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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  June 29, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> i'm tracy davidson. wednesday morning, 5:00. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. there's clouds, fog the last time we checked. the rain is out of here? >> the rain is done. the storms have ended. look at the clouds moving out. philadelphia, that's a live view from center city. no showers, no fog there. there are some areas of fog. you can see the fog and low clouds in the suburbs. bala cynwyd, pennsylvania, low clouds. some areas seeing thick fog. it is spotty. allentown, half a mile. visibility, dropped to a mile and a half in quakertown. blue bell is under one mile of visibility. a bit of fog. it's thickest in central new jersey, closer to the shore, tom's river is at quarter mile visibility and we're seeing some light fog in millville now. that visibility has dropped to just under two miles. that's to start with. the fog will not last very long. the temperatures will be warming up, we're in the 60s right now. you can see the fog in the lehigh valley, too, that's the view from easton. look at the sunshine that's going to take over.
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when we warm from the 60s into the low 70s, the fog will disappear and that's in the clear then for the rest of the day. cleared for a warmup into the 80s. the humidity will be dropping and we'll see a westerly or northwesterly wind. it's going to be even warm at the shore. 81 degrees this afternoon. we'll go through the forecast hour by hour. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. >> thanks, bill. we're watching the vine street expressway. construction cleared actually a little bit earlier than scheduled this morning. this is right around 24th street. westbound, eastbound, center city is in the background looking nice. no problem if you're headed eastbound towards 95 or westbound towards the schuylkill expressway so far this morning. again, all of that construction cleared. that accident over on the schuylkill expressway right around girard avenue has clear as well. just checking in with the drive times, they're way back down and back to normal. no big problems or delays because of that cleared accident. 11 minutes westbound from the vine street expressway in center city to the blue route. speeds back up into the 60s.
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vai and tracy? >> jessica, thank you. stabbed and robbed while doing his job. that's what happened to a cab driver in camden county. he's now at cooper university hospital. that's where nbc 10's katy zachry is live for us this morning. the manager of the cap company tells us it wasç strangers who came to rescue the driver. tell us how this unfolded. >> those strangers quickly, vai, became good samaritans when one of them put the injured cab driver in her suv and brought him here to cooper university hospital. i talked to family members of the injured driver they were leaving the hospital because they received good news from the doctors. they say their brother, their relative inside is going to be okay. in the last few hours he was upgraded from critical to stable condition. they got more specific with his injuries. he was stabbed seven times by the man in the back of his cab. he was stabbed in the right shoulder. but, again, he will be okay. take a look at this video.
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here's the cab he was driving just before midnight when he picked up a fare outside a 7-eleven convenience store in east camden. the man asked to be dropped off at a public housing project across town. when the driver pulled up in the public housing neighborhood, the man in the back demanded the driver's money and then things turned violent. >> he was giving him the money but he didn't pay attention to the money. he all of a sudden started stabbing my brother. my brother crashed into another car. the neighbors start coming out and tried to help my brother. >> and, again, those neighbors rushed to the aid of the injured cab driver and one of them, a woman, put him in the back of her suv and brought him here to cooper university hospital. family publicly asked me to thank that woman. they're trying to connect with them woman.
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jose for tunfortuna also drives the whole family, work for five star cab company. it's a family business. jose says what they do, the drivers try and bypass people on the street who randomly hail a cab. instead, they prefer to pick up people who call into dispatch and ask to be picked up at a specific location. that's one thing they do to stay safe in the overnight hours. reporting live in camden, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. 5:04. now to the terror in turkey. this morning, the istanbul airport is back open after a deadly terror attack. here's what we know. the united states is offering help to turkey to investigate the suicide attack. homeland security officials are looking at vulnerabilities at airports and other public places in the u.s. as the july fourth holiday approaches. the blast at the istanbul airport claimed 36 lives and injured dozens of others. turkey's prime minister says so far, all indications point to
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isis to blame for the attack. the airport kboming is sending shock waves through the turkish community in philadelphia. nbc 10 spoke to someone who has family in istanbul. he says his family are heart broken. he moved to philadelphia from istanbul just last week. he says he used the airport that was attacked. >> the one who has been killed by the bombs could be my family as well. could be my daughter. could be my wife. could be myself. >> ahead in our next half hour, hear how the presidential candidates are reacting to the violence and stay with nbc 10 and the nbc 10 app as we get new information about the terror attacks and the victims. the stepped up fight to find a cure for cancer ramps up. vice president joe biden willç address the organization.
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a possible july fourth strike at casinos could spoil plans for people planning to head to atlantic city for the holiday. >> talks are scheduled to continue today. but the president of unite here local 54 said yesterday a strike on friday is, quote, likely against at least one of the five gaming halls if they can't agree on a new labor contract. the union represents more than 6,000 workers at harrah's, bali's, caesars, tropicana and trump taj mahal. union members received strike i.d. cards and signed up for picket lines at the headquarters of local 54 yesterday. >> i'm hoping something comes to a resolution. if not, i'm more than ready to go out. >> the union wants higher pay for workers and the return of benefits the union gave up a few years ago when casinos were in worse financial shape. legendary former eagles
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coach buddy ryan is gone but his legacy lives on. he died yesterday at the age of 85. here's a look at the cover of this morning's "daily news," paying tribute to ryan. the headline reads "our buddy, our pal." . he won the super bowl with the bears, he became head coach of the eagles, taking them to playoffs in three of his five seasons in philly. i had a chance to talk to randall cunningham from las vegas. he spoke about the special connection he had with his former head coach. >> i had a coach who didn't care what everybody else thought. he was more concerned about us as his children. >> buddy is a blue collar guy i thought everybody could relate to. he could be like your uncle or, you know, that uncle ned that everybody talks about, buddy ryan cowl be that guy.
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>> he was the bombment of what we referred to as 700 level fans. he was, in three wards, in your face. >> ryan is survived by his twin sons. switching gears, the eight-day wawa welcome america festival is in full swing in philadelphia as we count down to the city's fourth of july celebration on monday. >> here's a look at today's wawa welcome america calendar. you can train like the italian stallion on the steps of the art museum. at 2:00 it's go forth and read. head to any branch of the free library of philadelphia for a citywide reading and there's a free book giveaway for the first 100 churn at each library. at 7:00, catch a screening of "rocky" at the art museum. last night, families enjoyed the good dinosaur at exfenty live, along with snacks and
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other fun activities. the pearlman theater hosted a special early screening of the legend of tarzan. for a complete calendar of wawa welcome america events, including monday's concert that begins at -- >> 5:00! >> thank you very much. >> don't miss it. >> 5:00! >> thank you very much. tap the nbc 10 app. nbc 10 is the official media sponsor of the festival. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nine minutes after 5:00. we have some lingering clouds and a little bit of fog thisç morning. this is a view from cape may marina. no sign of fog there. the fog, the clouds won't last. clearing out, clearing skies. as the skies clear, the humidity drops in afternoon. it will be a big warmup. this evening, clear and pleasant, dropping into the 70s. right now, 60s and 70s. low 60s in the suburbs. lehigh valley 64 degrees.
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this is where you're more likely to see fog this morning. at the shore, a couple sprinkles this morning. the big storms are long gone, in the 70s right now, warming into the upper 70s and low 80s, even at the shore this afternoon. there go the last few sprinkles moving past sea isle city. clouds will move out, sunshine takes over. wind coming out of the northwest will make for a pleasant afternoon. for philadelphia, the suburbs, the lehigh valley, sunshine will be nice and bright. warming into the 80s for each of these locations. delaware, sunny skies and 80 by noontime. new jersey will warm into the 80s and even the shore thanks to the winds coming out of the northwest. lots to enjoy about today. there is some wet weather before we get to the big holiday weekend. i'll show you the timing of that when i'm back in ten minutes. 5:10 this wednesday morning. we should check our messaging and see if jessica remembers
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what time the wawa welcome america event begins on fourth of july. >> it's 10 after 5:00. i'm not sure she's awake enough to know. >> i was getting help in my ear, too. people have my back. >> the producers never let us fail. >> they'll help me the whole time, vai. i'm not on my own here. that's a good thing. i actually didn't know the answer to that. i'm working. i'm busy. >> 5:00! >> i'm watching 422 for everyone around trooper road. no big problems or delays eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill expressway, eight-minute trip there. the eastbound drive time not really affecting anything yet. no backups under trooper road either. lower moreland township on pine road and welsh road, here's route 73 around the new jersey turnpike in mt. laurel. we'll check in with area bridges when i come back. a billion dollars that's supposed to help fight the zika
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virus nationwide is now in limbo. why democratic lawmakers are blaming republicans for holding the bill. and the new piece of technology that's letting parents see their premature newborn even if they're miles away.
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if you're a parent, you know how hard it is to leave your babies behind with a caregiver or a day care. even in the hospital.
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now there's a way to keep on eye on them 24/7. matt delucia is showing us this eye in the sky bringing relief to new moms and dads. matt? >> this hospital just got a $5,000 donation yesterday to add a couple of cameras and in return, take away some separation anxiety. >> tiring. >> reporter: emily mcnichol just brought her son colin home. he was born in april. he spent 180 days in the nicu. >> very difficult to leave the hospital without them. to have that option to be able to see them anytime you want when you can't be there is fantastic. >> that option is this. an angel eye camera that hovers over the newborn, a sort of baby monitor at the hospital when parents can't be there 24/7. >> i was using my phone, the tablet. i was using the computer, anything, anytime. >> reporter: emily was one of the first to use the camera at
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holy redeemer, just hours after it went up and running, thanks in part to kelly gallagher, her superhero project got the funding to install 15 cameras at the hospital, something she wishes she had. >> the camera idea came from a google search that i had found that i realized would change a lot of lives. it was the one thing i thought was missing from my experience. >> reporter: soon she started getting donations online, then in person. and kelly's day job as a teacher is quickly giving way to a path she never expected. >> slowly coming into hospitals. i think in 10, 15 years it will be the standard base of care. when hospitals make the commitment to realize family-based care it's not just mom, dad, it's the entire family, these cameras are going to change the way health care is served. >> reporter: only a few hospitals in our area even have anything like this. and the hope is to change that very quickly. live in langhorne this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 çnews.
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if you think the king of prussia mall is massive now, just wait. it's getting bigger. this is a view of the mall from skyforce 10. the expansion project began two years ago. the new space will include high-end shops, smart parking decks that will show you how many spaces are available on each level and will provide concierge service. >> what's on sale or i'd like you to make reservations for me. >> the new space is set to open in august. the new space alone is the size of six football fields. here's a look at the new king of prussia mall by the number. when this expansion is complete, it will cover nearly 3 million square feet. it will be 450 retail and dining options and the mall will add 700 new jobs to the 7,000 they already have. >> 5:17. newly released sure veil and video shows the moment when a man with a gun was shot on the white house grounds.
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and a word of caution, one of these scenes is pretty graphic. last month, a 31-year-old schuylkill county man walked towards the white house carrying a handgun. he was told to stop and drop the gun. he ignored commands and kept walking. that's when a secret service officer shot him. he survived the gunshot and was arrested. monday his lawyer asked that he be released on home detention until his trial but a judge said no because he's a danger to the community. 18 past 5:00 a.m. let's get a nod to our drivers and commuters in the lehigh valley. >> jessica boyington has you covered for your ride to work. >> we're watching the lehigh valley over on 78. typically don't see a lot of delays at this time on 78. no big problems or delays. roads look dry there as well. everything moving along smoothly. if you're heading out into delaware, this is 95. drive times doing just fine. we're at 11 minutes at the most, northbound from 295 to 495.
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no big problems or delays. right now at least heading through delaware. we are still watching that accident scene in lower moreland township on pine road and welsh road. here's the garden state parkway, the great egg toll plaza. maybe you're heading down the shore. no big problems or delays. you can see through summer's point, there is construction coming off this toll plaza. down to a lane or so. other than that, no big problems or delays headed to the shore or through philadelphia right now. now your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> lohse than 20 minutes before sunrise. you're getting a better look at the remaining clouds. no storm clouds here. no rain in the area. these clouds are already starting to thin out in wilmington. we are track something areas of fog. look at the thick fog in easton. low clouds and fog starting to get thicker in some neighborhoods. quakertown now down to quarter mile visibility and blue bell is at half a mile visibility. pennsylvania is getting the worst of the fog.
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any fog will disappear once these temperatures start to arrive. we need sunshine for that. we will get a lot of sunshine. this afternoon we'll be in the 80s. middle to upper 80s this afternoon. right now 65 degrees in west bradford township, collegeville you're at 65 degrees. bedminster 64. the fog will start things off but not going to last. winds kicking in. this is dry air that will be flowing into the area, allowing for sunshine an a big warmup. that warm air will even reach the shore. temperatures into the 80s at the shore today. satellite and radar shows this area is nice and clear. the clouds are lingering for now at theç shore but they'll move offshore. and the showers and thunderstorms are already out of the picture. we'll be watching to the south for the next few days while we enjoy sunshine today, clear skies tonight and sunshine again tomorrow. to the south, the showers will be bubbling up over the next couple days and come friday
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morning, this activity will be moving into central pennsylvania first thing in the morning. and then into our area during the day. in fact, 1:00 in the afternoon, light to moderate showers for much of the area on friday. until then, we will be dry, fog, clouds this morning, gone for this afternoon. 87 degrees. the humidity that was so high yesterday will drop nicely with the winds. so nice tomorrow. it's just a bit warmer, up to 88 degrees. here come the showers and thunderstorms for friday. just in time for the holiday weekend, they are out. a hot day saturday. the temperatures not quite as high on send. looking good for the fourth of july. independence day 88 degrees monday afternoon. by tuesday, though, the heat and humidity return. look at the temperatures soaring for wednesday, thursday and friday. a few showers and thunderstorms later on thursday. could drop temperatures a bit in the afternoon. looks like we have a heat wave next week. vai? >> thank you, bill 21 minutes
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past 5:00. ahead, we'll tell you more about the gas tax that's one step away from becoming a reality in new jersey. and the other tax that would go down to make up for that hike. speaking of the cars, the world's second largest automaker is recalling more than a million of its car due to an air bag issue not related to the takata recalls. we'll tell you what the problem is with these toyota brands. oooh, i think i saw dessert!
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5:25. toyota is recalling more then a million hybrids over an air bag problem. unlike so many recent recalls, those air bags were not made by takata. landon dowdy is here to explain in this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> hi there, tracy. toyota is recalling more than 1.4 million prius and lexus hybrids worldwide. a crack in the weld could cause the air bag inflater to enter the interior of the car, raising the rate of injury. on wall street it could move higher for the second straight day. stocks jumping tuesday, recovering part of the two-day brexit route.
5:26 am
traders say don't expect volatility to go away anytime soon. the dow rising 269 to 17,409. > >> landon dowdy with cnbc, thanks. now your first alert neighborhood weather. >> 70 degrees, 5:26. still clouds in the area and areas of fog, too. it will be clearing out. that's a live view. some of the those clouds over cape may. the last showers, we watched them move offshore during the 4:00 hour. during the 6:00 hour, more and more sunshine. what's happening on the roads? 5:26. we know who knows. jessica boyington. >> this is route 55 around route 49, not a car in sight. more updates, we'll check in with 95 when i'm back at 5:30.
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the pennsylvania house has a plan for the state budget but governor tom wolf says it's not going to work. hear why the governor says the current plan won't lower the deficit and who he hopes can fix it. speaking of money, did you check your tickets yet? the mega millions dlauing was last night for $390 million. ahead, we'll show you the winning numbers and if the jackpot will be even higher for friday's drawing.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> right now on "nbc 10 news today." terror in turkey. explosives and gunfire claim the lives of dozens of people in the nation's capital along with dozens more hurt. how the world is reacting, including our presidential candidates. paying up at the pump. south jersey almost always has the cheapest gas. we're in for a foggy start this morning in parts of our area for the commute. we'll get you details on where the fog is right now. 5:30. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. i'm vai sikahema.


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