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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  June 26, 2016 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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doing terrific. he is up and walking today. >> an amazing recovery. the police officer that was shot seven times, a update on his condition. and wounded behind the wheel, a gunshot victim tries to drive himself to the hospital. what he told our photographer on the scene. a run, swim, and ride. athletes are digging deep in a grueling competition. a beautiful shot of cape may. erika martin is tracking the beautiful conditions. >> yes,ly take your word for it.
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you went out yesterday, conditions were ideal. i'm going to say that yesterday was my pick of the week. we have a little increase in the dew points. slightly muggier for today. look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your neighborhood forecast. lots of sunshine, dry, a bit humid, enjoy the day. we have a change by tomorrow to kick off the workweek. and next weekend might not be that nice. i'm talking about the holiday weekend. a beach day for today, that is for sure. waves from one to two feet. notice that locally we don't have much going on. a little activity just off shore. green here denoting showers and seeing a little action across parts of south carolina. it is dry across the board. i'm tracking that frontal
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boundary. so i do expect some showers, however i have to give you a time, of course, and i will time that out for you in my next weather pick. >> thank you, new from overnight, one man is in the hospital this morning after he crashed into a utility pole. police had to call a septa supervisor out to the scene because overheadlin lines were damaged. just around the corner from the crash, a man was shot at 10th and diamond street. he drove himself a block after he was shot and he initially told an nbc 10 photographer he was wounded. this morning a folcroft police officer who was shot seven times appears to be well on his way to recovery. this is him sitting up and
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milimil smiling in the hospital. last night about 200 neighbors and police had a vigil and they cheered him and his comrades. his father said his son will be back patrolling the streets of his hometown. >> he is not joking and making fun of things like that he is not okay. so once he did that i knew he was all right. >> he was even able to face time with a person at the vigil from his hospital bed. and also hearing from other folcroft officers they were amazing he was able to give critical information immediately after the shooting. >> he gave me a description of the guy. what he was wearing, certain things he would say, don't let me die, these things, a lot of different things. we talked the whole way. i wanted to keep him talking as much as i could. >> the chief said he wants to go
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home as soon as possible. the suspected shooter is in jail charged with attempted murder. court records show he served years in prison on federal gun charges. just days after being selected as the first pick in the nba draft, ben simmons is mourning the death of his cousin who was killed in a hit-and-run. the 21-year-old was struck and killed early saturday morning in hoboken. police say the suv that hit him left the scene. nbc 10 was at 52nd and skeeter last night where this
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vehicle slammed into a business. we are working to find out the woman's condition. today is your last chance to check out the manayunk arts festival. more than 300 local and national artists set up shop along main street to display their work. happening now, athletes are testing their endurance. competitors are taking part in the trirock triathlon. monique is live there right now. >> i feel like i'm in a triathl triathlon. we now moved from where the swimming ends and the cycling begins. you see the transition here just over my shoulder here as the athletes are hopping out of the
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schuylkill river and going to their bicycles. we asked how many first timers were in the group, and dozens raised their hand. the 40 k, two loop bicycle part starts now. it includes mlk and kelly drive with several short technical climbs and decents. and yes lemon hill is part of it. the athletes will exit the transition area. mlk drive back to the origination point. not everyone is doing the 10 k
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run. when we see you again we will tell you about that optional race. back out live you see more folks hopping out of the water and running to get on their cycles. back to you, ted. 7:07 right now, historic flooding has left a path of death and destruction. we'll explain how the government is not getting involved. ! plus, how a balloon festival in west chester county is helping first responders. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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good morning, i'm erika martin. a overall really nice forecast. mostly sunny skies. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your neighborhood forecast. increasing humidity as the day progresses. and a little bit of a southerly follow as far as the wind goes. clouds developing into tomorrow and we will likely see scattered showers tomorrow and possibly an isolated thunderstorm on tuesday. here is your doppler radar. high and dry, quiet right now. this will be a weather maker once it gets here by monday into tuesday. it will not be completely dry. your three-day outlook, we'll jump to that. building clouds tomorrow to
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tuesday. the icon for the thunderstorms on tuesday, because i think that is when we will see them. but do not dismiss those scattered showers. the suburbs today seeing really temperatures and sunshine in the forecast, and the shoreline looking really great today. a live look outside athz=e nor wi wildwood. a great day to get out there. be mindful. i will see you in a little bit with our seven-day outlook. dozens of hot air balloons are soaring. more than 100 foot and drink vendors and a chance to experience scuba diving.
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some of the money will go to the chester county hero fund. it helps local first reponders and their families who have been injured or lost a loved one in the line of duty. celebrating a milestone, the lbgt community will take to the streets in cities across the country to mark the one-year anniversary of gay marriage. this year the celebrations are taking on a different tone following the orlando massacre.
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7:14 and we have breaking news have overnight. 35 people are dead and 20 more
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are injured after a bus crash in central china this morning. the bus smashed into a highway guardrail. police are now questions the driver. a senior iraqi commander says the city of fallujah is now fully liberated from isis m militants. >> today marks one year since the u.s. supreme court legalized same sex marriage. they struck down any remaining state banding on marriage equality. they say that is a decision entire groups supporting liberal causes like abortion and gun control. today groups are going to focus more on just a celebration of diversity.
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there will be increased security and more tributes for the orlando victims. on friday, president obama designated the sight around manhattan's stone wall in as a national monument to gay rights. and a permanent memorial is being planned for the victims of the pulse nightclub shootings. we do know it will include flowers, letters, and other items left at memorials across the city. >> some brexit backlash could lead to a do over. there is calls for a second vote on europe's exit from the european union. it has drawn more than 1.5 million names. they call on parliament to force a rule requiring a new vote.
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if either side got fewer than 60% of the ballots. leave voters won with 52% from 72% is your honorout. meanwhile, leaders are demanding that britain cut ties quickly and they say the fast separation will limit the impact of the vote. the u.k. is the first country to ever leave the group. >> good morning, i'm meteorologist erika martin. lots of sunshine in the works today. get out there and enjoy dy dew points are on the rise. there will be increasing humidity throughout the day. 3 miles per hour wind speeds, so very calm. weather stories include mostly sunny for today, however we do
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have that increasing humidity. muggy by this afternoon. tonight it looks like overnight clouds developing by tomorrow, and it is likely we will see scattered showers late tomorrow and into tuesday. mostly cloudy skies to kick off your workweek. right now we're seeing 60s for the most part overall. a great start to the day, and expected high temperatures, lots of 80s. 89 for lehigh valley. delaware at 83. our forecast and wind conditions for today, this is why we're getting the muggier conditions. notice the southerly push there, but not much going on as far as the wind speed goes. we're keeping in mind that today will be a little muggy with those clouds, and by tomorrow increasing moisture means, of course, a chance of the showers in the forecast. a live look outside, it is pretty nice right now. get out there and enjoy a day at the beach.
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waves at one to two feet. high tide at 12:41 p.m. keep that in mind if you plan on going into the water at that time. and sunset at 8:29. so i hope you take advantage of this really nice, long day. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your neighborhood forecast. sunscreen, sunscreen, i say this often. we have 15, 30, 50, 100. it is talking about how safe you can keep your skin when you're outside for a really long time. we have ten to 20 minutes before our skin becomes damaged. so your ten day outlook, lots going on here. tomorrow and tomorrow and tuesday, a change with some
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showers. the models are all showing the possibility of showers and possibly rounds of thunderstorms for your holiday weekend. even those temperatures will remain warm. mid to upper 80s for the entire week. it looks likely we will see showers, but if you don't follow us on social media you won't find out. that is where we will keep you posted. we'll be back in just a little bit with more updates. up next, counting down the road to rio and the summer games. straight ahead, we'll give you the u.s. men's gymnastic's team. plus in the middle of the action. we'll show you what happened in last night's game that caused some problems.
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korean war veterans were honored yesterday. they were honoring those that lost their lives in the war. patrick dugan spoke to the crowd. >> it is combat. it is brutal and terrible. sometimes it's necessary. evil came to south korea. >> david oh led the ceremony. over seas, tens of thousands of north koreans crowded a central square in pyongyang to mark the occasion. the week between june 25th and july 27th are called the month of u.s. anti-struggle. they say america started the korean war in 1950.
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historians say it happened when north korea invaded the south. we're now just 39 days away, and we're finding out who is officially heading to brazil to represent team usa. last night the usa men's gymnastic's team were announced. five were selected after the trials were held in st. louis. those selected say it is a moment they will never forget. >> being named with those guys, it's an amazing honor. it is so motivating. >> they will try to make up far disappoints fifth place finish from the 2012 olympics in
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london. families got into the olympic spirit. they celebrated with a let's's move olympics day. it is to promote wellness for all families. 7:26 right now. athletes are running, biking, and swimming their way through philadelphia, we'll take you live to the trirock triathlon. >> a gorgeous day in the forecast. muggy but certainly ideal. the most decorated naval ship is what we're looking at there. more on the other side of the break.
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this is nbc 10 news. i'm not standing here tonight with black bands on our badges, praise god for that. >> community support. how hundreds honored the delaware county police officer who is recovering after being shot seven times. we'll also have a update on his condition. and live to the trirock triathlon. and sun today and warmer weather for the second half of your weekend. it is shaping up to be a beautiful summer day. good morning, everyone, welcome back to nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us about 7:30 on this sunday morning. let's get right to erika martin. feeling a little stickier outside. >> it is also getting muggier out there.
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dew points on the rise. that is to be expected. not as dry as yesterday, but overall not bad. a live look outside is pretty nice right now. clouds will start to clear even more. lots of sunshine in the forecast for today. take advantage, not the case tomorrow and into tuesday. the next 12 hours trending upwards. by noon, low to mid 80s. possibly one or two low 80s been ov . >> a great day in the forecast. a sign that we have unsettled weather. so your three-day outlook, building clouds tomorrow and into tuesday. keeping the showers mainly on tuesday. i think we will see it in two
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waves. first monday into tuesday and tuesday into wednesday. not a washout, but i'm expecting the thunderstorms mainly for tuesday. i have more information coming up and you can follow us on social media. >> new from overnight, three people are in the hospital after several cars crashed in west philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene at 56th and race. you can see the damage that happened last night. we're working to get details on the victims and thu crahow that happened. police are still investigating the scene at stoney creek. we'll bring you new details as soon as we get them. police in philadelphia are looking into the discovery of a woman found dead at the scene of a house fire. after putting out the flames in the vacant home, firefighters
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found the woman's body in the basement. an amazing recovery. that is what the family of a police officer said he is making after being shot seven times. these photos show officer chris dorman sitting up and smiling in the hospital. his dad says he was also walking around and joking one day after being wounded by a gunman in a drug investigation. the crowd praised and lit candles and they cheered officer dorman and his come ratted for putting their lives on the line every day. >> he always want today be a cop here in folcroft. >> he is just a nice cop. >> he is doing so well he even facetimed with a person at the vigil from his hospital bed. the suspected shooter remains in vail. court records thousand dante
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island served years in prison for federal gun charges. the probation would have expired yesterday. > officer dorman passed along what he knew about the suspect on the way to the hospital. he talked about what he said. >> i was looking behind him for anyone coming after him. i heard the shots. sergeant william bair says he is grateful that officer dorman is talking and okay. >> this is where officer dorman was supposed to be last night at the kenny chesney concert. there was a big push on social media to get chesney to give him
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a shout out. chesney mistakenly told the crowd that he passed away. we're looking live at the schuylkill river and boathouse row. monique braxton is live this morning. the athletes are moving around a lot this morning and you are as well. >> it has been amazing to watch, ted. they have just concluded the 1.5 k swimming part of the competition and now the cycling competition is getting under way. they return to this area why i am called the transition area. they dry off a little bit. hop on their bikes, and they're on to compete. the two-loop, 40 k cycling part
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of the triathlon taken them there fairmont part and also up and down lemon hill. so after they wrap up cycling, they return to the transition area again. the last leg, or the running portion, goes north on mlk. tlen is a turnaround roughly one mile from the run start. then they go south on mlk drive and back to the origination point. not everyone is doing the 10 k run into if you're not you're called an aqua bike competitor. so they're going up a small incline, getting on their bikes, and participating in part two of the triathlon. at 8:00 we'll have more on the running part of this race.
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all right, thank you so much. up next in our decision 2016 coverage, a conservative columnist with republican roots says he is leaving the party because of donald trump. and hillary clinton is using a special showing of hamilton to beef up her campaign war chest. and then the phil's rally against the giants. we'll tell you if they hang on to win out west.
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for now, we're less than a month away from the democratic national convention that will be in south philadelphia. yesterday some bernie sanders supporters offered to share their demonstration sight with over groups. the group's director said they will make the sites available to other pro sanders groups. the american civil liberties union is suing philadelphia saying they are denied freedom of speech for denying one group who wanted to march during the
7:40 am
dnc. and george will is leaving the republican party because they are supporting donald trump. he urge ed donors to aid the pay by not aiding the nominee. and tickets for a special matinee of hamilton next month to benefit her campaign start at $2700. those donating $100,000 get two premium seats and a wrap party with clinton. hillary clinton is also weighing her options for a running mate, we will check in with chuck todd to break down her list of candidates. and how the brexit decision is pr
7:41 am
spreading to the campaign trail. and a trackside fight. how a driver dust up played out during a nascar truck race. >> i will be tracking showers that could get here by tomorrow, but for today took full advantage of this gorgeous day. i will see you with your ten day in just a bit.
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here are some of the headlines that we're following this morning. more than ten inches of rain fell in just 24 hours. president obama has approved federal help for those impacted by the floods. at least two in california are dead in a wild fire that destroyed more than 150 homes and continues to grow. officials say the fire is only 5% contained and that about 1500 more homes are at risk. >> the sixers first overall draft pick is mourning the loss of his cousin. he tweeted this picture with his
7:45 am
cousin zack ery who was with hi at the draft. today, do you have what it takes to be a sixer's cheerleader. about 100 people expected to tryout for a chance to be a part of the sixer's dancers. today in chester county, kids that love football will learn to play safer. usga will hold a clinic to help teach players proper hitting and hydration and equipment fitting. take a look at this. two nascar truck drivers exchange words and then exchange fists after their trucks were
7:46 am
involved in a crash. they got into it when there was seven laps left if their race. they fought until they both hit the ground. that is when they got up and started fighting again before an official stepped in to start pulling them apart. some unsportsman like kahn duct from a fan. it happened in the middle of a play between the mariners and cardinals. the man hops over the left-field wall and runs on to the field. the mariners outfielders make the play despite the fan running right by him. it took only minutes for security to tackle him to the ground and take him off of the field. good morning, i'm erika martin. i have really great weather. a little volatile out there i would say. north wildwood, a gorgeous day out there. a really clear start to the day.
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if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your neighborhood forecast. otherwise i would say it is perfect for today. however we have a chance by tomorrow, so keep in mind you may need that umbrella later in the day. not a wash out, just keep it handy. here is your forecast for today. a southerly push. southeasterly just off shore if will feel a little muggier today, but not that bad. overcast skies by tonight into tomorrow. the next 12 hours trending nicely. and really that is the story for most of the weekend. even though we do have a mixed bag, some dry days, some rainy days. it looks like the temperature trend is mid to upper 80s. allentown, 68, and pretty much mid to upper 60s with the developing clouds into tomorrow
7:48 am
as we track showers for monday. it looks dry today, high and dry conditions, but cloudier tomorrow with the threat of scattered showers later. so here is why. not much to talk about here. a high pressure system in control. notice how quickly the boundary is dipping down. this is why i expect it here by tomorrow afternoon, but it looks like we will see a second round by tuesday. but if you follow us on twitter and facebook we will keep you updated on that. by tomorrow into tuesday, the threat of developing clouds, scattered showers, thunderstorms, one or two on tuesday. it dries out by wednesday ultimate i think we will see extra clouds sticking around, and thursday my pick of the workweek. by friday into saturday we start to track some showers possibly affecting your july 4th weekend. make sure you follow us for mor) updates because it looks like we
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may see showers especially likely by sunday. i'll see you in just a bit. >> thank you, erica. decision 2016 and the brexit strategy. donald trump and hillary clinton are taking different approaches to britain's reshuffling of the world's economic debt. it is the top issue. and chuck todd of "meet the press" is joining us. >> happy sunday. >> donald trump praised the move, hillary clinton talked about a time of uncertainty. what does britain's decision immediate for voters here? let me start by saying that both campaigns think. >> tommy: s positive for them.
7:50 am
trump is campaigning for more borders. fiscal borders for the country, or essentially more borders when it comes to our economic and trade policy. in many ways, that was the animating aspect of the campaign in the uk. so here is another country essentially endorsing the trump world view. the clinton campaign thinks this helps them, why? because of the chaos ensuing right now with uncertainty in europe, the u.k., economic fallout that is negative for the average british citizen. they say in this uncertain climate do you roll the dice with trump, or do you look for a steady, experienced hand in clinton. for the american voter, they now see they're not alone. the middle class squeeze in this country is very real, and guess what? the middle class squeeze is real in britain, france, and germany.
7:51 am
political elites have been too slow to recognize that it is not benefitting everybody right now. >> an interesting perspective. you are also interviewing tim kaine on the show today. largely considered to be one of hillary clinton's top choices for her running mate. what are the pros and cons and what factors is the clinton campaign considering as they make this decision? >> tim kaine is out of central casting. he checks more of the so-called conventional wisdom boxes than any other. he has been a governor, executive, swing state. and he is considered a very loyal party member. not someone that makes a lot of gaffes on television. a very safe pick. but that is the con with him. the idea that he won't excite
7:52 am
any new constituency group. that he won't target and fire up some specific group that clinton wants fired up. so i think it comes down is what is more important to her, a spark for november, if that is what she needs, she will not pick tim kaine, or if she is looking for a partner to govern with if is that is the main criteria, he could be the man that we see getting that nomination. >> we will see, we appreciate your insight, chuck. >> looking forward to the show as well. chuck will sit down with paul manafort. it all comes this morning at nbc 10. >> i'm keith jones. coming up this morning, bob casey. we will ask him about the gun control fight on capitol hill
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and much more. following "meet the press" on nbc 10. fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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madison oba madis madison. and the copa america tournament. the u.s. men took on columbia after losing 4-0 to argentina, but columbia needed just one goal. today is your last chance to check out the manayank arts festival. it still draws an impressive crowd. more than 300 local and national artists set up shop along main street. also today, celebrating members of the community with irish roots. the irish american festival that will be traditional irish food, dance, art, music, and more. it kicks off today at noon. and today is your last chance to
7:57 am
enjoy the italian-american festival. the festival is filled with food and entertainment celebrating italian heritage. this is the 22nd year of the event. and another beautiful beach day. >> yeah, and a perfect day for irish dancing, right? a gorgeous day. mostly sunny skies. here is the deal, waves one to two feet. upper 60s, mainly high tide is 12:41 p.m. the waves are nothing major, but you don't want to be out there alone. >> i put my foot in the ocean yesterday while at the beach. way too chilly for me, but my daughter was perfectly fine with it. plenty warm for her. thank you, erika, thank you for being with us.
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"today" is coming up. we hope you have a fantastic sunday.
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we will occupy this floor. >> takes us from further from the country we aspire to be. >> people want to take their country back. >> i've never seen anything this terrible, ever. good morning and welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist and this is life after the brexit. we'll talk through han historic week in a moment. also this morning, sebastian junger, the author and famed war correspondent who made his name with the best-seller about a perfect storm is now out about another thought-provoking book that challenges the way we live together. >> the neighborhood used to be a tribe, right? people are so only now it's


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