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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> [ bleep ]. >> right now all new at 5:00, a violent encounter by a driver and a south jersey police officer. it started with a task stop and ended with a shooting, now the officer involved is under investigation. >> but tonight, experts are saying there's more to this video than meets the eye, cydney long explains. >> reporter: what began with a car stop on route 30, with a handicapp handicapped placard blocking the window. the driver smashes his truck into parked cars. we watched the video with retired police officer now burlington county president.
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>> the gun should be out. again, he just assaulted a police officer with a motor vehicle which could have killed him. >> reporter: the gun is in the officer's left hand. >> [ bleep ]. >> reporter: you can hear the shot and the two arguing back and forth, you shot me, no i didn't. >> that wasn't an officer that went to work that day thinking i'm going to shoot somebody today. but that subject drove that truck thinking i'm not going to jail today. >> reporter: he says it's not unheard of for an officer's gun to go off without their knowledge. >> he was zoned this on protecting himself and the community. >> after being treated for a bullet wound to his suspect, edmond browning, treated at the hospital and now is at the camden county jail. new jersey's attorney general
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police involved shooting task force is investigating if the officer was justified. the haddon township officer is off on paid administrative leave. in the last 30 minutes, edmond brown's attorney contacted nbc10 to say his firm is investigating and hopes no one rushes to judgment after seeing that video. >> right now state police are trying to find the driver responsible for this deadly hit and run. sky force 10 was over the scene where a bicyclist got hit and killed this afternoon. the driver took off and we have no description of the vehicle. a windy day across the region, as we look at cape may. despite the wind, some areas enjoying temperatures in the 60s, but don't leave home
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without your jacket just yet. >> jim and erin, a very cold night in the forecast, and that will be the trend, at least for the next 36 hours, we see the flag blowing wildly due to the wild wins. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. 25-mile-per-hour sustain wind speeds, northwesterlies and top wind gusts 30 miles an hour. 14 for atlantic city, and 18-mile-per-hour wind speeds in allentown. so those wind speeds and wind gusts are still very strong despite the fact the cold front is still well offshore. keep this in mind, this is for overnight saturday into sunday, however we do have a really chilly night tonight into tomorrow, never mind saturday into sunday. i'm going to pause this tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m., these are very cold temperatures below the
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freezing mark. we will talk more about this cold blast in the works. nbc10's mitch blacher in sky force 10 over the scene of an accident. a trolly involved? >> reporter: this is at island and lindberg, just down the street from the airport, at this point we're told that a person was hit by the trolly, and taken to penn hospital in critical condition. we'll keep you update to date with the latest as it comes available. and now to the transition to trump. vice president-elect pence will lead donald trump's transition team. he'll replace governor chris christie, this is trump's biggest announced since he won
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the election two days ago. >> reporter: vice president-elect mike pence is taking over a white house transition team that includes some of the first family, and campaign loyalists like former new york mayor rudy giuliani. it's the first in a flood of personnel announcements. >> we together are going to drain the swamp. >> reporter: the candidate who ran against washington's elite is now looking to them for help. gop chair reinse priebus. >> there's a lot of great women
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out there and the same can be said with hispanics, muslim. he is going to have a diverse cabinet. >> all right, so how are political exes perts reacting t the news that chris christi has been replaced by vice president-elect mike pence. >> i don't think you want to expose governor crihristie to a confirmation hear, which means i don't think he gets appointed to a cabinet post. i don't think that's something a trump administration would want to see relitigated by senate democrats at a confirmation hear. so all of this to me makes a lot of sense. >> governor crihristie released statement this afternoon saying in part, i am proud to have run the preelection phase of the
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transition team along with a thoroughly professional and dedicated team of people. they have prepared an outstanding template for president-elect trump. the president-elect taken to quitter to talk about the protests here and around the country he tweeted just had a very and success if the presidential election. but then this morning, he seemed to have a change of heart. he said on twitter, love the fact that the small group it of protesters last night have a passion for our great country, we will all come together and be proud. >> and in the last couple of nights, hundreds have marched through the streets of philadelphia. the president-elect is the only one criticizing those protests. >> we spoke today with reverend
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mark tyler at bethany church in philadelphia. >> i think we're moving to an area where civility and then the idea of the way we treat each other when we win or lose is being lost. and we have to regain that. >> but reverend tyler told us that protests are necessary if and when trump acts on some of his campaign promises. >> what president-elect trump reportedly promised the president yesterday during that meeting. we have new information on a developing story we are following in west pennsylvania. we have learned at least three people have been hurt at a mental health facility. police say a man shot two of those people and stabbed the other. there is no word on the condition of the victims. several events across our region honoring the veterans.
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nbc10 in newcastle veterans memorial park. he was joined by governor jack marquel. mr. biden shares stories about visits he's had with troops overseas. members of the philly pops took part in a veterans ceremony. during the ceremony the board of the memorial announced a new campaign to build a p.o.w./m.i.a. memorial on the same grounds. a memorial wreath was cast into the delaware river from the battleship new jersey today, it was part of a veterans day memorial this morning. the speaker included a 90-year-old world war ii veteran who served in the navy from 1944 to 1946. he worked in the radio room of a
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ship stationed off guam. he was in that the night the call came in that japan surrendered. this is the start to a weekend of parades and memorials. >> >> reporter: this is our great tribute to all of our veterans. we owe you our thanks. we owe you our respect and owe you our freedom. >> reporter: a sacrifice membered each year, a debt that can never be repaid. but the men and women our nation stops to honor and remember, aren't looking for any payment, any public admiration. it's one of the things that makes them heroes. courage and goodness and and look to a veteran.
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>> reporter: today we march because they did, thousands gathering in cities and memorials across the country, carrying flags and symbols of courage. the respect of a grateful nation comes from parents and children, some too young to fully understand. and from those who serve who will never forget. >> proud men and women who served their country, did what  they were asked to do, we're all in this together. >> together, because of the sacrifice made by america's veterans. jay gray, flbz. . do you remember what you were doing ten months ago? chances are you were digging your way out from this. >> oh, my gosh, this is tough to look at it.
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the first alert weather team helping you get ready for the next round of severe weather. we'll show you how to do it at your local mall.
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tonight there is suspicion that some of the wildfires in north carolina may have been
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started on purpose. investigators say there's evidence of arson in some 30 wildfires. the smoke the those fires has led to a dangerous haze across many states, the public health advisory has been issued in kentucky because of poor air quality. drivers are also being warned because of bad visibility. like it or not, winter will be here before you know it. >> we got more to come. this was the blizzard we saw back in january, it's a reminder of how important it is to be ready for whatever winter brings. >> the first alert weather team is hitting the road to help you get ready. >> reporter: every day we'll be visiting different malls across our region. and there's a reason why we picked these malls as our stop along the tour. and it's not just because it's a great way to meet you in your neighborhood. actually these locations have been designated weather ready
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ambassadors. what does that mean? let's explain. from severe storms to winter whiteouts, we live in a region where we could get hard by winter weather. so how do you keep yourself and your family safe when disruptive weather hits? all the malls under the simon property group, including the philadelphia premium outlets are all part of a weather initiate ty. >> the weather service is trying to get more involved in making sure that people are not only getting weather information but are prepared to take action based on that weather information. >> so we talked to our local outlets about how they got the designation. >> it was a course that our management team went through and our security team as well. it told us what to do in events such as tornadoes and obviously snowstorm which we're going to be dealing with this winter.
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>> if you're shopping on a quiet die or during the holiday rush and rough weather hits, these malls are ready. >> we're going through an ongoing process of scheduling training drills and evacuation drills for different types of storm emergencies. >> reporter: for this outdoor mall, that means sending people to exit hallways, those halls where restrooms are usually located. >> there's no glass, so it's a place that's safe to go to during a tornado or that kind of thing. >> and they're stocked with emergency supplies. >> it involves evacuation charts, things they would need. >> reporter: things you'll likely need if you get caught in severe weather. just visit to get involved. you need a trusted weather force to keep you updated on the forecast. that's where the nbc10 first alert weather team comes in.
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>> so on monday we will kick off severe winter weather week, the first alert weather team will be on the road to show off our high-tech weather tracking equipment li equipment. great idea. >> never too soon to be ready, right? >> that's right, really, because these conditions when they happen, they happen so quickly, we're talking about visibility, safety, ice, things like that, black ice, we want to make sure we're always prepared for every situation. >> meantime a live look outside, look at this, it is still windy, very windy, jim and erin. that's really been the story all stay today. so we're going to talk tabout te wind because today we topped out at about 50 miles an hour. that frontal boundary slides east offshore.
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freezing overnight lows tonight and in fact tomorrow night as well. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. so be sure you bundle up tonight and tomorrow. we have a freeze watch and a frost advisory in effect. i'll show you that in just one moment. the good news is sunday morning, my pick of the weekend, it will be warmer and sunnier. now next week, glenn "hurricane" schwartz was about a coastal storm that may affect us monday into tuesday, so of course i'll have more information in the 10-day on 10. otherwise on saturday morning, look at this, the winds start to die down just a little bit. doylestown, 31, allentown 29. pottstown 29. and burlington, your expected temperature tomorrow morning, a very cold 32 degrees. frost advisory in effect that has been issued by the national weather service. starting saturday night until
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sunday morning, keep in mind, we're going to of course have temperatures at or below the freezing mark, but that does include tomorrow night and saturday as you just saw. we're going to see upper 40s to low 50s on average, more sunshine on sunday. upper 50s to low 60s, and the winds will be calm so tailgating, 52 degrees with lots of sunshine, and 60 degrees by kickoff and fourth quarter upper 50s. a live look outside philadelphia, we are seeing a few clouds, everything's starting to comdominate. 55 for kensington, fox chase, a pair of 5s for you. and parkwood currently at 54 degrees. eastern p.a. seeing some clouds
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for you. leonardsville, 49 degrees, white hall at 50s. nazareth at eastton. be sure you download the free nbc10 app for more weather information and your neighborhood weather. the weekend forecast looks like this once again, 50s for saturday and on sunday we're seeing upper 50s to low 60s, so certainly a trend that will be favorable for the second half of the weekend, now your 10-day on 10. this is your next big story, once those winds start to calm down and we get through friday night into saturday, and saturday night into sunday, the two coldest nights, we are tracking the potential for a coastal storm to affect us. monday into tuesday, it looks like we will get some rain. be sure you follow us on social media @nbcphiladelphia.
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getting into the holiday spirit. nbc10 at city hall where setup is now under way for christmas village in philadelphia. there will be a preview, it features an open air market, live entertainment and an ice skating rink. now if you don't want to wait to start celebrating christmas, you can head to bucks county tonight, peddlers village is holding it's kickoff to the holidays. kids can say hi to mrs. clause and take selfies with her. they can also enjoy the magical light parade that kicks off at 6:30, the night will wrap up with a sing along and a snack. bill cosby has not gone on trial yet, but he's already planning his next career move. what he plans to do once he's found not guilty.
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gary senese unveiled a new technology that makes life ease your an army captain. the actors foundation caused
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rise has built 50 smart homes just like this one. volunteers gathered together to make repairs for an army veteran in port rich monday. >> joseph served in the military during vietnam. he and his wife kathleen have problems that limit their mobility. v volunteers and contractors installed a new heater and new flooring. >> it's like a whole different world the way veterans now are treated. and it is organizations like rebuilding philadelphia helping veterans. veterans need help. >> the organization does the same sort of work to 75 homes every year. we have all complained about smart phone batteries draining too fast. >> but imagine your charger causing an explosion.
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we definitely had a warm day, slightly above average, however it was a very windy day
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as well. be sure you look another the bottom of your screen for your neighborhood forecast conditions right now are still pretty windy, looks like the suburbs seeing low 50s, mid to upper 50s for the philly metro area. that certainly hasn't been the issue all day long. take a look at our future temperatures, starting at 5:00 p.m. and getting this going through early tomorrow morning. this is all you need to see, temperatures at or below the freezing mark. and vorhees, a little better by two degrees, 34 degrees. so two degrees above the freezing marks, right now conditions are mild, but we do have that are blustery, and i'll
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have when we can expect some more rain showers. >> also tonight, new pictures of the charred cell phone charger that seriously burned a south jersey college student. that student is out of the hospital today but still recovering from third-degree burns. >> for a busy college student always on the go, a portable phone charger is an easy cell, a quick burst of juice, but for a rowan student. >> alex was in the student center when he saw a classmate screaming and reaching toward his pocket. >> the portable charger exploded in his pocket. and his happened was super black because the tried pulling it ou. >> reporter: it's the latest lithium explosion, similar fires
5:32 pm
happening to the samsung note 7 phones. lithium batteries and phones can discharge and come bust. the consumeer product safety commission says that some battery packs stuff far too much into a small package. now some students are rethinking the devices they put so close to their bodies. >> i'll just stick with the plug in one. >> it goes to show you how reliable electronics actually are, we have 100% trust for it. but at the end of the day, it's not always going to be that reliable. if we don't repeal and replace obama care, we will destroy american health care forever.
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>> one thing trump said during his campaign he will repeal and replace obama care. president-elect donald trump said that after meeting with obama yesterday, he will leave parts of obama care in place, and that includes insurers denying preexisting conditions. despite this compromise, trump said he might repeal obama care entirely. >> some patients are not waiting around to find out. >> dana went to her doctor the day after the election and asked for a long-term birth control device. that procedure is fully covered under obama care. >> it seems more likely that we're going to lose our affordable care act and that we're not going to be able to have these options over our body. it's a long-term decision i can make now so i don't have to deal with it later.
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>> right now 32 million people are covered under obama care. 100,000 people selected new plans on wednesday, the day after the election. that's the highest ever since the first day of the enrollment period. people have very different opinions on how it's working for them. nbc's tom costello got their reaction following the election. >> good afternoon president-elect donald trump has promised to repeal and replace obama square, something that 22 million americans rely on for health insurance every day. so what happens to those millions of americans and what if anything can they expect to change on their plans? will young adults be allowed to stay on their parents plans? and what about preexisting conditions, will they now be able to get insurance which is now the law under obama care. we have people who rely on obama
5:35 pm
care, those who love it and those who hate it and what it's likely to mean for all americans who have insurance. >> and you can catch that report along with the latest updates on the transition to president-elect trump on nbc "nightly news." >> here right now we have two details on the officials -- they were kicked -- retaliation against the mayor who failed to endorse governor christie. >> bill cosby expects to restart his hollywood career and be cleared of sexual assault charges. his attorney made that statement as part of a defamation lawsuit against cosby. they're trying to get a judge to seal documents containing information about how much money cosby makes.
5:36 pm
several women suing cosby says that he has no career which that information will not affect. mpbls septa is making travel easier for seniors, riders aged 65 and over will soon be able to get new key cards. all they have to do for their free trip is just tap the card on the reader. they will no longer have to show a form of id to the operator. >> on this veterans day one man is trying to raise awareness and money for vets across the country. he has spent the last two years walking across the country, and now we join him on his journey nec at 5:00.
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what do we want our kids to learn? how to game a test... or test themselves in a game? how to master an exam... or examine a master? how to be robots... or build robots? the njea believes students deserve a well-rounded education- including arts, music, technology, and so much more. that's why we're working with parents and communities to reduce the emphasis on high stakes testing. because when you limit the tests, they can test the limits... of their potential.
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>> we're following breaking news in virginia, about 40 miles west of washington, d.c. we know officers pulled that man over and then he took off on his motorcycle, and he is cruising, this has been going on for about 15 to 20 minutes or so. we're going to continue to follow this breaking news and we'll bring you more as soon as we have it. also tonight, students in montgomery county, treated hundreds of veterans and active duty military this morning. the students were able to talk to the veterans about their experiences and thank them for their service. hundreds of people attended this veterans day memorial service in gloucester county, the ceremony commemorated the 50th anniversary of the vietnam
5:40 pm
war. walking for hope, leroy bailey is a man on a mission. since 2014, he has been walking across the country to raise awareness and money for hope centers. they would assist homeless veterans for recovery and mental health counseling. he's already walked 11,000 miles across the country, he's on his ninth pain of shoes. >> reporter: you've been through all kinds of witness. >> lost my wallet in seattle, had my backpack stolen in san francisco. >> reporter: but it's all worth it in the end? >> 100%. >> right now bailey is making his way to wilmington and he hopes to make it back to virginia by thanksgiving. >> coming up, sergeant moore comes to washington. we told you the story of this
5:41 pm
veteran who's now 108 years old. we'll see how he spent his time in the nation's capital and at
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the white house. >>. an update on that breaking news, the suspect in that police chase we just showed you now has surrendered. this is about 40 miles west of washington, d.c. you can see the police cars on scene. this is what we know, the officers pulled the man over, then he took off on his motorcycle, the chase went on for 30 minutes until the man
5:44 pm
just got off of his motorcycle and surrendered. >> the eagles need to get back on the winning side this week. >> the eagles last two losses came during away games with the giants. philly fans could be the motivation they need. >> you know, you're playing in front of your crowd, and you feed off of that, but you got to take care of obviously your eight home games that you have, and ultimately if you can, you know, if you can split the road games, obviously it's a pretty good record at the end of the year, but, yeah, the emthfphasin home games and the crowd, you mentioned home games and i think it has a lot to do with the crowd and the way they fill the
5:45 pm
stands at home games and making it harder for opponents to come in here and play. >> nbc10 has exclusive coverage all day long. join us for eagles game day kickoff starting at 9:30 sunday morning. al that's only on nbc10. your official eagles station. >> now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> well, there's nothing like starting off your day with a brisk run in the park with friends and that's what you see going on in portsmouth park in richmond. you saw lots of sun and clouds. the winds topping out at 25 miles an hour. sustained wind speeds and wind gusts 35 miles an hour. right now it is a little windy
5:46 pm
still, i want to show you satellite and radar images, notice we are seeing a break in those clouds there. you can see a little breeze on the screen, that's just telling me that we have some mid level moisture. just those clouds sticking around, as that high pressure system continues to dominate. everything will remain high and dry. coatesville 17, and philadelphia 14-mile-per-hour wind speeds for you. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. you can see the camera shaking quite a bit here, but as the night continues, we will start to see the winds diminish, however we are going to see those temperatures start to drop. live in wilmington. 58 degrees in odessa, 58 degrees for you, 55 for melton, and long neck currently low 60s, pretty comfortable. tomorrow's temperatures much
5:47 pm
cooler than today, we're seeing lots of upper 40s to low 50s. bethlehem starting off with clouds and your high temperature 53 degrees. easton will see temperatures below 30s overnight saturday into sunday. the pittsburgh suburbs also seeing high temperatures in the 50s and then more sunshine as the day progresses. fairmount, keeping it in the upper 50s to low 60s. looks like haddonfield will see more 50s, along with glassboro, but more impressive, these overnight lows friday into saturday. and rehoboth beach seeing 50, andover 1 degree warmer at 31 degrees. so saturday montgomery, let's go
5:48 pm
ahead and fast forward. upper 20s for allentown, trenton 33, egg harbor 38, burlington 32, and philly below the freezing mark at 33. here it is, your frost advisory and freeze warning has been issued overnight saturday into sunday. please keep this in mind, bundle up tonight and tomorrow night because it's going to be cold. here's your eagles forecast, my pick of the weekend, lots of sunshine, winds will be calmer, kickoff 60 degrees, fourth quarter 50 degrees with those calmer winds. your te10-day on 10, temperatur topping out in the upper 50s. 60s on sunday, upper 50s to low 60s on monday, but as we get this going, notice we start to see clouds developing monday into tuesday, a very important time of interest here.
5:49 pm
we are tracking a coastal low that is likely to bring up a lot of rain on tuesday, but we do need that rain, we are in a rainfall deficit. and if you follow us on nbc philadelphia, you'll get more information. hopefully the forecast looks good for the supermoon on monday. the moon will be closer to the earth than it has been on decades. tune in monday morning for how you can see the supermoon and the exciting thing that happened the last time the moon was this big. that's monday on nbc10 news starting at 4:00 a.m. >> boy, do i want to howl here. >> please don't. >> no worries. >> hey, lester. >> i want to hear you howl. >> not on tv. >> okay, fair enough. jim and erin. is donald trump backtracking on his vow to repeal obama care,
5:50 pm
what he said today that's risen questions. why some amazon customers will get refunds based on what their children have done. and are you taking more medications th s than you shoul? we'll talk about physicians who are deprescribing. comcast and the community college of philadelphia are teaming up to find a new career. comcast coasted the career fair for veterans today. it is pledging to hire more than 10,000 members of the military by the etched of next year. >> i decided i would work today to show that veterans and i love my dad. >> people of all ages know how important it is to celebrate veterans day.
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this year, i want the best bird for my family and my wallet. nature's promise fresh turkey is only 99 cents per pound with no antibiotics ever. everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant.
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i we can do it withoutg blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for thanksgiving. that's my giant. a follow-up now of a
5:54 pm
108-year-old veteran. before attending the breakfast at the white house, he also got to visit the world war ii memorial. we asked his family if he had a secret for making it to 108 years old. they said he does it by waking up in the morning and looking for a reason to be happy. veterans gave people a reason to smile and say thank you. >> reporter: for a moment they paused. and then -- they celebrated the men and women who served our country. for 6-year-old amy rigner, the first veteran she knew was her
5:55 pm
father, when we saw her she was holding something close to her heart. >> i decided i would work today to show i love veterans and i love my dad. >> reporter: for those who serving, love of country was at times difficult to describe. >> most of us will say it was something we had to do and we went and did it. >> reporter: the parade rolls on with some 930,000 vets saluting, smiling and waving to supporters, some of whom weren't even allow for the battles they fought. from young vets to old, the feeling that the youuniform bri is the same. >> i'm very proud of it. >> reporter: on this day of
5:56 pm
pride and remembrancemembrance,h tinsley wanted us to know that. >> they care about us and they continue to do that. >> just serving the country during a time of turmoil and craziness, just remember what it's really all about and love each other. >> so important to say thank you. straight ahead at 6:00, you have seen them in philadelphia and across the country, are the post election protests doing any good? >> also ahead, donald trump makes his first official move, plus we'll break down new staff and what it means for governor chris christie. >> plus bundle up, get ready for a chilly saturday, well, how about sunday? weekend weather in your neighborhood next.
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5:58 pm
>> racism on campus. what the school has to say tonight. tonight how an officer says he didn't even know he fired his gun.
5:59 pm
staff shake-up, president-elect trump makes his biggest announcement since winning the white house. and that means that governor chris christie is losing his chance at the white house. >> today the trump campaign made a significant move. nbc10's erin coleman joins was the details. >> vice president-elect pence is taking over for chris christie. campaign sources say pence and mr. trump bonded over the course of the campaign and supported him throughout the run. campaign sources tell nbc news president-elect trump wasn't happy when governor christie did not vocally stand by him during the rocky times of the campaign christie will still have a role,
6:00 pm
he's join ben carson, mike flynn, rudy giuliani as vice compares on the transition team. we talk the nbc news political director about this shake-up. >> it's going to put a more trusted washington hand in charge of the process. and i think that that from there, you'll start to see it a little more stream lined. before you tname is cabinet secretaries, you ha. >> governor christie says, i want to thank president-elect trump for the opportunity to continue to help lead in this next phase and thank all of the preelection team for the outstanding work they have done over the next six months leading up to


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