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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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this morning. so the westbound and eastbound side is closed in between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. they are diverting all traffic off at the broad street exit because it's closed right before there. your best bet taking local vine as the alternative. the boulevard southbound between fox street and ridge avenue the right lane closed until 5:00 this morning. also a disabled week reported in chet news hill on germantown avenue and east hartwell lane. >> thank you, jessica. 4 po noik. now to breaking news. an amber alert is in effect for a four-year-old girl. >> she was last seen in virginia she could be in extreme danger police think she could be headed today's our area. >> reporter: that four-year-old girl was taken from charlotte county, virginia. if you aren't already take a moment to take a look at your screen. this is the little girl that police are looking for. her name is anabelle richardson,
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she's 3 feet tall, 22 pounds, she has green eyes and blond hair. dylan richardson is the man who police say took her. this is his picture on your screen, he's 5'10", 140 pounds, he has blue eyes and brown hair, authorities believe richardson may be headed to new jersey so here is what you need to know this morning. richardson is driving a 1995 burgundy chevy van with a virginia license plate of vmg 2332. very important that you keep your eye out for this van this morning as you're headed out your door, again, police believe anabelle is in extreme danger. if you see the van the suspect or the child police are asking that you call 911 right away. we are going to be checking in with investigators throughout the morning, we will keep you updated on the very latest developments in this search. and the break center i'm pamela osborne. 4:31. we're also following this breaking news out of burlington
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county where a woman was hit in the head with a baseball bat and stabbed. nbc 10 outside a home on monday row street in mount holly. police say the assault happened in the home around 2:00. she was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital. we will bring you updates as new information becomes available. philadelphia police are looking for two men in a deadly shooting outside a chinese restaurant. calls for help came in around 10:30 last night at 18th and ridge. investigators say two men were chasing two other men at least 13 shots were fired at close range, one man was killed, there is no sign of the other victim, the entire thing was captured on the restaurant's surveillance camera. a former u.s. senator and state attorney general will oversee how the shore town operates. state officials operated jeffy kiaza last night, he was governor chris christie's chief counsel before serving as
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attorney general. he was also tapped to serve out the senate term of frank lauten berg. last week state officials took control of atlantic city operations after rejecting the city's financial recovery plan. governor christie's office is not commenting about a downgrade of the credit rating. they lowered the grade from a to a minus. the move followed the governor's approval of a gas tax hike that also cut sales and a state taxes. it's had 33. 49 degrees outside. president obama is in athens greece to start what will be his final international tour as president. the president will meet with the president of greece and prime minister and then tomorrow he will tour the a prop list and give a major speech about democracy and globalization before flying on to germany. president obama will then visit peru and asia before flying home on saturday. 13 people are facing charges in the destructive celebrations
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after penn state's win over ohio state. thousands of fans packed downtown state college last month, some people pulled down streetlights and traffic signs causing up to $30,000 in damage and police say 11 of the people charged are penn state students. some of them are facing felony riot charges they could face further disciplinary action from the university. this morning there is new information about last month's small plane crash in camden county. officials say the engine lost power just before the crash. the ntsb says the pilot reported problems with the throttle during the flight. the pilot ant his passenger were injured but have been released from the hospital. a woman from our area is heading to africa because she wants to save lives. >> she will take a missionary trip to nigeria. she was inspired by a recent visit where she found residents lacking clean water and electricity. her foundation when in need is
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collecting donations of first aid and diabetic supplies, glasses and viet minutes. >> and i know that most of the things that we all take for granted here is actually needed in the third world countries%g$ such as nigeria. >> the when in need foundation is already planning the next trip to africa. if you want to donate we have a link to their site what you need to know on and on our nbc 10 app. we love her, don't we? philadelphia's own patti labelle, she will receive this year's marion anderson award at a gala and concert at the kimble center tonight, her co-honorees local music producers kenny gamble and leon huff. it pays tribute to artists who have impacted society in a pros testify way through their work or support for an important cause. well, just ahead we will take you county by county across our area for a look at events happening in your neighborhood. also extending the school year, we will tell you why
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. we're watching construction, the vine street expressway is closed this morning and our cameras right around broad street are showing that. in between broad street to the schuylkill expressway no access right there. we do have all lanes blocked, they're diverting traffic on the broad street off ramp. that should be clear around 5:00 this morning. also two lanes closed for construction on the northeast extension headed northbound toward mid county tolls and quakertown and the boulevard the right lane is closed southbound
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and that should be there until 5:00 this morning. another 20 minutes or so before we start to see that clean up. route 202 looks okay, you can see 10 minutes in both directions northbound and southbound from route 30 to the schuylkill expressway, speeds also into the 60s. nor updates in about ten minutes. 4:39. 49 degrees. i'm tracking showers this morning, but not everybody is going to see them. and uks see breaks in the clouds, too, we're going to see sunshine. but first thing this morning it's a few showers, you can see very light showers moving through new jersey, they will head into delaware county in the short term, but most of the activity is just to the east in central new jersey right now and it's going to be impacting trenton and into lower bucks county this morning, but not this afternoon. this will all be clearing out even the showers that are steadier at the shore, ship bottom this morning getting
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steady rain, the rain is just moving out of atlantic city. we are not looking at an all day rain, but some neighborhoods will get some rain this morning. philadelphia mainly dry, you might see a brief shower this morning, 49 degrees right now. 47 degrees and cloudy skies at 8:00, but as we starting to through the morning we will get more breaks in the cloud cover and this afternoon look how quickly we clear out, we are back up to 60 degrees this afternoon. the suburbs, clouds to start with, but those clouds will be thinning out, too, most of the suburbs will stay dry other than an errant shower or brief light one first thing this morning and completely dry this afternoon near 60 degrees. dry this morning in the lehigh valley, 40 with cloudy skies at 8:00 but just like the rest of the area those clouds will be breaking up and sunshine will take over, middle 50s this afternoon for the lehigh valley. new jersey is cloudy to tart with, but those showers mainly at the shore and central new jersey will see more than south jersey this morning. you might see a shower first thing this morning but this afternoon you will need your
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sunglasses. a little bit of a breeze blowing in a afternoon, that's dry air, that will make for a chaly night tonight. a few showers at the shore this morning, as the day goes on those showers will be clearing out of the area. delaware same story. cloudy skies right now, most of the showers completely missing delaware. you will likely stay dry during the morning and this afternoon plenty of sunshine, 60 degrees at lunchtime and hovering just below 60s this afternoon. cooling down a little bit at 4:00 today. a look beyond today towards the weekend where there will be big changes, got the ten day on 10 when i come back. one lucky driver in montgomery county will win thousands of dollars in free gas today. >> that will come in handy. find out how when we take you county by county for a look at some of the things happening today across our area. also we will explain why plans are in the works to start the school year earlier than normal in philadelphia. and i'm mortgage liesing a member of the orange and black, just ahead hear from flyers great eric listen dros about
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becoming a hall of famer.
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good morning, center city. a live look at city hall from our kimmel center campus camera along the avenue of the arts. some rain is moving into the area but not everyone will see wet weather. the furg first alert neighborhood forecast just ahead. let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at some stories happening today. >> in berks county state police will perform free car seat checks, most are installed improperly. parents can go to the police barracks between 3:00 and 7:00 to make sure their car seats are properly installed. in chester county 15 local postal workers will be honored for their safe driving efforts. they have each driven more than a million miles without any accidents, they will be recognized this morning at the
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southeastern post office in wayne. in montgomery county a lucky driver will win $5,000 worth of free gasoline. sunoco will reveal the winner of its free fuel contest at its station in limerick. we know that that person is from pottstown. customers become eligible for the grand prize by displaying their company's decal. in new castle county giant food is donating 1,000 turkeys to the food bank of delaware today. nbc 10 was in newark for last year's donations. it was one of five contributions giant will make to feeding america food banks in year. since 2011 giant has donated close to 29,000 turkeys to help folks celebrate thanksgiving. in camden county students will participate in a trash dash to celebrate america resickless day. sca will put teams at beck middle school in cherry hill through their paces in a two
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minute contest. today in delaware county the main building at williamson college of the trades and media will be renamed in honor of henry rowan, the ben back for, businessman and engineer has donated millions of dollars to the school and the school nearly doubled it's endowments. job hunters may want to head total the lehigh valley today, s being hosted by lehigh valley phanto phantoms. you can meet with 40 employers from 10:00 to 1:00, edward jones, wells fargo will all be there. o now to the transition to trump. the president elect plans to meet with vice president elect mike pence. they will be tackling the task of filling out cabinet positions. word is circulating that rudy guiliani could be secretary of state in the trump administration if he wants the job. the former new york mayor and prosecutor was a top surrogate for mr. trump during the campaign. last week guiliani said he would be a solid choice for u.s.
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attorney general. he also suggested john bolton as a good candidate for secretary of state. dwight evans is now a member of çcongress. last night he took the oath as a u.s. house member calling for bipartisanship. >> i understand our differences. i am not naive. but i know that when we put aside those differences, when we listen to each other we make great strides. >> congressman evans replaces chaka vit at that in pennsylvania's second congressional district. >>. philadelphia school students could be getting a shorter summer vacation. >> tonight the school reform commission will present a plan to start the new school year before labor day. mat, what's this all about? >> reporter: if this schedule change happens it's still a little ways off, we are about two years away if this actually does go into effect.
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the school district of philadelphia will be proposing later on today an idea to shift the school year so that it starts before labor day but the school year would end earlier in june. that's expected to happen at the school reform commission meeting later on this afternoon. the goal is to improve a.m. dem mix and attendance. the philadelphia school district says it noticed charter schools and schools in neighboring counties starting earlier as well. >> this is the school district constantly looking at avenues and options how we feel we can increase attendance. >> i think it's a good thing and more in line with what the rest of the country does. >> reporter: the slc meeting is out to the meeting today at 4:30. a vote is expected to happen next month. if approved it wouldn't take effect until the 2018-2019 school year. all those kids out there if you're watching you can take a sigh of relief it won't happen
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for a little while. we know parents like summer vacation as much as kids do, something that happens even more, but parents now is your chance to join the conversation. do you think school before labor day is a good idea? share your thoughts on social media, our twitter address is right there on your screen. >> i will be interested to see what people have to say about that. it's just about 10 before 5:00, let's check the schuylkill expressway. >> jessica is here -- boyington is here now taking a look at the schuylkill. looks pretty clear. >> it's all right right now. we're checking drive times watching our cameras around belmont avenue no problems this is the eastbound side, a 12 minute check from the bloomberg to the vine street expressway, speeds into the mid 60s. watching 422 as well, you can see we're still green on the bottom of our road happens, eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill 8 minute trip and speeds into the mid 60s. watching that construction on the vine street expressway that
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closure between broad street and the schuylkill expressway on the east and westbound side typically clears within the next ten minutes and so and i will check in on that in the next ten minutes when i come back. about ten minutes before 5:00. i was walking my dog last night i guess about 6:00, 7:00 at night, sprinkling outside but we had clouds just as bill said yesterday. >> bill is watching the rain. it's not going to be an all day washout. >> no, actually more impressive last night than it does this morning. you will see stars out there and see the moon, too, which is so very bright and now full. heading out this morning i am tracking showers, but most of the area is not seeing them. so far new jersey and a few spots in delaware getting a few rain drops. we will get clearing skies during the day, won't be immediate but this afternoon we will see more and more sunshine and that will head us into a chillier evening with clearing skies, we will have those clouds holding in some of the heat left over from the afternoon. 40s this morning, already warmer than yesterday when each of
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these locations was reporting numbers in the 30s, 45 in the lehigh valley, the suburbs at 48 degrees, delaware is 47 and 49 in philadelphia. south jersey had some of the coldest temperatures yesterday and with some rain in the area med forward and lumberton held in the low upper 40s, low 50s for robbinsville, florence is at 50 degrees. we are getting a warmer start this morning. we will see low 60s this afternoon as the clouds will be clearing out. the showers to deal with first thing in morning, just light showers moving through salem and cumberland county and into central and southern delaware. some of these might make it into the wilmington area, they're trying to make it in with not a lot of luck. the steadier rainfall is from atlantic city northward right along the central new jersey coast and inland reaching into trent trenton. not heavy rains. the heavy rainfall is going to completely miss new jersey, but new york may get some of that heavier rain, if you're headed up there today you will see
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that. at 7:00 it doesn't look impressive at all, philadelphia, trenton, wilmington all dry, those showers pushing off to the north. you can see they are moving out of here. clouds at lunchtime will break nicely for the lehigh valley, the suburbs and the delaware, there will still be lingering clouds in new jersey at that time. as the afternoon goes those clouds will slowly pull away from our area. improving conditions today. a few showers this morning 61 degrees with more sunshine this afternoon. tomorrow will be a beautiful day, partly to mostly sunny skies, chillier in the morning, 45, up to 61 degrees in the afternoon. by thursday we are looking at low 60s again, warm up at the end of the week, 65 degrees on friday. but things change over the weekend after a really nice day on saturday with a high of 63 we've got wet weather on sunday. mainly rain on sunday but there's some colder air coming in at the end of the system sunday night so we might see a light wintry mix in the area. that's something we will be watching closely, then it will be tapering off on monday and we
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will be clearing out. look at those chilly temperatures, 40s and low 50s right on into thanksgiving which will be partly to mostly cloudy and 51 degrees. we want to remind our viewers that nbc 10 severe weather week continues today. today we will be at the philadelphia mills mall from 11:00 this morning until 5:00 tonight. vai and i will be there earlier in the day, we would love to meet some of. >> you come out. >> also members of our weather team will be there. you can get up close and look at our mobile radar vehicle storm ranger 10. >> you can see us up close. water restrictions will be coming to new jersey soon because of drought conditions there. the water reservoir in north jersey is only half full, it's north jerry's major source of drinking water. the streams and springs that feed reservoirs are extremely low right now, now in hunterdon county another reservoir is
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running low there. if a water emergency is ordered the state would ban lawn watering, no washing of cars or boats, water would only be served as restaurants when requested. a local youth football team's championship hopes are on the line after their equipment shed was ransacked. >> all new on nbc 10 today at 5:00 we will show you how the robbers did it and how the community is coming together to keep their season live. also a whale of a tail, hear from people who got their moneys worth on a whale watching tour off the coast of wildwood. make sure to vote in the playoff edition of the nbc 10 blitz of the week. coatesville taking on north penn and south jersey collins body against west deptford. tap the nbc 10 app to vote. the winning match up will be announced thursday night at 11:00 p.m.
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads now. the schuylkill expressway right around the ramp to the vine street expressway just within probably 15 seconds they removed some of those construction signs closing off the ramps to the vine so it looks like the vine is back in business, that traffic is moving by slowly, there might be still some construction crew in the area so watch for that. i will check in with the vine street expressway when i come back in the 5:00 hour. if you plan to ride amtrak during thanksgiving listen up. amtrak says there will be extra room on the keystone, northeast regional lines. some of those trains require a reservation. amtrak reminds you its busiest travel days are the two days before thanksgiving and the sunday after thanksgiving. a whale watching tour in south jersey got their moneys
4:58 am
worth this weekend. this 50 hoot humpback whale amazed staffers with the cape may whale watch and research center and their passengers. the animal came up on both sides of the boat for close to half an hour off the coast of wild wide. there has been a recent surge of humpback sightings offer the jersey shore. >> we were not moving at the time. with humpback whales we always have to make sure we are over 100 feet away unless the whale approaches you. >> the marine mammal stranding center says it's common for humpback whales to feed off the jersey shore. a flyers great is now a sports immortal. >> eric lindros is a member of the hockey hall of fame. last night they inducted lindros in toronto, he led the orange and black to the stanley cup finals in 1997. plenty of flyers royalty was he at the ceremony including the general manager and also fellow hall of famer bobby clark. in his acceptance speech lindros
4:59 am
thanked the club and philadelphia fans and ended with a special moment with his brother brett. >> brett played on the island and we always had a dream of playing together and unfortunately it didn't come true, but i would like to close this chapter in my life with you beside me. >> what a special moment that is right there. i remember you and i going the first big event we covered was the olympics and then we went and covered -- >> that's right. >> -- that stanley cup finals back in 1997. >> how do you remember that? >> here it is 20 years later. >> and we are still together. >> there you go. now for more of the stories we're following on nbc 10 news at 5:00 a.m. >> we begin today with an amber alert, breaking news on nbc 10 news today, police say this little girl was abducted in virginia but now could be headed to our area. and more breaking news. this out of south jersey, police say a woman was beaten with a baseball bat and then stabbed in burlington county. and a local youth football
5:00 am
team was all set to play their championship game until this happened. we will tell you how their season is now on the line after someone ransacked their equipment shed. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. you're going to deal with a little rain out there but let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and the first alert neighborhood forecast. >> most of the activity is in new jersey, just a few sprinkles moving towards allentown or the pocono mountains. in delaware you will see light rain showers. these showers are moving towards dover right now and into salem and cumberland county. you see the steadier rain from atlantic city northward and to the north trenton is now seeing some of that rainfall. not looking at an all day rainfall but umbrellas will be going up this morning for much of new jersey and some spots into pennsylvania and delaware, too, but then we will clear out this


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