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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  July 7, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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94 so far today. 97 tomorrow. 95 on saturday. yeah, that's guaranteed heat wave. and we're going to stay warm overnight tonight. no rain expected to cool us off during the night tonight. but during the day tomorrow, it's a different story. more heat, more humidity, and a greater chance for storms. the timing on that in just a few minutes. it will be a hot walk home from work in center city. this is a live look at the streets at 8th and market. but it's children that can be especially susceptible to this kind of heat. nbc 10 cydney long spent the day with kids who learned about staying safe on hot days. >> cydney? >> reporter: jim and jacqueline, they definitely did. it looks like any other gorgeous hot day by the pool. but there are definite safety precautions in place here at the jcc, to include more final in the water. also, extra hydration, stations like this one, they are all part of the must-do safety
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initiatives for these young people. before all the fun of splashing and playing in the sprinklers, the kids learn the rules much the hot day. >> the sun is out. it's so hot, we're going to keep on drinking, right? everybody thumbs up. >> little children never tell us they're thirsty. they'll tell us they're tired. little children can tell us when their cheeks are really red. >> reporter: parents are advised to have their little ones lathered in sunscreen. >> when it's hot, hot, hot, we drink, drink, drink. >> reporter: their heat wave precautions include extra hydration stations. >> we have water coolers outside on the playground, and also water coolers here at the pool. >> reporter: and covered umbrella spots by the pool. part of the directive is to remind the staff and membership just how dangerous the 90-plus
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temperatures can be. >> i stress upon remember on heat wave, these children have to be hydrated, they have to be in the pool at all times. >> reporter: and of course, because children especially toddlers and the elderly are most vulnerable on hot days like today, the jcc is also paying close attention to seniors, and we'll have more on what they're doing to keep them safe in about an hour at 5:00. in cherry hill, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. we have breaking news from gloucester county. sky 4 was just over this scene. in the last hour fire crews were called to the home on high street. you see all that smoke coming from the roof there. it looks like it is heavily damaged, but there are no reports of any injuries in that house fire. now to the septa slowdown. new video shows crews working in the heat in west philadelphia to fix the trains sidelined because a structural defect, leading to
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a shortage that's created a mess for commuters. randy gyllenhaal just checked the board at suburban station. randy, what's happening there now and how many delays are we talking about? >> reporter: work is just getting out here in center city. it is hot and humid out here. we were just down on the platform. it is almost as bad down there. absolutely no air conditioning. and we're expecting a big rush of commuters to hit suburban station here in the next hour, trying to catch one of those limited trains to head home. on the muggy platform at suburban station, small fans circulate the air as passengers try to beat the evening rush. marcos fernandez works in center city. >> luckily i got off early today. i was able to beat the rush hour. >> reporter: he's trying to get home now, because come 5:00 p.m., suburban station will be packed. >> just drinking lots of water. try and stay calm and patient, i
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guess. >> reporter: as passengers adjust to a new normal, septa has begun working to fix that silver liner 5 rail car. nbc 10 cameras spotted crews at a maintenance facility. but no update on the progress from septa. we're told it could take until the end of summer. >> just be patient. and try not to let it out. >> reporter: jan trying to get home to norristown is taking it day by day. >> it's hot down here, but i didn't want to miss the train because of the saturday schedule. >> you have to wait it out. >> yes. >> reporter: there is going to be a lot of waiting today. yesterday's commute was so hot, we actually saw brush fires along some of the rail tracks. at this point we're not seeing any indications of problems. but we'll be live out here tracking the progress as people leave work, trying to get home on this smoking hot day. live in center city, randy gyllenhaal. this is about the time the delays start to pick up.
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the 409 to mel vurn is 24 minutes late. you can find the link to all of the delays anytime you need to right on the nbc 10 app. it's very handy for you to check out. the septa slowdown has two bitter rivals working together to get people where they need to be. and get them there faster. today uber and the philadelphia parking authority announced an agreement that will allow the ride sharing service to temporarily operate legally in philadelphia. uber has already been operating in the city despite its questionable legal status, and the objections of the parking authority. the parking authority hopes uber's ride sharing service will be a draw to frustrated septa riders. >> everyone needs help now with 120 rail cars out of business. so we have -- better heads have prevailed and we're making this exception to the law. >> the temporary agreement between uber and the parking authority runs through september. the two sides say the upcomes
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democratic convention in philadelphia was also an important factor in striking the deal. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with bill cosby in a montgomery county courtroom as his lawyers renew their bid to force cosby's accuser to testify. nbc 10 has learned that the judge in the case intends to make a ruling today, likely in the next few minutes. we'll hear what the judge has to say. >> reporter: up until today, the case has moved forward solely based on statements. bill cosby's accuser made 11 years ago. cosby's attorneys want her to be required to testify in person, because they want to question her. and they also hope that this case does not go to trial. prosecutors say they do not want to retraumatize constant which is why up until this moment they
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kept her from testifying. they read a statement from the 2005 interview to establish their case. constand is expected to testify during the trial. but cosby's attorneys said that violates his constitutional rights. they hope it's enough for a judge to throw out the case or at the very least make prosecutors argue their case without using the incriminating testimony. it's been hours of back-and-forth by lawyers. we're told the judge is going to make his decision. today i'll go back inside and bring you the latest information once it becomes available. reporting in norristown, nbc 10 flus. from our delaware bureau, high school athletic director is under arrest for allegedly trying to solicit sexual favors from a teenage boy. brian butler was taken into custody early yesterday morning. police say he arranged to meet the teenage boy on the pretense he would introduce him to a 20-year-old girl. police say bud then tried to
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perform a sex act on the boy. now a look at some new video of a man police want to talk to about a pair of attempted abductions in delaware. it was recorded outside the main towers apartments on the fourth of july. a woman said she escaped a man who tried to kidnap her as she walked into her apartment there that morning. investigators believe the same guy tried kidnapping another woman hours earlier outside the nearby colonial apartments. that woman also says he got away. police are calling the man in the video a person of interest. you're asked to call newark police if you recognize him. for the second time in as many days, a deadly police shooting is prompting protests. it's sparking outrage in minnesota. a woman said it shows the moments after police shot and killed her boyfriend. an officer shot and killed that man during a traffic stop in the st. paul suburb of falcon heights. it comes on the heels of the videotaped death of another man in baton rouge, louisiana.
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both men were black. nbc 10's keith jones joins us now with the fallout. that has come after this. keith? >> jackie, that includes a response from the president today. more on that in a second. but first, the new cell phone video from minnesota. take a look. >> we got pulled over for a busted taillight in the back. >> a woman named diamond reynolds recorded this video last night. you can see a blood-soaked man next to her blurred out for you. that is her boyfriend. she says an officer had just shot him during a traffic stop. reynolds said castillo had a permit to carry a gun, but was killed even though he complied with the officer's instructions. she was overcome by emotion when she spoke today. >> what gives the authorities the right to kill him. it could have been you. it could have been you. it could have been you or you or you. it could have been any of us.
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>> people have been gathering outside the minnesota governor's mansion to protest wednesday's shooting. the governor said today he's pressing for a federal investigation. for now, the officer involved is on leave. meanwhile, louisiana's governor will attend a vigil tonight for a man shot and killed by police in baton rouge. cell phone video taken outside a convenience store there shows two officers wrestling a man named alton sterling to the ground tuesday. seconds later, police fired the deadly shots. both officers are on leave in that case as well. the department of justice is investigating that one. before leaving for europe today, president obama spoke about the shootings and said he's, quote, deeply disturbed. the white house says he is following the situation closely as we are here at nbc 10. keith jones, nbc 10 news. and we have new information on a shooting that injured a 14-year-old girl in germantown. philadelphia police today arrested a 17-year-old boy for shooting that girl yesterday morning inside a home on lloyd street. investigators say he was playing
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with a gun and pointing it at people when it went off. the girl is in stable condition. now a look at new video from a neighborhood in ocean county. two guys are casually walking up to cars on grandview drive in lakewood. the only problem, those cars don't belong to them. take a look here. they're stealing belongings from inside those cars. call lakewood police if you recognize the men in this video. fbi director james comey is defending his decision not to charge hillary clinton with a crime for her use of a private e-mail server. house republicans grilled comey on capitol hill today. but he insisted again that clinton did not break the law, and that there was not enough evidence to charge her with a crime. several republican committee members suggested there was a double standard for charging everyday people accused of crimes as opposed to high-level people like hillary clinton. >> there's no criminal prosecution. my fear is there still isn't.
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there's nothing to keep a future secretary of state or president from this exact same e-mail scheme. or their staff. >> yesterday attorney general loretta lynch said she accepted comey's recommendation and the case would be closed. clinton is adding another campaign stop in our area tomorrow to address the bicentennial celebration for the national methodist episcopal church. she was in atlantic city yesterday. some gop congressional leaders did not give a warm welcome to presumptive republican nominee donald trump in washington today. nbc news reports senator jeff blake had a tense exchange with trump for his incendiary comments about senator john mccain's war record. trump also met privately with former rival senator ted cruz, and cruz accepted trump's invitation to speak at the republican national convention in cleveland. another prominent republican and former presidential candidate is skipping the rnc in cleveland.
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a spokeswoman for marco rubio said he initially planned to attend but decided to focus his efforts on campaigning and meeting with voters in florida. we know now how the dnc will impact philadelphia roadways. >> the secret service released a map of closures today. here it is for you, in the blue area, right around the wells fargo center is the main event area. truck traffic will be limited on a stretch of 95. but the schuylkill won't be affected. the roads in red will be closed. that includes broad street between 76th and 95. those restrictions will be in effect july 23rd through july 29th. and you can find all of this right now on the nbc 10 app. we also learned more about that security plan today. nbc 10's brandon hudson heard from law enforcement in the last 30 minutes. there are so many questions about how people will be limited. what do they have to say? >> reporter: in this room, just a few moments ago, philadelphia police said they will approach this event like any other wide
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scale event. police commissioner said that they are not looking to make any arrests during that week. and we know that city groups are working with protest groups to make sure things don't get out of hand. philadelphia police joined the secret service, state police and other agencies to talk about the security plans during the upcoming democratic national convention. fdr park will be one of the designated groups for protest groups. site, excuse me. that is an area where the groups will see delegates going to the convention. secret service is making arrangements with taxi drivers, protests will be dealt with as they come. but police are expecting quite a few around south philly and closer to center city. most protest groups will have permits, the police expect a few to pop up during the event. people can expect traffic delays, especially if they live right around wells fargo center. we also know philadelphia police officers, a select group of them will go to the rnc in cleveland to find out how their security works. live in city hall, brandon
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hudson, nbc 10 news. and mark your calendars at home. the democratic national convention is in philadelphia from july 25th to the 28th. count on complete coverage right here on nbc 10. we just mentioned hillary clinton will be in town tomorrow for this event. right now, 30,000 people are taking part in a bicentennial celebration of faith for one of the largest black religious denominations in the country. they gathered at the pennsylvania convention center today for their general conference. the delegates of the church from around the world gather every four years to make laws for the church. this year's conference marks 200 years since the church was founded right here in philadelphia. >> our muslim brothers and sisters have mecca. our catholic brothers and sisters have the vatican. for us, that is philadelphia. >> conference runs through next wednesday. you have a few more million -- or a million more reasons to get your hands on a
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mega millions ticket for friday night. >> the already giant jackpot swelled again today. it increased from $508 million to $540 million. lottery officials say that number will likely rise again as people continue to just buy up those tickets. they're doing exactly that all over our area k. friday's drawing will be the 35th since mega millions had a winner. it's created the seventh largest lottery prize in u.s. history. well, it's the hottest air of the season. plus, we have high humidity. and that adds up to that excessive heat warning that goes through tomorrow, from northern delaware through the philadelphia area, and up toward trenton. right now, it's near 90 in parts of jj. 88 in the lehigh valley. there it is. in the city. 94 degrees. in philadelphia.
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that's officially out at the airport. there's the 94 at the airport. 95 in society hill. and penn's port 93. somerton, fox chase, 93. so it's in the 90s just about everywhere in the area. and it's dry just about everywhere. those showers and storms have moved offshower. just an isolated shower in parts of central new jersey. but we do have a little bit of showers back in west virginia, more significant one in kentucky. that's moving to the east. and that could be affecting us before the weekend is out. as a matter of fact, we have a risk of some severe storms on friday. the greatest risk is just west of the philadelphia area and chester county, berks county, lehigh valley. that would be tomorrow afternoon for some strong, gusty winds and possible hail. in the meantime, we have the heat wave, plus the humidity. today, so far, 94, with the
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feels-like temperature up to 100. tomorrow, about 97. feeling like 104. saturday, still very hot. but the humidity drops a little bit so the feels-like temperature probably won't reach 100 on saturday. then it gets more comfortable on sunday. we do have some cooling thunderstorms in the forecast. not so much for tonight. or tomorrow morning as you see. but in the afternoon, we're going to see some buildup with the clouds. you can see this moving in from the west. there's the afternoon rush with some potential thunderstorms. then that moves through. we're not talking about a lot of rain during the day tomorrow. then we get another chance on saturday. with some showers building up with whatever heat is left. then we start to dry out as we go into sunday. well, the neighborhoods tomorrow, these red marks are parts of the first alert. not for everybody. for example, allentown and easton not in the first alert.
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hot, not dangerously hot. chestnut hill at 93. sicklerville, 94. no first alert at the shore. it will be warm, but there's going to be a sea breeze in the afternoon preventing it from getting too hot. wilmington with the first alert and 94 degrees. over the weekend, here we go. 95 with a chance of thunderstorms, saturday, sunday. beautiful day. p.a. suburbs, same story. probably no thunderstorms on saturday there, or le shy valley. we do see a chance of thunderstorms at the jersey shore and in delaware. i'm not expecting any rain in any part of the area on sunday. but the heat will return next week as you'll see a little bit later. >> okay, glenn. famous comedienne said she is lucky to be alive. >> who's revealing a big medical scare. plus this. >> i felt like i was the hero of the day.
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>> hear what the little boy did that may have saved lives when an apartment building went up in flames. plus, a breath of fresh air is coming to two transit hubs in south jersey. we'll tell you about the face lifts coming up. we're monitoring a developing story in norristown. this is a live picture of the courtroom doors where a judge is expected to make a ruling in the bill cosby case and whether or not his accuser has to testify. we'll get the judge's decision when he announces it. first, though, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. a mixed day all around.
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when you're the parent of a disabled child, you realize that the world can be a harsh place. but you also realize it can be a really loving, wonderful place. when i saw donald trump mock somebody who was disabled, i was appalled. you gotta see this guy... ahh, i don't know what i said, ahh, i don't remember! that reporter suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms. it told me everything i need to know about his heart and what he believes deep down.
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we have breaking news just in to the nbc 10 newsroom. a judge has just denied bill cosby's defense motion. his lawyers were seeking andrea constand to testify in person during a preliminary hearing. bill cosby's attorneys lost that today. her statement was read into a court record. today the judge said that was sufficient. again, the judge just making this ruling. we have nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas in the courtroom. we'll check in with her coming up. now turning to this. comedienne sarah silvermen said she is lucky to be alive after spending a week in intensive care. silverman had surgery in los angeles after part of her wind pipe swelled up. it's a condition that can block the flow of air and is
4:25 pm
potentially life-threatening. silverman said she owes her life to the hospital staff. scary for her. a 10-year-old to the rescue. >> firefighters are calling the california boy a hero after he helped people evacuate a burning apartment building. colton current said he knocked on at least six doors warning people about the fire that broke out tuesday. you can see the flames and thick smoke coming from the roof there. destroyed at least four apartments. colton said it happened so fast some people didn't even know there was a fire. >> it made me feel good. i felt like i was like -- i felt like i was a hero of the day. getting everybody out. it felt like i was like the one who saved all the people. >> and he did just that apparently. colton said what matters most, though, is that everyone gets their things back and finds a new home. good for him. a very honest cab driver we
4:26 pm
introduced you to yesterday is being rewarded with a free cruise. >> that sounds more like it. boston cappy buzzy found a bag containing $187,000. he found it in the back seat of his cab last weekend. he made sure that money was returned to the rightful owner rather than keeping it. he said he did keeping it, though. that rightful owner rewarded buzzy $100 at the time. now royal caribbean is doing one better, and offering buzzy a free seven-day cruise to the caribbean. >> that's nice. he doesn't have to drive anywhere. >> much better. everybody was thinking $187,000, and you only get $100 for that reward? so it's nice somebody else stepped forward. >> the math on that tip didn't quite work out. >> yes. back to our top story of the day, dangerous heat, the big story today. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is monitoring the heat out there. glenn? >> that's right. today, even hotter than yesterday in many parts of the area. but i'm also tracking some storms that could cool off at
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least a few of you. and the threat is even greater tomorrow. that's next in my first alert forecast. >> reporter: a lot of folks are beating the heat at the jersey shore. but not all of them are going to the beach. i'm ted greenberg in ocean city with what we found, next. and from that, to a different kind of water. what's in this water? experts say this alligator does not belong in a popular jersey shore lake. so how did it get there? and could there be more? coming up all new on nbc 10 news at 5:00. here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge, hot and steamy out there. it is now 92 degrees in camden. cooler at the shore. # @
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this breaking news right now. a judge has just made a decision about bill cosby's renewed bid to force his accuser to testify. the defense's motion is denied. the judge said you do not need to laugh live witnesses during a preliminary hearing, and hearsay can be used. >> let's go live to aundrea cline-thomas at the courthouse. aundrea, explain the judge's ruling. >> reporter: well, the big question was can statements made 11 years ago be used in the sexual assault case. it is a big blow to bill cosby's defense. his attorneys were desperately trying to keep this case from going to trial. so they argue cosby's rights were violated when prosecutors did not require her accuser to testify in person. instead, they used statements
4:32 pm
she gave detectives back in 2005 to prove their case. cosby's attorneys wanted her to be there so they could pick apart her testimony, and disqualify her statement. but prosecutors say they wanted to keep her from being retraumatized, but she will have to testify during trial. now, i was watching bill cosby as the judge was giving his determination. he sat stoiicily, listening to the judge after he shook the hands of his attorneys, and despite the judge saying this will go to trial, we did learn that the legal maneuvering is far from over. we're going to hear from cosby's attorneys later on. but that's the latest here in norristown. aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. now to our weather. look how packed it is out there. the summer heat is hitting the boardwalk of ocean city today. it is the hottest weather of the season. the cool ocean, a short walk
4:33 pm
from those boards. you don't have the same luxury in the city. no water in sight in the concrete jungle. we're also tracking the possibility of stormy weather for some places tonight. >> the excessive heat is still a concern this afternoon. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back now. glenn? >> we continue to see this heat, the hottest weather of the season. plus high humidity. so there's an excessive heat warning until 6:00 p.m. tomorrow for the urbanized areas from northern delaware, through the philadelphia region, and up toward trenton. it is still hot in philadelphia. 94 degrees. but it has cooled down in some parts of the lehigh valley, parts of the p.a. suburbs at 89 degrees. of course, it's still humid everywhere. and the heat will build tomorrow. but in the lehigh valley, we actually have some tolerable temperatures here. and not because of rain. just cooled down a little bit. reading at 87 degrees.
4:34 pm
cookstown at 87. mckungy 87. whitehall and bethlehem at 89 degrees. most of those places will be in the low 90s during the day tomorrow. we may see thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon, pretty heavy ones in parts of the area. you can see it on the future here. by noontime, we're up near 90 degrees tomorrow. so that's how hot it's going to be. i'll tell you when we'll get relief in just a few minutes. people spending this week at the jersey shore are escaping the worst of the blistering heat. but it's still pretty steamy. >> ted greenberg is live in ocean city. ted hitting the surf isn't the only way people are cooling off. what are they doing behind you there? >> reporter: yeah, they're keeping cool, jackie and jim. i'll tell you what, the ocean city water park is a very popular place in weather like this. the water feels absolutely great. so getting splashed has been
4:35 pm
happening to me, absolutely fine. we've been finding a lot of folks who have been beating the heat away from the beach. about an eighth of a mile from the hot stand in ocean city, john and his friends went soaring. >> up there with the wind blowing in your face, nice breeze, it really is a different experience, and a great way to cool off on a hot day like this. >> reporter: ocean city parasail sent them more than 300 feet into the air. and soaked them in the water. >> while sitting on the beach, you just get really, really hot. and being out on the boat and stuff like that, it's just really nice. >> it generally slows down after the fourth. this year, with the heat, it seems like it's a lot busier after the fourth than it has been in years past. >> reporter: wave runner and jet ski rentals are also hot in this
4:36 pm
steamy weather, including here at wet and wild in ocean city. >> the wind blowing on your face keeps you cool on the water. just a hot day. >> reporter: folks wanting a splashdown of a different kind are packing ocean city water park, where staffers say it's more crowded than normal. >> the humidity really bringing the people in. >> i can deal with the heat without the humidity. >> reporter: i'm told this water is about 80 degrees. so as you can probably bet, the water park doesn't need to use its heaters right now to keep it warm. live in ocean city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. glad you're getting your feet wet, ted. thank you. we'll be right back.
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much needed improvements are on the way to roads and rails throughout philadelphia, and camden. it's all thanks to $1.8 million in grants announced today.
4:40 pm
a program called the transportation and community development initiative is making that money possible. the cash will be used to fund 26 transportation projects in the city of philadelphia, and camden county. >> today's announcement, we want to solidify our commitment to improving local communities while helping our region become a destination where people will want to work, live and invest. >> two of the projects the money will fund are redesigns of the walter rand transportation center in camden. a new development near the station in cherry hill. american airlines wants to help you get to your gate faster. it's teaming up with the tsa this fall to test automatic security screening. among the improvements is a system to isolate risky bags without disrupting the line and cameras that link outside photos of bags to its x-ray. the biggest feature may be the ct scans for carry-on bags, and that would let you keep your laptop and your liquids in your
4:41 pm
luggage. >> how much time will that save? >> that would be so great. >> it takes so much time to unlead everything. >> you're not sure exactly what -- yeah. shoes on. happy traveling. more art is coming alive in philadelphia. >> coming up next, the newest mural. and where you can find it. here's a live look at wilmington right now. steamy 91 degrees. first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is up next with the forecast.
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we're following breaking news in the past 30 minutes, a judge denied bill cosby's defense motion. cosby's lawyers were trying to force his accuser in the sexual assault against him to testify in person during preliminary hearings. you may remember lawyers read
4:45 pm
andrea comestand's statement into court records. today a judge said that was sufficient. cosby's attorneys just issued a statement that reads in part, today a man who has meant so much to so many, a man who has given so much to so many, has had his constitutional rights trampled on. we truly believe that our supreme court will right this wrong, and reverse the decision so that we can finish the mission of proving mr. cosby's innocence, end quote, from cosby's attorneys. we'll have more breaking news coverage coming up at 5:00. well, today's already day two of what's going to be a three or four-day heat wave. probably four days. and we have an excessive heat warning in effect because of the combination of the heat and high humidity. for northern delaware through the philadelphia area and up through trenton. it includes parts of chester county, montgomery county and
4:46 pm
bucks county, the areas closer to philadelphia, with more concrete, it sort of holds the heat in. for example, it's 94 in philadelphia, but 88 in the lehigh valley. 89 degrees in many of the p.a. suburbs. let's look what it feels like in some places. this is the way it feels when you combine the temperature and the high humidity. malvern 99, collegeville 102 degrees. warrington and ft. washington, 96. bensalem, 92. and, of course, in the city of philadelphia rlgs it's even hotter than that. that heat wave is continuing with the high humidity. so today, so far we've had 94 for the high. it may go higher than that. but the feels-like temperature has reached 100 degrees. tomorrow it may reach about 104 with a little bit higher temperature. and a little bit higher
4:47 pm
humidity. saturday, 95. but the humidity won't be as high. so that's why i don't have the feels-like temperature up to triple digits. now, tomorrow, these red marks indicating a first alert, because of the excessive heat. chestnut hill at 95 degrees. satterton, 95. do not have the first alert for the lehigh valley of berks county. nothing dangerous about that. that's just kind of a hot day. in much of new jersey, and delaware, we still have the first alert, but not at the jersey shore, because, again, a sea breeze is going to come in. all these places are vulnerable for some afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. and they could get pretty strong. we had some storms today going through burlington, and ocean counties for the most part. but we have more activity back into kentucky. a few showers in virginia. so the atmosphere is going to get a little bit more moist over the next 24 hours.
4:48 pm
here we go friday morning, sunny, temperature scooting up. by noon, it's up to 90 degrees. here come the showers, maybe even some thunderstorms during the afternoon rush tomorrow. that moves through, and we dry out tomorrow night. and then here comes some more showers and storms for saturday afternoon. so wildwood, what are we going to get this weekend? saturday, 90 degrees. sunday, 88. just a slight chance of a shower on saturday. pretty much kept it out of the main forecast. and in the poconos, we have a chance of showers in the afternoon, 80 degrees. sunday is beautiful, though, at 76 degrees. i mean, just a spectacular day. the ten-day outlook shows the weather really gets nice starting on sunday. but then look, we start heating up again next week. and by the end of next week, temperatures are right back up there into the mid-90s.
4:49 pm
>> getting used to this, glenn. introducing south philadelphia's newest mural, atlas of tomorrow. the city of philadelphia mural arts program dedicated the new work today. if you want to see it for yourself, it's at the corner of juniper and south street. the murals are remarkable here. really. >> they're breathtaking. >> such talented artists. >> it's great to see it from a distance and then get up close to see the details. the "nbc 10 responds" team solving a travel problem next. >> the trip was a blast, but the trip home nothing but a celebration. after getting a refund, she called harry hairston and the "nbc 10 responds" team. little housecleaning really paid off for this new jersey woman. how it made her half a million dollars richer.
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turning to "nbc 10 responds." a grandmother's travel plans get turned upside down as she tries to get home from her granddaughter's graduation. >> when she finally did get back, she couldn't get the airline to respond let alone give her a refund. >> you know, if you travel enough, you've probably gone through the frustration of tlad flights, or missed connections. leaving you feeling helpless. for one woman, the hardest part was trying to get an airline to make up for the inconvenience. jean davidson watched her granddaughter graduate from east carolina university in may. she wouldn't have missed it. she flew from philadelphia to greenville near the school with a layover in charlotte.
4:54 pm
>> going there was fine. >> reporter: but getting home would prove more difficult. her american airlines flight back to charlotte was delayed. forcing her to miss her connection back to philadelphia. davidson said american wanted to fly her from charlotte to virginia where she would spend a night and catch a flight to philly in the morning. >> i said, that's not going to work, i have to be at work monday morning. >> reporter: she got creative and asked the airport if they had any flights to philly that night. they did. >> raleigh's an hour and a half away. so i had to have my granddaughter drive me to raleigh. >> reporter: the plan worked. davidson got on another american airlines flight. and made it back home. she waited a few days then contacted the airline for a refund for the original flight. but after multiple calls, she couldn't get through to anyone at american. the reason you called "nbc 10 responds" is why? >> because you respond. >> reporter: we spoke with american airlines, they wouldn't
4:55 pm
speak to us about davidson's issue, but they reached out to her directly. >> the first thing they said to me, why did you call your local news station? i said, because i couldn't get any answer from you. >> reporter: american refunded davidson for the $239 flight. plus a refund for the cost of gas between greenville and raleigh. the airline apologized to davidson. and even added a $200 voucher for a future flight. >> not only does nbc respond, nbc resolves. i like that even better. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> davidson's $200 voucher will be valid for one year. and the total amount she got back from american airlines adds up to just over $400. so our total now comes out to money recovered for you since we launched in late april is now at $51,666. >> it is adding up fast and so
4:56 pm
are the hugs for you. >> yeah, she seemed happy about the hugs and the money. >> i love the hugs. that's okay. here's keith jones. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a messy problem that will cost a lot of money. now people in cheltonham are crying foul. >> something was missed. we didn't go to defcon four in tremont. >> they had to pony up thousands to fix their town's struggling sewer system. how did this happen? and why taxpayers have to foot that bill. plus, breaking news. bill cosby loses his latest battle in court. getting reaction from both sides. a former judge gives his insight on this case, that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:57 pm
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4:59 pm
breaking news right now at 5:00. a montgomery county judge has denied bill cosby's effort to have the accuser in his criminal sexual assault case testify before trial. >> nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas is live at the courthouse. >> reporter: cosby's defense, his attorneys say they will take this case all the way to the supreme court if they have to. they say cosby's rights were trampled on. meanwhile, prosecutors say this is another step in their efforts to provide justice. a judge ruled the 11-year-old statements given to detectives by cosby's accuser, andrea
5:00 pm
constand, was enough to send this case to trial. cosby's attorneys wanted her to be questioned in person. they wanted her to testify in person before a determination like that could be made. a judge said that is not necessary. and prosecutors said they could ask for all they want, but when constand does testify before trial. cosby had no comment as he left the courtroom. a trial date has not been set. coming up at 6:00, hear what attorneys have to say on both sides. reporting live in norris town, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> today a man who has meant so much to so many, a man who has given so much oh to so many, has had his constitutional rights trampled on. we believe our supreme court will reverse the decision so that we can finish the mission of proving mr. cosby's innocence.


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