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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  June 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:06am EDT

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trautwig. join us in san jose two weeks from tonight. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. breaking news into nbc 10. a 42-year-old woman is dead after she was shot in the chest with a crossbow. police responded to a home on willits road in northeast philadelphia around 9:30
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tonight. the victim was transported to aria torresdale hospital where she was later pronounced dead. her 40-year-old boyfriend was taken into custody. stay with nbc 10 for updates on this breaking news story. and another big story we're following tonight. a communication breakdown when every second counts. good evening. i'm denise nakano. leaders in delaware county have had problems with their emergency dispatch communications. they encountered one issue friday after an officer was shot seven times, and they're also struggling with a second issue that's also impacting police protection. nbc 10's cydney long explains. >> i'm shot! i'm shot! i'm shot! >> reporter: it was during seconds, then minutes in which f f folcroft police officer chris dorman was suffering from seven gunshots that delaware county confirms a dispatcher's computer suddenly began to reboot. an intense life-or-death situation, that dispatcher moved to an adjacent computer and didn't lose touch with those responding to get dorman help
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and track down the shooter. that's not the only glitch affecting police. >> there's periods of time when the radio frequencies go out and they don't hit the tower. they don't hit the antenna, and they get caught in like a duck. >> reporter: it's called ducking. darby police chief robert snipes says it's happened before, not in the fall or winter months. he says atmospheric conditions during the transition from hot days into cool nights creates pockets where police in delaware county can't communicate on their portable radios. >> so, if an officer gets out of the car, he goes in a building, he doesn't have radio contact. he doesn't know that because there's nothing to trigger this. this is an act of nature. >> reporter: the communication breakdown called ducking started a few years back, so the county installed booster repeater antennas at most police departments, which helped, but now it's coming back again. >> rescue's en route. >> reporter: in addition to mother nature, digital tv static can also sporadically interrupt
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with their frequencies. >> there's been hundreds of complaints lodged by the 911 center. i'm being told this now. with the fcc. >> reporter: in this statement to nbc 10, delaware county counsel has directed the apartment of emergency services to investigate all emergency communication systems during the officer dorman shooting and beyond. >> the bad part is it's happening. the good part is that the county is responding. >> reporter: from darby, delaware county, cydney long, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, we've learned officer dorman is expected out of the hospital tomorrow. he was shot seven times while responding to a drug call friday morning. despite wounds to his face, he's expected to make a full recovery. the suspected shooter, donte island, remains behind bars, charged with attempted murder. court records show he served years in prison on federal gun charges. today, officer dorman took a call from country singer kenny
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chesney. folcroft police posted this photograph from the hospital. chesney apologized for mistakenly saying dorman had died from his injuries during a tribute at his concert last night. ♪ >> there was a big push on social media to get chesney to give a shout-out to the officer, who was supposed to attend that show, but chesney tweeted about the call, saying "he's doing great, told him we'd watch an eagles game and have beers one day. here's to a speedy recovery." anticipation is building for the biggest fourth of july celebration in town. the eight-day wawa welcome america celebration officially kicks off tomorrow. this is video of last year's fireworks show. there will be three fireworks shows in all this year. tonight, nbc 10 got a sneak peek at what this year's show is going to look like.
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we sat down with mastermind -- the mastermind behind the parade, who says of all the fourth of july parades around the country, this one is the birthplace in america is really the real deal. >> so, within that procession, you're going to see literally the declaration of independence on display in living human form, and that is the coolest thing about the parade. >> the wawa welcome america fireworks show runs july 1st, 2nd, and the finale is monday, july 4th. and here's a look at some of the events happening tomorrow. there's a mural dedication at 2:00 p.m. near penn's landing. it's also free museum day at the ben franklin museum. and at 8:30 p.m., there's a free screening of "finding nemo" at franklin square. and to learn more about tomorrow's events and a full calendar of all wawa welcome america events, just tap on the nbc 10 app. take a live look at the ben franklin parkway. we are all wondering if the
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weather is going to hold out for the wawa welcome america festivities this week. let's bring in meteorologist sheena parveen with your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. sheena. >> hey, denise. yeah, i think a couple days this week we will see some showers and thunderstorms, starting with tomorrow, but late in the day and not for everybody, either. right now we're nice and dry, no rain moving in for a majority of the day tomorrow. what we are watching, though, that's pretty far back off to our west. it's this line of showers and storms. could be approaching part of the area as early as tomorrow evening. but look at your day tomorrow, though. we're going to be staying just about dry through the entire day for most of the area. philadelphia planner. 7:00 a.m., 67 degrees. by the afternoon, we are in the 80s and staying on the drier side. pennsylvania suburbs staying dry. mid-60s tomorrow morning, mid-80s by the afternoon. even in the lehigh valley. now, the lehigh valley, more clouds by 4:00 p.m. and the better chance for some evening showers for the lehigh valley. but if you're in new jersey and delaware and along the shore, don't expect the showers tomorrow.
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temperatures will be topping out in the mid-80s through most of new jersey and delaware. upper 70s along the shore. but by tuesday, that's when we have a better chance of showers and thunderstorms, even as we go into wednesday. and there is another chance over your fourth of july weekend. we'll look at that forecast coming up. >> thanks, sheena. the national weather service has issued a flash flood watch for at least 25 west virginia counties tomorrow. heavy rain is possible in many areas already ravaged by last week's floods. 24 people have been killed statewide. and images out of west virginia are haunting. floodwaters are receding, revealing what looks like a ghost town, a muddy mess where there were once homes. >> 43 years of stuff just being thrown out. it's hard. >> we'll work together as a team and try to work something out. i really don't know. you know, the unknown is scary as in the known. >> today, president obama declared a major disaster in the state.
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[ screaming ] a raucous rally turned violent outside the state capitol in california. police say more than 150 antifascists confronted about 25 white supremacists at that rally. the protesters threw pieces of concrete, rocks and smashed the glass at the capitol. ten people were hurt. two have life-threatening stab wounds. >> well, this is crazy. somebody just got stabbed, and it's real. it's a real fight. you know, there's nothing exaggerated about it. >> we shut down the nazis, and in the process of that, you know, they attacked us, but they were not successful in doing that on balance overall. >> the capitol was on lockdown until protesters cleared the area. so far, there have been no arrests. new at 11:00, a bear roaming through a bucks county community has been captured. the animal was spotted in a
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wooded area behind the pennsbury racket and athletic club in morrisville about 3:00 yesterday. police contacted the pennsylvania game commission. they came out and hit the 161-pound bear with a tranquilizer dart and took it away. no one was hurt. a roller coaster runs off its rails and crashes. the accident that left children trapped. and a shake-up in the presidential race. who's pulling away in a new poll. she was living on a prayer and her prayer was answered. how jon bon jovi pulled off a huge surprise on one of his biggest fans in our area.
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an amusement park scare in scotland today. police say 11 people, including 9 children, were injured when a roller coaster crashed. the coaster went off the rails, and a witness said people were trapped upside down on the ride. the park was evacuated, and an investigation is now under way into what caused that roller coaster crash. in "decision 2016," hillary clinton is leading donald trump in a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll, but trump's campaign believes the same voter anger seen in britain last week will have american voters rejecting establishment politics. nbc's jennifer johnson has the
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story. >> reporter: hillary clinton on the offensive, her campaign still criticizing donald trump for promoting his scotland golf course as britons voted to leave the european union, now known as brexit. >> bombastic comments in turbulent times can actually cause more turbulence, and who put the interests of the american people ahead of their personal business interests. >> reporter: but trump's campaign says he's an international businessman who gets things done, why voters like him, and they believe the same anger that led the brits to bolt from the eu is shared by americans who are rejecting the same old politics as usual. >> hillary clinton is the epitome of the establishment. she's been in power for 25 years. >> reporter: clinton's campaign is not letting it go, unveiling a new brexit-related attack ad against trump. >> every president is tested by world events, but donald trump thinks about how his golf resort
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can profit from them. >> when the pound goes down, more people are coming to turnbury. >> the american people care about what is going to happen to their lives, about change. and the issues of brexit, this kind of phony ad doesn't address those things. >> reporter: but clinton's overall message is having an effect. a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll shows her leading trump among voters 46%-41%. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. secretary of state john kerry will visit brussels and london tomorrow as the world grapples with the implications of britain's historic vote to leave the european union. a popular revolt is brewing in the uk over that vote. an online petition calling for a do-over has more than 3 million signatures. and that number continues to grow. meanwhile, scotland's leader is threatening to block the move. the supreme court is set to finish its current term tomorrow by issuing opinions in three
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remaining cases. the first deals with the regulation of texas abortion clinics, while another case deals with a corruption conviction of former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the last case concerns a federal law that seeks to keep guns out of the hands of people convicted of domestic violence. pope francis is calling on the catholic church to seek forgiveness from the gay community for the way they've been treated. the pope told a group of reporters on his plane that the church teaches that gays "should not be discriminated against. they should be respected pastorally." this came up as the pope was asked if he agreed with a german catholic cardinal who said the church should apologize to gays. celebration and sorrow during new york city's pride parade today. crowds lined the city's famed fifth avenue with police
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predicting a large turnover this year, around 2 million people. the parade started with a moment of silence to honor the 49 people killed at pulse nightclub in orlando two weeks ago today. hundreds of local kids were treated to a free concert tonight. pnb rock was the headliner at the hip-hop for philly concert at the truck undero theater. the event is sponsored by the philadelphia fight organization to mark aids education month. new at 11:00, a trip to dinner turned out to be a huge surprise of a lifetime for a new jersey woman battling stage four lung cancer. take a look. the man in the blue, that's jon bon jovi. the singer appeared at carol cesario's table while she ate with her family at bon jovi's
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soul kitchen restaurant in toms river. carol is a lifelong bon jovi fan, and after spending five months in and out of the hospital, carol's daughter wanted to cheer her up. thanks to the power of social media and some help from bon jovi's team, she was able to make her mom's dream of meeting the singer a reality. what a memory for her, something she will never forget, sheena. yeah, absolutely, denise. that's fantastic for her. she's very excited there. well, as we go through this week, we're going to stay warm, just like we did this weekend, but we have some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast, maybe even for part of your fourth of july weekend. also, don't forget, your seven-day's always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. so, we are tracking showers and thunderstorms tomorrow for part of the area, possibly. now, a good example of that would be areas near the lehigh valley or berks county, like reading. morning temperatures around the mid-70s by 9:00 a.m., 80s by the afternoon, but then we could see some late afternoon and evening showers move in for areas like
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reading, but not everyone. not everyone's going to see the rain tomorrow. here's a look at the radar. currently we're nice and dry. we're going to stay like this through most of the day tomorrow. the area of rain that we're watching for tomorrow, and especially as we go into tuesday, that's way back off to our west. so, it's all this wet weather. it's not really going to move in again tomorrow unless you're in parts of the lehigh valley, you'll start to see this. but tuesday is going to be the day you want your umbrella. here's future weather. tonight we stay dry. tomorrow through most of the day, we stay dry and warm again. 12:00 in the afternoon, around lunchtime, we're still dry with clouds moving in from the north and west. and here are the showers i was talking about by 7:00 p.m., mostly north and west of the lehigh valley. some of these could start to move into the lehigh valley, maybe berks, lancaster county, but the rest of the area's staying mostly dry. tuesday morning we could be waking up to showers across the area. they could even linger through the afternoon and even into tuesday night, so we'll be watching this very closely. now we're looking at 11:30 p.m.
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tuesday evening. so, tuesday is going to be the day where you want the umbrella with you. we go into wednesday. we could also see some more scattered showers on wednesday, but then the rest of the week is looking pretty good. neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow. we're still looking at the mid-to-upper 80s. somerton 87 degrees, dublin 85. lehigh valley, expect late-day showers possible there. allentown in the mid-80s tomorrow. haddonfield 86 degrees, galloway township along the shore, 80 degrees. and in delaware, if you're in wilmington, expect mid-80s. and those areas will be staying dry. it's tuesday that we're looking at for the showers and storms, even possibly wednesday. thursday looks dry. friday we could see more showers trying to move in. but then look at your fourth of july weekend. saturday looks good right now. sunday we could certainly have some thunderstorms, especially if you're south of philadelphia. sunday we could see quite a bit of rain there, especially in south jersey and delaware. but by monday, so far, monday for the fourth of july is looking dry and nice and warm. denise? >> thanks, sheena. philadelphia may be home of
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the cheesesteak, but it was all about the burgers in south philadelphia today. the sixth annual burger brawl was held at xfinity live, and nearly 40 contenders took part in this year's event. and for the first time, 12 taco contenders battled it out for top taco in the city. pineville tavern was the judges' pick for top burger. people's choice went to lucky's last chance. lolita and alves took home top taco honors. proceeds from the event go to help fund literacy programs in philadelphia's public elementary schools. time for a midnight snack, right, danny? >> i had my dinner already, but suddenly, the hunger pangs are coming back. i sense a road trip coming. me, you, we've got to get together. >> definitely. >> let's get more coming up here in sports, as we've got details on what happened today with ben simmons, his new teammates and the addition of the number one overall pick. what that means for the sixers. plus, the fighting phils showed plenty of fight in san francisco, coming back time and time again.
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>> announcer: this is "sports desk," brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, danny pommells with you. jake peavy said it best after facing phillies friday night, they have a lot of fight in place of the last out. that was reinforced in the series finale in san francisco, to be sure. aaron nola struggled in the last three starts, so trying to help him settle down on the bump, didn't help. things unraveled for nola in the third. buster posey nearly leaves the yard in run, then off the wall,
11:25 pm
3-1. parker brings home another. 4-1 giants. based juices. nola hits gillespie, forcing another run. he allows four in the inning with ten minute comifour coming. a frog on every lily pad. singles up the middle, brings in two runs to tie the game at 5-5. just like that, how about it? phillies down 6-5 later in the seventh. herrera spanks one. pretty, pretty, pretty solo shot. we're tied again. phillies down 7-6 in the eighth. carlos ruiz singles to score and we're tied at 7-7. look at this, pina with the fly ball to right. peter borges tracking it. can't track it down, though. drops in fair just past his outstretched glove. gillespie comes up next, and that's it, and that's all. sends one down the right field line for the walk-off winner.
11:26 pm
giants win 8-7. that's the good, bad and the ugly. >> they've been a good team, and i think we've been a bit of a thorn in their side this three-game series. it's disappointing to lose, but i'm proud of the way the guys never gave up. >> felt like i wasn't finishing my pitches. i was pulling a lot of balls, which you know, i feel like is unusual. pitches. >> he's a little confused right now, which you know, he's approaching what, his first year in the big leagues, first full year in the big leagues, so he's going to have some adversity. he probably hasn't had any in quite a while, if at all. and you can see his confidence is shaken a bit, but he's smart, and he's a competitor. he'll bounce back at some point. to round ball now. the sixers selected ben simmons, first overall in thursday's nba draft. we've heard plenty from the team, but john clark caught up
11:27 pm
with one of his new teammates to get his perspective. >> nick, when you saw the sixers take ben simmons number one, you gave me a thumb's up. what do you think of this pick? >> i'm excited. there's a lot of hype going around him and comparisons to le ron and what not. those are high expectations to look up to, but when you look at the film, the video of him playing, it's impressive. his athleticism, his playmaking skills, rebounding skills. he's really the whole package, so i'm excited to have him as a new teammate. >> when you look at him, 6'10" and have the ability to pass like he does, and he sees things, does he have the vision of a point guard? >> yes, and it's dangerous. that's what makes lebron so special, the ability to get rebounds, then push the ball up the floor, and not only make plays for yourself, but for your teammates. that's one thing for me as a three-point shooter, i'm excited to have ben pushing the ball up the floor, and hopefully, we can have a pretty good chemistry or connection out there. well, sad news to pass
11:28 pm
along. the temple basketball family is mourning the loss of one of the greatest players to don an owls uniform. howe lear died at age 81 after declining health for some time. he started at overbrook high before shining at north broad street. his jersey was retired three years ago and inducted into the mack hall of fame. he was drafted in the 1966 draft, playing three games during his lone season in the pros. coming up later on nbc 10 news, we've got you covered on the court and in the pool. that's right. someone who has worked closely with ben simmons also dispels the myths about the first overall pick, and a local swimmer takes another step toward rio. that's later on the "nbc 10 news."
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more than a dozen people are recovering tonight after a fire truck and a bus crashed in new york. 12 bus passengers and 5 firefighters were taken to the hospital, but they're expected
11:32 pm
to be okay. investigators say the fire truck was driving to a reported warehouse fire with its emergency lights and sirens on. at the time of the crash. a witness described the chaotic aftermath. >> everything, everybody was coming out of the house and the restaurants, and they were all on top of each other. so, i've never seen anything like that before. >> officials say at least three parked cars were also damaged. ♪ purple rain, purple rain the prince estate case is headed back to a minnesota courtroom tomorrow. a judge will hold a hearing regarding the procedures for determining who stands to inherit part of the rock superstar's fortune. prince died in april of an accidental drug overdose, and no will has been found. he didn't have any known children, but the singer did leave behind a sister and at least five half siblings. the same drug that killed
11:33 pm
prince also injured police officers in our area while they were trying to get it off the streets. we'll break down this growing threat and why it's changing the way police do business. plus, a traffic alert. when one of the area's busiest bridges will be closed off to drivers.
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are you ready for the show? more than a week away, but the party's already starting. thanks for staying with us. i'm denise nakano. wawa welcome america is a celebration here in philadelphia, the birthplace of freedom, and nbc 10 and telemundo are your home for the events, including the spectacular on the ben franklin parkway. lauren meigs tells us what to expect. >> reporter: it starts right here with the flag, the newly restored mural and kicking off eight days that will take you across philadelphia.
11:37 pm
>> we're going through all the details that we need to do to make sure that everything is just perfect for our residents and our visitors. >> reporter: we caught up with welcome america inc. president and ceo jeff waracino for a preview from one of the week's key spots. >> this is the corner of fifth and chestnut in historic philadelphia. this is where our country started, right there across the way. >> reporter: it's also where you can join in a block party around independence hall. he gave us a sneak peek at the plans. >> this starts the block party with the stage, the stage, another stage here. so, it really gives people a chance to move around. >> reporter: and they've also mapped out the celebration for the fourth. a parade and a concert. >> in the lawn, byoc, bring your own chair. here there are seats available. or we have a pet-friendly zone, so if you want to hang out with your dogs or your wawa frisbees, you can do that. >> reporter: the fun started earlier today at franklin square, where wawa is one of the sponsors of this annual big brothers-big sisters picnic. >> new jersey, philadelphia,
11:38 pm
bucks, delaware, chester counties, all coming together to celebrate being part of the big brothers-big sisters family. >> reporter: it's also a chance to get the word out about wawa welcome america. >> this is all just building up to a fantastic fourth of july celebration. >> reporter: it all starts tomorrow right here, just off columbus, the first of eight days expected to draw 500,000 people to celebrate in philadelphia. at penn's landing, i'm lauren meinke, nbc 10 news. >> and now's the time to get ready for wawa welcome america. tap on the nbc 10 app to see the list of events happening throughout the eight-day celebration, beginning tomorrow. and speaking of fireworks, you might have seen an early show in philadelphia. our cameras caught this show in the skies over center city tonight. and it was also a perfect night for some ice cream. nbc 10 was near seventh and washington avenue in center city where dozens of people packed the place at sweet charlie's. so, how will we start the
11:39 pm
workweek? meteorologist sheena parveen has your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast. sheena? >> denise, you and i both know every night is a perfect night for ice cream. it doesn't have to be warm out, even though it is still warm outside right now. we'll begin the week warm and dry, too, but we could see showers tomorrow evening. i don't think it will be for everybody, but the rain we're watching is just off to our west, right around the great lakes. it's moving in this direction, but in the meantime, we're going to stay dry for most of your monday. here's your morning forecast. temperatures by 8:00 a.m., close to 70 degrees for most of the area. we'll see clouds increasing through the day. we'll get into the 80s in the afternoon. and then by 7:00 p.m., this particular model is trying to throw some showers, i think mostly in the lehigh valvalley,t some of them could start to move into the philadelphia area tomorrow evening. better rain chances into your tuesday. i'll show you the timing of that and your fourth of july forecast coming up. new at 11:00, three men are behind bars tonight after what atlantic city police are calling
11:40 pm
a large drug bust. michael buckman, tyrone nelson and abdul allah are facing drug charges. police say officers pulled their car over friday night after it was speeding and nearly hit a bicyclist. now, during that traffic stop, officers found nearly 300 bags of heroin and 17 grams of cocaine inside their car. a powerful drug is so dangerous that police in atlantic county are changing how they do their work. it's called fentanyl, and it's 40 to 50 times more powerful than heroin. police say even touching it or breathing it can be deadly. in atlantic county last year, two detectives were hospitalized after a small amount became airborne during their investigation. the drug enforcement administration is telling officers to wear gloves and masks during drug busts. agents are even trained to give themselves narcan, a drug that can stop an opioid overdose. and the nbc 10 digital team
11:41 pm
spent months on the streets investigating opioid addiction in our area. we spoke with people who struggle with addiction, their families, and people who are trying to change the stigma. the report is called "generation addicted," and it's available right now on the nbc 10 app. a woman and three children were seriously hurt when their car swerved off the pennsylvania cliff and plunged 150 feet. now, police in fayette county say the woman became distracted while going around a bend and swerved to avoid an oncoming vehicle. that's when her suv that you see there plunged off the cliff, hitting several trees before landing and then flipping over. three girls ages 10, 12 and 13, were also in that vehicle. none were wearing seatbelts. tomorrow, pennsylvania lawmakers will return to harrisburg, and it appears they will not have a budget before the new fiscal year begins in four days. democratic governor tom wolf and leaders of the
11:42 pm
republican-controlled legislature have reported no agreements on spending or how to pay for it. and they haven't unveiled a bipartisan budget package. state leaders are negotiating behind closed doors. a traffic alert for anyone who takes the walt whitman bridge. you can expect closures beginning tomorrow on the bridge. at 9:00 p.m., traffic will be reduced to two lanes in each direction. and then between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m., there will be ebl periodic closures f 20-minute intervals. these closures will last through thursday. it's all part of a $56 million painting project. well, they call it the curse of billy penn. philly sports teams doomed, thanks to the man on the top of city hall. we beat that curse eight years ago. and what's happening to make sure it doesn't come back again.
11:43 pm
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11:45 pm
here's a live look at philadelphia's newest skyscraper, the comcast innovation and technology center. and when it's finished, it will be the tallest building in the city. and that calls into question a decades-old curse in philadelphia. if you're a sports fan in this city, you have no doubt heard of the curse of billy penn. and for many people, the height of the new comcast tower could mean trouble for philadelphia sports teams. nbc 10's keith jones shows us what's being done about it. >> reporter: what if i told you this bronze statue of william penn, the quaker who founded pennsylvania, holds a curse that's undeniably hurt philly sports teams? ♪ >> standing at 37 feet tall, weighing a whopping 53,000 pounds. >> reporter: billy penn proudly stands atop city hall. at the turn of the 20th century, this was the tallest habitable building in the world. in fact, billy penn stood taller than any building in philly for nearly a century.
11:46 pm
he watched wilt chamberlain and the 76ers win it all in 1967. >> the flyers win the stanley cup! >> the flyers won back-to-back stanley cups in '74 and '75. the phils won the 1980 world series against the kansas city royals. and in '83 -- ♪ 76ers dr. j. dominated the nba finals. then a curse. almost 400 feet over that billy penn's hat and sam worked on that building. >> when the sports teams sort of took a downfall all at once, they thought maybe there's something here about that. >> reporter: the flyers lost in '87 and '97, the phils out in '83, the sixers done in '01, the eagles beaten in '05. >> when they built the comcast center there was certainly a move that hey, we have got to try to break this curse.
11:47 pm
>> and this was their answer, a 5 1/4-inch statuette, affixed to the comcast center in 2007. less than a year later -- >> world champions of baseball! >> reporter: -- the phils won the world series, lifting the decades-old curse. but now there's a new sky scrape in town, and it's going to be even taller. all right, philly sports fans, this is important. they're going to take lily penn and move him across, you can see on sky force ten, to the new comcast innovation and technology center. it's not tall enough yet, but we have confirmed it will happen and there will be a ceremony. >> we're not responsible for that part of that. building ownership takes care of that part. >> at the comcast technology and information center, keith joebz, nbc 10 news. >> tune in tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 5:00. keith jones will have another behind-the-scenes look at philly's newest landmark rising in the center city skyline. and that skyline saw a lot of
11:48 pm
sunshine today. but sheena, you're tracking rain for our workweek. yes, i am, denise, part of the workweek, another the entire thing. some of it will move in late in the day tomorrow, but not for everybody. here's the radar. we're nice and dry right now. the rain is back to our west, so this will start to move in i think later evening tomorrow. the best chance looks like the lehigh valley. also, your seven-day forecast is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you. first headline for tomorrow. we have sunshine and late showers, but not for everyone. here's your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow afternoon. 88 for the high temperature around reading with late-day showers. 85 benchmark bethlehem, 86 eastin. in the pennsylvania suburbs, 85 degrees west chester. philadelphia area coming in around 87, 86 degrees mt. airy. and trenton 87 degrees, haddonfield coming in at 86 degrees. closer to the shore, will be right around 77 at the shore. galloway township, expect a
11:49 pm
temperature right around 80 degrees there. and if you're in delaware, temperatures mostly in the mid-80s. 86 in wilmington, 85 degrees in dover. so, tomorrow, mostly dry day. tuesday we have early rain. some of this could be around for the morning commute. and then we could even see some thunderstorms with that. fourth of july weekend. it is going to be hot, but we could be looking at showers and storms, especially right in the middle of your fourth of july weekend. i'll show you that forecast in just a second. right now, we're going to nice and dry through the overnight hours, even leading into your morning. a warm start to the day and a warm afternoon. this is 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. notice the showers and storms right at the top of the screen here approaching the lehigh valley by 7:30, so i think that is going to be the best chance for any late-day showers, right around the lehigh valley, trying to move overnight and here for the morning commute on tuesday. i think we'll see some showers around for the morning drive and even through the afternoon, kind of scattered in nature. can't rule out some thunderstorms. and then we go into early wednesday. this is midnight into wednesday.
11:50 pm
we'll see some showers still. and we're not out of the woods just for wednesday afternoon. i think we could still see some pop-up showers or thunderstorms. so, looking at the next ten days, tomorrow mostly dry. tuesday, thunderstorms in the forecast. we could see some lingering wednesday. thursday looks dry. friday we could still see some showers around, temperature around 87 degrees leading into your fourth of july weekend. right now saturday looks nice and dry, upper 80s. by sunday, though, we're going to watch that very closely. a lot of the computer models are putting quite a bit of rain over the area sunday, mostly south jersey and delaware for the longest period of time, could see quite a few thunderstorms in there. but monday for the fourth of duyt july and the fireworks, right now it looks sunny and dry, mid-80s. well, crews are using cadaver dogs, looking for casualties from a devastating wildfire in central california. it is the state's deadliest and most destructive fire this year, scorching more than 36,000 acres 200 homes and buildings are gone. at least two people are dead and
11:51 pm
hundreds are now left with nothing. >> i lost everything i owned. literally everything i own. >> my mom is okay. my mom is okay. my brother lost everything, but my mom's okay. >> in the midst of the devastation, crews made a surprising discovery today. a firefighter found this kitten in the rubble of a house. the animal was alive, and surprisingly, relatively unharmed. in university city today, a celebration of life and family. the 20th annual fetal surgery family reunion was held at children's hospital of philadelphia. 1,700 people were in attendance. and this year's reunion was carnival-themed, complete with a carousel and games to play. nearly all of the 350 children were diagnosed while in the womb with some type of birth defect. and from families to food trucks. the world mission society church of god hosted the fox chase food truck festival today in
11:52 pm
jenkintown. proceeds from the festival go toward the montgomery county summer food service program, and this year's fund-raising goal, $50,000. some of the fittest athletes around descended on philadelphia this morning for an annual test of endurance. competed in the tri-rock philadelphia triathlon. the athletes started with a kilometer and a half swim. then it was on the bike for another 40 kilometers, finished off by a 10k run. spencer popeson won the men's race and pennsylvania native cecelia claimed a win for the women. hey, danny. >> hey, denise, how are you? coming up in sports, how ben making big splashes soon. i don't know if you can call it a fight, but there was a racing scuffle on the track yesterday. we'll show you what went down there.
11:53 pm
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
hey, they're normally fighting for position on the track in the nascar truck series, but saturday, john west townley and spencer gallagher, they just fought, sort of. sweep the leg. sweep the leg! ddt! ah! i don't know what's going on here. this is just awful. but to watch, though. everybody was okay, trust me. and more from the weird world of sports yesterday. check this out. a fly ball to left field in the mariners/cardinals game. it's hard enough to focus without an uninvited guest running behind you, but seth smith made the not-so-routine catch and the fan was apprehended for running on the field. don't know their boundaries sometimes, but we're here to set people straight. in the weeks leading up to the sixers making ben simmons just the third number one pick in the history of their franchise, there were questions, specifically surrounding a supposed unwillingness to work out for the sixers or anyone else for that matter. behind the scenes, simmons and
11:56 pm
his agency were honing his skills. we caught up with a local player development coach who had a firsthand look at what makes simmons tick. >> see you soon. >> reporter: ben simmons had reason to smile on draft night. he had realized a life's goal as the top pick. but upon his arrival to philly friday, the media spotlight awaited. >> i got a lot of pressure, but i'm kind of used to it. i'm looking forward to getting to work. as long as i work hard, i think that's all i can ask of myself. >> reporter: simmons' only predraft workout came two days before the draft to sixers blass, but two weeks earlier, he had been working in cleveland with clutch sports, his agency. among those who got a firsthand clark. >> i seen him up close. he can put the ball in the basket. >> reporter: after attempting just three 3-pointers in college, many worried about simmons' jump shot. >> a lot of people knock on him, saying he couldn't shoot, which i find unable, because sometimes
11:57 pm
in a gym, making him shoot 25 at the end of practice and i've seen him shoot 25 to 40 from nba range. >> reporter: at the contest, he was very impressive but not immune to critiques.'s asse assessment of the draft players says "there is no denying he has a big sense of self- self-entitlement." >> absolutely not. he's get a good head on his shoulders. his father's a professional. he's played for brown, so that familiarity is already there. i just think from high school to lsu to now, he's carried himself in a professional manner, so i think he's going to be great here. >> reporter: and as for questions of entitlement -- >> i think he kind of got a bad knock out there at lsu, but he works hard. he came in the gym every morning and worked hard. we did sometimes two-a-days. he's ready to go.
11:58 pm
he's a professional already. now to the olympic trials where america's very best are competing with dreams of reaching rio for the summer games. among those, the pride of mt. holly, new jersey, kelsi wuerl, who won her semifinal heat easily with a time of 57.12. the top two swimmers in tomorrow's final will go to the olympics. for her part, we all refuse to look too far ahead on her path toward rio. >> a little bit. i won't lie. but before i can really dream that, i need to focus on trials first. i haven't gotten to the rio olympics. so, i think my coaches really emphasize stay where your feet are, one step at a time. >> we caught up with wuerl at her mt. laurel ymca a month ago trying to reach rio. her quest to be an olympian continues here live on nbc 10 tomorrow night. that's your look at sports. we'll be right back. okay, ready?
11:59 pm
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coming up on "in depth," chad johnson ochocinco reflects on his touchdown antics and offers a candid look at life after the nfl. here's graham bennisinger. >> reporter: this week, we travel to miami to spend the day with nfl great chad johnson. the former wide receiver opens up about his career ending after his domestic violence arrest and takes us to the liberty city projects where he grew up. >> i had an entire area that made me an out cast, almost, in
12:02 am
a sense. >> reporter: and why you? >> because of the football. they could see i was something special. >> reporter: plus, he surprises a fan with one of his famous video game challenges. all that's coming up next on "in depth," right here on nbc 10. >> and a final look at the weather with sheena parveen. and not a washout this week, but some. yeah, not a washout, but we have showers in the forecast, mostly for tuesday, possibly wednesday. thursday looks good. we're still watching friday's rain chance. saturday looks dry. sunday we could see quite a bit of some rain across the area. we're going to keep you updated on that of july forecast as we get closer. but for monday, for the fourth of july, so far it does look dry and in the mid-80s. but through the rest of the week, we'll have more updates for you on that all-important july 4th weekend forecast. >> you'll keep us updated. that's "nbc 10 news" for now. for sheena, danny and everybody else here, i'm denise knack nak.
12:03 am
have a great weekend and even better monday.
12:04 am
12:05 am
>> in the short time i did spend in there, i knew i wouldn't play again. the magnitude of the mistake i made, no team was going to deal with the backlash from that, especially with a high-profile player coming back. it wasn't happening. chad johnson, former bengals star and one of the top nfl receivers of his era -- >> i had fun playing the game of football. i made it fun to be a bengal fan again. >> reporter: while he took the lead by storm with his show-boat attitude and record-shattering play, the man once known as ocho sinco found himself at odds with the organization he had come to love. >> i never knew what it felt


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