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tv   Early Today  NBC  June 17, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a hit and run crash sends two teenager to the hospital. police tell us they were on a bike when someone slammed into them and then drove off. we have new details of a man who took 49 lives. sources say he was texting his wife during the shooting. something new and dangerous in the waters of the jersey shore and a sting could put you in the hospital. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley. a close look at communities across new jersey, maryland and delaware because they can be difficult at times rmgs we've gods clouds and showers to the south. it's in parts of delaware and
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south jersey that we're seeing the last of the showers left over from yesterday. dover, millford, lewis, cape may, see seeing some raindrops this morning. a few sprinkles in southern chester county. the clouds breaking during the day. we'll see improving conditions during the day. 60s for new jersey, delaware and philadelphia at 65 degrees with a little bit of a wind out of the east at 3 miles an hour. into the 80s this afternoon with partly sunny skies. nice sunshine for the suburbs and into new jersey. and still lingering showers for delaware, 75 degrees this morning. we're seeing showers in the jersey shore, 48 degrees this afternoon. i'll go through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. jessica boeington has your traffic. no delaysç or backups behi or around this right now but it is blocking out one of the
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lanes. we have a penn dot crew there, police activity on the scene and the vehicle involved in the accident as well. traffic still moving by on 85 but not on to the vineway expressway. both directions are closed this morning with the construction and we're watching a disabled vehicle out in junk kins. now toe breaking news that we're following. two teenagers are in the hospital after they were hit by a car that never stopped. they were riding their bike early this morning. pamela is live in spring garden. >> reporter: the driver is in police custody. i'm going to give you a look here. the antibiotic that you see in the street is the bike that the teens were riding on. the force of the impact was so strong that it actually knocked the front wheel of the bike all the way several feet away right here at the police tape line. the teens were part of a group
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of friends who were riding their bikes north on broad street when a red lexus hit one bike that had two 16-year-old boys on the bike. they're at hannemann hospital right now, one in critical condition. the second has a broken leg. witnesses were able to give police a very good description of the car. it was a bright red lexus with black rims, a man driving and a woman in the passenger seat. police caught up with them a short time later and so did we. we got video of the car after the police stopped it. we were there as the driver were placed in the back of the patrol car. he was being taken to get a breathalyzer test. accident investigation now on the scene right now. back out here live, you can see there's a surveillance camera on the corner. police are going to look at that to try to figure out exactly what happened. witnesses say the car was
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driving at a high rate of speed. and police were able to catch up with a short time later. i'm going to continue to check in on the condition of the victims. we'll have another live report in the next half-hour. i'm pamela osborne. the gunman in orlando texted his wife during the attack. that's according to a source close to the family and the source told nbc news that omar mateen's wife texted her husband, asked where he was.ç mateen replied, do you see what he's happening? he replied back no. the shooter replied with a text, i love you babe. several weeks before the nightclub attack, the owner said mateen wanted to buy 1,000 rounds of ammunition and a specific high grade body armor used by police. that set off a red flag so he refused to sell the ammo to mateen. >> it's very sad that we had him
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that close. it's the sickest feeling you can have to your stomach. >> the owner said he called the fbi to report to suspicious request but nothing became of it. the shooter bought a handgun and assault rifle at another shop. governor chris christie is pointing the finger of blame at president obama and the democrats. hear why he says they're section plaiting the terror attack. president obama is pushing his gun reforms after meeting privately with the relatives of the victims. >> i held and hugged grieving family members and parents and they asked why does this keep happening. >> vice president joe biden joined the president in visiting a memorial to the victims. meantime, philadelphia city council is playing tribute to a local victim. yesterday several members presented a resolution honoring acure ra murray.
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she was the youngest victim of the shooting. she graduated a week before the massacre. she was in pulls nightclub with two friends, they were also shot but survive. in owe news now, local transgender students and their supporters are celebrating a victory. last night the school commission approved new guidelines. one allows students to access locker rooms and bathrooms that match their gender identity. students may dress according to their identity. the u.s. marine corps is investigating two marines in camp pendleton in san diego for an offensive post on social media. it's a picture of a marine pointing a gun with a caption "coming to a gay bar near you." the post appeared on a private facebook post for male marine. it's sense been deleted. looking for several teenagers accusesed of
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assaulting a teenage girl. the teens confronted the girl on autumnwood drive. the victim suffered a cut to the right eyebrow. police arrested one teen facing a misdemeanor charge. police arrested a suspected drunk driver after a car hit a 16-year-old girl in northeast philadelphia. sky force 10 was over the scene on rising sun avenue just before 8:30 last night. officials say the girl suffered serious injuries but expected to be okay. take a look at this surveillance video captured the moment a car thief crashed a stolen vehicle and the homeowner who chased him down opened fire. police say a man woke up yesterday morning, spotted the suspect breaking into a car. he grabbed a gun, got into his car, chased the suspect. the suspect crash into a victim on grij street then the homeowner pulled out his gun opened fire shooting the suspect
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in the arm as he ran away. both men could be charged bending the outcome of their investigation. now from our delaware bureau, newcastle county's only state campground is sporting a new look. yesterday campers got thar first look at the upgrades to the park. the improvements include new hookups for water, sewer and electricity, a new bath house and several new walk-in tent sites. >> this will allow people to stay longer, come more often and it's built to accommodate the camper that are at an all-time high. it's 4:08 and 64 degrees outside. today lottery machines will likely will humming ahead of tonight's 310 mel ga millions drawing. the top prize soared above the $3 million mark after no one won
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tuesday's drawing. cash option would pay out $211 million. mega millions is played in 44 states including philadelphia, new jersey and delaware. nine minutes after 4:00. still some clouds in the area, lingering cloud. but the pavement is dry right now. showers not that far away. the temperatures are cooled into the 60s. typical for this time of year. our last spring friday. but this is what we're starting with in sea aisle city and cape may. steadily light rain in cape may that extends into delaware and a northwest in chester county. those showers are mainly going to stay to the west. but we'll see continuing shower activity this morning. the future cast shows the showers pushing to the south. by 10:30 in the morning, not
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many raindrops left. clouds still over cape may, dover and southern delaware. then in the afternoon we'll see lots of sunshine but during the afternoon there is a chance of some isolated showers popping up. that's 4:00 this afternoon. riding in on winds coming 0 out the northeast. but we'll get om sun shine before the showers move in. the temperatures move into the 80s. 83 degrees for sum urton, a little warmer in university city, plenty of sunshine for chestnut hill. doylestown, here's the isolated shower chance. look at the lehigh valley, 84 degrees this afternoon, 83 in cookstown. showers still at the shore, they'll linger for much of the morning, tapering off in the afternoon for wildwood, dover and lewis.
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sunshine will poke through the clouds in the afternoon, warm temp eratures up into the 70s. there's the seven-day at the bottom of the screen. take a closer look at father's day weekend when i come back in ten minutes. first we've got to get through friday to get through the weekend. let's check with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> route 13 there is an accident scene right here and you can see blocking actually all of wood haven road headed eastbound. going to be delays there for right now. the accident scene on 95 as cleared out of the way within the last couple of minutes or so. this used to be around the bridge area headed northbound. all traffic moving by. construction on the pa turnpike where lanes are closed.
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westbound and eastbound, no problems with drive times there. 12 minutes past 4:00. something unexpected and dangerous in the water at the jersey shore and it could send you to the hospital. next hear about a new jelly fish and how experts think it made its way here.ç ♪ an on-stage scare for meat loaf, collapsing on stage late last night. next we'll update you on what we know.
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♪ that's video of rock star meat loaf collapsing during a concert in ed monthton last night. his condition is not known. meat loaf whose real name is marvin aday, 68 years old. he canceled a concert earlier this week because of an illness. 4:15. 64 degrees outside. we get a first hand look at a coast guard rescue. on wednesday a helicopter crew hoisted a man from a fishing both 60 miles off of atlantic city. the helicopter took the man to the hospital where he was treated for stomach pains. new this morning, five more people are charged with making fake claims after superstorm sandy. three of the five people are accuse of falsely claiming their their damaged homes were primary homes and one received 175,000
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dollars in relief funds. the state has now charged 62 people in all with similar types of fraud. meantime, a new york woman is paying back nearly 90,000 dollars. she claimed her home was destroyed by superstorm sandy. he was living out of hotels for nearly a year on the taxpayer's dime. the new york state general said she collected from insurance companies and charity. >> she got debit cards to buy food which she spent at places to buy dresses and shoes. it is despicable. >> she plead guilty to falsifying business record. her attorney said hit was hard for her to admit guilty because she didn't think she did anything wrong. thousands of people are expected to attend a memorial service to mark a sal lem anniversary. it was one year ago a gunman killed 9 african american parishioners. authorities say the alleged
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killer attended bible study with the victims before opening fire. police arrested dillon roof who admitted to wanting to start a race war. he will be tried on federal hate crime charges in november. the tragedies in charleston and orlando are leading this senator to campaign for gun control in west philadelphia today. casey and the ministers will be at the first district plaza this afternoon at 1:00. if you have plans at the jersey shore here's a warning. some of the waterways there, a man swimming in the back bays of ocean part last weekend got sting by a clinging jelly fish. this species of jelly fish usually hangs on to the sea wood. the sting can lead to serious medical problems including kidney failure.
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in matt carlos's case, it turned out okay. >> every muscle felt like it had a knife in it. i couldn't lay down. i would have to walk around, punching at the walls. >> clinging jelly fish are native to the pacific ocean. officials believe they hopped a ride to the east coast by clinging to ships. clinging to some of the shore communities this morning, not jelly fish, it is rain. the last raindrops. still falling, very light rain in ocean city. doesn't look as damp as yesterday but there are lingering showers. the shoers are going to stay to the south. a few sprinkles in southern chester county as well. should stay dry this morning in philadelphia but there may be an afternoon shower today. father's day looking spectacular. lots of sunshine and a nice warmup for sunday. the temperatures will be into the 80s.
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our last sunday of springtime. forecast for today is calling for clouds to break. we'll get some sunshine. 82 degrees this afternoon. that's in philadelphia for the suburb. the temperatures will climb into the low 80s after a cloudy start this morning. sunshine late in the morning and the clouds will break. 79 degrees at 3 o'clock this afternoon. delaware, clouds to start with but look at the sunshine, 79 degrees at 3 o'clock. jersey shore starting off cloudy, showers are a possibilities at the jersey shore into the late morning hours. but in the afternoon we'll finally get some sunshine and see the clouds move out. there are the showers just to the south. you can see them in cape may and dover. the showers will move out for the weekend. nice and dry for most of the ohio valley. a few more clouds this afternoon and then we'll be out of the shower pattern. there's a possibility of the showers, light scattered showers
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moving quickly through the area at 5:30. by evening time they will not be an issue. we'll be dry for the weekend. 84 degrees,ç lots of sunshine. tomorrow into the 80s and 85 on sunday. and during the day today, tomorrow and sunday the humidity stays low. monday is where some of the humidity starts coming back in. monday summer arrives just after 6:00 in the evening and the first full day of summer will feel like it, tuesday 90 degrees the high temperature. next weekend, a chance of showers next sunday. 20 minutes past 4:00 right now. usually it's quiet on the roads about now but we're getting information about an accident on wood haven road where is it? >> we're watching that out in northeast philadelphia right now, right around bristol pike. all lanes blocked right now.
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there was an early vehicle removal. they try to zoom in on the camera scene. all lanes are blocked. ap few police officers on the scene as well. they're having all traffic diverted off at the exit ramp. and also wood haven headed eastbound. some delays there of course and detours. but there's also a disabled vehicle out in springfield. if you're taking the vine street expressway we're closed for construction. take a look at this sensation. a fan grabs a ball from last night's philly's game. a father with a daughter asleep on his chest. the daughter wakes up a little bit. he doesn't drop his food. he later said having played ball for 30 years, that's what made the catch look easy. come people can go a lifetime of baseball games and
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never catch a ball. did you ever catch one? share them with us. how does free money sound. nbc 10 and nbc universal want to reward people making a difference in our community. we're giving away grants, free money to local nonprofits. the goal is to support organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website. the deadline to apply is august 26th. the global battle against the spread of zika is on and some of the soldiers are on the ground in eour area. also back hí court, hear by convicted child sex abuser jerry sandusky will spend three days in front of a judge later this summer.
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new jersey's infrastructure is getting low marks in a new report. the latest report said 42% of new jersey's roadsç are deficient. also one in 11 bridges need significant repairs or replacement. the safe transportation fund is expected to run out of money by early august. happening now, camden county is trying to get rid of potentially disease carrying mosquitos in our neighborhood. crews started sprays neighborhoods in cherry hill a couple of hours ago. if you live in cherry hill, no need to worry. the spray is not dangerous to you our your pets scientists are tests mosquitos to see if any
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have zika and west nile. by a tiny stream they scoop up and gather larva. the surveillance crews, it's what they do each summer. but this year it's amped up because of the zika virus. there's something you can do to prevent mosquito borne disease. >> get rid of the standing water. >> especially like rainy days like yesterday. you can learn about about the zika virus, camden county has a new brochure. 6:26, 64 degrees, still some clouds in the area. that's a live view from the comcast center. we'll see the clouds thin out. put your sunglasses on stand by. i'll have your neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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in the meantime, jessica boyington is watching the roads. this is wood haven road around bristol pike. all lanes blocked right now headed eastbound and all traffic being forced off at the amp ramp. we'll have more updates on this when i come back and more stuff at 4:30. next at 4:30 find out why students in delaware may have their summer vacations stretched out beyond labor day.
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smooth feet that they can't help but touch. discover their secret with product of the year winning amopé pedi perfect extra coarse electronic foot file with diamond crystals. it removes even heavy callouses revealing soft, beautiful feet. and now try the new amopé pedi perfect wet & dry rechargeable foot file. it works on both wet or dry skin. feel it yourself! amopé, love every step. right now two teenagers are in the hospital after a hit and run crash. police say a driver took off
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after hitting them as they rode a bike. jerry sandusky will head to court. he wants to convince a judge that his sentence should be overturned. >> right now we're tracking showers in south jersey and delaware. here's a live look of the rain along beach avenue. it's 4:30. good morning. i'm tray zi davidstray zi david. let's get you updated with bill henley, a look at the conditions right where you live. >> most of the area is dry right now but the clouds are lingering in the area and theç temperatus are back in the 60s, close to where they were yesterday. 61 in new jersey. lee high completely dry, cloudy and 64. we're seeing showers in central and southern delaware, wilmington is dry at this hour. the temperature are going to climb. we'll see some sunshine. didn't get it yesterday. a few lri


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