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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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learned he should not have been a free man on friday when officer christopher dorman was shot. we'll have more on our investigation coming up in just a minute, but first nbc 10's keith jones is here now with more on the officer's extraordinary day. keith? >> reporter: officer dorman, the hero of delaware county came home from the hospital and few wouldn't even guess the 25-year-old officer would make such a quick recovery. today he was greeted by friends, fellow officers and, of course, his family. age escort of squad cars followed dorman from the hospital to the folcroft fire department where he's volunteered since he was 16 years old. he and his parents were overwhelmed by the crowds of people cheering and waving flags. he's not talking about the shooting, but he's talking about getting back on the job as soon as he can. >> i would like to say thank you for everybody for being there
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for me and my family and fellow brothers and the blue tradition. everybody that supports me a lot, appreciate it. >> reporter: his parents say they support his son's decision to get back to work as a police officer. they say helping people is just who he is. and as you can see, one of the bullets hit dorman in the face, and we're told by his family that he's expected to have more surgery but for now everyone is just thrilled to have him home and we're here at nbc 10. reporting live, keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> and the officer's accused shooters are back behind bars as we mentioned but investigators learned he should not have been a free man on friday when officer dorman was shot. the nbc 10 investigators learned the judge issued a warrant for a violation of probation. george spencer found somehow he remained free until he allegedly shot officer dorman last week.
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>> reporter: are you sorry for what you did? >> walking in hand calms dante eiland no longer a wanted man. a judge issued a warrant for his arrest nine months ago and the u.s. marshal's service never captured him and court papers showed they had his home address which was only steps from where the shooting occurred. delaware county district attorney jack weighland says prioritizing which wanted criminal to search for first is generally a judgment call. >> it's usually up to the discretion of the individual, probation, parole department and their supervisors. >> state court records show a series of drug dealing and possession arrests starting in 2001 and then in 2005 a judge sentenced him to nine years for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon followed by three years of supervised release, and that is where more problems began. late last june eiland told his
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probation officer he would be moving from this usher darby home to where the shooting occurred and he ceased reporting as instructed by this officer on july 17, 2015. after six weeks of address visit, phone calls and e-mails, on september 18th of last year his probation officer told the judge, quote, mr. island's current whereabouts are unknown. the judge issued a warrant just three days later, but when we asked about the nine-month delay today, the u.s. marshal service said, quote, this warrant was one of approximately 1,000 active federal, state and local warrants currently in our case load. we can't discuss the specifics surrounding this case due to the ongoing investigation. we found other red flags, too, months old. island's probation conditions prohibited the use of any controlled substance but court records say he failed 11 drug tests during his probation and,
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quote, mr. island reports that he uses marijuana to cope with stress. island was also required to complete a drug treatment program, but he missed so many appointments by last summer, even his drug treatment provider was fed up. the d.a. says warrants like island's are often held in the system until the suspect's next encounters police for say a traffic violation or other similar u.n.-in. >> generally if we're non-reporting violations these types of issues, generally they are not spend sending out teams to try to kick down doors, apprehend them, forcibly arrest them on these types of issues. >> reporter: unfortunately in this case island's next encounter with police was with officer dorman. >> nbc 10's george spencer reporting. turning now to our weather. radar tracking some changes. can you expect the return of rain and maybe even some thunderstorms tomorrow, but earlier today a different story.
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it was dry and sunny as some folks here are enjoying the sunshine and kids playing here in franklin square, so let's get a check of your neighborhood forecast for nbc 10 chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. glenn, when can we expect the rain to start moving? >> in philadelphia it's already starting to move in and already clearing out in the lehigh valley and in other areas it's never going to reach. you can see it's a line, but this southern portion is just totally falling apart, and that's the portion that's moving into delaware, so in delaware you're not going to get much of anything, now in philadelphia it's a different story. we do have some rain that's come down. there's the pennsylvania turnpike so we're definitely into the city limits. potstown just getting past it and allentown just starting to clear out and bucks county here, fairly well covered with some rain from rich land to buckingham to north hampton and all the way down to ben salem and just about to get it and in
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northeast philly. there's glenside and abbington and norristown and westchester is in it and it's just about to get into philadelphia, but it's weakening and look how weak it is in delaware. it's not going to be so weak tomorrow. we'll talk more about the timing that have and the holiday weekend in a few minutes. >> okay, glenn. >> the nbc 10 weather team will continue to track the changes to your forecast, but you can get updates on your neighborhood weather any time on the nbc 10 app. >> to decision 2016 now, a new poll, new nbc news poll released within the past 45 minutes gives us better insight into how unpopular the candidates r.take a look at this. the poll found 52% of republicans say they would have preferred a candidate other than donald trump to be the nominee and on the democratic side 45% of democrats say they would prefer someone other than hillary clinton. the poll shows clinton leading trump right now overall by about five points.
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meantime, another 165 pages of e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state have surfaced and that includes dozens sent through her private server that clinton did not hand over last year. these were released under court order by the state department to a conservative legal advocacy group, and today clinton hit the campaign trail in ohio with massachusetts senator elizabeth warren right there. the senator attacking donald trump over his 2007 comments about the impending housing market crash. >> what kind of a man roots for people to lose their jobs, to lose their homes, to lose their life savings? i'll tell you what kind of a man. a small insecure money grubber who fights for no one but himself! >> trump respond by attacking the duo. he called warren one of the least productive senators and the presumptive republican nominee is headed to the keystone state tomorrow, but he won't be in our area. trump is set to give a speech on
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trade at the alumi company headquarters. a school employee is facing charges tonight after police say he had a sexual relationship with a teen student. marcus forte is being held at a montgomery county prison. nbc 10's brandon hudson has that story. >> reporter: the montgomery county district attorney's office just told us that the 40-year-old man was arrested today. we've got a look at the criminal complaint which says some of the inappropriate touching between the 40-year-old man and 13-year-old student happened in his office at this school. upper gywneth police arrested this man, marcus forte who worked in the i.t. department. we've reached out to the school to see if he's still employed. these allegations go back to the fall of last year. the young girl told her therapist forte touched and kissed her at least six times in
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his office at the academy and forte was referred in a number of inappropriate text and facebook messages. he tried to make out and inappropriately touch the teenager. paperwork say when he met with police he denied the claims he touched her but then said he did accidentally. police say forte knew the 14-year-old girl and her mother. the d.a.'s office does not believe there are any other victims. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. now is your chance to live like a princess right here in philadelphia for a cool million dollars. this house is one of the very own princess grace. sky force 10 is above the six-bedroom two and a half story colonial that's on the market for $1 is million. the structure is designated at a
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pennsylvania historic landmark. kelly grew up in philadelphia and later left for hollywood where she became an os robert kardashian winning actress and became the princess of monaco in 1955 after marrying prince rainier iii. she died in a car crash in monaco back in 1982. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00" looked like a scene out of the movie "jaws" and happened a century ago at the jersey shore. how people are remembering a shark attack that shaped history. kim? >> and one right from right this second the parkway will be packed for the wawa welcome america festival. when we come back we'll tell you about the many, many events you can enjoy leading up to next monday. >> i'll have the forecast for that. i'm tracking the return of rain, too. i'll tell you when we can see this wet weather in my first alert neighborhood forecast. >> hurricane, i know you love this guy, one of the all-time flyers' greats finally gets his call to the hall. we'll hear from eric lindros as
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he gets elected to the hockey hall of fame. that is in ten minutes.
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fourth of july isn't quite here yet, but that didn't stop the celebration from getting under way today with the kickoff of wawa welcome america. live look right here at the ben
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franklin parkway where crews are already setting up the stage for the july fourth concert and fireworks. day is day one of eight days of fun and free events, and you can find everything that's going on at the bottom of your screen. nbc 10's tim furlong has been checking out today's activity. he's joining us live on the parkway. tim, a lot of action out there already. >> reporter: a lot of activity and equipment. this truck just pulled up here. all stuff that's going to be used to make the stage over here in front of the art museum. a lot of work to do and if you want a look at some of the fun times this week we have a lot of stuff that you will need to hear. ♪ the dancers kicked it all off, a lunchtime wawa welcome america ticket handout at liberty place, the city's eight-day party. it's now under way. >> there's so many people that live here always and have never been to a welcome america event, and this is the year, if any year, that they should come out and experience the events with their families. >> reporter: today at the ben franklin museum let you in for free and other museums will follow suit throughout the week.
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♪ today we also had the rededication of the huge mural arts flag on the side of the building along columbus boulevard painted right after 9/11. the artist has restored it and preserved it so we'll have it here for decades and many folks are looking most forward to the concert and fireworks on the parkway a week from tonight. >> this is a great picnic for philadelphia. it's a great way to put it >> reporter: o.j.'s among the headliners at the concert on monday. >> yeah. >> dr. jam. >> that's my jam. >> reporter: and the show will start at 5:00. why so much earlier than past years, because monday is a work night for many people and earlier concert and fireworks means you can get back home and get the kids to bed a little earlier. throw in the fact all street parking will be free monday and you've pretty much run out of excuses not to be here. >> this is a giant invitation for people from philadelphia, delaware, new jersey to come to the coast and have fun and bring friends and relatives. >> reporter: crowds starting to roll in at the museum and in franklin square in 45 minutes
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the franklin institute will have free activities and a free outdoor screening tonight of "finding nemo." if you have the nbc 10 app on your phone or tablet you would already know this and wouldn't need me. this is your handy dandy guide to all things family fun, philly on the fourth. that's pretty good. keep going with that if you want. live on the parkway, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> 5:00 for the start. >> 5:00. >> 5:00 with a "ph. request the request. >> the thanks, tim. in case you don't have that app open, a look at the events you can attend tonight. 7:00 go forth and learn about science at the franklin square and there will be live demonstrations and interactive demonstrations for the whole family to enjoy and at 8:30 a free screening of "finding nemo." just tap the nbc 10 app, nbc 10 the official sponsor of wawa welcome america. from our jersey shore bureau
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this summer marks 100 years since the first deadly shark attack along the jersey coast. that attack helped spark a century's worth of awareness and appreciation for sharks. on july 1st, 1916 a shark killed a man in beach haven ocean county and did not end there. in what became known as 12 days of terror four more people were killed and a fifth was hurt. the new jersey maritime mousse yurm has as collection of articles and artifacts from that time. the attacks brought a new level of awareness about sharks in the ocean. >> it caused a panic along the whole jersey shore to the point that the governor -- that they had considered fencing in all the swimming areas. >> it's long been believed that the attack spree inspired the book and movie "jaws" although the author has repeatedly denied
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that. >> and, of course, they probably needed a bigger boat. we don't need any kind of precautions tonight to get off the waters. there's no strong thunderstorms around. gusty thunderstorms. it's cloudy. there's some rain approaching preaching the area, but that's about it. tomorrow is a different story. now we do have some rain. you can see part of it is coming to philadelphia. it's really broken up in delaware and it's already cleared up in much of burks county and the lehigh valley, but we continue to see some of it approaching philadelphia itself. northern suburbs, just north of norristown and getting a little bit heavier rain. the leading edge right near center city philadelphia right now and mostly on the lighter side. abbington in it, warrington and new town and cherry hill just about to get a little bit of rain out of it. future cast showing that this continues to weaken as we go through the evening. and so we're not expecting a
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whole lot during the night tonight unless you're down towards new jersey and southern new jersey, but tomorrow it's a different story as we start in the morning. you can see the yellows and reds already indicating potential showers and storms and some of that is on the heavier side, and, of course, it really peaks later into the afternoon and evening hours with the heat of the day. look at that. a potential line of storms coming through during the late afternoon and early evening hours tomorrow. the temperature really knocked down by these showers as we go into northern suburbs. west cowen 70 degrees and well into the 80s earlier and a similar story in bedminister at 75 and while, of course, it's much warmer closer to philadelphia where the rain has just started. now, as we go into the holiday here, of all the showers and
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storms tomorrow, that's the wettest day of the rest of the week. wednesday and thursday looking generally pretty dry. friday we could be in a shower or storm with a weak front. not too much rain. saturday hot and humid and, again, right now, sunday, it's looking like we could see some showers or thunderstorms, but most of the models do push everything out and give us a dry but warm, not too humid fourth of july itself. >> i'm john clark. we're going to hear from eric lindros on getting elected to the hockey hall of fame. phillies are ready for run of the vince velazquez and one of the coaches thinks one of its big men will be traded. that's next.
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hey, i'm john clark from comcost sportsnet. a hall of fame year for philly sports fans. allen iverson going into the basketball hall of fame in september and eric lindros today got the call to the hall to go into the hockey hall of name since november. hasn't stopped smiling. one of the most dominating hockey players in the '90s, mvp in '95 and led the flyers to the stanley cup final in '97 and for his career he averaged over a point per game and he changed the game, but his career ended because of concussions, and he had that bitter feud with the flyers. i asked eric about his memories of philly. >> the fans of philadelphia are very passionate, extremely passionate, and they know their hockey. it's not your typical american city when it comes to -- when it comes to hockey, and as far as sports go in that town sports are it.
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it's a wonderful place to -- to play pro sports. >> clearly one of the most dominant players in the league at the time and probably one of the most dominant ever for that period of time. he was -- he was a terrific player. >> former flyers coach pat quinn in as well. phillies continue their nine-game road strip starting a series in arizona against the diamondbacks and vince velazquez is back. latt of the time we saw him two and a half weeks ago and left after throwing a couple of pitches with a biceps sprain. he went on a rehab start and is now ready to return which means morgan goes to the bull pen. >> we'll get a look at him in that role for the time being which doesn't mean he'll never start again for us, but at this point we want to give it a look to see if he can pitch out of the bull pen. >> awesome opportunity and looking forward to taking advantage of it and doing whatever the team needs me to do. >> sixers coach brett brown would be surprised if the team
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goes into the season with all the big men and tells wip today we have to find a balanced team. finally, how cool are summer camps when you can learn from your favorite nba players. how about playing a star one-on-one. watch james harden. watch the ball closely. where did it go? the kid has no idea. he flipped it over the kid's head and look at the kid's reaction. he's still defending and that's good defense. that's awesome. i'm john clark. we're back right after this. ♪ maybe almond breeze tastes so good because it's the only almondmilk made with california-grown blue diamond almonds. ♪ of course, if you ask one of our almond growers... there's no maybe about it.
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♪ almond breeze. the best almonds make the best almondmilk. proud sponsor of usa volleyball.
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after a great weekend, a couple storms, it's going to be all right, right? >> yeah, dry weather most of the day. a few showers coming in now. we got more tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be the wettest and stormiest day of the week. as you can see, temperatures are getting well into the 80s and a little bit of sunshine here and there, but also at least one if not more rounds of showers and thunderstorms and then we start to see some improvement as we go through wednesday and thursday
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setting us up for, of course, that important weekend. >> updates on the nbc 10 app. that's our news at 6:00. thanks for joining us. "nightly news" is next. tonight, landmark abortion ruling. the supreme court strikes down restrictions that led to many clinics closing. major ramifications across the country. joining forces, clinton and warren teaming up, unloading on trump like never before. consumer alert. late word of a massive ikea recall. 29 million dressers sold for decades, a potential danger for children. and have you ever had the urge to smash everything


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