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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm EST

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we'll have more live coverage of that event. you can watch it live on and just a few pours ago, donald trump rallied supporters in northeast pennsylvania. he spoke in scranton. he didn't speak until after 6:00 p.m. but people were lined up this morning. lauren is at tonight's clinton rally here in philadelphia. erin is in new york city where the trump campaign will be watching the results tomorrow. lauren, a lot of big games at this event here in philadelphia. what is happening where you are right now, everybody is just waiting? >> since i talked to you about a half hour ago, the crowd has been filling in, making their way through a very long security line. i talked to some people who said they got here about 10:00 a.m. probably wasn't a very bad idea, because it's a pretty big crowd. the folks behind me, they have a good view of the podium where the president, the first lady, hillary clinton, and former
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president clinton will be. b but let me show you the rest of the crowd. they have a direct view of the stage. that is where bon jovi and bruce springsteen will be performing. hillary clinton using these entertainers to reach out to voters to get their attention, remind them go out and vote tomorrow. certainly a lot of things to get voter's attention tonight. >> to have what they call the avengers of the democrats on the stage today, the clintons, the obamas, bon jovi, bruce springsteen. would you miss that for the world? i don't think i would miss this for the world. >> america is going to stand together, unite. we have to do this for justice, equality, for everyone, for my kids, for her kids, for her generation. we're all here together. and what more of a perfect place to be than inside philadelphia? >> reporter: and philadelphia, of course, where hillary clinton accepted the democratic
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nomination for president. and also if you look at where she has gone during this campaign, they are largely clustered here in philadelphia and in pittsburgh, areas where there are a lot of democrats, voters they really want to turn out tomorrow. i'm lauren maik, nbc 10 news. >> i want to go to philadelphia international airport. that right there is hillary clinton's plane that's just landed at phl. so we presume the candidate will be heading over to independence mall shortly. in the meantime, want to go to erin coleman, live for us in new york city. erin, the trump campaign is going to be there with you tomorrow. today, they're still very focused on the campaign trail to the 11th hour, battleground states like pennsylvania. >> that's exactly right. he's going to be here in midtown manhattan. this is his final destination. but he was really all over the country today, hitting those
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all-important battleground states, including pennsylvania. now, over in pennsylvania in the past hour, he wrapped up that stop in scranton and told the crowd that hillary clinton "is the face of failure." and the face of failed foreign policy. his supporters say they will do what they can to help him win. >> i wanted to bring my -- one of my kids to a rally, and i have been volunteering for the first time i've ever volunteered for a campaign in bucks county, because i support donald trump. >> look at hillary, she needs jay zee and beyonce to get a crowd of that. >> we're the deplorables and we built america right here! >> reporter: donald trump is going to be here at the hilton hotel tomorrow. that's one building over from where we are right now. we are going to be in midtown manhattan, as well, keeping tabs on every angle on election day.
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we're live in new york city. erin coleman, nbc 10 news. >> we'll see you again tomorrow live from new york city with the trump campaign. lauren maik will also be there with the clinton campaign. continue on us to bring you the latest throughout election night. as the campaign countdown comes to a close, is there anything the candidates can still do to win over vote sners erin had a chance to speak with chuck todd earlier today. >> the poll numbers out today showing clinton with a comfortable lead. is there anything that trump can do at this point? >> sure, there is. i think it fedepends on if ther is more enthusiasm with base republican turnout. and number two, still not 100% clear, particularly in the northern battleground states, will african-american turnout hit the number that she needs to guarantee that she carries the
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pennsylvanias, the michigmie mi. but it's not as if it's unwinnable for trump. >> what does he need to do now sp >> there's no more persuading. the only swing voters left are those that swing between voting and not voting. his whole thing is how does he motivate this voter that wants real change. can he speak to them? does he motivate them to come out? that's his best shot at this point. and if i were him, i would be doing what he's doing right now, which is to go to base areas in pennsylvania, go to base areas in michigan for him in order to see if he can pull the upset. >> and so both of them really hitle the battlegrounds hard. talk about pennsylvania. we keep hearing about pennsylvania. >> i think pennsylvania is just a bridge too far for the trump campaign. i think they haven't really -- you know, they didn't put the
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effort in three months ago to win michigan and pennsylvania. there was an opportunity there. but the amount of voter contact and voter registration programs, that you need to do in some of these areas where there have been voters that haven't voted the last couple of elections that trump has animated, but did he get them all registered? they didn't do that work. i think they're going to look back on that and see a missed opportunity. >> i know you have a lot to do. thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> chuck todd there with erin coleman. let's bring back our political punchout team. jim, do you agree with what chuck just said about pennsylvania, is it out of trump's reach? >> it's going to be very difficult to win in pennsylvania. not since 1988 have the republicans won in a presidential cycle. it's a very complex and difficult state to win. he's going to do very well in the western part of the state.
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the problem is, what is the turnout going to be in the city of philadelphia? is he going to get to that 600,000 votes that -- is she going to get those 600,000 votes that obama got in 2008? or even the 550,000 that obama got in 2012? i'm not so sure. the big question is what happens in the superbs? what happens with building trade workers, how will they vote? but the big question is turnout. i think he's probably right, it's a little too far gone. >> mark, we've been talking about the importance of the superbs. is clinton strong enough to hold off trump's showing his support out west? >> clinton is crushing trump in the philadelphia suburbs for three reasons. first, the suburbs are more democratic each election than the one before. second, she is overperforming with the most prolific voting
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bloc in the suburbs, women. and third, jim, for the first time in history, hillary clinton is going to beat the republican, beat donald trump and beat him  believe soundly among college educated white men. so she's plenty strong. >> i agree. i think what is going to happen in the suburbs, i think you'll see a lot of ticket splitting. pennsylvanians are known for ticket splitting. they'll go for clinton and toomey and the republican congress. >> and let's not forget scranton. shout out to scranton where trump was today but where secretary clinton will pick up a lot of votes tomorrow. that's biden country and will be clinton country tomorrow. >> thanks again. we'll check back with you one more time with the all-important electoral map and how each candidate can get to that magic number of 270. we'll see you guys in just a bit. right now, the campaign countdown continues.
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the nbc 10 morning team will be there to get your election day started. we're on the air starting at 4k a.m. with the latest updates on the weather, traffic, and what's happening at the polls. coming up next, the battleground bros are joining us live. they went to college campuses across pennsylvania and will show us the issue young voters were most concerned about and the one that led to the most surprising responses. that's next on the cam payne countdown. but first, "saturday night live" relives its best moments from the presidential race. that's tonight at 10:00 only on nbc 10. >> now, it's highly unusual for the fbi to make an announcement like this so close to the election. >> don't you think? am i crazy, or does it sort of seem like the fbi is trying to get donald trump elected president? >> no, no. that is crazy coo coo. the fbi is not trying to help me. the fbi does. like me. i mean, what even is the fbi?
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. welcome back to our campaign countdown. live coverage here from independence mall. bon jovi performing for thousands of people at one of clinton's final rallies of the campaign season. the clinton campaign telling nbc news there's some 20,000 people at this rally at independence mall. they're calling this the largest rally of the campaign. we know now air force one has landed at philadelphia international airport. president obama, the first lady heading over to independence mall shortly. we also know pennsylvania is a key battleground state. but young voters could also be a key group in the outcome of this election. nbc 10 has taken a look at the so-called millennial vote. and it's all thanks to these guys, the battleground bros. david and vince, thanks for
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being here. you guys have been so busy traveling to what, campuses across our area, across the state in fact. you visited four campuses, and you touched on four key issues. vince, start with you. how did those four issues bubble up? >> we wanted to get the pulse of young voters, jim. we decided to look at millennials, because they're the largest voting bloc in the nation. they have superseded baby boomers. so we chose four topics based on information we got from the pugh research center, the subjects are economy, guns, social justice, and climate change. over the past two months, david and i went and visited four pennsylvania colleges and tackling one issue at each of those schools. >> let's focus on the economy at the top of your list. david, what did students have to say about that issue, and why is it important to them? >> it's the biggest issue for
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young voters. for millennials, they see the current economy as a barrier to taking the next step in their lives. they were also frustrated by what they call the lack of policies from the candidates that will kate tore their needs. >> gun control, another topic. you saw a broad spectrum of answers there, right? >> yeah. so when we were looking at everything, the millennial generation is the most liberal leaning in history, but a lot of people would be surprised to hear where they fell on gun control. 54% said they wanted to protect gun rights. that's the highest support for gun control than any other age group that we saw in the last two decades. while voters wanted to protect the second amendment, there's major support for gun control measures. 81% want to require back ground checks at gun shows and private gun sales. 48% say the sale of assault
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style weapons need to be banned. >> let's bring in some student voices on the issue of the economy. let's listen. >> my biggest fear is underemployment. so i'm hoping i get into a career or job that actually resembles what i studied. >> it's very important to get a job right after college. i can't have a gap year or anything like that, because i need to support my mother and i. >> have a junior and i have over 100 k in debt. so it's pretty hard. you're thinking i have to pay this debt. i have to -- this debt is holding me back. >> that's a lot of debt right there. young voters notorious for saying, i'm not going to show up and vote. it's not important. you hear a lot of those. >> i think everybody is going to show up. we did three dozen interviews, and no one said they're not going to go out to the polls
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tomorrow. they were not necessarily happy about their choices when they get into the voting booth, but they're not going to not show up. >> you heard that too? >> a lot of students were undecided, but they're still going to vote. and some maybe making up their minds right now or even tomorrow. but i think they'll show up. >> like i was in college, waiting to the last minute to get it done. david, vince, thanks so much for being with us. if you would like to see more from their travels, we'll posted the full episodes on our website, they'll be giving live updates on facebook tomorrow throughout the night as the polls close. the battleground bros going on facebook live. >> that's right. coming up next, the political punchout team back one last time. they're breaking down the electoral map and the ways each candidate could win.
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them." vo: just one.
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welcome back to our campaign countdown that. is a live look at philadelphia international airport. there is the presidential limousine. president obama has just arrived on air force one. he's in the limousine, awaiting michelle obama, who arrived a short time ahead of him. they will be heading over to independence mall where bon jovi has been performing for this crowd, a crowd estimated by the clinton campaign at about 20,000 over in front of independence mall. so hillary clinton will be there, along with her husband, the former president bill clinton, their daughter chelsea. president obama, the first lady, and also bruce springsteen will be perform thing at independence mall, as well. >> for those who are still making up your minds or thinking
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maybe, maybe it's not worth voting at all, let me just say, the choice in this election could not be clearer. it really is between division or unity. between strong and steady leadership or a loose cannon. >> hillary clinton earlier today in pittsburgh, and donald trump was also in pennsylvania today, held this rally in scranton a short time ago, where he promised to repeal and replace obamacare, as we heard him say many times. the republican nominee attacked hillary clinton, calling her a corrupt politician. >> you're tired of the reckless foreign policy -- >> damn right! >> the crazy wars that are never won. hillary clinton is the last stand for the wall street and special interest donors and to special interest themselves. and hillary is the face of failure. she's the face of failure.
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she's the face of failed foreign policy. >> and with that, trump was then off to new hampshire. let's check in with our political punchout team one last time before election day. mark and jim are joining us in our studios with a look at the electoral map right there. we know pennsylvania, key for both candidates. but there are several states that could swing this election in either direction. show it to us. >> we talked about the states like pennsylvania, wisconsin, and michigan. and let's assume for a second that donald trump isn't going to win those states. we've heard from ed rendell. if we win pennsylvania, if the republicans win pennsylvania, donald trump becomes president. but how do we get there without one of those swing states? i think -- >> i would like to see that, jim. >> we start with florida. florida has to be red. he doesn't win florida, he doesn't win. >> i'm giving it to you, because you asked. it's not happening. >> north carolina.
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>> maybe. >> he's got to win new hampshire. >> got to run the table. that's not happening either, by the way. >> and a must-win is ohio. >> maybe. >> and when you come out west, he has to win arizona. and one of the most important to get to 270 is to win the congressional district in maine. maine has splits -- splits their electoral votes, so there's maine one and maine two. he has to win maine two. >> we'll give you maine. you're still short and nevada is already won for hillary clinton. >> nevada has to be red. he has to win a blue state to win. the blew state can be michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. but that's what he needs, in addition to all this sea of red. >> all he has to do is win everywhere and he'll be president, i agree with that. >> thanks, guys. thanks for joining us throughout this long campaign season. and we'll be right back with your election day forecast and
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the information you need before heading to the polls. that's next on nbc 10's campaign countdown. katie: my mom was a restaurant hostess
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at a neighborhood favorite - a place for a good, family meal. she juggled customers, cooks, waitresses - and never complained. my dad was a police officer walking his beat. i learned from both what it means to be honest, to work hard, and love family. big banks, wall street, special interests -
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that's who pat toomey's with. in the senate, i'll work for you and your family. i'm katie mcginty, and i approve this message. you're watching campaign countdown, live on nbc 10. >> campaign countdown is almost over. voters in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware will start heading to the polls in just about ten hours. and here are the polling hours for your state. the polls in pennsylvania and delaware, they're open from 7:00 in the morning to 8:00 tomorrow night. new jersey is open from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and here's good news, the strike has ended in philadelphia. a tentative agreement reached this morning. septa says full service should be restored by tomorrow morning.
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and also the weather, it's looking great for election day. here's your election day forecast. >> the good news is, it's going to be nice and dry for election day, so when you head out to the polls, whether it's early in the morning or in the afternoon, you don't need an umbrella. in the morning, you'll need a jacket. temperature by 7:00 a.m., around 39 degrees in philadelphia. so cold early. 36 for many neighborhoods. the jersey shore in the upper 30s. lunchtime, temperatures back into the 60s. so comfortable by the middle of the day. temperatures by the mid to low 60s, we'll be topping out in about the upper 60s for a high. polls close at 8:00 p.m. by that time, we'll be dropping to about the mid to upper 50s. so either way, a great day to get out there and vote. >> chilly start there, but a great day. and the campaign countdown will come to an end. but our coverage will continue
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through election day. the morning team will get you started with the latest updates on weather, traffic, and what's happening at the polls. they'll be on early starting at 4:00 a.m. and we'll be there live in all three states throughout the day, of course. also checking out any problems at the polls. here is the hotline you can call if you see any problems. 1-877-nbc-wcau. you can also contact us through our website,, or you can send us a message on facebook and twitter. and then it's time to find out who will be our next president. nbc news will have live updates throughout election night. plus, nbc 10's lauren maik and erin coleman will be with the candidates at their headquarters throughout the evening as they wait for the results to come in. it's decision 2016 and nbc 10 has you covered every step of the way. join us for a full wrap up on "nbc 10 news" at 11:00, brand
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and i approve this message. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> carson: tonight, 20 people down to 12. welcome to "the voice," i'm carson daly. mr. adam levine. her first time with the live shows, miley cyrus. another first timer with an awesome new album out, alicia keys.


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