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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  June 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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to the boardwalk, to mini golf -- >> second round is half price. >> reporter: -- the brand-new beer garden and outdoor pool, they anticipate the holiday weekend will fill the hotels to 90%. >> an awesome event that's happening. we're expecting really great weather. we've got a lot of great events and a lot of things for people to see and do. >> we'll be sold out. we will not have a jet ski available. we open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. >> reporter: fireworks will light up the entire atlantic city skyline this weekend. the rv park is sold out for the fourth. >> my background is the hotel industry. i'd like to say you're going to get ritz-carlton experience here, but not the ritz-carlton. >> reporter: and check it out. you can see the amusements here op the pier busy on a wednesday afternoon. even the beach bar is bustling ahead of any happy hour out
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here. we're not quite up to the holiday weekend. people just happy to be out, to be spending time with their families, and all of it happening with perfect weather for the holiday weekend. obviously atlantic city will hold two different fireworks shows over of the weekend on saturday the 2nd and then two of them simultaneously on the 4th. live in atlantic city, cynde long. >> the union that represents the workers are still negotiating to avoid a strike. 6,500 hospitality workers are threatening to walk off the job if they can't agree on new contracts. a strike is likely against at least one of the hotels. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. >> now to our weather, which is on a lot of minds during the holiday weekend. today is sunny and warm.
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lower humidity than we've seen. it made for a busy morning in lower marion. a lot of people out there. a live look at the stadium in wilmington. those conditions will help the blue rocks at 6:35 tonight. more nice weather ahead before storms come back. >> sheena parveen is here with the forecast. let's hope the forecast is not too severe. >> that's the last thing we want to hear going into a holiday weekend, especially a fourth of july weekend. we do have thunderstorms in the forecast. not today, though. it is a beautiful day outside. center city in camden. nice sunny skies, fair weather clouds out there. we won't be seeing the rain until the end of the week. also with the first alert neighborhood weather, your weather is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen. in philadelphia right now, 84 degrees. breezy west wind gusting to near 25 miles an hour. so the winds have picked up a bit this afternoon.
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temperatures still very warm. we're going to stay in the warm pattern through the fourth of july weekend. that's good news if you're going to be getting out. there is rain heading our way for friday. so if you're starting the fourth of july weekend early, you'll be dodging showers and thunderstorms as we go into your friday. we'll show you the forecast and the timing of that coming up in just a bit. for tonight, we stay dry. planner, 75 degrees at 10:00 p.m. mid-60s by tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine, lee high valley, delaware, new jersey, all nice and dry tonight. comfortable tomorrow morning. i'll show you the timing on the storms going into the weekend, straight ahead. breaking news. a plane set to leave for philadelphia catches fire, an american airlines flight set to depart seattle-tacoma airport. there were 151 passengers and 6 crew members on board. no one was hurt.
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the passengers were put on another plane to philadelphia. cab driving in camden has gotten so dangerous uks that the police chief wants to put cameras in taxis to keep the drivers safer. after a cab driver was stabbed seven times during a robbery attempt early this morning in east camden. monique braxton found this is the latest attack against drivers this year. how is that driver doing, first and foremost, monique? >> reporter: hey, jim. the driver is in stable condition. just moving out of trauma to his own roop at cooper hospital. we've also talked to witnesses, and one of them told us she will share what happened, but does not want her face shown. >> all we heard was a big bang. when we looked, the cab driver had crashed into my friend's van. >> reporter: this is what the witness saw when she looked outside just after midnight. a five-star cab driven by juan fertuna crashed into a parked van. >> we seen the guy getting out
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of the cab. and the cab driver was like gushing all this blood. >> reporter: the guy jumped out of the window or opened the door? >> no, through the window. >> reporter: surveillance cameras captured of the cabby going across the parking lot and crashing. investigators also say the cabby's intuition kicked in when he was asked to be taken to a remote area in north camden. >> the taxi driver did not have a good feeling about that. he refused to go there. the suspect then asked for change for a $50 bill. at which time he then began to attack the cab driver. >> reporter: police also say he was stabbed at least four times in the shoulder when he tried to block what police said was likely a box cutter. chief thompson said they've been working with cabbies over the past year to help them take precautionary measures to avoid being robbed when they're alone on what could be dangerous
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streets. yet we found four cases of cabbies becoming victims this year. any other cab drivers attacked like this? >> we did have a cab driver get assaulted a day ago. in which the cab driver was punched several times. >> reporter: police tell us they don't believe it was the same suspect. tonight they don't have a clear composite sketch or a clear description. in the 5:00 hour, a female cab driver tells us what she does to protect herself. and just minutes ago, police released surveillance videotape capturing some of the crime and we're working to bring that to you in the 5:00 hour. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. in bucks county, police arrested a teenager they say was caught on camera slashing tires of dozens of cars. they say collin francis jones cost $30,000 in damage while slashing the tires. the suspect was captured on
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grainy video here. police said he was already in custody for a stabbing. now to the terror in turkey. that country's busiest airport is open a day after a coordinated terror attack left dozens dead. the death toll at the airport has climbed now to 41. nbc 10's denise nakano is joining us in the digital operations center with the latest. denise? >> jim, turkish officials questioned a taxi driver who wrought the attackers to the airport. while no one was claimed responsibility, isis is likely behind the attacks. cleanup at the airport continues today as passengers resume their travels. authorities say all three attackers are dead. two were at the international terminal, one remained in the parking area, one may have been shot by a security guard. all three detonated suicide vests. witnesses describe the terrifying scene.
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>> halfway through when people started running at us and screaming, bomb, screaming there had been gunfire. everybody started running in the opposite direction. kind of like a stampede down the corridor. >> came around the corner, heard screams. then this wall of humanity just rushing towards me. you know, families, babies screaming, old chap in a wheelchair trying to get himself along. >> reporter: turkey declared today a national day of mourning. turkish flags across the country were lowered to half staff at private and public institutions. a montgomery county couple is grateful their family in turkey is safe. they moved to the u.s. 20 years ago. they each run businesses in the area. they recently planned a trip back to their homeland, but since the attacks, they're not sure they're going to go. >> people are really upset. people want a safe place, to be safe, go about their lives.
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>> the couple said accepting terror attacks as a part of life is no way to live. nbc 10's deanna durante will have more reaction from the local turkish community coming up at 5:00. >> back at home, lawmakers continue to make a push for stricter gun control measures here in the u.s. congressman bob brady held a rally against gun violence outside city hall. it's a continuation of the historic sit-in on the floor of the house of representatives, that both congressmen took part in. congressman boyle said lawmakers waited long enough to make changes. >> so, it is about time that we finally have votes on these measures. it is about time that we have action. we can no longer stand by or sit down and allow congress to do nothing. >> last week congressman brady introduced a bill that would
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preempt state laws preventing a major city from regulating firearm related conduct in that city. we have new video just in to the nbc 10 newsroom in the past five minutes. it's from that attack on the cab driver that monique braxton just told us about earlier in the newscast. camden police releasing this video which shows right there the suspect jumping out of that cab's window, and taking off. as monique said, that suspect is still on the loose. the cab driver stabbed seven times, now in stable condition in the hospital. now to something that could affect almost every family in america. today vice president joe biden tried to give a major jolt to the effort to cure cancer. today, mr. biden hosted day-long cancer summit in washington, d.c. he said he would pull federal funding for cancer studies that failed to share their results. he said the world of cancer research needs a culture change in order to make progress. it's all part of his moonshot initiative to find a cure for the disease. >> i think i'm in a position to
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say without being totally naive that we're on the cusp of break-throughs that can get us there. the golden moonshot is to propel us forward today. >> mr. biden was joined at the summit by carol burnett who lost her daughter to cancer. there are hundreds of summits happening around the country today. hospitals in our area taking part, include fox chase, christiana care and penn. here's more on how penn doctors are pushing for a cure right here at home. rosemary? >> reporter: doctors at the abramson cancer center are hard at work both here and in washington today. the director of this center is in d.c. advising the vice president, teaching him about the research that's happening here. cutting-edge research that will help shape the vice president's mission to fight cancer. >> this is a really unique opportunity to both invest in
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cancer, to think differently, break down silos, speed up the pace of discovery. >> reporter: when vice president biden launched the moonshot initiative from the abramson cancer center in january, dr. lynn schucter, the chief of hemotology oncology, hoped it would be more momentum behind penn's break-through in treatment. >> it's a big push to look at cancer vaccines, either in a preventive way, to prevent the development of cancer, or strategy to make somebody feel stronger. >> reporter: many spearheaded by doctors at abramson will help shape biden's big plan. he wants to foster a collaborative approach to curing cancer. >> we don't think of the cancer field as that siloed, but in fact there are different elements to the research aspect, clinical trials, discovery. >> to know that everybody is kind of coming together full circle is something neat. not only for me personally as a
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cancer survivor, but working at the acs. >> reporter: it's probably not a coincidence that he found a career at the american cancer society. he's a survivor, first diagnosed with leukemia at age 7. every day he walks past the tributes that hang in the lobby of his office and reflects on how lucky he is to be alive. the vice president's initiative gives him hope that others will make it, too. he says everyone has a part to play in this. >> research needs to be funded. so any volunteering or fund-raising all goes to that. >> reporter: on that note, the american cancer society is urging everyone to reach out to their representatives in congress as there is currently an effort to increase cancer research and funding, for $1 billion over two years. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. within the parent few hours, chris christie spoke about the possibility of a gas tax hike in the garden state. gas could go up 23 cents a
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gallon in new jersey just ahead of the holiday weekend. the assembly passed the tax yesterday after cutting a deal with the governor. it would cut state sales tax from 7% to 6%. the governor said everyone will benefit from the moment. >> every new jerseyan would benefit, including your delivery person. they will benefit from the better roads and bridges arndt the state of new jersey. >> the money raised is needed to fund road and bridge work. the current transportation fund runs out of money at the end of this week. the senate will vote on the proposal tomorrow. tinl to buy a lottery ticket. no one won the top prize last night, which means it is now at $415 million. that's the third largest prize in mega millions history. nbc 10 at the smoke depot where tickets are on sale for friday's drawing, two tickets hit for $1 million, though, last night. one of them sold at the jersey shore in egg harbor township.
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if you bought a ticket, check it now. the winning numbers are 15, 17, 20, 35, 55, and the mega ball is again, those numbers 15, 17, 20, 35, 55, and the mega ball is 7. now to philadelphia's eight-day-long wawa welcome america festival. >> nbc 10 is a proud media sponsor. now through the fourth of july, we're showing you all the fun things you can do with the family. ted furlong is on the iconic rocky steps of the museum. i saw a lot of people running those steps this morning, tim. >> reporter: thousands of people. they're getting ready to set up the movie screen here for the screening of rocky. could there be a more philly way to end the night tonight? the day began with a rocky sized workout as the sun came up.
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hundreds got up early to burn some calories. they ran and ran and ran, and then did push-ups. rocky balboa could watch to see all the wawa welcome america early a.m. exercisers only the sentence he made famous. >> it's an exciting way to start your day. >> reporter: now museum was free today as part of the festivities. you want to see the thinker? it's free until 5:00. >> it's been here a while. what took you so long? >> it wasn't free. >> reporter: this is usually a pay what you wish museum anyway. >> it's really funny that a penny versus free makes a difference rert you want more free? these workers are getting ready to feed you for free thursday. >> we're preparing for the arrival from 200 associates from all six states. they will build over 23,000 hoagies tomorrow. >> reporter: the first 5,000 will go to fill abundance. these tents are going to be packed with wawa hoagies, and again, they'll all be free.
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back live, if you want to see rocky here at the art museum, it begins at 7:00. snap the "w" with the rocky statue. which rocky movie? rocky 3. i pity the fool who didn't understand that piece of the movie and that factoid there, that nugget for you. more from down here at the art museum. we'll talk about the events you'll want to go to tomorrow. find out what's going on with wawa welcome america. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. here's a look at what we can do as a family tomorrow. travel through philadelphia's presidential convention history. and at 12:00, free sandwiches and free hoagie day. and learn about the music and culture of the mummers. hang around for summer mummer concert at 8:00. or head over to penn's landing for philly at the movies.
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tomorrow's feature, national treasure. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> and of course, we all want perfect weather for this weekend. and really, most of the weekend is going to be very nice. until we get to friday. if you're going to start your weekend early, we do have showers and thunderstorms that are going to be approaching. but right now, sunny and warm outside. we're going to stay in the dry pattern through tomorrow. and then that early start to your weekend will start to get a little wet. your seven-day forecast is at the bottom of the screen for you. we're in the 80s, mid to low-80s. humidity lower today, so it feels comfortable out today. your new jersey neighborhood, very comfortable. we do have an 87 in medford. 82 in pitman piles. bridgeston 84. mount laurel 83 degrees. mid-08s in pemberton.
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we're going to stay comfortable for tonight. nice as we go through tomorrow. we do have some storms approaching. not anytime wp the next 48 hours, though, or 24 to 48 hours i would say. we're going to stay nice and dry. in the drier pattern, until we get to friday. we stay clear tonight. tomorrow, we'll see a mostly sunny day, with temperatures still getting very warm, into the mid to upper 80s. 12:30 tomorrow, nice and dry. if you want to eat lunch outside, even dinner. then the clouds are increasing early into friday morning. by 7:00 a.m. we'll have showers, maybe some thunderstorms already around for the morning commute. it's not going to be the end of it through the afternoon. we'll continue to see some showers and storms flare up. 4:00 p.m. on friday. if you have the plans starting your weekend early friday, a lot of festivities already happening, keep an eye to the sky, take your umbrella. we expect showers and storms around.
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by 10:00 p.m., we'll still have more showers around friday evening. finally clearing up as we go into saturday. that's good news. neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow, 89 degrees somer tomorrow. allentown 86 degrees. and if you're in new jersey, expect mid to upper 80s. 88 degrees robbinsville. closer to the show, low 80s tomorrow. 82 in atlantic city. 80 degrees avalon. in delaware, expect the mid to upper 80s. 87 degrees in wilmington. holiday weekend, for philadelphia and the jersey shore, if you're going to the shore, pay close attention to this. thunderstorms friday across the area. saturday it's going to look really nice, drying out. temperatures mid-80s. philadelphia around 80 degrees at the shore. sunday nice and dry. it will be near 90 degrees in philadelphia. monday night, we're watching a weather system just to our south on monday. so coming up, i'll show you which areas could be seeing some rain out of that one. that's straight ahead.
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>> okay, sheena. how safe is the hand sanitizer in your purse or on your office desk. >> ahead, what the government is calling for right now to make sure the sanitizer isn't hurting your hands. plus, a local high schooler on the road to rio. we have the story of a standout swimmer who's hoping to get one step closer to the summer olympics later tonight. and straight ahead, wait until you see what one father did to teach his daughter a lesson about her sexy selfie. >> oh, boy. first, a look at the closing bell on wall street. stocks closed up today, with the dow recovering more than half of the brexit losses.
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breaking news on penn's landing. it's causing traffic trouble for drivers. take a look here. this is i-95 southbound. you can see the vehicle right there, overturned on its side in the right lane. firefighters on that scene working to rescue that driver. you can see the huge backup caused by that vehicle on its side. this is i-95 near penn's landing, the backup caused by a car that's overturned. we're going to continue to follow the breaking news and bring you any updates as soon as we get them, including any injuries. >> i hope that driver is okay. here's something you don't see every day. a washington state dad fed up with his daughter's selfies. so he decided to teach her a lesson by recreating them.
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>> boy, did he try to teach her a lesson. in the process, it went viral. chris martin was not happy with the racy selfies his teenage daughter kept posting yoin line. instead of talking to her about it, he just decided to recreate her photos. he copied everything from the duck face to the bare midriff. >> that's my legacy, i'm good with that. >> he recreates the whole selfie. not just my face. it's the tattoos, the facial expressions, the scenery. it's just exploding. >> martin said he didn't think ahead when using permanent marker to recreate his daughter's tattoos. it took three days for him to take that ink off. >> that will teach him. right? >> oh, my gosh. >> can you just hear her when she realized he'd done? >> kids get embarrassed with the slightest things parents do.
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>> especially about selfies. well, i haven't done that to my kids. hundreds of calls for help and still no fix for their broken washing machine. >> a problem that put a local family at their wit's end. so they called "nbc 10 responds," and harry hairston got their laundry going again, next. ordering a safer ride. the test uber is trying out to make sure the drivers are following the rules of the road.
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a broken washing machine, and no fix in sight leaves a family at wit's end. >> they said the frustration mounted as they waited month after month after month for repairs. so they contacted "nbc 10 responds" for help.
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harry hairston joining us with their story. >> imagine this, folks. four kids, two adults, and a washing machine broken for 12 weeks. you don't need to do the math to figure out that can make doing the wash a challenge. mike haggert said when his washing machine first went on the blink he wasn't that concerned. that's because he had this warranty through hh greg to cover the repairs. problem was, no one seemed to be able to repair it. >> we've had three different service companies come out. >> reporter: haggerty told us each repair worker's story was the same. >> they kept telling us they had to order more parts. >> reporter: the parts never came. >> nine loads a week. >> reporter: he said to make that happen took some serious planning with family and friends. >> taking advantage of people on vacation, so we could go over at nighttime to do the laundry. >> reporter: haggerty called hh gregg customer service so many
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times, he was surprised by what the representatives told him. >> the lady had looked up my file, and said that she had 121 phone calls from me to the service department on file. >> reporter: haggerty's next call was to "nbc 10 responds." after we contacted hh gregg, haggerty said three days later the company contacted him. >> they said, come into the store and buy any washer you want for up to $1,000. >> reporter: haggerty sent these pictures of his new washer. >> thank you very much, harry hairston. we'd still be doing laundry at friends' and families' houses. >> that $1,000 equaled what he paid for the washer. the company couldn't repair. also, hh gregg vice president sent us an e-mail thanking us for bringing the issue to the company's attention. our "nbc 10 responds" recovery counter now stands at $47,149. >> it takes one call from you,
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to his 100-plus from him. >> 121 calls. >> he made 121 calls to the company and his 122nd call to you is the one that paid off. >> that paid off. >> sure did. >> i'm glad he made it. >> harry, thanks. tomorrow on "nbc 10 responds," from canceled flights to burned hedges, helping viewers recover more than $50,000 in two months. that's tomorrow at 4:00. new information in the brutal beating of a new jersey woman that was caught on camera. kustas, the man seen in the nanny cam video assaulting a woman in her home back in 2013, was sentenced to life in prison, plus five years now. he was convicted of aggravated assault, robbery and other crimes for that attack. philadelphia police need your help finding this woman right here, who they say forced a man to drive to his home and robbed him. it happened earlier this month
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police say the armed woman followed the guy out of the christian express store on fifth street. then she forced him to drive to his own apartment where she stole some money, jewelry and a tablet and took off with his ford focus. new information on a trash truck that flipped over injuring three employees. one of them seriously. police say the truck swerved to avoid hitting another car. it flipped, then hit a traffic pole, mailbox and a fence. the signs are going up across philadelphia. that can mean only one thing. the democratic national convention is almost here. nbc 10 was there as crews began installing the signs, the street banners through the streets of center city this morning. the banners carry a welcome message for the dnc. crews will hang more than 600 of these throughout center city, old city and university city. the dnc runs july 25th through the 28th. the wells fargo center.
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the school district of philadelphia is on pace to be fully staffed this fall. that's according to superintendent william height. he announced the district had filled 99% of its teacher vacancies. thanks to what the superintendent called an aggressive recruitment and hiring strategy. the district dealt with a number of teacher vacancies over the past year. how often do you squeeze that hand sanitizer into your hands or in your kids' hands? >> sometimes people do it every time they pass one. for a lot of people the answer is, a lot of times. now there's a question over how safe this is. coming up next, what the feds are doing to make sure it's not doing more harm than good. then all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, this police officer is the one saying, thank you. we'll tell you about his special visitors coming up at 5:00.
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bear crossing, new video shows a bear running across a missouri highway, straight into that truck. as you saw, it didn't keep the animal down for long. it gets up and keeps going. in fact, the bear wasn't even hurt. even though the truck was going 65 miles per hour. looks like it went underneath it. wow. two toyota recalls to tell you about this afternoon. the automaker recalling more than 3 million vehicles for two separate problems. the first, defective air bags, supplies to 1.4 million prius and lexus hybrids between 2010 and 2012. not related to the takata air bag recall. another are being recalled for faulty fuel emissions controls. there have been no injuries reported in connection with either of these recalls. for the full list, tap the nbc 10 app. uber is making an effort to
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keep a closer eye on its drivers. the ride-sharing company announced it's testing new software that aims to increase safety. it analyzes data from individual drivers, then sends the company daily reports about things like speeding, braking, and whether they are talking on the phone while they drive. they're popular for cleaning on the go. do hand sanitizers pose any health risks? that's what the fda wants to find out. the agency is asking for new studies on how these gels and sprays fight germs and get absorbed into the body. they especially want to focus on the impact on children and pregnant women. they stress the review does not mean the fda believes these products are ineffective or unsafe. local leaders gather to celebrate the expansion of a veteran-owned business today. nbc 10 in north philadelphia for the ribbon cutting ceremony. it's a medical manufacturing company that works with local nonprofits to hire veterans, and people who served time in prison. eight of the company's employees
4:41 pm
are veterans. today they reviewed what they call a new state of the art high-speed production line. new summer fun coming to philadelphia. >> next we'll tell you what's popping up in local parks. a new option for a night out. sheena? nice and dry outside today. and warm, too. it's going to last as we end out the week. also the return of thunderstorms. i'll tell you the timing on that. plus your important fourth of july weekend forecast coming up. then on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a vaccine for the zika virus could be developed right here in philadelphia. see how the local research is taking a big step forward.
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restaurants and bars bustling this afternoon as happy hour lovers get out for wednesday's specials. beautiful shot. meanwhile, the new way to enjoy a cool brew launched today in philadelphia, too. >> philly's first-ever traveling beer garden. from the city parks and rec department cut the ribbon on the new parks on tap on the schuylkill banks today. they will move park to park for the next 14 weeks. two concession trucks will have kraft beers and wine, along with sandwiches, salads and other picnic items. >> although beer and wine is definitely exciting, parks on tap is going to provide fun for the whole family with games and activities for kids, in addition to chairs and hammocks and pre-packaged picnics. >> parks on tap runs fridays and saturdays from 1:00 to 11:00 at night and sunday from noon until
4:46 pm
10:00. head over to for more information. people are making a difference in our community. giving away grants to local nonprofits. we call it 21st century solutions. the goal is to support the organizations that are implementing new and innovative programs out there. the application is on our website at the deadline to apply is august 26th. well, today's that kind of day. you want to spend every second outside thanks to the sunshine, low humidity. nice conditions. not surprised many families spent their morning at the park in roxboro. we're going to continue to see nice weather as we go through tonight. and even tomorrow. so we're going to continue with the warm temperatures. they're going to stick around through your fourth of july weekend. right now we're in the low 80s
4:47 pm
in delaware. lehigh valley, sunny skies there. mid-80s through philadelphia. pennsylvania comfortable right now with plenty of sunshine. if you're in chester county, west bradford township, 80 degrees. exton 81. if you're in mal vern, temperatures in the low 80s. mostly through parts of montgomery county, mid to low 80s. bucks county 82. really comfortable today. as we go into the next several days, temperatures will continue to warm up. don't forget your seven-day is at the bottom of the screen for you. as we go into tomorrow, we're going to stay warm. we're going to stay dry. really nice day setting up for the area for your thursday. here's your neighborhood forecast for tomorrow. easton coming in 85 degrees. nice and dry. if you're in the pennsylvania suburbs, 87 degrees. philadelphia area mid to upper 80ings. a little warmer than today.
4:48 pm
new jersey neighborhood, warmer, too, 88 degrees near trenton. near the shore, lucky you, nice and dry, and 84 degrees in gallo way township. wilmington coming in at 87 degrees. until we get to friday, then we'll see thunderstorms. some of them could be early in the morning. we could have more later in the afternoon and evening. good news, though, we do clear out in time for the fourth of july weekend. hot and dry. we are watching monday. there could be weather system just to our south. there's the chance that we could see some showers out of this. the models really today have only started showing this. we're going to be updating you every day as we get closer to your fourth of july weekend. so here's future weather as we go through today and tomorrow. we'll stay nice and dry. this is through tomorrow afternoon. temperatures staying in the 80s. with the dry air still in place. then we go to friday, more clouds move in overnight. showers potentially as early as
4:49 pm
about 6:00, 7:00 a.m. 7:00 a.m. friday, showers and thunderstorms panel for the morning commute. even through the afternoon. now we're looking at 4:00 p.m., make sure you have the umbrella friday. if you're starting your fourth of july weekend early, have your umbrella friday. most of your fourth of july weekend itself will be nice and dry. here's a look farther out through saturday. saturday morning, high pressure is in control. we stay nice and sunny saturday. then we go into sunday. still expect to be dry. notice how there's rain just to our south over virginia, north carolina. this model is showing some of that moisture trying to move in. another we her system potentially affecting us late monday looking mostly south of philadelphia. i don't think everyone will get this. we'll update you as we get closer. the shore forecast for the weekend coming up. >> thank you, sheena. beat the heat, but also if you
4:50 pm
have olympic dreams. >> one local is advancing to rio. another will be tested in the primetime spotlight. next, the story behind the phillys high school swimmer going for gold as his school and teammates cheer him on. at 5:00, will hillary clinton get upstaged by lady gaga? where the music superstar will be performing right during the dnc.
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you know what that music means? nbc 10 is counting down to the summer olympic games in 37 days. and a few hours from now the action gets under way in rio de janeiro, brazil.
4:54 pm
right now, athletes are fighting for a coveted spot on the u.s. olympic swimming team. >> tonight you can watch right here on nbc 10, as a local high school student tries to stamp his ticket to rio. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal has the story. >> reporter: in the small penn charter pool where rees whitley learned to swim, his former teammates take a quick lap ahead of a very stressful evening. >> we're definitely all rooting for him. we'll be watching tonight. >> reporter: rees will compete on primetime television in the olympic trials. zerker swam with him and knew early on he was something special. >> he just has a way of being able to propel himself through the water when he kicks. and he's just -- yeah, his size definitely helps him. >> reporter: at 6'8", rees is only 16 years old. he just finished his sophomore year at penn charter. he was recently named "sports illustrated" sports kid of the year. but told nbc 10 he's just getting started.
4:55 pm
>> representing the sport is special. something that i'll sta focused on. >> reporter: tonight he'll swim the 200 meter breaststroke. his classmates and teachers will be watching. >> this is where it all happened force rees whitley. >> reporter: he said rees has never been one to give up. he actually failed his first deep water test when he was learning to swim. now he's on the verge of rio. >> he went home, told his mother, i failed the test. and his mother said, well, we need to do something about that. she got him some lessons. seems like it's been all history since then. >> reporter: rees will need to place in the top ten tonight to advance to the finals tomorrow. you can watch it all live right here on nbc 10. randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. >> you can watch rees swim in the olympic trials tonight at 8:00. at 9:00, the night shift followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. he fails his first swim test.
4:56 pm
but boy, is he succeeding in a big way after that. >> can you imagine the nerves tonight? all the years and years of practice and nutrition and all on the line tonight. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the zika virus has led to health concerns all around the world. >> could a vac keen come from right here in philadelphia? we get an inside look at the local research that's now under way. a beautiful weather pattern today, and tomorrow. not so much friday. we'll show you the timing of the thunderstorms. and of course, your fourth of july weekend forecast coming up. family members praise the good samaritans who helped a cab driver. and new surveillance video could help find his attacker. new developments coming up on nbc 10 news at 5:00. o@
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time matters. days matter. minutes matter. >> right now, at 5:00, no time to waste. today the vice president urged doctors around the world to step up to the plate and stop cancer in its tracks. nbc 10 news at 5:00 starts right now. grs. it's called the cancer moonshot. >> it's a nationwide push to find new break-throughs in cancer treatment. and today, doctors from all over the country got together to come up with new strategies. and nbc 10's rosemary connors is live in university city where penn medicine has joined this mission.
5:00 pm
rosemary? >> reporter: abramson cancer center is lending its director to the vice president's blue ribbon panel to help guide the research. doctors say that's where the cure lies. it's all about putting the time and funding and focus into the latest immediate kl treatment. making good on a promise he first announced in january here at the abramson cancer center, vice president joe biden took his moonshot initiative one step further today, organizing hundreds of summits across the country. >> i firmly believe we can do in the next five years what would ordinarily take ten. >> a lot of people share similar sentiments. everyone's been touched by cancer in some way or another. whether it's a family member, or yourself, like myself. >> reporter: he tells me he was diagnosed with leukemia as a child. he's a survivor who as an adult works at the american cancer society in philadelphia. he hopes the moonshot will give others a chance to make it like


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