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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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the shooting. ted, can you hear me? >> reporter: hi, yes, good afternoon, jim and everyone as home. we have a very active scene here outside the wawa. this is in egg harbor township right outside atlantic city international airport and the faa technical center, and much of this police activity right now is centered around two police inside the police tape, a white ford expedition and what appears to be a white bmw on the outside of the expedition. what we're told by ems sources and law enforcement sources is that this -- one person was shot and is in critical condition. three people with minor injuries. i just got off the phone with a different law enforcement source, and he told me that it appears that this started with some sort of incident on the atlantic city expressway. that incident then spilled over
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and the people involved getting off the atlantic city expressway, the nearest exit here is exit 9 in egg harbor township right by the airport and somehow ended up with these victims driving to this wawa parking lot outside the airport. that's what we know right now. now, mean phil, new jersey state police tell us they have an incident on the garden state parkway near exit 38. that's also in egg harbor township where there is a person in a vehicle who is injured. the extent of that person's injuries not clear at this time. also, it is unclear if that is related to this incident here in the wawa parking lot. this multiple shooting where the people involved ended up in the wawa parking lot, but that is certainly something that is being explored right now. any possible connection to all of these scenes. at least two scenes that we know of here in the egg harbor
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township. one at the wawa parking lot and one on the garden state parkway. according to ems sources, one person critically hurt and three others with minor injuries and a fifth person in a car on the garden state parkway. unclear what prompted all of this, but we'll be here at the scene. we're going to be trying to get more details from police on the scene. we have multiple agencies here, egg harbor township police and new jersey state police. we'll also try to talk to some witnesses, and we'll have more details for you as we get them. live in egg harbor township, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now to this 20 minutes of non-stop news continuing with the fight to save an historic philadelphia church as flames and thick smoke shot out of the roof, windows and doors. the fire quickly involved this century-old presbyterian church in overbrook. >> all this damage means five different congregations now have to find a new place to worship. this afternoon nbc 10's cydney long is live, and there's still some activity where you are.
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>> reporter: jim and jackie, that's correct. the bulk of this massive hot fire was knocked down about 11:00 this morning so it's been five hours, so still plenty of manpower out here and we're told it will be like this for several days. every few minutes as the smoke clears, you can see firefighters on the front steps of the church, and you can see that the interior is destroyed. there's still hot spots burning inside. of course, there's motional heartbreak and questions remain about the structural integrity of this historic landmark. a religion landmark for more than 100 years. good shepherd united presbyterian church burned fast and furious. the intense flames shot from doors and windows, and thick black plumes of smoke choked the area. >> i think it was in the basement, but they don't know. we have no idea. >> church fires are notoriously difficult to fight the fire. they have a lot of void spaces and fire can travel >> reporter: flames as you can see from sky force 10 easily made it to the roof. >> you may not think that
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there's going to be somebody inside of a church on monday morning, but there is, so that's why we do what we do. >> reporter: josephine and her mom and a ground keeper were among them. >> i felt really scared. blew my mind away. the smoke was twirling and coming through the floor and i just panicked and went to get out. >> reporter: firefighters rescued one man from a second-story window and miss call co-this cat, from a smokey ledge. firefighters also had to get out for their own safety. >> as the fire fight progressed in the basement, there wasn't really enough water power to be able to put fire out. it was so the -- the unit commander ordered them to evacuate. >> reporter: all of this as the community watched in horror. good shepherd had 300 parishioners from five different congregations. >> we worship here. our children go to sunday school. it's just a wonderful place to be, and it's just so sad to see it burn. >> reporter: in your word god was on our side? >> definitely on all of our
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side. >> reporter: and you can see from the smoke here at the top of the church, these hot spots still smouldering. the firefighters on the front steps are still using their hoses and putting water on the hot spots. throughout the day we've seen the fire marshal's office out here as well as atf and police detectives canvassing the area. they are speaking to witnesses, but we're told they will not be able to get inside to look for the point of origin until they know that the church is structurally sound. we're live in overbrook, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. it is another hot 90-degree day as the latest heat wave cooks the area. students here at temple have a warm walk for the first day of classes. taking a live look from cape may, swimmers at the shore, watch out. there's moderate risk for rip currents until wednesday. that risk could increase over a busy labor day weekend. cape may is packed. >> nice to be out there. >> yes, it is.
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>> not a bad day for the beach but watch out for the rip tides. >> really focused on the hip. >> and krystal klei has a first look at the forecast. >> for the next few days heat will be continuing, upper 80s and low 90s as we move forward. today is the fourth day of 990s that we've seen. mid-week is when we'll start to see changes bringing in a chance of rain by late wednesday into your thursday, and then end of week into your labor day weekend some good news actually. cooling down the temperatures before they pick back up the tail end of your labor day weekend. this is a look at the temperatures where they are right now. now made it to 93 in philadelphia and 91 for wilmington and 89 allentown. check out atlantic city, 92 there, so the heat seriously on across the board. then a look at your radar and satellite showing us a pretty quiet afternoon for us. no rain to track out there. as we said though, chances of rain do move into that forecast
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and it just takes a few more days. we'll look at that coming up. breaking news now from the entertainment world. actor and comedy legend gene wilder has died. wilder was probably best known for his roles in "willy wonka and the chocolate factory," young frankenstein" and "blazy saddles." the actor died late last night from complications of alzheimer's disease. gene wilder was 83 years old. new at 4:00, top hillary clinton aide huma abedin announced she's separating from her husband anthony weiner following another sectioning scandal. weiner told "the post" he and the unidentified woman had been friends for some time. weiner resigned from congress back in 2011 after another sexting scandal. he ran for new york city mayor in 2013, but, again, his
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campaign was derailed by yet another sexting issue. abedin is widely considered to be clinton's closest aide, and she released the following statement. quote, after long and painful consideration and work on my marriage, i have made the decision to separate from my husband. anthony and i remain devoted to what is best for our son, who is the light of our life, end quote. >> another scandal is brewing around the philadelphia district attorney's office. the latest drama centers around seth williams' girlfriend accused of slashing tires on two city-owned cars in front of his house. more live from center city. mitch, already questions about how the d.a. handled this case. >> reporter: jacqueline, the main question is why it took nine months to file charges. this case is now in the hands of the delaware county district attorney here at the philadelphia district attorney's office. they say that they moved it to their neighboring county's d.a. because they are trying to avoid a conflict of interest.
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d.a. seth williams isn't talking about why his one-to imgirlfriend slashed his city car's tires or how his office handled the case before turning it over to delaware county's d.a. 47-year-old stacy cummings is charged with two misdemeanors. the charges stem from the november 11th tire slashing outside seth williams' home. today the relationship status is unclear. the d.a.'s financial disclosures, which have already been the subject of controversy, describe cummings as a girlfriend and say she gave williams a $6,500 rolex watch and $1,100 in suits and dress shirts. according to the city it cost taxpayers nearly $1,000 to fix the tires she's accused of slashing. >> she shouldn't have done it. she apparently admitted doing it and she shouldn't have done it. >> reporter: mayor jim kenny says the d.a. should be the one in front of our cameras. >> while this is a distraction. it's not my distract. something he'll have to talk about. >> reporter: but the d.a. said nothing today and has said little about the $160,000 in gifts he's accepted but only
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recently reported, the most controversial includes a $45,000 roof on his home. >> did receiving these gifts improve the district attorney's ability to do his job, to protect and defend the people of philadelphia. >> reporter: government watchdogs at the committee of 70 say voters will need answers before the d.a. faces re-election in may. >> there's plenty of time for the district attorney to say or not say what he wants to, and there's plenty of time for people like you to keep raising questions. >> reporter: now the delaware county d.a.'s office told us it didn't have any comment about the tire-slashing case, and no one would answer our questions about when the case was transferred to delaware county. a spokesperson with the delaware county d.a. downplayed this case as a low-grade misdemeanor. live in center city, mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. happens now from our jersey shore bureau, plans to save the trump taj mahal.
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officials from the united 54 local are meeting as we speak. they are trying to work out labor issues. the two sides began meeting an hour ago at the sheraton hotel in. a c. three teenagers are recovering after police say they were shot during a shootout in grays ferry. a police officer returned this morning and spoke with neighbors. vetsors say at least 12 bullets went flying on the corner of 27th and tasker just after midnight. they are reviewing nearby surveillance cameras hoping to track down those responsible. >> definitely heard loud bangs and then my dogs were freaking out, so sort of connected the two and two together. >> a 16 and 17-year-old were shot in the legs. another 16-year-old was shot in the back. they are all expected to be okay. an 8-year-old girl in camden should have been starting third
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grade today. instead her family is planning her funeral. gabby carter is her name, caught in the crossfire of a gang shooting last week. nbc 10's ted greenberg spoke with her neighbors today. >> above the balloons and the sorrow, a new eye in the sky feet from where 8-year-old gabby hill carter was gunned down on her block in camden. >> i don't know why it took for a little girl to get killed to put a camera right here. this is a busy little intersection. >> reporter: a heavy police presence remained at eighth and spruce streets today. gabby was shot in the head after she got caught in the middle of a gang shooting wednesday night that investigators believe involved four men. no one has been arrested. the girl's family took her off life support two days later. >> it's really a shame. >> reporter: today people in the community came with more comfort and prayers for gabby's mother who is pregnant with another child. >> she's expecting another one and has lost her baby. it's really hard, very painful.
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>> reporter: this would have been gabby's first day of third grade at camden community charter school. instead, her grieving classmates and teachers are receiving counseling. the ceo of csmi, the company that manages the school. >> very, very sad day. you just never think that something like this could happen to a kid at the school, let alone, you know, such a young child. >> reporter: >> reporter: he and his wife are personally paying for gabby's school expenses and also contributed money to a reward fund in the case that has now grown to $50,000. >> it shouldn't take reward money for somebody to talk when a little girl gets killed but hopefully it does. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. the company that makes the epi-pen will be making a cheaper generic version available over couldnntroversiay over massive
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hikes. it will cost $300 for a two-pack, half of what the brand name costs. the company's ceo defended the price hikes last week pointing the blame on a broken health care system. fans of mexican singer and songwriter juan gabriel are remembering the latin music icon around the world today. thousands, in fact, gathered for vigils last night across mexico. his publicist says the 66-year-old singer died yesterday at his home in california, but investigators haven't yet said how he died. ♪ >> he performed as recently as friday in englewood, california. his ballads and bouncing mariarchi toons became the soundtrack of the lives of millions of his fans. a local radio deejay say gabriel captivated his audiences. >> there's not enough word.
4:15 pm
the vibe you get from the audience when he's on the stage is unbelievable. >> reporter: gabriel was mexico's leading singer/songwriter, top-selling artist and our spanish language station telemundo 62 will have more on the life hand legacy of gabriel tonight at 5:30. now to a traffic alert. if you live or travel near the philadelphia museum of art, get ready for some detours because of next weekend's budweiser made in america music festival. a live look down the parkway where the two-day concert kicks off saturday. road closures in the area are already in place. now, two lanes in front of the philadelphia museum of art, they are closed and so is spring garden between pennsylvania avenue and the ben franklin parkway. it is just the start of gradual road closures that will happening the entire week. everything is expected to reopen before the morning rush on tuesday, september 6th. septa is also making changes in connection with next weekend's concert.
4:16 pm
extra trains will be added on the broad street and market street lines on friday and saturday and septa will extend several regional rail trains and the tunnel which normally closes on sunday evening will remain open. >> as for parking in center city, no parking on the street. no problem. this renovated parking garage on eighth and arch reopened and drivers are excited the garage will relieve parking problems and hopefully attract more economic and business opportunities. >> philadelphia's business opportunities continue to expand and our economy grows with it. it's important that we have the amenities in place to meet the ingreasing demands. >> mayor kenney says it's more than just the garage. the attractive design bricks a modern feel to an area that was once pretty dismal. sky norse 10 is above the scene of more breaking news. you're looking at police activity on the garden state parkway near exit 38 in egg
4:17 pm
harbor township. we're told there's an injured person in a trooper's vehicle. it's unclear if this scene is connected to the breaking news we brought you at the top. newscast. four shooting victims found at a wawa on tilton road. we'll continue to stay on top of the breaking news and a look at the huge traffic backup that this is causing. and now we're taking a live look outside philadelphia. you can see some. clouds out there. not really helping with the heat though. temperatures well into the 90s already here. philadelphia is sitting at 93 degrees and parts of the pennsylvania suburbs at 90. almost there. lehigh valley at 89 and delaware at 88 degrees. along the shore 86, and south jersey also very close to those 90s out there. we drop down into parts of philadelphia neighborhoods rather. west mt. awry sitting at 93 degrees and 93 in manayunk. also at 93 right around brewery town. the temperatures that you see, mostly lower 90s and mid-90s for
4:18 pm
summerton, sitting at 95 degrees. we're looking at that heat wave continuing. we're at 93 that we saw friday and saturday, 90 yesterday and now we've hit the temperature ever 93 today, fourth day of the 90s. little dip for us, but still very hot for your tuesday. 89 degrees, and then wednesday at 91 wrapping up your august. so we are talking a very hot end to your month. then as we move into september, a little better off here thursday at 84 and friday all the way clowe average to 81 degrees. very welcome relief there by the end of the workweek as we head into your labor day weekend. looking at radar and satellite, the wider view shows we're completely clear. no rain tracking all the way down to the southwest. we'll stay on the dry side of things, at least for a few more days before we pull in chances of rain. here's the hour-by-hour. showing the scattered clouds moving through and no showers until 8:00 p.m. and then we go
4:19 pm
overnight on tuesday morning and same situation. a few spotty clouds and not expecting rain though for your tuesday either. the clouds hanging mostly along the shore throughout the day into your evening. there we are at 6:30 on your tuesday. wednesday we see temperatures much up, more humidity and pulling in chances of rain. 89 the temperature for fairmount and parts of philadelphia tomorrow seeing the temperatures right along the upper 80s. parts of the suburbs in 84 degrees and swanksville 88 and notice the icons all pretty similar, lehigh valley, and allentown 848 for your temperature and easton at 84 degrees. no we're look at new jersey, 85 the temperatures. robbinsville, long port 80 and notice we've got the first alert icons on it because of the fact that rip currents may be dangerous as we move through the next few days thanks to tropical
4:20 pm
systems that shouldn't be bringing us any rain. wilmington 88 for the forecast high tomorrow and dover at 86 with those mostly sunny conditions. coming up in just a bit, we're going to talk more about the tropical systems, and we'll also look closer at that long weekend we've got moving forward. >> okay. still ahead, a pop star's sister under arrest for prostitution. >> next, the famous singer facing some family drama. plus, the final five take hollywood but without one of their teammates. why gabby douglas was a no show at the mtv video music awards. and the truth about traffic. how sitting among a sea of running cars impacts your health and what you can do to help. and coming up at 4:30, how would you feel getting stuck paying pills for property that wasn't yours? that's the battle a philadelphia woman responds. how philadelphia responds helped. >> a look at the markets, the dow closing up triple digits.
4:21 pm
big oil polluters. they have a friend in pennsylvania. millionaire pat toomey. toomey voted to protect their special tax breaks. saving oil companies twenty-four billion dollars.
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look at this scene. more than 300 wild reindeer found dead in the norwegian mountains. wildlife officials are suing a lightning storm killed the animals on friday. officials say it's not uncommon for reindeer to die from lightning strikes, but 323 of them? that was unheard of. the sister of pop star mariah carey is expected to be in court in upstate new york tomorrow on prostitution charges. police arrested 55-year-old alison carey friday following an investigation at a hotel. police describe alison carey as transient and say she advertised her services online. a hospital scare for olympic gymnastics star gabby douglas. it happened when a recurring mouth injury became seriously
4:25 pm
infected. the olympian's publicist said douglas had deep swelling and add verse reactions to medications. she posted on instagram yesterday that she's resting comfortably at home now and the hospital stay forced her to miss a trip to the mtv video music awards with her rio teammates. the rest of the final five posed with celebrities at the awards show last night. simone biles tweeting this picture with her teammates and also kim kardashian there. they also presented beyonce with the award for best female video. i know they had a lot of fun there. >> you know they did. >> yes. >> kim kardashian stepping in for gabby douglas helping that five make it to the picture. >> awesome. today nbc 10 responds to a woman flooded with water bills for a property that's not even hers. >> she owed hundreds of dollars and couldn't get anyone to make them stop. that is, until, she called nbc 10 responds. at 4:00, see how the team was able to help stop the rush of charges. plus, a foul find at the
4:26 pm
jersey shore. what killed thousands of fish washing up along these docks?
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we continue to follow breaking news at two scenes in fact in atlantic county. first, a shooting investigation here at wawa. sky force 10 was over the scene at the wawa on tilton road where four shooting victims were found all within the last hour and a half. one of those people is in critical condition. you see that car there with windows shot out and bullet holes in the vehicle. unclear where these people were shot, but as we said that vehicle does appear to have been involved. the windows broken out. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg is there gathering now information. he'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. now this, police are also
4:30 pm
working to figure out if that scene is connected to this one in egg harbor township this. right here is a live picture from sky force 10 over the garden state parkway. this was near exit 38. we still have several vehicles there on the scene and we're told there's an injured person in one of those vehicles. that's also led to a huge traffic backup on the parkway as sky force 10 pulls out wider for you. you can see how the cars are slowly nfc along on the garden state parkway. we'll continue to gather more information on this active scene and count on nbc 10 for those updates. turning to this now on nbc 10 responds. a philadelphia woman kept receiving water bills for a property she doesn't own. >> what did she do? she turned to nbc 10 responds for more. what happened. >> reporter: the sure says she tried to contact the water company herself but the pills just kept piling up. the woman is making a dominican fruit smoothy for her
4:31 pm
granddaughter, a computer science student who translates her bills from english to spanish. >> she couldn't read them, but she always always got me or my other cousin to read them for her. >> reporter: about five years ago rodriguez received about a $1 is hundred water bill from the city of philadelphia. the property was listed under her name, but she didn't own it. >> i was like, grandma, this isn't your address. this was a different address >> reporter: address matches this empty lot some two miles away from her home. pena said she and her grandmother told the city the bill is a mistake numerous times, but the unpaid amount kept on collecting late fees and showing up in rodriguez' mailbox. >> hoping they would realize they made their own mistake, you know, but they didn't. >> reporter: most recent bill just over $980. >> she was worried. >> reporter: that's when she contacted nbc responds and we contacted the city and department of revenue got back to us and took rodriguez' name off the bill and is off the hook
4:32 pm
for are $980. >> it really makes me realize i need to tell my friends about this. >> reporter: okay. and the department of revenue also tells nbc 10 simmonds it apologizes for the inconvenience. it adds language services are available for non-english-speaking customers. and we'll add that bill to our nbc 10 responds telemundo 62 responde recovery counter now standing at $96,287. >> wow. getting up there. a lot of money. almost six figures. >> almost six figures, that's right. >> how frustrating for the family to keep getting the bills thinking it's going to say it's all cleared up but instead the amount increases. >> yeah. >> glad you could help them out, and if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds or telemundo 62 responde file a complaint on for english speakers, telemundo 62 for spanish speakers or call the numbers right there on your screen. and coming up tomorrow on nbc 10
4:33 pm
responds, a man who had his sights set on watching the olympic games in person. he gets grounded in philadelphia. how nbc 10 responds jumped in to help. that's tomorrow on nbc 10 news at 4:00. a hot and sun i day outside as you take a look at boathouse row in the thick of of another heat wave. how long will this stick around? let's get a look at our first alert 10 forecast with meteorologist krystal klei. >> this one won't be as long, right? >> we're hoping to see a break very soon. today day four in the 90s. we're in the heat wave, and it's not just philadelphia. many locations have made it it into the 90s this afternoon. philadelphia sitting at 93. parts of the pennsylvania suburbs also 93 degrees. in new jersey 92. upper 80s the only 80s on the board lehigh vale, and delaware
4:34 pm
at 91 degrees. take a look at the live looks outside, and you can see a lot of blue skies out there, a few spotty clouds mixing in. those are fair weather clouds. we're not tracking rain for us. in fact, we take a look at your radar, what we're looking at is primarily just clear conditions for the entire region on your radar and satellite, and it will stay that way aside from scattered clouds mixing in. not expecting rain today or even into your tuesday. we start to see a bit of a change in your forecast as we go wednesday into thursday. that's when there is the potential for some storms wednesday night, thursday, and with that the question is are there more storms by your labor day weekend? we'll check in on that planner coming up. more than 15,000 fish have washed up along the jersey shore in the state's second largest fish kill in less than a week. this is what it looked like in little egg harbor over the weekend where the kill is cons trade off several la goons. a d.e.p. spokesman said the
4:35 pm
peanut bunker fish died due to low consecraticentrations of ox the water. several fish died in monmouth county. officials believe those fish were chased into the bay by other fish. apple is sending out invites, and you know what that usually means. >> coming up next, when the tech company is expected to reveal its latest gadget. >> plus, kids and concussions. what parents need to know about head injuries before their kids head back to school and on the field.
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apple fans could get their first look at the latest iphone next week when the company holds its fall product launch event. now, apple didn't provide any details but the september 7th launch, but it traditionally announces one or two new iphone models. the company could also show new models or features for other products like the apple watch or
4:39 pm
mac book computer. apple sold 214 million iphones in the last year. pope francis met with facebook founder mark zuckerberg and his wife at the vatican today. the topic of the meeting was use of communication technology to relieve poverty in some of the world's most disadvantaged communities. and the atmosphere appeared pretty inform al. the chat took place in the santa barta residence, the guest house in vatican city where the pope lives. children who return to sports too soon after a concussion may have longer and more difficult recoveries. a new study of nearly 70 teens found those who continue to play after concussion took 44 days to fully recover. that's compared to just 22 days for those who sat on the sidelines for several games. and players who did not rest at all were more than eight times likely to have a lengthy recovery. more parents are requesting to delay or refuse vaccines for their children but their reasons have changed. in 2013, 87% of children
4:40 pm
the majority who wanted to delay vaccines didn't want to burden their child's immune system. orlando's major theme parks are trying to ease concerns with the zika virus. walt disney world, universal, orlando resort and seaworld orlando are offering free bug repellant to visitors. no mosquito-transmitted cases of the virus in central florida, but the department of health is investigating some mosquito-transmitted cases near miami and tampa. well, sick of waiting in traffic. in fact, you could be. >> pollution will builds up from a congested commute and may actually harm our health. the world health organization says air pollutants inside sitting cars are much higher than cars that keep moving. those pollutants can contribute to a number of diseases, lung cans are, asthma and other
4:41 pm
respiratory illnesses. experts say the best solution it is to keep your car windows closed. the newest list of the nation's top party schools is out. >> you're hoping that your kid's school is not on the list. >> you would hope, right. >> two schools in pennsylvania made this list. we're going to tell you which ones next. and in your first alert weather we'll be talking about labor day at shore. we'll look at the forecast for the long weekend ahead. o
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
owe. from our jersey shore bureau, helping students get ready to go back to class. this was the scene in ventner in atlanta county this weekend as volunteers of tools for school helped pack more than 500 backpacks with school supplies. the event was organized by two students who raised $5,000 to fill backpacks. college students at two
4:45 pm
pennsylvania schools can raise the glass to throwing some of the craziest parties in the country. >> really amazing, lehigh and bucknell. >> yeah. >> they roundous the princeton review top five party schools. topping the list though, the university of wisconsin madison, and that's followed by west virginia university and the university of illinois which was the top party school last year. brigham young university in utah was the most sober school for the 19th straight year, and vasser college in new york has the best financial aid. >> most sober school. >> mm-hmm. there's serious students there. >> yes. as we speak, eagles long snapper is making his way from philadelphia to los angeles, not for football, for his latest shot at stardom. >> the birds' longest tenured player will return to "america's got talent" in tomorrow night's semifinal round of the hit reality show. the bird's magic man tells csn's john clark said being in the new spotlight has made him more
4:46 pm
recognizable. >> yeah, definitely a different level. i mean, you get on network television, as you know. >> we're local. we're lockal. >> yeah. it's gotten to be -- but it's cool, man. not so much you get bombarded. hey, man, that was really cool. you know, good luck. >> he returns to the stage tomorrow at 8:00, and you can watch it right here hon nbc 10. >> so talented. later this week the eagles are back in action on nbc 10. can you watch the birds fourth and final preseason game thursday night at 7:00 as we take on the jets at the liyn. join us before and after the game for exclusive interviews and coverage you won't see anywhere else. >> our forecast has been all about the summer heat. august turning out to be a well above average month. the ones you see in red, these dates, those are the days in the 90s, yellows days in the 80s and counting them including what we
4:47 pm
forecast to wrap up the month, more in the 90s than the 80s. not something we would typically say for august. the question is how does labor day look as we get into your weekend, and the good news is we pull the 90s. saturday will be at 83. we're warming up here though as we move along into the mid and upper 80s for your sunday into monday so we will see that warming trend rather looking about 84 on your thursday. then we look at your headlines for the shore, so we check out the forecast there and the numbers are going to be a little lower, of course. saturday in the upper 70s and then sunday into those lower 80s and upper 70s, and monday your labor day, lots of sunshine here, looking good so far in those lower 80s as well. temperatures are going to be warming gradually out there, but it's very slow that you see at the shortstop otherwise a mix of clouds and sun for your saturday and sunday. rehoboth beach at 78 and atlantic city at 79 degrees. the shorecast for your weekend is looking good at this point, but there may be effects from
4:48 pm
tropical systems that we've had our eye on for the last several weeks. first we're looking at tropical depression eight sitting off the coastline of the carolinas. it's going to be arching back to sea, but mainly tuesday into wednesday for us, some dangerous rip currents. that is a possibility. then we look over to tropical depression nine. this is a separate system here. that one sitting right now to the south of florida, but the track potential moves it through florida where it should bring in some heavy rain. then clipping the east coast. now, it does look like it will bring us showers, but, again, it could lead to some rip current threat for us. at this point a moderate risk. that's shaded in the teal that you see on the board, the statement saying that we're looking at the dangerous rip currents potentially right through your labor day weekend, so that's something we'll continue to update you on but it will be solely dependant on the track of that tropical system as it pulls through florida and then starts to head along the east coast. here's a look at your ten-day on 10. as we're saying, at 9 for your
4:49 pm
tuesday and then 91 for your wednesday. thursday at 84 degrees and that's when we see the dip. we pull in a chance of storms on your thursday and the cold front passes, and look at friday. so nice here. 81 degrees for your friday. if you get be a early start to that long weekend, saturday, we're at 82 and then as we move into sunday, morning, it will be the mid-80s that you do start to see with the sunny conditions as well. so on your ten-day forecast what we're looking at is that your overnight is getting comfortable over the next several days and just one more in the 90s as we wrap up your august and move into september. 80s for your labor day weekend. >> looks pretty nice. football players pregame protest. it's sparking debate across the sport and beyond. >> a big talker 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick took a stand by refusing to stand for the national anthem. how eagles players are responding next.
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there's a race going on right now. the world's clean energy super power's either going to be germany, china, or us. and i'm going to make sure it's us. from 500 million solar panels installed by the end of my first term, to precision manufacturing. we'll beat the competition and create new high wage jobs. we can do this, millions of jobs right here in america. that's my plan.
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4:53 pm
football season is getting started with a controversy over our national anthem. >> look at the center of the picture right there. it shows 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick sitting on the bench before the game in protest of people being oppressed because of their ration, and he says he continues to plan sitting through the song. >> as you can imagine, this has ignited debate. nbc 10's tim furlong spoke to some of the eagles about what they think about kaepernick's decision. ♪ >> reporter: on social media you'll find plenty of videos of burning colin kaepernick jerseys and lots of americans steamed that the 49ers quarterback has chosen to sit during the national anthem in each preseason game land continue to
4:54 pm
do it. >> when there's significant change and i feel like that flag represents what it's supposed to represent and this country is representing the people the way that it's supposed to i'll stand. >> reporter: at eagles practice today players i spoke with said they are okay with kaepernick doing what they did even if they wouldn't have done themselves. >> i think everybody has a right to, you know, express themselves, and i think that's just what he was doing. >> what makes this country great. you're allowed to have your opinion and that's his. obviously, you know, i'm going to stand for the national anthem, but if he doesn't want to, again, that's his opinion. >> reporter: a couple players tell me the sit-down might have gone over better if kaepernick conclude his teammates in before he did it for what is likely to become a distraction for niners players and kaepernick could cost himself millions in endorsement month but birds safety malcolm jenkins said he should be applauding for standing up or in this case sitting down for what he believes in and getting the conversation about very real and very tough social issues started. >> at the end of the day, all of the right-minded people should be talking about the reason
4:55 pm
behind it and what it is that he's trying to get across, whether they want to talk about systematic racism or police brutality in those situations. it's a problem across the nation and needs to be fixed. >> tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> as we've been telling you, we're following breaking news in atlantic county. police swarm a wawa. several people have been found shot and now investigators are trying to figure out if this is connected to something else about a mile away and we're live. >> and we are still in the 90s today, but a big cooldown coming before the week is over and a rip current threat at the shore. we'll talk about that, too, coming up. plus, standing water worries. the nbc 10 investigators uncover some of the area's biggest mosquito breeding grounds. what's being done to keep you safe next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00."
4:56 pm
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cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can. right now at 5:00, d.a. drama. the one-time garbrecht-enfeldt of philadelphia's district attorney is in trouble for what police say she did outside his home. church inferno. flames tear through a building that stood along had a local street for a century. a new sexting scandal. a disgraced politician's latest trouble prompts his wife to pack her bags.
4:59 pm
>> nbc 10 news at 5:00 begins with two scenes in atlantic county. the first outside a wawa in egg harbortownship where four people have been found shot. this second scene is about a might mile away on the garden state parkway. sky force 10 was over that scene as well. we're told someone is hurt in a car there, and it's led to a major backup on the parkway. police are working to figure out if the sue scenes are connected. nbc 10's ted greenberg is live at the wawa. >> ted, i know police are trying to piece this all together. what have you been able to find out? >> reporter: well, they are certainly trying to piece it together right now, jackie and jim, and you can see a large section of the parking lot here outside the wawa is cordoned off with crime scene tape, and these police, a lot of the new jersey state police, have been focusing a lot of attention on this ford expedition. it is riddled with bullet holes. it is missing a rear tire, and part of the windshield shot up as well. now, sources and witnesses are telling me four shooting victims ended up here outside the wawa in that vehicle.
5:00 pm
a fifth person found shot on the garden state parkway. state police say a couple of the victims were seriously wounded. >> just before this shot up ford expedition stopped outside the wawa outside the atlantic city airport this man says they almost hit his car. >> the driver was like can you please help us? can you please help us? we've been shot. i told them i couldn't help but i called the cops. >> reporter: four people were in the suv, all wounded. >> the driver said he was shot. they had all been shot. the passenger was hanging from the window, like had his hand up leaning over the window and the driver, he was shot, and i guess the guys in the back seat, they were shot, too. everybody was shot. >> reporter: sources say it appears the incident began on the nearby atlantic city expressway with the expedition ending up at the wawa. new jersey state police say an ad


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