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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 2, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news sto today, septa strike. the strike continues for the second day after late-night negotiations failed to get a deal done. commuter nightmare. the strike shuts down the buses, trolleys and subways. the regional rail also took a hit with delays and long lines. getting around the strike. we'll tell you how commuters in our area are finding different ways to get to work and school. nbc 10 breaking news. >> 5:30 on this wednesday morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley with the nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast.
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bill? >> 5:30 and we're looking at clear skies and very little wind this morning. look at the water in front of boathouse row, barely moving. temperatures are running wazmdr this morning, much warmer than yesterday. with that warm air is coming moisture. we're seeing light fog now in the suburbs, just under a mile visibility for coatesville. we're two hours away from sunrise. there's still time for this fog to thicken up. we'll be monitoring the conditions which could change fairly rapidly. wilmington is just under three-mile visibility with the temperature of 50. it comes down, we'll likely see that fog get a bit thicker. 43 in lehigh valley, light fog so far. new jersey and the suburbs both at 50 degrees and 52 in philadelphia. but a big warmup. fog will quickly disappear. sunshine will be bright and 70s this afternoon. that's 12 degrees warmer for philadelphia than yesterday. and turning even warmer tomorrow. i'll go through each of these forecasts in detail when i come back in less than ten minutes.
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it is day two of the septa strike. contract talks are set to resume later this morning after breaking off at around 1:00 overnight. septa reports both sides continue to make progress. the walkout by bus drivers and trolley and subway operators started yesterday. the regional rails are running. septa warned riders to expect more delays there today. septa went to court seeking an injunction to stop pickets from interfering with the rail service. >> live team coverage to get you through the commute this morning. nbc 10's matt delucia is live in west philadelphia with details on those negotiations. pamela osborne is talking with commuters in north philadelphia. let's start with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. jess? >> thanks, tracy. yes, we'll see the delays later on in the morning commute. watching them for you, very closely, not seeing any yet. but the subways, buses, trolleys, the market-frankford line and the broad street subway including trolleys 10, 11, 13, 15, 34 and 36 still not running. watching the regional rail for
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overflow of commuters and traffic on the roads as well. also paying attention to our normal morning commute, watching mount laurel township for a tractor-trailer fire, the new jersey turnpike northbound, exiç 4, route 73, that's over into the right-hand shoulder. here's 76 in gloucester city, new jersey, not the schuylkill expressway, around market street. these lanes headed here up and over the bridges, no problems doing that right now. also checking in with drive times on 95. no delays here. 13 minutes southbound into center city from woodhaven road and speeds into the 60s. vai and tracy. >> thanks, jessica. nbc 10's pamela osborne is live at the septa station in philadelphia's fern rock station. >> pam, we saw thousands of frustrated commuters yesterday. tell us what's going on right now. >> there's a certain look of determination on the faces of the people who are coming down to the platform this morning, take a look. you can see some people still getting their affairs in order for their morning commute. it's one of those things, ready or not, here we go. this first day of the septa strike is still very fresh on
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people's minds. there was a lot of crowding on the trains yesterday at the 30th street station and on the roads as well. this less reliable septa service means there are more cars on the road. people had to get creative to get around yesterday. some people used uber or lyft, relied on friends are family to get from here to there. at one point, the rails which were the only thing operating were at a standstill, despite all of that we found a lot of people getting ready to do it all again. >> 15 minutes. but i was 45 minutes late. my ride is supposed to be here at a certain time. they kept calling me, where are you? i said i'm on my way. i can't do nothing. i'm stuck on the train. >> again, a lot of people telling many he this morning they're allowing themselves plenty of extra time, both on the commute in to work as well as back home. today we'll be talking to some more of these people who are
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trying to get to work early this morning. we'll have that when we see you again next half hour. reporting live at fern station, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. we continue our live team coverage inç west philadelphia >> matt delucia is live at the callowhill bus depot in philadelphia with more on the rounds of negotiations that went late into the night. you've been talking to septa strikers. >> they want this to end but it won't end unless they did get a fair deal. septa made an offer but the union rejected it. here we are, day two of the strike. a couple of those striking workers across the street at the callowhill depot. they're back on picket lines this morning. negotiations continued well into the night. septa says they and transport workers union local 234 continue to make steady progress. congressman bob brady stepped into the negotiating process. i just talked with keith bruce, a strike captain here at the
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callowhill district. been here 15 years, third strike but he's hopeful. >> we have a lot of faith in our union. we are hoping that the union and septa will come to some sort of positive agreement. we're patient. we know it takes time for these kind of matters to take place. and we are very optimistic that it's going to be a win/win situation for both parties. >> septa tells us that talks are expected to resume later on this morning. again, we mentioned congressman bob brady stepped in to help with those negotiations but also the mayor and governor, they have been calling for this strike to end as soon as possible. to get all these riders back on to where they need to go, and to get these workers back on to the buses, trolleys and subways. live in west philadelphia, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the strike is force something people to drive. the philadelphia parking authority is cutting the price of parking at some of its garages during the septa strike. it now costs $10 for ten hours
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at five center city garages. those prices will last throughout the strike. find a list of all the alternate transit services and special offers from ride sharing services on our nbc 10 app. it's part of ourç septa surviv guide. don't leave home without it. you'll also find information on contingency plans. 5:37. an eagles player will appear in court in less than two weeks to face felony charges. police pulled over wide receiver josh huff on the new jersey side of the walt whitman bridge yesterday morning for speeding. a check of his car turned up a gun, a loaded magazine with hollow point bullets and a small amount of marijuana. nbc 10 spoke with wide receiver jordan matthews who came to huff's defense. >> he's not a bad person. he's not a criminal. he's a great guy and one of my really close friends. >> he's charged with dui and unlawful possession of a weapon. he has a license to carry but
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only in texas. it is back to work today for jurors in the so-called bridgegate trial. they are deciding the fate of bridget kelly and bill baroni. jurors had a few questions yesterday. they asked the judge if they connecticut victim the defendants of causing the traffic jams if they acquitted thieve them of the conspiracy couldn't. they asked about what role the motive of the allege political revenge scheme should play in their decision. 5:38. early november. we're still in the high 60s, low 70s later today. >> i he. temperatures are warm but then there will be showers. that's going to bring -- >> later tomorrow. not today. you'll not need your umbrella today. you'll need sunglasses and watch out for fog forming this morning. the areas of fog that are forming now, so far, light fog. as the temperatures cool down before sunrise, which is right around 7:30, we'll likely see thicker fog forming. it disappears as temperatures climb into the 70s. bright sunshine and a really
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pleasant evening. nice and mild this evening, a few thin clouds in the area. will be partly cloudy but the temperatures will be in the 60s for most of the evening. sounds pretty nice. not bad right now. there's your light fog in coatesville, under a mile. improveddy%m%1%qe in some of the suburbs. it has thickened up in philadelphia, just under three-mile visibility. it's under three miles now in wilmington and millville is at 2 1/2. you could see thicker fog before things start to warm up. warm up they will. 52 degrees right now in philadelphia. 60s by lunch time. look at the 70s this afternoon. cool in the suburbs but nowhere near as chilly as yesterday. any fog that forms first thing this morning, quickly disappears as the sunshine takes over. 63 degrees at nan and then 70 degrees at 4:00 this afternoon. low 70s for the lehigh valley. that's a real turnaround. this is the coolest spot right now in the low 40s for the lehigh valley. new jersey, a few thin clouds, upper 40s this morning. much warmer than yesterday when
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most readings were in the 30s in a few spots in the 20s yesterday morning. that's not going to happen today. 50 at 8:00. 65 degrees and climbing at lunch time. brilliant sunshine at the shore. it's not as cold at the shore. 49 degrees. it won't be quite as warm in the afternoon. those southwesterly winds will keep it cooler coming off the water. 66 degrees at 2:00. holding in the middle 60s, into the late afternoon hours. for delaware, you'll see sunshine, too. 50 degrees right now. a bit of fog, first thing this morning. by 8:00 this morning, you'll see a little bit of that fog. it quickly disappears as you go from upper 40s, upper 50s, middle 60s and headed for 70 this afternoon. there is wet weather on the way for tomorrow. i'll go through it with the hour by hour forecast to show you when the umbrellas will be going up when i'm back in less than ten minutes. 20 minutes before 6:00 a.m. if you're just waking up, day two of the septa strike, no
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buses, subways or trolleys in philadelphia. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has you cover. what do we need to know? >> we'll probably see overflow like we saw yesterday and major delays on the regional rails.ç for right now, minor delays on the elwyn line and specifically train 326, ten minutes late. ten-minute delays on warminster 6400. watch for those. small delays begin and then we see a rip effect. this is 95 around cottman avenue. this is the southbound side right here. that's what's moving toward center city. we have a 13-minute drive time southbound from woodhaven road headed to the vine street expressway and speeds still into the 60s, vai and tracy. >> thank you, jessica. comedian bill cosby back in court. just ahead, hear what his legal team is trying to convince a judge ahead of his sexual assault trial. also surviving the strike. we'll show you the many ways
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this is a fight we can't afford to lose. it's going to it be another rough day for philadelphia commuters, not going to lie to you. day two of the septa strike. contract talks resume later this
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morning. septa reporting both sides continue to make progress. the strike started early yesterday, shutting down buses, trolleys and subways. the regional rails are running but septa warns commuters to expect more delays today. the commuters are getting creative when it comes to findingç alternatives to ridin septa. >> doing whatever they can with the train at a stand still and the roads jammed. some people are walking to where they need to go. one man we caught up with worked seven miles, obviously the cheapest option but it's tiring. >> really, really bad. my feet are hurting. i have to basically walk right back. it's cardio, i guess. try to look at something positive today. it's just crazy. >> we tacked with taxi drivers. they're staying busy. it can cost anywhere from 10 to 40 bucks, same for uber and lyft. if you decide to take your car, get to the parking garages
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early. they fill up fast. they did yesterday. >> has it been busier today? >> of course. there's more traffic and cars in the parking lot. the whole city is hectic. >> the total cost at this garage for a day is $40. another choice you need to decide on early if you want to grab an indigo bike, they cost 4 bucks every half hour but they, too, disappear pretty quickly. 5:46. other numbers, happening today, bill cosby's legal team is back in court after spending all day yesterday at a hearing for his sex assault case. >> that hearing focused on the deposition cosby gave 11 years ago. nbc 10's monique braxton is live outside the montgomery county courthouse in norristown to explain. good morning, monique. >> good morning to you both. we should tell you bill cosby should be arriving here at the courthouse in about 2 1/2 hours. at stake here, up for conversation, second day of motions regarding what should and should not be allowed in the sexual assault trials against the comedian. the 79-year-old cosby, who is free on a $1 million bond is
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accused of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his cheltenham home more then a decade ago. in a 2005 civil suit, cosby testified to using drugs and chog in past encounters with women. he denies sexually assaulting anyone. his defense attorneys are seen entering the courthouse yesterday don't wantç jurors t hear that testimony that had been sealed until last year. cosby's attorneys say the former prosecutor promised cosby he would never be charged. the current prosecutor argues there was no such agreement in writing. other issues to be addressed include cosby's health and a real hot button issue. will 13 other women, the testimony from them, claiming cosby attacked them be allowed in court. his defense attorneys no doubt are fighting back. we're going to be here for day two of the motions and have the outcome for you throughout the day. live for now, monique braxton, nbc 10 news.
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>> monique, thank you. some real estate agents believe the uncertainty of the presidential election is affecting home sales in one popular jersey shore town. >> at least one real estate agent we talked to, steve booth, a regional manager of berkshire hathaway, fox and roach realtors. he believes the race for the white house is a likely factor in likely sales to second home buyers compared to the same time in 2015. >> full of uncertainty, not knowing what may affect taxes and policy down the road. >> other ocean city realtors aren't convinced. they say sales are picking up this fall and other shore communities are reporting consistently strong home sales. >> it all comes down to this. game seven of the world series is tonight. here's a live look right now from progressive field in cleveland. the site of tonight's deciding matchup between the indians and the cubs. the cubbies beat the indians to
5:49 am
force a game seven between two teams with the longest drought in history. the score was 9-3. chris bryant starting it off. the series all tied it up. the cubs last championship back in 190, the last time the indians won it all, 1948. >> there's one manç who has haa smile on his face all morning long because of that game last night. >> what an amazing game. >> right. >> we're concerned about the weather here as well as in cleveland tonight. >> it was a warm night last night which favored, i guess, the cubs. it will the another warm night tonight. >> who does that favor? the cubs again? >> make up your mind. >> say it and so. >> we'll feel that warm air here. in fact, it already started. seeing the breeze, more of a southwesterly wind today. that's the warm air that is slowly pushing into the area, which is making for a much more comfortable morning this morning. there's still a chill in the
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air, 40s and low 50s. no sign of the 30s or even some spots yesterday morning in the 20s that we saw to start with yesterday. 43 degrees in the lehigh valley. that's the cool spot, 40s in new jersey, right at 50 degrees for the suburbs. a much warmer morning. that 43 degrees is producing some very light fog in berks county, into lehigh and northampton counties. no thick fog just yet. that still could happen. these temperatures are falling at this hour. we'll monitor for fog and then with sunshine, we'll see it quickly disappear. grab your sunglasses and if you have to wear a jacket this morning, because of the temperatures in the 40s and 50s, be able to ditch it this afternoon. look at the 70s for philadelphia, the suburbs, the lehigh valley, nothing more than a few scattered high clouds during the day. no sign of rain today for new jersey. at the shore, a little bit cooler. upper 60s for atlantic city and ocean city and a gorgeous day for delaware, 72 degrees this afternoon for wilmington. here it is, radar and satellite,
5:51 am
it's in the clear for philadelphia, chester, abington, burlington. the clouds and the rain that will be coming into our area tomorrow, already moving in midwest, iowa, wisconsin, central michigan seeing some of those showers, the warm air continues to surge through cleveland and in through our area. that's going to continue tomorrow. tomorrow will be even warmer. look whatç comes through late the afternoon. we'll see the showers push on through the area and offshore and 55 degrees by evening. so the forecast is calling for a quick warming trend for today and tomorrow before it cools down on friday. sunshine today, 78 degrees tomorrow afternoon. the record is 80 degrees. it will be close to that. 56 in the morning. even another mild morning tomorrow. then the wind will be blowing behind the cold front that passes by the air. that drops temperatures in a hurry on friday. 40s in the morning, 50s in the afternoon. the wind will settle down on saturday which means a colder morning down to 38 degrees.
5:52 am
61 on saturday. nice and dry for the weekend through monday, it will be in the 50s, then it's back into the 60s for tuesday, wednesday and thursday. >> 72 today. and sunny. at least it's good for people who have to walk who have decided like that one gentleman we talked to that walked seven miles yesterday. >> a lot of people having to make adjustments in travel plans. let's check in with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> that's hard to say. >> i know. >> it's hard to say. >> a mouthful. >> and like 300 times a day as well. starting on the regional rails, we're seeing some minor delays. we've come to expect that especially after yesterday's commute in the morning and evening. elwyn train 326 with a ten-minute delay, warminster 6400, ten minutes as well. once they start, they go into full swing. we're ahead of the time where we start to see major delays and major morning commute. we're watching the majors as well to see if any of the
5:53 am
overflow of cars and traffic is moving on to the roads. not yet, though. we are watching an accident on horsham. mount laurel township in new jersey, there's a tractor-trailer fire taking out the northbound right lane of the new jersey turnpike around exit 4, that's route 73. more updates for the rest of the morning on septa. i'll be back in ten. vai? >> putting philadelphia in the international spotlight. just ahead, we'll tell you how the plan to fund the city's universal pre-k could inspire the rest of the country.
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four minutes before 6:00 right now. the push for universal pre-k in philadelphia is receiving national attention. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi was in center city yesterday to talk about expanding access to early education for kids here and across the nation. she was join by governor tom wolf, mayor jim kenney and experts in early childhood education. they talked about philadelphia's program and how to make it work nationally. a viewer tells us he thought he was doing the right thing by paying a bill early but it ended up causing a problem with his bank. >> coming up at 6:00, we'll explain how that early payment led to confusion and
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septa strike day two. problems are once again expected during the morning rush as transit workers remain off the job. commuters concerns. people trying to get to work or school are scrambling to find other options to get around the city. offer rejected. the union brushed off septa's latest attempt at a deal. this morning, both sides will return to the bargaining table. nbc 10 breaking news. >> we continue to follow the strike for you, 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we have live team coverage of the septa strike and what it all means for commuters this morning. first, let's get right to meteorologist bill henley who has the neighborhood forecast. >> fortunately for people walking to work or rid t


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