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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  July 11, 2016 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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right? >> i love the gymnastics. >> that's our news at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. thanks for watching. "nbc nightly news" with lester holt is next. tonight, courthouse horror, a gunman grabs a bailiff's gun and two are dead and two more injured. and the cold blooder sniper in dallas, what his parents are saying and they make a national plea. and donald trump nears an announcement on a running mate. what we're learning about the narrowing list. wild fires explode, killing firefighters as thousands are evacuated, homes are destroyed and there are fears of hundreds more. a massive attack from the ground and the air. a game craze has people on the move all across the country. for some it is addictive, but is it leading them into
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danger? "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is nbc "nightly news with lester holt." good evening, practically on the heels of the tragedy in texas, the deadliest stay for law enforcement in almost 15 years, two more law men were shot to death this afternoon, this time inside a michigan courthouse. the victims were bailiffs at the st. joe's county course. it happened as the country closely reflects on the ambush in dallas and the dangers faced by all those who carry a badge. ron mott as the breaking details. >> reporter: the search was under way inside for the suspected gunman. it was shortly before 2:30 this afternoon on the third floor of the
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building, a shooting outside of a courtroom, three dead including the shooter. nbc news has learned from law enforcement sources that the suspect was in court for a hear, grabbed a bailiff's gun and started shooting. a deputy sheriff and two others were also injured. brenda brokenstein was outside the courthouse. governor rick snyder tweeting out a message and offering prayers. >> i lost some friends today, so i appear with a heavy heart. >> reporter: this latest shooting brings the number of law officers shot to 15 this year. at a late news conference this afternoon, authorities say that the inmate, the gunman was being
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transferred from a cell inside the courthouse, never made it there, he was able to wrestle the gun away from the bailiff and open fire. this happens as dallas is on all our minds. there are new details about the ambush that left five police officers dead. for the first time the gunman's parents are speaking out. >> reporter: the cop killer in dallas was no novice, the police chief said today, micah johnson knew what he was doing. >> this person obviously had some delusions, this person also was very committed to killing officers. >> reporter: now investigators are combing through 170 hours of body cam footage, 300 witness interviews and johnson's personal journal that tells what drove johnson to
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kill five officers and wounding two others. >> this wasn't an ethical dilemma for me. i would do it again. >> reporter: why johnson scrawled the letters rb on the wall in his own blood before he died. >> wh >>. >> reporter: investigators have questioned johnson's mother, in her first interview with "the blaze" says she watched her son turn into into a her mitt. >> his father is grief sticken as he tries to understand what drove his son to violence. >> i didn't see it coming. he was a good son.
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>> reporter: he was a good son? >> i loved my son with all my heart, but i hate what he did. >> reporter: on social media, johnson showed an interest in the black power movement, but police have not confirmed any formal ties to any organization. dallas is still on edge. >> to be quite honest, i'm running on fumes. >> reporter: chief brown calling for changes. >> we're asking cops to do too much for this country. >> reporter: and a doctor at parkland hospital where seven officers were rushed hits home. >> i think about it every day, that i wasn't able to save those cops when they came here that night. it weighs on my mind constantly. this killing, it has to stop. >> reporter: initially almost 60 students were inside when the campus buildings at el centro college where the gunman ended up in
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an hours long stand off with police, incredibly, they all survived. tomorrow president obama is scheduled to travel here and on wednesday and thursday, there will be funerals for the fanni fallen officers. tonight protests are erupting all over again across the country after a weekend that saw hundreds of demonstra demonstrators arrested. >> reporter: protests across america, spreading to a dozen cities overnight and today, with no sign of letting up. >> you must leave the area now. >> reporter: demonstrating against police brutality, determined not to have their message drowned out by the killing of five police officers in dallas. one of the movements most visible faces arrested over the weekend in baton rouge. >> we also know that we have to be really focused in making sure
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police violence ends in our communities and that has not changed. >> reporter: former new york city mayor rudy juligiuliani criticized the movement. >> when you say black lives matter, that's inherently racist. black lives matter, white lives matter, hispanic lives matter. >> when you say black lives matter, why should that be racist suggesting that they matter as well. they matter also, we know white lives matter. >> reporter: working to bridge the divide, a rally called white people for racial justice. >> i showed up today because until black lives matter, all lives matter is a lie. >> reporter: in dallas, the police chief has a message for protesters. >> become a part of the solution, serve your communities. don't be a part of the problem. we're hiring. we're hiring.
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get out of that protest line and put an application in. >> reporter: a country on edge and as this image of a mother about to be arrested shows, a struggle to understand one another. nearly 50 people have just been charged after violent clashes with police here in minnesota this weekend. the mother of philando castile, one of the black men killed is calling for peace. she says when demonstrations become violent it disrespects my son and his memory. lester? on the campaign trail today, donald trump waded into the dallas attack, appearing at a rally in the important swing state of virginia with a potential vp pick by his side, new jersey governor chris christie, speculation is swirling about who the pick will be and when it will be announced. katy tur has more. >> i am the law and order candidate. >> reporter: on
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teleprompter and on message in virginia beach today, donald trump addressing the dallas ambush. >> it's time for hostility against our police and against all members of law enforcement to end and end immediately. >> reporter: and tying recent police shootings to the cycle of poverty and violence in inner cities. after a week of violence, trump is trying to get serious and trying out running mates. latest to audition, trump's attack dog, chris christie. we need once again to have a president who puts the safety and security of our citizens first. >> reporter: christie has trump's ear, and is aware of his volatile personality. speculation that -- former house speaker newt gingrich ticks that box.
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and so does indiana governor mike pence, who's up next on the trail with trump tomorrow. seen as a good fund-raiser, steady voice and swing state baked, could smooth relations in washington. but it won't fix everything. today jeb bush telling nicole wallace trump's key campaign promises will only lead to republican heart ache. >> there's not going to be a wall built on the border. and the divides will grow in our country. >> reporter: the campaign tells me that donald trump has narrowed his choices down to four people and he will announce who his running mate is by the end of this week. like donald trump, hillary clinton has a vp pick to make. i spoke to joe biden and asked him what he thinks is most important in selecting a vp candidate.
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he says it's somebody that the president can trust completely. if hillary clinton were to come to you and say stay on, i take it that's a no. >> that is not my preferred route. i have great respect for hillary, i'm going to work like the devil for her, but i'm not looking to be vice president again and no one has talked to me. >> part of my conversation with vice president biden earlier today. wildfires are tearing across the best fuel did an epic drought and soaring heat. in california, they fear a seemingly endless supply of trees will feed the fire and sadly tonight, we learn that two firefighters have been killed in the battle. >> reporter: in need neederling colorado, it's a growing firefighter ripping across a seemingly endless supply of
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tinder, ready to explode. today a fleet of helicopters joining the attack teams on the ground. >> they are risking their lives for us. >> reporter: crews fear that many homes will be lost in these hills, after five bu burnbur burned to the ground. >> our dog has not been found and my wife's wedding ring and her engagement ring, everything is gone. the fire was started by these two male campers, who spoke to reporters before their arrest. charged with arson, authorities say they failed to put out their campfire, that has now forced thousands to evacuate as the blaze closes in on homes. meantime in southern california, hundreds were ordered out of their homes, the so-called sage fire
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hopscotching across the horizon. it's been deadly for the men and women fighting the fire, a vehicle carrying firefighter overturned carrying two. in nevada, a procession for the fallen. and in the west, the threat is far from over, in fact crews here say it is just beginning. tonight as the presidential campaign races on, and hillary clinton hopes to become the first woman elected president, britain is set to have its second prime minister. her name is theresa may and she'll take the position when cameron steps aside on thursday. here's details from london. >> reporter: she's the new iron lady. >> i am honored and humbled to have been chosen by the conservative party. >> reporter: theresa may from head of counter terrorism and immigration, to the
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top job, the shake up, the result of britain's move to leave europe. claiming she was more qualified because she's a mom. may is not. >> genuinely, i feel being a mom means you have a very real stake in the future of the country. >> reporter: the comments sparked fury of headlines and a twitter storm, vial said one politician, and utterly wrong said another. >> i wish theresa may the greatest success. >> reporter: britain elected their first prime minister nearly 40 years ago. >> i don't think there will be a woman prime minister in my lifetime. >> reporter: margaret thatcher, famously tough, and an american partner in reagan. may known for her flashy footwear and perhaps another woman as her american coupler part. but in the uk, one
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we're back now with something that may explain any odd behavior you've seen on the street, pokemon go has only been on for three days, but it's got people following their smart phones possibly into harm's way. >> reporter: pokemon fever is back and it's everywhere. >> i'm a kid, i need to play this game. it's real life. >> he texted me 30 minutes ago saying meet me up in hollywood and play pokemon. >> reporter: attracting hoards of players to venture to central park in new york city. gps technology places animated monsters inside in the real world around you. then you flick this ball here to catch it
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to move on to the next level. police departments across the country are cautioning against driving or trespassing while playing. in new york, a warning, don't let officer monei lrllo and his partner catch you. not all encounters are peaceful. outside of st. louis, these three suspects were arrested for allegedly using pokemon go for luring unsuspecting players into a robbery. 19-year-old sheila wiggins stumbled on a dead body in a river while playing the game. >> i wanted to get a water pokemon so i went for a little walk to catch pokemon. on social media, injuries are posted as badges of honor, bumps, bruises and scrapes, proving that virtual realty is just
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after 19 seasons in the nba, one of the all-time greats is leaving the game. tim duncan, the unassuming superstar who helped lead the san antonio spurs to five championships is retiring. duncan has spent his whole career with the spurs, a two-time mvp and a certain for the hall of fame. and the gymnasts are -- the team is led by world championship simone viles, two members of the london team are making a return trip to the games. gold medalist gabby doug. if you share pass
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finally tonight, in the wake of one of the darkest moments in the history of u.s. law enforcement, we're seeing an emotional outpouring of support for the mention and women in blue. nbc's joe friar shows us how communities across the country and in dallas are rallying behind their police force. >> reporter: at certain angles it's hard to even see the squad cars outside this mass of appreciation outside the dallas police department. >> it puts a smile on our face and puts everything into perspective. >> this woman brought her son so he could see the memorial and pay her respects. >> just because people are saying black lives matter, it doesn't mean that it's anti
6:58 pm
cops. >> reporter: here and across the country, acts of kindness keep surfacing, from cookies showing up another police stations. two comfort dogs from chicago are on their way to help police in texas and then there are the hugs. this viral video which runs for ten minutes shows people from all walks of life embracing dallas officers. another viral video chronicles what happened when a black lives matter protest was met with a counter protest. suddenly the duelling groups came together peacefully and they were joined by an officer. back outside the police station -- >> there you go. >> reporter: demarian, though a little shy, has a couple of hugs to hand out too. >> you remind me of my son. >> reporter: seeds of love planted early. joe friar, nbc news,
6:59 pm
dallas. that's going to do it for us on a monday night, i'm lester holt. for all of us at nbc news, good derek jeter's weekend wedding. >> from the vows to the guest list, every new detail now on "extra." ♪ mr. and mrs. derek jeter officially married in napa. who made her custom gown? who was there and are babies
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next? >> you say you want to start a family. do you want kids? >> i do. >> defending roger ale, the newswoman coming forward today to support the fox news chief accused of sexual harassment. >> i do stand in support of him. >> and what could come back to haunt accuser gretchen carlson? beyonce's wimbledon whoops. over her delayed reaction to serena's win. only on "extra," turning the big 4-4. >> what's the secret to looking like this at 44? >> how she's celebrating with joe and savoring wines to eating cake. j.lo and casper's date nigt at the final "hamilto"hamilton" lin-manuel miranda. plus -- >> dipping your baby's pacifier in a glass of booze, good mom or bad mom? >> i've done it. it disif he can'ts it. it


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