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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, forced on all fours. the philadelphia man is left crawling around after someone stole his prosthetic leg.
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but first, they called her a superstar. tonight, a philadelphia high school honors the youngest victim killed in the terror in orlando. 17-year-old akyra murray lost her life just days after she graduated from west catholic prep. i'm jacqueline london. tomorrow president obama and vice president biden will visit orlando to honor akyra and 48 others killed at the pulse nightclub shootings last weekend as the investigation into the terror attack continues. the shooter omar mateen posted to facebook before and after the attack about the, quote, filthy ways of the west. meanwhile, the fbi is not speculating on possible charges in the shooting. we do know they're looking into what mateen's wife knew ahead of time. tonight, the senate is asking the fbi to turn over its files about earlier investigations of the gunman. let's go live to nbc 10's brandon hudson at west catholic prep where students are honoring
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that victim tonight. brandon? >> reporter: jacqueline, one student said he saw akyra murray at school a few days ago. now he won't ever see her alive again. we found out what akyra meant to the young men and women who go here. she was a role model, a mentor who left quite a legacy at this high school. our nbc 10 camera wasn't allowed inside the vigil at west catholic prep, but afterwards, we still saw the emotion outside as people left. we're told more than 300 people were there for akyra murray including her brother. akyra may not have been there physically but her spirit was. >> humbling. her spirit came across the room and the spirit she carried for the team took over the atmosphere. >> reporter: what was it like to see so much support? >> wonderful. she deserved it. >> a few people were crying. >> reporter: a group of students showed us a list of akyra's in-school accomplishmentsed. she was a standout student and basketball player who scored
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1,000 career points and earned a college scholarship. for those who knew akyra her legacy is much more than that. >> she never tried to -- she just did everything the right way. >> reporter: akyra was 1 of 49 people killed inside pulse nightclub in orlando. her cousin is recovering after she was shot in the leg. >> it's sad that this happened. a doesn't really seem real. every day i wake up, go on face boox, instagram, go on twitter and see r.i.p. and i can't believe she's gone. >> reporter: west catholic tweeted some of what was said at tonight's event including a quote from akyra's aunt where she thanked everybody for the outpouring support and prayers for her family. she also asked god for strength at this time. live in west philadelphia, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. in bucks county tonight, a show of solidarity for the lgbt community around the world. skyforce 10 over main street in doylestown. more than 100 people lit candles
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to support the victims of sunday's massacre in orlando. they read the names of the 49 people killed. taking a live look at the ben franklin bridge tonight. it's aglow in rainbow colors as a tribute to the orlando victims the bridge will remain this way for the rest of the week. following the terror in orlando, the fight for gun control legislation is taking center stage on capitol hill once again tonight. >> simply want people on the terrorist watch list to not be able to buy guns and for criminals to not be able to buy guns. >> democratic senator chris murphy launched a filibuster today. he along with new jersey senator cory booker and others are vowing to keep holding the floor until congress acts on a proposal by senator dianne feinstein. that would seek to block those who pose a terror threat from buying guns. meanwhile, pennsylvania republican senator pat toomey has a plan of his own. he's set to introduce legislation tomorrow that he says will help ensure that terrorists are denied purchasing
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a firearm. he says his proposal protects the 2nd amendment rights of law-abiding gun owners. toomey and katie mcginty locked in a tight race for the seat in pennsylvania. her campaign released a statement that reads in part "senator toomey had the opportunity to prevent suspected terrorists from being able to buy guns last december and instead he opposed it. it should not have taken the worst mass shooting in u.s. history or an election year for senator toomey to return to this issue." a perfect night to enjoy a little dinner outside. nbc 10 in south philadelphia this evening where people were enjoying our dry mild weather. that will not be what you wake up to tomorrow. you can see showers and thunderstorms on the live nbc 10 first alert radar. meteorologist sheena parveen is timing out the chances for wet weather where you live in the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood
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forecast. sheena? >> yeah, jacqueline. that's right. we have the rain moving in right now. it's mostly west of philadelphia at the moment, but you can see the green on the radar here showing us the lighter showers. if you look through parts of lancaster, berks county, parts of chester county, you see more steady shower activity, again, this is mostly in the form of lighter rain, but right around parts of maryland, that's where we start to see some heavier rain, so that will start to approach as we go into especially early tomorrow morning. live look as we get a little farther out. thunderstorms out to our west. we expect some thunderstorms mainly south of philadelphia as we go into the morning hours. examples of that would be areas in delaware and also south jersey. here's what future weather shows. overnight we'll continue to see this rain moving through and then for the morning commute, we expect another line of shower, even thunderstorms to approach. this is 9:00 in the morning. before you leave tomorrow morning, grab the umbrella. expect some wet roadways and some areas could see this lingering even through the afternoon. i'll show you the time of that
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coming up and your father's day weekend forecast straight ahead. new at 11:00, the man on the right side of this video seen sucker punching and knocking out another man last month is under arrest. police say darryl minter is facing several charges including aggravated assault. minter was allegedly working outside a center city, philadelphia, club at the time of the incident. tonight, inspectors are still working to find out what caused this steam plant boiler to explode sending out a loud boom into center city, philadelphia, inside the schuylkill steam station shattering glass and injuring one person. nbc 10's drew smith is live outside that station. drew, you learned this could have been a lot worse. >> reporter: yeah, jacqueline, the safety equipment we're told did its job minimizing the blast inside the plant but neighbors tell us a different story. they tell us this was unlike
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anything they felt before. in fact, that home over there is missing its front windows. >> the whole house shook. the whole house shook. >> reporter: it caught everyone off guard. a jolt rippling out of the veolia steam plant down christian street into the heart of philadelphia. >> it looked like a mushroom crowd of red brick. >> reporter: this photo shows a plume rising. the eruption hit as harvey rahm was moving his groceries. >> i went, and the bag dropped. and the milk jug. >> reporter: the fire department says the boiler ruptured in the back where it's supposed to when something goes wrong. >> that's where it's designed to blow out for safety reason. >> reporter: ten plant workers evacuated, but no one was seriously hurt. across the street, a cleanup going on. the blast shattered tom welsh's front window. >> we have all those planters out front and we like our little front yard here in the city. so, you know, it made us a bit sad. >> reporter: the first aid kit was out to treat someone hit with the flying glass.
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neighbors also had to spend some time hanging window screens back up but it was that intense boom lasting only seconds that still has them shaken. >> it was just horrible. >> reporter: veolia said in a statement there will be a full investigation out here. city inspectors were also here late even after christian street re-opened. they did tell me that the plant is structurally sound. live in center city, drew smits smith, nbc 10 news. a family is in mourning after officials recovered the body of a 2-year-old boy pulled into a lagoon near a walt disney world hotel. orange county, florida, authorities say the body of lane graves was recovered this afternoon near the same spot where he was last seen. authorities believe the child drowned because his body was found intact. officials say they have caught and killed the gator responsible for that attack. a lawsuit filed by a local family against authorities in gloucester county has been
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voluntarily dismissed. autumn disappeared in clayton in october of 2012. after a two-day search, her body turned up in a recycling bin near the home of two brothers who were later charged in the killing. her family accused authorities of failing to properly search for the 12-year-old girl. it's unclear which side sought the dismissal. a camden county doctor is facing charges that he overprescribed addictive painkillers. dr. william wolf is facing two counts of distribution of a controlled dangerous substance. yesterday's arrest is the result of a year-long investigation stemming from a gloucester county drug-induced death linked back to dr. wolfe's office. turning to news now from our jersey shore bureau. forget gambling, nightclubs and spas. one new jersey lawmaker says the future of atlantic city may lie in pot. a democratic assemblyman plans to introduce the bill tomorrow to let voters decide on making
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recreational marijuana legal in atlantic city. it's called the promoting opportunities for tomorrow bill. or p.o.t. for shot. if passed, marijuana sales would be taxed at 20% of its market price. the re-opening of the former revel casino will have to wait. city officials say the necessary inspections aren't finished yet. they say they don't know when a circumstance of circuit of occupancy will be issued, a key step to re-open. new owner, glenn straub, hoped to open that resort today. also tomorrow, we should find out if a new tax on sugary drinks will go into effect in philadelphia. philadelphia mayor jim kenney spent time taking a tour of smart start pre-k center. the school would benefit in city council passes the 1 1/2 cent per ounce tax. a special night for a group of locals who can now call themselves u.s. citizens. this was the scene in delaware county courthouse for a naturalization ceremony.
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41 residents became new citizens of the united states. the group represented 23 countries. the redskins' nickname of one school in wilmington, delaware, moves one step closer to being changed tonight. tonight the conrad schools of science board voted 4-2 in favor of the name change. this is video of the board meeting this evening. officials say it would cost about $100,000 to replace the name. supporters say the redskins' name honors native american heritage, but critics say it is culturally insensitive. a philadelphia man forced to crawl on all fours after someone stole his prosthetic leg. up next, his plea to get the leg and his dignity back. and we already have showers moving in to the area. i'll show you how they're going to be affecting your morning commute, plus, of course, your weekend forecast with your father's day. that's coming up.
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plus, eagles quarterback carson wentz gets locked inside a new jersey gas station bathroom. the hardware that finally got him out.
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in washington tonight, something that's never been done before. members of congress read a powerful letter written by the victim in the stanford university sexual assault case. here's a portion of tonight's reading. >> "the next thing i remembered, i was in a gurney in a hallway. i had dried blood and bandages on the backs of my hands and elbow. i thought maybe i had fallen and was in an admin office on campus." >> representatives from both sides of the aisle took turns reading the letter the victim read to her attacker in court. members of congress say it's a way to honor the victim and illustrate the agony a survivor
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of sex isual assault goes throu california judge aaron persky came under fire for handing down a six-minute sentence to brock turner the student convicted of assaulting the victim. the judge was later removed from a digfferent sexual assault cas. new at 11:00 a philadelphia man is left crawling around. someone stole his procesthetic leg. his insurance will not pay for the replacement for the $28,000 piece of equipment. nbc 10's keith jones describes the man's plea for help. >> reporter: police say someone broke into this moving van here, wrenched open the back door and stole just a prosthetic leg and in some ways stole michael's life. >> i just don't like getting around like this. this is pretty much embarrassing. >> reporter: this is the only option for the 45-year-old father of 6. you sure i can't help you? >> no, i'm all right. >> reporter: he's positive even after fighting a bone infection
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in his left leg that required 29 surgeries over a year and a half, that's when doctors decided to amputate. >> i usually have gloves on my hands. >> reporter: his life changed. but six month s ago his insurane company paid for his prosthetic allowing him to once again play with his grandson. it's the same titanium leg someone stole from his moving van last week. >> i had it all in a duffel bag and you know what i mean, it's the leg, the socket, the sleeve and all the screws. how can you do that to somebody that's disabled? one leg. >> reporter: it's a question police don't have an answer to just yet. the worst part, michael says the prosthetic is worth about $28,000. which he doesn't have and his insurance won't cover it. >> i'll come out one way or another, give them my money. i mean, i need that leg. >> reporter: michael will continue to have a difficult time getting around so long as he doesn't have that leg. if you know anything about this crime, police want to hear from
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you. in the mayfair section of philadelphia, keith jones, nbc 10 news. the father of a victim in the paris terror attacks is suing three internet giants for playing a part in his daughter's death. now emmy gonzalez was one of the 130 killed in the paris attacks last november. her father filed suit in u.s. district court today claiming google, facebook and twitter, quote, knowingly permitted isis to recruit members on their networks. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, overnight hours, expect showers around. and even for the morning commute. starting with overnight, we'll continue to see the showers we currently have around move through. and there's the chance that we could even see a thunderstorm out of this through the overnight hours. maybe even through the morning commute. through the morning tomorrow, we have rain around with the chance of a thunderstorm. best chance does look like it could be in parts of delaware and south jersey.
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can't rule it out in parts of pennsylvania, though. then we go into the weekend and the good news is the rain clears out. looks nice and dry for your weekend. for your father's day weekend as well. here's a look at the radar. this is current radar. showing us the rain. the green shows us the lighter rain. the most amount of rain we have is currently west of the philadelphia area. so areas like chester county, lancaster county, parts of upper montgomery, maybe a few sprinkles. parts of berks county. even farther south through parts of maryland we have heavier rain, so what you're looking at here with the green is just that lighter consistent rainfall. it's moving into the philadelphia area. we'll be seeing this as we go through the overnight hours tonight. and even into tomorrow morning. also don't forget your seven-day forecast is always scrolling right at the bottom of the screen for you. looking wider out, see some thunderstorms. some heavier rain. spotty in nature. and tomorrow and maybe even overnight tonight, we could sigh so see some thunderstorms roll through. i don't think that will be for everyone. spotty thunderstorms in the forecast. so here's future weather as we
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go through the overnight hours. some rain moving in and moving through. then by 7 30 in the morning we'll definitely have rain around for the morning commute for part of the area possibly lingering through the afternoon tomorrow then we go into friday and this rain area does shift farther to the south. so we'll see more clearing from north to south. the models trying to show a few lingering showers farther north by friday afternoon but then overall the weather pattern does start to dry out as we two into the weekend. neighborhood temperatures tomorrow for the philadelphia area, bella vista, 73 degrees. pennsylvania suburbs coming in in the mid 70s. lehigh valley, 74, allentown. 74 degrees in easton with spotty showers around. new jersey, mostly 76 robbinsville, 72 haddonfield with the rain. galloway, 70 degrees. if you're in delaware, expect temperatures around 70 degrees with a better chance for a thunderstorm. then we go into friday. we're going to be, again, clearing from north to south. the best chance for rain on friday does appear to be along the shore and in delaware a
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little bit farther south. we're going to hold on to those rain chances in. saturday looks nice and dry. sunny, low 80s. for your father's day sunday looking good, temperatures in the mid 80s. heading to the shore, we'll be in the mid 7 0s. >> all right, sheena. eagles rookie qb carson wentz got his first taste of being under pressure tonight and had nothing to do with football. apparently wentz is still in town. he tweeted this out earlier tonight. "just got locked in a bathroom at a new jersey gas station. praise the lord for the attendants with the garden sheers and the other guy with the leg kick." wentz was taken number two overall by the eagles in this past april's draft. the rookie out of north dakota state is third on the depth chart behind sam bradford and veteran backup chase tdaniel. boy, john, i'm glad he didn't use his arm to break the door
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down. he has to preserve it. >> it's an adjustment from south dakota to new jersey. wh we're going to hear from walter thurmond on his alter ego dick mahoney. and trying to stop getting crushed by the blue jays again. it's all next.
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about how to make debt work for you, ask me. sincerely, brandon heaven fellow dad and fellow citizen. this is "sports desk" brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. franco missing the game tonight with a mild strain. he should be ready to go tomorrow night. it's heritage night, of course, beer, hey. the blue jays with more homers like yesterday. jeremy hellickson gives it to up
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edwin encarnacion. second deck. the phils open back. co cody asche, second deck as well. this ball is for you. 3 for 4. knocks in all the phils runs tonight. toronto keeps matching. phils lose 7 -2. they lost 15 of 19 and the blue jays having too much fun. jose bautista shooting jumpers into the stands. too many toronto fans there as well. tonight ichichiro has more s than pete rose. 2,257 tonight. that includes his hits from japan. that's actually 4,000. pete rose is major league baseball's all-time hit king. ichiro, call him the international hit king. sixers a croatian newspaper says there's a 99% chance dario will leave his team and play for the sixers this coming season. u.s. open starts tomorrow at oakmont outside pittsburgh. looking at chris crawford from
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bensalem holy ghost prep, graduated from drexel. he qualified for the open at the age of 22. a tough break for him. his caddie broke his ankle falling into a bunker. chris' coach at drexel will take over. and we told you about the story of former eagle walter thurmond while playing for the birds he also was playing in a philly softball league in disguise. as a character named dick mahoney. take a look at the photos. see him in a spot shadow. he wore a wig. none of players knew he was walter thurmond and played for the eagles until he was gone. we tracked down mahoney's agent, walter thurmond. here he is on "phillies sports talk." >> mahoney, he's just an athlete. it's not his first rodeo. he's been in couple of softball leagues and other sports as well and it was something he wanted to do while he had some time and unfortunately, that time was short. >> dick mahoney's name will live
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forever. it's epic. i'm john lark. we're right back.
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