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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 7, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. . right now on "nbc 10 news today," breaking news. septa says it is close to finalizing a deal to end a nearly week-long walkout. one last day to campaign. the push for pennsylvania and the nation is in its final hours and bothç hillary clinton and donald trump will be in the keystone state today. giant loss. eagles hope to bounce back by beating arch rival new york. the birds just couldn't pull it off. nbc 10 breaking news. >> good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today," i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. cool start to the day and the week. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert neighborhood forecast. a close look at conditions at communities across pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. good morning, bill. >> good morning, vai. it is a chilly start this morning. we're looking at some areas of
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frost, temperatures in the lower 30s in the lehigh valley. the suburbs down to 37 degrees and 37 in new jersey and look at delaware now, 38 degrees. 41 in philadelphia. it will be slow to climb. we're heading for the 50s this afternoon. 41 degrees at 6:00. the wind kicks in out of the north at 10 miles an hour. we'll be at 45 degrees with bright sunshine at 9:00. we'll see a lot of sunshine during the day. the temperatures will be parked in the 50s all day long. sunny skies for delaware, the lehigh valley, new jersey and the suburbs. i'll break each of these regions down hour by hour to show you how quickly those temperatures climb. >> bill, thank you. right now breaking news. septa says it is putting the finishing touches on a tentative deal with its largest union. the two sides never stopped talking last night. and in just the past 15 minutes, septa officials told us they are finalizing a deal. this is for bus drivers, trolley drivers and subway operators. they've been on strike since
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tuesday but even when the strike ends, we're still going to see big slowdowns today. septa says it will take them the rest of the day to get things back to normal. >> at least one more commute without those buses in the city. let's get you updated on your ride to work. >> jessica boyington is keeping an eye on that. jessica, what are you seeing? >> just again to reminded you, buses, trains and trolleys, still no service even though a deal is struck today, we would need at least a good 10 to 16 hours or so to get everything back to normal. so just because everythingç wod be, for example, back in service today doesn't mean we'll see all of those delays go away. we're also going to watch the regional rails as well to expect more of those same delays we've seen since last tuesday. here's vine street expressway, moving through center city. no big problems or delays right now. we're open in both directions, no construction to worry about. also watching for an accident on the atlantic city expressway, exit 12, route 40 at wrangleboro
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road. more updates in the next ten. septa officials say they have reached a tentative contract agreement. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live in center city outside septa headquarters with details. matt, i know we're getting information just in the last hour we've gotten new information. tell us what you know. >> absolutely, tracy and vai. sources at septa and the union tell us that a tentative deal has been reached. take a look over my shoulder here. some of the folks inside the septa headquarters are talking right now. the septa chairman arrived here a few moments ago and we see them up there at the counter there with papers and they are getting ready to sign that document over there. and take a look at video that we just shot a few moments ago as the septa chairman was arriving here at the headquarters on market street. what we are being told is that both sides will be getting ready to sign that tentative deal. we've had this strike going on for six days here. the deal is being finished up here at septa.
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it will then be driven over to the union headquarters. until that is finished, nothing official is being put out in a release. here's why this is all going on here. you also have the folks over there at the union hall. what was happening over the past week is that conversations and negotiations were happening over at the sheraton hotel. because of a scheduled power outage there, both parties had to separate here. you had had the union hall and then you also have the folks here at septa modifying this deal. now finally that pears appears in the final stages. i'm told the deal will be driven over to the union hallç for th official sign. as you just heard from jessica, if the strike ends this morning, the first services likely won't return until four to six hours and fully restored for 16 hours. as we take another live look here, again, you can see that the folks are still there in the lobby of the septa headquarters and they are getting ready to
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sign that tentative deal as we're being told by sources as soon as we hear of any null information, we'll be sure to pass that along. right now we're hearing good news possibly after this long strike comes to a possible end. for now, live in center city, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> matt, thanks for the update. nbc 10 will continue to follow these developments all the new information we're getting in on the septa strike and the lingering impact on your commute. if you have the nbc 10 app you were one of the first to get the news about a tentative strike deal. download it free, get breaking news alerts, realtime traffic and the septa strike survival guide. now to decision 2016. we're about 27 hours away from the start of election day. polls open at 7:00 a.m. tuesday in pennsylvania and delaware and one hour earlier in new jersey. battleground states like pennsylvania could end up deciding who wins the presidential election.
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>> donald trump and hillary clinton know the stakes in the keystone state. both are coming here today. pamela osborne is more on independence mall with more on both of the candidates. >> independence mall will be the site of a huge rally today on the democratic side. the preps are under way right now. president obama and the first lady will be making one final push for hillary clinton in pennsylvania and philadelphia by rallying voters hours before the polls open up. bon jovi is set to perform and so is bruce springsteen. clinton herself will be at the rally urging voters to make history by electing her president. the event opens up at 4:00 p.m. and the program starts at 7 oomt 30. on the republican side, it will be a busy day for donald trump with appearances across five different states. he will go from florida to north carolina and by ç5:30, the republican presidential nominee will be in scranton trying to motivate voters there. both candidates pulling out all
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of the stops on the final day before election day to get their voters motivated and to the polls tomorrow. reporting live at independence mall, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> pamela, thank you. hillary clinton is holing a narrowing national lead over donald trump. that's according to the final pre-election/nbc news/"wall street journal" poll. was taken before the news that the fbi closed its investigation into clinton's e-mails. clinton gets support for 44% of the nation's likely voters, compared to 40% of mr. trump. the poll of pennsylvania shows the exact same league. this poll shows 44% for clinton among likely pennsylvania voters and 40% for trump. the news that the fbi closed the e-mail investigation is shaking up the presidential election investigation. fbi director james comey sent a letter to congress said that we have not changed our conclusions
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that we found in july with respect to secretary clinton. >> we're glad that this matter is resolved. >> he has to begin listening to one another and respecting one another. >> right now she's being protected by a rigged system. you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in a day. you can't do it, folks. >> republicans are criticizing comey's investigation. tune in tonight for our special campaign countdown show. get a breakdown from our political punchout experts and live reports from clinton's rally on independence mall. tonight at 7:00 here on nbc 10. 4:08. 41 degrees outside. eagles fans are waking up frustrated. >> uh-oh, the birds blew it yesterday at metlife stadiumç
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against the division rival, the new york giants. here's "the daily news." one, a picture of carson wentz making a gesture like he wants to be sick and the head line, "yeah, us, too!" and the other with the headline "learn, baby, learn." >> wentz could not connect with jordan matthews in the end zone. after the game, matthews told us this one is on him. >> i have to get the ball. that's always been my mind set. that's the way i feel. he actually hit me on that pass earlier in the game, too. so, you know, you have to find the ball. >> now the eagles fall to 4-4. they still have not won a divisional game. they're 0-3 in the division. the birds are back at the linc next week where the team has not lost a game yet. the eagles host the falcons next sunday at 1:00. so the question this morning is, are you still on the wentz
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wagon? >> you know my answer. a twitter accounts called nfl memes tweeted this, a live look at the wentz wagon. 10 sad. are the wheels off the wentz wagon? or are you keeping the faith? share your thoughts with us. our twitter addresses are right there on your screen. >> we wanted to be like the chicago cubs. we'll keep the faith even if it takes -- hi, bill. >> worked for them. didn't it? right. how many years do we have to wait? do the math. >> 21 -- 30. >> longer than this morning. too long. this is a live view of boathouse row. skies clear overhead. a little bit of a breeze blowing. not much. that's dry air flowing in and bringing the temperatures down. look at the lehigh valley. 35 degrees, in fact, lots of 30s this morning, the suburbs, delaware, south jersey, right at 40 degrees at the shore and philadelphia international, it's
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41 degrees while some of the neighborhoods in philadelphia, look at that, middle 30s. parkside you're at 37ç degrees. while it's 42 in kensington and 44 in port richmond, now 39 at northeast philadelphia airport at bustleton parkwood. fox chase in the low 40s. these temperatures are still falling. i wouldn't be surprised to see 30s even around center city to start with this morning. during the day, a little bit of a breeze blowing. what a beautiful day yesterday. lots of sunshine, things have cleared out nicely. no sign of any clouds this morning. bright sunshine today. we will see a warmup just typically cool for this time of we're. 41 degrees at 7:00. 50 degrees at 11:00 and 56 degrees at 3:00 in the afternoon. that's for philadelphia, the suburbs, nothing but sunshine today. the chill will start to cool off a little bit at 7:00. at 11:00, 48 degrees and 54 at
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3:00. by 7:00, yes, the sun will be up at 7:00. now with the end of daylight saving time, 32 degrees at the freezing mark in the lehigh valley. look at the warmup quickly, into the upper 40s at 11:00 and 54 at 3:00 this afternoon. nothing but sunshine for delaware. yes, it is chilly to start with. quickly warming into the 50s for this afternoon. the jersey -- interior new jersey 35 degrees. the shore is a little bit warmer. look at the sunshine for the warmup for the afternoon in both areas. the shore and interior new jersey. a look at your next chance of wet weather and a preview of election day weather when i come back in less than ten minutes. >> bill, thanks. 4:12. let's get you to work if you get out early on a monday morning. >> jessica boyington, we're keeping our eye on the septa strike and possibility that it could end -- they're putting the finishing touches it on an agreement. for now, we'll keep going back and getting a report on the regional rails. >> right. either way with the septa strike
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possibly being on its way out the door, maybe by today, we still have no service for the buses, trains and trolleys around philadelphia. we won't for another few hours. even once it is back in service, we'll probably not see it back to serviceç how it normally is for about 16 hours or so. that's what we're sticking with right there. we're still going to see a lot of a mess even if it changed all right now in between your afternoon and evening commute also. with the regional rails additionally, expect delays. we're not seeing them right now. everything is still on or close to schedule. we'll keep you updated and i'll be back in ten. vai and tracy. we continue to follow breaking developments in the septa strike. >> officials at the transit agency say they have a tentative agreement to end the nearly week-long walkout. you'll update you on what we know just ahead. >> also, a second chance. up next we take you behind the scenes of the philadelphia company opening its doors and creating work opportunities for ex-cons.
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4:16. breaking news right now. septa says it is putting the finishing touches on a tentative deal with its largest union. the two sides never stopped talking overnight. in the past half hour or so, septa officials tell us they are finalizing a deal, for bus drivers, trolley drivers as well as subway operators. they've been on strike since tuesday. even when the strike ends, you'll still see big slowdowns. septa says it will take them the rest of the day to get things back to normal. more breaking news crossing the wires at this moment, janet reno has died. her god daughter confirming the news. she was the first u.s. female attorney general. we're monitoring this and we'll bring you that information as soon as we get it. earthquake damages buildings
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in central oklahoma. the 5.2 magnitude quake hit the town of cushing. minor injuries were reported. a number of buildings downtown were damaged. officials said this is the largest earthquake they've had. emergency responders were quick and effective. this morning, there will be more digging at the property of a south carolina man who police call a serial killer. to he showed investigatorsç shall graves. he also admitted to gunning down four people in a motorcycle shop 13 years ago. that crime had been unsolved until now. >> evidence that nobody else would know except the murderer in this case. >> gives me closure in knowing what happened that day. it doesn't bring the peace you would think one would feel. >> police say the investigation is extending to other properties
4:18 am
he owned. from the nbc 10 south jersey bureau, a struggle ended in a deadly police involved shooting in cumberland county. investigators tell us a burglar got into a violent struggle with two state troopers. they shot and killed him. both officers were treated at the hospital. officers in utah mourning one of the -- officer from just outside salt lake was hit and killed by a car when he was putting down spike strips during a car chase. three suspects were taken into custody. in iowa today, a fallen des moines police sergeant are being remembered. he was one of two iowa police officers gunned down last week. the gunman is facing murder charges. the funeral for the other officer killed will take place tomorrow. part of a local road is now a permanent memorial to a fallen philadelphia firefighter. ♪ >> a portion of academy road from byberry road to nanton
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drived became a memorial highway. he died battling a fire on fabric row in 2013. >> every time i drive on my way to work, wherever i'm going, i know i'll be driving with dad on my side. >> goodwin was a 29-year veteran. a local organization is giving ex-cons a second chance. >> many of the people working at baker industries in juniata served time in prison. baker industries helps to get ex-cons in the habit of coming to work andç being reliable an dependable thousands of men and women come in broken and leave rebuilt and ready. >> reporter: he loves his job. >> when we have someone who says they've never thought they could make it in the 9:00 to 5:00 world. they're making it and taking care of their families.
4:20 am
it's life changing. that's the best part of it. >> i know i'll be back in jail by now but baker has give me the opportunity. i come in here every day, work, and i love it. >> last year more than 360 ex-cons worked at baker industries to get experience in the working world. workers told us they hope more companies will start looking past convictions and trust in second chances. 20 minutes past 4:00. it is a chilly morning. frost in some areas, right, bill? >> the temperatures have come down overnight. we're about two hours away from sunrise right now. we need sunshine. we have northerly winds bringing in the chilly air. those winds are above building level. that's what influences our weather at the surface, the wind is much lighter. you can feel the chill that's around with clear skies. it's really gotten colder. 30s for trenton, mt. holly and millville. 41 in dover, wilmington at 38 degrees and philadelphia international is at 41 degrees.
4:21 am
some of the suburbs in the city are in the 30s. pottstown, reading, allentown, the chill is with us again and the neighborhood has seen colder temperatures this morning by about 15 degrees compared to yesterday. even some 20s now, look at north wales, 28 degrees while milford township is 33 and hanging in the 30s for warrenton, ft. washington, britayn athyn a well. the hour by hour forecast shows it will be nice and clear. we'll see sunshine, look at the chill. 35 degrees in allentown. 30s for reading, pottstown, doylestown at 39 and 41 in philadelphia and wilmington at that hour. as the temperatures climb, the sunshineç nice and bright, it should be peaking, not at noontime but by about 3:00 in the afternoon. some areas getting up warm but not a whole lot.
4:22 am
a sunny but chillier day than what we've seen over the weekend. by 6:00, the sun will have been down for over an hour. a chilly day ahead. election day, the temperatures cool in the morning. notes achilly as this morning. look at the noontime temperatures, upper 50s and low 60s. a nice mild afternoon, upper 60s. by evening, though, those temperatures start to fall. a little bit above normal. evening and nice and dry, too. we'll see dry conditions until we get to wednesday. 10 day on 10 shows that chance of showers coming in for wednesday when then we're back into the 60s thursday and friday. the cooldown happens this weekend. 40s in the morning, 50s in the afternoon. and that chilly weather will stay with us next monday and tuesday. finally, a bit warmer with more clouds on wednesday. >> thank you, bill. 4:22. we're giving our viewers a steady stream of diet and
4:23 am
information on on the regional rails. >> septa we're being told is close to ending the strike but it will take a while once we do make that announcement for things to get back to normal. >> watching delays on the regional rails, of course. that's where all of the overspill of passengers and customers actually went on the regional rails. we're seeing massive delays all week since last tuesday. even if it goes back in service in the next couple of minutes, the buses, trains and trolleys won't be in full service for 16 hours or so to say the least. we'll see another messy afternoon and evening commute as well. here's 95. our cameras around girard avenue. no big problems or delays, moving to center city if you're headed southbound, good to go. 12 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. average speeds are still up into the 60s. nothing to worry about there. watching the pa turnpike. don't worry about construction, westbound or eastbound. 23 minutes from valley forge to route 1. speeds also into the 60s.
4:24 am
vai? drivers will notice slightly higher gas prices at the pump this morning. the most dramatic in new jersey. gas prices jumped because of the new 23 cent a gallon tax hike. it now costs an average of $2.28 a gallon for regular in the garden state. prices are also a couple cents higher than they were last week in delaware and pennsylvania. fall holiday fun goes horribly run in delaware. >> oh! >> ahead in our next half hour, hear how two people were hurt at a weekend punkin chunkin event. 4:24. all aboard. next, we'll tell you about a new bus service coming to several delaware communities just in time for holiday shopping season.
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veterans day is this friday. phillies celebrated these veterans yesterday. the second annual philadelphia veterans parade started at 16th and jfk boulevard and it made its way around city hall. new this year, veterans festival followed the parade on market street near independence mall. happening today, south jersey veterans from world war ii, vietnam and the korean war will be receiving medals. veterans or their surviving spouses will be presented with the camden county military service medal or the korean war service medal. 4:27. new bus service is starting between dover and newark. d.a.r.t. launches its new bus route 302. the route links dover, smyrna, townsend, middletown, glasgow and newark. there will be four round trips during rush hour. >> very nice for those communities. for more of the stories we're following right now on nbc 10
4:28 am
news. >> breaking news about the nearly week-long septa strike. septa says it has reached a tentative deal to end the strike that halted buses, subway service and trolleys in philadelphia for nearly a week. one last push for pennsylvania. a day beforeç election day and hillary clinton and donald trump are stumping for votes here one last time. fall mishap. two people are hurt after an equipment malfunction during a weekend punkin chunkin event. nbc 10 breaking news. >> it is 4:28. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley who's got his first alert weather forecast. a look at conditions right where you live this morning. there it is, bill. >> they are chilly, 37 degrees in the suburbs, now to 37 in new jersey, the lehigh valley is at 35 degrees. we'll see temperatures climb but they're still coming down at this hour. wilmington, 38 degrees. will be at 38 degrees at 6:00. by 9:00, bright sunshine and
4:29 am
temperatures up. but we will see a northerly breeze during the day. it's not going to be strong. just enough to keep things dry and chilly this afternoon. 30s and 40s this morning. 50s later today. 57 for philadelphia. right in the middle 50s for the suburbs, new jersey, the lehigh valley at 57 degrees. i've just updated that forecast for delaware at 57 degrees. other changes ahead, i'll show you, break it down hour by hour when i come back in less than ten minutes. >> we'll see you in a little bit, bill. breaking news. septa says it is putting the finishing touches on a tentative deal with its largest union. the two sides never stopped talking overnight. in the past hour, septa officials tell us they are finalizing a deal, for bus driv drivers, trolley drivers and subway drivers. septa says it will take them the rest of day to get things back
4:30 am
to normal. which means we have another challenging commute. the regional rails are affected by this strike. >> first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has her eyes on them. jessica? >> right. we're going to see the same delays all day, all morning. watching the regional rail for some of the overspill ofç passengers. the no service for subways, buses and trolleys at least for right now. even once it is back in service, we're going to see some of the delays for the rest of the morning. 295 in new jersey, the road right here around the black horse pike. no big problems or delays. 11-minute trip. from 38 moving towards the black horse pike. also watching in new jersey for the clearing of this accident on the atlantic city expressway headed westbound around exit 12, route 40 at


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