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tv   NBC 10 News 6pm  NBC  June 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00 on the road to recovery. just one day after getting shot seven times, a police officer has made major progress. good evening, i'm denise nakano. keeping a popular philadelphia running trail safe. the schuylkill running trail watch kicked off this morning with dozens of volunteers taking
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part. as monique braxton reports, this follows several attacks on that trail. >> ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country. this is what these volunteers have stepped up to the plate today have decided to do. >> reporter: quoting president john f. kennedy launches the schuylkill river trail watch. 20-watch tom veteran has taught what it means to be on guard. >> like a two-hour training. you teach people observation skills and how to make a good description. when she arrived to pick up her official badge, we asked her, what knowledge she's taking with her on the trail. >> how to identify height. tanotice the color. someone's wearing and notice all the features. >> reporter: the addition of these volunteers follows a
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series of attacks on the trail that winds more than 60 miles along the waterway. recently, mile markers were installed. counsecil person johnson says trail lighting has improved and his county is working on surveillance cameras. philadelphia police on bike patrol are urging vigilance. >> if you see something out there, please say something to us. call 911. >> reporter: in center city, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. happening now in camden county trouble on the tracks after a man was struck by a train in cherry hill. nbc 10 at the wood crest station this afternoon. we checked, but no word yet on the victim's condition. right now the wood crest stations are closed while police investigate. dangerous flooding continues to cripple parts of west virginia. tonight, we've learned 23 people are dead. many more are missing after heavy rains pummeled the area. the governor of west virginia is
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asking federal authorities for a disaster declaration to get help for three counties hit hardest by flooding. anita king says her family was rescued out of their second story window wednesday night after the water rushed into her home. >> didn't even care about my things. just i got a lot of family on the other side of that water and i'd like to get to them. >> the pga tour canceled the green briar classic scheduled for next month because flood water so badly damaged the host resort. here at home it has been hot and sunny outside. nbc 10 at the marion anderson recreation center where the swimming pool opened for the season today. here's a live look at the blue cross river rink where summer fest is now under way. you can see a lot of people out there with their skates on. quite the crowd out there tonight. will the great weather stick around for the rest of your weekend.
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le >> after a beautiful afternoon, the official high for today 88 degrees. tomorrow is actually looking pretty similar. looks like the nice weather will continue as we head into part two of the weekend. right now in philadelphia, we're down to 85 degrees. lower 80s for some of our p.a. suburbs and south jersey 84 and 86 towards the lehigh valley with plenty of sunshine all across the board. wind have been coming in out of the east and bringing in slightly cooler air for some of our shore points. you can see more breezy there, as well. wind coming in at 10 miles per hour towards wildwood and not particularly windy. that is, again, ushering in some slightly cooler temperatures. for the next several hours mid-70s in philadelphia by 9:00 p.m. for those of you towards the p.a. suburbs 65 by 1:00 a.m. and perhaps a little on the cool side for areas away from the city. conducive for those temperatures to drop pretty quickly during the overnight hours. 73 by 9:00 p.m. towards the lehigh valley and towards the shore upper 60s and lower 60s by
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5:00 p.m. beautiful night ahead. maybe a little foggy as we head into the overnight hours and a beautiful sunday in the forecast and also tracking our next chance for showers and thunderstorms, that's coming up. from our jersey shore bureau, two people are dead and two others hurt after a single car crash on the garden state parkway. police say the driver lost control, flipped several times and landed in a marsh. it happened around 1:00 this morning in port republic atlantic county. the driver and one of his passengers both from new york were killed when they were thrown from the vehicle. well, police want to know who is behind a shooting in philadelphia's nice town neighborhood. investigators say someone opened fire near a graduation party on rowan street just after midnight. an 18-year-old was hit in the back. officers rushed him to the hospital in critical condition. another man suffered a graze wound. the european union six founding nations are urging a
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quick british departure from the block. pledging to address differing attitudes from the eu from the 27-remaining neighbor nations. they said in a statement they want britain to quickly invoke the article in the eu charter allowing it to start negotiations on departure. britain's votes 52-48 on thursday in favor of ending their country's 43-year membership in the 28-nation block. now, an online petition seeking a second referendum on leaving the european union has drawn more than 1.6 million names. that petition calls on the government to implement a rule stating that if remain or leave camps when less than 60% of the vote with less than a 75% turnout, there should be another referendum. presumptive republican nominee donald trump, once again, hailed the brexit and thinks other nations will follow
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suit. he visited the second golf course he owns in scotland. also downplayed concerned about the brexit's impact on the united states. saying the country has other problems to worry about. >> it's something, but it's not -- you have to respect the fact that people wanted their independence. they want to have their country back and they took their country back and i have great respect for that. >> trump also said was due to wall street's worries about president obama's economic policies and the u.s. debt. the countdown is on. we are just one month away from the start of the democratic national convention here in philadelphia. and the wells fargo center will host the event from july 25th through the 28th. democrats approved a draft of the party platform earlier today. it includes steps to break up large wall street banks, pushes for an increase to the min.
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wa wage and calls for the death penalty to be abolished. and, today, some of his supporters here in philadelphia say they'll share demonstration sites and permits with other pro-sanders groups. the group already has permits for fdr park in south philadelphia and spots in center city. a permanent tribute. there's word that orlando officials are planning a memorial to honor the members of the nightclub massacre. a look at what they're thinking, next. plus how philadelphia honored those who fought for our country. today marks the 66th anniversary of the korean war.
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city officials in orlando are planning a permanent memorial to honor the 49 victims killed in the pulse nightclub shooting. it's still in its early stages, so they're gathering ideas from the victims' families to decide what will go into the memorial. we do know it will include flowers, letters and other items left at memorials across the city. well, the coast guard has suspended its search for a florida family last seen on a sail boat in the gulf of mexico. kimberly and his teenagers disappeared after leaving saraso sarasota. they were headed to ft. myers. they were last heard from sunday afternoon. the coast guard recovered the bodies of kimberly and his daughter but his two teenage sons are still missing. viletta. well, looks like another beautiful day as we go ahead and wrap up the weekend and we're also tracking some stormier weather as we head back to work on monday. i'll have the details coming up in your first alert neighborhood forecast.
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tens of thousands of north koreans crowded central square in pyongyang to mark the 66th anniversary of the start of the korean war. the weeks between june 25th and july 27th are called the month of anti-u.s. struggle in north korea. north korea says america started the korean war back in 1950. historians say the war started when north korea invaded the south. korean war veterans were honored here at home, too. in a ceremony at penn's landing today. dozens gathered at the korean war memorial to honor local american and korean veterans who lost their lives in the war. more than 5 million soldiers and civilians died during the three-year conflict. philadelphia judge and combat veteran patrick dugen spoke to the crowd today.
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>> it's combat. it's brutal. it's terrible. sometimes it's necessary. because evil came to south korea. >> philadelphia councilman david oh led today's ceremony. the always popular manayunk art festful kicked off today. more than 300 local and national artists set up shop. if you missed out today, you still have a chance to check it out again tomorrow. well, families got in the olympic spirit today in camden. they showed off their athletic abilities at let's move olympic state in pine point park. the day of fun activities is mea meant to promote health and wellness and empower families to make the healthy choice, the easy choice. now your nbc 10 first alert
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neighborhood weather. >> well, it's been a beautiful start to the weekend and the good news is, we're not looking at too many changes as we head into part two of the weekend. another sunny and warm day in the forecast as we head into your sunday, so, pretty much a repeat. perhaps even a little bit warmer in some spots. it's really not going to be until early in this upcoming week that we'll be on the look out for some showers and thunderstorms as early as monday for some. but i'm thinking overall tuesday is likely to be the more active day. that is something, of course, we'll keep an eye on and also looks as we head into the later part of the week, another chance of showers and storms and we'll get to that in just a second. live look towards cape may. beautiful afternoon. again, plenty of sunshine all across the board for this afternoon. 85 right now in philadelphia. same goes for those of you towards the lehigh valley. lower 80s right now towards some of our p.a. suburbs. it's been a little cooler towards the shore. we're already at 71 towards atlantic city and 75 for those of you in somerpoint and 73 in upper township. little further inland we're at
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80 degrees. now, as we head into tomorrow, again, we're not looking at too much change in the weather and because of that more stagnant pattern we have an air quality alert in the forecast for some of our counties. particularly philadelphia, chester, montgomery, bucks in effect for your sunday. what that means pollution is running a little bit high. the elderly and young children and perhaps if you have asthma, might want to limit the amount of times you're spending outdoors, in particular if you're doing any exercising. local radar and satellite, all is clear. plenty of sunshine locally and we do have this big area of low pressure that is keeping things dry from the northeast down to the mid-atlantic. again, this will dominate the weather as we head into tonight and as we head into your sunday. this is not going to make too much movement as we head into part two of the weekend. there we go, once again, with plenty of sunshine. you can see off to our west, clouds on the increase and there is going to be a cold front that is going to be approaching. you can see some of the showers and storms approaching northern and western areas as early as
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monday but that will continue east ward as we head into tuesday and that could be the more active day and look at heavy thunderstorms as we head into your tuesday. none of that for tomorrow, though. high pressure still in control and plenty of sunshine. 88 in allentown and ocean city 78. so, once again, we will see those cooler temperatures for those of you who are going to be headed towards the shore and mid-70s not too bad and still looking at plenty of sunshine. again, philadelphia on southward still looking good. north and west perhaps a little more cloudy with a chance of some thunderstorms monday night. tuesday a chance for showers and storms probably for everyone and we clear things out for wednesday. once again, later in the week, we'll look at another chance for showers and thunderstorms. nbc 10 needs your help recognizing the people in our community. we're giving away grants to local nonprofits and we're calling it 21st century solutions. the goal to support organizations and groups new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, and the
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deadline to apply is august 26th. i'm danny from comcast sportsnet. see why simmons believes his game translates better to college rather than nba. came down to a couple of inches. we have the highlights, next. stay tuned.
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a police officer on the road to recovery. officer christopher dorman was shot yesterday while responding to a drug investigation in folcroft. he is expect tad make a full recovery. lauren, you've learned that he got out of his hospital bed to greet some visitors today. >> that's right, denise. the police chief told me that he
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wasn't even in bed. he was downstairs waiting for him when he arrived to see him. you know, family members and colleagues are just amazed at how well he's doing. we actually have some photos of officer dorman that friends and family have shared. want to show those to you now. you can see that he's been sitting up and he has been smiling and he has a dry sense of humor and he is a jokester and that is coming up. i also learned today about those scary moments about the moments after he was shot. >> were you scared for him at that point? >> i was scared the whole way. you hear things and you can't help because you don't know what was going on. and then seeing him run towards me and i'm looking behind him for anybody coming after him because, obviously, i heard the shots and the blood, something definitely going on. and not being able to go and do
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anything for that but i want to help him and that was my main focus right there. >> and that sergeant then kept officer forman talking throughout the ride to the hospital and at that point the officer was able to give his colleagues crucial bits of information about the suspect so that they knew what and who they were then looking for. now, the police chief tells me officer formman would like to get out of the hospital soon but he'd have to spend a little more time here. his fellow law enforcement friends have been on social media with a campaign to reach out to country superstar kenny chesney. he's in town tonight for a concert and they are trying to get his attention so that he will give a shout out or perhaps even a visit to his big fan here. live at penn presidebyterian. in about an hour the
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community of folcroft will gather. they want to wish him a speedy recovery. the suspected shooter remains behind bars tonight. count on nbc 10 for your complete coverage of the story. be sure to tap on the nbc 10 app. this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. it will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, danny with you, again. in case you missed it, the philly's centimeters away. before brandon bell spanks one deep to center. bases juiced. this clears them. giants lead 4-2 after that. we go top nine. bases loaded for the phillies. down 5-4. standing in the box looking to have an infield single.
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this would tie the game. trying to play hero, but a hero is just a sandwich. he's called out and the replay confirms it oh, so close. impressed with the rebuilding. >> they got a lot of good, young talent over there that really and you watch how hard they play down to the final out. on the road, i was very impressed with that. and, you know, obviously, being the first time i faced so many guys. but just want to mention that. that i really respected the way they went about it and played awfully hard. and down to the last out. you have to respect that. >> hey, be sure to check out game two of the series tonight on csn. a 10:00 p.m. start with phillies pregame start. vin simmons yesterday. he had something interesting to say about the transition from college to the pros.
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>> more space. the rules are a little different and i think it's completely different game. so, i think my game translates much better to the nba. >> simmons is just one reason for optimism. yesterday sixers managing owner laid out the reasons why this team is ready to move forward and what will happen if this club does not take that step. >> we're moving up. you know, joelis playing controlled five on five. we're hopeful that darielle comes over and we're building. this is going to be an exciting season for us. lots of young talent and hopefully over the next couple of weeks we can add some veterans around that. i think we're going to be fun and we're going to be exciting and we're going to run and we're going to move up. including the bottom line. like i think i'll have to beat myself in the head if we don't win more games than last year. to hockey now the nhl draft
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concluded in buffalo. promised to add more depth at forward after stockpiling defensemen. one of their second round picks the flyers took the first goaltender off the board. doesn't turn 18 until august, but the flyers were impressed with his ability and work ethic. >> it's a surreal feeling. no word to describe it. i'm very excited and honored to go to a great organization like that. >> at the draft combine i think you were first among all the kids. it's like another flier prospect from the past, brian who is right up on our set. you goalies are in good shape now. >> i think you got to be. you're on the ice for 60 minutes of a game. it's not like the old days. >> all right. that's your look at sports. >> all right, danny, thank you. violeta is back with the last check of the forecast.
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looking very nice out there this weekend. >> basically a repeat of what we saw for today. a lot of happy folks out there. if you're headed to the shore, one good thing about that today, moderate risk for rip currents and the wind will ease a little bit. perhaps that will start to settle down to a low risk as we head into tomorrow. that, of course, something we'll be keeping an eye out for. overall, the weather looking beautiful. plenty of sunshine. mid-80s in philly tomorrow and perhaps mid-upper 70s towards the shore and stay cooler there and as we head to monday, it remains pretty warm. that's when we'll start to watch for thunderstorms monday night into tuesday. >> thanks, violeta. for all of us here, i'm denise nakano. see you back here tonight at 11:00. nbc "nightly news" is next.
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on this saturday night, flooding disaster. at least 23 people are dead, tens of thousands without power and homes swept away in west virginia. so many deals with the devastation of one of the worst floods in memory. fire fight. the destruction in california. more than 200 homes destroyed or damaged in a deadly wildfire still out of control after burning through almost 60 square miles. the great divide. britain in turmoil after the vote to leave the european union and the impact on the presidential campaign as donald trump lays out his course. paying the price. our exclusive prison interview with the volunteer sheriff's deputy convicted of killing a suspect in oklahoma claiming he thought his gun was


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