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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  June 26, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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a folcroft police officer shot seven times in the line of duty progresses in his recovery this morning. we learn what some of his fellow officers were thinking and faring right after the shots were fired. a test of endurance on water and land. athletes will swim, bike, and run as they compete in the trirock triathlon today. and the weather is cooperating for that athletic event. here is a live look at boathouse row. it will be a very nice sunday where ever you are outside today. welcome, everyone if is 6:00 a.m. on this sunday morning, thank you for being with us,
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let's get right to erika martin. another fantastic day. maybe a little more humid, but who can complain? >> no one is complaining, you can still get to the beach today. a gorgeous day on tap. lots of sunshine in the forecast. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your neighborhood forecast. the waves, one to two feet, that does not mean you can go out there alone, always go out with a buddy. sometimes everything is active under the water. high tide is 12:41 p.m., sunset 8:29 p.m. doppler radar, everything is high and dry locally. we have a southerly push. that is why it is muggier today. that frontal boundary is sliding down. triggering thunderstorms for
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parts of the u.p. i don't expect any type of severe weather, but we may see a couple rounds of thunderstorms on tuesday. here is your three-day outlook. today lots of sunshine in the forecast. this icon is usually the average for the entire day. even though we're not seeing those showers, we have gone in. you can always follow us online, of course, and on social media for more updates. we'll keep you updated on what to expect. your ten day coming back to you in just a bit. >> today a folcroft law officer that was shot seven times is on his way to recovery. these photos show him sitting up and smiling in the hospital. a gunman rounded him during a drug investigation. 200 neighbors and police held
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this vigil to cheer him and the other officers serving. his father said he will go back to patrol the streets. >> i knew he was all right when he was able to start joking. >> he facetimes with a person at the vigil from his hospital bed. the suspected shooter remains in jail. court records show dante island shows years in prison for federal gun charges. the probation for that case would have expired yesterday. and we're hearing from other members of the folcroft police department. they say they are stunned by his recovery and how he was able to give them critical information right after the shooting. >> the pictures shared by family and friends show him in hospital
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ga garb, sitting up and smiling. >> he was in the lobby waiting for us to come down. >> it is a relief for the police chief who had anxious moments when he heard the young officer was shot including in the face. but he not only survived, the details he gave by staying conscious gave the officers crucial information to sergeant william bear. they have known each other for years. bear coached him in football and watched him grow into an officer. >> you could tell him to do the worst job in the world, and he will just do it. >> it was officer bair that drove him to the hospital. >> were you scared? >> i was, seeing him run towards me, and i'm looking behind him
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for anyone coming after him. i heard the shots. i knew something was wrong. not being able to do anything for that, but i want to help him. and that was my main focus. >> it stayed that way. >> he gave a description of the guy over the radio of what he looked like, what he was wearing, just certain things he would say, don't let me die, a lot of different things, talked the whole way. >> she still in the hospital, the chief said he wants to get out as quickly as possible, but likely needs to spend more time here. >> just days after being selected as the first pick in the nba draft, ben simmons is
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mourning the loss of his cousin. the 21-year-old was hit and killed early saturday morning in hobokin. and this woman's vehicle crashed into a vehicle in west philadelphia. paramedicings rushed the woman to the penn presbyterian medical center. we're working to find out her condition. today philadelphia is gets ready to host the 12th annual trirock triathlon. it includes swimming, biking, and running. monique has details on this big
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race. >> hey, ted, the athletes have been warming up walking about one-half mile to the swimming launch point here. you see there are sozens of athletes now. first, a 1.5 k swim. then they will swim down stream, staying to the left of the ieland and going under the second opening of the columbia bridge. biking will begin in about an hour. the two loops 40 k bike course takes them through fairmont park. it includes mlk and kelly drive with several short technical climbs. after wards, they will run north on mlk towards the falls bridge. they will reach a turn around roughly one mile from the run
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start. and then to mlk drive back to the origination point. the swim portion of the race begins about 6:30. we're moving down to where the cycling kicks off to bring you all of the triathlon steps, every step of the way. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> a celebration of faith 100 years in the making. a success story for a delaware county house of worship at a time when so many catholic churches are being closed or consolida consolidated. sdwlrchl
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meteorologist erika martin. a lot of sunshine in the forecast. a southerly wind, but they will remain calm. we have increasing winds by tomorrow. building clouds, muggier, southerly flow. also expecting a boundary to dip down by tomorrow. mostly cloudy skies. otherwise your forecast for today, notice a little bit of a southerly push even though the winds are calm right now. this is why it feels muggier today. not that bad, certainly not as dry as it felt yesterday, getting muggier by tomorrow. currently seeing low 60s, and that southerly flow, notice here you are seeing mid to upper 70s. the suburbs in the upper 50s right now and by noon, 83 degrees. trending warmer throughout the
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entire day. overall a really nice day in the forecast. your three-day outlook has challenges. we're seeing an increase in clouds on monday. and we don't see the showers on that icon, we will see them move in later tomorrow and notice the thunderstorms on tuesday. i do think we will get a couple rounds, certainly not going to be a washout. follow us on social media for more updates. back to you. erika, thank you. today is jr. last chance to check out the caart festival in manayuk. a quick split is what leaders are calling for now that voters have decided to split
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from the eu. and what voters who are having second thoughts are trying to do.
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the last part of the city that was under isis control. u.s. lead coalition air strikes backs up the iraqy army in the month-long military operation. >> the brexit backlash could lead to a do over. there are calls for a second vote on the exit to the european union. it has drawn more than 1.5 million names. they are calling on parliament to call on a new rule.
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leave voters won 52% of the ballots with a 72% turnout across the uk. meanwhile, senior officials are demanding that britain cut ties quickly. it will limit political and financial impact. it is made of of 28 nations that share one economic market. in scotland, donald trump continues to hail the brexit vote, comparing it to his own campaign. >> i see a parallel between the united states. people want to see warriors. they don't want people pouring into their country. >> the presumptive nominee was there to promote his golf courses there. britain's exit from the eu is
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keeping world markets on edge. >> get used to the term brexit if will be making headlines for some time to come. stocks may have fallen too far during friday's sell off, or continue selling on concerns of higher separation costs. the puerto rico governor says they don't have enough money to pass it. banks are keeping the second part of their report cards from fed regulators on thursday. it will say whether or not each bank has enough capital to raise dividends. now on the earnings front, nike, general mills, and consolation brands corona beer on thursday.
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get all of your business news on cnbc. >> we're less than a month away from the democratic national convention at the wells fargo center in south philadelphia. politics is expected to mix with p protests. yesterday bernie sanders offered to share their demonstration sight with others. the group's director told us it will make those sites available for other prosanders groups. they are saying the city denied freedom of speech for one group that wanted to march during the dnc. today chuck todd will sit down with todd manafort. and also with senator time
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kaine. a delaware county church is celebrating a century of faith. hundreds gathered to mark the milestone at st. andrews in drexel hill. the archbishop delivered a mass at a time when many catholic churches are being consolidated, he tells us st. andrews continues to thrive. >> our school is growing. when i got here eight years ago we were at 200 students. we have 415 registered for next year. >> the church continued the 100 year celebration into the night with an anniversary party into the springfield country club. good morning, i'm erika martin. mostly sunny skies in the forecast. yesterday i said this was my pick of the weekend, mostly sunny to sunny, but it will get muggier as the day progresses.
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riding humidity, dew points on the ride. building clouds through the overnight hours into tomorrow as we wait for a frontal boundary to approach. we're seeing lots of 50s out there. suburbs all in the 60s and 50s right now. keep in mind that the day will get muggier. not too bad, but not as dry as yesterday. make sure you follow us on social media for more updates on that. if you look at the bottom of the screen, you will see our seven-day forecast. mainly in the upper 80s along the shoreline today. lehigh valley 89 today. and notice there is not much going on right now. a high pressure system keeping everything high and dry. we have increasing dew points and a southerly push.
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if you look at the northwest, you will see that cold front dipping down. the low pressure system is way up in canada. this will come down and trigger some showers. i don't expect widespread hea heavy downpours. otherwise, a live look outside, wildwood, gorgeous right now. lots of sunshine in the forecast. we will take it. make sure you apply sunscreen. i have more information on that on twitter, of course. a day at the beach, i hope most of you can enjoy it. and sunset, a very nice long day in the forecast. 8:29 p.m. here is your mixed bag ten-day outlook. tomorrow mid to upper 80s. mid to upper 60s. a warm night in the forecast especially with the developing clouds. tomorrow into tuesday, clouds will start to develop even more.
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a couple isolated showers here into tuesday. likely we'll see thunderstorms here and temperatures that still remain warm. then a change on the approach for the holiday weekend. a low pressure system and a cold front sliding down. i think it is likely, models may change, that we get showers and thunderstorms for the following weekend. keep that in mind and keep updating with us. we will keep you post'd on what to expect for that holliday commute. in the meantime i will be back. a free concert for the community in southwest philadelphia. dozens came out to the kickback music festival. it featured live performances, artist show cases, and lots of fun for the whole family. families got into the olympic spirit in camden for the
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let's move olympics day. a day of funtivi activities. nbc 10 is your home for the biggest 4th of july festival in town. the event starts tomorrow, and you can join in all of the fun on nbc 10 and telemundo 62. a show of respect. philadelphia marks a special anniversary by honoring those who fought for our country in the korean war.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste?
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not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast city officials in orlando are planning a permanent
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memorial to honor the 49 victims killed in the pulse nightclub massacre. they're still gathering ideas to decide what will go into the memorial. we know it will include flowers, letters, and other items left. >> tens of thousands of north koreans surrounded a central square in pyongyang to celebrate the anniversary of the start of the korean war. it is call the month of anti-u.s. struggle in north korea. they say america started the korean war, but historians say it started when north korea invaded the south. korean war veterans were honored in a ceremony at penn's landing. dozens gathered to honor local korean veterans that lost their
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lives in the war. philadelphia judge and combat veteran patrick dugan spoke to the press. >> it is comebat, brutal, terrible, and sometimes it is necessary. because evil came to south korea. 6:27 right now. one of the toughest endurance challenges is about to get started in philadelphia. the trirock triathlon, and monique braxton is live where the athletes are gearing up for it all, monique. >> right now we're showing you a gentleman who is showing the national anthem. he is a veteran. this is how the first of three races will begin. the singing of the national anthem, and dozens of athletes who will be swimming first. >> do i have your temperature
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trend coming up on the other side of the break. it is warming up nicely. look outside, look at this, i am jealous.
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again! again! again! again! again? again! again!
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general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again! a vigil and a celebration for the officer shot in the face in delaware county. just one day after he was attacked on the job. officer chris dorman was strong enough to get out of his hospital bed. right now athletes beginning a grueling race in philadelphia. we're taking a live look here. swimming, biking, and running through town in a trirock triathlon. we will check in with monique
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braxton. more sunshine and warm temperatures today for your summer sunday activities. we're also looking ahead at your first alert neighborhood forecast. good morning, everyone. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us. it is now 6:31 on this sunday morning, and already feeling more humid today, but lots of sunshine. erika martin is here with the forecast. >> yeah, we had lower dew point rallies. notice clouds and conditions right now are ideal. we're seeing a break in the clouds already. make sure you look at the bottom of your screen for your neighborhood forecast. current temperatures are very mild as well. a little southerly follow. something to enjoy because we have changes on the approach by monday and tuesday. 65 degrees and look at how mild
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the winds are right now. 3 miles per hour. the next 12 hours trending nicely into the 80s. reading will see 83 degrees by 2:00 p.m. and trenton seeing temperatures into the mid 80s. as far as that 80s trend goes, i don't think that will change for the entire week. it is all about the drier conditions giving way to showers tomorrow. dover 69 and allen town, 68 for your overnight low. your three-day forecast worth mentioning several times. and in the mbeginning of the workweek we get new sans showers. we're not seeing the icon, but i'm going to add that. and then by tuesday, i think that cold front will trigger a couple isolated thunderstorms. so keep that in mind for your
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early tuesday commute. i don't expect it to be a washout. i'll have the details coming up on your 4th of july weekend. one man is in the hospital after crashing into a telephone pole in north philadelphia. police had to call a septa supervisor to the scene because overheadlines were damaged. just around the corner from that crash, philadelphia police are investigating after a man was shot at 109 ath and diamond. the man drove himself a block after he was shot and he initially told a photographer that he had been wounded. police rushed him to the hospital. also from overnight, three people in the hospital after several cars crashed in west philadelphia. you see the damage from the
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accident. we're working to get details on the crash. >> a body found in norristown montgomery county. police are still investigating the scene at stoney creek. we will bring you new details as we get them. police in philadelphia are looking into the discovery of a woman found dead at a house fire. after putting out the flames, firefighters found the woman's body in the basement. an amazing recovery. that is what the family of a folcroft police officer is saying about a police officer who was shot seven times. his dad say he was walking around and joking just one day after being wounded by a gunman during a drug investigation.
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last night about 100 neighbors and officers showed up for a vigil and to cheer him and his comrades for putting their lives on the line every day. >> he knows the people and the people know him. >> officer dorman is doing so well he facetimed with someone at the vigil from his hospital bed. the suspected shooter is in jail. dante island served years in prison on federal gun charges. his probation on that case would have expired yesterday. he stayed conscious after being shot and he passed along critical information about the suspect. the sergeant talks about what happened after he first saw
6:36 am
dorman. >> he came running to me, i was looking for anyone behind him. i heard the shots. sergeant william bair says he is just thankful that the officer is okay. >> this is where officer dorman was supposed to be last night, at the kenny chesney concert at lincoln financial field. there was a big for chesney to give a shoutout to dorman, but he mistakenly told the crowd that he had died. right now the trirock triathlon is under way. after that swim, it is a 25 mile bike ride through fairmont park, and a six-mile run along martin
6:37 am
luther king drive. monique what are you seeing now? >> the athletes are entering the water here and they're doing so by age groups. they will begin the triathlon with a 1.5 k swim. they will swim down stream going left of the island and under the second opening of the columbia bridge. dozens of folks are first timers. these are all men. and they will be followed by a group of women. so the biking will begin in about an hour. the two loop 40k bike course, each loop of the bike course combines mlk and kelly drive with a short climb and decent. and afterwards they will come up
6:38 am
one mile from the run start. next is the run south back to the origination point. right now the swimming is under way. in about a half our to an hour, the cyclist will begin, and after that the run portion. coming up in the next half hour, we'll let you know what happens because not everyone competes in the run. we'll be back in a moment. we'll check in with you soon. it looks like federal help will be on the way to west virginia where severe flooding has killed two dozen people. and a wild fire in central california continues to threaten homes.
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i'm erika martin. a beautiful forecast. a dry day in the forecast. we have a chance by tomorrow. a little humid out there. dew points on the rise. sunscreen, we have been talking about this often. i mention it because we have our spf 15, 30, and 100. it usually takes ten to 20 minutes for your skin to be burned by the sun.
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be sure you reapply often throughout the entire day. high and dry right now. here is your fundamental graft. it looks likely that we will see showers late on monday, and possibly an isolated thunderstorm on tuesday. make sure you look at the bottom of your screen for your neighborhood effort. i will see you in just a bit. and what it will take to muster up a west coast win. we'll have the highlights next in sports.
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a person is in the hospital with severe burns. nbc 10 was on the scene last night. we're working to get more details on the victim's condition. out west, two people are dead in california as a wildfire continues to burn through tens of thousands of acres. officials say they found possible human remains inside one of the homes that went up in flames. nearly 150 houses were burned and 1500 more are at risk. checking on family and friends have been difficult, especially their older neighbors. >> she supposedly did not leave, but her daughter has not heard from her. she said to break the window. >> parts of west virginia will now be getting help from the federal government in the wake of historic and deadly flooding
6:46 am
there. president obama approved federal aid after the flood killed 24 people and left many more homeless or without power. >> 400 members of the national guard, a 1,000 year flood. foling in just 24 hours. >> everything going. up here on third avenue right here, watching everything underwater. >> more than 20 people killed, one victim just 4 years old. thousands without power if they have a home left at all. >> this town has never faced anything like this. this is the worst disaster ever
6:47 am
that i know of. >> one resident lost everything but considers himself one of the lucky ones. >> it's a miracle. >> his home filled with gas during the flood and exploded. left his wife flying into a tree. he was burned, but is thankful. >> just pray, pray, pray. >> flood water inundated the famed greenbrier resort. relief groups are pulling together across several counties to help those who need it. >> just give people a hug, a shoulder to lean on. try to show them love. >> neighbors helping neighbors. they hope never to see it again. nbc news. >> now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather.
6:48 am
>> good morning, i'm erika martin. we have a high pressure system affecting the area. lots of sunshine in the forecast, and an increase in those dew points. i think we will get showers to kick off the workweek. weather stories include mostly sunny skies. but the winds are calm for today. developing clouds later tonight through the overnight hours and muggier by tomorrow. we have lots of moisture in the atmosphe atmosphere. the temperatures are climbing nicely, partly cloudy and mostly cloudy skies, that is just a average overall. i'm going to go with mostly sunny for much of the area. the suburbs are also seeing a nice steady climb.
6:49 am
had dry for today, a chance in the forecast by tomorrow. lots of 70s by 1:00 p.m. here is your wind forecast for today. dew points on the ride, muggier right now, but calm winds. a day at the beach, why not. high tide, 12:41. >> sunset 8:29 p.m. 5:33 was your sunrise. we talk about this often, i just tweeted something about it, spf 15 through 100 to consider at the beach. how quickly your skin is affected by the sun. so you want to apply sunscreen often throughout the day. for more information, we will
6:50 am
have you updapted. high 80s, but we have a change monday into tuesday. the showers and forecasts late monday. the big story is next holiday weekend, july 4th, we may see showers unsettled. so we do have updates for you on social media. ly see you in just a bit. >> erika, thank you. a two-run bomb in the second inning helped the phillies take the second game of the series against the giants last night. the phil's hang on to win 3-2 and the series. good morning, i'm danny pommells. the nhl draft concluded
6:51 am
yesterday. and the flyers promised more forwards after stocking up on defenseman. and seven of the picks were just that, forwards. they also took the first goaltender off of the board in the second round. the flyers also seconded a right wing, wade alison. here is what the flyers gained. we wanted speed, size, and skill. it is not in every player, but we feel like we have all three picks. some of it is combinations. and they are big guys, good
6:52 am
skating, speed, and skill. we're excited. >> shifting to basketball now. after three terrible seasons, optimism around the sixers this year. josh harris laid out the r.n.s the team is ready to move forward. >> we're moving up. and we're building. and so, you know, this will be a great season for us. lots of young talent, and hopefully in the next couple weeks we can add some veterans around that. i think we will be fun, exciting, and we will run and move up. we will -- include the bottom line. i think i will have to beat myself in the head if we don't win more games than last year. >> union hosting the vancouver white caps. they came in undefeated at home.
6:53 am
and it is 3-1 vancouver. that is your look at supporport. >> i'm keith jones for nbc 10 at issue. coming up, bob casey. we will ask him about his fight on capitol hill and more. that will be at 11:30 following "meet the press."
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hot and sunny weekend calls for a cool deep. in south philadelphia, the swimming pool there and three other rec centers opened for the season yesterday. they will open remaining pools by friday. today in chester county, kids that lover football will learn to play with the usga. the clinic will focus on blocking and tackling techniques that reduce helmet contact. the trainer will also educate players on proper equipment fitting. they endorse usa football that oversees youth leagues nationwide. >> also, do you have what it takes to be a sixer's
6:57 am
cheerleader. about 100 people are expected to tryout for a chance to be a sixer's cheerleader. and today at 1:00, learn about the role of pets in prison at eastern state penitentiary in fairmont. a former inmate will talk about how a puppy training program changed his life. and how prisoners in the program are affected. 6:57 right now, ahead here on nbc 10 news today, athletes who started off swimming will move on to biking and running in the trirock triathlon going on right now. take a look at the grueling race coming up. >> i'm very excited.
6:58 am
we have a clearing of the skies. lots of sunshine in the forecast. dry but a change on the approach by tomorrow. look at that, it is lovely. details coming up on the other side of the break in just a bit.
6:59 am
7:00 am
doing terrific. he is up and walking today. >> an amazing recovery. the police officer that was shot seven times, a update on his condition. and wounded behind the wheel, a gunshot victim tries to drive himself to the hospital. what he told our photographer on the scene. a run, swim, and ride. athletes are digging deep in a grueling competition. a beautiful shot of cape may. erika martin is tracking the beautiful conditions. >>


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