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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  November 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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a wing? (sloshing) (twist cap sound) unleash a refreshing citrus kick. do the dew. >> rick: football night in america. 7:00 and 8:30.
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sunday night football, seahawks and patriots. on behalf of the battle that we saw today on the racetrack, it will be a great football game. see the steam coming out the base of the windshield. that 22, that's from the burnouts that have been done by joey logano. he has been celebrating since the checkered flag. time for the coca-cola winning moment for joey logano. he gets the lead when the battle for position between the 88 and the 22 take place. and that final restart. logano shoots out from that outside line and never looks back.
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>> advance to the championship four. that is genuine emotion. they told me earlier today, i love this kind of pressure. are you kidding me? i was made for moments like this, but i want to know the emotions going through your head before that final restart, joey. that final run, you were tied for kyle busch. you had the tie breaker. what was going through your head and how much math were you doing? >> a lot. man, this feels so good. i never felt this good about a win before. so much on the line. everyone brings their a game when it comes to winning championships and this team did it. man, it's -- feels so good. i had a good restart. holding off kyle to try to get this thing into miami. we're racing for a championship now. we did exactly what we had to do. we have to go to homestead and do the same thingment couldn't be more proud of this team, roush yates engines.
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ford. auto zone, trader, coca-cola, wheels up. everybody who helps us out. auto zone and auto trader. man, i am speechless right now. i feel like i just won the daytona 500 again. >> you heard him say i've never felt more emotional about a win in my entire life. todd gordon. huge win. they'll race for a championship in miami, rick. >> rick: coming up next on nbc sn, nascar america post race show. celebration for joey logano. he will be able to enjoy this moment for a little less than a week. he has won his way into the championship four. the champion will be determined in miami next weekend. stick around for the nascar post race show presented by auto parts. take a look at the standings. at the end of the round of eight, logano, johnson and
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edwards all with wins advancing into the championship four. kyle busch does it on points. two joe gibbs racing cars fighting for a win, jimmie johnson looking for his seventh championship trying to tie the king and the intimidator. joey logano looking for his first ever championship. as is carl edwards. >> steve: we mentioned it was going to be the toughest round of eight. three winning drivers move on. proves that fact, jeff. >> jeff: no question. several drivers looking for that first championship. be interesting to see them taking on a six-time champion trying to get the seventh. >> rick: what an incredible race we have seen today. again, make sure to tune in to nbc sn for "nascar america" post race presented by advance auto parts. we knew that restarts were going to be very key in determining who would win this race. it also came into play as who would advance into the championship four. it looked as though the 20 of matt kenseth had a shot at
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running for the title. the team on the restart taken out. now it is championship four including race winner joey logano.
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chief of staff chosen. details on the man the president-elect tapped for one of the most important cabinet positions. the birds, they're back! the eagles soar to a win over the falcons in south philadelphia. and tracking rain. weather changes are on the way as the workweek begins.
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right now at 6:00, getting ready for the white house. late this afternoon, president-elect donald trump made two major picks for his white house staff. good evening. i'm denise nakano. donald trump has elevated one of his loyal gop advisers. the president-elect has tapped the head of the republican national committee to be his chief of staff. reince priebus will join the president-elect at the white hou house. it's a key appointment with the chief of staff considered to be the highest ranking white house employee. priebus will serve as gatekeeper between the oval office and the bureaucracy of the federal government's top management. the trump transition team also announced conservative media executive stephen bannon will serve as senior counselor. >> this isn't what democracy looks like. >> the news comes as people hit the streets in cities across the country, protesting the president-elect. this was the scene in new york city. it is the fifth straight day of
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demonstrations since donald trump won the presidential election. nbc 10's drew smith spoke with protesters at a similar protest in philadelphia and another march is planned for tonight. drew, what's the message from tonight's demonstration? >> reporter: organizers say this wasn't for any particular group or any specific issue. they just wanted everybody who feels threatened by a future trump administration to come out and show support for their side. on the other side, we've spoken to people who say this does no good causing traffic issues in the heart of the city and makes these protesters look like sore losers. so we asked the protesters why it was important for them to come out for the fifth straight night. several hundred people marched down market street to independence mall. >> it does matter and it does make change. >> we'll have a few people say a few words to you. >> reporter: waving flags and holding signs, they urged a united resistance against potential trump administration policies. >> i'm worried for our future. >> reporter: this demonstration focused on all who feel their voices will not be heard by president-elect trump.
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>> everything that i believe in is at stake with trump being elected as president. >> reporter: in response to critics who say trump won the election and protesting does no good, some activists told us, yes, they accept the result, but they say actions by some people in response to trump's win have been unacceptable. >> republicans and democrats have to go to every school and tell the children that they're going to be safe, that they're going to be safe against hate. >> reporter: and we're told another group is planning to march in the streets in just about an hour. also, bernie sanders' supporters here in philadelphia are planning to hold an organizing meeting. that's set to happen tonight at 7:00. live in center city, drew smith, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, drew. border security and immigration, they were the two biggest points of emphasis for donald trump during his run for the white house. his plan includes a wall between the u.s. and mexico, a stance that could be softening a bit. in an interview airing tonight on cbs's "60 minutes," the president-elect said he still
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plans to build a wall, but he would accept fences in some spots. he also continued to say he plans to deport or jail 2 to 3 million undocumented immigrants in the u.s. he has time. he fires. and it is intercepted and that will do it! >> the eagles get back to their winning ways. they won the battle of the birds, knocking off the atlanta falcons in south philly. john is live at the leaving. the eagles seemed to thrive there in south philadelphia. >> reporter: yeah, they have a home field advantage going on here right now and the highest scoring offense came in here averaging 34 points a game, but the eagles held the falcons to a season-low 15 points. and you know about those four tough, close losses on the road. well, the eagles talked about finishing, and they did that. >> it should have been a foul called -- >> reporter: this was an unbelievable play. look at the hit he takes here, helmet to helmet, but the refs
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did not call a penalty. jordan had to get a new face mask and visor. but as i said, no penalty called. didn't stop the eagles. they wind up getting another touchdown from ryan mathews, his second of the game. the eagles out-rushed the falcons, 208-48. birds win, 24-15, and doug pederson said we wanted to run the ball. >> any time you can run the ball as effective as we did today, it's going to help any quarterback. you know, it just opens up a little bit more of your offense, play action pass, things like that. you know, i give the credit to the offensive line. i mean, they really took the challenge to heart and did a good job up front. >> reporter: and jordan matthews, about that hell meat-to-hell me meat-t meat-to-helmet hit, he said i dons know if the refs were watching, i think they were more interested in going to chickie
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and pete's later. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road.
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healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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at least two people have been found dead after a massive 7.8 earthquake rocked new zealand's south island. the quake was so powerful, it was felt as far away as 150 miles north in the country capital of wellington. new zealand's prime minister says the quake struck just after midnight about 57 miles from christchurch, the second largest city in new zealand. good evening. i'm tracking rain showers headed our way as this coastal system continues to develop. it will be here by tomorrow. i'll give you more details on the other side of the break. i'll see you then. remember whn christmas was magical? let's get back there. celebrate the arrival of santa at bass pro shops this saturday and the unveiling of santa's wonderland. time passes. hold on to christmas.
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this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. healing and reconciliation, those were some of the messages heard today in response to the tensions from the presidential election. as the country prepares to transition to a trump presidency, we see how some local people are working to move past the pain and look to america's future.
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>> reporter: inside the great american diner and pub in bucks county, you'll find both hope and heartbreak on the first sunday after the presidential election. do you feel like there's some healing that needs to be done? >> i think there's a lot of healing that needs to be done. >> reporter: veronica and her family going through that process since the results came in. >> she looked at her phone before i even had a chance to tell her who won. came down the stairs crying. how do i tell my daughter, you know, my 10-year-old, it's going to be okay? sorry. when i don't know if it's going to be okay. >> reporter: it's an emotional journey for some hillary clinton supporters, while trump supporters we talked to are urging, give the president-elect a chance. >> i did vote for him and i think everyone should give him a chance. he hasn't taken office yet and everybody's protesting. you can't go by things that happened in the past. you have to focus on the present. >> reporter: in language hohorn event today to promote healing and reconciliation after the election. >> i'm hoping we come out of
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here with a better understanding of where we really are as americans. >> reporter: it's a conversation happening across our region as voters ponder how to come together. >> i know for a fact that i haven't done all that i can do to reach out to my neighbor to help to build community, to help repair some of the factions that are there, so i see that as an opportunity. >> reporter: it's a process that can start with the smallest gestures. >> it's a time of healing for people and just giving you kids hugs and letting them know that no matter what, you know, that it will be okay. >> reporter: in langhorne, nbc 10. a lesson in giving for a group of local kids in delaware county. dozens of tiny volunteers packed the marble presbyterian church to pack up and send meals to haiti. kids against hunger organized today's event and says it's a win-win for everyone involved. >> i feel like we're feeding two people. we're feeding the people that are receiving the food, but then we're also feeding ourselves, because it does something for us to give back to those that are
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in need. >> in all, they packed up and shipped out 60,000 meals. and what a great day, erica, just get outside and do anything. >> oh, yeah, ideal, although we had a chilly start, denise. overall, a nice day, dry conditions and lots of sunshine. i do want to show you this image that i did take earlier on columbus boulevard facing east. you can see the supermoon at 98%, and this is the "battleship new jersey" in the foreground. keep in mind, tonight will be the best night, even though it will not be full because we have a coastal storm heading our way, meaning clouds and showers by tomorrow night. if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. overall, a very nice sunday. right now, we're seeing temperatures in the mid-50s for philadelphia, suburbs, 51 for lehigh valley. upper 40s, chillier in delaware, 49 degrees. though locally, conditions, again, are pretty mild. torresdale at 52, bustleton at 51, port 54 along with kensington and westmont cooler at 50 degrees. and the shore, this is what
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we're watching tomorrow because that coastal system will continue to work its way up the eastern seaboard, affecting mainly the jersey shore. cape may, currently the temperature is 44 degrees. woodbine 49. somers point 49 and mays landing cooler at 45 degrees. again, if you look at the bottom of your screen, you will see your local neighborhood forecast. you'll notice all the cloud icons because it will be a lot different as this system starts to develop tomorrow. so more clouds for the shore. locally right now, satellite and radar is dry, but a wider perspective here. you can see this is a system that we're tracking right now and we have been for the past several days. we do need this rain, so that's certainly some welcome news around here. rainfall deficit over 5 inches. and hour-by-hour forecast picking up on those showers, i do think a little lateer but let's time this out nonetheless. notice the clouds start to develop by i'd say noon tomorrow. and even though moisture gets here by later tomorrow, i do think we'll get it by about 5:00, 6:00 p.m., and then it will stick around until early tuesday morning. so a little bit of a headache as
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far as that tuesday morning commute is concerned especially. so be sure you download our nbc 10 app. right now a live look outside. it is gorgeous right now, it's quiet and clear, and here it is, your free nbc 10 app. you can get your neighborhood weather, live updates and radar and your customized forecast. your ten-day on 10 tracking those showers for tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 50s, overnight lows in the 30s. it looks like those showers stick around on tuesday. possible showers, tracking the potential for something here sunday into monday, possibly tuesday. but if you follow us on social media @nbcphiladelphia, you will get more updates. we have sports on the other side of the break.
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this is "sports desk," brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. >> hey, hey. good to see you. danny pommells, csn. matt ryan brought his 6-3 atlanta falcons to town leading the league's top offensive
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attack. and with the eagles looking at the prospect of going bel below .500, both the offense and defense responded. the birds set the tone with the run game early on, and it was ryan mathews making the four-yard house call. birds with the early 7-0 lead. this game was topsy-turvy. the teams traded field goals. a 13-9 game in the fourth quarter with the eagles on top. matt ryan breaks it open. taylor gabriel undresses leodis mckelvin and takes it 76 yards to barn. falcons up by two. then in the critical situation, this helmet-to-helmet hit on jordan matthews goes uncalled by the officials. clearly, a hit on a defenseless receiver. busted lip for matthews. said after the game he had to get his face mask changes. on the eagles' next drive, birds get the call, pass interference, what could have been illegal contact. eagles will take it, though. sets them up inside the 10 yard line and that leads to this. mathews, pay dirt, his second of the day. had over 100 yards on the ground. birds go for two and got it up by six. now the falcons need the
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touchdown to go ahead. ryan to julio jones on the third down. his sure hands can't come up with it that time. he's distraught and birds stun the falcons and stay perfect at home, winning 24-15. with more, we go to lincoln financial field where john clark has more for us. hey, john. >> reporter: really a great game plan. the birds wanted to get back to running the ball and controlling the clock. that's what they did, keeping the nfl's best offense off the field. controlled it for 38 minutes, ran for over 200 yards, and they talked about it all week amongst themselves -- we have to finish in the fourth quarter this week. >> it felt like just handling business. it felt like, okay, we did our job. we did what we're supposed to do. i don't like to make too much of it, because at the same time, we should have been finishing games like this in previous weeks. >> it's huge. like i said earlier, it's something we're going to build on. that's for sure. obviously, the other four losses, we had a chance every game, whether it was a minute left, three minutes left, whatever, maybe we had a chance. so, it's good to kind of get over that hump, so to speak.
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>> we had to have this one. i mean, it wasn't no ifs, and or buts. we needed this win. there was emphasis on having this win. we went into this game having to have it, and we showed it out there today. >> reporter: and the eagles are the best home team in the nfl. they're 4-0 at the linc, have the best point differential at home, giving up less than ten points a game here at home. john clark at the linc. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning is brought to you by the ford f-150.
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okay, denise, we're tracking this coastal storm headed our way and notice with the hour by hour, we'll see the clouds later tomorrow afternoon. i believe they'll get here by 5:00 p.m. or 6:00 p.m., so keep that in mind for the evening commute and early tuesday morning because this will stick around until early tuesday. but the good news is we do need those rain showers, so no complaining. complain in your car, but listen to easy listening. and we kick off severe winter weather week tomorrow, our first alert team on the road showing off our tracking equipment like stormranger 10. the locations are on the screen and we hope to see you there. criystal and glen will be there so support. >> that's news 10 news for now. for erika, i'm denise.
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on this sunday night, breaking news, president elect trump's first major appointments of his inner circle. and continued protests. >> new zealand is rocked by a powerful 7.8 magnitude earthquake, the full extent of the earthquake is still not known and an inside look of how this country's largest police force had officers over seas. fighting pain for ten of millions trying to find relieves. a new study of some of the side effects for some of those commonly used painkillers. "nightly news"


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