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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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we are join live from outside that house with more on this tragedy. >> reporter: many witnesses and neighbors say they saw that little girl, her mother placed her on a step outside the front door here 1800 block of north 20th street, gasping for air, many tried to help, and tonight, they are trying to figure out how the little girl ended up shot. >> sister standing over here, what happened to her? she was shot with a gun. >> reporter: that 3-year-old interviewed tonight, wanting to know how her 4-year-old sister ended up dead, shot in the head. >> seeing her with a baby, like this, save my baby. i ran to her, like, save my baby, please. >> reporter: she was at a clinic on north 20th street, just outside hearing screams for help. it is a sight she says she will never forget. >> still trying to figure out what happened. >> reporter: they are talking to the child's mother, and relatives looking for answers and others seen leaving the hospital today. no one wanted to talk on camera. sources say the children and
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mother live here, but they are not sure if any others live in the house, though there is evidence, they say, items found inside belong to a man. >> not ruling anything out in this point of time, but we have a 4-year-old that's dead. >> reporter: and investigators say at this point it's too early to know if there was a gun outside the house, inside the house, near the children, why was it not locked up, and who pulled the trigger. the police say they did recover a gun, and it is now traced and examined by the philadelphia police department and the atf. live in north philadelphia, nbc 10 news. and gun violence and gun control debate turned capitol hill into a show of democratic defiance. the sit-in on the house floor lasted more than 25 hours. >> late this afternoon house democrats ended the protests. civil rights icon john louis declared victory. he said they got the point across to the american people. republican house speaker paul ryan says it was a fundraising stunt. the revolt of the house came
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after several gun control bills did not pass following the mass shooting in orlando. another major development in the nation's capital that affects millions. a split decision by the u.s. supreme court blocks president obama's immigration plan that shielded millions of people living in the u.s. illegally. the president says our illegal immigration system has been broken for decades. >> it is my firm belief that immigration is not something to fear. we don't have to wall ourselves off from those who may not look like us right now or pray like we do or have a different last name because being an american is about something more than that. >> reporter: nbc 10 reporter has reaction today from a local family who could really feel the impact of today's decision. >> live in cherry hill, and even families are not sure what today's ruling means for them. >> they really are not. it's a time of uncertainty. the family we spoke to who owns
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the restaurant feels like an important door that could have given them opportunity in the future has now been closed, it's like the rug has been pulled out from under them. she remembers the moment she was accepted for a dream act scholarship to purr see going to college to study nursing. >> oh, my god, i did it. i'm here. i'm going to do it, and then you get so excited. >> reporter: today's supreme court decision brings sheer disappointment. zb it's like you have to live in the shadows. >> reporter: america's top justices with the four-four vote shot down president obama's plan to protect immigrant parents. it would have allowed parents of u.s. born children the opportunity to stay in the u.s. to drive and to work. >> i didn't want to say it this way, but, you know, this happened, and then we have to be prepared for whatever comes next. >> reporter: are you upset? >> yes, i think it's a disappointment. i thought obama's idea was a good idea. >> reporter: helping immigrant families secure legal documentation. >> they are constantly in fear.
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if they see a crime take place, they are scared to report it to the police. >> reporter: new jersey ranks in the top five states with the largest population of undocumented workers. according to the u.s. census of roughly 1.9 million immigrants in new jersey, only half are naturalized citizens. she's enrolled in the government's deferred action for children program, she has a license and work visa, but with the government having records of her mom and sister whose children born here, the fear of deportation never goes away. >> i hope that hillary clinton wins and then i hope that she does something because i know her husband is something for immigrants when he was the president, and that's how my brother-in-law and sister got their residence. >> reporter: now, we also checked with advocacy groups and churches in camden recently working with hispanic families to get them enrolled saying they are also disappointed by today's supreme court ruling, but they chose not to comment further
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today. live in cherry hill, nbc 10 news. and immigration has been a hot topic as hillary clinton and donald trump campaign across the country. hillary clinton tweeted, quote, today's heart breaking supreme court immigration ruling could tear apart 5 million families facing deportation. we must do better. this afternoon. donald trump had a lot to say on twitter, one tweet saying, hillary clinton's open borders are tearing american families apart. i'm going to make sure our country is safe for all americans. #imwithyou. nbc nightly news is one on one with donald trump and more on gun control and today's supreme court immigration decision. now your neighborhood weather. >> you may need the umbrella again, rain and storms headed our way. >> nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz,
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glenn, will everyone's neighborhood see rain? >> not everybody is going to see it, but some of the rain is on the heavy side. it's been moving down from central pennsylvania in the general direction of the philadelphia and wilmington areas and we track the timing, 7:05 in wilmington, and less likely to hit northeast phillie, by the way, and 7:36, and 7:54 in vineland. this is along the pennsylvania turnpike, over east right now, and closer, see how close it is. penwood farms getting hilt the hardest right now. there's more back to the west, but nothing is heavy as what's coming in now, and even what's coming in now is weakening a little bit. the futurecast shows it is especially going into delaware and south jersey in the next couple hours. more on any showers tomorrow with the rest of the forecast in a few minutes.
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>> we'll check back, glenn. a new day, a new resignation letter, congressman fattah resigns effective immediately. just yesterday, fattah said he'd stick around until the day before sentencing of the andrea is live now, so what's next now that the congressman's seat is open until the election? >> reporter: first, you know, his resignation letter says he's going to step down out of respect for the house leadership and does not want to be a distraction. we know that speaker ryan says he wanted fattah out immediately. after serving 21 years in congress, representative fattah no longer serves the second district. >> meant app awful lot to the district rs you know, the things he was doing in the community and stuff like that. >> his abrupt departure comes facing mounting pressure to resign after being evicted on corruption charges. >> going this far in his career
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and wind up ending up going into this kind of situation. i just think it's sad. >> he originally wanted to stay on until october 3rd, the day before sentencing. >> first of all, his mind set is not focused on what he should be doing because he's worrying about going to prison. i don't think it would have been good for him to stay in office. >> reporter: among those calling for immediate resignation is house speaker paul ryan who said in a tweet last night, quote, mr. fattah betrayed trust of this institution and people of pennsylvania and for that, resign immediately from the house of the representatives. >> he did the right thing. >> reporter: now a special date for an election for someone to serve the remaining few months of the term. >> i think what he's done for the city of philadelphia and congressman as a whole, but you have to go when it's time to go, for sure. >> reporter: now that he's no longer a congressman, he's no longer a stuper delegate.
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i contacted the party, and since the seat will not be filled by next month's convention, they'll have to go with one less vote. live in winfield, nbc 10 news. four people now charged in the murder of high school student brn don, a and grand jury indicted taylor, smith, and harris-dickerson on the murder. the 15-year-old was shot and killed as he walked home from school last month. that fourth suspect was arrested on charges that she provided the gun that was used. new at 6:00, the minimum wage could go up in new jersey next year just a short time ago the new jersey senate passed a bill that would raise minimum wage to $10.10 an hour with an annual raise until it's at $15 an hour. the bill now goes to the governor, chris christie to sign
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or veto. a homeless man is attacked by two men and it's caught on video. police hope someone recognizes the culprits in south philadelphia. you see here on the video two people toss rocks at the man after he took shelter in the rain inside the entry way of a bank. at one point, they even shove a shopping cart at him. the man ended up at the hospital. yuengling will pay after it is said they violated the clean water act. they installed a pretreatment system and says the water is not toxic, but the organic materials could upset the treatment process. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, colorful donkeys, attractions to be planned around town next month. >> like monopoly, properties for sale and big deals for the city of atlantic city.
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if you're looking for another sign that the democratic national convention is nearly approaching, nearly 60 of them are about to pop up in south philadelphia. we got a first look at 57 fiberglass donkeys scattered throughout the city in advance of the convention. the donkey, of course, is the democratic's party political symbol. artists painted ooech oneach on these. >> excited to host and excited that i was able to participate using my gift of art. >> the donkeys will be on display in various locations in the city starting july 1st. >> park place and board walk were not up for grabs, but a real life game of monopoly plays out in atlantic city streets and in this case, star city is selling auctioning off more than 100 unused properties. nbc 10 jersey shore reporter, ted greenberg, has the story.
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>> reporter: the auction near said he felt like he was selling parts of the monopoly board, but instead of passing go to collect 200 bucks in play money, atlantic city put 120 pieces of unused land up for bid today to bring in real cash it desperately needs. >> it's a good opportunity to invest right now. >> interested in the area for a while, just, i guess, thinking if we couldn't go below the level it's at. >> reporter: the financially strapped resort sold all surplus property for more than $1.7 million at what was dubbed the great real estate auction, lots incoming prime water front land with some bids as low as $100. >> it can be a win-win, you know, the city sells the property, we buy it, we can develop. >> it gets them on the tax roll so to speak, and it gets them out of the responsibility of the city. >> reporter: the new owner of
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the former revel resort with checks in hand, but he has his eyes on a bigger prize. >> we are waiting for this, and see who has business. >> reporter: no minimum on the sprawling former airport, available in a sealed bid auction july 14 along with another key plot of water front land off route 30. >> i think atlantic city's going somewhere. >> reporter: a key difference is the city doesn't necessarily have to choose the highest bidders. instead, it can decide based on the proposed projects that it deems best for the resort's future. in atlantic city, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, it's been quiet most of the day, but it's not going to stay quite. we've got this little cluster of some heavy rain and even a little bit of lightning headed right towards chester county and much of the philadelphia area
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hitting westchester at 6:30, and women wilmington close to 7:00. it could graze philadelphia itself. it is heavy. it's right along the pennsylvania turnpike, and, again, some of the rain is on the heavy side. so those showers, thunderstorms moving through the area this evening, as you can see, later on this evening, making a little bit more of a right turn going into delaware and south jersey, so north of the philadelphia area, we're not going to get as much, and just isolated showers overnight, and during the day tomorrow, it's not going to be completely dry, here's some of the latest guidance. you see some showers, maybe thunderstorm again, more likely in delaware than any other part of the area. but delaware and the rest of the area is going to be seeing a terrific weekends. another one. temperatures in the 80s.
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low humidity. no rain anywhere. we've got a sea breeze at the jersey shore, ocean temperatures in the 60s. not much better than that. we'll see that continuing. tomorrow, a mix of sun and clouds, showers around, and especially in delaware, philadelphia and somerton at 83 degrees. and much less likely to see any kind of showers in the lehigh valley. that's why we don't have the rain drops there and do neighborhood weather. sometimes some places get it and other places don't. there's a sea breeze at the shore tomorrow with temperatures in the 70s and a chance of showers. and as we go through the rest of the weekend, we're going to be seeing beautiful weather at the shore. here's wildwood. nothing but sunshine. temperatures into the 70s, and up towards the poconos, similar story. sunshine, temperatures in the
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70s. that means it's great for every outdoor activity. the red, white, and blueberry festival on sunday. that's looking good with temperatures in the 80s. a lot of sun, and the arts festival, not better than that. not talking about any kind of extreme heat as well. there's the forecast for saturday and sunday, looking great. it's just good timing. it's not a dry weather pattern, but on monday and tuesday, it looks like we'll see showers, maybe thunderstorms, especially on tuesday, and then a chance on wednesday. looks like we'll dry out thursday, but it's not necessarily going to be a crystal clear 4th of july weekend. more on that coming tomorrow. john? >> thanks, "hurricane," and i'm john clark in brooklyn, new york. hear from simmons, a half hour away from being selected by the
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sixers, and last number one pick, iverson, that's all next.
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john clark live in brooklyn for the draft, i was just outside and sixers fans chaptered "we want simmons," they'll get him. this is the workout this week, finally, of course, he moved over to the states from australia. in the high school years wanting to be a superstar, and now he has the chance. drafted number one tonight by the sixers, and he is ready for the spotlight.
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>> i've put in a lot of hours, a lot of years just to get here. i know i'm ready. i finally got to this point, but now it's, you know, a small fish in a big popd, back at it again. you know, so, you know, you go back to the bottom. >> reporter: and brown, the sixers' coach, coached his dad in australia, a great connection. the number one overall pick, simmons, 24 and 26 in the other rounds, maybe they have to deal more. here is brian. >> we're evaluating what might be there in the middle teens, and there's several picks that are available, as you know, we're one of the teams with multiple first round picks, so, you know, they're a lot of activity around the draft slotting right now, and there's jockeying, and so i'm sure if
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those same teams have a conversation with us, they are having conversations with other teams as well. >> you remember the last time the sixers had the last pick, 20 years ago, they took iverson, he was not born yet, but a month later. here's ai tonight on how sixers fans deserve this. >> on a scale of one to ten is a ten, like, we have the young talent that we need. sprinkle some older guys in there, guys like myself, and then we'd be there. >> reporter: got to love a.i. a good day already, phillies broke their nine game losing streak in minnesota. who homers today? ryan howard. boy, has he been struggling, batting under .150, but homers to tie the game up at one, but
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the star of the game? freddy in the eighth, a three-run shot, how about five rbis for fred in minnesota? 7-3 to break the losing streak, and tonight at 11:00, one-on-one with ben, that's all for you and a possible sixers' trade. we're right back. flr
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. school is out, but students and parents had a welcomed surprise. children's scholarship fund of philadelphia awarded 2,000 scholarships to families across the city. they get a four-year scholarship to a tuition-based school of their choice. they raised $50 million for children in need over the past five years. >> glenn? >> well, we've got some heavy rain headed through chester county now, westchester, just started raining, and it's going to be heavier. that's movering into delaware county and northern delaware too. >> making mad dashes to cars.
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for us here, i'm jim roastenfield and news continues with lester holt. see you back here at 11:00 tonight. tonight, immigration deadlock. a devastating defeat for the president's plan to shield up to 4 million undocumented immigrants from deportation. tonight, what it means for so many families who came out of the shadows. one on one, my new interview with donald trump after his blils blisters attack on clinic. he's not really sure about some of the claims he made, including whether she was asleep during the benghazi attack. movie theater hostage crisis. fears of another mass attack as police storm the cinema. like father, like son. an amazing dad's show of support for his little boy inspiring millions around the world. "nightly news" begins


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