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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  June 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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rosemary? >> reporter: abramson cancer center is lending its director to the vice president's blue ribbon panel to help guide the research. doctors say that's where the cure lies. it's all about putting the time and funding and focus into the latest immediate kl treatment. making good on a promise he first announced in january here at the abramson cancer center, vice president joe biden took his moonshot initiative one step further today, organizing hundreds of summits across the country. >> i firmly believe we can do in the next five years what would ordinarily take ten. >> a lot of people share similar sentiments. everyone's been touched by cancer in some way or another. whether it's a family member, or yourself, like myself. >> reporter: he tells me he was diagnosed with leukemia as a child. he's a survivor who as an adult works at the american cancer society in philadelphia. he hopes the moonshot will give others a chance to make it like he did.
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>> being diagnosed when i was 7, and relapsing when i was 9, you view life and go through life a little bit differently. >> reporter: helping patients like carlino thrive apt the cancer center where the cutting edge research will help shape the vice president's plan. >> part of the excitement is the new immunotherapy. that is harnessing the power of the immune system to attack cancer. >> reporter: dr. len schechter, chief of hematology/oncology, hopes it will mean more momentum behind penn's break-through in treatment. >> part of the moonshot is identifying obstacles and barriers to clinical trials and try to eliminate them. >> reporter: on that front, dr. schechter tells me that the moonshot initiative shed help to break down some of the bureaucracy often tied to the clinical trials, and speed up the process for the people who
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may not have a lot of time. rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. at today's summit, vice president joe biden gave a shout-out to a local mother whose life mission is fighting childhood cancer. liz scott works for alex's lemon stayed stand, started by her daughter alex. her daughter used lemonade stands to end childhood cancer. she passed away at the young age of 8. speaking at today's summit, alex's mom said there's more hope than ever for a cure. >> people should really understand that a cancer diagnosis comes with a lot of hope these days. and we're all here to make sure that everybody has that chance to be cured eventually. >> since 2000, alex's lemonade stand foundation has raised more than $120 million to fight childhood cancer. tonight on "nightly news," nbc's tom brokaw has an
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exclusive interview with vice president biden on his cancer moonshot program. he and his wife, dr. biden, talk about the loss of their son beau to cancer has inspired their mission. see that interview tonight on "nightly news" on nbc 10. right now, at 5:00, legislators and city leaders across the country are pushing for gun legislation. today, congressman bob brady and brendan boyle join other members for a rally at city hall. the meeting was a thank you from supporters from the congressional sit-in last week. brady and boyle participated. brady said it's important for supporters to come to washington and let their voices be heard. >> i understand you may be coming next week. we need to do that. we had a large crowd out on the capitol steps. they just showed up. we could hear them inside. we were sitting down protesting. >> brady introduced a bill preventing states from overturning gun control
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legislation created by a local government. in 2008, philadelphia had a gun ban ordinance. a pennsylvania court threw it out. new jersey governor chris christie said he's not thrilled about raising the state's gas tax by 23 cents, but he's going along with it. christie said today that's why he wants to cut the sales tax from 7% to 6%. his plan was approved by anti-tax crusader grover norquist, he runs americans for tax reform and sponsors a no new tax pledge which christie signed while he was running for president. >> i've never signed the tax increase in the seven years as governor. i'm not particularly thrilled to have to sign this one. but i've said all along, if that represented a tax fairness, that i would do that. >> the senate will vote on the proposal tomorrow. one atlantic city councilman wants to save the struggling city some money by getting rid
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of a few council seats, just not the one he holds. he's proposing to eliminate three council seats. he said it would save the city $140,000 over four years. the bill would also need approval by the state legislature and city voters in a referendum. let's check in on your first alert weather. take a live look at the cape may beaches. several people are lucky enough to be out there on the shore. 84 degrees. people getting an early, early start to the holiday weekend. >> not a bad idea. >> no. >> first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has your forecast. >> looks fantastic. as we go through the rest of tonight, beautiful weather tomorrow. we're going to stay in the nice dry pattern. then we get to friday. we have rain in the forecast for friday. beautiful conditions if you look out at delaware. rehoboth beach, lehigh valley low 80s there. new jersey, and pennsylvania
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suburbs, even around philadelphia, mid to low 80s. nice, dry conditions for tonight. we'll see clear skies. in houston right now, 81 degrees. by 9:00 p.m., 71 degrees. tomorrow morning expect clear skies and temperatures in the mid-60s. a comfortable 3450i8d start to your morning. there's rain on the way as we end out the week. nice and dry on radar. we're going to stay nice again tonight and tomorrow. tomorrow we continue the streak of beautiful weather. but then we have some thunderstorms heading our way if you're starting your weekend early, as early as friday. coming up, i'll show you the timing of that and what to expect with your fourth of july weekend. straight ahead. now to the latest on the terror in turkey. that country's busiest airport is back open this afternoon, a day after a coordinated terror attack left 41 dead, and more than 230 injured. cleanup at the blast site at the ataturk airport continued as passengers resumed their
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travels. authorities say all three attackers are dead. turkish officials have questioned a cab driver who brought the attackers to the airport. of course, while no one has claimed responsibility, isis is the prime suspect. a witness described the terrifying moments after impact. >> the taxi ride, it just -- mass destruction. seven ambulances, blood on the floor, bloody ratigs, people stepping through them. >> isis had moved 35 militants from syria into turkey to carry out attacks during the holy month of ramadan. a couple in montgomery county is watching the terror in turkey very closely. they've reached out to family members who still live there and wonder what can be done to keep them safe. deanna durante has their story. >> reporter: this couple has both been in the united states for nearly two decades. bhutto came as a student and
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efran to check on her brother. now with three children, they are thousands of miles from their families back in turkey. >> my father hasn't seen the baby yet. >> reporter: the couple's youngest is 11 months old. they planned a trip for her to meet her relatives in less than two weeks. >> it just scares me. it happens in the united states, too. it can happen anywhere. i still have decision to see what should we do. >> reporter: she planned the trip without her husband. they just opened a new business and he needs to run things here while she and the kids are away. >> i don't want to be the person to cancel that either. >> reporter: together they're searching for answers. they can't understand how the attack happened or why. they say this new normalcy of dealing with terror attacks across the world is unacceptable. >> just the kind of way that it's presented in the country. like it's normal. it should be expected, because isis could be anywhere in the country. but this is not normal. >> reporter: this isn't the first time there has been an
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emergency and they've needed to get in touch with family members quickly. sadly, they've learned social media is much faster than the phone lines. nbc 10 news. new information tonight in the case of a reading police officer accused of punching a woman during a traffic stop. a judge has dropped the charges against officer santiago dejesus. this video appears him to knock the woman's phone from her hand to try to get rid of the video she was recording of him. he seems to punch the woman. there's insufficient evidence to charge him the judge said. the district attorney is considering filing charges again. a suspected robber on the run from the fbi has a variety of hats. these are just a few of the caps police say he's worn in at least ten armed robberies across montgomery and bucks counties. a witness to one of the robberies helped police draw this sketch of the man.
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he may own or have access to a teal or light blue bmw. there's a reward for anyone who can help police identify this man. a camden cab driver attacked just for doing his job. new surveillance video shows his attacker as police push for new steps to protect drivers all around the city. people's travel plans, even perform in the olympics. now a vaccine for the zika virus could be developed right here in philadelphia. local research is taking a big step forward. the big monster inflatable screen is now set up at the art museum steps. by 7:00, it will be just dark enough to watch rocky on it. all of the wawa welcome america fun.
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if you missed your chance the last time, it's not too late to get a shot at the massive mega millions jackpot. >> no one won the top prize last night. but that means the jackpot now jumped to $415 million. it's the third largest prize in mega millions history. nbc 10 at the smoke depot, where tickets are on sale for friday's drawing, two tickets hit for $1 million last night. not too shabby. one of them was sold at the jersey shore in egg harbor
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township, atlantic county. the philadelphia museum of art is filled with more than 200,000 paintings, sculptures and photographs. >> if you ask a lot of people from the area, even tourists, they know the museum because of rocky. tonight phillies's going to celebrate its most famous connection to hollywood. >> tim furlong joins us live at the art museum. this is part of the wawa welcome america celebration. >> reporter: it is. it will be a philly classic movie with an amazing view at 7, just dark enough to watch rocky here. if you sit at the top of the steps, you'll have a great view of the movie and great view of the city. it's yet another packed day of wawa welcome america fun. see all these tents on independence mall? tomorrow they're going to be packed with thousands of fresh hoagies. you can have one for free if you show up around noon. 200 employees from six states will start making them at 3:00 a.m. all day long, the museum on the
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parkway has been busy. it's also been free. hundreds of people who have never been here got a free chance to check out the thinker and other piece of rou dan's work. that's what the wawa welcome america festivities are all about, to give the city a try, get the people from the burbs to make a day of it. and the cool stuff the city has to offer. >> we all have to tame time and stop and smell the roses. >> reporter: if you want to see rocky, it's at 7:00 tonight. at 6:00, we'll hear from guests all over the country helping celebrate the fourth of july. and a couple of people who unfortunately said they've got to roll out before monday. their loss. we'd love to have them. this is a perfect night. >> tim, thank you. remember, there are some big changes for this year's wawa welcome america events on the fourth of july. >> we want you to remember one number, though. 5. that's five hours of nonstop music, starting at 5:00. that's a few hours earlier than
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previous years. so don't forget it, 5:00. every performer this year has ties to philadelphia. tickets for the concert are available right now. >> you also need to remember the number 10. that's when the fireworks finale will begin at the philadelphia museum of art. 10:00 p.m., start time earlier than previous years. another reason to remember 10, nbc 10 is your home for all the festivities on july 4th. along with our sister station telemundo 62. we will broadcast the concert and the fireworks live right here. >> plenty of ways to see that, all the action in philadelphia. no matter where you're celebrating, you'll hope for nice weather. >> let's look at your forecast with sheena parveen. looking good. >> we want really nice weather for the fourth of july weekend. friday, though, if you're starting your weekend that early, not so much. we have showers and storms in the forecast friday. but most of the rest of the weekend actually looks really nice. we'll show you that forecast in just a second. right now, live look out across center city from the comcast
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center in philadelphia. beautiful conditions today. this is going to continue for tomorrow. but then those changes get here as we go into friday. also, don't forget at the bottom of your screen is your seven-day forecast with our new neighborhood weather. 84 philadelphia right now. pennsylvania suburbs right around 80 degrees. even through the lehigh valley. the shore coming in around the mid-80s as well. the temperatures nice and warm today. comfortable with the lower humidity. neighborhood temperature in society hill, 86 degrees. chestnut hill cooling down to the upper 70s. winchester park 84 degrees. the nice warm weather will continue tomorrow and a little bit warmer. radar, nice and dry across the area. no rain tonight. no rain tomorrow. but friday is the day when we will see more showers and thunderstorms. if you're starting your fourth of july weekend early, friday, keep an eye to the sky if you have any outdoor plans.
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especially friday night. future weather, no rain in the forecast for tonight or tomorrow. now we're looking at thursday afternoon. 1:00 p.m., nice and sunny across the area. then we go into friday, clouds will be increasing. friday morning we could see showers around for the morning commute. 9:30 friday morning, we could see showers. chance of a couple of thunderstorms i wouldn't rule that out. still a warm day. look at 3:00 p.m. we're going to be stuck in the weather pattern all day friday, with clouds, scattered showers, maybe scattered thunderstorms through the afternoon. and potentially into friday night. so now we're looking at 10:00 p.m. friday. we could still be seeing showers and storms. if you're starting your fourth of july festivities early, friday night definitely the one to watch. we could even be watching some showers monday night. we'll show you that in a second. neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow, 88 degrees. suburbs coming in around 87 degrees. easton coming in at 86. tomorrow. mostly sunny. in new jersey, around 87 degrees.
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if you're in dover, 83 degrees, mostly sunny for tomorrow. nice, warm day. as we go into friday, we'll see the warm air still in place. but then thunderstorms saturday, looks really good, mid-80s. there's your fourth of july monday. in the philadelphia area, so far it looks to be mostly dry. temperatures still near 90. next week we stay possibly in the low 90s, which would be a heat wave. we do have thunderstorms in the forecast as we go into next week. now, if you're heading to the shore this weekend, this is a pretty important forecast for you. saturday and sunday, looking good. and as we go into saturday and sunday, we're going to stay nice and dry. temperatures about the low 80s along the shore. uv index is high, sunburn within about 15 minutes, so remember you want the sun block. we go into monday. i think most of monday is going to be dry. we are watching one weather system which could be just to our south. so areas like the shore could see a better chance of late day showers.
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maybe some thunderstorms. the computer models just started picking up on this today. so, of course, we'll be watching that chance of rain as we get closer to your fourth of july monday. i don't think everyone would see it, but of course, we'll have more updates this afternoon and even tonight. you'll want to stay tuned. of course, as we get closer to the weekend, we'll have all the updates for you. >> the shores a pretty good segway there. despite worries about atlantic city's financial future, they're bracing for huge crowds this weekend. we saw the live picture from cape may before. woon of the newest amenities, an rv park at albany avenue marina. just off the water. sold out for the holiday weekend already. there's a beer garden and outdoor pool as well as food truck friday. >> great opportunity for people to come down and enjoy the shore. enjoy our beach bars and have a great time. atlantic city is definitely open for business. >> atlantic city will hold two
5:21 pm
nights of fireworks at dusk on july 2nd and july 4th. marketing higher-ups predict hotels will be at 90% capacity. will hillary clinton get upstaged by lady gaga. where the music superstar will be performing during the dnc. plus this. >> your favorite team? >> the youngest fan. wednesday's child still gave him a run for his money at the arcade. we'll meet him coming up next.
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an update on a dog named lucky who is today experiencing more good fortune. last month, the home where lucky lived in warren county exploded. she was severely burned. today we're happy to report lucky is out of the hospital, and staying with a foster family. now, this video is from june 4th. the day of the fire on fillmore street. the owner suffered burns and is still in the hospital. a group called because a dog raised almost $8,000 for lucky's treatment. she will stay with her temporary family until her owner is out of the hospital. this week's "wednesday's child" has the ability to bring out the kid in anyone. >> but he's also a boy in need of love, and also someone to care for him. we're introduced to samaj. >> a popular location for gamers in philadelphia. and the perfect spot to spend the day with this week's "wednesday's child." >> i would rather shoot hoops. >> he shares my passion for
5:25 pm
competition. here we go! doesn't seem to matter whether it's hoops, or hockey, if it's ski ball, we're on it. he loves competing in sports and even had a little surprise for me. >> who is your favorite team? and your favorite player? >> you. >> he loves sports. super bright and likes math. >> the hard thing that i don't know how to do is times tables. >> it's really tricky. what's 2 times 2? >> 4. >> you already got that. >> he's a kid who does his homework, his chores and shows gratitude. >> can you do some chores around the house? like what? >> cleaning up the whole house. >> you can clean up a whole house? how do you do that? >> by sweeping, picking up trash. >> he would be very loyal to the family.
5:26 pm
he's also very creative. and so he can tell a lot of creative stories. and so i think he would bring creativity to the family. >> he's this week's "wednesday's child." >> oh! >> if you would like to make his dream come true, go to and search "wednesday's child." you can also call the national adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. the story of a police officer, christopher dorman shot seven times. four days later he's out of the hospital. >> incredible. a lot of people have been praising his bravery. now he is the one saying thank you. we'll tell you about his special visitors next at 5:00. plus, family members praise the good samaritans who returned to help a camden cab driver. new surveillance could actually help find his attacker. we have new developments next on
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nbc 10 news at 5:00. one american park is larger than yellowstone, yosemite, grand canyon and glacier national parks combined. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at
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right now at 5:00, new surveillance video shows a man who robbed and stabbed a camden cab driver four times. tonight the victim's recovering in the hospital thanks to good samaritans who rushed in to
5:30 pm
help. >> camden police say crimes like this are happening all too often and now they're pushing for new ways to protect these drivers. nbc 10's monique braxton spoke to witnesses who saw the attack and the victim's family. >> first things first, how is he doing tonight? >> reporter: the victim is in stable condition. his family just came out to share a video of him with us, from the hospital bed. and in the meantime, we also talked to a witness who asked that we not show her face. >> we seen a guy getting out of the cab, and the cab driver was, like, gushing all of this blood. >> reporter: still stunned by what she saw, the witness says after the five-star cab crashed into a parked car near her home a man fled through the window. it played out just after midnight. the cabby crashed into a parked van police say to grab attention. he was being stabbed by by a man he refused to take to a remote area in north camden.
5:31 pm
>> the suspect asked for change for a $50 bill. at which time he then began to attack the cab driver. >> reporter: police also say for tuna has at least four wounds in his shoulder when he tried to block what was likely a box cutter, he was hit in the finger. just moments ago, fortuna's video. chief thompson said this is the second time a cabby has been attacked in two days. >> the cab driver was punched several times in the stomach, and chest area. >> reporter: thompson added, they have been working with cab yigsz in the past year to help them prevent robbies. yet we found four who have become victims. one cabby said she's afraid. >> i work with a partner. he always goes with me. >> reporter: and police tell us they don't believe the same suspect was involved in both attacks.
5:32 pm
but chief thompson said he plans to go to city council and ask that they urge all cab companies to place surveillance cameras inside the cabs. monique braxton, nbc 10 news. have you heard about this? a crew is inspecting a philadelphia-bound plane that caught fire at the seattle airport today. investigators for the american airlines plane was on the taxiway and headed for the runway when smoke started pouring from the back of the plane. an airport spokesperson said a spark in a power unit started the small fire. crews quickly put it out. no one was hurt. the 151 passengers were put on another flight to philly. an accident involving a trash truck sent three philadelphia employees to the hospital. sky 4's 10 over the scene this morning. police say the truck swerved to avoid hitting another car at l street. it hit a traffic pole and a
5:33 pm
mailbox and fence. the case that made national headlines. three residents arrested at the hol dand tunnel last week with a number of guns, pleading not guilty to the weapons charges today. they told police they were going to rescue a 16-year-old girl whose friend had just overdosed on heroin. they found shotguns, handguns, high capacity magazines and assault rifle. the three are being held on $75,000 bail. kramzy's 20-year-old daughter died from a heroin overdose four months ago. turning now to our weather. a perfect afternoon for a splash in north philadelphia. nbc 10 at the park at 22nd and clearfield where little ones were staying cool, even in diapers, in the water spouts. they'll be spending a lot of time outdoors over the weekend. >> getting closer for us, at
5:34 pm
least, on the anchor desk. sheen a, looking nice? >> we all want nice weather for the weekend. if your weekend starts on friday, you'll want an umbrella, whatever you're doing. we have showers and storms in the forecast for friday. don't forget your seven-day is always scrolling at the bottom of the screen for you with the new neighborhood weather. center city, clear skies still. at least mostly sunny. humidity a little bit lower. temperatures nice and warm. mid-80s. a little bit of a breeze right now. it's going to stay warm as we go into tomorrow evening, even a little bit warmer than today. temperatures across the area mostly in the mid to low 80s. right now pennsylvania suburbs in the low 80s. at the shores, look at these temperatures. this is because we have a land breeze. we're seeing that wind moving from the land out to the ocean. so this is that land breeze warming things up for the shore. ocean city 87 degrees right now. if you're in cape may, cape may
5:35 pm
courthouse at least 83 degrees. 88 summer point. atlantic city 75 degrees. some of that bay breeze there. 76 little egg harbor. 85 in cape may county. nice weather today along the shore. again, starting off your weekend for friday, some showersened storms. the rest of your weekend not too bad. we'll look at the forecast for your fourth of july coming up. thanks, sheena. the delaware county police officer who survived being shot seven times has some special visitors today. >> christopher dorman met with the director of the secret service. he's in town checking out sites for the democratic national convention. he asked to meet with dorman so he could thank him for his service and simply tell him he's awesome. that's a quote. dorman also posed for pictures with two officers who helped save his life. sergeant william bear op the left drove him to the hospital in his police cruiser. david depitro shot back at the
5:36 pm
suspect distracting him from officer dorman. he was escorted to the full croft fire company where he told the reporters the first time since the shooting, he was ready to get back to work. >> in his red, white and blue there. lady gaga, lenny kravitz performing for a different audience right in our area. ♪ these local guys will be putting on a show this fourth of july. we'll show you brotherly love coming up. a vaccine developed right here. i'll show you how it works.
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investigation into the terror attacks in turkey continue. officials say they have a
5:39 pm
timeline now of how the deadly attack unfolded. a turkish interior ministry official said all three attackers arrived at the airport in istanbul by taxi. that's when they say the first attacker entered the terminal, began shooting and detonated a bomb strapped to his chest near the x-ray machines. that's when the second attacker went upstairs and blew himself up. a third attacker waited outside and detonated his explosives as people ran out. 41 people were killed, more than 230 injured. >> the attack in istanbul and the attack a few months ago at the brussels airport is raising security at airports overseas, and here in the u.s. extra security officers are on alert at airports around the 3z into the holiday weekend. heavily armed officers and canine units are preparing for a bump in passengers heading in and out of town for the fourth of july. overseas, no airline can fly directly to the u.s. from a
5:40 pm
foreign airport if that airport does not meet strict u.s. security standards. >> we inspect those airports to ensure they meet those standards. that includes the people on the aircraft, the crews that manage the aircraft, the people who service the aircraft and the cargo that goes onboard that aircraft. >> homeland security is monitoring airport security but no status change at this time. i want you to imagine achieving your life-long goal at the age of 16 years old. it happened for a local swimmer. what stands between him and the olympics in rio. that's next at 5:00. and for your fourth of july, we have nice weather. but if you're starting your weekend early, showers and thunderstorms. i'll show you when those are set to move in. and your shore forecast coming up next.
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5:43 pm
it's beginning to look a lot like democracy in philadelphia. the host committee for the democratic national convention started hanging up street banners. part of a comprehensive welcome campaign. more than 600 of these signs will be hung before it's all said and done. but it won't be all work and no play for people attending the convention. >> as a matter of fact, a few celebrities are expected to take part in the event. lady gaga, lenny kravitz, denise's favorite jazzy jess. dnc attendees across the river
5:44 pm
are performing a free concert the last day of the convention, that's in camden, of course. >> you may not get into the concert but there's still a lot of fun to be had during the dnc. look for special dnc deals on social media, restaurants, bars and shops are encouraged to post. there's the philly feast. a food truck local festival. to kick things off, the committee will host what it hopes is the largest center city sips this summer. the clinton campaign announced the pair will hold an event on july 5th in charlotte, north carolina. the two had been scheduled for a kickoff event earlier this month, but that was postponed after the terror attack in orlando. on the other side of the coin today, donald trump criticizing hillary clinton's record on terrorism. the presumptive republican presidential nominee came to maine today speaking to a crowd
5:45 pm
in bangor. when talking about protesters at today's event, that is rallies are, quote, the safest place to be in the world, end quote. before the dnc comes this way to philadelphia, a lot of anticipation building for the wawa. >> we have a sneak peek of one of the groups performing. take a listen. ♪ pretty sweet. that's phillies' own brotherly love and they sound awesome. the a capella group performed at 11:00 this morning. we asked what it would be like for them to perform in front of their hometown july 4th crowd. >> we've had the pleasure of opening for legends. it's a dream come true. >> the group said they want to follow in the footsteps of groups like new edition and boys
5:46 pm
2 men. some. other acts that will take the stage on july 4th. the o.j.s, yaz the greatest, and odom lezly jr. and bridges. use the nbc 10 app to find more. the big fireworks finale. the wawa welcome america festival. denise, he is 6'8" tall and just 16 years old. >> a lot of growing to do, right? tonight a local kid will try to propel himself toward an olympic dream. reece just finished his sophomore year. tonight's olympic trials, watch it live right here on nbc 10. we caught up with his biggest fans back at penn charter where he learned to swim. and the head of the school there tells us recce has never been one to give up. even after failing his first deep water test when he was just
5:47 pm
learning how to swim. >> he went home, told his mother, i failed the test. and his mother said, well, we need to do something about that. so she got him some lessons, and it's been all history since then. >> he could make history tonight if he places in the top ten, he'll advance to the finals, he needs to place first or second to get to rio. coverage starts tonight at 8:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. >> he has the making of a michael jordan story, cut from the jv squad in high school. i want to hammer it home here. watch reece swim at the olympic trials at 8:00 here on nbc 10. 9:00, the night shift. that, of course, is followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. now, your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather, with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, beautiful day today. temperatures still in the 80s. expect it to continue as we go into tomorrow. 84 degrees in philadelphia right
5:48 pm
now. 81 allentown. also in wilmington. low 80s in new jersey. 86 degrees in atlantic city. in fact, many shore points right now are coming in in the mid-80s because of that wind. it's moving from land to the ocean. and that is a warmer wind direction. don't forget with the new neighborhood weather, your seven-day forecast is always at the bottom of the screen for you. tomorrow, first headline we stay warm and dry. similar to today. but a little bit warmer than today. here's a look at your neighborhood weather. reading 87 degrees. easton 86 degrees. westchester, right around 87 degrees. the philadelphia area, upper 80s. closer to 90 tomorrow. if you're at the shore already for your fourth of july weekend, low 80s tomorrow. and mostly sunny. in delaware, expect 87 degrees. wilmington, temperatures in the low 80s. nice and dry tomorrow. friday, though, we have thunderstorms in the forecast.
5:49 pm
some could be here for the morning commute. i expect some to be here in the afternoon. and potentially in the evening friday. so if you have the weekend festivities starting friday, keep an eye to the sky, have your umbrella with you. we'll see a wet day on friday. the july fourth weekend, looking really good. hot and dry. but the one day that we're watching now because of what the computer models are starting to show today is monday. we'll have an area of rain sitting just to our south through the weekend. and we could see an area try to move in on late monday, maybe later in the day. so here's a look at friday. some showers moving in early in the morning friday. can't rule out a thunderstorm. even through the afternoon the rain will continue. now we're looking at friday night. this is 10:00 p.m. friday. don't expect it to really dry out just yet. into the weekend, saturday morning, that rain will be offshore. it will be nice and dry. high pressure in control through the entire weekend. look at that rain just to our south, though. we'll be watching that very closely. as of now, looks to stay nice and dry for your sunday. then we go into monday.
5:50 pm
fourth of july, the high moves away. by noon monday, we could see another area of rain trying to move by. there's a chance it could stay just to our south. but the most recent updates have shown it trying to move in for parts of south jersey and delaware later in the day monday. we'll keep updating you on that tonight, also tomorrow. as we get closer to your fourth of july weekend. here's what the weekend forecast looks like so far. philadelphia saturday and sunday, temperatures mid to upper 80s, near 90 degrees fourth of july. staying dry. best chance for rain on monday does look to be in new jersey right along the shore. and in parts of delaware. but we'll be watching that closely. it could be changing a little bit before we get there. so we'll have more updates coming up 6:00, and also tonight at 11:00. >> sheena, thank you. lester holt joins us from the nbc studios in new york. >> good evening, lester. what's coming up on "nbc nightly news"? >> we'll have details of the istanbul airport terror attack, including acts of bravery.
5:51 pm
an ominous prediction from the head of the cia about isis' plans here. and why the fda is asking the makers of hand sanitizers to prove their benefits. when we see you back here tonight for "nbc nightly news." keith and denise, we'll send it back to you for now. >> thank you, we'll see you at 6:30. also tonight, the zika virus has led to health concerns around the world. >> but could a vac keen come from right here in philadelphia? that's the big question. next at 5:00, we get an inside look at the local research that's under way right now.
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we're following breaking news out of east germantown. sky 410 is live over the scene of a shooting. the victim is just 14 years old. he was shot in the head. he's being returned to einstein hospital for treatment. police are actively searching at this hour for suspects in the area. we'll keep an eye op the scene and bring you updates right here on nbc 10. if you're planning a trip out of philadelphia international airport, get used to seeing this poster right there. it's part of the pennsylvania department of health's new zika virus prevention and awareness campaign. it includes tips for travelers, heading to zika-affected areas like mexico, south america, and the caribbean. officials are telling people how to stay safe,
5:55 pm
working feverishly to find a vaccine. >> important progress is being made right here in philadelphia. lauren mayk is live in university city. you got a peek inside the lab that's working on a zika vaccine. >> reporter: yeah, denise and keith. we're at the institute where the vaccine was developed right here in this lab. chatter started ramping up last summer about the zika virus, the head of this lab tells me he thought they may have something to add. it turns out, they certainly did. on this slide, it's the green patches to look for. they're slowing infection by the zika virus. the bright green shows it's infected? >> yes. >> reporter: at this philadelphia lab, it's when the green started to not show up that they knew they were on to something. >> every little step like that gave encouragement. >> reporter: david runs the vaccine center at the institute. >> we started seeing what you
5:56 pm
were doing is working. what was your reaction? >> our reaction was, okay, it's going to work twice, let's get it to work ten times. >> reporter: caution, but also confidence that this lab in university city could take on the virus being carried by mosquitoes, and believed to cause birth defects. >> we always feel the time pressure. but we really felt the time pressure. >> reporter: researchers here did it at lightning speed for vaccine development, nine months when winer said vaccines can take decades. one reason? they've done it before. not with zika, but with other viruses, including ebola, collaborating with the same team that here locally includes a pharmaceutical company. joseph kim is the ceo. >> david winer and his scientists make the perfect delicious meal. we take that and replicate into millions of meals so we can commercialize. >> reporter: the next step is a clinical trial with human volunteers. from multiple cities, including
5:57 pm
philadelphia. what's the response so far? >> so far, it's a lot of hope. there's definitely a great strong medical need for this. >> reporter: the vaccine could be given out in this clinical trial in just a couple of weeks. but the people involved in this trial will not be exposed to the vaccine itself. however, they do hope to take this into the field by the end of the year. live in university city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. coming up next at 6:00, ticking down to a strike deadline. >> in atlantic city, high hopes for the holiday weekend. they're preparing for one of the busiest times of the year, as thousands of casino workers threaten to walk off the job. plus, the decision one local family faces after the deadly attacks of 5,000 miles away.
5:58 pm
that's next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
nbc 10 news at 6:00 begins with high hopes for the holiday weekend in atlantic city. businesses getting ready to welcome the crowds, as that cash-strapped town braces for a possible walkout by casino workers.
6:00 pm
>> this weekend is an important one for a town looking to make a comeback. >> reporter: jackie and jim, it really is critical. in many ways the fourth of july crowds will set the tone for the entire summer. on a friday before the fourth, the crowds are jam packed. it is a good sign that visitors aren't worried that a looming casino strike, gas tax hike, and not worried about the city's limited pocketbook. for 30 summers in a row -- >> fireworks. >> reporter: -- chad has made atlantic city his number one fourth of july shore spot. this summer is no different. and he's got company. gomez said compared to the pre-fourth of july week days last summer, the boardwalk from 5:00 to 10:00 p.m. crowd is heavier and out of state. >> we just want to see the city. sorry to hear about the casinos are


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