the gunman opened fire just after 9:00 last night near south van buren and elm streets. the youngest victim hit, just 12 years old. right now, monique braxton is live in wilmington. >> neighbors tell you that more children in the area are getting caught up in the violence? >> reporter: that's right.
5:00 pm
everybody i talked to said the kids do not have a community center. one man called them not having a safe haven. and investigators here at police headquarters say tonight bun one of those young people is in critical condition. three are in stable condition. several of them with multiple gunshots. >> heard pop, pop, pop, pop. >> reporter: we counted more than 15 casing markings left by detectives here at elm and van buren. bullet shattered glass and bent a doorframe. a 15-year-old male was shot at least three times. he's in critical condition. >> bullet hole right here. and i guess he tried to stop one of the bullets because it looked like one of his fingers was like snapped. i mean, it was -- it was really sad. it hurt me to see him like that. >> reporter: not far away, this grandmother, darlene


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