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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 20, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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to him. nbc 10's monique braxton is live at the home where we've been digging for information since the story broke. >> monique, what did police take from the house today and how do they hope that will help? >> reporter: about three hours ago musical instruments were removed from this home. investigators say the young amish girls have been asking for those instruments. police hope it will make the children feel more at ease to talk. here is video you saw first on nbc 10. the lead investigator led his team back inside 428 old street road this afternoon. a short time later we captured this video of police bringing instruments and easels out of the home. a detective told us the children police believe were home schooled asked for their violins and flutes. when i asked why, investigators say they picked them up because they want to make the girls at the center of this multicounty investigation as comfortable as possible as investigator
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question them and try to learn more about what was going on inside this house. last week police arrested 51-year-old lee kaplan. when they searched his house they say they found the girls ages 6 months to 18 living there. kaplan is charged with sexual assault. investigators also tell us one of the girls was given to kaplan at age 14 after he helped save the family farm in lancaster. investigators say kaplan fathered two children with her. when i spoke to bucks county d.a., he told me, now four days into this investigation, no birth certificates have been found. yet the children appear to be fine but frightened. evidence of the self-sufficient lifestyle of the amish is present on the property. this skyforce 10 video shows a chicken coop plus greenhouse and bountiful garden. >> parents of the 18-year-old found here face child endangerment charges. they, along with kaplan, are
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being held on $1 million bond each. we've also learned today the trio is due back in court in august. in feasterville, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> our coverage of this story continues online. a big scary looking guy who came to the front door with no shirt on. that's how the fedex guy remembers kaplan who ran an ebay business out of his home. the delivery man has other jarring revelations. you can read the exclusive story right now on now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> spring stops here. nbc 10 news with a sizzling start to summer. this crew sweated it out in wilmington today as temperatures topped out in the 90s again today. let's take a live look at cape may. sun has been beating down on the beach all day long, putting us on the verge of a heat wave.
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>> that feels good. these kids found a creative way to school cool in center city. the fountains at dill worth park are always popular in the summer. others found a really nice spot. where? in the shade under umbrellas. he's having too much fun. you might need those umbrellas for another reason in the morning. on first alert radar you can see storms we're tracking for early tomorrow. >> let's get right to sheena parveen to break it all down for us. >> first we're talking about the heat in the area. temperatures right now in the lehigh valley in delaware still close to 90 degrees in some spots. even in new jersey, pennsylvania suburbs and philadelphia. we all have sunny skies. that's why these temperatures are continuing to stay up at this hour. 85 degrees west bradford township. 86 in fort coupling. some spots at 90 degrees like collegeville, warrington at 89 degrees, north wales, new hope and new town near 90 degrees.
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as we go into tomorrow, we still expect near 90-degree temperatures. if we hit that tomorrow, that's three days in a row of 90-degree temperatures. that would be our heat wave. today is the first day of summer. tomorrow is the first full day of summer. so we could be looking at a heat wave the first full day of summer. average high 84 degrees. then we go into the day tomorrow. looking at showers and storms stretching from south of chicago up through parts of canada. some of these could start as early as the very early morning hours and another round could move in later in the afternoon. i'll show you the timing of that, plus more storms as we go later into this week. that's coming up. >> summer is bringing the heat already. thank you. when you're awah from the tv, take the forecast with you. you can check the high heat and get weather alerts with the nbc 10 app. >> humans are not just statistics. >> right now on the drexel university campus a vigil for the victims of last week's mass
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shooting in orlando, florida. dozens of students and staff are gathering on campus to honor those lost and those still fighting for life. police and federal agents are sharing new information about the orlando gunman as their investigation continues into what led to the massacre. authorities released transcripts from 911 conversations with the gunman, omar mateen. transcripts show the gunman speaking in arabic and english, pledging allegiance to a terrorist organization and admitting to the shootings at one point saying, i'm in orlando and i did the shootings. s.w.a.t. team investigators soak with mateen during three short phone calls, he told police explosives were planted both inside and outside the club and warned that more attacks would take place in the next few days. >> what i can tell you is that while the killer made these murder ous statements, he did so in a chilling, calm and
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deliberate manner. >> federal officials say eight days into their investigation of omar mateen, they have not confused any use of gay dating apps or websites, nor have they found evidence to prove he was ever at pulse nightclub before the shooting. to decision 2016. the shakeup within donald trump's campaign. his campaign manager is out. a trump spokesperson said cory lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign. he's been with him since the rise to presumptive gop nominee. on the democratic side, the national convention opens july 25th at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. member of the philadelphia 2016 committee announced plans to spruce up one section of the city. we'll show you some plans for broad street which include new plants and flowers and a mile-long temporary mural.
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here is what part of that area looks like now. a live look from our kimmel center campus center. officials are hoping everything will be finished before the convention begins. a burlington county good will employee and soon-to-be father of two gets a surprise the day after father's day. this brand new bike is paid for and delivered by the fop and lumberton police. all this after his bike was stolen behind a good will drop-off area last saturday. the crime all caught right there on surveillance. rob reese, the bike is his only way to get to and from the job he loves. >> i love my job. and to steal from good will, you know, we're trying to do something good. >> lumberton police want anyone with information on the stolen like to contact them. philadelphia's new beverage tax became reality today. mayor jim kenny signed the
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so-called soda tax into law. it puts a 1.5 cent per ounce tax on sweetened beverages, both regular and diet. distributors are responsible for paying the tax but the cost could be passed on to customers. mayor kenny congratulated those who worked with him to get it passed. >> that says a lot about us going forward as a city, that we can do these big things and we can get these big things accomplished if we're actually all on the same team. >> opponents have already hired a lawyer insisting the new tax is unconstitutional. new at 6:00, inside the courtroom at the corruption trial of congressman shah ka fattah. tonight we have an audio recording shedding light on what caused a juror's dismissal hours into deliberations. jurors wrapped up their third day deliberating this afternoon. nbc 10's deanna durante was in the courtroom all day and has
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more of that audio obtained by nbc 10. >> the question is are we at the point where there's a deadlock -- >> the recording is less than four minutes long and it's between the judge and lawyers for all defendants in the chaka fatah corruption trial. only hours into deliberation, lawyers went into conference with the judge. some saying the foreman sent a note alerting the issue. the records of the conversation have remained under seal. jurors could be seen walking one by one with a court official. no one will confirm if they were individually questioned by the judge or lawyers in the case. by friday morning, juror 12, a man who sat with the jury through five weeks of testimony was not in the jury box. instead he was replaced by a female alternate. this is the fourth juror replaced in the case where the government complains fattah, a u.s. congressman used a network
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of friends to secure an illegal campaign loan and paid it back. he's accused of taking bribes and taking campaign money to pay off his son's college debt. the judge instructed the jury to start deliberations all over again and respect each other in the process. if the jury had any questions, those questions have been answered behind closed doors. they've been sent home for the day and will resume deliberations tomorrow morning. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. police are hoping new surveillance video out today will help catch the vandals who caused tens of thousands of dollars in damage to cars and trucks in bucks county. take a look at this. the images are grainy. these surveillance pictures show someone slashing tires in the parking lot at lafferty chevrolet in warminster. you can make out one person moving through that lot, but 27 trucks were targeted around 3:00 saturday morning. in all, 99 tires slashed. the damage totaling more than $22,000.
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>> it was done very quickly actually. >> same thing happened in several other businesses on and around street road. there have been no arrests. septa providing shuttle service while crews work to repair an oemd bridge. nbc 10 was there as the first of the shuttle buses arrived this morning in delaware county. the buses will replace trains at the elwyn, media, moye lynn, rozsivally and wallingford stations through labor day. septa replacing an aged bridge on the media-elwyn line. >> this was a structure that kept me up many nights, so i'm just so excited to see it go. it's great to be finally able to replace it. >> the project engineer says about 1,600 commuters a day will be affected. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," the summertime safe haven. what one city is offering to its
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younger residents tonight after an outburst of violence. more heat tomorrow, but also some thunderstorms in the forecast. i'll show you how hot it will get again and the timing of the storms coming up next. he's a robot from one of those other banks. we're training him to bank human. i am banking assistance & registration technology. wait, wait, wait. but you can call me, banking assistance & registration technology. hi amy. thank you. thank you. that is not protocol manager jenna. that's ok bart, it is here. at td bank we do things differently, like having the longest hours of any bank. don't just bank. bank human.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> after a surge in shootings in one wilmington neighborhood, the city is taking steps to keep kids off the streets. >> it's a summer program that hasn't been seen in several years. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong shows us how hopes to bring it back will provide a safe haven. >> it's summer. the kids have nowhere to go. >> maureen's sons never got into trouble because they spent many days here at the boys and girl's club. >> as a single mom, it was so important for my life. they did after school programs, teaching with the homework. >> reporter: the doors here haven't opened in years. in 2010 the club at jackson veet shut its doors. the building needs a ton of work. there's hope it will some day reopen. money is tight. around christmas time you had vandals that stole heating and ac units from another location hurting the chance this will reopen. today teenagers will run out of schools in the neighborhood and they hope it will curb the
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violence. >> these kids are already in the programs in the city's neighborhoods, hope they will be safe here. >> very important for the kids to have something else to do. so much elements to get the kids in trouble, keep them occupied and stuff. >> there are plenty of playgrounds in the area. the city and state leaders who found the funding the get boys and girls clubs back in the neighborhood hope the kids will be exposed to arts, robotics and other fun stuff to keep their growing minds busy and hopefully away from the bad eggs causing the problems outside the doors. >> we have so many children on the streets, i felt like this is a fight we could not stop fighting. >> reporter: in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. well, definitely a beautiful day, but a hot day outside.
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this is a live look at rehoboth beach. beautiful sunshine. we're tracking more heat for tomorrow, but also some thunderstorms. don't forget your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of your screen with our neighborhood weather. we're still close to 90 degrees. it's still hot outside. south jersey coming in, some of the neighborhood temperatures in the upper 80s. we have spots at 90s. medford 93, lumberton 90 degrees. hamilton township at mercer county coming in at 93 degrees. we're still hot and we expect the heat to continue tomorrow. if we hit 90 degrees which we expect, that would be an official heat wave, heat wave two for the first full day of summer. today starts summer, but tomorrow will be the first full day of summer. we're also watching as we head into tomorrow, aside from the heat we have this line right here which is starting to develop, a little more in the way of thunderstorm activity. that will be moving in early tomorrow morning.
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we could see showers and thunderstorms developing and maybe another round in the afternoon. the severe threat for tomorrow is going to remain to our south where you see the yellow-shaded area. it includes sussex county in delaware. the rest of our area we are at least in a risk for thunderstorms. we could see a brief but strong pop-up storm tomorrow. some areas could see it earlier in the morning. here is future weather. this is what it shows tonight, we stay dry. tomorrow morning, we could see them as early as 4:30 in the morning. some lasting at about 7:00 a.m. in the afternoon we could see another round around 1:00 p.m. it isn't very organized. we dry up as we go into wednesday, but tomorrow it's not going to be for everybody at the same time. wednesday does look like a drier day and then a better chance of thunderstorms comes as we go into thursday. could be as early as thursday morning. some of those storms for thursday could be fairly strong. of course, we'll be updating you
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on that as we get a little closer. tomorrow, 90 degrees bella vista for a high. in the pennsylvania suburbs, near 90 in lands lansdale. lee lie 88 degrees for allentown. cooler in the afternoon. new jersey 87. galloway township 85 degrees. if you're in delaware, 86 rehoboth beach. a look at your next five days. thunderstorms and near 90 tomorrow in philadelphia. pop-up storms. wednesday we're dry, mid 80s. thursday is the next round of thunderstorms. temperatures will be a little cooler because of that. then we go into the weekend, nice sunshine to start off your weekend friday into saturday. temperatures do start to heat up a little bit more as we go into your weekend. here is your weekend forecast for everybody. the good news is it looks sunny, it looks dry and it looks warmer with temperatures nearing 90 degrees some of the days, too.
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i'm john clark. how bad has it gotten for the phillies? they did something they haven't done in 52 years. we'll hear from the phillies ryan after working out with the 6ers today. that is next.
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. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm john clark from comcastsportsnet. phillies lost 11 of 12. they can't hit, can't score. there's not much in their lineup. they get sweptd by the diamondbacks today. still in need of divine intervention. look at the nun on the left with the beer. are those real nuns?
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no. they are promoting sister act. phillies came in like a lion, they go out like a lamb, lamb leaving the ball park. the diamondbacks up 3-0. in the ninth phillies trying to make a comeback, down two, 2-1, no out. tom any joseph grounds into the double play. he's 1 for his last 32, and it is over. phillies lose 3-1. take a look how bad it is right now. the phillies 0-6 homestand is the longest winless homestand in 52 years. scored two or fewer roads in seven home games, the longest stretch since 1938. >> we still have plenty of games left. it's either that or give up. i'm not giving up. these guys, there's a lot of -- they can do some things. we proved that in the first two months of the season. i'm going to just keep pushing them to get back to where they were and to improve. >> trying to stay positive. phillies have agreed to terms on a contract with their number one
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overall draft pick, mickie moniak. the 6ers in the nba draft thursday night. working out more players including ryan "archie" arcidiacono. he grew up in bucks county and said it would mean the world to him if the 6ers drafted him. >> growing up watching this team, being from the area. like you said, i wanted to play for villa nova. if i could play for the 6ers, that would be awesome. i never thought i could play in the nba until i got to college. now i'm getting in with these teams and working out. there's definitely a shot. i'm optimistic about everything. cavaliers brought the city their first title in 52 years. they left oakland last night, partied in vegas, landed in cleveland this afternoon. take a look at lebron james, the mvp with the trophy. there's j.r. smith to the right, shirtless leaving the team plane.
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thousands of fans were there at the airport. the parade is wednesday. we'll see if j.r. smith is wearing a shirt by then. i'm john clark. we're right back. hello!
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like something out of jurassic world. dinosaurs on earth and on display, the two are standing guard outside the academy of natural sciences on the ben franklin parkway. they're stars of the exhibit "dinosaurs unearthed" which opens saturday. hope they don't melt in this heat. >> i love dinosaurs, i will say. i'm sure it will be a lot of fun. >> it's going to be hot tomorrow. if we hit 90, it's officially going to be heat wave. that will be three days in a world of 90 degrees. today is the first full day of summer. thunderstorms, a little pop up and scattered tomorrow. the weekend actually looks really nice.
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>> all right. i'm jim rosen field. >> and i'm jacqueline london. "nbc nightly news" is next with lester holt. come back and see us tonight at 11:00. tonight, you're fired. his campaign in crisis, donald trump axes his campaign manager. now speaking out to nbc news. new details about how it went down, were trumps kids behind it. we talk to donald trump jr. burning up, temperatures nearing 120 degrees, shattering records. new evacuations as fires rage across eight states. the killer's 911 call. what he said during the orlando massacre, as controversy erupts over the parts the fed didn't want us all to see. a young hollywood star dies in a tragic accident, crushed by his own suv. tonight word that vehicle was under recall. an alert for over 1 million owners.


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