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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  November 7, 2016 5:30am-6:01am EST

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nbc 10 breaking news. >> happening right now, septa union leaders are announcing a deal. let's listen. >> thank you, gentlemen, very much. >> okay. again, we're pleased to announce a tentative agreement with twu local 234. this will end the strike in the city -- the transit decision will be phased back in today. we believe this agreement is fair to all employees and our customers and taxpayers. we know that the strike has caused hardship for thousands of riders and we sincerely regret
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this disruption. we cannot thank our customers enough for their patience. we look forward to getting full service back to them as soon as possible. the negotiators on both sides tirelessly worked to get this agreement done. we thank them for their diligence and professionalism under a lot of pressure. i'd also like to thank governor wolf, his appointee and one of the guys that was just spectacular during this whole negotiation, representative dwight evans. along with mayor kenney, congressman brady and the other elected officials who helped keep the parties at the bargaining table. i'd also like to thank the employees of septa for their hard work, jeff, stephanie and the negotiating team who worked around the clock to get this agreement done. i'd like to think twu local president willie brown for the union leadership and working hard to find common ground that loued us to reach a settlement today. this has been a long few days here. i think we have people in this
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room that did a great job bringing it all together. i can't talk enough about dwight and willie and working this out the last two or three days. thank you all for coming this morning. we hope to ride the system home around 5:00. is that correct, jeff? >> it takes us most of the day to completely get up to full service levels.ç by tomorrow morning, the start of service we should be good. >> can people get them now? >> it's hit or miss. employees, we'll activate a route. over the course of the day service will come back up. >> as of right now, employees could start reporting for duty, whatever their job is? >> correct. >> should be able to get a bus home for the p.m. rush but not the a.m. rush. >> even the p.m. rush we should be mostly good. it really will take -- it
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usually takes about a full 24 hours for us to be running absolute full service, normal service. >> what do you expect to be running first, buses, trains? >> probably the broad street will come out pretty soon. and then we try to put out some of the heavier bus routes first. then it's just progresses on as the day goes on. >> what would you say you are able to come to an agreement on? there were sticking points, the pension, can you give us details of the contract? and, you know, where you were able to get over a hump so to speak? >> i think these guys worked on a really good agreement that's fair for all parties involved. the union has to take it back for the ratification and go through their process. we're not going to comment on that at this point in time. >> how much did the election y weigh on both of you as you were coming up last night and this morning. >> on my side the election was just one factor but i think the
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riding public that we had out there was more important as far as the board and everybody working together to get this thing done. >> how about you, willie? >> it wasn't really a factor for me. we wanted a contract and that's what we did. >> governor wolf said -- did that, motivate them to get a deal done tonight. we were thereç for a week tryi to get the job done enwe got it done. >> what's the length of the agreement? >> five years. >> it's five years. >> five years, yes. >> can i ask everybody one question we get from riders, why does it always take a strike, 11 strikes since the '70s, why does it always take a strike to reach a deal? why can't you reach a deal without v ggetting to the point
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both sides working this out. >> we waited that long for that question? our comment, over the years, i've been through three of the strikes, it's just the normal course of business, it's unfortunate but we all work together. it all works out in the end. it's part of the process. >> there are tough issues here. when you think about the president of the transportation, how do we have a balance between the issue about obviously the employees, the customers and the findings? obviously government plays a role. just i think three years ago, the chairman will tell you the commonwealth of pennsylvania did a transportation package. and that helped a great deal. transit is very important to the economy of the southeast and to this region. and the workers and the employees are all working together. it takes a while. you'll have differences.
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i would agree with the chairman when he said that appal hissing to ing to a-- apologizing to th for what's happening. it's like working together. you'll have differences of opinion. i think you can see the unity and this is not just fake unity. we worked literally every single day, the governor, the mayor, all that was involved, congressman brady, everybody. everybody has a different approa approach. we ultimately got to where we wanted to, a sediment.ç the thing you don't want to miss is five years. this is a five-year commitment. there are some other issues we still have to deal with. i've said to the president of the transportation workers, we still -- one of the things, we still talk about the pension issue in a larger sense. i've only been on this board for a year. i've said to the president of
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the transportation workers, working with the state, i'm willing to work and finance people to help him do some things. jeff has been in his position, what, just a year? he's done an excellent job as the general manager. of this system. so i think you'll see -- one last thing i want to say, it's the chairman's birthday, too. this is a little birthday present for him right there. >> it is a birthday present. >> there's always the birthday. >> i would add the one thing we kind of overlook here, working with willie and the union, the bus drivers and people that are out there, they're the front line people for septa. they're very important. the board really values our drivers. we need to make sure we keep that going forward. >> how will the state fund it? i know from the beginning we were working within a box, there was no money available, city, state or federal level is what we were hearing. will this then be on taxpayers?
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will our fares go up? where is the money going to come from? >> i'll let jeff say some of the details. the money is in the budget right now. >> septa board chairman talking about five-year deal that septa has just settled on with the twu union. they said it's going to take a little business to phase the service back in. they do regret the disruptions that it created but governor wolf, representative dwight evans, congressman brady, mayor kenney, all had a role in getting this back together. we go back to the pressç conference. >> what are the terms of the deal. >> we're not going to discuss that until after it's ratified. >> one thing i want to say personally about somebody who's here. he stays in the background and
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works on mayor kenney's staff, richie over there, low-key richie. i want to make sure that we thank him for all his work in the mayor's office. >> when the injunction was requested, how did that affect negotiations? did that raise the temperature and make it more difficult to reach an agreement because that happened? >> no. >> the contract was the issue at hand. >> everything was status quo, even with things coming out. did you have blinders on to all of that, the election coming up? >> when i'm in negotiations, i don't read the newspaper. i don't watch tv. i don't watch any of that type of stuff. i guess you could say i did have blinders. i knew about it but i didn't pay attention. >> no matter with an injunction or election, reality of it is
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and i've talked to the president of the union, look, we knew this would be settled at some point. the reality of it is, the president of the union was very direct about it and so was jeff, they were focused. i know that's hard for you to believe. they were focused on how we get this done. i know those outside factors you may think are there. they were pros and professionals. they're the ones, jeff and willie, are the two driving forces. >> do we have time for brady to step up here. you stepped forward early on in this and as the chair here of the city of philadelphia, democratic chair, obviously expressing your concern about people being able to get to the polls tuesday. do you think you were able to communicate that message toç bh septa and to twu about how important it would to be get this done?
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>> look, everybody knew there was an election day. we were reassured it would be a little inconvenient but we weren't concerned that it would suppress the vote. i knew they'd keep talking. i always say, as long as they are talking, there's always a chance to get something done. >> the clinton campaign communicate with you relative to their concerns about this? >> everybody was concerned. >> that's all the time we have. >> when do you vote on the agreement? >> probably one day this week. >> one day this week is good. >> yes. >> what happens after that? sorry. >> the executive board votes on it first, then it goes to the membership. the membership votes on it. if they pass it, we go from there. >> people there at the bargaining table, hearing from septa officials as well as union
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representatives as they say, victory has a thousand fathers. defeat is an orphan. the union still, though, has too ratify this agreement with its members. >> here's what you need to know. there's a deal but if you're waking up right now saying, great, there's a deal, i'll have a bus at my bus stop, the gm said it will be hit or miss, it will take a few hours, the broad street and "l" fairly soon. hit or miss throughout the day, p.m. rush mostly good. by tomorrow morning, full service restored. >> i think most everybody can deal with it for one more day when they know there's an end in sight here. we'll bring you more. stay with us. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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these clips allow killers to keep shooting and shooting. senator pat toomey opposes banning these clips, and he opposes an assault weapons ban. pat toomey stands with the gun lobby and not you. i hope you remember that when you vote. majority forward is responsible for the content of this advertising. 5:45. we are following breaking news. septa and its largest union have reached a tentative five-year deal. service is being phased back in on the market-frankford line, broad street line, subway, city buses and trolleys throughout the day, it will be phased in, full schedule should be restored septa says by tomorrow morning. we just got a statement from philadelphia mayor jim kenney saying i'm thankful that the transport workers union and septa have reached a settlement and i am grateful to residents
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and commuters for their patience over the last six days. >> we go to matt delucia, standing outside dohead quarter >> we were inside the union hall, twu local 234. it is a tentative deal, a tentative five-year deal. at this point you are expecting 4,700 employees to go back to work, end this six-day strike that shut down the city transit division which of course was the subways, the trolleys and, of course, the buses. so i asked them in that news conference just a few minutes ago when those services would be back up and running, which ones will be coming back online first. the buses will be coming online in the next few minutes here. i'm just going to step out of the way here. you can see some of the workers and those septa officials getting back in their vehicle now to make their way out of the
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area and back to the headquarters. at this point what we are expecting is that the service will start to trickle in within the next few hours. of course, it might take several hours for that to happen. we've been hearing that it could take upwards of 16 hours. you have full service back up and running by tomorrow. this at least isç the good new that this is about to begin whereas the workers are going back to work at this point and just reading from the statement here from septa's board chairman, he says that they believe this agreement is fair to the employees and to the customers and taxpayers who fund septa. we are trying to get more of those audio clips for you and play them back for you in the next hour and a half or so. the good news that we are hearing now is that the septa strike has come to an end. there's a tentative five-year dial. it has to be ratified by the union workers. that is expected to happen.
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they wouldn't go into too much detail on what the deal hinged upon. as we get the new details and the deal is ratified we'll be able to pass along those details. for now, live outside the union headquarters, matt delucia, we'll send it back to you guys. >> thank you very much, matt. 12 minutes before 6:00. you see matt wearing a light jacket, 41 degrees. that's at the airport. >> that 41 is at the airport. most neighborhoods have dropped into the 40s this morning. those people that are still working to work or riding bicycles to work or school, it will be a layer up morning. >> like yesterday, lots of sunshine. more sunshine than we had yesterday. clouds entered the area. they have already moved out. look at the wind blowing the flags in center city. that wind is above building level. this is what's bringing in the chillier air, the dry conditions that have allowed the temperatures to drop into the 30s. the jersey shore, 36 degrees. 37 in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. delaware is 3 and there's that
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41 at philadelphia international. in south jersey, we've seen a couple areas get colder. washington township, mt. laurel is down to 34 along with lumberton. 32 degrees at the freezing point for medford. there's princeton at 29 degrees. hopewell township, hamilton, florence, all in the 30s to start with. we've got a chilly autumn day ahead. weç will see bright sunshine today. the temperatures will be responding. afternoon temperatures, climbing into the middle 50s for philadelphia after a cool start, we'll be in the low 50s for lunch time. sunny skies for the suburbs, 51 degrees at noontime. up to 53 at 4:00 and the lehigh valley, clear skies right now. once the sun is up, 37 degrees. that's at 8:00. but you'll manage to warm into the 50s this afternoon along with delaware and new jersey. nothing but sunshine through the day for delaware, low 50s at lunch time for delaware and new jersey and at the shore, not
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quite as chilly as the rest of the area, 42 degrees first thing this morning and into the afternoon. change is ahead for tomorrow, election day. change is, most would argue, in a good way, warmer day. 40s to start with for most locations. 38 degrees in the lehigh valley. by lunch time were we're warming into the low 60s for philadelphia, 60 degrees for south jersey and the jersey shore. warming into the upper 60s during the day and then cooling down by 8:00 in the evening. nice dry day today. but there are showers in store for us later in the week. they're coming from a system that has a long way to go before it moves in here. those showers due in on wednesday. a look at the 10 day on 10 coming up in the next half hour. ten before 6:00. the septa strike is over. that's our breaking news. it will take a while for everything to get back online. we continue to focus on delays. >> jessica boyington is looking at the regional rails for one more day. >> they will slowly restore
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service but we're not going to see full service and everything back to normal probably until tomorrow. a heads up there. still with that no service available for the buses, subways and trolleys through center city. we're also seeing some of those delays out on the regional rails. 24-minute delays on doylestown train 514 and trenton 9701, being 18 minutes late already. the schuylkill expressway right here on the roads, that's around montgomery drive where our cameras are. no problems east or westbound. from the blue route to the vine street expressway, 13ç minutes. speeds into the 60s. the 42 freeway in new jersey still looks great. we're at a five-minute trip there. also average speeds into the 60s as well. keep our eye on the regional rails and september when i come back. vai? >> we are following breaking news on nbc 10 this morning. septa says it has now reached a tentative deal to end the week-long transit strike. it will take about 24 hours before things are completely back to normal.
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within the last 20 minutes, breaking news, septa and its largest union announced a new tentative five-year deal. the strike is over. service is being phased back in today. on the market-frankford line, broad street line, subway, city buses and trolleys, 4,700 people back to work, full schedules will be restored by tomorrow morning. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington. watching the roads and rails. we're watching for delays for this last day before full service will be restored for the buses, subways and trolleys in and out of center city. doylestown train 514 running 24 minutes late. trenton 9701 dealing with 18-minute delays as well. over tohe roads, route 309 around the pa turnpike. no problems or delays right now. we'll check in with slow spots
5:56 am
when i'm back in the 6:00 hour. >> thank you, jessica. the union still needs to ratify this deal with its members. a tentative deal is in place that will end the septa strike. next, we'll tell you what we've learned about the agreement and explain what it means for commuters this morning. plus, a viewer tells us she was wrapped up in a warranty war that he couldn't resolve on his own. we'll explain how the nbc 10 responds team helped save him hundreds of dollars and get his broken car back on the road for him. four minutes before 6:00 right now. 41 degrees. much cooler than that out in the suburbs. as you're heading out the door, make sure you have the free nbc 10 app. it's your one-stop resource for breaking news, neighborhood weather and traffic all day long.
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striking a deal. septa and its union comes to an agreement ending the transit worker strike. >> the final countdown, hillary clinton and donald trump make a final push for votes ahead of election day. >> and free falling birds, the eagles lose to the giants and land at the bottom of the nfc east. >> nbc 10 breaking news. >> the breaking news is the septa strike is over. it's 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. this morning, septa and its union reached a deal ending the transit workers strike. we have you cover. we'll walk you through the time line of when you can expect service to be restored in just a moment. first, let's check in with meteorologist bill henley and your neighborhood forecast. hi, bill. >> the buses aren't running right now. it will be


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