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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  November 1, 2016 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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meteorologist bill henley has your nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather. bill? >> it's a much colder morning, tracy. 30 degrees now, just dropped to 30 in the lehigh valley. one degree above freezing in new jersey and 34 in the suburbs. delaware is in the 30s and that 42, that's at the airport. many suburbs are in the 30s in philadelphia, too. if you have to head out and walk to work, bike to work, you'll have to layer up this morning. but make sure they're removable layers. it will be a nice warmup this afternoon. even warmer than yesterday with sunshine, we're in the 60s for philadelphia, suburbs, 62 degrees in new jersey. delaware up to 62. very close to the 60 degree mark in the lehigh valley. i'll walk you through the forecast hour by hour when i'm back in just a few minutes. >> we'll see you in just a little bit, bill. back toç our breaking news. septa is on strike this morning. that means no transit buses with be no subway or trolley service within the city limits of philadelphia. septa and its transport workers union broke off contract talks at midnight. we have live team coverage of
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the septa strike to help you get to work and school this morning. we begin with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington in the studio. jessica? >>thanks, vai. we'll go down a list and tell you what's running and what is not. the market frankford line and broad street subway are additionally not run. specific trolleys 10, 11, 13, 15, 34 and 36. that's mostly in and out of the city of philadelphia directly. what is running are the regional rails, the norristown high-speed line, suburban buses. clearly there's alternates for you, uberpool is extending its coverage, late, taxis, carpooling, walking a little bit. we have a good forecast for today. here's schuylkill expressway, though, not seeing overcrowding here yet. we would expect more vehicles to be out on roads this afternoon and early morning as well. this is right around montgomery drive. 13 minutes eastbound from the blue route to the vine street expressway. average speeds are into the 60s.
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again, we'll have more updates for you on septa for the rest of the morning and i'll be back in ten minutes. vai? >> thank you, jessica. our live team coverage continues now with nbc 10's pamela osborne. >> she's live in fern rock. extra regional rail raiders wil be headed there for the morning rush. >> that's the only thing that will be running this morning. the regional rail line is just behind the striking employees you see right there. if you normally take the bus, subway or trolley to get to work or school you'll have to find another way. schools by the way will remain open despite the fact that some 60,000 students rely on september to get to and from classes. we have been talking about the potential for a strike for quite caught off guard when the strike went into effect. we saw buses finishing up their routes in the city, leaving passengers at their designated
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bus stops and instead returning back to their stations this morning as students are waking up and maybe trying to decide how they're going to get to school, some tell us they're just not. >> i'm just going to be missing school. i mean -- >> i don't feel like walking. it's cold. >> i'm not walking to no school. >> and philadelphia schools are allowing excused absences -- yes, excusing absences for today for students who are used to taking septa to and from school. they are encouraging parents to come up with a plan on how to get their kids to school on time. jessica was mentioning some of those other ways you can get round town if you need to. we posted a lot of that information about uber, lyft, other services you can use. it's all on our website, reporting live at the fern rock station, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thanks. again, no buses, subways or trolleys in the city are running. 4,700 workers are off the job.
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>> nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us this morning at septa's callowhill depot. both sides met all day and into the night. in the end they could not reach a deal. >> we are at the depot at 59th and callowhill. nothing is running at this hour. this is where the workers are. if you follow me across the street, there they are the bonfire going, the picket signs. they are there on sidewalk across the street. they're among the nearly 5,000 workers who walked off the job just after midnight. the negotiations between septa and transport workers union local 234 went to the final hour, midnight, without a deal. philadelphia mayor jim kenney among others have called for the strike to end as soon as possible, urging riders to have patience in the meantime. union president willie brown says as of now they are not close to a deal. they've been working at this for two years. >> we areç going to stay in, g
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upstairs, see if we can get it done tonight. i'm optimistic we -- not optimistic we can. >> not optimistic, you heard there. septa negotiators stand ready and willing to continue bargaining to negotiate an agreement that will end a severely disruptive work stoppage. we are hopeful that a tentative agreement will be reached before election day. they may ask a judge to stop a strike in order to allow voters to get to the polls. the last strike, seven years ago, lasted six days. they are hopeful they will get to work as soon as possible. as of right now, you heard from the union president there, it does not appear that a deal is very close at this point. live in west philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. stay with nbc 10 for
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continuing coverage of the septa strike. make sure you tap the nbc 10 app for our septa survival guide. we have updated information on which septa lines are running during the strike. tracy? bill cosby is expected in a montgomery county courtroom this morning for his first pretrial hearing. today's hearing will decide what evidence can be used in his june trial. cosby is accused of sexually assaulting andrea constand. prosecutors hope to call 13 other accusers during the trial. cosby's defense team filed a new motion just last night saying those other accusers have unreliable and tainted memories. the comedian has pleaded not guilty. happening today, the trump campaign will make a push for pennsylvania. donald trump and his running mate, mike pence, are scheduleded to appear in king of prussia. later this morning, trump is expected ed ted to deliver an e
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speech.ç he attacked hillary clinton on the e-mail probe again. >> hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victims of this corrupt system in every way. this is your one chance, right now, november 8th, to change it. hillary is likely to be under investigation for a very long time. >> this all comes as nbc news has learned of an fbi probe tied to trump's former campaign manager, law enforcement and intelligence sources tell nbc news a preliminary inquiry is looking into paul mannifort's business connections. there have been reports of what some call his disturbing ties to two wealthy businessmen, one ukrainian, one russian. the fbi has not responded to nbc
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news's request for comment. manifort says he has no connections to russia. election day, what voters should do about any problems at the polls. we will have an update. 5:08. weather is always a big deal on election day. that's a week away. we're concerned about today. bill henley. >> it is cold, below freezing in easton. much of the rest of the area is looking at much colder temperatures than yesterday. south jersey now at 31 degrees. while it's in the upper 30s in delaware, those numbers are still coming down. you'll have to bundle up in the suburbs, too. there are spots below freezing, too, in the suburbs. unionville, 31 degrees, exton, one degree above freezing and below freezing for collegeville, milford, north wales and bedminster. new hope now down to 30 degrees. you'll have to bundle up this morning. we have a cold morning but there is a warming trend on the way
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and that is going to start today. with sunshine, clear skies, we'll see a pretty quick warmup into the low 60s for philadelphia. you'll @initely need the heavy coat this morning to start with. 42 degrees. that's at 8:00. warming to 56 degrees at lunch time. it's about as warm as it got yesterday afternoon. we'll go beyond that number and into the low 60s for philadelphia. the suburbs, below freezing in some areas. still in the 30s at 8:00. then 54 degrees, nice bounce back at noontime, 57 degrees at 4:00. sunny skies for the lehigh valley. the temperatures are below freezing for many neighborhoods. 33 agrees at 8:00. add 20 to that for your lunch time temperature and then into the upper 50s. a beautiful fall afternoon today. sunshine will be bright in delaware and new jersey, warming up to 60 degrees in both locations. and the shore, not quite as cold this morning. a similar warmup starting at noontime, 58 degrees. look at the weekend forecast with the 10 day on 10 when i'm
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back in a few minutes. >> all right, bill, thank you. just about ten minutes past 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, november 1st. let's take a look at the blue route right now. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. >> watching the blue route around the germantown on ramp. we're not seeing a lot of traffic out yet. only 5:10 in the morning. we don't start to really see any big delays until the 6:30 mark. if you typically take the vine street expressway, we were open all morning. you don't have to worry about construction projects moving through. both directions open between broad street and schuylkill expressway. back to mass transit. that septa strike in effect this morning. also watching for the areas that are not running, the subways, the buses, the trolleys, market frankford line, the broad street subway. trolleys 10, 11, 13, 15, 34 and 36 are not running. what is running fortunately are the regional rails, norristown high-speed line and the suburban buses. of course alternates are
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suggested like uber, lyft, taxis, car pooling, walking to work maybe or to school. finding an alternate route is going to be beneficial for you. you'll be sitting or not with a strike under way dealing with a lot of delays this morning. >> ç11 minutes past 5:00 right now. a new study highlights train trouble for new jersey transit. we'll explain what is not working on the railroad that lands the transit agency at the top of a country wide list. >> police say there are new victims in the case accuof a ma accused of keeping victims in his home. you can do anything. i moved on her like a [bleep] ...trump's just so disgusting and degrading. it just seems like he's invaded our lives. and he's the republican nominee for president. and republican brian fitzpatrick supported trump. look, we just can't vote for fitzpatrick or trump.
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i don't remember! and you can tell them to go [bleep] themselves! priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. . 5:15. septa is on strike this morning. you'll find no bus, subway or trolley service running in the city. the regional rails and service outside of philadelphia are not affected by this.
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also, philadelphia has activated its emergency operations center to coordinate city services during the strike. just tap the nbc 10 app for a list of alternative transportation to help you get around. this morning, new data shows new jersey transit had the most mechanical failures among similar railroad systems in 2015. new jersey transit had 240 major breakdowns last year. that's when a train can't start or finish its route. of breakdowns, new jersey transit had 540 last year. the average for a similar commuter railroad was 79. new jersey transit officials responded to the report saying their numbers are higher because they submitted all major and minor failures. the transit agency made national headlines in september, you'll remember, after a train crashed into the hoboken station, killing a woman and injuring more than 100. three suspects from the lehigh valley who authorities say tried to drive into new york city with a truck load of weapons now face formal charges.
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yesterday, the two men and one woman pleaded not guilty and remain free on bail. police stopped their truck at the entrance of the holland tunnel back in june. the vehicle had a cracked windshield and guns rights decals on it. officers arrested the three after a search of the truck uncovered the weapons. lawyers for all three defendants call the police search illegal. in bucks county, prosecutors say a man who fathered two children with a 14-year-old girl also sexually assaulted five other girls in her family. lee kaplan was charged yesterday with assaulting six amish sisters in all, the oldest victim is now 18, the youngest is just 8. police say he hid the girls in his feasterville home. police initially arrested him in june. investigators say the 18-year-old was given to him as a gift by the girl's parents in exchange for him saving the family from financial ruin. >> he has had them at his beck and call over many, many years. what we've now been able to do
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is hopefully gain their trust and allow us to put an end to this man's reign of terror over them once and for all. >> investigators say kaplan brainwashed the family, calling himself a prophet from god to earn their trust. both of the parents in this case are charged with child endangerment. 5:17. we certainly expect jessica will be recovering a lot of the mass transit issues today. also look at local roads. >> right, including the lehigh valley and interstate 78. jessica? >> we're just going to start there. we'll end with mass transit for you. lehigh valley. our cameras around lehigh street. no problems or delays. there's an accident reported out in white marsh on ridge pike and manor road and of course back to septa. strike in effect starting this morning. the septa buses, subways and trolleys are notrunning. the market frankford line not running and the broad street subway not running. the trolley, 10, 11, 15, 34 and
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36. what is running are the regional rails, the norristown high-speed line and suburban buses. an alternate, of course, suggested like youtube, lyft, taxis, carpooling. you'll see significant delays and different commutes this morning for a lot of people. vai and tracy. >> thanks for the update, jessica. let's get you updated on the forecast. a chilly morning. >> bill henley has more on that. how's it looking? >> the trick or treaters got a preview of this last night as the temperatures were falling rapidly. it was in the 40s then. we're seeing 30s right now for much of the area. boathouse row in the clear overhead. with light winds this morning, look at the temperatures, how they drop. below freezing for parts of south jersey, the suburbs and the lehigh valley, also seeing some numbers below freezing and in philadelphia, that 42 at the airport, look at the cold for andorra, parkside, chestnut hill is at 35 degrees. right at the freezing mark for somerton, torresdale, 38.
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45 in port richmond. there's plenty of cold to go around this morning. fortunately we will see temperatures climb during the morning, in the 30s and 40s. clear skies overhead. we'll see plenty of sunshine today. the coming days we'll see clouds but rain stays out of the picture for us. the next chance of some wet weather for us won't come until later on thursday. that's from a system that really hasn't even come together yet. we can't show it to you just yet. the weekend, well, the temperatures will be coming down saturday and sunday. a school autumn weekend, low 60s on saturday for çphiladelphia. cooling down a little bit for sunday. fortunately we'll see lots of sunshine for both days. i expect it to be dry this weekend. before we get to the weekend, we will get warmer temperatures, including this afternoon. by tomorrow, 73 degrees. 76 on thursday. won't be cloud cover all day but the clouds will be increasing during the day. any rain will come late in the afternoon and the evening hours
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as a cold front swings through the area and that's going to bring the cold back. chillier temperatures for friday and this weekend with temperatures in the low 60s saturday and near 60 on sunday. and that cool weather, autumn weather, sticks with us right up through next week. another round of rain possible wednesday. >> we'll see you in a little bit, bill. thieves are targeting online shoppers. we'll tell you how to protect your packages if you plan on pointing and clicking your way through the holiday season. also, time to enroll. we'll explain how you can get a jump start on your health insurance options if you are under the affordable care act. ed a disabled reporter... i don't know what i said, ahh... who attributed a reporter's questions to her menstrual cycle. trump: blood coming out of her...wherever. he is not a person who is equipped in temperament, judgment or character to lead our troops. donald trump has created a toxic atmosphere pitting one group against another. he's a mexican. claiming a person can't do the job because of their race
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you may be starting your online holiday shopping soon. thieves are also making their plan to steal your packages as they're delivered. a study by august home found 11 million u.s. home owners have had a package stolen within the last year. make sure your deliveries are safe. know when to expect your
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package, require a signature or consider having a neighbor watch for your delivery. wells fargo agrees to pay up for overcharging home owners on appraisa appraisals. landon dowdy is here with that story and rest of this morning's cnbc business news. good morning, landon. >> wells fargo is paying $50 million to settle a lawsuit accusing the bank of overcharging thousands of home owners for appraisals order after they defaulted on their mortgages. the customers were not aware because the higher fees were listed on their statements as other charges. banks can charge people for appraisals if they felt but the suit claims wells fargo charged up to $120 while a standard appraisal is 50 bucks or less. modest losses, futures are higher and stocks fell as a report showing a stronger consumer spending was offset by uncertainty over the election and drop in oil prices. look for data on manufacturing
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and construction spending today. the dow dropping 18 to 18,142. the nasdaq down a point to 5,189. back over to you. >> landon dowdy with cnbc. landon, thanks. it's a cold start this morning. temperatures have dropped overnight. that's 42 degrees. that's just one neighborhood. some neighborhoods in philadelphia are down to freezing this morning. and you may see a bit of frost as you head out the door. a live view from center city. we do have sunshine on the way. it's not going to be all day cold. i'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood with a forecast just ahead. first, big mess, septa is on strike. jessica boyington is in the first alert traffic center. we're paying attention to it for you all morning, the subways, buses and trolleys are not running, including the market frankford and the broad street line.ç 10, 11, 13, 15, 34 and 36.
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>> the morning commute could be a sticky one. next, we'll tell you what you need to know about getting around the city. cosby in court. we'll explain what's happening today in the sexual assault case against the comedian. pat toomey and donald trump: they're just wrong for the women of pennsylvania. "new fallout for donald trump." "should a woman be punished for having an abortion?" "there has to be some form of punishment." "for the woman?" "yeah, there has to be some form."
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," septa on strike. just after midnight, the transit authority's biggest union walked off the job after all-day contract talks broke down. now service is stopped. nbc 10 cameras were rolling early this morning as crews locked up subway and trolley stations and drivers took buses off the streets of philadelphia. and passengers left the curb. these are just a few of the nearly 900,000 daily riders who will need to figure out a new way to work and school starting with today's morning rush. nbc 10 breaking news. >> 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema.
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we have live team coverage of the strike and how it will impact your commute just ahead. let's start with meteorologist alert neighborhood weather. 42 degrees, cooler than it was yesterday. >> that 42, that's the airport, vai. look at the neighborhoods in philadelphia that are in the 30s this morning. manayunk is 36, west mount airy 38. fox chase 39 degrees and right down to freezing in somerton. it's even colder in the suburbs. lehigh valley is below freezing at 30 degrees right now. new jersey, 33 with a few neighborhoods below freezing and it's 34 right now, but there are some spots in the suburbs that are also colder than that. we've got a cold start this morning but we will be seeing sunshine. bunle up this morning and take your sunglasses, too. sunshine will be bright enough to turn the numbers around, into the 60s for new jersey, the suburbs and delaware. up to 59 in the lehigh valley and we'll warm to 62 degrees in philadelphia. i'll go through each of these


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