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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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officer tells us he shot and killed the bull, not far from where i'm standing, just outside of these lanes of traffic in the brush area about 3:00 this afternoon. and like other drivers, he spotted the bull while driving down the highway. look at this video of what po pennsylvania conservation officer saw. here's a picture of the block bull in the middle of the highw highway, then outside kensington highway patrol. sky force 10 spots the bull five miles away. you see police surrounding the out of control animal. they determined it was an emergency situation, and the bull was put down. >> we generally don't do this, we're wildlife officers, but in an emergency station, for public
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save, we put it down. >> reporter: how did you put it down. >> shot with it a slug. >> reporter: huow many times? >> three times. >> reporter: the officer says this is a key factor on when to put the bull down because they consider this to be a backdrop, meaning the bull could not run away, and at this hour, they're waiting for the slaughterhouse folks to pick up the animal. also tonight, an explosion has a center city neighborhood on edge. police say someone put a bomb inside an envelope and left it outside a man's home. that victim was hurt but should be okay. >> but right now police still don't know what did this or why. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal has been following this all day.
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randy, what have you learned? >> reporter: federal investigators have shifted what's left of that's device to atf headquarters for analysis. they have already learned that inside that package was shrapnel as well as a triggering system. neighbors are wonder who left it there. on this quiet block of pine street people are on edge after one of their neighbors opened what he thought was a routine package that instead exploded in his face. >> i heard the explosion go off and somebody told me there was an incident. >> reporter: somebody left the manilla envelope on the stoop of an apartment. >> the way it was constructed, so that when you open the envelope, detonated. >> reporter: the 64-year-old home owner had just gotten back from a trip, and he found a package with his name on it.
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he assumed it was medication. >> he thought it was something he needed and when he opened it, the device went off. >> this is not something we see every day in our city here, so i assure you, no expense will be will be spared and we will use every resource to find the person responsible for this crime. >> reporter: investigators say the victim was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries to his hands and to his face and he also sustained major damage to his kitchen. >> randy, thank you so much. now to our first alert weather, the went made taking a selfie a difficult task today along the camden riverfront. let's get an update on your weather from sheena parveen. >> we are watching one weather that is expected to bring us
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rain for your thanksgiving day and if you're doing thanksgiving travel. so the main air we're watching right now is moving through chicago. that is really the one we'll be watch for travel in the northeast and in parts of the midwest. so we will be watching that over the next couple of days. temperature right now mostly in the mid to low 40s, allentown is 48 degrees, 28 degrees mt. pocono, but it feels 10 degrees colder in some spots when you factor in the wind. as we get closer to thanksgiving day, here's your forecast for that. in the morning hours, we could see some showers early, but i think a majority of them will be here by the late morning hours and closer to lunchtime. by 9:00 a.m., mostly cloudy through the area, 44 philadelphia, 44 south jersey.
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we could have some lingering showers for south jersey along the shore and in delaware. the temperatures by then in about the low 50s. now into your black friday, that forecast looking kind of similar to thanksgiving day. we still have showers forecast, temperatures will cool to about 50 degrees. it's not going to be a rainout both days, but make sure you have the umbrella with you. more details on your local forecast and the timing of the rain coming up. a big day of course for travel as people start heading to their holiday destinations. >> here's first alert traffic reporter francesca rucio. >> we have an accident that's blocking the left lane.
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again, this is the blue route, that accident is working on way to clear it up. let's look at the schuylkill, we are in massive red right now, 70 minutes from the vine to the blue route, travel speeds are in the single digits. it's quite massive, even if you're trying to avoid the schuylkill. meanwhile a philadelphia police officer turned himself in to police this morning to face charges for the september shooting of his son. investigators say officer dorian young shot his son outside of his house in philadelphia. the officer was offduty at the time. the shooting followed an argument with his son over the use of the family car. >> there's no excuse for what happened that day. and dorian young will be held
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responsible for having shot his son. >> officer young is facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault. nbc10's tim furlong is live at the wilmington firehouse for more surrounding the debate. >> reporter: you see engine 6 back there? the struck that's usually in that garage is out fighting a fire right now. but a few months ago, it didn't leave to go fight a fire. the city was trying to save money. since then no engine s have bee shut down to save money until day. two months after the fire that killed firefighters christopher leach and two others. the chief started doing it again
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this morning. >> why all of a sudden on a tuesday morning this is back? what prompted it? i'm sure the answer is going to be over time. >> the chief acknowledgeskeepin down. the fire that killed leach and fickes was just a half mile away, but it was shut down. the distance of the truck that actually arrived first came from a firefighter house two miles away. common sense will tell you that the closer the fire engine, the quicker the fire is out. >> reporter: firefighter artie hope is still in the hospital and we're told she's still in very, very rough shape. the firefighters are on vacation or sick they have to pay
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overtime. he has moved people from desks job out to the firehouses. there's a new mayor coming into wilmington, so it's not exactly clear what's going to happen as far as rolling by pass. the firefighters are finally getting the upper hand on a forest fire in wharton state fire in upper new jersey. firefighters made a lot of progress today, the fire now 80% contained. >> firefighters in berks county are watching hot spots after a forest fire on mt. penn. investigators say it started around 6:00 last night, and reportedly burned more than 50 acres near redding high school. no worth yet on the cause of either fire. i just really, i would love to have closure. >> reporter: 25 years after a boy vanished from his jersey shore neighborhood, his disappearance remains a mystery. how the community is marking a quarter century of questions
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about what happened to mark h hinebaugh. xvxvxvxvxfxfx&ñvx&x&ñvx&@$@$@.@6
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tragedy in tennessee. tonight a memorial service will be held for the five students killed in a bus crash in chattanooga yesterday. that bus driver was arrested overnight. police say he was driving well above the posted speedometer.
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>> right now 12 of the children hurt in the crash are still >> reporter: more than 18 hours after this bus crash took the lives of five young children, people so much stopped to watch wreckage was pulled from the scene. >> we have five deaths, three were in fourth grade, one kic d kichbder gartnkichbd kichbder kindergartner and one in the third grade. >> right now, i just can't think >> reporter: 35 students were on board monday when the bus flipped on its side hitting a tree. police say the driver, jonathan walker was going well over the 35-mile-per-hour speedometer before losing control of the bus. now he's facing five counts of vehicular manslaughter, reckless endangerment and reckless
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driving. >> they will always be with us throughout ours. >> reporter: the school superintendent kept classes as scheduled tuesday to provide counseling for those who need it most. >> pray for this community. >> reporter: while police handle the criminal side of the investigation, the ntsb will evaluate bus safety and how to protect kids moving forward. it's an investigation that could take up to a year. for now, though, the focus is on the children and helping their families and community get through this unimaginable loss. take ing taking a right turn now, we're just two days away from the macy's thanksgiving day parade. restrictions in place this mornin morning thousands of police officers will use police dogs to
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look for chemical weapons. they called the parade an excellent opportunity for an attack. >> i'm not afraid. i'm looking forward to the parade. >> might be a little vigilance, other than that, safety, they have guaranteed that it's going to be really safe and lots of security. so i'm not worried about it. >> and you can catch all the sights and sounds of the 90th anniversary macy's thanksgiving day parade. it will air right here on nbc10. oh, my goodness, listen to that blowing wind, look at the blizzard conditions that buried upstate new york. three feet of snow that normed snow drifts.
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there's a possibility of even more snow before the holiday week is over. >> rest assured we should be in the clear the rest of the week. we can relax, right, sheena? >> i can guarantee you that we will not have snow like that. we tip call that lake-effect snow the wind machine, because until the wind shifts, the snow does not stop. we're tracking some rain showers in the forecast, a beautiful look outside center city, nice, clear skies this evening. but the temperatures are cold still, some areas already in the upper 30s, pennsylvania suburbs are in the upper 30s, south jersey neighborhoods in the upper 40s, delaware neighborhoods in the lower 40s. 44 degrees center city, and rittenhouse 40 degrees in summerton. but the wind is making it feel colder still.
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sustained winds anywhere from about 10 to 15 miles an hour. but it's still making it feel colder. feels more like the upper 30s for much of the area. 37 is what it feels like in wilmington and mt. holly. in the poconos, it's 29 degrees, but that means they can start making snow. and a lot of that lake-effect snow has started to wind down a bit. at least that's good. it's winding down more than it was yesterday. we are watching this weather system west of chicago and that will be providing us with thanksgiving day showers and possibly providing upstate new york with some more snow. as we go through time, tonight we stay dry, if you're doing any traveling for thanksgiving tomorrow, we'll be drive, there's the rain off to our west. then we wake up thursday morning and we wake up to cloudy skies,
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but mostly dry, the rain will start to move in by the middle of the day, 1:30 in the afternoon, scattered showers around for your thanksgiving. and we start to cool off for thursday evening. on black friday, we may see some scattered showers. today so far we got to 48 degrees, tomorrow you'll notice a little bit of a warmup, 53, normal high 54, thursday we're back down to 50 and then we go into friday and the mid 50s. it won't be as windied a we saw this morning and yesterday. by 9:00 a.m. in the philadelphia area, 44 degrees and cloudy, 38 degrees helehigh valley. some scattered showers arrange, those temperatures right around about the low 50s as we go through your afternoon on thanksgiving. dry tomorrow, the rain gets here
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thursday, some spotty showers friday, if you are heading out for black friday, make sure you grab the umbrella. across the weekend will be dry, but still cool. and then next week, we are feel going to get back into the 60s now and we could see some showers, possibly some thunderstorms as we get into the mid of next week. more details on your neighborhood weather and your holiday forecast coming up. wall street has a reason to celebrate tonight. the dow closed above 19,000 for the first time everybody. this has a post election rally continues to push records. you can see the nasdaq and s&p 500 also made gains today. pennsylvania residents who work in new jersey will pay taxes where theically, not where they work. that's because new jersey governor chris christie is allowing a tax measure to stay obvious the books. the decades old agreement also
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applies to new jersey residents working in pennsylvania. people dropped off cash and donations for the annual turkey drive. giant food stores also accepted donees today. thousands of turkeys will go to city team philadelphia, they collected more than 9,000 turkeys last year and they're hoping to get even more this year. well, the who's who of famous faces in the white house today. but one medal reaccesip yenlt l didn't make it to her ceremony tied.
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m. there's a new task force in philadelphia to address the city's opioid crisis. this year alone, philadelphia has project eed 840 people will die from heroin overdose in the city. the new task force will meet
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twice a month beginning in january. a quick spreading fire broke out early this morning inside a garage on mulberry street. firefighters evacuated some nearby phones as a precaution. took crews nearly an hour to get things under control. one woman heard fire and feared the worst. >> it's a scary thing because i know she lives over there with her family and she has children in the house and i was hoping and praying to god that everybody got out. >> fortunately, no one was hurt. the pornographic e-mail scandal that rocked pennsylvania politics, today we learned that 13 governors and state government officials were among the ones sharing the e-mails in questions. the report flags 38 public ed employees of high volume
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inappropriate senders for years. it didn't name is offenders or describe the contents of e-mails and there's no ed the administration of justice was compromised. >> the report provided no evidence to support the idea that there were relationships between prosecutors and judges that may have resulted in inappropriate ex parte communications that might have affected the administration of justice in pennsylvania. >> former attorney general kathleen kane discovered the inappropriate e-mails when she took office two years a'ing. she appointed a -- the scandal led to the resignations of two state supreme court justices and discipline against 60 government employees. mark himebaugh would be 36 years old this year. >> but to his mother, he's still
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the little boy who vanished from their new jersey nrshore home. >> i really hope that this year brings closure for myself, my family and community. >> it's a missing child mystery that's baffled investigators for 25 years. next at 5:00, how a family is hoping to bring new attention to this case.
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could be seeing some ain't delays. we could even see some delays in detroit, by 9:00 p.m. wednesday and that weather keeps heading in our direction by early thanksgiving morning. some rain showers starting to move in, then as we go through the day, we see a little bit of snow moving into parts of new england and snow showers here locally. so we will be looking a weather system is that will be causing some delays, but here closer to home, it doesn't look too bad. on thursday, philadelphia area 4 degrees, lehigh valley 38, cloudy skies and by the afternoon, we'll see some spotty showers trying to leave the area, but be sure you have the umbrella. if you are in the area, we do
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expect the rain to be in the forecast, and temperatures mostly around 50 degrees. coming up, we'll a closer look at your neighborhood weather for your black friday. see how the holiday commute is going so far. >> so far not all that great, we'ring 95, a camera right the vine, travel speeds are you 35 minutes. checking on an accident in lower marion and lancaster avenue, over here is the schuylkill expressway, even if you're traveling westbound from the vine towards the blue route, you're going to be at least an hour. upper moreland and center avenue and easton road. >> and nbc10 has your holiday travel guide. before you hit the road, get
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weather and travel updates every morning on the air starting at 4:30 a.m. the search is on for who's responsible for a bomb that injured a man in center city. the 60-year-old victim opened a manilla envelope he thought contained an hailer that exploded. a bull ran off of a slaughterhouse truck near the delaware river in philadelphia. he went to kensington high school, then on to i-95. he ran about five miles before officers caught up with him not far from 95 and vine street. also tonight, a grim anniversary for one of new jersey's biggest cold cases, it's been 35 years since mark
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himebaugh disappeared. >> i miss him, i cry. >> reporter: after a quarter century, maureen himebaugh says the last memories she has of her missing son, his clothes, even his touch. >> i can feel the little hug he gave me outside of the car. >> reporter: mark himebaugh was 11 when he vanished from his new jersey shore neighborhood in 1981. his family still waits for solid answers about what happened to him. >> i really hope this year brings closure for myself, my >> reporter: do you have any new leads. >> we don't have any new leads at this time. >> reporter: is that
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frustrating? >> it's really frustrating. i think 25 years is too long for any family to have to deal with them. >> reporter: we dug deep into the himebaugh case last year. >> there's just someone who knows the truth. >> reporter: a man the police wanted to reinterview, came forward exclusively to nbc10, he told us about a chilling encounter he had with a convicted pedophile. >> there's somebody out there that knows something. >> we had no cartons, we had posters. >> a new movie "the one per cent j. >> 1% of children go missing and there's no answers for their care givers and he's part of that. >> rip sailing is the nephew of maureen's long-time boyfriend. the project was personal and at times painful.
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>> it was very difficult, especially during the editing process, continuing to watch over and over the emotions that everyone's going through. >> reporter: a vigil for himebaugh will be held friday at cape may park south. >> and police tell us just yesterday anonymous zone donor came forward with a $5,000 contribution earmarked for this case. he called them the failing "new york times." now president-elect donald trump is meeting those journalists in person. what he told those journalists behind closed doors about his businesses, his prosecutor and hillary clinton.
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now back to the transition to president-elect donald trump. >> as nbc's brian moore reports the big take away from the meeting is that he doesn't want another investigation of hillary clinton. >> whether he was there to extend an olive branch or gauntlet, he visited his arch-nemesis, the "new york times." >> i mean the "new york times," which i call the failing new york city times. >> reporter: staffers that live tweeted the hour-long meeting addressed how he's been treated but said he still respects the paper and wants to make peace. he said that hillary clinton has suffered enough, and says he doesn't support another e-mail investigation. >> look, there's tradition in
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american politics that after you win an election, you sort of put things behichtd you. >> reporter: he dismissed kroit sichl about steve bannon who will be his top adviser. and his d.c. hotel is suddenly worth more. but he played down concerns about conflicts of interest and said the law is on his side. is president-elect also told the times he's leaning toward general james mattis as defense secretary hours after he tweeted he picked ben carsoned a his housing secretary. most americans say president-elect trump should shut down his personal twitter account. according to a new quinnipiac roll released today, 59d% says
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he should shut down his twister account. 35% says he should keep his twitter account. 59% of those polls are optimistic, while 39% are pessimistic. into thanksgiving we'll be watching one weather system and another system local. i'll
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al. experts are heading to a bay off the coast of long island where a humpback whale ask now stuck on a sand bar. dozens of people have gathered along the shore to watch the attempts to move the whale.
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but they have been unsuccessful so far. on friday, we you about another humpback whale that was spotted near the mouth of the hudson river. we're not sure if that's the same whale now trapped on long island. the kids were given an assignment, to pretend their authorities at the -- it's called mysteries of the ocean. it's educational exhibit that looks at different zones in the ocean. each zone focuses on a different zone and there's even information on the artificial reef. the school and the teacher is beyond proud. >> they had to come up with the idea, run it past me and get my approval, they had to do the research, develop a power point,
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decide what material they wanted in the exhibit, where you could purchase those materials, they had linked for the materials if they found those materials that could be used in the exhibit. > if you want to check out the exhibit exhibit's on the third of the museum. governor elect john carney was in wilmington handing out turkeys. the annual turkey drive is sponsored by nor enterprises. let's get to your first alert neighborhood forecast with meteorologist sheena parveen. no snow in the forecast, right sheena? >> no, but we have some showers for thanksgiving day, but we will be watching showers off to the west for any travel plans you have from the midwest to the northeast. locally travel is going to be dry until thanksgiving.
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then when we get into your thursday for thanksgiving day, it's going to be cool, we'll have spotty showers around, closer to the middle of the day, but it's not going to be a complete washout. then for your black friday, spotty showers in the afternoon. so we will be watching these forecasts very closely for you. temperatures currently mid 40s in philadelphia. 42 in wilmington, 44 in dover. 28 in mt. pocono. it's not as gusty as it was yesterday, with our winds, but the wind that we do have is strong in mt. pocono. yesterday at this time, everyone felt below freezing, so a little bit of an improvement this afternoon with the winds finally calling. the system that was in upstate
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new york is finally moving away and winding down, we're going to stay dry too, but there's that other weather system that i was telling you that's going to give us some showers. that's currently west of chicago, we have snow up to the north, rain down to the south and i think that could be causing some airport delays, maybe over the chicago area, possibly detroit as we go through the next 12 to 24 hours, so we will be watching that for your travel concerns. wednesday evening, we'll be getting cloudier, but still dry, so you have to run around and go grocery shopping, you should be fine weatherwise. there's that weather system i just showed you, moving through chicago by 8:00, so the clouds will be here thanksgiving day, there you see the showers moving in by 1:00 p.m., we're expecting this to be mainly rain, but it's still going to be a cold day in the afternoon. i don't think it's going to be a washout by any means, just make
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sure you have the umbrella with you. temperatures tomorrow, mostly the 50s, 54 in swanksville, vorhees downship 50 degrees, if you're in newark, expect temperatures right afternoon 52 degrees. here's your thanksgiving day, philadelphia by 9:00 a.m., 44 degrees, if you're in south delaware, 44. through the early afternoon, again some passing showers, but highs should still be right around 50 degrees so still a cool day for your thanksgiving. then we go into black friday, i mentioned there were going to be clouds, maybe some spotty showers around, weekends not looking too bad, and dry, 54 on saturday, 52 on sunday, nice and dry across the weekend. these are seasonal temperatures, until we get to tuesday and wednesday, we'll be back in the 60s, so going quite a bit above
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normal with some showers possibly in the forecast. we'll be watching that closely. of course we're all keeping an eye on your thanksgiving day. glenn will be back at 6:00 with a look at that and your neighborhood weather. president obama delivered his final round of president it medals of freedom. it was a who's who a list of celebrities on hand. spruce springsteen, saturday night live creator lauren michaels and ellen degeneres were also honored. degeneres almost didn't get a chance to see her award. herself outside the white house, she was originally denied access because she didn't have any id on her. but she did eventually make it inside. she was honored for being an advocate for equality and fairness. and they got a special thanksgiving dinner, best
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friends pest care willow grove served hundreds of dogs waiting forever homes. >> it's something we have always done at our home center and we wanted to do something for the community as well. and give back to all the dogs that are here, wanted to give them a little bit of thanksgiving cheer. >> good eating. each meal consisted of cooked turkey, green beans and rice. and a dip outside the polar bear exhibit inside the zoo this morning. it was all to prepare for the upcomi upcoming polar bear plunge. it may be too cold for baseball, but one philly's fan is getting a tip of the hat for quick reflexes.
5:50 pm
>> the honor comes six months after his snag. his bare handed grab as the best fan catch of the year. his wife likely agrees. this was at citizen's bank park when a foul ball was sent screaming toward his wife's face, pollock reached out and grabbed the ball before any damage could be done it's about that time of year when you need that warm city coat. at city hall, the operation warm quote kicked off today. city firefighters were there for the event. operation warm raises money to purchase brand winter coats for kids in need. lester holt's joining us now from the nbc studios in new
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york. >> ahead for us, we have new details about the deadly tennessee school bus crash and the driver who's now charged in those deaths. donald trump is now saying don't lock her up, why he's backing away from one of his signature campaign claims. those stories and more when we see you coming up on nbc "nightly news." of course many of us know ben stiller for his comedic roles. >> but don't the actor is hoping to raise awareness about a more serious topic. >> your status today in terms of cancer is -- >> cancer free as of today. >> ben stiller opening up about his battle with prostate cancer. what the actor says saved his life and his message for men and their families. on nbc10 news "today," we're
5:52 pm
helping you get home for the holidays. >> we have everything you need to know to make sure your holiday trip goes as smooth as possible. >> it's all on nbc10 news today, starting at 4:30 a.m. see you then. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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really fortunate and cancer free. >> those are the words ben stiller used to describe himself this morning on the "today" show. he was diagnosed of prostate cancer in 2014. he said he had no simple toms at the time and no family history of the disease. >> it was not something i was really thinking about. it wasn't on my radar at all and if it wasn't this test that we're going to talk about, i don't know if i would -- i have had as easy a course of treatment for the prognosis i did have. >> doctors found the cancer through a routine psa screening. that test has been found somewhat controversial because of false positives. but stiller says that all men need to discuss their options with their doctor.
5:56 pm
>> really discuss whether or not they should get tested for prostate cancer with their doctors, it's a personal decision. >> if i hadn't taken the test, i wouldn't have known. >> according to the american cancer society, 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. but 59% of men have not discussed the risks or screening with their doctor, 54% didn't even know what a psa test was. now is the time to start having that discussion with your doctor. >> another way that men have tried to draw attention to these issues is by growing out their facial hair, it's called no
5:57 pm
shav shave-november. you may have seen pictures of some atlantic city police officers who took part last year and many are doing it again this year. >> good for them. nbc10 news at 6:00 is next. want to tell you about a damaging delivery. >> a package that was dropped off at a center city door. what happened when the recipient opened the package.
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a bomb on a doorstep, a center city man gets a special delivery. and a bull on the highway. >> and nbc101 tracking your holiday weather, as millions get ready to celebrate the holiday. we begin with what seemed like a harmless package delivered to this doorstep in center city. >> when it was opened it turned out to be a bomb. >> tonight one man's in the hospital and a search is under way for whoever left that e exploeive. >> the package was dropped off outside an apartment at 8th and vine street. randy, do police have any idea
6:00 pm
about who sent it? >> reporter: not any idea. we just finished up a news conference here at atf headquarters? explosive life something that's rare if ever seen. they have examining it at the atf headquarters to discover how it was made and who made it. the outside looked like your typical package delivery. it was left on a stoop on pine street. it even had the victim's name on it. but inside, it was filled with shrapnel and a trigger system. >> it was constructed so that when you open it, did debt nighted. >> the man had just gotten home from a trip, he grabbed it thinking it was his medication. >> he opened it thinking it was something he needed and that's when the bomb went off.


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