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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 9am  NBC  June 26, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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a time to celebrate. the delaware county officer who was shot in the face in the line of duty is making a recovery faster than anyone expected. we'll update his recovery. the nba's number one draft pick's joy turns to sorrow. he mourns the loss of a cousin that was with him when he was drafted to the 76ers. >> here is a look at the
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triathletes. we'll take you there. welcome to nbc 10 news today. let's say good morning to first alert meteorologist erika martin. gorgeous out there. >> a great start to sunday. i talked about this yesterday, my pick of the weekend. we have changes on the approach. if you look at the bottom of your screen you will see your neighborhood forecast. even though the waves are not very high right now, you still have to go out there and be safe. temperatured in ts in the mid tr 60s. so i hope you will enjoy this really nice warm sunny day.
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new jersey's average is 72 degrees. you may be feeling increasing duepoints today. we will top out in the mid up upper 80s. all of that sunshine. future cast, i'm going to start this right now at 9:00 a.m. own notice there is not a lot going on right now, but we will start to see the showers moving in. i will give you all of the details the next time i see you. >> a folcroft officer that was shot appears to be recovering well. on friday a gunman wounded the officer in a drug investigation. last night about 200 neighbors held a vigil and cheered him and his comrades. his father said his son will be
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back patrolling the sun of his hometown. >> if he is not joking and making fun of things, he is not okay, once he did that i knew he was all right. >> he even fis faceti-- face ti someone at the vigil from his hospital bed. other members of the police force said they were surprised by all of the information he was able to give after being shot. >> he is sitting up and spills, all of the more amazing when you know he was shot seven times. >> he was in the lobby waiting for us to come down.
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>> he learned the young part-time officer had been shot, including once in the face. but dorman not only survived, the chief tells us he stayed conscious and gave his fellow officers crucial information. he was giving the information to sergeant bair. >> you can tell him to do the worst job in the world and he just says no problem, whatever you need know do. >> it was bair that drove him to the hop. >> i was scared the whole way. you hear things and you can't help, you don't know what is going on, and seeing him run towards me. i heard the shots, i saw the blood, i knew something was going on. and not being able to do anything for that but i want to
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help him. >> it stayed that way as the sergeant kept the officer talking on the ride. >> gave the updates, a description of the guy which we gave over the radio of what he looked like, what he was wearing, just certain things he would say. don't let me die, these things -- a lot of different things. we talked the whole way. i just wanted to keep him talking to me as much as i could. >> the chief tells me he would like to get out of here as quickly as possible but will likely have to spend more time here. >> days after being seconded, ben simmons is mourning the loss of his cousin. he tweeted this picture of him and his cousin who was with him at the draft. the 21-year-old was struck and
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killed early saturday morning in hoboken. the suv that struck him left the scene. and the driver of this vehicle is in the hospital after her vehicle slammed into the prime care rehab building. they rushed the woman to opinion presbyterian medical center. we're working to find out her condition. 9:06, and the trirock triathlon is happening right now. it is a tough race that includes a near mile long swim in the schuylkill refer. nbc 10s monique braxton is live and has been following the action all morning long. >> we could v been watching about 12,000 athletes compete in the triathlon.
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the first leg, starts just after 6:30. they handed off to a teammate, or dried off and started the cycling competition. this two loop track takes them through fairmont park along mlk and kelly drive. after they wrap up cycling, they return to the transition area which is what you're looking at now to begin the third leg, also known as the 10k run. you see them there in front of you. we were told this is an area you don't want to be in because you might be hit by a bike. >> you see a lot of spectators along the route of the cycling competition. in the next half hour, we're working to bring you more about
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the run course and we're working to grab an athlete or two. deadly flooding grips west virginia in what is being called a once in 1,000 year event. now god's pit crew is answering the call for relief. and brexit backlash. the new push to stop britain from leaving the european union. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined.
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. good morning, i'm erika martin. we have a chance on the approach. so for the day, sunny skies. high and dry. clouds developing and overnight into tomorrow, likely showers
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tomorrow afternoon. tomorrow evening. so a wider look here. a high pressure system dominating the area here. one over connecticut and one over new jersey. but the big store i have this frontal boundary dipping down. once it approaching we will see a secondary gold front develop. that is why we have have unsettled monday and tuesday in the forecast. right now we are seeing what we can expect by tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. those clouds are starting to develop by tomorrow and seeing scattered showers at best tomorrow afternoon. it looks like we will see thunderstorms on tuesday. coming up in my next weather hit, i will go over that in detail, ted, back to you. dozens are dead in west virginia after this historic flooding in parts of the state. now help is on the way for those impacted by the floods. president obama approved federal
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aide for parts of the state hit by the flooding. neighbors say communication to friends and family have been difficult and they're still trying to reach out to others to see if they're okay. organizations are answering the call for relief in west virginia while crews are busy with search and rescue missions, local churches have been making call and trying to help in any way they can. dozens of others have come in from neighboring states and trying to help. >> we have some people that came through and slept in their car. they had their animals and children with them, and they slept in their cars, and some people have not been able to return to their homes at all to see what is there. >> so far volunteers have dropped about 200 palettes of water and supplies. two nascar drivers go toe to
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take a look at this. two nascar truck driver ex-change words and then fists after their trucks were wrecked in a crash. they got into it after they crashed with seven laps left in the race. they fought until they both hit the ground and then they got up and started fighting again. then an official stepped in to pull them apart. >> today is your last chance to check out the manayunk arts
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festival. more than 300 local and national artists set up along main street to display their work. >> this week's wednesday's child is full of life and loves to take on new challenges. she is also looking for a forever family to make all of her dreams come true. >> makayla loves gymnastic. >> she is fun and energetic. she loves everything active. she loves sports and gymnastics. >> she got right in the swing of things. besides her natural ability, she has a ka-do attitude.
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>> you have never done this before? >> yes. >> and you want to keep working on it? >> yeah. >> she is open to any kind of family as long as they can keep up, of course. . >> she is funky, fun, and energetic. >> the ideal family would motivate and encourage her to reach their goals. >> she would love a single mom or a two-parent single family home, if they have older children in the home i think that would be best. >> do you imagine what your family would look like? >> a mom, and a dad to play catch. >> she is this week's wednesday's child. >> if you would like to help make her dream come true, please
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come to our website, nbc and search wednesday's child. you can also call the national adoption center. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. good morning i'm erika martin. a mostly sunny to sunny day in the forecast. everything is high and dry, but in one moment i will show you our southerly due point. mostly sunny to sunny skies. >> we will see clouds develop in the overnight hours as a frontal boundary is due to bring showers here by late tomorrow into tuesday. notice a southerly component. southeasterly for some, but overall the winds are mild and it is bringing more moisture. live look outside. north wildwood, gorgeous, a
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break in those clouds. needless to say, sunny skies and you will see your neighborhood forecast. a day at the beach, waves at one to two feet. make sure you go out in the matter with a buddy. doppler radar not getting much right now we will watch it din down to the southeast. behind that there is a secondary cold front that is likely triggers isolating thunderstorms. this is two rounds monday into tuesday and tuesday into wednesday. >> i don't think it will be a wash out because models are not agreeing. future cast right now at u9:00 a.m. by tomorrow through the overnight hours we see showers developing along the shoreline.
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by tomorrow afternoon, notice how cloudy it gets, scattered showers and then more active weather into tuesday. that is the secondary cold front that imtalking about that will trigger your thunderstorms. >> notice that trend there, we're staying warm there. it looks like we may see showers on the weekend. we will be talking about sunscreen, spf 15 through spf 100. google is entering the world of medicine. how you can get medical advice easier and more accurately.
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once, and the first thing that popped up was skin cancer and i started freaking out. >> typically you get links to sights like webmd. now they have a way to connect you to the most common conditions related to those. say you type in tummyache. >> general symptoms like tummy ache that tie back to things like abdominal pain, how to treat it yourself, and how to get help. >> it partnered with the medical school and a mayo clinic,
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they're not trying to become doctors. >> we just want to help the consumer know can i take care of this on my own, or should i go see a doctor. >> they recommend that patients talk with their health care providers if they have questions about using a mobile health or wellness act. one tech expert says a internet search saved his life november. >> sweating with chest pains, he googled heart attack symptoms even clicked on the mayo clinic si sight. he had a massive heart attack. now he is 30 pounds lighter and watches what he eats. he say it's will be even better.
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>> 9:26 now, when we come back we'll look at today's top stories including the grueling trirock triathlon. a live update is straight ahead. >> temperatures right now in the 70s. a great start to your sunday. a live look outside. take advantage. sunny skies, high and dry but a change is on the way. details in my ten-day forecast. i'll see you in just a bit.
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just days after being shot seven times, a folcroft police officer that survived the gunfire is up and walking around. we'll hear from the sergeant that drove that wounded officer to the hospital. >> a test of endurance on water and on land. right now hundreds of people are working hard to compete at the trirock triathlon in philadelphia. the running leg of the race is under way. and a beautiful day outside as we look at the ben franklin bridge. a change is coming tomorrow. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. just about 9:30 on this sunday
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morning. before we get to that change tomorrow, erika, let's enjoy today. >> let's not get rid of sunday just yet. temperatures currently in the low 70s. mid 70s out there, too. the winds are calm and southerly. so it may feel just a little muggier today than it did yesterd yesterday. at the bottom of your screen you see the 7-day forecast. the next 12 hours look ideal. the temperatures are so perfect, we're seeing 80s by 2:00 p.m. for most of the area. upper 80s as well. and the beaches seeing the possibility of one or two low 80s in the forecast. all seeing 67 degrees through the overnight hours. you will see developing clouds overnight tonight and into
9:31 am
tomorrow as unsettled weather is due here tomorrow and tuesday. and you can see here those building clouds, but notice the temperatures they're going to stay in the mid to upper 80s. that is the story most of the week. i'm already tracking the chance of more showers. if you want to find out more, you will have to hang on. we have more investigation coming up. >> the race is on in fairmont pork. we're now in the final stage of the race. >> hey, ted, we moved again. we're now on the running route. the run part is under way.
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many had to submit their olympic time resuts. the first leg of the swimming competition started just after 6:30. they handed off to a teammate, or they dried off, found their bikes and started cycling. we spoke to one athlete from dc. now the two-loop 40 k cycling part of the triathlon takes the cyclists through fairmont park. once they completed the cycling competition they began the 10k run. the third leg of the race. when we join you again, we're working to bring you details of the run, an exciting morning here at fairmont park along the
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schuylkill river. well be back in about 25 minutes. >> monique. we'll see you in a little bit. an amazing recovery is what the family of a folcroft officer is saying for one officer that was walking and around joking after being wounded in a drug investigation. the people there also cheered officer dorman and his comrades for putting their lives on the line every day. >> he is a home grown boy. wanted to be a cop here. he knows the people, the people know him, and here they are. >> he is doing so well he facetimed with a person at the
9:34 am
vigil from his hospital bed. the suspected shooter remains in jail. donte island served years in prison for federal gun charges. officer dorman remained conscious after he was shot and he was able to give critical information about that suspect. he passed it along to the sergeant that passed him hon so the hospital. >> seeing him run towards me, and i'm looking for anyone coming after him. i heard the shots, i saw the blood. >> sergeant william bair says he is just grateful that officer dorman is okay. >> this is where officer dorman was supposed to be last night, at the kenny chesney concert. there was a big push on social media to get chesney to give a
9:35 am
shoutout to the officer. he mentioned him but mistakenly told the crowd he died. immediately the police department sent out a tweet saying it was not true. police had to call a septa supervisor out to the scene. this happened around 4:00 this morning. authorities say the man drove himself a block after being shot. he came up to an nbc 10 photographer and told her he had been wounded. also from overnight, three people are in the hospital after several cars crashed in west philadelphia. nbc 10 was on the scene. you can see the damage from the accident that happened just
9:36 am
after 11:30 last night. we're working to get details on the victims and how the crash happened. it has been a year since a court legalized same sex marriage. observers say the decision inspired groups, supporting liberal causes like abortion, gun control, and i'm graduation reform. thousands of members of the lbgt community across the country attended gay pride events yesterday. the mood was festive, but the shooting at the orlando pulse nightclub was not far from anyone's minds. police forces in various cities deployed extra officers to help keep the events peaceful. city officials in orlando are planning a permanent memorial to honor the 49 victims
9:37 am
killed in the pulse massacre. we know there will be flowers, letters, and other items left at memorials across the city. >> the democratic national convention is coming to philadelphia, and it sounds like protests. the aclu is now getting involved.
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good morning, i'm erika martin. our weather outlook including dry conditions for today, rounds of showers by tomorrow into tuesday. i'm tracking the weather for july 4th weekend. looks like we may see rain showers in the forecast. you can always follow us on
9:40 am
social media for updates on that. muggier today because the dew points are higher, but we will top out in the upper 80s for some and mid 80s for others. a really nice day all around. take full advantage of that. get out there and enjoy the day today. showers in the forecast. i want to show you the futurecast as we get this into motion, we're seeing clouds develop by tomorrow and scattered showered by tomorrow afternoon. coming up in my full forecast, what to expect for the next ten days, ted back to you. >> 9:40 right now, breaking news overseas, a senior iraqi commander says the city of fallujah is now fully taking out
9:41 am
of control of isis. >> the brexit backlash could leave to a doover. now there are calls for a second vote. it has drawn more than 1.5 million names. the petition calls on parliament to force a rule requiring if either side got less than 60% with less than 75% turnout. meanwhile, senior eu officials that met in germany yesterday are demanding that britain cut ties quickly. they said a fast separation will limit the political and financial back from thursday's vote. the eu is made up of 28 nations that have one economic market. we're now less than a month
9:42 am
away from the democratic national convention. politics is expected to mix with protests, and yesterday some bernie sanders supporters offered to share their demonstration sight with other groups. philly.fdy already has permits. the american civil liberties union is suing philadelphia c m clamming the city violated freedom of speech for denying a permit to one group that wants to march during the dnc. today, chuck todd sits down with paul manafort and tim kaine. a former philadelphia high school football standout turned nfl player is back in town to
9:43 am
help out future football stars. the houston texans wide receiver jaylen strong had a camp to teach about 300 kids. >> a lock down was sparked by a 7 month old at a zoo. i'm keith jones, coming up, we'll ask senator bob casey about the gun control debate on capitol hill.
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a person is in the hospital for severe burns after a housefire. nbc 10 was on the scene.
9:46 am
in philadelphia, a man suffered germantown caught fire. flames broke out late yesterday. investigators are trying to figure out what smarted that fire as well. >> at least two people are dead as a wildfire continues to burn through tens of thousands of acres. another 150 are at risk. she lives, and her daughter said break the window and see if she is in there. >> the daughter has not heard from her? >> no.
9:47 am
>> no word on when neighbors will be allowed back to their homes. now your first alert neighborhood weather. >> i'm erika martin. what to expect today and for the weekend. high and dry conditions. sunshine for today. getting a little muggy. rounds of showers by late tomorrow into tuesday. we may see a couple isolated thunderstorms on tuesday. we may see some showers in the graft. so a heads up right now. otherwise conditions right now are high and dry. temperatures mainly in the 70s. allentown, 73. you. a live look outside, it is stunning. lots of sunshine in the forecast. we have a change and this is why. a frontal boundary dipping down.
9:48 am
once the cold front approaches, we will see a secondary cold front move in behind that. i think we will see two rounds of unsettled weather. not a total washout for tomorrow, but i think we will see isolated thunderstorms on tuesday. and perhaps a scattered shower. future cast starting at 9:00 a.m. by tomorrow you start to see the clouds develop, really thick clouds, in fact, and by 1:00 p.m., scattered showers. it is getting more active as that cold front dips down. your ten-day outlook has a lot going on. showers that could get here by monday into tuesday. i don't think those thunderstorms will be here until tuesday. and we may see carry over from
9:49 am
tuesday to wednesday. temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. overnight lows warm, and next weekend we may see showers before the holiday weekend. and we are going to be talking about sunscreen and how to keep sunny outside. >> okay, erika, we'll see you in a few minutes. a two-run bomb in the second inning help the phillies take the second game of their series last night. the phil's hang on to win 3-2. the series in san francisco wraps up today. here is the rest of your sunday sports. good morning to you, i'm danny pommells. the nhl draft concluded yesterday in buffalo. the fliers gm said he would add more forwards after stockpiles
9:50 am
years. and seven of the ten picks were just that, forwards. and the 22nd overall pick lead his quebec team in goals. carter hart played for everton, the western hockey league. they also sleektelected wade al. >> we wanted speed, size, and skill if is not in every player, but we felt like we have all three memen menelements. some of it is combinations. big guys, good skaters, speed, skill, we're excited. >> we shift the basketball now
9:51 am
to after three terrible seasons there is optimism surrounding the sixers this year. and what will happen if his club doesn't take that step. >> we're moving up, you know? joelle is playing controlled five on five, and we're building. this will be an exciting season for us. lots of young talent and hopefully in the next couple weeks we can add some veterans around that. i think it will be fun, exciting, we will run and move up. including the bottom line. myself in the head if we don't win more games than last year. union came in undefeated at home this season. makes a 3-1 vancouver.
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scaling a 12 foot fence and then rammed a gate loose. the 7 month old cub was taken to an animal hospital. he is one of two orphaned wild cubs that were brought to the zoo months earlier. we have another sunny day ahead. >> it is so important to apply that often.
9:55 am
i want to give everyone perspective as to what exactly is spf. in 1930, an australian chemist came up with it and it is depending on how fast your skin will become damaged. and the idea with the sunscreen is to protect it. if you apply spf 15, then you can stay about about 15 times longer than the ten or 20 minutes. you want to make sure you applying it often and waterproof is always the best. >> and if you go in the water you have to really keep reapplying. >> yeah, you do want to protect your skin. you get older and then of course
9:56 am
that leads to a lot of trouble. >> skin cancer from too much sun exposure can be devastating. >> today at 1:00, you can learn about the role of pets in prison. a former inmate will talk about how a puppy training program changed his life. and how prisoners in solitary confinement kept their pets. it includes an animal scavenger hunt. >> nbc 10 needs your help recognizing the people making a difference in our community. it is called 21st century solutions. the application is on our website. the deadline to apply is august
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26th. >> nbc 10 news today is coming back in just a moment with another halfhour of news. and today, hows of people in west virginia are without power and they're dealing with a situation after deadly floods sweep through the state. >> spent the night up here on third avenue watching everything under water. >> we look at how communities are coming together to rebuild their lives.
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this morning, the water is slowly starting to recede in west virginia. severe flooding there has killed at least two dozen people and federal help is on the way. >> this morning family and friends and fellow police officers are overjoyed with a surprisingly quick recovery of a folcroft police officer while on duty just two days ago. welcome to nbc 10 news today. thank you for being with us. it is 10:00 on this sunday morning. first let's check on our neighborhood weather forecast with meteorologist


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