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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  November 9, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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camel back mountain, the rain making a mess for both the morning and the afternoon commute today. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking that rain and our first alert neighborhood weather. >> the conditions are actually worse for the afternoon rush than they were this morning. you can't see very well, that's the skyline of philadelphia back there somewhere. and you can see, it's a solid area of rain, it's not moving that much, it's kind of spinning around and some of it is getting on the heavier side, as you can see here, right from montgomery county, down through philadelphia, we're getting some of the heaviest rain of the day, right as the afternoon rush is starting. we have a heavy area right over i-95 right now. that extends all the way up to norristown, with at least
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moderate rain. the area in orange is about three-quarters of an inch per hour, while the green areas are not really accumulating much rain at all. the other areas of rain goes down through rain in montgomery county and that's moving to the southeast. we'll have to keep an eye on that, because the computer models are under estimating the intensity of this rain. it will gradually head toward the coast, during the late afternoon and evening hours and later tonight it's going to be clearing, so tomorrow will be nothing like today. absolutely nothing like today. and we're going to be seeing those temperatures go down, it will be chilly first thing in the morning. and then we do have some warmer weather in the ten-day as well.
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we'll get into the timing of when that rain ends and if we'll see any rain over the weekend and the coldest day of the season so far, that's coming up in a few minutes. back to our decision 2016 coverage, donald trump, the president-elect of the united states. and we have breaking news related to the election, stocks have surged today and are now near record legals. stocks rose 300 points today, that's close to the all-time high, that comes just hours after donald trump claimed victory. >> let's go to washington, d.c., that's where george spencer is live right now. george? >> reporter: here in washington, the focus is all on transition,
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after what seems to be so many months of divisiveness and tough talk between the parties, hillary clinton and the democrats have now conceded and they are promising to work with president-elect donald trump. >> this is painful and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: hillary clinton got a little personal as he cshe conceded the election this morning after one of the longest campaigns in history. but her main focus today moving forward. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: a similar message from president barack obama, who spoke just a few minutes later. >> we are now all rooting for a success, in uniting and leading the country. >> reporter: the president asked democrats to stay united behind
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the country. >> everybody's sad when they lose an election. >> reporter: now tomorrow is another big day here in the nation's capital, president obama has knnow invited president-elect donald trump here to the white house to begin discussions about the upcoming transition. reporting live in washington, d.c., i'm george spencer, nbc10 news. and republican speaker of the house paul ryan spoke of donald trump's victory last night as the most extraordinary thing he's seen in his lifetime. >> donald trump heard a voice nobody else has heard. he connected with people no one else did. he turned politics on its head, and now, donald trump will lead a unified republican government. >> as for ryan, he was elected
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to his 10th term last night. former president george h.w. bush took to twitter to congratulate donald trump. barbara and i wish him well as he guides america toward as our next president, his family is in our players. and george w. bush said he wishes donald trump and his family the best. vladimir putin sent trump a telegram saying that he hoped that relations between the u.s. and moscow could be put back on track. trump was criticized during the campaign for appearing to support the russian leader. i want to take a look at the electoral map now, another win in alaska, clinton won arizona, michigan and new hampshire, those have still not been called. and hillary clinton actually
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maintained the popular vote. hillary clinton was counting on pennsylvania to go blue, even rallying with her husband and the obamas on monday night. >> take a look at the sea of red across pennsylvania last night. as we zoom in closer on the greater philadelphia area, you can see right there where both burks and north hampton county both turned to donald trump's favor last night. >> you saw some of the thousands of pennsylvania voters who came out to support donald trump last night. did this victory surprise them? >> reporter: they say that their friends, their family, their neighbors were all supporting donald trump, so it did not surprised them. of course pennsylvania was supposed to be hillary's blue fire wall, but those voters showed up in huge numbers and we caught up with them here in burks county at the americana
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diner. the coffee machines are buzzing, after a late night election called. loyal supporters grabbed a celebratory breakfast, after voting donald trump into the white house. >> to me it wasn't much of a surprise. >> reporter: small towns like this one, buying into donald trump's promises of protecting blue collar jobs. >> i think they're finally being heard, at of people are out of work, looking for full-time employment. our miners and our steelworkers. >> we certainly cannot have our jobs going to mexico and other places. >> reporter: rural and overwhelmingly white working class voters turn out in large numbers flipping pennsylvania for the first time in decades. and a look at the county by county map, shows just how large those margins were outside of philadelphia. here in burks county, trump winning by 10 percentage points, in lancaster county, by almost
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20 and in schuylkill county, trump with an astounding 34 point lead. but critics say the rural vote was also out of resentiment. voters here say it's more about changing the status quo. >> we want change, we're worry about our jobs. >> reporter: rural voters told me today that clinton never really connected in this part of the commonwealth, they do say that those voters also helped them get rust belt voters in chicago. >> for a breakdown of those key counties in our area and the candidate they supported last
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night, let's get over to the election board. >> in philadelphia, this was hillary clinton's largest margin of lead. 59% to 38%. in dell co, just about the same thing, same thing happened in 2012 and 2008 when obama won over john mccain. mitt romney actually won chester county in 2012. look at bucks, very, very tight race, this was huge here for donald trump. moving ahead to burks county, big win for donald trump, 53-43 and in 2012, romney also won here. and in lehigh county, hillary
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clinton taking it by four points, flip-flop by north hampton county, trump -- 20 electoral votes as i said, our area was essential to donald trump's victory. >> so interesting to see that breakdown. >> philadelphia mayor kim kenney said he's proud of philadelphia voters. their voices were still heard. he said now residents have the opportunity to become leaders and help the nation heal. >> it would be easy to look at the differences that divide our nation, and even our own commonwealth, and simply give up, but that is not the american way, and it's certainly not the philadelphia way. >> he congratulated president-elect trump and
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senator pat toomey on their victories. >> last night's presidential election a hot topic in mexico. enrique pena took to the -- he met with president donald trump back in august, tweeted that the u.s. and mexico are friends, partners and allies who should come collaborating for the development of north america. today pat toomey is celebrating his re-entry back into the senate. mcginty conceded early this morning, losing by about 100,000 votes. toomey's victory helped republicans keep control of the senate, he was seen as one of the most vulnerable gop senators running for re-election. he said that he rode the wave of the support for donald trump,
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and he said that his appeal for the swichk votswing voters apped to pay off. >> i'm extremely honored that the people of pennsylvania are giving me another term in the united states senate. >> mcginty smashed u.s. senate campaign finance records with more than $160 million in campaign spending. nbc10's cydney long takes a closer look at new jersey governor's chris christie's role in the trump transition team. and join us at 7:30 tonight for special coverage of the election. and we'll be following developments in the trump transition team throughout the night and into the morning as the president-elect prepares to meet with president obama.
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stay tuned with nbc10 and we'll have any new developments that break while you're sleeping. our 20 minutes of nonstop news continues right here, with sky force 10 over this massive fire at an historic mill in wilmington. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong found out why arson investigators are now on the case. >> reporter: this is how the van kroft mills fire looked this morning. >> there was fumes and who knows what's in those buildings between asbestos and chemicals. >> reporter: nobody knows what started the fire that tore through the fabric mill complex that's eventually going to be condominiums, firefighters from all over the region came to bring water to the scene.
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the hydrants alone weren't going to be enough. an arson task force is checking to see if someone intentionally set the fire. the state park is right across the brandy wine from the mills, the fire is still burning, and we're told it will probably burn for days, just too intense to reach. >> there's a large volume of wood, these are old factories. two officers are recovering after a crash involving a man trying to exceed away from another officer. sky force 10 over the crash at 21 21st and conlyn street last night. he was taken into custody a few blocks away. an atlantic city police officer who was shot in the head
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while responding to a other than is out of rehab tonight. officer josh bedell was released today from the rehab in grant park. he also received an escort home with motorcycles, cars and sire reps. officer bedell was hit with a bullet in september. after a long delay, a dedication ceremony was finally held for one of the newest pennsylvania state police barracks today. dozens of troopers took part in the ceremony in windfield heights neighborhood. the dedication ceremony has been delayed twice because of the pope's visit, also the democratic national convention. the 52,000 square feet barracks
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officers state of art offices and classrooms. the state rejected the city's proposed five year financial turn around plan. the city's assets and major decision making power now in the hands of the state. it can also reverse decisions by city council, break union contracts and also file for bankruptcy. a distributing factor to that debt, five out of 12 casinos. and voters decided against opening casinos in the northern part of the state. that means atlantic city is the only place in the state where gambling remains legal. both rain and fog, a problem for the afternoon rush, glenn? >> and not exactly great timing because some of the heaviest rain of the day is falling on parts of the area right now. in philadelphia, 55 degrees, it's not really cold, it's not
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really windy, but it is wet across most of the area, in the lehigh valley, we're seeing some breaks in the clouds and the rain is over. as you can see, the rain moving from north to south, but we have this one band right through philadelphia, that is fairly heavy. now part of montgomery county is in this, and part of delaware county, but it's right over philadelphia as you can see, and again, some of this is very heavy, whired poh radio we have seen earlier today. this is right down the -- we're getting some dry air coming down from the north. that's a fairly good sign, but
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not a good sign in the philadelphia area, for now, we have some heavier rain, this is near wood land avenue, this is just west of the blue roof and north of i-76, a little bit heavier cell right there. we'll keep an eye on this to see if indeed it does move out like it's supposed to. this is moving over delaware into salem county, new jersey. and that's what we need, is for everything to keep moving. the temperature not going down much this evening, until we clear out and then it goes down into the 30s and you'll see that as we go into the morning. so tomorrow morning's rush, well, it's not going to be wet, but it's going to be kind of cold, there's some places near freezing, allentown near 33 degrees, and then with sunshine all day, temperatures in the mid
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to upper 50s. it's fairly wet across redding, by 9:30, most places are rain free except for atlantic city, still at 53 degrees, later on during the night and into the morning, everybody is dry, everybody is chilly, everybody is going to be sunny during the day tomorrow, with fairly uniform temperatures into the mid 50s. now as far as the weekend is concerned, all right, we have got one day that is going to be chilly, saturday, 51 degrees for the high, a little bit of a breeze too, not even getting to 15 in the lehigh valley and some of the northern suburbs. sunday, more sunshine, and about 10 degrees warmer, so we were really talking about a big warmup between saturday and sunday, friday is going to bring the winds that cause it to be colder on saturday, so we're up near 60 the next couple of days,
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then we drop significantly for saturday, then we just go right back up, the average high is in the upper 50s, so we're talking about at or above average all the way through much of next week, the next real chance of rain comes next wednesday. and remember as you're driving home, we're in a drought, we need the rain. >> and many of you probably tried to switch your cell phone service at one time or other. but one man says when he went to get a different provider, his bill went up for services he didn't even use. plus we have watched the obama daughters grow up during their father's presidency, we'll take a closer look at the new first family and their son who will now call the white house home. plus why police say this couple is looking for more than a workout at a local yoga studio. a look another the closing
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numbers on wall street, once again the dow closing up over 250 points after tridonald trum election upset.
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police are looking for two people caught on camera robbing a yoga studio last month. you can see in the surveillance video, a man and a woman forced their way through a locked door and stole some money from the register. a week-long food dry is in wilmington. >> today people were invited to shop at the acme at fairfax
4:25 pm
shopping center and donate groceries and household goods and put it on a help bus. donald trump, the new york real estate tycoon will take up residence at the white house in january. >> reporter: and i'm in new jersey checking on what donald trump's big win means for governor chris christie's big future. and there's some rain moving through the area right now. i'll tell you when that's going to move on out. one of the biggest political upsets in history and a decision that will forever change the course of the country. >> and donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states, now we're looking at what's next. a local school is
4:26 pm
reinventing a new program that lets kids eat food from restaurants instead of the cafeteria. all that and your first alert weather and traffic and it starts tomorrow on nbc10 news at 4:30. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now at hhgregg. get up to 40% off storewide. plus 24-months special financing. and free delivery. all with our low price guarantee. appliances. electronics. furniture. hhgregg
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this is the scene at the train station in mt. airy as people get ready to board that chestnut hill line. the weather on wednesday wasn't limited to chestnut hill. here's a first look at how long this rain is going to last, glenn.
4:30 pm
>> it's going to last a few more hours in parts of the area and some places have already seen the rain end and in wilmington, the sky is starting to brighten up a little bit. now things are improving a little bit. you can see a bit of an interesting path, that's moving this way, that's moving this way, and in between, that's how you get those lines, bands of rain that go straight like that. and fortunately they keep moving. so it's moving right near the atlantic city expressway, going right through montgomery county, into the philadelphia area, and again, this is pretty heavy in parts of the region. here's philadelphia right now, zooming in, so parts of the city, like northeast philly, it's not raining hard, but it certainly is, especially west of
4:31 pm
the schuylkill expressway, and the schuylkill itself it's raining pretty hard. and the heavy rain is moving into new jersey. they're getting about an inch and a half per hour, if it stays in the same spot. but it's not staying in the same spot. this part's going through salem and salem county and that rain is continuing to move to the south. . by later on this evening, we're going to be seeing clearing skies in much of the area, setting us up for some really nice weather, we'll see how long that lasts in just a few minutes. back to decision 2016 coverage of the next president of the united states, donald trump. >> to all republicans and democrats and independents
4:32 pm
across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> that was the president-elect early this morning. and taking a live look at the white house where the president-elect will meet tomorrow with president obama to discuss a smooth transition. >> governor chris christie is in charge of trump's transition team. it's a job that he's been doing since the summer. now there's some question as to whether christie is heading to d.c. himself. new jersey reporter cydney long caught up with the insiders to explain. >> reporter: i can tell you no, we did reach out to his chief of staff by both phone and text today, i even tagged the governor in a tweet, but got no
4:33 pm
response, but i did get a tweet from an insider. is governor chris christi one stepper closer to leaving the guard on state in the dust for d.c.? new jersey's top politician voting for quietly than he's ever done as governor, without announcing at times like he usually does. >> the chances of him showing up at a few minutes after 6:00 a.m., in the cover of darkness. >> then without even an encouraging tweet from the governor to get out the vote. >> governor chris christie, folks, unbelievable. >> author of "american governor" chris christie, bridge to governor spoke to us on face-time what the win means for the garden state. >> i think he's been a royal
4:34 pm
trump soldier so trump will offer him a job, that is in the trump dna to reward those loyal to him. and secondly, i think christie is someone who feels like he's -- >> reporter: cats anticipates he whether leave the state house for the white house next month. he's been quiet since friday's bridge gate convictions. voters like home health care aid says so long, governor. >> i'm not for much of what chris christie does. >> some say his legacy is at stake in new jersey, will he be remembered for the most recent gas tax increase or even how he handled hurricane sandy. his approval ratings were above
4:35 pm
30% now they're below 20%. we're live in gloucester township, i'm cydney long, nbc10 news. >> governor christie will be in charge of helping facilitate trump's cabinet. they include many who mr. trump thanked in his victory speech this morning. mayor rudy giuliani. retired general michael flynn as national security advisor, and reince president trump is donald trump's upset vickity means a new child of the president is moving into the white house. donald trump's son barron is 10 years old, the same age as malia obama when her family moved into the white house. this picture shows donald trump
4:36 pm
taking a break from wrooatchinge election results last night to help bar rob fick his sty. political professor s led students in a frank conversation. we spoke to students about how they feel with america's decision. >> so we have never seen him in a political stance, how are we going to expect him to run the white house, run the country? >> i think it's -- it's more of a tos #. >> it often seems to give hillary clinton an edge. over coverage continues on nbc10 news at 5:00. lauren mayk covered the clinton's loss last night. her interviinterview.
4:37 pm
also join us at 7:30 on the transition to our next president. take a closer look on the issues covering the economy, health care and immigration. and still ahead on nbc10 news at 4:00, why therapy dogs were on political today to deal with the after math of the hisk election. >> plus who wins the battle of the sexes when it comes to a bart memory.
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most women know about self-breast exams, a new study found a total of 56 symptoms experienced by more than 2,000 breast cancer patients. 7% of women reported physical abnormalities.
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>> when it comes to memory, women win the battle of the sexes. >> a new study of more than 200 middle aged adults found women surpassed men on verbal and executive function. women did start to decline post menopause as their estrogen legals fell. i'm tracking when we'll dry out, plus a drop in temperatures, in your nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather. plus all new at 5:00, a birthday wish for the ages, we introduce you to a special woman celebrating quite the milestone today. ♪ it was a construction accident, with a piece of heavy equipment ♪ and it shot me up into the roof, and it just kept breaking me in half. broke my back, severed my spinal column
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so just how stressful was the 2016 election season?
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apparently stressful enough that therapy dogs were brought to the white house this morning. the dogs mingled with those in the office building. it was a great way for employees to relax and get some smiles in, especially for those whose bosses might have lost their election bid. philadelphia is about to get a little flavor infusion. it's the first of several new restaurants to open up inside harrahs, philadelphia in chegser. some local favorites will be on the menu, including a smoked cheesesteak or a roast pork and broccoli sandwich. taking a look at i-95 in south philadelphia, some rain
4:46 pm
and fog creating some problems for the afternoon rush. glenn? >> i'll tell you, i was out right around the lunchtime, and i will tell you, i had my car fish tail at only 20 miles an hour. in philadelphia, we can see the skyline, things are improving even over a half hour ago. in the helehigh valley, it's improved already. temperatures haven't changed any, but we are seeing some differences and some changes, you see things moving like this here, these showers are moving like that, what that means is, we got an area of low pressure rite o right off the coast, that's going to exit stage right and take this moisture with it. that's why we're already seeing improvement in the lehigh valley. you can see this area of rain, again, it's gradually moving out
4:47 pm
of philadelphia, certainly tapering off, it's tapering off out by the pennsylvania turnpike dramatically. the heaviest rain is shifted, it was in bedford just a half hour ago, now it's in washington township and now around glass borrow, apparently some very heavy rain, but as long as it keeps moving, it's not going to pile up that much. wilmington's weather has already improved significantly. the amounts of rain kind of concentrated in just a few places and it just happens to be very populated places. right around norristown an inch of rain, around the schuylkill express way, a half-inch or a little bit more in some of that area. but as long as the thing is moving, we're not going to have any flood threats. 53 degrees at 6:00 in
4:48 pm
philadelphia, a little bit of rain continuing, but it's already ended north and west, that trend will continue during the next few hours, and as we head toward the late evening, it's actually going to be clearing, not just the rain ending, the sky is going to clear. northwest winds coming in what dry air, but it's going to be chilly, temperatures already down into the 30s into much of the area. a totally different kind of a morning than we had today and then we're well up into the 50s tomorrow morning. the story for the neighborhoods tomorrow, is the low temperature in the morning. chestnut pill at 35 degrees, lang horn at 35. easton at 37 degrees, everybody goes into the 50s during the afternoon. right at the beaches, 44 degrees, not all that cold, but even in delaware, dover is in the 30s. the weekend is going to start off chilly, it's going to be
4:49 pm
windy on friday, and that brings in the coldest air so far in the season. we have places not even getting out of the 40s with sunshine. then on sunday, it jumps up, probably about 10 degrees warmer, plus a lot of sunshine, plus less wind, so sunday is really looking like a winner here, plus on friday, there's the cold air that sets us for the chillier air on saturday, sunday, monday, things look good, and the clouds increasing on thursday and we'll see how close it comes to the coast, it could bring some rain to at least parts of the area next wednesday. so once this gets out tonight, not another chance of rain until thursday. >> nbc10 viewer says what should
4:50 pm
have been a simple switch of cell phone providers was anything but. he says the bill started piling up for services he never used. how the nbc10 responds team steps in to sort out the man's problems and got the money he was owed. have you done anything out of the ordinary recently? we bought a new washer and dryer from the home improvement store. i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now at hhgregg. get up to 40% off storewide. plus 24-months special financing. and free delivery. all with our low price guarantee.
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4:54 pm
store, he understood it would be delivered to his house and then connected. he says he didn't realize that his new phone was actually in a bag he carried out of the store. verizon hold him he still had to pay off the balance on the new phone, so he did pay. >> so i paid $600 for the phone. >> reporter: a verizon rep said is that once he paid for the phone, he would receive no more bills. he even got the confirmation in spanish saying he had a zero balance. he says he tried contacting v y verizon himself but they said he wasn't in the database. a few days later, he received a call from the company saying he owes nothing. in a statement verizon told us
4:55 pm
they're glad his billing issue has been resolved. >> great job, thank you so much. >> and we'll add that savings to the responds recovery counter, the new total is $165,491. if you have a problem, contact nbc10 responds and we will smon respond to you. we're working on several stories all new at 5:00, first there are still precincts in pennsylvania not finalized. we'll look into the process and why it's taking so long. now that donald trump is president-elect, there's something new outside his home in new york, what the nypd says it's doing now that it has never done before. and we're tracking showers moving through towards the southeast, i have the forecast coming up in my first and full weather. and she's way past the
4:56 pm
century, tonight we asked this inspirational woman from delaware county, about her secret to getting to her 108th birthday.
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. trump transition, nbc10
4:59 pm
learn learns. sandals strike homes and cars in south philly. i want to tell the world community that while we will always put america's interests first, we will deal fairly with everyone. >> take a look. this is the new first family, donald trump, the republican and first-time politician will become the 45th president of the united states. donald trump hasn't made any speeches or sent out any tweets since about 3:00 this morning. the trump heads spent the day meeting in trump towers and taking calls from supporters. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> and i'm jacqueline london. >> the now president-elect is calling on the country to yuuni
5:00 pm
now that the election is over. >> donald trump says his campaign was a movement for all americans. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. question have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me. >> president-elect trump also congratulated hillary clinton for a hard-fought campaign, he went on to say he would be reaching out to those who didn't support him for guidance. there ee's all right unprecedented security outside of


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