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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  August 9, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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:a young girl killed in a crash in philadelphia tonight and people say that street racing maybe a cause. ticketing for coffee. why the morning cup could cost you hundreds of dollars. cupping craze the round bruises like michael phelps and doctors think that it could start a trend in the area. nbc news starts now. i am jim and we begin with a young life cut short to want in a reckless driving. a 3-year-old girl ejected from the girl while her mother and grandmother were hurt. we have the story from philadelphia. >> reporter: here is what police say happened. the woman and her child were
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coming down a car and at that time one man came across the intersection at a high rate of speed and hit their car. a woman, nurses aide heard it. that's the first thing that she saw. when she focused her gaze, it only got worse. >> it's heart breaking. the mom was looking for the daughter and did not see her. >> a silver car crashed up a car and a child ejected. police lights flood the intersection. >> she is very distraught as my mother would be. >> reporter: police say that a driver did stop after hitting the car that the mother. >> it looks like they were traveling at a high rate of speed. >> the driver is at the hospital right now and might be a minor. they're still looking into that. in the meantime they plan on interviewing him on the fatal
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crash. we porting nbc news. good evening. i am jack liqueline and we're tracking the buzz action in the pool. let's dive in. a crash offer and record per formens last night. she compete in the semifinals and she finished second behind sweden sharon and setting the stage for a battle of gold winners in the finals. lily set the olympic record in the 100 breast stroke. michael phelps back in the pool and this time in the first of two individual events. phelps finished second in the 200 meter butterfly and that's
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in tomorrow night's final. did you notice the round bruises on michael phelps skin. it's a craze of cupping that's caught on the olympic village and maybe in the delaware valley as well. for now let's send it back to abc 10 in philadelphia. >> okay. jackie, we will see you soon. could drinking coffee while driving get you pulled over. sometimes they want to end distractive drivers. some are questioning which actions will get you fined. nbc10 brandon hudson joining us and brandon these could be some hefty fines. >> we're talking between $20,800 fines for being distracted. there are a number of de tractions in the car from the gp storks the cell phone and it's the difference in life and death. this is aimed at keeping you
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safer in new jersey roads. >> a start on monday morning as they look for the driver that hit and killed a 61-year-old woman and never stopped. police believe the person behind the wheel was distracted. >> it's unfortunate but people are paying attention to anything but the road in front of them. that's unfortunate tragedy that happened because of that. >> as police continue the investigation they're trying to pump the brakes on distracting driving. it would outlaw any activity behind the wheel that interferes with the safety. >> 400,000 injuries every year as a result of o driving. 3,100 deaths. >> reaction among drivers are mixed. >> unless they specify what they're trying to do and how to do it, i cannot agree to that.
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>> it connects to the accidents and if they stop, they stop traffic from moving. it's a perception. >> it zeros in on cell phone use and fines are from $200 to the first offense and up to 800 for the third and then a suspended license. according to aaa most drivers in the state believe that texting, e-ma e-mailing, reading and grooming are the top. >> the goal of the legislation is to address all distractions. >> the bill says that you can use a hand held cell phone if and only if you think that it's driving or report a accident and live i am brandon with nbc10 news. new tonight the victims of the transportation struggle and
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it's blum ted and nbc10 investigator discovered a high stakes fight with the wheelchair users caught in the middle. >> for a single mother and a wheelchair user her entire life, traveling by taxi is a big production. wheelchair accessible cabs are a critical action for last minute trips like when her son has a late night asthma attack. >> if something comes up at the drop of a dime, i end up in the middle. >> reporter: you have no option? >> yeah, at a certain time of night, i have no option. >> that feeling has been growing for maddox. >> two years ago pennsylvania legislatures appeared the 150 wheel share accessible thand at
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the same time the taxi use started to plum met from a million rides a month to fewer than 700,000 by earlier this year. ronald plump says the new ride sharing services turned the industry upside down. >> i felt great and impact from people. >> you make the direct connection. >> there's a direct connection. >> with tax season the philadelphia parking authorities say that the demand for those new wheelchairs dried up and now nearly two years later we confirmed only 32 of philly's 1,700 cabs are wheelchair accessible and they're halted. >> you're part of the sales. >> yeah, we were selling them to people that were buying them and not in the service. >> it's huge and it's devastating. >> thomas earl runs liberty
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resources and the disabled and he tells us that the disabled community more than 160,000 people city wide are suffering from unpredictable services as it shrinks. >> this group of wheel share cried ers say that so far the newcomers are not filling the void. >> 80 percent of the time there's nothing available. >> nothing available? >> nothing available. they cannot say now deep the void is. they say that we do not provide figures on wheelchair accessible vehicles. we try to ask the pennsylvania general manager of uber but john first grew frustrated with the answer and then another uber rep tried to cut us off. >> i think that they have answered many of the questions. >> they finally acknowledged
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that the company simply would not say. >> for everything on the platform, we do not comment on the specifics. >> so cannot tell us how many wheel share accessible vehicles they are? >> not today. >> it would entice more would be drivers into making investments into higher cost wheelchair vehicles and in the meantime the company says that it's subsidizing fairs in it's network up to a minimum of $24 an hour. advocates object to anything at all. >> access and disability rights are civil rights. this never would have happen first degree the companies were saying that we're not going to pick up woman or we're not going to pick up african americans. >> for maddox and the family, the need is pressing and the message to the taxi industry and the philly's newcomers is firm.
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>> don't keep it ahead of the mud because eventually if nothing changes, you guys might get booted out of the city all together. >> a big wild card legislature and whether they will permanently legalize the ride chairing companies. they could force them to offer the wheelchair rides or to connect the riders:the trouble is that keeps on getting booked down and the next chase is likely going to be in the fall. for investigators nbc news. opening statements are said to begin tomorrow in the attorney general. today a jury of six men and woman were seated in the trial. she is accused of leeking secrete jury information and lying about it under oath.
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it's expected to last about a week. well, the clouds from today are clearing out and more sunshine tomorrow. we're going to be hotter and tracking another heat wave along with some thunderstorms in the forecast. we will show you the timing coming up next. plus a push to stop the senseless driving. it was center stage in philly. when you hit on tv and on person, you have the emotions come to you. it's like i want to be there. ? how much time do you think people spend on a trip to the rio games? one answer is unbelievable and possibly the most fun trip ever. first here is a look at the medal count and if you don't want to see the count, look away. ♪ >> nbc o olympic's medal count is sponsored by independent blue
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dozen s gathered to learn about the second amendment rights and then it was the black guns matter hosted a free glass and instead of working to get them off the streets more gun education will increase the gun violence in the city. back live with you from rio brazil where there's a lot of buzz tonight on the big round bruises showing up on the athlete's body. you may notice them on michael
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phelps. it's the thing of cupping and it's suggestion that eases muscle pain. nbc10 says that the olympic athletes maybe starting a cupping craze. >> michael phelps is sporting more than gold medals. one cannot help but notice the blotches and it's bringing aware of cupping. >> it's the cupping and form of expression. >> it's holistic medicine and he says that he expects it to catch on more p as it's getting more attention on the olympic stage. >> hollywood types are into it. here is one after cupping therapy. they show how simple the process is. he says that suggestion from blas tick cups loosens muscle and improves the blood flow. >> all muscles become soft,
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flexible. >> for the added affect they move the cups back and forth and increase the blood circulation. >> he say that is the procedure takes 20 minutes and patients looking to elevate muscle pain. >> it gives a good result, so why not. >> in northeast philadelphia nbc10 news. this next story may make you live on the edge just a little bit more. we caught up with the ultimate olympic fan who in the blink of an eye found herself walking around the olympic venues like a kid in a candy store. >> how much do you think that you love the olympics? as much as this guy? >> i was thinking about it at the beginning of the week and
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then spoke about it. >> you just booked your ticket within the last week? >> yeah, 48 hours or within if last 24 hours. >> when you were watching the opening ceremony, did you have your ticket at that time to come here to ri o o? >> i did not t have my ticket. i did not have my plane ticket. >> he got the bag packed and ticket and two days later, hello rio. >> unreal. if you're wondering if anyone made the trip with him, no. no one could swing it at such short notice. coming up a little bit better more on the local athletes that are here in rio pushing for the gold. >> i wish that i could be spontaneous, but good for him. that's awesome. okay. turning to the weather and heat wave heading our way and starting to feel like triple digit again. tracking the heat in the first neighborhood forecast.
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>> yeah it's a heat wave and i don't think that it's a surprise that we're not done with that type of heat just yet. i will show you the numbers in just a minute. by tomorrow morning not too bad when you wake up. we will see more sunshine today. today we had a bit of cloud cover around and it's going to be clearing out and then the temperatures 71 and then 83 in the morning and then philadelphia is 76 and atlantic city is 75, then we will start to heat up. if you look at the seven day at the bottom of the screen you will notice that we have a stretch of that coming up and that's heat wave number five and that's going to stay for quiet a few days. the average high 186 degrees. by wednesday we expect to be in the low 90s and then the heat wave. thursday and friday and saturday and then the humidity going up. it's going to make the humidity closer to 100 and then 90s through the weekend. we have showers and thunderstorms through the week
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and it's going to go into the weekend as well. both weekend days have the rain chances and we will see the timing of that. here is the satellite and radar. the cloud cover from today has moved offshore and down to the south as well. tomorrow is more sun in the forecast and then 9 degrees and then 87 if you're in redding and then tomorrow is a little bit warmer than today. 88 degrees in eastern township and then tomorrow if you're in dover temperatures and 85 degrees and more sunshine in delaware than we had. tomorrow we're going to stay nice and dry through the afternoon and then the clouds start to move back in and then we could see the showers wednesday and have the umbrella with you and then we get the spotty showers around and then the rain chances increase more as we get to thursday. there's 1:00 p.m. thursday and then through the evening we could start to see them winding down and more as we get closer. then we go to thursday and then
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it's the eagle preseason game. changes of thunderstorms and we're looking at the forecast for that. coming up we will take a look at the ten a day on ten. stay tuned. ♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event, now through august thirty-first.
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your silver. your gold. and liberty mutual insures them all. liberty mutual is proud to insure every team usa medal won in rio, just like we protect the medals you've earned in life. liberty stands with you. liberty mutual insurance. plan to put a new costco and the land includes garden state park and the train station. they approved the plan at a meeting tonight. people that live nearby are concerned about the traffic that the big box store is going to bring. >> costco need it before the
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this is sport's desk brought to you by xfinity. it will clang the way that you experience tv. >> times flies and it's been a year since he was traded by the phillies and marks the first year that he was september to t to the dodgers. >> it's over the past year and they're doing really well. it's good to see them shake some hands and say high and once the game starts. >> doesn't that still look weird? taking it out on his old team and then the run and second at bat and then making the turn to philadelphia a week from today. the eagles in preseason and
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they're without it and that does not tackle for the rest of the camp. and you can watch than on thursday and csn. we will be right back.
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back here live from rio and local agentlesses and phillip is making the push for a medal and then we're talking of
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gymnastics. it's a big day for them. the u.s. gymnastics team compete in the big final and then the u.s. doctor that's won three gold medals and then as they look to be perfect. casey looked upon the ticket to the men's single to do. we continue to follow all of that from rio brazil and from now, we're going say good-bye and send it back to phil phi philadelphia. >> so much to watch and the heat is on. >> yeah, we have the 80s and mid-80s. wednesday we have the rain chances and probably not everybody. low 90s and that's going to start a heat wave and mid-90s on thursday and friday and the rain chances stay in the forecast and scattered forecast and on those days we're going to do much more and it's going to feel like a hundred degrees and that's heat wave number five. get ready for it.
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>> stay hydrated and get inside if you can. that's nbc news at 11:00. from all of us here thanks for watching. have a great night. >> ryan seacrest here in rio de janeiro. if you didn't catch the action today, these are the three stories you need to know. rio, day three. we start with the host nation which won the first gold of the game. always a big moment. it was magnified when silva who grew up in the city became an olympic champion in one of brazil's favorite sports. judo. >> emotion pouring out for one of rio de janeiro's. >> at the olympic aquatic stadium, the united states had a huge night. >> murphy stretching to the wall! olympic gold, gets it. >> six medals including


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