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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  June 18, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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day. it will be warm today and even warmer on sunday. heading out this morning, we're clear and comfortable, lots of sunshine. you need the sunglasses this morning and you're going to need them all day with the sun shining. we're looking at a sunny and warm afternoon, temperatures into the mid to upper 80s. the beaches staying in the 70s. father's day we'll be close to 90 in many spots. neighborhoods across the area. we've jumped in terms of temperatures. we started out around 5:00 this morning with 40s and 50s, even some 60s. now we are into the upper 60. in lehigh valley. 70 in the suburbs. 70 in philadelphia and delaware. 69 in south jersey and 69 at the jersey shore. temperatures at the shore mainly in the upper 60s. again, probably only going to the mid 70s with the onshore flow. 69 in somers point. we're starting to see the temperatures jumping. the shore 69 degrees.
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by 10:00, 71. by 12:00, 74. close to 75 by 2:00. a warm day today, even warmer on your father's day. we are tracking some showers and storms for the beginning of your work week. we'll have the full forecast coming up. a bucks county man faces sex assault charges this morning after 12 girls were found in his home. nbc10's monique braxton is live outside that house in feasterville. monique, police say one teenaged girl was given to the man by a couple from lancaster county. >> reporter: since we arrived at 5:00 this morning there has been absolutely no activity here at the home. you can see that the crime scene tape is still up. also, the drive way has been blocked. a lot of weeds, a lot of overgrown brush here at the house. and police remain on guard from lower southampton township. investigators removed 12 girls from inside the house.
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we've learned their ages are 6 months to 18 years old. 51-year-old lee kaplan admitted sexually assaulting the oldest. police have arrested an amish couple from lancaster county and they have been charged with gifting their teenaged daughter, the now 18-year-old, to cap rka. that was in exchange for kaplan's health with the family's financial problems. >> i just hope the girls are okay. the children that are there that are born into the situation are okay. this is going to last them for years. >> anytime people would come along and once in a while would try to say hi to the girls. he could come to the door and they would go running into the house. >> reporter: lancaster county authorities have been called in to atissist with this investigation because of their
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experience with the amish. the parents who gave up their daughter claim the other children found inside kaplan's house are theirs as well, but no birth certificates have been found. this morning the children are in protective custody. the three adults accused are being held under $1 million bond. coming up in the next half-hour, we'll tell you when they are expected to appear in court again before a judge and have some of the unanswered questions the police hope to answer in the coming days. live now in feasterville, bucks county, monique braxton, nbc10 news. if you have the nbc10 app you heard about this story first. keep following the latest developments the second we get them just by tapping the app. new from overnight in center city, philadelphia. police are investigating a shooting at juniper and locust streets around 3:00 a.m. they say the victim was approached by two men demanding money. he ran away but the suspects followed and again tried to rob him. they shot the victim in the leg.
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he is okay. the suspects then tried to rob another person at 15th and spruce. that person struggled with the suspects and another shot was fired. but no one was hit. so far, no arrests. a montgomery county woman is accused of murdering her 96-year-old neighbor. elizabeth floyd is said to have attacked alfred payne on the 500-block of marion avenue last september. he died five months later from his injuries. floyd is set to appear in court next month. a cumberland county grand jury decided not to file criminal charges against two vineland police officers an a man died in their custody. the officers were called to west grape street in march last year for a disturbance. according to the ruling, the officers got into a scuffle with phillip white as they attempted to subdue him and a canine bit
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white as he was trying to take one of the officer's guns. white was taken to the hospital where he died. the official cause of white's death was a drug intoxication which suggested he had pcp in his system at the time of his death. the chair of the national awarenance alliance issued a statement following the ruling which reads in part, three people have been killed in less than six months by law enforcement in cumberland county. it appears that people of color and poor people cannot receive justice when killed by police. family members, friends and fans continue to remember the life of "the voice" singer christina grimmie. >> i always told her i loved her. i always told her to put god first. >> christina's mother paid tribute to her daughter while addressing the thousands who came out to mourn for the burlington county native at a church in medford yesterday.
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grimmie's brother tackled the gunman to committed suicide. marcus grimmie told mourners that his sister died the way she lived with open arms while signing autographs. >> it was so quick. it happened so fast but her arms were open. >> the family says her music and the way she lived her life will continue to inspire many others. they have established a scholarship at grimmie's former high school. for security and privacy reasons, the family laid the singer to rest on thursday. happening today, the 2016 ride to defeat a.l.s. takes off from four different locations in south jersey. some bikers will pedal 75 miles from blackwood to wildwood, raising money for the cause. others will take shorter rides, but all for the same mission. so far the event has raised more than $134,000. the money goes towards als research and programs to help patients.
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donald trump didn't mince words when he spoke about the terror in orlando at a rally. coming up, what the presumptive republican nominee said that has tv stations hitting the bleep button. a new group of police officers will be armed with a new piece of equipment. details on what's hitting the streets of philadelphia next week. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york.
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new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at now, your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> welcome back on this saturday morning. looking so good already. we're going to have a beautiful weekend today. also on your father's day. lots of sunshine already. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. bright skies in wilmington, delaware, and south jersey. a little cooler this afternoon at the shore. staying put in the mid 70s. still a pleasant day. wildwood, lots of people on the boards enjoying the weather. king of prussia 70 right now.
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by 3:00, up to 85. we'll top out around 85, 86 in king of prussia and probably closer to 87 in the philadelphia area. temperatures right now mainly upper 60s to low 70s. 68 in mount holly, 69 in allentown. 70 in coatesville. 69 in dover. at the shore we're looking at temperatures in the upper 60s. 69 in atlantic city. delaware 84 degrees today. lots of sunshine. 85 in the lehigh valley. need the sunglasses there as well. new jersey, 84 with the exception of the shower points whe -- shore points. nice in philadelphia, 86. warmer on sunday, near 90. then showers and storms early in your work week. philadelphia housing authority police officers will soon be using body cameras when they hit the streets. all 78 officers will be outfitted with the cameras starting tuesday.
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the equipment gives officers the ability to record, store and manage video of their encounters with the public. the p.h.a. is the latest in a growing list of local departments using the technology. septa police began using the cameras earlier this year. philadelphia police, chester police and delaware state police all have pilot programs in place. several communities in south jersey are also using the technology. the newest police chief in oakland, california, has stepped down amid a sex scandal in the department. acting chief paul figueroa is the third chief to be replaced in nine days. he served just two days on the job. right now the mayor's office is looking into allegations that as many as 28 police officers had sex with an 18-year-old prostitute, sometimes when she was under age. the teen says in exchange the officers would not arrest her. or some gave her money. the mayor says the culture of the department is, quote,i(?da and toxic.
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for now she will not be naming a new acting police chief. 11 minutes after 9:00. a colorado mother fought off a mountain lion that was attacking her son. the 5-year-old boy was playing outside last night when the animal attacked. the child is now in fair condition. his mother was treated and released from a hospital. a mountain lion found nearby was killed. tonight a new miss new jersey will be crowned, but it will be a bitter sweet moment. we'll show you how this year's pageant is honoring a former winner who lost her life just four months ago.
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it's not the easy way. it's the perdue way. on this saturday morning, if you're getting caught up on the week's news, here is a recap of some of the headlines. monday orlando remembered the 49 victims of the nightclub shooting with a memorial vigil. community members chanted that they would not be defeated by owe marr mateen's terror attack. tuesday a young woman was found murdered in fairmount park. she was found along georgia's hill drive along the man center. she was handcuffed, stabbed and shot in the back of the head. investigators believe her body was dumped there. there have not been any arrests. wednesday, more sadness from orlando when a 2-year-old boy died after being pulled into a
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lagoon by an alligator. the body of lane graves was recovered near the same spot where he was last seen at a disney world resort hotel. the gator was caught and killed. philadelphia city council approved a sugary beverage tax on thursday. the price will go up one and a half cents per ounce on sweetened drinks. the revenue will benefit pre-kindergarten and improve parks and rec. opponents say they'll continue their fight in court. friday the city of charleston in south carolina paused to note a grim anniversary. it was a year ago that alleged shooter dylann roof killed nine people during a church prayer service. he is scheduled to go on trial in november facing murder and hate crime charges. now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> we're looking at a really nice weekend. lots of sunshine today. lots of sunshine on your father's day. we're already starting out with sunshine. and temperatures are in the upper 60s and low 70s.
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a beautiful start to your weekend. for father's day we're going to look at a sunny and hot day. close to 90 in many spots with the exception of the shore points. the shore staying in the 70s today and tomorrow. next chance for storms tuesday. outside looking at mostly clear skies, lots of sunshine across the area. you need the sun screen and sunglasses as you head out. temperatures mainly in the 70s right now. 70 in philadelphia. 70 in the p.a. suburbs. 70 in delaware. 69 in south jersey. mainly in the upper 60s and low 70s. this is a closer look at the suburbs. exton, 68. chadsford, 69. 66 in st. davids. further to the east in parts of bucks county, newton, 71. warrington, 71. we're starting to really see the temperatures responding. and we're going to continue to see them going up. king of prussia 70. by lunchtime. 82. lots of sunshine. a beautiful day to get outdoors.
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maybe have lunch outdoors. 3:00. dinnertime around 86 degrees. radar showing us that we are dry. that's the good news. keep it dry on the weekends. futurecast showing us the same story as well. going throughout time, stop the clock around lunchtime, this will show you that we anticipate being dry all across the area. we're looking at clear skies, lots of sunshine. no rain showing up. then by 5:00, same story, maybe a few more clouds along the coast. that would be about it. looking at a mostly clear night as well and temperatures dropping back to 60 degrees as after overnight low and back near 90 on sunday. your ten-day outlook. 86 degrees today. that's around normal for this time of year. lots of sunshine. the uv index will be high. wear the sun screen. the beaches topping out around 75. tomorrow, father's day, lots of sunshine once again. 89 degrees, above normal for this time of year. another hot one on monday.
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mostly sunny skies. things change on tuesday. we bring in a storm system that's going to bring us more clouds and a chance for showers. also some thunderstorms. temperatures in the upper 80s. wednesday more sunshine returns. 86. closer to normal for this time of year. then thursday and friday looking really beautiful. low humidity, temperatures in the low 80s. 83 thursday and friday. next weekend looking nice. 84 on saturday. 87 on sunday and mid 80s on monday. this week's wednesday's child is 14 years old going into eighth grade and is in a dance troupe. she has been interest in cooking and is looking for a forever family. vai sikahema introduces us to marta. >> reporter: we have to wash our hands. marta loves to cook. baking is her specialty. but today we're making pizzas. how come yours is round and mine is getting -- mine is shaped like a banana.
9:19 am
>> you're going to hit that trigger right there. >> reporter: you've done this before? >> no. >> reporter: never made pizza before? >> a natural. >> reporter: look at that. she knows what she is doing. she loves school and cheerleading. she loves science and math and is a great student. >> hello! >> reporter: all that's missing is a forever family. she wants one that's active and loves to go to church. >> gets out a lot. i like to go out. nice. has animals. >> reporter: having pets, of course, means responsibilities. are there things you've learned to do over the years in the house that would be helpful to a family dynamics? >> i know how to clean. >> reporter: clean? that's a big one. cleaning is a big one. >> and i like to cook.
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>> reporter: marta would thrive as an only child with lots of attention but she is open to anything. single parents or two parents. she just wants to be loved. >> she is a great kid. she is very sweet. really follows directions. very compliant. she is really passionate about being involved in her church youth group. that's really important to her. and a big part of her life. >> reporter: then you can go on the food network. >> she won three awards at the end of the year. one more the most respectful. one for most improved in math and one for best score in reading. >> reporter: shall we try this out? >> yes. >> reporter: let's toast with a pizza. >> okay. >> reporter: a toast to the pizza. marta is this week's wednesday's child. you did good! >> thank you. >> pizza looks good.
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9:23. new this morning. three astronauts are back on earth after spending six months at the international space station. the crew including one nasa astronaut landed safely just a few hours ag in kazakhstan. while in space they conducted hundreds of science experiments. russia's track and field team is band from competing in the olympic games in rio because
9:24 am
of doping. yesterday track's governing body announced it was upholding a ban on russia's track and field federation. it says the country has made some progress in cleaning up doping but failed to meet the requirements for reinstatement. russian president vladimir putin called the ban unfair, saying it's a mistake to mix politics with sports. the international olympic committee says it fully supports the decision and will initiate further measures to ensure a level playing field for athletes. we're just 48 days away from the start of the games. watch all the events right here on nbc10 and the networks of nbc. parents worried about child car seat safety can get help from the experts today. the burlington county scheherifs holding free checks in riverton. technicians will make sure your
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seat is properly installed and there are no recalls for the product. nbc10 and nbc universal want to reward the people who are making a difference in the community. we are giving away grants to local non-profits. it's called 21st century solutions. the goal is the application is on our website, the deadline to apply is august 26th. 9:25. still ahead on "nbc10 news today," a shocking and disturbing discovery made in a man's bucks county home. monique braxton is live in feasterville where 12 girls were rescued. monique. >> reporter: yes. this is the crime scene. police tape is still up as the investigation continues into the discovery of a dozen girls found here inside with a 51-year-old man. details after the break. weather-wise we're doing really well. lots of sunshine. looking to be a nice day today, into the mid 80s.
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live look outside. clear skies. lots of sunshine. enjoy it if you can. sunday looking really good as well. the weekend forecast is coming up.
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if it doesn't feel right it's not. it's never the wrong time to do what's right. >> 12 girls found in a man's bucks county home. now he is charged with sexual assault. we are live at the house with what one neighbor saw that made her call police. donald trump talks gun control in the lone star state. what he says could have prevented the terror in orlando. sunny and dry. that's what's ahead for your father's day weekend as we look live at center city. plus, what you can expect for the first day of summer. yes, it's almost here. good morning. welcome back to "nbc10 news today." i'm ted greenberg. just about 9:30 on this saturday morning. we are looking at a fantastic father's day weekend. first alert meteorologist michelle grossman is here with the forecast. >> hi, ted. looks great today and also on sunday. lots of sunshine. we'll end the weekend with lots of sunshine as well. weekend beauty. tracking 90s to return. could be as early as tomorrow in some spots. 90s returning monday as well.
9:30 am
you can see the temperatures click up on sunday into the low 90s. not every spot but some spots have a chance to reach into the 90s on sunday and also monday. so today, 80s. mid and upper 80s. shore points a little cooler than that. in philadelphia right now 70 degrees. winds are calm. it's beautiful outside. we are looking at sunshine all across the area. 69 degrees. in the lehigh valley. 70 in pa suburbs. 7 # in philadelphia. 69 in south jersey and 69 degrees at the jersey shore. if you are in delaware, you're looking at 70s in spots with mainly upper 60s. 75 in marshalton. greenville 67. reedy point coming in at 68 degrees. if you are lucky enough to be at the beaches. bethany beach, 67. dewey beach, 65. you see the onshore flow. temperatures in the mid 70s along the jersey shore points. a pleasant day there.
9:31 am
highs for this afternoon. 86 in philadelphia. new jersey, 84. 85 in lehigh valley and 84 this afternoon in delaware. beautiful day today. hotter on father's day. we'll talk more about that. tracking showers and storms during your extended ten-day. we'll talk about that coming up. a startling discovery is made at a bucks county home. police found 12 girls living in a man's house in feasterville. now he is facing sexual assault charges. nbc10's monique braxton is live in feasterville outside the house. monique, tell us what you have learned about the case. >> reporter: this is what we found when we arrived here at the house about 5:00 this morning. crime scene tape still in place. police not far away. as we give you a closer look at the house, we want you to know the children are safe this morning, in protective custody. the three accused adults are being held on a million dollars bond. our camera was rolling moments after we learned 12 girls were removed from this house on old
9:32 am
street road. they range in age from 6 months to 18 years. 51-year-old lee kaplan, the man inside the house, admitted to sexually assaulting the oldest girl. a bucks county court document also reveals the 18-year-old gave birth to two children as a result of those alleged attacks. police also arrested an amish couple from lancaster county. they've been charged with gifting their teenaged daughter or child endangerment. the now 18-year-old was part of an alleged exchange for kaplan's help with the family's financial woes.qnxg a tip led police to investigate. >> it's sad. they took fearful every time you see them. that's what made me call. >> it was unbelievable. >> lancaster authorities are also assisting with the investigation because of their expertise with the amish. the parents who gave up their daughter claim the other children found in kaplan's house
9:33 am
are theirs as well. so several questions remain this morning as we're looking live now at police outside the house. are there birth certificates for the children? were the children found here attending school? hopefully some of those questions will be answered before the three adults involved appear in court in two weeks. live now from feasterville, bucks county, monique braxton, nbc10 news. if you have the nbc10 app you heard about this story first. keep following the latest developments the second we get them just by tapping the app. jurors resume deliberations monday in the corruption trial of congressman chaka fattah after the judge removed one of the jurors and replaced him with an alternate yesterday. the jury got the case wednesday but now the judge has ordered them to begin deliberations again. he's charged with racketeering,
9:34 am
bribery and money laundering and has pleaded not guilty. 9:34. new from overnight. overseas police in belgium raided dozens of homes and arrested 12 suspects in a major anti-terror investigation which they say required immediate intervention. according to the belgium federal prosecutor's office police searched homes and carports in 16 communities mostly in and around brussels. 40 people were taken for questioning. 12 were arrested. a survivor of the shooting rampage at orlando's pulse nightclub says he saw the shooter having a drink at the bar earlier in the night, but that victim's account has not been verified. the fbi has not provided a time line accounting for omar mateen's movements that night. but new documents provided to nbc news show mateen talked to a fellow recruit in a florida department of corrections training class about bringing a gun to the training program back
9:35 am
in 2007. his colleague wrote in a report that mateen asked him, quote, if he was to bring a gun to school, would i tell anybody. mateen was involuntarily dismissed. one of the young women from philadelphia who survived the rampage in orlando is now out of the hospital. you may remember 20-year-old patience carter shared her riveting story of survival earlier this week. the university city high school alum posted this photo on instagram today. the caption read in part, thank you to all the skeptics that believe my pain isn't real. it's your outrageous insensitivity that makes me want to heal even faster and grow even stronger. #discharged. this comes as some of the doctors talked about how the shooting changed their lives. >> we focused on the patients and it will come later. they're the most important part of all of this. we are -- we are just a bit part. we are the ones that are lucky enough to be able to take care
9:36 am
of them. >> 23 people are still in the hospital. six of them remain in critical condition. now to decision 2016. donald trump tells supporters in texas he is committed to defending the second amendment. the presumptive republican nominee spoke to a crowd in the wood lands near houston and trump talked about the shooting in orlando. >> if some of those wonderful people had guns strapped right here, right to their waist or gb son of a comes out and starts shooting -- >> trump went on, assuring gun holders he would preserve and cherish their right to bear arms. join nbc's chuck todd tomorrow for meet the press. he is talking with house speaker paul ryan with the across in the republican party and ryan's call for fellow lawmakers to follow their conscience and not necessarily go with trump.
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it was amazing. it's still -- it's surreal. >> a missing dog is reunited with his family after being gone for four years. next, the homeward bound story. the pet's owner says is nothing short of a miracle.
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one fifth of all the fresh water in the world flows into one incredible experience you can't find anywhere else. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪
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♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at now, your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. welcome back on this saturday morning. looking oh so nice this morning!
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lots of sunshine. we'll keep the sunshine this afternoon into the evening. also on your father's day. so looking outdoors in wilmington, looking great there. temperatures mainly in the upper 60s and low 70s. north wild wood, lots of people on the board walk. we'll keep the temperatures in the mid 70s later this afternoon at the beaches with a sea breeze. lots of sunshine and temperatures mainly in the 60s right now. 69 in easton. looking by 12:00 at 78 degrees. these temperatures are jumping fast. we woke up this morning around 5:00 and found temperatures in the 50s and some spots in the 40s. we're into the 70s in spots right now. 78 by 12:00. by 3:00, 78 as well. we'll probably top out around 85 degrees. later this afternoon. so upper 60s. low 70s. 69 in allentown. 70 in wilmington and 69 in dover, delaware. your day in new jersey, we're looking at temperatures jumping
9:41 am
pretty high was well. by 12:00. 80. by 2:00 we're looking at temperatures in the mid 80s. a beautiful day there. a nice day overall pretty much everywhere. father's day looking really nice as well. we are going to see some higher temperatures. we'll talk more about that. tracking showers and storms for your tuesday. we will do that too in a few minutes. wildfires are exploding in the west right now due to part in a blistering heat wave gripping much of the country. firefighters are battling blazes in nearly a dozen states. one of the biggest fires is in santa barbara. drivers on a major highway had a close call coming face-to-face with a virtual wall of flames. hundreds of others have had to flee from their homes. >> wondering if it was going to come down and consume us. it was pretty close. >> the conference ovre have been texas this week due to high temperatures. one in which a child climbed
9:42 am
into a hot car and got trapped. the worst of the heat is sxkd this weekend. this year's miss new jersey pageant hits a somber note with a tribute to a former miss new jersey gone too soon. >> we'll show you how this year's pageant is remembering cara mccollum.
9:43 am
9:44 am
young women from across the garden state are in ocean city vying for the title of miss new jersey 2016. the winner will be crowned
9:45 am
tonight. but hearts are heavy at this year's pageant following the february death of former miss new jersey cara mccollum. cara was also the girlfriend of nbc10's keith jones. this morning a look at how the competition is making sure cara's legacy will live on. behind the waves and the smiles at this year's miss new jersey pageant there is a painful void. >> it still doesn't feel real. >> cara mccollum would have been on stage with them, rehearsing for the show. it comes just four months after mccollum, miss new jersey 2013, died following a car accident. >> she is truly so missed. all week we've been trying to figure out how we can do this without cara. it's been hard. >> after two nights of preliminary competition in ocean city, miss new jersey 2015.
9:46 am
lindsey giannini will hand over the crown after this evening's finale. >> cara would hawant us to be happy. >> the 24-year-old princeton grad was a news anchor and beloved girlfriend of nbc10 anchor keith jones. she will be remembered when the first cara mccollum memorial scholarship is awarded at this weekend's crowning. >> her legacy lives on through us. we were so blessed to have cara a part of us. >> to compete, the contestants had a write an essay. keith came up with the topic. how do you plan to make an indelible impact that will last long after you're gone. >> it was very hard to write. the whole time i was writing it, i was thinking, what would cara be saying in this essay right now? >> academics and writing were so important to cara. so the fact that they had to write an essay is perfect for honoring her memory. >> they say they can feel her
9:47 am
presence on stage and in their hearts. the show must go on, they say, because cara wouldn't want it any other way. >> i know that she would be telling us to keep going, keep smiling, keep shining and sparkling. >> by the way keith read all of those essays, and he chose the winner. a family in northeast pennsylvania has their beloved pet back today after it disappeared four years ago. the family lives in scranton and were away on vacation when their 6-year-old yellow lab mix named jack escaped from the pet-sitters. they lost hope after years of silence. then someone spotted a doing that looks like jax and the recovery services jumped into action. they caught jax in this trap in the woods and returned him home. >> lots of tears, you know. it's wonderful. you just get a family back together. >> it was amazing. it's still -- it's surreal.
9:48 am
>> the owner says she knew it was jax when he jumped onto his favorite spot on the sofa and curled up just like old times. now your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. looking at a nice weekend. a nice start already. we'll have a nice finch as well. beautiful father's day. looking at lots of sunshine. started out cool this morning, but temperatures now into the upper 60s and low 70s. father's day will be sunny and hot. some spots into the 90s or at least close to 90s. thunderstorms for tuesday. otherwise, partly cloudy on tuesday. today, mostly sunny and mostly clear. looking at temperatures right now finally jumping near the 70-degree mark. 70 pretty much all across the area. 69 in lehigh valley. 69 in south jersey. and we're looking at temperatures to the north and west in the lehigh valley. we're looking at mainly upper 60s, low 70s. 70 in cookstown. 75 in white hall.
9:49 am
probably the highest tampa. 71 in nazareth and 73 in easton. satellite and radar looking good. dry. nothing showing up. weekend beauty. two weather stories and also 90s return as early as tomorrow in some spots. temperature, futurecast showing us that we'll pop into the 90s tomorrow in some spots. it will be a hot father's day. monday is another hot day. and then showers and storms on tuesday. so kind of get ready for that. your ten-day outlook. today will be a warm one. not quite as hot as tomorrow. lots of sunshine. need the sunglasses. 86 degrees. beaches in the mid 70s. same story for father's day. high of 89. spots near 90. the beaches stay cool with temperatures in the mid 70s. a beautiful weekend at the beaches this weekend. monday, 90 degrees. another hot one. that's ahead of a system that will bring us showers and storms on tuesday. 89 degrees. mid 80s wednesday, partly sunny
9:50 am
skies, so the sunshine returns. thursday and friday, low 80s. saturday, up to 84 degrees. starting out the weekend dry. we will try to keep it dry all weekend long. next weekend, 87 before showers return on monday. 86 degrees. good morning to you i am danny pommells. pete mackanin held a team meeting following the phillies 13-2 loss to toronto thursday night trying to shake them out of their slump. but what followed last night a different opponent playing home run derby. this time the arizona diamondbacks using citizens bank park as a launching pad. fans making all sorts of plays. look at this one-handed grab off the bounce. don't worry. plenty of soouvenirs. 3-2 diamondbacks in the fourth. pete o'brien, three-run shot in the fifth. tomas hits another one to left onto the concourse making it 7-2
9:51 am
d-backs. in the 7th castillo, deep to center and gone. 8-2 the diamondbacks. and it was that kind of day. o'brien up next, launches one to left. six homers off phillies pitching. 17 over the last four games. a new team record. they lose 10-2. >> so much for my team meeting. didn't do a whole lot, you know. but like i said, i just -- i'm going to continue to encourage them and keep their heads screwed on straight. >> iron pigs hosting buffalo. nick williams, the phillies outfielder of the future. he is about to get robbed by an outfielder from the past. domonic brown brings one back. basketball. the nba draft is approaching. sixers have five days to decide who they'll take with the number one pick. worked out brandon ingraham earlier this week. the top prospect is harder to track down.
9:52 am
john gonzalez confirmed sixers brass met with ben simmons and his agents thursday night in cleveland. the lsu product has not worked out for any team but they got a chance to chat over dinner before game six of the nba finals. the russian track and field team has been barred from competing in this summer's olympics in rio due to widespread doping. russia plans to appeal the international olympic committee. some scary moments in a soccer match in europe between croatia and the czech republic. the grounds crew member was knocked off his feet after a small explosion went off. the match resumed and ended in a draw. that's your look at sports. i'm danny pommells from comcast sportsnet.
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. nbc10 continues our commitment to clear the shelters and find homes for adoptable pets. jillian from the spca is here this mor:rkzng with wonka. she is a big friendly girl. >> she friendly and treat motivated as well. >> so she is a one-year-old great pyrenees mix. she is a big dog. a big fluff. but, you know, very, very super friendly. she is still a puppy, so she gets very excited and will chase your feet and run around. she is a little uncoordinated. we threw a tennis ball with her the other day and it was kind of fun to watch. >> that's what my question was. >> i think she is probably full grown. i would guess when she gets into a home and gets more comfortable she'll grow out a little bit. i think she'll gain some weight
9:56 am
but i think she is full grown as far as her height. >> she is clearly good at eating treats. that's a good possibility. you have an adoption fair in camden county. >> at monster pets in audubon from 12:00 to 3:00. we'll have dogs and cats and kittens. it's kitten season, so we have a lot of cats and kittens around right now. lots of adoptables there and she'll go back to our eerie avenue head quarters. she is very pleased to be here, i think. >> she is great. >> she likes chris our floor director. >> she is very pretty and friendly. just needs some structure in her life so she can be a little less excitable. >> if you would like more information call the pennsylvania spca. 215-426-6300. you can check out their website
9:57 am
at >> that's it for us. thank you so much for being with us. i'm ted greenberg. for myself, michelle, all of us here at nbc10. jillian, ronka. we hope you have a fantastic father's day weekend. >> good job. show them that pretty face. yeah.
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i'm sara gore and this is "open house." this week we are stopping by a stunning italian style villa in los angeles. we visit an amazing townhouse off madison avenue that exudes glamor in every room, plus an exquisite limestone home in new york city with original details and modern upgrades, and designer to watch, casey debois, shows us her clients stylish space. but first, she's the queen of luxury lighting and more. we head to the hollywood home of marjorie skouras. there are no rules when designing for oneself, which is part of the fun. from the front door, which is inspired by 19th century french damask to the moss covered closet doors. but you can tell this is not going to be your average home decor experience.


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